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tv   News 9 Daybreak  ABC  February 25, 2016 5:00am-6:00am EST

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p>> reporter: brandi hitt, abc pnews, los angeles. p>> very intriguing. pabc is the place to be on oscar pnight, sunday at 7:00 eastern p>> heavy rain and thunderstorms povernight. pwarmer air will move in. phow high temperatures will go. perin: the storms are bringing pdown trees and knocking out ower, keeping police and putility crews busy, leaving pbehind a mess to clean. pkevin: this same storm system is pcausing a mess in the east pthere' s so much damage in one povernight curfew was imposed. perin: a data breach at a phospital that affects every pemployee, but no patients. p>> no one covers new hampshire
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pnow, wmur news 9 "daybreak." phampshire. pshow. pabout. pwe have thousands without power. pit feels like spring. pkevin: the heaviest of the psome areas have not even gotten pmilder air. pthe heaviest portion of anything pwe saw overnight is now to the peast and pulling away, leaving pus with scattered showers in the pareas, more showers into the pafternoon. pyou will notice a 20-degree pdifference from manchester to pin. s to near p60 in the afternoon. pwe will talk about a cooling plet'
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pwith the davidson -- debit pdavidson. pdeb: the first road closure is proute 63. pthat is closed from the mass pborder to route one night team pto to flooding and debris in the proad. pwe have route 63 closed around pcranbrook road. pthere is feet of standing water pin the road. pthat will be closed all day puntil the water receipts. pclosed at mile marker 39.6 due pto flooding until the water preceipts. pif you are commuting on pinterstate 93 it is moving well pbut we do have fog through pconcord and through manchester. pfrom the wzid traffic network im pdeb davidson. psean: with those powerful storms pmoving through this morning, ower outages are climbing. pthe new hampshire electric co-op
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pthe dark. pall available crews are working. pthe outages are scattered. perin: we have heard of lots of ptrees and branches down with a pfew roads closed with minor pflooding. pkristen carosa is checking out pthe damage in londonderry. pwhat have you seen? pkristen: the good news is the pweather in londonderry has died pdown. plondonderry police tell us pdamaging wind came in around pmidnight and left a lot of pdamage. s show you video we just pshot moments ago. pmammoth road. pcrews are now focused on pyou can see a massive tree came pdown, knocking out power to the pneighborhood. pno word on when power will be prestored. p>> i been here for one .5 hours. pi know the power outage of it
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phas been without our for a good phour and a half. pwe waiting for the guys to cut pthe power of, and hopefully pthese guys will be up and going. pkristen: as we drove around plondonderry there is a lot of pdebris in the road. olice are asking as residents phead out for the morning commute pthat they drive carefully. pif you hit the debris you could pgo off of the road. pin londonderry, kristen carosa, pwmur news 9. psean: the same storm pbringing us rain is causing roblems along the east coast. pvirginia is now under a state of pemergency, and new york city pissued a travel advisory through pthis morning. phundreds of flights have been pcanceled, including several in pand out of manchester. pabc' s kendis gibson is tracking pthe storms and cleanup. pkendis: overnight, millions of pamericans hit hard as a deadly pwinter storm continues its march pnorth. ptorrential rains flooding the pmid-atlantic to the north east p-- the downpours creating flash pfloods, washing away cars, and
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pd.c.-area. p>> i just called to help me. pi just prayed. pkendis: in new york, heavy winds poverturned this truck on the pgeorge washington bridge p. pthis time lapse shows the storm pmoving into charlotte. pstrong winds toppling trees into phomes, cars, and power lines pthere. pover 160,000 without power pit' s the same system that pspawned terrifying twisters. pin virginia, a state of pemergency in effect. pa deadly tornado shredded and pamong the victims, a child. p>> only thing we heard was a p2-year-old baby found in the pwoods. pkendis: that baby and two others pacross the region, more than 30 ptornadoes in the last day alone. pfirst, tearing across louisiana pdestroying this r.v. park. p>> just god, let us be ok. plet us get through this. pkendis: and on the backside of pthis massive storm, blizzard pconditions across the midwest. p>> if you don'
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t make the trip today. pkendis: in parts of illinois and pindiana, nearly white-out pconditions, making travel pextra-difficult. pkendis gibson, abc news, new pyork. psean: despite all of the rain pthe meredith rotary ice fishing pderby is still on. pthe conditions can vary pconsiderably. pif you' re heading out keep a pclose eye on your surroundings. pweak spots. pcurrents may come into a water pbody. pthey could be where a stone or pdark object could read in the pwater that collects solar penergy. psean: organizers hope colder air pwill reinforce the ice. pvehicles will not be allowed on pthe lake.
