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tv   News 9 at Five  ABC  February 25, 2016 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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we are tracking several weather headlines right now, including the record warmth. the warmest february 25th in 150 years has some ski slopes struggling to accommodate school vacation crowds. tom: but we start with a very different struggle in franconia where an ice jam has washed out a road in that area. good evening, i'm tom griffith. jean: i'm jean mackin. this is happening on plantation road where that road meets the gale river. people in that area say the dam began forming last week and hours ago water started flowing over the river banks. authorities say tonight that there's no damager to the public, but the river there at plantation road is pretty rough at this hour. we're told that the water there is high and has caused major problems for neighbors. franconia emergency services tell us the ice started to break down and, it tore off part of the road scraping after the pavement.
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the river, flooding some homes. one house did have to be evacuated after four feet of water surrounded it. authority tell us that another family did have to leave their home last night after water flooded almost to the second floor. we have a crew arriving on the scene and we'll be bringing you updates as soon as we get them. franconia emergency services also will be giving us an update and we'll bring that to you as soon as we get it. our up and down temperatures also creating some problems for ski areas. one had to be shut down because of the conditions out there. wmur's heather hamel is live in lincoln tonight with more on that. hi, heather. reporter: yes, one did need to be shut down, but up until the rain set in for the other ski resorts it really was a wonderful day to go skiing, maybe even a little too warm. we met up with a guy here at loon mountain who was wearing a vest, bare arms and all.
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come without some challenges, here at loon they had to shut down two trails and the gondola due to high winds. but it's just minor inconveniences here at loon. 49 trails open and someone said the snow was so soft it felt like they were skiing on butter. and loon representatives say they wish they had more snow, but they were pleased to have the most trails open in the state. meanwhile, at waterville valley ski rehave to close down the last night's rain really soaked the snow and they had to give it time to drain and a day to groom. >> this is one of the hardest years on record here at waterville. however, we've been able to ski 86 days already this season. we've been open almost every day. we've had had our challenges. today was one of those challenging days. reporter: waterville valley will be open at 9:00 tomorrow morning, business as usual. here at loon they will be open as well and they say they will
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guns so they can have more snow have. tom: if you're wondering how warm it got today, the answer is record setting, both concord and portsmouth beat february records that have stood for close to 150 years. let's go to mike haddad. mike: we sue the big us jump last night between midnight and two in the morning, from 30's to 50's and lower 60's. record highs in concord and portsmouth today. 63 the new record now, the old record 60 set back in 1984. portsmouth hitting 61 earlier this afternoon and their old record was 55 set back in 1985. yes, it is beginning to cool a little bit, but still well above the average. all of these temperatures you see lining up where we'd expect them in late march or early april, and with the cooler air beginning to build in, you guessed it, we do have some rain
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that's right, they'll be an accumulation in the north country as we go through tonight and early tomorrow morning. how much to expect there and what about more changes for friday and the weekend. we'll look at all of that straight ahead. tom: at least the sun is shining for cleanup crews picking up the pieces from last night's storm. at one point 4,000 people lost electricity, mostly due to falling trees that brought down power lines. some of those trees also came dangerously close to people. >> we had eight little girls sleeping over and it woke everybody out of a dead sleep. >> i expected to see an awful lot more damage this morning because it was scary to listen to. tom: many of the eversource power crews are now headed for connecticut where the storm knocked out power also. jean: millions of americans are picking up the pieces from dangerous storms, at least eight people killed in these storms
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here's abc's elizabeth hur. reporter: to help homeowners recover and rebuild, the national guard is on the ground in waiverly, virginia, one of the hardest hit areas after a killer tornado with winds gusting over 100 miles per hour destroyed homes and left at least three people dead. >> this is something out of a movie, this is just destruction. reporter: similar scene as cross pennsylvania, this is lancaster county where barns and buildings were ripped apart, the winds so intense a coast guard boat overturned in new york, on its way to rescue a disabled fishing boat. >> between the conditions and i think some mechanical issues they wond up losing power and being pushed up onto shore. reporter: in the last two days more than 30 confirmed tornadoes touched down from texas to pennsylvania, the severe outbreak reaching as far north as new england. >> everything was shaking and the wind was just crazy out there. reporter: in the midwest, blizzard conditions left a huge mess on the roads. dozens of drivers spend hours
