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tv   News 9 Tonight  ABC  February 25, 2016 1:07am-1:42am EST

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pbudget has been used and what pthe surplus might pay. p>> they have to pay attention, pknow their surroundings. pwe want everyone to be safe. pshelley: warm temperatures not pstopping the ice fishing derby pin meredith. pwhy organizers and fish and game psay anglers should be very pcautious out on legs -- out on plakes. ptom: and, super tuesday is less pthan a week away. pthe role one political professor pbelieves 13 states will play in pthe nomination process. p>> no one covers new hampshire plike we do. pshelley: route nine is closed in pstoddard. pnew hampshire dot says the pclosure due to poor road pconditions. ptonight, the state is expecting pheavy rain, even the chance for pa possible thunderstorm povernight. pgood evening, i' m shelley pwalcott. ptom: and i' m tom griffith. ptomorrow temperature will reach pback into the 50' s. plet' s head right over to chief pmeteorologist mike haddad to
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pmoving out. pmike: we were just talking about psnow moving out 24 hours ago. pa slow climb into the mid-30' s pin many dots today but as you pcan see, we still have a winter pweather advisory for some pfreezing rain. psome surface temperatures in and paround northfield, right around p32 degrees. pthat cold air extends all the pway into parts of the monadnock pregion and father to the north pto the great north woods. peven though you see mostly green p, there are still pockets of pfreezing rain. pthat means uncovered -- puntreated surfaces are slick and pthere could be scattered power poutages. pthen look at that wall of heavy pdownpours building in out of peastern parts of new york. palthough splashes of white are plightning strikes. pwe' re talking about her pspringlike pattern building an povernight and then temperatures ptake all the early tomorrow pmorning.
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pthat is straight ahead. ptom: even though this storm pbrought very little accumulation pin the way of snow it was still pa long day for dot crews ptreating the roads. pour adam sexton is live in phooksett where state officials pare saying this relatively mild pwinter could result in a snow pbudget surplus. padam: the proof is in the salt ile. pthis one still has a pconsiderable amount in it. pcompare this to this time last pyour, and things looked very pdifferent. pnear freezing temperatures but prain tonight in hooksett where pdrivers stopping at the common pman roadside can' t help but feel plike they dodged another weather pbullet. p>> yeah, compared to last pwinter, that' s for sure. padam: that comparison is phighlighted by the latest snow pbudget figures from the new phampshire department of ptransportation. p>> at this point we' ve spent 1/3 pless than last year at this ptime. padam: nh-dot spokesman bill pboynton says by this date in pfebruary 2015 the state had
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ptreat the roads. pthat figure this year is at p$24.5 million. pif the trend continues, dot will phasn' t left to the state since p2012. pif the legislature gives the pgreen light dot says that money pcould pay for some much needed p>> well, we certainly haven' t phad the luxury of surpluses in s psomething we' d have to take a plook at. pwe have an aging fleet, psomething we' pand that' s something we' ve palready been talking about a plittle bit. padam: salt is also an option. pit' pstate' s supply in the spring pthan it is when demand rises in pthe fall. pbut dot says ' not so fast' . pas winter weather can linger and pwet, icy conditions can require pjust as much road treatment as a pbig snowstorm. p>> today is a good example we ponly had 1-2 inches and yet our ptrucks have been out all day and robably will go until early pevening as the temperatures pstart to drop. padam: drivers like scott pmacdonald are equally wary of pgetting excited about a new pseason too soon. p>> a lot of people say ' oh pwinter'
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pfebruary. pwe' ve still got some weather pcoming, i' m sure. padam: the dot also pumping the pbrakes tonight saying the only pway we' ll know for sure if they pwill have a surplus is when we pfinally exit the snow plowing pseason which technically goes pinto early may. plive in hooksett, adam sexton, pwmur news 9. pshelley: the meredith rotary ice pfishing derby is a go. pbut after some unseasonably warm pweather, organizers and fish and pgame officials are asking panglers to be even more cautious pthan usual this year. p>> we' re looking forward to a pgreat derby. pshelley: organizers of the pmeredith rotary ice fishing psay they' re thrilled the annual pbut they' re warning anglers to pbe cautious. p>> they have to pay attention, pknow their surroundings. pwe want everyone to be safe. pshelley: warm weather forced porganizers to deep six the pderby' s original date. pand fish and game officials are
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pwinnipesaukee and other lakes pthat they say just aren' t pfrozen. p>> we can' t stress enough, while pwe may have water bodies that plook covered with ice, pstatewide, both large and small, pthe conditions on those water pbodies can vary greatly. pshelley: captain jim juneau says eople venturing out need to pkeep a close eye on the depth of pthe ice. p>> and really try to stay away pfrom any weak spots. ptypically those may be where pcurrents come into a water body. pthey could be where a stump or pany other dark objects come into pthe water that collect solar penergy. pshelley: the captain says one pcommon misconception is that psmaller lakes are safer than plarger ones. p>> some of these smaller water pbodies will even appear to be pfrozen completely over. pand while there could very well pbe some adequate ice on those pwater bodies, they could pcertainly have areas that aren' t pconsidered safe and where psomeone could go through. pshelley: and while temperatures pwill be unseasonably mild pthursday, derby organizers say pthey believe the cold will prebound in their favor, come the pweekend. p>> friday night, according to