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perin: a man is accused of pshowing himself to a teenager pinside of a bathroom. p52-year-old anthony olisky is pcharged with two counts of plewdness and indecent exposure. phe exposed himself twice to a p17-year-old employee at the phannaford supermarket. phe is free on bail. pthe man who broke into a home in phudson with a gun was targeting phis father. pthey found duct tape, rope, zip pties, tape, and a knife in pmatthew felton' s backpack. phe wanted to tie up his father pand make them listen. pthe gun turned out to be a ellet gun. phe is being held on $100,000 pcash bail. psean: we will learn if more cars pin derry were targeted by pthieves over 2000 were hit since pmonday. pa total of 17 were hit on ptuesday morning alone. pall of the cars were unlocked. pthat the us have taken things plike loose change and small
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pthey have surveillance video pshowing to people injuring a pcar. pthe fbi is investigating a data pbreach affecting york hospital. pemployees were notified that the pbreach affects every employee pfrom doctors to maintenance pstaff. pinformation includes social psecurity, salary, and w-2 pno patient information was pcompromised. pyork hospital is offering pidentity theft services for the pnext year. perin: new hampshire' s drug and pheroin epidemic is taking a toll pand families. phow a former eagle scout heroin pas a teenager, and how he and phis family tried to get help pthat ran into challenges on the ath to recovery. p>> the drug did not take panything from me, i gave away peverything on my own to get phigh. p>> there is not a system to help eople dealing with this paddiction. perin: the roadblocks to recovery pin new hampshire, and how one
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pnavigate the maze, tonight at p11:00. psean: still to come, there is pexciting news for people who psuffer from migraines. pan emerging treatment could numb pyour pain for months. perin: do you know with this is? pit is a baby picture that is pearning a student high praise. psean: in the next half hour, olice in manchester are getting
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what is going on? run a slalom course.
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pvote again on a bill to legalize precreational marijuana after pgetting the measure an initial pthumbs-up. psean: the vote is expected to ass today and move to the phouse. psupporters say 80,000 vermonters palready use pot. pit would allow for 30,000 my pse licensed -- 30,000 licensed psources. perin: it appears the flu vaccine pis more effective this year than pit was a year ago. pthe cdc says the vaccine is 59% pof effective. pofficials say it has been a prelatively mild flu season, but pit hasn' t peaked. presearch has shown it is ok for eople with egg allergies to get pthe nasal spray version of the pvaccine. pmigraines can be debilitating. pthere is a new emerging ptreatment showing great promise. pa doctor in callow anya is
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pit involves injured during pnitrous oxide into the affected ptissue to reduce the pain in 20 pseconds. pthe effects last longer than ptreatments like botox. pin some cases the pain is preduced or several months. psean: a study at the university pof maine -- a student at the puniversity of maine will be ublished thanks to an pincredible baby picture of a pbaby lobster. pjesica waller used a microscope pto take this picture of a pthree-week old lobster. pit won a national science pfoundation contest, and will be ublished. in the april edition pof "popular science" perin: this may look like psomething out of a fairytale, pbut it is more than fun and pgames.
