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tv   News 9 Daybreak  ABC  February 25, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EST

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come in today to get any sandwich for $2.99 after 12:00 p.m. america runs on dunkin'. pkevin: heavy rain and pthunderstorms overnight. pwarmer air moves in. phow high temperatures will go. perin: the storms are bringing pdown trees and knocking out ower, keeping the police and putility crews busy.
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pnow, wmur news 9 "daybreak." perin: there was serious thunder povernight along with lightning. pa lot of people probably woke up pfrom it. psean: it was almost like povernight in july because it was pso warm. pwe have thousands without power pand road closures due to pflooding. pkevin: plenty of lightning, pheavier downpours, and a few pspots with over 2.5 inches of prain. pthe manager lawsuit river in pwoodstock is expect it to go p50' s to lower 60' s in the seven pthird of the state. p30' s to lower 40' peveryone is in the 50' s through pthe day. pmore showers will form this pafternoon after the fog burns poff. pthey will switch to snow showers pwith the cooler air rushing in. pmore coming up in a bit. plet'
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pwith deb davidson. pgood thursday morning. pdeb: right now the crews are on pthe scene trying to get flooding pdebris cleaned up on route 63 pfrom the mass border to route p119. pthat will be closed until the pwater receipts. pwe are seeing road closures on proute 10 at marker 39 .6 -- on proute 10 at mile marker 39 .6. pif you' re commuting on major phighways, 93 south is moving pwell from the notch to the state pline. p290 three, traffic is building pthrough the mill yard. pwe are not seeing delays through pthe turnpike. pi am deb davidson for wzid. psean: the powerful storms pknocked up hours to several pthousand customers.
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pever source has all available pcrews on the job. pthe number is down to 2800. pbranches down. pwmur' s kristen carosa is pchecking of the damage in plondonderry. pwhat are you seeing? pkristen: if people are just pwaking up, i want to start with pthe weather has died down in plondonderry, but the police tell pus the damaging wind kicked up paround midnight, leaving damage pbehind. pthis is video we shot earlier pthis morning as crews repaired pwires on mammoth road. pever source and the police have pnow focused on stonehenge road. pa massive tree came down on pwires, knocking out power to the pneighborhood. pno word on when the power will pbe restored. p>> i' ve been here for an hour pand a half. pi know the power outage up and pdown this road.
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pwe are waiting for these guys to pclean these off, cut off the ower, get the trees off, and phopefully they will be up and pgoing. pkristen: as we drove around pdebris in the roads. pthe police are asking that eople drive very carefully. pin londonderry, kristen carosa, pwmur news 9. psean: the same storm system pbringing us all the rain today palong the east coast. pvirginia is now under a state of pemergency, and new york city pissued a travel advisory through pthis morning. phundreds of flights have been pcanceled, including several in pand out of manchester. pabc' s kendis gibson is tracking pthe storms and cleanup. pkendis: overnight, millions of pamericans hit hard as a deadly pwinter storm continues its march pnorth. ptorrential rains flooding the pmid-atlantic to the north east p-- the downpours creating flash pfloods, washing away cars, and pcreating a mess for the
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p>> i was thinking, i would be ptrapped, i just called on god to phelp me. pkendis: in new york, heavy winds poverturned this truck on the pgeorge washington bridge pearlier. pthis time lapse shows the storm pmoving into charlotte. pstrong winds toppling trees into phomes, cars, and power lines pthere. pit' s the same system that pspawned terrifying twisters. pin virginia, a state of pemergency in effect. pa deadly tornado shredding phomes. pamong the victims, a child. p>> only thing we heard was a p2-year-old baby found in the pwoods. pkendis: that baby and two others ronounced dead. pacross the region, more than 30 ptornadoes in the last day alone. pfirst, tearing across louisiana pdestroying this r.v. park. p>> just god, let us be ok. plet us get through this. pkendis: and on the backside of pthis massive storm, blizzard pconditions across the midwest. p>> if you don' t need to make the ptrip, don'
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pkendis: in parts of illinois and pindiana, nearly white-out pconditions, making travel pextra-difficult. pkendis gibson, abc news, new pyork. psean: the meredith rotary ice pfishing derby is still long, but panglers are urged to use caution p. pthere are still parts of the plakes that are not frozen. pthe conditions can very. pif you' re headed out, keep a pclose eye on your surroundings. pspots. ptypically, those might be where pbody. pthey could be where a stub or pwater collecting solar energy. psean: organizers are hoping pcolder air will reinforce the pice, but vehicles will not be pallowed on the lake. pthe derby is saturday and psunday.
