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tv   ABC World News With David Muir  ABC  February 24, 2016 6:30pm-7:00pm EST

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p breaking news tonight. pwe're on the scene of a deadly ptornado outbreak. pseveral states, homes destroyed. pa dangerous night ahead from psouth carolina all the way up pthrough new york. p also breaking tonight, the prace for president, and donald ptrump, now marching to super ptuesday. phis landslide win in nevada. pand the major republican now redicting a trump surprise. p the abc news exclusive ptonight. pmy one-on-one interview with papple's ceo, tim cook. pfor the first time, cook on why papple is refusing to help the pfbi break into the iphone used pby the san bernardino killer. p new details tonight on the ilot in that deadly chopper pcrash. pwhat he was trying to do. p and the famous sports
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pstars" host, erin andrews, suing pher stalker and a major hotel ptonight. pdid they put the stalker right pnext door? pher father tonight, breaking pdown. p good evening tonight from psan francisco. pand we are here for our pexclusive interview with apple pceo tim cook. pfor the first time, answering pquestions why apple will not phelp the fbi break into the piphone used by the gunman in san pbernardino. pbut first tonight, the horrific pscene playing out across several pstates. pdeadly tornadoes and dangerous pweather ahead this evening. pfrom the carolinas, all the way pup to the northeast, stretching pacross 1,000 miles already. pan ef-3 ripping through this papartment complex in pensacola, pflorida. pin north carolina, sending phallways. pand in virginia, at least three eople have been killed, just pweather. pand behind all of this, blizzard pconditions moving in, blowing pthis truck onto its side in
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pmore than 2,000 flights pcanceled, coast to coast. pabc's linzie janis leads us off pfrom the tornado zone tonight. p>> reporter: tonight, those pdeadly storms barrelling up the peast coast. p>> tornado just came through, pright on 460. p>> reporter: a suspected tornado pstriking waverly, virginia, pshredding homes and leaving at pleast three dead. pmany striking at night, as eople slept. p>> you need to pull over. p>> reporter: in pensacola, pflorida, campbell and his pgirlfriend making it to their pdriveway, riding out the tornado pin his pickup truck. p>> oh, my god. p>> all i could hear was sounded pas if i parked my truck next to pa train. p>> reporter: the ef-3 tornado acking 155-mile-per-hour winds, pdamaging more than 100 homes phere. pthese people didn't have very pmuch time to react at all. p>> very little. pvery little. p>> reporter: including these
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pstory of this apartment complex pripped off. pyou can see right into people's pliving rooms. p>> look at that thing coming in phere like this. p>> reporter: twisters claiming pthe lives of at least three pothers, including two at this plouisiana r.v. park. pwhere ashley east and her family pwere huddling together. pwhat was it like going through pthat tornado? pwhat were you thinking? p>> just, god let us be okay. plet us get through this. p>> reporter: david, the tornado pripped through this pneighborhood, destroying this phome, but look. pyou can see a stack of books pstill sitting on the piano, and pover here, the refrigerator pstill standing. pthose storms now moving north. pdavid? p>> just incredible. pthank you. plet's get to rob marciano with pthe track of these storms and pthe next threat, right behind it prob? p>> reporter: hey, david. pwhat a wide-reaching tornado poutbreak. pbe critical. pwe have many tornado warnings
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pthat are posted through 11:00, pas far north as new jersey. pblizzard warnings remain up for pillinois and indiana, two 2 . pi think there will be a squall pline around the garden state arkway overnight. pbig winds as this slow-moving pstorm exits tomorrow. pdavid? p>> rob marciano at the weather pwall for us. prob, thank you. p next tonight, to the race pfor the white house, just six pdames until super tuesday. pa critical day, of course, in pthe campaign ahead. pzonld pdonald trump winning the nevada pcaucuses. phis third verdictry in a row pnow. pand this time, getting nearly phalf of all the voters. psenator marco rubio edging out psenator ted cruz for second. pand tonight, we're how hearing pfrom trump's wife, melania, psaying he doesn't get the credit phe deserves. palso, who would trump choose for pvice president? pand is there a bombshell to come pon trump's taxes? pabc's tom llamas on the campaign ptrail. p>> reporter: tonight, fresh
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pnevada, donald trump sounding plike the nomination is already phis. p>> it's going to be an amazing ptwo months. pwe might not even need the two pmonths, folks, to be honest, pright? pwill you come out here, pat? plook at him. p>> reporter: trump in virginia ptoday, side-by-side with pevangelist pat robertson. p>> man, it's good to have you phere with us. p>> reporter: so confident, he's pnow revealing his priorities for pa running meat. papparently the outsider pcandidate wants an insider v.p. psomeone able to help him cut pdeals in washington. olitical because i want to get plots of great legislation that pwe all want passed that's just psitting there for years and pyears and years. p>> reporter: in nevada, trump pscooping up more votes that his ptwo top rivals combined. p>> after a whole lot of months phome. p>> reporter: senator ted cruz ptoday in houston endorsed by the ptexas governor and lashing out pat trump.