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along the illinois-indiana border. back east the damage is so severe in some areas, cleaning up means prioritizing. >> start with the worst one and aaddress it right away. if it's something that can wait we'll get the streets clear. reporter: for the most part the storm is over, but temperature wise we're in for a roller coaster ride here in new york, from 50's today to 30's tomorrow, then back up to 50's on sunday. elizabeth hur, abc news, new york. tom: tonight a florida circus company is fighting tens of thousands of dollars in fines from a federal safety agency, coming from last summer's deadly tent collapse in lancaster. jennifer vaughn joins us live with the new developments. reporter: tom, that move comes after walker international events sat down with osha, but with no agreement reached on citations and fines, osha says this case will go before a judge. a father and his 6-year-old
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50 others were hurt when a micro burst knocked down the tent at the fair grounds back in august. osha said the company failed to put up and secure the tent properly and also ignored severe weather warnings. the agency also found damagers that put circus employees at risk of shock, burns, and cuts. the fines totaled more than $33,000. osha says there's no time frame for when this case could go to that judge for a review, but it could take several months. live in the studio, jennifer vaughn, wmur news 9. jean: thanks. the police chief in portsmouth says more charges are possible after the arrest of two people tied to a string of car fires. jennifer crompton joins us from downtown with the details. reporter: jean, it was 2:00 in the morning on january 30th that authorities responded to a car on fire here on chapel street. and in the next hours that
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there was worry at the time that these car arsons could continue or even get worse. well, tonight there's relief that it's not the case. tonight portsmouth police say these two men, 23-year-old adam carolyn and 24-year-old michael brad york are facing charges related to arson and theft. january 30th five cars were set on fire, three were broken into, and one stolen from streets in portsmouth's south end to melbourne on the other. >> as you can imagine, you wake up and your neighbor's car is, was burned, then you find out it's happening throughout the city, you're certainly going to get worried. reporter: the interim chief crediting the police department and the state crime lab for helping to put the community at ease. are you relieved to see that some arrests have been made? >> very, yes. reporter: michael rice woke up at four that morning to his
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his one of three cars destroyed. >> she heard an explosion when one of the car windows blew out, and just said, that woke her up and then she woke me up and at that point all we could do is just sit there and watch it go. reporter: the chief calling this a random isolated situation and not what some may have feared. >> we didn't know what we had. was this an arsonist? is this something that could accelerate, could it be something that next thing you know they're doing it to structures? reporter: still inherent danger. >> the fortunate thing is the fire department got here before my gas tank went. reporter: both young men were released on bail. by the way, the chief says that he believes all the vehicles involved were left unlocked. so a reminder tonight to lock those vehicles and your home. jennifer crompton, wmur news 9. tom: thank you. the bobcat hunt approved by new hampshire's fish and game
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legislative committee on april 1. the rules committee for both houses in concord will hold a hearing to vote on the proposal. if approved, it's the first time in 27 years that a bobcat hunt will have been approved in new hampshire. well, tonight the five republican presidential candidates meet for their last debate before super tuesday. let's go right now to wmur's sally kidd in washington with a look at what's at stake. reporter: well, tom, this really is a crucial night for the g.o.p. contenders because it is their final opportunity to debate before the all important super tuesday. now this afternoon the candidates did walk-throughs of the debate stage in houston. texas is one of 12 states to make its presidential pick on super tuesday. donald trump heads into tonight with momentum from three primary wins in a row, he's predicting the rhetoric will heat up
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trump says the lone star state's cruz is leading the pack, but with recent third place finishes, tonight will be important for cruz as he tries to regain lost ground. >> the criticism of cruz playing politics dirty has stuck and you can look at his favorability numbers, which have slipped since south carolina. you can look at his numbers overall. reporter: joining trump, rubio and cruz on stage will be ohio governor john kasich and retired neurosurgeon ben carson. live in washington, sally kidd, wmur news 9. jean: thanks, sally. major developments in one new england state's fight to legalize recreational marijuana. tom: up next where the bill is headed next in vermont after passing the senate late this afternoon. >> the f.b.i. director explains to lawmakers what his agency --
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apple just filed in court. mike: those temperatures into the 60's in spots, but believe it or not snow showers back in the forecast for some. tom: at 5:30 tonight the man who used to lead the emergency services pleads guilty to a criminal charge, his request for community service involves handling potentially dangerous drugs. jean: then at 6:00 an unprecedented journey up mount washington.