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perin: a 10-year-old girl is pbeing remembered as a hero. pfourth-grader kiera larson was laying with friends when a car prolled down the hill toward pthem with knowing behind the pwheel. pshe push the other girls out of pthe way, but was run over and pkilled. p>> she saved both of my pdaughters' lives. pboth of them could have been pgone in an instant. pshe stepped in, took over, and pdid what she knows best to do, pto protect those around her. perin: investigators are trying pto figure out why the car rolled pout of control. pthe community is raising money pto pay for her funeral. psean: we now know when the new pwhole foods market in bedford pwill open.
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pbuilt on the former site of the pwayfarer inn. pit will hold its traditional pbrick breaking ceremony on april p8 at 9:45 a.m. pseveral local restaurants are ulling together to help the pstaff of mint bistro in pmanchester, who have been out of pwork since february 15. pan owner of cotton is holding a pdrawing with proceeds going to pmeant employees. pthe copper door is holding a pfundraiser on sunday. pmint bistro hopes to reopen by pmarch 7. ptail off. pmermaids or merman. p200 are in north carolina for pthe job requirements are pretty ptough. p15-feet with your eyes open pwhile smiling, and hold your pbreath for up to three minutes.
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pcost $4000. pthe mermaids make $250 for a ptwo-hour appearance. psean: i don' t know how they do pthat without equalizing their pears. pit will hurt your years. pthey look like they do it with pease. perin: and dive down while psmiling. psean: it sounds like a chronicle pstory for someone. pkevin: and the makeup has pto stay intact. pwe started early this morning pwith temperatures in the 50' s pnear 60 in southern areas. pit was a rough night with pthunderstorms moving through. pthe wind gusted up to 50 miles er hour in some places. pthat is shifting offshore pleaving us with leftover showers pin southeastern areas of the pstate and in the of country. ptemperatures have warmed up in pthe southeastern 1/3 of the
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pwarmer air will be coming in on pthe southerly wind throughout pthe day sending the upper-level psystem to the west with heavier pmoisture moving offshore. pshower activity later this pafternoon, which might switch to psnow showers before wrapping up ptonight. pscattered showers and a moderate prain at times in the north pcountry and through the white pmountains, while the last of the pfocused rainfall is for the psoutheastern areas. pi think for southern areas of pthe state, into the afternoon as pcloser. s. s pnear 60. pwe are most likely at our how is pit area and southeastern areas pof the state. pit is a matter of the wind icking up in some of the lower plying valleys. pit can be just under 500 feet pwhere you have the temperatures pstuck in the 30' s with snow on
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pblocked in. pas the wind picks out we will psee the temperatures climb, and pin some places it will be 12 s time. pthat will push us up to 50 or p60, upcountry lower 50' s. pmore showers from the west. pof sunshine. pwe will go back over to pscattered snow showers as skies pclear this afternoon into the s and 30' s. pa brisk wind tomorrow, middle p20' s the middle 30' pwhich is where we will be as we pwork through the day on saturday p. pthat will be with partly sunny pskies. pa warming trend for sunday in pthe middle 20' s to middle 40' s. pthen a warming trend that will pbe warm enough with rain showers pwith the front on monday. pjumping into the 50'
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pand changing over to snow pshowers before wrapping up povernight, skies clearing ptomorrow morning, partial psunshine for the weekend, ptemperatures in the lower to pmiddle 40' p40' s in the middle of next week. pnothing as mild as we will have ptoday. psean: this morning we are pchecking our top stories with pkristen carosa. pkristen: we are in londonderry pthis morning where damaging wind pand rain took down wires and ptrees. pthere were 3000 power outages pacross the state. pevery source and the police are pworking on mammoth road in plondonderry. pthere working now on stonehenge proad. pthere is no word on when the ower will be restored. psean: all of the rain and warm pweather is raising concerns
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pit is still on, but the ice is pnot consistent and anglers need pto be careful. pthe man who broke into a home in phudson armed with a gun was ptargeting his own father. pthey found. cape, rope, zip pties, tape, and a knife in pmatthew felton' s backpack. perin: the oscars are big night pfor more than the actors.