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pimpressed by a lot of pblustery rhetoric that's not pbacked up by truth. pthe time for the clowns and the pacrobats and the dancing bears phas passed. p>> reporter: but right across ptown, rising rival, senator pmarco rubio. p>> we cannot have a commander in pchief that is not ready the pfirst day in office. pyou can't just say, well, when i pget there, i'll hire the psmartest people and they'll tell pme what to do. p>> reporter: but both senators pstruggling to compete with the ptrump show. ptoday, in a rare interview, the pmogul's model wife, melania, pdescribing what first drew her pto the donald. p>> his mind. pi'm my own person, he's his own erson and i think that's very pi don't want to change him, he pdoesn't want to change me. p>> and tom llamas joins us live ptonight. ptom, donald trump now coming punder fire for refusing to prelease his tax returns before psuper tuesday. pand tonight, a former republican residential nominee, mitt promney, speaking out? p>> reporter: that's right, pdavid.
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pthere's likely a bombshell in ptrump's tax returns. promney says he thinks trump is pnot as rich as trump claims to pbe and he hasn't donated as much pto charity as much trump has psaid. ptrump has responded with a ptweet, saying that mitt romney pis a fool, and trying to act plike a tough guy. pdavid? p>> tom llamas with us tonight pagain. ptom, thank you. p on the democratic side ptonight, hillary clinton, icking up a key endorsement, psenate minority leader harry preid choosing her, saying, it's ptime for the party to pconsolidate behind clinton. psenator sanders, though, vowing pto stay in until the long haul pis over. pspeefking to enthusiastic pcrowds, lines to see him in pkansas city today, wrapping paround the block. psouth carolina, of course, next pfor the democrats. pclinton ahead by nearly 30 oints in the pomes for south pcarolina. p stand with abc news for full pcoverage on super tuesday with pspecial editions of "good pmorning america" and "world news ptonight." pand george and the entire owerhouse political team on the pair beginning at 10:00 p.m. peastern, tuesday night.
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pexclusive, and the national pconversation tonight. pthe debate over whether apple pshould help the fbi break into pthe iphone used by sigh yad pfarook, one of the san pbernardino killers. pmy exclusive interview with papple ceo tim cook, who is pstanding firm. psaying this is not about one piphone. pthis is about hundreds of pmillions of iphones and rotecting everyone, american pfamilies, and the information pthey store on their phones. pand he says, what the fbi is now pasking would set a dangerous recedent. ptwo polls just this week showing pthe country divided. pso, we want you to listen ptonight, and let us know what pyou think. pas we sit here, you know some of pthe families of the victims punless san bernardino have now pcome out in support of the pjudge's order that apple help pthe fbi unlock that iphone. pone family saying, we're angry pand confused as to why apple is prefusing to do this. pwhat would you say to those pfamilies tonight? p>> david, they have our deepest psympathy. pwhat they've been through, no pone should have to go through.