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jean: let's see how the evening commute is shaping up. we'll start with live pictures on 293, you can see there is a backup getting off exit 5 onto the granite street bridge. tom: peggy james joins us live with a look at the commute. >> good evening tom and jean. we are still seeing road closures due to the overnight flooding on 302 in lisbon down to one lane and rules 123a near crane brook road also reduced to
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situation taken care of. everett turnpike has been a slow roll northbound due to an earlier crash at exit 12, that has been cleared, but still residual backups. southbound there's a disabled vehicle on the everett also near the exit 12 area. it's not causing backups southbound, but definitely be aware of that if you're driving through that stretch. on 93 northbound not a bad ride from the state line to manchester, 293 is actually getting busy, as you saw by exit 5, there was a disabled vehicle that has things slowing down, and there will be a concert at the verizon wireless tonight, so do expect backups at the granite street exit as we go into the night. otherwise it's a good ride up through hooksett and into concord. 101 west seeing the usual slowdowns through bedford, it is smooth sailing on 101 between manchester and hampton. from the wzid traffic network, i'm peggy james. tom: thank you. there are new developments in
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tonight it's one step closer to reality in vermont. the state senate approved the idea today, sending the proposal onto the house. the bill allows residents to have up to one ounce of marijuana. one senator switched her vote from no to yes today after an amendment that would have helped to protect small growers. it's not clear if the bill will pass vermont's house, but the governor has publicly expressed his support. jean: more new developments in f.b.i. the tech company has just filed its first official response to demands that it help hack into a terrorist's iphone. as aixa diaz reports from our washington bureau, this response comes the same day the head of the f.b.i. defends the bureau. reporter: jean, apple skiing a federal judge to reverse her previous order, while the f.b.i. director says he needs the company's help to thoroughly investigate the san bernardino attack.
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threats, f.b.i. director james comey said there are no demons in the dispute between his agency and apple. >> i think conversation and negotiation is the key to resolving this. this is the hardest question i've seen in government. reporter: the f.b.i. wants appear tomorrow help investigators hack into the locked phone of one of the san bernardino killers. >> two people that killed 14 other folks in a terrorist attack and you're just trying to get through the security code. >> there's a legitimate worry though that a decision in the favor of the f.b.i. could be the narrow end of a wide wedge. reporter: come yes says they only one to access one particular phone. >> this is not about us trying to establish some precedent, it really isn't. >> it's not just about privacy, but it's also about public safety. reporter: in an interview on abc news world news tonight with david muir, apple's c.e.o. tim cook says the government is asking the company to create software equivalent to cancer that would put hundreds of millions of customers at risk.