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pdown to 16. pso whatever we lose hopefully at pthis particular point in time pwe' re going to pick back up on pfriday night. pshelley: the ice derby takes laces this weekend, february 27 pthrough the 28th. ptom: the tram at cannon mountain pis reopening, after its motor pbroke stranding almost 50 people p40 feet above the ground on pvalentine' s day. pthe motor is now back in place pand electricians will finish pinstalling it tomorrow. pthe tram will be tested on pfriday and the hope is it will pbe back up and running saturday pmorning. pconcord police are looking for pany witnesses to a fatal edestrian crash near i-393 last pmonth. p62-year-old gene parker was hit pin his wheelchair in the area of pthe interstate near north main pstreet and commercial street on pthe night of january 28. olice want to talk to the erson who identified themselves pas a doctor at the scene. arker later died from his pinjuries. panyone with information about pthis witness should call concord
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pshelley: tonight, a laconia man pis out on bail after he was parrested for allegedly exposing phimself inside a hannafords. pgilford police say 52-year-old panthony olisky exposed himself ptwice to a teenage employee pinside the men' s bathroom. pafter the incident he was pdetained by security until olice arrived. polisky is charged with two pcounts of misdemeanor indecent pexposure and lewdness. ptom: to commitment 2016 now, the presults of the nevada caucus are pin. pnearly 46% of caucus-goers voted pfor donald trump, giving the pbillionaire businessman his pthird straight victory. eople will head to the polls in pnearly a dozen republican rimaries and caucuses on super ptuesday. pbut could the billionaire pbusinessman take them all? pour stephanie woods is live in pthe studio with more. pstephanie: republican candidate pdonald trump now has 82 pdelegates, 65 ahead of his pclosest challenger senator ted pcruz. pbegging the question is a trump pnomination inevitable? pone thing is for sure heading
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p>> we weren' t expected to win pthis one, you know that right? undits we weren' t expected to pwin too much and now we' re pwinning, winning, winning. pstephanie after tuesday' s rout pcaucus, donald trump has now pwon, won, won three states in a s a pshoe-in for the gop nomination? s more plikely than not but he' s pa position where he can' t be pstopped. pif you look at his performance pover the last 4 early primaries, plooking at super tuesday, it' s preally hard to see a place where phe' s going to lose. pstephanie more than 600 p: delegates are up for grabs in p-- in the 11 state contests on pmarch 1, about a quarter of the ptotal. paccording to real clear olitics, trump is polling first pin all but of those primaries pone and caucuses. pthe only exception is senator pted cruz' s home state of texas pwhere he' s leading. rofessor chris galdieri of psaint anselm college says if ptrump sweeps super tuesday other pcandidates will have a steep
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s possible but it' s a retty narrow path at that oint. pi think it would depend upon all pbut one of the candidates pgetting out, and then for that pone remaining candidate to win pthe winner-take-all states like pflorida and ohio. pstephanie more than 20 p: republicans have endorsed psenator marco rubio since last pweekend and, galdieri says if panyone has a chance of defeating ptrump it is the florida senator. pbut even in florida' s march 15 rimary, rubio is placing third pin the rcp average of recent olls, more than 25 points pbehind trump. p>> looking just one week ahead pit seems that he' s poised to do pvery well next week. pstephanie: our new england pneighbors, massachusetts and pvermont, are among those that pwill vote on super tuesday. plive in the studio. pstephanie woods, wmur news 9. pshelley: president obama might pbe considering a republican as a otential nominee to fill the pspot of the late supreme court pjustice antonin scalia. psources familiar with the pnomination process say the resident is considering nevada pgovernor brian sandoval. psandoval is a former federal
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pabortion rights. psenator majority leader, prepublican mitch mcconnell has psaid the senate will not hold phearings or vote on the resident' s pick. pthe new whole foods market in pbedford is set to open in april. pthe 40,000 square foot store was pbuilt on the former side of the pwayfarer inn on south river proad. pwhole foods said it will hold pits traditional red breaking pceremony on opening day, april 8 pat 9:45 a.m.. pafter the ceremony, the store pwill be open for business. ptom: portsmouth' s interim police pchief is taking his push for pfull transparency, to the ptelevision airwaves. pchief david mara and detective prochelle jones taped the pinaugural episode of ' p-p-d t-v' ptoday. peach segment they plan to pintroduce a member of the pimportant public issues. pmara, who retired from the pmanchester police department plast year, says he' s open to psuggestions and calls it a work pin progress. p>> i want the people of
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olice department they have. pi' ve been in law enforcement for p29 years, and in a short period pof time i' ve come to realize pthat this is a great police pdepartment. ptom: the first episode will plikely air next week on ortsmouth' s local cable pstill to come tonight, apple ceo ptim cook sitting down pexclusively with abc news to ptalk about their battle with the pfbi. p>> this is, well, this would be pbad for america. pit would also set a precedent pthat i believe many people in pamerica would be offended by. pshelley: coming up, why cook psays this cases goes beyond just pthe san bernardino terrorist' s pi-phone. ptom: and, another night of pdeadly storms in the south.
