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tv   News 9 Noon  ABC  February 25, 2016 12:00pm-12:30pm EST

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kevin: now a new income southerly wind pushing temperatures to record levels. what it could mean and changes for the weekend ahead. tom: i woke up at 1:30 in the t sleep after that. adam: look at the mess left behind by those storms. trees and restore power. plus, the new information just after someone set several cars re just hours away from the final republican debate how rivals plan to challenge frontrunner donald trump. [captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit] >> no one covers new hampshire like we do.
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adam: right now at noon, the severe storms we had early this morning are moving out. but parts of the state are still cleaning up from the damage left behind. good afternoon. i' m adam sexton. the rain is gone. and right now, temperatures are soaring into the 60' s in parts of the state. but a cold on -- but a cool down is not far off. we have live team coverage beginning this noon with meteorologist kevin skarupa. he is calling this weather absurd. kevin: record temperatures in concord and portsmouth, both before lunch hour. report smith setting a record before 5:00 this morning, 58 degrees. concord went up to 62 at 10:00 -- portsmouth setting a record before 5:00 this morning, 58 degrees. concord went up to 62 at 10:00. it is cold enough for snow, so the cooler air will start diving and later on today and
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in the form of light snow in the northern half of the state, during the evening and overnight hours tonight. much more on this big change that will come in for the weekend forecast coming up. adam: thanks, kevin. right now, eversource says there are only scattered power outages , but at one point, 000 people were in the dark due to downed trees like this one in londonderry. and some roads are still closed at this hour due to minor flooding. wmur' s kristen carosa is live in hudson with a look at more of the damage and the clean-up. kristen: adam, we are in front of sagamore park road where two businesses were without power after the storm this morning. as you can see, one is still being worked on. a tree was struck by lightening causing damage to power lines. damaging wind and rain moved through new hampshire wednesday night into thursday morning causing flooding, downed trees, and power outages. capt. morin: we started with numerous calls due to the thunder and lightning storms with the high winds, with multiple wires down and trees down.
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david morin says two roads had to be shut down. and then there was this. >> it took down the power line. kristen: a massive tree was ripped from the roots and landed right in front of this home on kestrel lane. >> we had 8 little girls sleeping over, and it woke everyone out of a dead sleep. kristen: the tree tore power lines down snapping them right off the house taking the siding along with it. >> it was pretty powerful, i know a neighbor says he has lived here all of his life and he says he has never heard the thunder like it was last night. it was pretty intense. kristen: down the road, a tree fell at smith farm just missing their greenhouse. tom: i woke up at 1:30 in the morning, and i didn' t sleep after that. kristen: owner tom smith says the damage could have been so much worse. tom: i expected to see a lot more damage this morning because it was scary to listen to. kristen: portions of several roads across the state had to be shut down, including here in londonderry on stonehendge road. at it' s peak, more than 4 000 power outages were reported
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beverly campbell: i came in for six some of the guys were , outside and said, don' t go in, we have no power, couple of trees down. kristen: employees at sonic manufacturing in hudson had the morning off because they had no power. eversource crews worked throughout the morning to get their machines back up and running. once crews are finished here in new hampshire, technicians will be heading to connecticut where 55,000 customers are without power because of the storm. reporting live in hudson, kristen carosa, wmur news 9. adam: thank you, kristen. the overnight power outages are nothing compared to what we were dealing with six years ago tonight. that is when a windstorm left nearly 380,000 people without in manchester into a debris field. there is no skiing today at waterville valley because of the overnight storms. officials there say trails are in rough shape. today, they will be working hard to get the mountain back open for tomorrow. and right now, loon also has a lift on wind hold. there could be more ski areas that may need to close due to
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new this noon, walker events is now challenging the safety violations issued after last year' s tent collapse in lancaster. two people died and dozens were hurt when a microburst knocked down the circus tent in august. osha has cited the company, saying it failed to build and secure the tent properly and it ignored severe weather warnings. the fines total more than $33,000. osha says walker now plans to contest its citations before a judge. and police in portsmouth have just announced two arrests after set on fire. s jennifer crompton is live in portsmouth with those new details. jennifer: the crime spree took place in the early morning hours of saturday, january 30 when calls came in reporting five cars had been set on fire, three more broken into, and one being stolen. today, police have announced
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investigation, police have arrested 23-year-old adam carlin of dunbarton and 24-year-old michael york of goffstown. each faces several charges in connection with some of what had been reported. interim chief david mara held a press conference, he says, to put the city at ease, calling it great police work, the investigation ongoing, and he says more charges could be filed. david mara: as you can imagine, you wake up and you find out your neighbor' s car was burned, then you find out it is happening throughout the city, you' re certainly going to get worried, not only about property damage, but a good chance of somebody getting hurt, there could have been an explosion, there could have been a number of things that happened. jennifer: both suspects have been released on pr bail. the chief says he could not comment on evidence or a motive because the investigation remains active. reporting live in portsmouth, jennifer crompton. adam: jennifer, thank you.