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write, we would never write it, we have never written it. and that is what is at stake. reporter: cook says he's ready court. the white house says it supports case. aixa diaz, wmur news 9. mike: talk about changes, from snow to ice, into the 60's in spots, heavy downpours, even a rare february thunderstorm, as a matter of fact that severe thunderstorm warning issued during the predawn hours, the first one in 19 years. you have to go all the way back to 1997 to get a severe thunderstorm warning in the month of february. so very odd occurrences around here. we're starting to see a transition back to reality and that means the winter chill on the way back. but still signs of spring, and of course that includes flood warnings. we just have one river flood warning right now. north chichester. right now one and a half feet
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likely drop to or below flood stage by early tomorrow afternoon. not a lot of precipitation right now, a couple scattered showers moving through from west to east. all in the form of rain, until you get up over four or 5,000 feet where it's starting to cool down across the mountain tops. but elsewhere no accumulation of snow in the next couple hours. that may change, especially in parts of western and northern new hampshire later on tonight. again for the time being clouds are winning the battle as we transition back into much cooler air, we are starting to see some scattered showers move in, in the form of a mix in the mountains and rain showers elsewhere. but as it continues to cool down tonight, some of these snow showers will survive the trip in across mostly northern and western locales, where we could see from a coating to an inch in spots, and across the mountain tops, two, three or four five inches tomorrow. much cooler than it was a few hours ago when we topped off
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mid 50's at the coast. the springfield continues back through the west where it is cooling, but still well above the average. you do notice that little sliver of milder air now being squashed along the eastern seaboard, and it will continue to get shoved off to the east later tonight as temperatures drop. notice north bay now down into the teens and that means that winter chill is on the way back. so it's right back to or, believe it or not, even a little below average by tomorrow. overnight lows tonight, 20's and lower 30's. still above the norm for overnight lows, but keep in mind we were again 60 plus, so this is a big drop compared to where we were a few hours ago. by tomorrow morning we're not going to see a temperature climate all. stuck in the 20's and 30's. take a look at satellite imagery and future cast over the next few hours. you'll see the best chance of snow showers late this evening and during the overnight, postally in northern and western locales, these are the spots that may pick up one to three inch accumulation, especially in
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as for tomorrow, most of the sun in central and southern new hampshire during the morning with lingering flurries up north, and then we dry out statewide for the afternoon. here's a look at your weekend. we've got sunshine on saturday, a few clouds in the afternoon. mainly up north, could be a few flurries saturday night, early sunday. mostly far northern parts of the state. but after a cold start to saturday, we're back into the 40's on sunday. maybe a couple of spots nudging 50 again on monday. tom: unbelievable. such huge swings. there is breaking news tonight on the zika virus. jean: up next which new england state has confirmed its first case. tom: and five suspects behind bars as part of the investigation into a theft ring
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jean: breaking health news tonight. maine has confirmed its first case of the zika virus. tom: state officials say that the person traveled to a country affected by the virus and started showing symptoms after coming home. it's not the first case in new england. at least one case in massachusetts has also been confirmed. jean: meantime the world health organization says nursing mothers in areas dealing with the virus can keep breastfeeding their babies. there's been concern that the virus is linked to birth defects, but the organization
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it's transmitted through milk. tom: the family of a teen taken into state custody during a bitter health care fight is now suing boston's children's hospital. jean: straight ahead, who else is named in this lawsuit. tom: and the man accused of breaking into the rooms of dozens of college students got themselves. the social media mistakes made
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require stand before you here accepting responsibility for my actions. jean: the man who used to lead emergency services in one town wants to return to that work to make amends. tom: several suspected members of a theft ring are off the street tonight. police say mothers are some of their favorite targets. >> literally only takes a second to have someone steal that. mike: 60's in parts of new hampshire, but a cooldown soon. jean: and why yourselfies now outlawed in one city, the answer may make you think twice before your next picture.
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director of emergency services is admitting that he used a town credit card to buy thousands of dollars of items for himself. welcome back, i'm jean mackin. tom: i'm tom griffith. part of the plea deal could involve him helping train those dealing with the state's heroin epidemic. jean: suzanne roantree was in court for the sentencing and she's joining us now live. reporter: brian gleason now admits that he did use a town issued credit card to buy thousands of dollars worth of items for himself. but there may be an issue in which his sentence deal is still up in the air. >> your honor, i stand before you here accepting responsibility for my actions, and for apologizing for mistakes i made. reporter: prosecutors say gleason resigned as amherst e.m.s. director in july of 2014. but it took town officials four months to discover that for three years he abused the town's credit card by items that were nowhere to be found. >> the list of missing items
5:31 pm
speakers and patio blinds. reporter: e.m.s. employees reported gleason had brought an older grill to the e.m.s. station and that he was also remodeling his patio at home. >> a photo was located of the patio and it showed that there was a brinkman grill at his home. reporter: with search warrant in hand, police went to his home. >> located with the grill, speakers, patio blinds, g.p.s. units, a safe, laptop, chair and other items which had been purchased with town funds. reporter: he from purchased them using more than $4,000 of the town's money. he agreed to a suspended sentence and 200 hours of community service teaching emergency personnel to administer narcan. gleason voluntarily agreed to repay the thousands he stole from am hess. >> i think the community is glad that this matter is now behind us.