6:39 pm
pfbi fully in this case. pthey came to us and asked us for pall the information we had on pthis phone, and we gave peverything that we had. pbut this case is not about one hone. pthis case is about the future. pwhat is at stake here is, can pthe government compel apple toll pwrite software that we believe pwould make hundreds of millions pof 'cause customers vulnerable around pthe world, including the u.s. p>> and you'd have to write that psystem in order to unlock that hone? p>> yes. pthe only way we know would be to pwrite a piece of software that pwe view as sort of the software pequivalent of cancer. pwe think it's bad news to write. pwe would never write it. pwe have never written it. pand that is what is at stake phere. p>> the fbi, though, says it pbelieves that syed farook used pthat phone to communicate with phis wife, his accomplice, and pi'm curious, do you struggle at pall with the possibility that pthere could be information on
6:40 pm
pother plots, other people who pwere involved in planning the psan bernardino attack? p>> david, if we knew a way to pget the information on the phone pthat we haven't already given, pif we knew a way to do this, pthat would not expose hundreds pof millions of other people's pit. p>> i want to get to what the fbi pdirector, james comey, has said. pit's about, quote, 14 people who pwere slaughtered and many more phad their lives ruined. pmaybe the phone holds the clue pto finding more terrorists, pmaybe it doesn't. pbut we can't look the survivors pin the eye and ourselves if we pdon't follow any possible lead pout there. pdo you understand where he's pcoming from? p>> i do understand where he's pcoming from. pand this is an incredibly pcomplex issue, to place a back pdoor in the iphone. pwe believe it does put hundreds pof millions of customers at prisk. p>> let me ask you this. pyou invited me to apple before. pthe stories are legendary about pnew products with blake dripry
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pany american company can keep a psecret, it's apple. pwhy didn't the fbi and apple pteam up in one of those secret plabs and get this done and no pone would have ever had to know pabout it? p>> well, i can't talk about the ptactics of the fbi. pthey've chosen what they've done pand they've chosen to do this pout in the public, for whatever preasons that they have. pwhat we think at this point, pgiven it is out in the public, pis that we need to stand tall pand stand tall on principle. pthere's probably more pinformation about you on your phouse. pour smartphones are loaded with pour intimate conversations, our precords. pthey're also loaded with the plocation of our kids, in many pcases, so, it's not just about rove sip. pbut it is also about public psafety. p>> but in your quiet moments, do pyou have any concern that you pmight be able to prevent a
6:42 pm
pinto that phone? p>> david, some things are hard, pand some things are right. pand some things are both. pthis is one of those things. p>> and in this case, you believe pthere are some things that just pshould never be created. p>> correct. p>> but tim cook items us they ptalked to the fbi early on, pgiving them advice, he says, on pother ways to best get pinformation from that iphone. pto plug it in, to back it up to pthe i cloud. pdid they do that? p>> unfortunately, in the days, pthe early days of the pinvestigation, an fbi -- fbi pdirected the county to reset the pi cloud password. pwhen that is done, the phone pwill no longer back up to the pcloud, and so, i wish they would phave contacted us earlier, so pthat they would not have been pthe case. p>> how crucial was that missed popportunity? p>> it's very crucial. p>> the white house said this pweek that the fbi's request is, pquote, limited in scope. plimited in scope. pdo you agree with that, and have
6:43 pm
pthis? p>> i have not talked to the resident. pi will talk to the president. pdo i think it's limited, no. p>> you have talked to the resident before, on these pissues of privacy and security. p>> yes. p>> are you disappointed there pwasn't more of a dialogue with pthe administration before this pswift action from the justice pdepartment? p>> yes. p>> you wish there was more done? p>> yes. pand i think there should have pbeen. pthis -- we found out about the pfiling from the press. p>> i'm curious, tim, did you pever think that you'd find pyourself at the center of such a pcrucial national debate? p>> no. pthis is -- this is not a osition that we would like to pbe in. pit is a very uncomfortable pto oppose your government on psomething doesn't feel good. pand to oppose it on something pwhere we are advocating for
6:44 pm
pare supposed to protect, it is pincredibly ironic. p>> apple has until friday to prespond to the judge's order pthat it assist the fbi. ptheir legal team is preparing. pthe full interview with tim cook pon our website at, pand then tonight on "nightline," pi ask tim cook about donald ptrump's call to boycott apple. p in the meantime, to other pnews and from washington ptonight, a new development in pthe standoff over the supreme pcourt. ptwo top republicans now agreeing pto meet with president obama to pdiscuss nominees. psenate majority leader mitch pmcconnell and chuck gaszley. pyesterday, both said they would ptake, quote, no action, on panyone the president named. pto be continued. p and we're learning new pinformation tonight about the ilot in that deadly chopper pcrash near pearl harbor. pthe family on board, last night, ptheir teenage son passing away. phe had been trapped under water. prescuers cutting him free. pwell, tonight here, why the ilot now says he steered that phelicopter right into the water. pabc's david kerley covers paviation.
6:45 pm
ptroubled tourist helicopter pnow tells investigators, he had pto make a sudden change, just pbefore ending up in the waters pof pearl harbor, with bystanders pjumping in to rescue the five ponboard. pbull was this dramatic move in pan effort to save lives? pthe pilot says he felt a pvibration, heard a grinding psound, followed by a loud bang. phe plans an emergency landing on pa grassy area. phe sees people on the lawn. pquick little turns the chopper pleft, hoping to land on the pshoreline. pbut the helicopter falls psuddenly into thes what er water. p>> i saw people running and pscreaming and took off my shirt pand dove in the water. p>> reporter: but they p pwmur p pfrom his seat belt. phe was the only fatality, with pthe focus of the investigation pon the mechanical issue and how pthe pilot reacted. pwashington. p>> david, thank you. p there is still much more pahead on "world news tonight" pthis wednesday from california. pbreaking developments.