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members of the felony lane gang are in custody in salem and about to face a judge. what started as a check of a couple acting suspiciously in the red roof inn parking lot lead to a bigger find for police. investigators say this group, all who are from out of state, are behind thefts of debit and credit cards, checks, and driver licenses. including items stolen hours before from a car parked at a daycare center. all five refused bail. two people are accused of stealing checks from a home in conway. police say dillon eastwood and alleson huckaby stole 16 checks and cashed 13 of them. they' ll be in court next week. commitment 2016 now, republican hopefuls are preparing to take the debate stage one last time before super tuesday. the remaning five candidates will debate in houston, texas tonight.
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center once again, but now he' s got three wins under his belt. his rivals are looking to blunt his momentum with ted cruz taking on trump and marco rubio calling out the frontrunner by name. sen. cruz: we are not a people who are impressed by a lot of blustery rhetoric that is not backed up by truth. sen. rubio: donald trump has actually alluded to the fact that he thinks parts of obamacare are actually pretty good. when i' m president, we' re getting rid of the rest of obamacare. adam: on the democratic side, hillary clinton will be speaking at several events in south carolina, and bernie sanders will host a forum at a church in flint, michigan. this afternoon, the u.s. senate will vote on a resolution paying tribute to late supreme court justice antonin scalia. but the pleasantries are being overshadowed by politics as several senate democrats plan to head to the supreme court today to challenge their gop colleagues to consider the president' s eventual nominee. many in the gop, including new hampshire senator kelly ayotte, believe the pick should be made by the next president.
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a possible replacement for justice scalia is nevada governor and republican brian sandoval. new hampshire' s drug and heroin epidemic is taking a toll on families all over the state. tonight, how a former eagle scout got hooked on heroin as a teen, and how he and his family tried to get help but ran into serious challenges. >> the drug didn' t take anything from me. i gave everything away on my own to get high. >> there really isn' t a system in place to help people that are dealing with this addiction. adam: the roadblocks to recovery in new hampshire, and how one family is trying to help others navigate the maze. that is on news 9 tonight at 11:00. new insight into a violent rampage. next, hear from the attorney of the accused kalamazoo shooter' s family and his behavior in the days before the shooting. plus, severe weather hits the east coast overturning a vessel. kevin: details on weather coming up.
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re making honey
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adam: speaking out this noon is
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kalamazoo, michigan gunman. the attorney for the uber driver, jason dalton' s wife, and parents spoke exclusively to abc news. he revealed new details about dalton' s behavior in the days leading up to the shooting leading up to the shooting rampage that took the lives of paul vlachos: he' s been acting different in the last couple of days, and his wife asked him, >> what made her think he was acting differently? paul vlachos: just his demeanor, that he seemed to be depressed and down, which was not his normal character. adam: dalton is facing 16 charges in the case, including six counts of murder and 8 firearms charges. the motive is still unclear. this noon, thousands in virginia, maryland, and washington, d.c. are without power. the same storm that rocked us overnight is causing problems all along the east coast. overnight, a vessel overturned in new york after it was sent to assist a 74-foot fishing boat that ran around off queens. seven crews members were rescued thankfully without injury. meanwhile further south, homes and businesses were destroyed by tornadoes. health officials say three
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positive for the zika virus in florida. all three cases are believed to be travel-related. that now brings to the number of cases in florida to 32. all of them made recent trips into zika hot zones, but the virus can spread by bites from mosquitoes that are common in florida. mosquitoes of course a warm weather insect. i would not be surprised if we start seeing them today because it is record-breaking. kevin: there have been signs of flowers popping up, to lipson places, and this kind of weather does that. a cooling trend will be right back to winter season tomorrow. adam: all over the place. next on cook' s corner, we' re
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>> now, meteorologist kevin skarupa with your stormwatch 9 forecast. kevin: two record highs this morning, to river flood warnings continue to soar. 50' s for most. we will be looking at any sort of sunshine fading behind clouds through the remainder of the
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record i conquered -- 62. record high portsmouth -- 59 degrees. -- record high concord -- 62. north chai chester, we are expecting minor flooding along those rivers. smaller rivers and streams responding to the 1.5 inch to two inches of rain. area of low pressure west of the great lakes continues to inch closer. overnight. heaviest of the rainfall continuing to shove away, but again more showers. you will notice on the backside of that system, it is cold enough that we are seeing is a petition in the form of snow. we are in the lower range of the 60' s from manchester to the shoreline right now. there is a certain dip in temperature as we get into some of the central valleys -- sheltered valleys in central new