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psean: a letter that president pjohn f. kennedy wrote to a plittle girl in 1962 is up for psale. perin: he wrote the short letter pto 5-year-old rita knight to psurprise her and say "hello."
5:26 am
pso few letters from kennedy pto children survived. pthe asking price is $15,000. psean: the oscars are this pweekend, but the award ceremony pis only the start of the pcelebration. perin: we' re looking at the menu pfor the post-oscars governors pball is created by wolfgang puck p. pthere will be smoke salmon and palaskan king crab. pthe desserts are oscars-themed pwith candy statuettes and a pdoughnut ball filled with praspberry-cream puree. pthey will great 12,000 dishes in p90 minutes. pi bet they are pretty picky, the pcelebrities. psean: which is more fun, owing pto the ceremony or the after arty? perin: definitely the after arty. psean: a big win for the bruins
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p hearts are made for sharing. spread some sweetness r with dunkin' donuts' cookie dough p and brownie batter donuts. heart-shaped happiness too sweet not to share. r america runs on dunkin'. x p>> no one covers new hampshire plike we do. pnow, wmur news 9 "daybreak." psean: good morning on the stormy pmorning. pand i look at the seacoast. pfocus on the temperature. p58-degrees on the seacoast in pfebruary. perin: howling wind overnight and pa lot of thunder. pwe will look at your forecast pafter our top stories. pelectricians at cannon mountain pwill vanish installing a motor pon the tram that got stuck last
5:31 am
plawmakers are considering a pbill that would create pregulations for ridesharing pcompanies. pheavy went and rain passed to pthe state, leaving a mess in psome areas like londonderry pwhere wires came down under pnight -- overnight. psean: we got video of her night pof lightning. pkevin: it won' t me up this pmorning. pit was at 12:45. pnot a tremendous amount of pdamage, but trees, power lines, pand power outages. pthe heaviest of this is now poffshore and pushing away. pleft behind a southerly wind and pmild temperatures for some. pfor the rest of the new, as the pday moves along in the southerly pwind picks up, highs in the 50' s pto the 60' s. psean: when you get warm weather pin the wintertime, you might get pfog. pkevin: i live look at i-93 from
5:32 am
pin windom. pwe are joined by deb davidson. pdeb: 93 is moving well and you pshould not have any problems. pwe do have road closures in the pwestern part of the state. pin hinsdale route 63 is closed pfrom the mass border to route p119. pclues are trying to clear the pthe water will be closed until pthe water receipts. pthe road is closed from kelly pbrook to kelly lane. pit will be closed until they can passess the road. proute 10 is closed at my marker p39.6 due to flooding until the pwater proceeds. pif you doing counter flooded proads, turn around because you pdon' t know what is underneath pand the road could it -- could pbe compromised.
5:33 am
pissues in some parts of the pstate. pa few roads were shut down due pto flooding. peric scott with the department pof transportation is live on the hone. pthank you for joining us. peric: good morning. pit is a pleasure to be here. perin: where are you hearing of pthe most major issues? peric: the most major issues are pin hinsdale. phinsdale, langdon, the wind and prain was the heaviest through pthat area. pso route 63 is closed because of pthe crews are trying to clean pthat up and get it going, but it pwill be closed for most of the plame-duck. m sure there is plocalized flooding. pwhat is your advice for drivers?
5:34 am
pif you hit a puddle of water, pslow down, take your time, and pif you come across a larger body pof water, go around, don' t try pto go through. pyou don' t know how stable the proadways are. perin: thank you. peric scott with the department pof transportation. psean: people in londonderry are pdealing with problems brought on pby the storm. pthe wind and rain took out pseveral trees and power lines. pkristen carosa is in londonderry pwith a look at the damage. pgood morning. pkristen: the good news right now pis that the weather has died pdown in londonderry. pdamaging wind and rain has pcaused a lot of damage overnight p. plet' s go to video we shot this pmorning. pevery source -- ever source pworked on stonehenge road. pa tree went down on top of pwires, cutting power to the area p.