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licensed e.m.s. provider, he is now a felon, and state licensing officials tell us that they will have to look at whether gleason will actually be allowed to serve his 200 hours of community service teaching emergency personnel. suzanne roantree, wmur news 9. tom: there are new developments tonight in the custody battle between a teenager, her family and the state of massachusetts. justina pelletier's family has filed suit against boston children's hospital. four doctors are also named that connecticut family's lawsuit. three years ago pelletier was taken to the hospital, but doctors claimed her symptoms were psychosomatic. when her parents wanted to take her to tufts they say the hospital contacted state authorities accusing the couple of child abuse. pelletier was in state custody for 18 months. >> i'm very angry and i just don't understand how this happened, and i just really don't want this to happen ever
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tom: pelletier says she feels better on her current treatment plan. boston children's released a statement saying it can't comment specifically on the case but did say that the hospital never decides who has custody, that decision is made by d. c. f. with the growing opioid epidemic taking control across new hampshire, many people trying to get help, but they are running into road blocks. so now a former eagle scout is sharing his story in homes of helping others. >> i gave everything away on my own to get high. >> there's not really a system in place to help people dealing with this addiction. tom: tonight at 11:00 the roadblock keeping some people from successful recovery, and how one family is trying to help others navigate the maze. jean: salem police say five people in custody tonight are part of a gang that targets purses and other valuables left in cars. police say they recovered items
5:34 pm
dropped her children off at day care. wmur's andy hershberger is live with a warning police have for all of us. reporter: salem police say these arrests are a chance to remind everyone to never leave valuables inside your car, and always lock your vehicle, even if you're going to be gone for just a few seconds. salem police say these five people are part of the felony lane gang, a loosely knit group that targets purses, wallets and cars. the investigation started when police say they saw two suspicious people. the parking lot of the red roof inn. after speaking to them, police searched a room at the hotel where they say they found stolen credit cards, debit cards and checks. >> officers made contact with the people who's names were on those personal items and we learned that one of the persons had been a victim of having her purse stolen from her vehicle as she dropped her kids off at day care early that morning in salem, and an additional victim
5:35 pm
her vehicle in andover, mass. reporter: police say this is typical of the felony lane gang that officials say have a network across the country. >> they target day care centers, fitness centerses, supermarkets, anywhere someone may leave their items in a vehicle while they run in for a brief moment, and they use the credit cards to fund whatever enterprise they have going on. reporter: four of the suspects are from florida. samantha profitt is from indiana. they all face one charge of receiving stolen property. police say lock your cars and take your purse or wallet with you. >> while you might feel safe and it may be part of your routine that you run in to the day care center or gym river day, but it only takes a second to have someone steal that. and if that's gone your world is interrupted for quite some time. reporter: all the suspects are expected to be back in court for another hearing on march 10. live, andy hershberger, wmur news 9. tom: many people have their
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the stores they intentionally avoid. jean: see how your favorite stack up against the rest of america when we come back. tom: fewer people are eating serial and there could be a generation al reason, but you might not believe what it is. jean: how about this, taking a selfie in one city could now get you arrested. why officials have banned the practice. mike: still feels like early spring in spots with that winter chill about to return.