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ed. pthis hour. p and then, tonight, the $72 pmillion verdict. pa very popular store brand. pthe family blaming the product pfor their mother's cancer. p and, to the famous sports preporter, the "dancing with the pstars" host, erin andrews, suing pnext door. pwhy her father broke down on the pstand today. pwe'll be right back. well you need to think aboutr my dad gave me thoser shares, you know. r he ran that company. t i get it. but you know i thinkr you own too much. rgotta manage your risk. and you've gottatswitch to decaf. an honest opinion, even if you disagree. with 13,000 financial advisors, it's how edward jones makes sense of investing. when you're told you have cancer start with a specialist. start with a team of experts who treat only cancer.
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6:49 pm
pin 2008. p>> i feared for her life. pshe wouldn't eat, she wouldn't pbathe, she wouldn't talk, all pshe would do is cry. p>> reporter: feelings she talked pabout on "good morning america." p>> i remember my dad saying to pme, "you may have a stalker." pand i -- i just turned to him, p"dad, don't say that. pdon't say that word." p>> reporter: barrett served ptwo and a half years for pstalking. pandrews now suing him and that pmarriott, for $75 million, pclaiming the hotel granted pbarrett's request to stay next pto the star. pas for andrews' father, he says phis daughter hasn't been the psame. p>> she's a shell of the person pshe was before this happened. p>> reporter: ryan smith, abc pnews, new york. p>> ryan, thank you. p when we come back tonight, pthe major verdict against an pamerican giant. pthe family blaming a product for ptheir mother's cancer. p also, the developing story pat this hour in the west.
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i earn unlimited 2% cash back on everything i buy for my studio. and that unlimited 2% cash back from spark means thousands of dollars each year going back into my business... that's huge for my bottom line. what's in your wallet? p to the index of other news ptonight. pa deadly police shooting in pbailey, colorado. pthe gunman opening fire on three pdeputies serving an eviction pnotice today, killing one, pwounding the other two. pthe gunman killed during the pshootout. pthe deputy, a 12-year veteran of pthe department. p the $72 million verdict ptonight, a jury in st. louis pawarding damages to a mother's pfamily after she claimed talcum owder in johnson & johnson roducts played a role in her 0 psave yan cancer. pthe lawsuit claiming the company pknew of studies linking talc to pcancer.
6:54 pm
roducts are safe and vows to pappeal. p celine dion back on stage ptonight. pher first concert overnight in plas vegas, following the death pof her husband, tearing up, poffering a touching tribute, ptelling the audience her career pwas his masterpiece. p when we come back here, from pthe beautiful golden gate pbridge, another headline from phere in california. pwhy facebook tonight is hoping pyou will show a lot more pemotion. pwe kid you not. r it's my job and it'sr but with my back painr i couldn't sleep... so i couldn'tt r then i found aleve pm. aleve pm is the only one to combine a safe sleep aid pain relieving strength of aleve. and now... i'm back.
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phere's david wright. p>> reporter: facebook has long plike. p>> there are more sentiments pthat people want to express than plike something. p>> reporter: so, as of today, pthere are more ways to react. p>> we have a tremendous problem. p>> reporter: take that new game pof thrones parody currently pmaking the rounds. p>> the greatest builder is me. pand i would build the greatest pwall you have ever seen. p>> reporter: winter is trumping. pit was originally produced for pthe australian broadcasting pcorporation. pwell, instead of thumb's up, can pyou give it a love, or a wow, or pha-ha or even a sad or an angry. pa future that advertisers like pchevy are already looking to pexploit. p>> start loving. p>> reporter: so far, love is the pmost popular option. pin general, that is. pwhat's not to like about that? pyork. p>> thank you for watching. pa beautiful night here in the pbay area. pi'm david muir.
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7:00 pm
p p perin: the rock crew, on "new phampshire chronicle." ptonight, on "chronicle" -- p p>> you work everything too pgood p>> that is the emphasis, to get pthese people rehabilitated so we pdo not have recidivism. perin: what has inmates at the prockingham county jail singing. p>> knowing that you spark some psort of good emotion in psomebody.


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