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pexposing himself to a teenager pin the bathroom of a grocery pstore. phe exposed himself twice to a p17-year-old employee at the phannaford supermarket. panthony olisky is free on bail pthis morning. rosecutors say the man who pbroke into a hudson home armed pwith a gun was targeting his pfather. pthey found duct tape, rope, zip pties, tape, and other items in pmatthew felton' s backpack. phe told police that he wanted to ptie up his father and make him plisten. pofficials say the gun turned out pto be a pellet gun. phe is being held on $100,000 pcash they' ll. psean: we waiting to learn if pmore cars in derry were targeted pby fees after two dozen were ptargeted on monday. pall of the cars were unlocked. pthat the use took things like --
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pthings like loose change of psmall electronics. pa data breach affecting york phospital in southern maine. pemployees were notified that the pbreach affects every employee pfrom doctors to maintenance pstaff. pstolen information includes psalary and w-2 details. pno patient information was pcompromised. pthe york hospital is providing pid theft security services for pthe next year. perin: new hampshire' s drug and pheroin epidemic is taking a toll pon families. phow will former eagle scout was phugs on heroin as a teenager, pand how he and his family ran pinto challenges on the path to precovery. p>> the drug did not take panything from me. pi gave everything away on my own pto get high. p>> there is not a system in lace to help people dealing pwith this addiction. perin: the roadblocks to recovery pin new hampshire, and how one
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psean: still to come, there is pexciting news for people who psuffer from migraines. pnumb your pain for months. perin: this is a baby picture pthat is earning a student high raise. psean: police in manchester
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pkevin: the last of the lighter pshowers and temperatures which peventually jumped to the 40' s pand lower to middle 50' s into pthe afternoon.
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ptonight. pdetails on the weekend change, pcoming up. perin: the vermont senate will pvote on a bill to legalize precreational marijuana after pgiving the measure and a p -- an initial thumbs up pyesterday. psean: supporters say 80,000 pvermonters already use pot. pthe proposal would allow for 30 plicensed stores starting in pjanuary 2018 and generate the plands in tax revenue. perin: it appears the flu vaccine pis more effective this year than plast year. pthe cdc says the vaccine is 59 ercent effective compared to pless than 20% last year. pit has been a relatively mild pflu season, but we have not eaked yet. pthe cdc shows that it is ok for eople with egg allergies to get pthe nasal spray version of the pvaccine.
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pthere is an emerging treatment pshowing great promise. pa doctor in california is pfreezing the pain away. pit involves injecting nitrous poxide into the tissue to deaden pthe nerves introduced the pain pin 20 seconds. pthe doctors say the effects last plonger than treatments like pbotox, in some cases being preduced for several months. psean: a student at the puniversity of maine will be ublished thanks to a baby icture of a lobster. pjesica waller used a microscope pto take this picture of the pthree-week-old lobster. pit won a national science pfoundation contest and will be ublished in the march/april pedition of "popular science." perin: it are 6:13. pthis might look like something pout of a fairy tale, but there pare hundreds of professional
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perin: a 10-year-old girls is pbeing remembered as a hero this pmorning after losing her life psaving the lives of 2 others. pfourth grader kiera larson was laying when a car rolled down pthe hill let them with no one pbehind the wheel. pshe push the other girls out of pthe way, but was run over and pdied. p>> she saved both of my pdaughters' lives. pthese are my 2 kids that i have, pboth of them could have been pgone in an instant. pshe stepped in, took over, and pdid what she knows best to do,
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perin: investigators are still ptrying to figure out why the car prolled out of control. pthe community is raising money pto pay for her funeral. psean: we know when the new whole pfoods market in bedford will popen. pit was put on the site of the pold wayfarer inn. pthey will hold their traditional pbread breaking ceremony on april p8 at 9:45. ptalk about working your tail poff. p200 professional mermen and pmermaids are gathered in south pcarolina for a gathering of pmerpeople. pyou have to be able to free dive p15 feet with your eyes open and psmiling and hold your breath for pthree minutes. pthe tails are custom-made and pcan cost $4000.