5:35 am
olice are driving around icking up dangerous to breathe. eople are asked to drive pcarefully as they head out. p>> be careful when driving. pyou will get a lot of debris on pthe roadways. pwhen you' re going around bends, pgo around at a safe speed pbecause there will probably be pranches and trees that will pforce a car to go off. pkristen: have been no reported pinjuries. pif you see down wires, call the olice right away. pkristen carosa, wmur news 9. perin: repairs are being made to pthe tram at cannon mountain pafter its motor broke on pvalentine' s day, leaving dozens pof people stranded 40-feet above pthe ground. pthe motor is in place and pelectricians will finish
5:36 am
pit only tested tomorrow, and the pmountain hopes it will be prunning on saturday morning. psean: concord fully' s are plooking for witnesses of a fatal rotester in crash near 393 last pmonth. p62-year-old gene parker was hit pin his wheelchair on the night pof january 28. phe later died. olice want to talk to a person pwho identified himself as a pdoctor at the scene of the pcrash. panyone else who witnessed the paccident is asked to call pconcord police. pa man accused of setting his pcandia home on fire said he did pit to get rid of that bugs. pstephen gracy-alny admitted to pinvestigators that he said the pfire because of the infestation. phis wife was suffering from pfights, and it worried the bugs pcould not be destroyed any other pway. phe shut off the electricity to pthe home and moved 2 propane ptanks so the fire wouldn' t hurt panyone. perin: state and local lawmakers pare considering new words for pridesharing services like uber.
5:37 am
pfall 2014, uber has 500 drivers pin new hampshire. palcohol testing for drivers. pa bill in the house would -- p alterman long would like pdrug and alcohol testing for pdrivers. p>> there is no anonymity. pyou don' t know what the driver pis paid you know the driver, ptheir license plate, the driver pknows who the rider is. pit is tracked by gps. p>> i believe that the city pshould do their due diligence. perin: portsmouth already signed pan ordinance requiring uber pdrivers to provide proof of pcommercial insurance and go pthrough criminal background pchecks. pmanchester is working on a psimilar ordinance. psean: ringing mental health
5:38 am
pdr. tom kucharski is a forensic sychologist in new york. phe is trading officers how to precognize mental illness. plocal mental health rofessionals are encouraged by pthis type of training. p>> our hope is that police pofficers will be more responsive pand less reactive, so that the poutcomes are such they are pgetting people into treatment. psean: the valley street jail has p490 and. pthe superintendent estimates at pmental health issues. perin: portsmouth' s interim olice chief is taking his push pairwaves. pdavid mayor and rachelle jones ptake the inaugural episode of pdtv. pthey will introduce a member of
5:39 am
p>> i want the people of ortsmouth to know what kind of olice department they have. pi realize this is a great police pdepartment. perin: the first episode will be pnext week on portsmouth' s local pcable channel. pjersey. pseveral homes were evacuated pafter manhole covers exploded. perin: a rat on a leash. pthe important job these rodents phave been tasked with. pkevin: showers to the west.
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pkevin: it was a rough night with pheavy rain, wind, and lightning. pit looks like things have gotten pquieter and in some spots have pwarmed up. pa lot of areas will be in the p50' s to near 60 with showers pthis afternoon. pthere is a big change. psean: the republican residential candidates are pgearing up for another debate. pthey will go head-to-hea in ptexas, then they will focus on psuper tuesday.