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p ptom: tonight, we share an pexclusive abc news interview pwith apple ceo tim cook. pcook addressing the company' s pfight with the fbi. pthis after a judge ordered apple pto create special software to phack into the i-phone of san pbernardino terrorist syed pfarook. pshelley: cook sat down with pdavid muir today saying it was a pdifficult choice to resist the prequest. phe says if he complies with the pfbi it would be bad for america. p>> i think safety of the public pis incredibly important. psafety of our kids, safety of pour family is very important. pthe protection of people' s data pis incredibly important. pshelley: federal officials say pthat only as for narrow passistance by passing some
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papple says doing that will make phacking. s supreme court pheard arguments today over a new ptrial for michael skakel, the pnephew of the late robert pkennedy. phe was convicted in 2002 of pbeating martha moxley to death pwhen they were teenagers. pin 2013, a judge freed skakel pand ordered a new trial, saying pthe original attorney didn' t padequately represent him. pshelley: tonight at kentucky man pis recovering from second-degree pburns after he says in pe-cigarette exploded in his ocket, and it was all caught on psurveillance inside this gas pstation saturday morning. pthe man was making a quick stop pto buy snacks and when he walked pover to pay, the battery pexploded and he runs out the pdoor. pone man followed with a fire pextinguisher while a bystander phelped him get off the burning ants. pthe man is expected to recover.
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ptornadoes in some places and pblizzard conditions and others. pabc' s megan hughes has more. pmegan: millions of americans are pbracing for impact as a deadly pwinter storm system moves north. pbringing waves of rain and pterrifying twisters. pthis one captured in north pcarolina. pthis time lapse shows the storm pmoving into charlotte. pstrong winds toppling trees into phomes, cars and power lines pthere. pin virginia a state of emergency pin effect. pone suspected tornado shredded phomes. p>> we did not know it was a t psomething good. pmegan this is the same system p: that spawned more than 30 ptornadoes in the last 24 hours. p>> just god, let us be ok, let pus get through this. p>> first tearing across plouisiana destroying this r.v. ark. pin pensacola, florida an ef-3 ptornado packing 155 mile per phour winds destroying homes and papartment buildings. pas the front side of this pmonster system continues ptriggering tornado warnings and pwatches. pthe backside is creating
1:23 am
p>> if you don' t need to make the ptrip, don' t make the trip today. p>> in parts of illinois and pindiana, conditions are nearly pwhite-out. pthe snow coming down faster than lows can clear it or homeowners pcan shovel it. p>> i' m trying to get some of it pnow and some of it later. p>> even with school cancelled psome kids couldn' t get the day poff. p>> yeah. pno school, i' m going over to my pgrandma' s house. pnow i' m out here helping, pshoveling snow. p>> i spent the last 30 years in phouston, texas. pthis is different. pmegan megan hughes, abc news, p: washington. ptom: that' s no is not here ptonight, that is for sure. pmike: now are dealing with rain pand freezing rain. ptemperatures just south of us pstart 60 plus. pwhen you go outdoors it will be pquite chilly out there. povercast all day long at the
1:24 am
pa little bit of light rain at ptime, heavier others. ptemperatures slowly inching up pabove the reason mark. pthat has mainly been in southern pand eastern parts of new phampshire but you notice on dr. pradar that there are some pblotches of pink indicating ptemperatures near 32 degrees and psome freezing rain. pin and around the mount pwashington valley through the pheart of the lakes region down pto the lake sunapee zone and pnorthern parts of the monadnock pregion, we cannot rule out a bit pmore icing, flow going on area proadways and untreated surfaces. ptemperatures ready to climb, palready in some parts of the pstate that is happening. prain showers mostly on the light pside across a good portion of pcentral and southern new phampshire. pnot far away, heavy-duty pdownpours and eastern parts of pnew york inching their way into pwestern parts of new england
1:25 am
pthere is sundering -- thunder pand lightning right now. pdon' t be surprised to see some pflashes of lightning and hear pthose rumbles during 12:30 or p1:00 to about 3:00, 4:30 in the pmorning. pthis mass of rain is accompanied pnot only by the heavy downpours pbut warmer temperatures and pgusty winds out of the south. peventually it will cool back pdown starting tomorrow evening pbut the heavy downpours are in pthe cards for the next few phours. pending by about 5:00 in the pmorning and tomorrow the best pshot of morning showers is in pthe mountains. pthey may affect everyone after p2:00 at 3:00. ptomorrow evening it has already pcool down from the 50' s back pinto the 30' s. pso we go from mixed over to pscattered snow showers in paccumulation in northern and pwestern new hampshire. pnotice right now 30'
1:26 am
pwinds out of the south but for pmany it still draining down to pthe northeast at the southerly pwind is not too far away. pnotice what it' s doing to the s arts of northern new hampshire. psouthern new england, boston s, denver in s. pthis will take over during the povernight stretch, especially pearly tomorrow morning before pthe cooler weather moves back pin. pone projected temperature attern for tomorrow morning, ptake a look at the wake-up ptemperatures. plow to mid 40' s north and 50' s pover southern zones. pwe cool down quite a bit ptomorrow night. pover to a scattered mix of snow pshowers and they wind down by pearly friday. psnow showers friday morning pbecoming friday -- becoming pmostly sunny.