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ptwo-hour appearance. pi was wondering where rape -- i pwas wondering where ray went. pthere we go, he is a mermen. pwe are going to find out. pwe' pfive minutes. pmorning. pa lot of snow melt in the last pcouple of days. pin southern new hampshire, ptemperatures in the 50' s to near p60. pwe are above are normal highs as pwe start the day. pwe are holding within a few pdegrees of where we are this pmorning. pcentral and northern areas are pin the 30' s and duties. pif you are outdoors for anyway pof time and you feel the psoutherly wind and a calm wind, pyou will notice the difference pwith temperatures jumping 15
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pit is the lower elevations pthrough central and northern pareas of the state that have the pground with the snow on the paway. pclose or to the shoreline, less psnow on the ground and we have pthe situation where the wind has pcome on shore. pto the west, more shower pactivity into western areas of pthe state and for the rest of us pthis afternoon. pit is cold enough behind the psystem that we might see that pswitch over to snow showers. pthe heaviest of the moisture povernight is now pulling away, pleaving us with drizzle and plater showers for the morning pcommute. pthere in mind there are small ptree limbs down on area roadways pdue to the overnight wind. pfactor that into your plans. pnotice the 22 great difference pfrom the concord and report to
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pthis is a localized forecast. psoutherly wind will pick up into pthe central and northern areas. pthe central valleys of new phampshire, plymouth or bristol, pmay hold in the lower 50' s to pupper 40' s. peveryone else will be into the p50' s with showers from the west. pcolder this evening, in the 30' s peven 20' s up north. pa brisk wind tomorrow, middle p20' s to middle 30' s for highs. pa huge change for today. pfair skies for the weekend with artial sunshine. pcooler on saturday after a pchilly start. pwarmer on sunday with the chance pof showers on monday. pa lot of areas in the 50' s. pif you are not already in psouthern new hampshire. pscattered showers this pafternoon, switching over to psnow showers overnight. pthey extended forecast has pthings less abrupt. pwe will be in the lower to pmiddle 30' s for southern new
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pand a brisk wind. psaturday with partial sunshine pjumping into the 40' s on sunday, pleading us to the next system on pmonday. pa wild overnight with lightning, pwind, rain, and river warnings. perin: it feels like spring. pkevin: what the time being. pwe just did not want it to feel plike february in june. psean: we start with kristen pcarosa. pkristen: wherein londonderry pwere damaging wind and rain took ower. p2500 people are without power. phalf of those customers are in pthe area. pever source and police worked on pmammoth road this morning. pthey are now working on pstonehenge road. eople are without power in that pno word on when power will be prestored. psean: concerns about this pweekend' s meredith brody ice
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panglers need to be careful. pa man who broke into hudson home pwith a gun west rye getting his pfather. pthey found duct tape, rope, zip pties, and drove in matthew pfelton' s backpack when he was parrested. perin: we will check out some of pthe incredible food options pavailable for the oscars being
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psean: a letter that president pjohn f. kennedy wrote a little pgirl in 1962 is up for sale. perin: he wrote the letter to p5-year-old rita knight to psurprise her. pthe letter is remarkable because pso few letters from kennedy to pchildren survived. pthe asking price is $15,000. psean: the oscars are this pweekend.
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perin: are looking at the menu pfor the post-oscars governors pball. pit is created by wolfgang puck. pthere will be 30 options pincluding sushi, smoked salmon, pand alaskan king crab. pthe desserts are oscar-themed pwith candy statuettes and a pdoughnut ball filled with praspberry champagne. p. pwhat i find so sad about all pthis, all of this cooking -- pcome on. psean: they' re not going to eat pany. pthey will have a piece of parugula and move on. pa big win for the bruins over pone of the teams they are
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p>> no one covers new hampshire plike we do. pnow, wmur news 9 "daybreak." psean: good morning. pthe sun is trying to come up pthrough the clouds. pa live look, you can see the pice. pin some parts of the state we pwere close to 50. perin: the high wind caused some pdamage. pwe have trees down, outages, and pflooded roads. phe began with the electrician psaid cannon mountain will finish pand stalling a motor on the tram pthat got stuck last week. pstate lawmakers are considering pa bill that would create pregulations were right chair and pcompanies. pheavy rains and when that passed
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pin some areas, including an plondonderry were several trees pand wires came down. psean: we had spring-summer-like pwhether this morning. pkevin: this is more reminiscent pof may, june, july, august, pseptember, or october rather pthan february. pthe white mountains, the last of pthe rain at the coast. pa few breaks in the overcast. pa 22 great difference from pmanchester to concord. pthat is the dividing line as the psoutherly wind pushes the air pnorthward. peveryone will level off in the p50' s before falling into the p20' s and 30' s. pback to reality tomorrow. psean: there are a lot of tree plimbs on the roadways. plet' s check out the roads. pthis is i-93. pwe are joined by deb davidson. pdeb: good morning.