5:43 am
olitics, donald trump is pleading in 10 of the 11 states pthat are holding republican rimaries and caucuses on super ptuesday. pthe exception is ted cruz' s home pstate of texas, where he is pleaving. pif trump sweeps super tuesday, pother candidates will have a psteep climb to the nomination. p>> he is very close to being in pa position where he cannot be pstopped. pif you look at his performance pover the last early primaries, plooking at super tuesday, it is phard to see a place where he pwill lose. psean: 600 delegates are up for pgrabs on super tuesday, one pquarter of the total. perin: cracking down on drivers pmisusing handicap laggards to ark for free. pmany are passed down from prelative to relative. phe is seeing more able-bodied
5:44 am
pas a result, people that are phandicapped miss out on good arking spots. pthe inspector general is precommending face-to-face pinterviews to confirm someone pneeds a l pviolators. psean: manholes exploded in the pstreets. olice evacuated 20 homes and pbusinesses within minutes of the pfirst explosion. psoon after, another 175 pound pmanhole cover went flying into pthe air. pno one was injured. psolid bride was pushed into the psewers by heavy rain and pcorroded cables is being blamed. perin: looking for a man that pthey believe is behind a string pof rogaine thefts. pthe suspect is bald, but police pdo not think the rogaine is for phis own use.
5:45 am
p>> area strange. pthe rogaine for men and women is pa popular product, but as far as pa large quantity of that sent pthis product, and have not seen pit the war. perin: the retail price is under p$50 and can be purchased for pless online. psean: a teenager in virginia is pspeaking out after surviving pbeing hit by a train. pthe 17-year-old was running late pand took a shortcut of bob train ptracks. phe had his headphones on. pall of a sudden the teenager was pbeing dragged under the tree. phe remained conscious and called phis dad for help. p>> when a train hits people, you pare gone. p>> i thank god i made it. psean: he walked away with cuts pon both hands and minor pinjuries.
5:46 am
perin: a cambodian organization phas enlisted an initial helper pto clear the country of plandmines. pthey are using african rats to pclear the landmines. pcambodia has 600 minds still on pthe ground. pthe rats can sniff them out pwithout setting them off thanks pto their light weight. pthey clear large a raise in a pfraction of the time it would ptake humans. pthe 14 rats are somewhat ampered. pnot only are they walked on pleashes, they get to sleep pindoors. psean: can we go back to the fact pthere are giant rats? pthey are huge. perin: the bruins took on the enguins at td garden. psean: one goal in the first eriod. pa breakaway that resulted in a enalty shot. phe scored to give the bruins a p1-0 lead. phe took advantage of a horrible
5:47 am
pbruins up 2-0. pboston went to a 5-1 when. perin: the manchester monarchs pskated at their home ice around pthe adirondack thunder. pin the second, adirondack was pleading when the warmer captain p-- a former captain scored the ptide. pthe monarchs went on to win 3-2. pthey skate in norfolk tomorrow pand saturday. psean: now to florida for the pmyers. pthe owner was there as well. phe talked about wanting the w pal east. p>> the team has to play and roduce. pit is very important to get off pto a good start. pwe have one goal, to win the pdivision.
5:48 am
pespecially if you have 16 out of pthe first 19 games in the pamerican league east. pwe cannot afford to get into a phole at the beginning. psean: that is the coolest john phenry has ever looked. pthe red sox are trading against ptheir first game against pminnesota. perin: the mobile world congress pshow in barcelona. pone device that is drawing pattention is this delivery robot p. pthis self driving robot is pdesigned to roam independently pand deliver packages. pit is just a prototype, but the pcome when he is planning to do ptesting in the u.s. and u.k. pthis year. panother interesting item is this phigh tech by clamp that could pnext to a -- high-tech bike lamp pthat connects to a smart phone pand can track where it is if pthey get stolen and raises an palarm if there is an accident. pit is on sale for $80.