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of these sheltered valleys, lower lighting valleys and central parts of the state from franklin, plymouth, dan barry only a 57 right now, and noticed that 45 in ashland, 44 as i mentioned in franklin. onto the colder air. we will have warmer temperatures in the north country. panning out, nothing but cooler air to our west. temperatures much closer to the average starting tonight with a chance of rain showers out there for the evening commute come over to a few snow showers up north, clearing skies, brisk wind up north. even though temperatures will be a solid 25 degrees cooler than what we have out there today, there will be a pretty good wind to go along with it. i think a good ocean of the state -- i think a good portion of the state above 0 and then mainly fair skies for the weekend. a small chance of a few flurries in the north country. certain warming trends setting up after a chilly day saturday
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s to 30' s. we start to edge back into the lower half of the 40' s early next week. i went system will be warm enough that anything we see from that frontal passage looks to be a couple of rain showers before ebbing back. the cooler air starts to rush and on the northwest wind. let' s head to cook' s corner. adam: kevin, we have got good food and a good cause on cook' s corner today. we are joined by adam parker from fratello' s accounting grill -- fratello' s italian grille. this is your 20th time here? adam parker: this is my 28th visit. we will make a honey bourbon steak tips. we have redeveloped this entire dish to get a center cut. this is one of the most underutilized parts of the animal you can try, and it is so tender and absolutely delicious. i will get some for you today. adam: fantastic. tell us about some of your ingredients.
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extra olive oil. it has a very high smoke point, stephen get a nice sear -- so you can get a nice sear on the outside. if you do not get that sear, it will be really tough. i' ve got peppers, onions, mushrooms, a little bit of bourbon, honey, we garnish with parsley at the end. it will be good. do not forget the honey -- new hampshire grown. adam: fantastic. tell us about the charity effort you guys are doing right now. adam parker: not only is it my 28th visit, but we have had on eighth annual visits to the nashua country club with a -- 28 annual visits to the nashua country club. they help a lot of people. they' ll women, children, get education, find housing, get back on their feet and help them. it is wonderful. adam: any tricks to make sure you cut this a certain way? smell? impressed.
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it is cutting a flank steak, cut it across the grain so the fibers all breakup. getting all these vegetables in here, and now it' s time for the bourbon. none fo r me today. the front door agency is a gourmet food agency. the goal is to go down and help people generate some income, and all of the restaurants all over the nashua region are helping to donate. adam: fantastic. adam parker: it will be a lot of fun. i will be on site cooking away. hopefully some things we will be putting on our spring many. adam: with the honey, do you have to make that in, or does that liquefy get less sticky? adam parker: what i do is get the bourbon in there and reduce it to almost the same consistency of the honey. it kind of combines, you mix it around, and we have some delicious mashed potatoes, too.
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this goes over the top of it. adam: there you go. adam parker: and you can see it is a nice, hearty, delicious dish for anybody who is wanted. adam: there is a great smell wafting up here. a beautiful dish, great cause, great food. adam parker, fratelli' s italian grille, nailed it.
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adam: meet this week' s adopt a pet kya. she' s an energetic three-year-old shar-pei mix that is affectionate. kya would do best in a home with kids age 13 and older. she is also on a special diet . she' s available at the cocheco valley humane society. for more on adoptable pets head over to cute dog for sure. kevin: all dogs across new hampshire rejoicing that afternoon as they get out and take that walk and not have to wear a jacket or sweater or anything.
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over to snow showers as we continue to gradually skip that the north country. weekend, partial sunshine, we warm-up sunday into monday as well. adam: we have the warmest every 25th on record in -- february 25 in concord in over 100 years. starting tonight at 5:00, people are buying less cereal these days, but you may not believe sales. and which retailers are the best in america? we have your answers, plus the company you hate the most. that does it for us. i am adam sexton. kevin skarupa.
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>> welcome to movie week. we' ve got some of the most fanatical movie buffs in the country playing our game today, hoping to create their own hollywood endings. will someone ride off into the sunset with $1 million? we' re about to find out on "who wants to be a millionaire." [dramatic music] i' m chris harrison. thank you, welcome to the show. are you guys ready for movie week? it' s been a great one. and we have a returning contestant who comes from a family of diehard movie fans. please welcome back, from astoria, new york, miss joni gallagher. [cheers and applause] joni, welcome back. >> thank you.


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