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pto let you know about. pone is in manchester due to pflooding. pit is west river drive between pvictoria and clark street. pthey' re asking you to choose an palternate route. pwe are seeing delays on route 63 pfrom the mass border to route pone night scene in hinsdale puntil the water receipts. proute 10 is closed at mile pmarker 39 .6 due to flooding. pheavy volume on 101 westbound to p114. pif you do encounter flooded proads, be safe and turn around. pyou do not know what is punderneath, and you do not want pto risk driving over a pcompromised road. pi am deb davidson for 95.7 wzid. perin: the heavy rain is causing pissues for some parts of the pstate. pa few roads were shut down due pto flooding. peric scott with the department
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peric: the major issues are penhanced ale, route 63 all the pway to 119 is closed -- are in phands to, route 63 all the way pto 119 is closed. pnear cranbrook road, it is pclosed. pavoid that area. pthere is an update for limb pstuff. pthe water has receded. lease use caution. pwe haven' t update in pharrell proad, it is closed due to pflooding. pin amherst, new hampshire 101, pwe do have some ponding water. puse caution in that area. pother than that, things seem to pbe settling down as the storm pmoves off. perin: are you finding more pdamage is done and roads are pclosed because of flooded out proads or tree limbs?
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phigh water line and ponding. pthat is mainly what we are pdealing with, flooding issues. perin: eric scott from the dot. psean: people in londonderry are pdealing with problems brought on pby the storm. pthe rain and wind knocked up pseveral trees and power lines. p-- knocked out several trees and ower lines. pkristen: the good news is the pweather has died down, but plet' s show you video we shot pthis morning. pever source worked on mammoth proad for wires down, then moved pto stonehenge road. pa massive tree went down on top pof wires, cutting power. pno word on when power will be prestored. p1500 customers are
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p400 are in this area. pthe police are picking up pdebris. pthey ask that people drive pcarefully. p>> the careful when driving. pyou will get debris on the proadways. pwhen you go around bends make psure you are going a safe speed, pbecause there will probably be pbranches and twigs that can pforce a car to go off. pkristen: at this hour, there phave been no reported injuries. pif you do spot at down the wire, pcall police. pkristen carosa, wmur news 9 perin:. perin:repairs are being made to pthe cannon mountain tram after pits motor broke on valentine' s pday leaving dozens stranded p40-feet above the ground. pit electrician' s will finish pinstalling it today. pit will be tested tomorrow. pthe mountain hopes it will be prunning on saturday morning. psean: looking for witnesses of a pfatal pedestrian crash last pmonth.
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p will chair on january 28. olice want to talk to a person pidentified himself as a doctor pat the scene. phe or anyone else who witnessed pthe accident are asked to call pconcord police. phome on fire did it to get rid pof bed bugs. pan affidavit says stephen pgracy-alny admitted to pinvestigators he set the fire pbecause of the infestation. phis wife was suffering for bites p-- from bites, and he worried pthe bugs could not be destroyed pany other way. phe shut off the electricity and pmoved 2 propane tanks so the pfire wouldn' t hurt anyone. perin: safety concerns are rompting lawmakers to consider pnew rules for right sharing pservices -- ride-sharing pservices.
6:37 am
palterman long would like alcohol pand drug testing for drivers. pregistered sex offenders would pbe denied. puber says safety protocols are palready in place and they stand pbehind them. p>> there is no anonymity. pyou know the driver, their plicense plate. pthe driver knows who the rider pis. pthe ride is tracked by gps. p>> i believe the city should do ptheir due diligence. perin: portsmouth already has an pordinance requiring uber drivers pto provide proof of commercial pinsurance and go through pcriminal background checks. psean: new training bringing pmental health professionals ptogether with law enforcement.
6:38 am
olice how to recognize mental pillness and respond. pmental health professionals are pencouraged by this training. p>> our hope is that police pofficers to be more responsive pand less reactive, so the poutcomes are such they are pgetting people into treat it. pvalley street jail has 400 90 pinmates. pthe superintendent estimates pthat 70% of those being held phave mental health issues. perin: joining forces. pfire officials in laconia pannounced on their facebook page pthat the two communities have pfunctions. pthat means the laconia chief and passistant chief now hold the psame roles in belmont. ortsmouth' pchief is taking his push for ptransparency to the airwaves.