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jean: here's our video of the closing bell provided by the new york stock exchange. and the dow jumped up again, triple digits up, 212 points to 16,6 97. let's check the gas prices. tom: know what i paid today? jean: i was waiting for this. tom: i paid $1.68. so about the same. jean: you're a little below average. all right, there's a new list of america's best and worst retailers according to some shoppers. tom: the most hated brand is abercrombie and fitch, it scored the lowest on the customer satisfaction index. shoppers favorite retailers are nordstrom's, weeing land, costco
5:40 pm
body works. jean: mcdonald's is testing new breakfast items, they're not on the menu in new hampshire yet. but people in two california cities will be able to order new breakfast bowl this is week, one has egg whites, turkey sausage spinach and kale. the other has scrambled eggs and choreo with hash browns and sal a, both less than 500 calories. and those tests are happening as cereal sales fall. there are many reasons for the dropoff. people eating away from home or not eating breakfast at all. but one of the biggest reasons has a lot of people shaking their heads. 40% of millennials surveyed say cereal is too inconvenient because they have to clean up after eating it. you know, clean the bowl. tom: don't leave your milk in the bowl in the sink, you gotta put it a way. the whole thing. i had problems with that for a wheel. many millennials are tethered to social immediate. jean: but it's easy to overshare
5:41 pm
tom: in sports, we check in with the u.n.h. hockey team as they get ready for final weekend of the regular season. tonight on "new hampshire chronicle" -- >> be there isn't a restaurant, bar, bank in town that doesn't have our logo somewhere in it. people just come to us and we always welcome that, especially here in a small town, you want as many people as can you to come in and introduce themselves
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tom: taking a selfie in mumbai, india could get you arrested. the city has outlawed the pictures after seeing 19 people die while taking selfies. those deadly accidents have happened on cliffs, at the ocean, and on train tracks. several parts of the city have been declared selfie-free. ignoring the law could bring fines or more serious legal consequences. there's another warning tonight about social media habits many people don't realize how their posts can lead criminals right to their front door. jean: a group of college students learned that the hard way. matt gutman. reporter: they allegedly snuck into the rooms of 33 female college students, swiping their laptops, jewelry and even under way, is disturbing. what's more disturbing, how police say the california
5:45 pm
from their open public posts on social media. >> he was able to openly browse the different social media platforms and find photographs. he would then collect the g.p.s. coordinates from those photographs and he would place them onto a map and drive to the victim's locations. reporter: according to court records he's accused of stealing a quarter of a million dollars in electronics since last year. police say we open ourselves up to this crime by advertising our location on line, which i'm about to do. stawp else center, this place hosts more than 4 million people a year and like me lots of us here snapping selfies and checking in. big mistake. >> it shows that your actual residence, whether it's a house or apartment, you're at that location. >> shows someone elsewhere i'm not. >> what i would recommend is delay your posting, so you can break the timing up and break
5:46 pm
you're not at that location. reporter: some experts also recommend not posting pictures of your home or landmarks that could lead to your house. also saying you shouldn't reveal too much about your daily routine. police say that while his alleged methods were high tech, his capture was old school. he was arrested after a complaint about a man peeping into a campus window. the father of three has pleaded not guilty and is currently in jail, where there's no access to social media. matt gutman, abc news, los angeles. mike: taste of spring, record highs in both concord and portsmouth today, starting to see a cooldown, but still well above the average. quite a few clouds as we go through that transition back to reality tonight. in plymouth it's overcast. we look ahead to the winter chill, it's about to return. i'll be hitting -- it will be hitting the higher
5:47 pm
as it begins to cool down, mixed changing over to snow showers tonight, especially the farther north and west you go. sunshine for many on friday, mostly in southern new hampshire during the morning. a few lingering flakes up north early. a mostly dry weekend after a cold start. we're warming up, as we go back into sunday and early next week. but not as warm as we are right now or were a few hours ago. here are those showers building in from the west. as that disturbance triggers those showers, they'll be in the form of rain through at least mid to late evening, especially lakes region south and southeast. we're starting to see cold enough air mixing it over in the higher terrain in vermont, so can't rule out those mixed showers or rain showers changing to snow, as early as late this evening, especially in western parts of the state. a little earlier to the north, where snow showers will add up to a one to three-inch accumulation by morning. a coating to an inch the the valleys, two or three in the higher terrain. then eventually the edge of this
5:48 pm
northern sections tomorrow morning. elsewhere it should be dry for the morning commute tomorrow. as for temperatures right now, still well above the average, but much cooler than they were a few hours ago, especially in southern new hampshire, 40's north and generally low to mid 50's south and east and compared to this hour yesterday much warmer, except in a couple of key pots to watch. mount washington, nine degrees colder, whitefield that was already starting to warm up before everyone else yesterday, two degrees colder. so you're the first to warm up in the higher terrain but also the first to cool down. future temperatures by later tonight, we're back into the upper teens, lower 20's, to low 30's in parts of southern new hampshire. but all in all, not too bad a forecast in terms of storm-free weather. we've got that over the next several days. for tonight mostly cloudy, mixed changing over to snow showers, especially late evening and overnight. anything prior to about 9:00 or 10:00 will be primarily in the form of light rain. but then later on tonight roads
5:49 pm
especially could get a little bit slick. notice the changes coming on in for tomorrow, we're back into the cooler air, 20's and 30's. and then very cold to start the weekend on saturday, sub-zero north, single digits above south. then by sunday and monday we're back into the mild zone. tom: beautiful day today. jean: thanks, mike. one of europe's largest observatories has released a new view of our galaxy. tom: consider it a map of the entire milky way, these images were gathered by a telescope in chile, it shows the light between, it's the sharpest map of the galaxy ever made. you'll find a link at jamie: boston celtics on the parquet floor tonight, ready to take on the milwaukee bucks. the bucks have been playing well lately, four wins in their last five games. it isn't the hockey east playoffs yet, but will feel like it this weekend.