1:27 am
pthe weekend looks good. pthen it warms up after a cold psaturday, especially southern pnew hampshire in the 40' s sunday pand monday. pcould be a few scattered pflurries late tuesday or early pwednesday but quiet after all pthese crazy changes the next pcouple of days. ptom: a lot of basketball tonight p. pjamie: we have the highlights in
1:28 am
ptwo nhl teams that will likely pbe fighting it out for the final layoff spots in the eastern pand that makes tonight's game pimportant. pthe garden. pjust one goal in the first eriod. pbreakaway, and he is chopped by pdavid pouliot. pthat results in a penalty shot. pso here we go, and pastrnak pscores on the wrister. phis 7th of the year. p1-0 bruins after one period. pmore from pasternak in the 2nd eriod.
1:29 am
ens, and pastrnak grabs it and pwaits to get by the goalie pbefore sliding the puck in. p2-0 boston. pit was 2-1 in the 3rd when jimmy phayes scores for the black and pgold. ryan spooner with a great ass out front to make it phappen. pbruins win 5-1. pthey are at carolina friday pnight. pin the second. p, maxine bash -- gets the past, phas appointed 13 straight games, p19 out of his last 20. pthis proved to be the p3-2. pthey skate at norfolk friday and psaturday.
1:30 am
pnew hampshire not about to let pthis slip away. pjordan knocks home of fadeaway pso the game is tied 35-30 five. punh hanging in there with the psteal by jordan. pteam-high 16 points for smith. pseven minutes to go, vermont pwins 73-67. pnewcastle' s duncan robinson lays for the michigan pwolverines. pthey hosted northwestern ptonight. pend of the first half, robinson pbeats the buzzer with a 3 ointer from the corner. pclutch shot. pit was his 79th three pointer of pthe season. phe ended up with 5 points in the pgame. pmichigan won the game 72-61, ptheir 19th win of the season. pduncan robinson has made 79 p3-pointers this season. pwhich puts him 7th on the pmichigan all-time, single season plist.
1:31 am
p1997. parizona at colorado. pclaremont's kaleb tarczewski lays center for arizona. pfirst half, tarczewski down low, pa wide open dunk. phe will make that 99.9% of the ptime. pa points and five blocked shots pfor him. pcolorado wins 75-72. ptarczewski is 3 wins away from pbecoming the winningest player pin arizona basketball history, pwhich is saying a lot. plet' s go south to florida, for pthe first official full squad pworkout by the boston red sox. pthe team is together now, and it pwill stay that way until the plast day of the season. powner john henry was there as pwell, and he talked about pwants his team to win right paway. p>> the team has to go out and lay and produce. pit' s important to get off to a pgood start because we have one
1:32 am
pthat' s not an easy thing to do. pwhat is it 16 of the night -- pfirst 19 games of the american pleague east? pjamie: hanley ramirez playing pfirst base for the first time, pthat should be interesting. ptom: a special meeting for one phooksett girl. pshelley: coming up, how and why pthe lavalle family got the pchance to meet country singer
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p ptom: a young hooksett girl pbattling leukemia got the chance pto meet her favorite singer. pshelley: ady lavalle and her pfamily meet with country psuperstar carrie underwood at pher recent concert at the t.d. pgarden in boston. pthe lavalle' s were invited as pspecial guests to watch the pconcert inside the garden' s resident' s suite. pvery nice. ptom thanks for joining us for p: news 9 tonight at 11:00. pshelley jimmy kimmel live is p: next, followed by night line. phave a good night. p[captioning performed by the pnational captioning institute, pwhich is responsible for its pcaption content and accuracy.
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