6:39 am
ptapped the inaugural episode pof ppdtv yesterday. p>> i want portsmouth to know pwhat police department they have p. pi' ve been in law enforcement for p29 years. pin a short time i have realized pthis is a great police pdepartment. perin: episode will air next week pon portsmouth' s local pcable channel. psean: a frightening scene in new pjersey, where homes were pevacuated after manhole covers pexploded. perin: a rat on a leash. pthe important job these rodents phave been tasked with. pkevin: thunderstorms pulling paway with thunderstorms to the pwest -- going from rain to snow.
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pkevin: a jump into the 50' s near p60 degrees in southern parts of pthe state. ortsmouth at a record high at p58. pthe old record is 55. pwe' re looking for more showers. peven though we were in the 30' s pto lower 40'
6:43 am
pwill jump in to the 50' s. pwe will look ahead to when we pstart cooling off, coming up. psean: republican presidential pcandidates are gearing up for panother debate in texas. pthen, their focus turns to super ptuesday. paccording to real clear olitics, donald trump is pleading in 10 of the 11 states pthat are holding republican rimaries and caucuses on super ptuesday. ptexas is the exception, where pted cruz is leading. pif traub sweeps super tuesday, pother candidates will have a psteep climb to the nomination. p>> he is certainly very close to pbeing in a position where he pcannot be stopped. pif you look at his performance pover the last early primaries, plooking at super it is hard to psee where he will lose.
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pgrabs on super tuesday, 1/4 of pthe total. perin: cracking down on drivers pmisusing handicap plac quards. pmany are passed down from prelative to relative. pas a result boston loses $2 pmillion per year in parking prevenue, and people who are phandicapped miss out on prime arking. pthe inspector general is precommending face-to-face pinterviews to can if someone pneeds a handicap pass, along pwith stiffer penalties for pviolators. psean: in new jersey people pevacuated their homes after pmanhole covers exploded. pthe object in the background, pyou can see. p20 homes and businesses were pevacuated minutes after the pfirst explosion. pthen, another 175-pound and
6:45 am
psalt brine being pushed into the psewers by heavy rain and pcorroding the pipes are being pblamed. perin: usingerin: rats to track pdown landmines in cambodia. pcambodia is one of the heaviest plandmine and countries in the pworld with more than 600 in the pground. pthe rats can sniff them out pwithout setting them off because pof their light weight. pthey can clear large areas in a pfraction of the time that it pwould take humans. pthe rats are pampered. pthey walk on leashes and sleep pindoors. pthe bruins took on the pink ones pat the td garden. psean: one goal in the first eriod with david pasternak pchopped on a breakaway. phe scored on the wrist or to
6:46 am
pin the second, david pasternak ptook it vantage of a turnover to ut them up to-zero, cruising to pa 5-1 win. pthe manchester monarchs skated pagainst the and are on deck pthunder. pin the second, and rhonda was pleading 1-0. pmatt forte ichiro scored on the ptie. pthey went on to win 3-2. psean: we now go to florida for pthe first official for-squad pworkout for the boston red sox pin fort myers. powner john henry was there. phe talked about wanting his team pto win the al east division. pthe key to getting that done. p>> the team has to go out and lay and produce. pit is very important to get off pto a good start.
6:47 am
pthat is not an easy thing to do, pespecially if you have 16 out of pthe first 19 games against the pamerican league east. pyou cannot afford to get into a phole at the beginning of the pseason. psean: the red sox play their pfirst spring training game ptuesday, march 2 against pminnesota. perin: interesting gadgets at pthis year' s mobile world pcongress show in barcelona. pone device that is drawing pattention is the delivery robot. pit is designed to rome the pstreet independently and deliver ackages. pso far it is just a prototype. pthey will do real-life testing pin the u.s. and u.k. this year. pmaybe they can deliver coffee. panother interesting item is this phigh-tech like lamp that can psmartphone with a bluetooth and pcan keep track where the bike is ptraveling and if it is stolen. pit raises an alarm if there has pbeen an accident.