5:49 am
pone, and kids actually pulled pover one time because he had a pblinking light and i thought pthey were getting pulled over. pkevin: rarely quiet with patchy pfog in areas with a lot of snow pmelt. pthere are several areas with ptemperatures in the 50' s to the p60' s. pcentral northern spots in the plower 40' s. pflood warnings for woodstock and pwestchester. pthey' re expected to briefly go pabove flood stage with minor pflooding expected along the privers, going below flood stage pthis afternoon. pto the west, sprawling plow-pressure system that will phead in our direction, meaning pmore rain showers this afternoon p. pit is cold enough behind that it pwould be light snow. pwe are left over with lighter pshowers with the best chances pover the next hour or two.
5:50 am
pmanchester to the coastline. ptemperatures in the 50' s to near p60. pcentral and northern areas in pthe 30' s, but warm enough that pit is falling as rain. pyou can see the difference this pmorning. p50' s to new 60 this morning. p57 in manchester, 35 in pnorthfield. p40 in concord. p56 in marlborough. p38 and surrey. pthere is a huge difference in ptemperature. pa lot is elevation driven. psinking into the lower-level pvalleys, below 500 feet, that is pwhere we are seeing dense colder pair waiting for a wind to whisk pit away. pwhen it does, temperatures will pjump 10 degrees to 15 degrees in pone hour and level loft with the prest of us, highs in the 50' s to pnear 60.
5:51 am
pafternoon as the upper-level psystem moves closer. povernight we will see rain pshowers go to snow showers with pskies clearing in the southern pareas of the state, setting up a pbrisk when. phighs tomorrow likely from the pmiddle 20' s in the north country pto middle 30' s in southern pareas. pafter those above and below pzero, we work backwards to the pmiddle 20' s on saturday with artly sunny skies. pthe next system is a weak one pthat will come at us on monday, pit will likely be warm enough it pwill be in the form of rain pshowers. p30' s and 40' s early, 50' s for pthe afternoon. pmaybe even 60' s and some psoutheastern spot. psummary and showers will fire up pthis afternoon and switch over pto scattered snow showers but pfor winding down. pflurries around tomorrow, but a
5:52 am
ptaking it feel cooler than highs pnear the freezing mark. pthe warmer of the two days looks pto be sunday, warm enough that pby monday the next system will plikely be in the form of rain pshowers. pthere are that in mind this pmorning that there are fallen ptrees in places. pthe careful if you' re headed out pbefore sunrise. perin: a younger who is battling pleukemia got a chance to meet pher favorite singer. pshe and her family met with pcarrie underwood at her recent pconcert at the td garden in pboston. pthey were invited as special pguests to watch the concert pinside the presidential suite. pthat was wonderful.
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pquite a name for himself. phe changed his name to double pbacon cheeseburger. phis birth name is sam smith. pdouble cheeseburger told the puk' s standard that he was out pdrinking with friends when they purged him to change his name. phe says he has no regrets, but phis mother is not very happy. perin: like apple, i need you on pthe double. psean: a middle name of bacon. pdr. cheeseburger. perin: annual list of the pin the u.s. pnaples, florida -- that is, and plaws spend the winter, top the plist for have been the lowest plevels of stress and depression. psalinas, california was second pfollowed by sarah sort of -- pfollowed by sarasota. psean: portland, maine made the plist coming in 33rd. perin: there a lot of happy
5:57 am
pin law' s place. otential relief from migraine psufferers. pone doctor is working on a ptreatment that would freeze away pthe pounding headaches. plondonderry were damaging wind pand rain knocked down trees and ptook out power. pcrews are underway. perin: and adorable kitten has a pnew lease on life after being pabandoned. p r from dunkin' donuts. of espresso, milk, r uplift your mood. indulge in a hot or iced macchiato today. r america runs on dunkin'.
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come in today to get any sandwich for $2.99 after 12:00 p.m. america runs on dunkin'. pkevin: heavy rain and pthunderstorms overnight. pwarmer air moves in. phow high temperatures will go. perin: the storms are bringing pdown trees and knocking out ower, keeping the police and putility crews busy.


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