6:48 am
psean: can you imagine what the proads will look like? pself driving cars, those things pdelivering packages. pkevin: i think the light to find pout if it is stolen and the probot should get together. pif it is just roaming the pstreets, into the wrong hands -- p pwe start off this morning with a pquieter scene than the overnight phours. pto flood warnings. p-- 2 flood warnings that are pexpected to rise above lead pstage. p1-2 inches of rain overnight. pthe smaller rivers and streams pare continuing to respond. pthere are smaller branches on parea roadways. pbear that in mind and take it pslow or. pthere is thick fog that has
6:49 am
pwe are looking at more mild ptemperatures and we will show pyou the differenc in ptemperatures. phere are the showers that will pwork in this afternoon. pit is cool enough behind the psystem that we will switch to psnow showers before wrapping up ptomorrow. pthey heaviest of the rain and pthe gusty used of the wind is poffshore and we have recs and pthe overcast and a southerly pwind. pnotice the abrupt change in ptemperatures. pyou will start to head further ptoward the monadnock region. psome of the higher elevations pgoing through marlborough and pwestmoreland are in the 50' s. pyou get into the upper valley pand the lakes region and you are pin the 30' s to near 40. pwarm air is at 1000 feet.
6:50 am
pit will be a 10 to 12 degree pjump in one hour when the breeze icks up. pit should do that through the pday with everyone' s leveling off pin the 50' s to near 60. pswitching over to scattered snow pshowers later tonight, pespecially to the north with pskies clearing in southern areas p. pa big change temperature-wise pwith temperatures in the middle p20' s to middle 30' s after colder pstart with single digits above pand below zero. pa little warmer on sunday. pthat is ahead of the next system pthat will be mild enough by the ptime we get there there could be prain showers by early tuesday. pstarting in the 30' s and 40' s, plook for a quick jump this pmorning. pthe deeper the valley the longer pthat will take. lymouth and bristol, they will phang on to the coldest air the plongest before the wind gets pgoing. pinto the evening it will fade
6:51 am
pearly morning snow showers in pthe of country will fade away. pthe temperatures will run 20 to p25 degrees w colder than this pafternoon. pa warming trend through the pweekend, bringing the next psystem. pno extended storms in the pforecast beyond the front today. psean: a kitten found abandoned pin california is getting a new please on life. pthe kitten is named sally anne, pbut many referred to her as pmustache kitty. pshe was found inside a salvation parmy bin. pshe was brought to cat house on pthe kings. p>> we think she is movie star otential, or at least the next pinternet super sensation. pthe face is remarkable and
6:52 am
psean: the cat house says she pshould be up for adoption in the pnext few days. pcharlie chaplin? perin: i am thinking magnum pi.
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perin: updating our top stories. psean: some are waking up to a pmess caused by severe weather. phere is kristen carosa. pkristen: we have been in plondonderry all morning where pstrong wind and rain took down ptrees and knocks out power. p1400 homes are without power pacross the state. pevery source has all their crews pworking. pa large section of route 63 is pclosed due to flooding. pthe road could be shut down from pthe massachusetts border to proute 119 until the water recedes. psean: electricians at cannon pmountain will finish installing
6:56 am
pdozens stranded last week. pit will be tested tomorrow and pthe mountain hopes it will be prunning on saturday morning. perin: the man who broke into a phome in hudson armed with the pgun was targeting his own pfather. pthey found duct tape, rope, a pknife, and zip ties in matthew pfelton' s back back when he was parrested. psean: patchy fog with some pbreaks in the overcast with plight showers in the north pcountry. p30' s and 40' phalf, near 60 in southern areas. pthe southern wind will level peveryone off in the 50' s. pcooler air arrives later ptonight. psean: there is a record set? pkevin: 58 degrees for ortsmouth, new hampshire set pfor 5:00 a.m. perin: coming up next on "good pmorning america" the latest on pthe cleanup to the south pfollowing severe storm systems. pin virginia four people were
6:57 am
pdown. pthis was the same system that proute heavy rain to new phampshire overnight. psean: a lot of people on pfacebook are saying that they pheard thunder and saw lightning. pwe will have a preview of the poscars, which are coming up in a pcouple of days. perin: i cannot wait to see the pfashions. pwe will see you back here in 25.
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p good morning, america. pstate of emergency. p53 tornadoes touch down from ptexas to virginia. pat least eight dead as the poutbreak rips apart homes. pwinds hit 83 miles an hour and a pcoast guard ship overturns ptrying to rescue a fishing boat. p last chance, marco rubio and pted cruz fighting to stop donald ptrump's momentum ahead of ptonight's big debate. p>> if the donald wins the pgeneral election, who the heck pknows what he'd do as president. p>> as mitt romney goes after ptrump hinting a bombshell may be pcoming. p abc news exclusive, david pmuir one-on-one with tim cook, pthe apple ceo answers questions pfor the first time about why he


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