5:50 pm
final weekend of the regular season have big implications. u.n.h. plays a home series with u. conn. both teams fighting for home advantage in the playoffs. >> it's a fine line when you get into the playoffs, teams don't score a lot of goals. so line changes, home ice, nontravelling, those are factors when it comes to the playoffs. >> we're excited, have a good opportunity to get home ice this weekend and go to the playoffs. so just treating it as a playoff week. jamie: this week's home town hero megan mccarty at berlin high school, three sports. jason king will have more on her tonight at 6:00. jean: looking forward to it, thanks, jamie. getting into those glamorous gowns for the oscars usually means the stars are skipping some meals. tom: but once the award are over everyone is free to eat their fill for sure.
5:51 pm
show you the all-star menu being whipped up for one of this year's hottest after parties. jer then at 6:00 tonight, the challenges of record warmth when you are counting on cold. how new hampshire's ski areas are trying to keep up with this unusual winter weather. and an ice jam causes flooding and forces people to evacuate their homes. we'll have a live report of the
5:52 pm
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5:54 pm
jean: this week's adopt a pet is kia, the 3-year-old sharpei is a bit shy, but so loveable once she gets to know you. the owner had to give her up after a fire at their home. for more information, head over to really cute. old yeller was the big winner at this year's poscar awards. tom: they're put on each year to celebrate the animals that we see on the screen. this year 1957's old yeller was named the all time favorite family movie. in case you are wondering, animals can't actually win oscars. hollywood legend says the first
5:55 pm
winner with rin tin tin getting best actor in 1929. but academy pens wanted to make sure the awards were taken seriously and decided that animals couldn't receive an oscar. the academy award this year will include vice president biden, he's slated to attend with his wife and spruce lady gaga before a performance. biden's office says he'll use his tile on stage to talk about the administration's work toward ending domestic violence. jean: the oscars are this sunday, and wmur has complete coverage from hollywood. it all starts at 3:00 with a special edition of 20/20, journey to the oscars. at 4:00, see the road to gold, a summary of the nominees and all their work. and we'll take to you the final preparations on the red carpet at 5:00. then on news 9 at 6:00 and world news it's back live to the coverage from the red carpet, followed by the academy awards. that ceremony is just the start
5:56 pm
tom: one of the biggest part of the awards is the governor's ball, tonight we know what's on the menu, it has 30 options including sushi, smoked salmon. oscars in alaskan king crab. the desserts are oscar themed with chocolate towers and -- >> after eating all day by 0:00 at night everybody is hungry, especially some of the women who didn't eat all week to fit in their dresses. tom: altogether puck and his team man to make 16,000 small
5:57 pm
5:58 pm
mike: after record warmth today the winter chill makes a return soon, how warm it got plus when temperatures drop. >> today was one of those challenging days.
5:59 pm
weather forced one ski resort to close for the day and what's being done to reopen. tom: right now crews working to clean up flooding caused by an ice jam. drone video captures the ice building up before it breaks. jennifer: and republican candidates facing off for the final time before super tuesday. what's at stake in tonight's g.o.p. debate. >> no one covers new hampshire like we do. now, wmur news 9 at 6:00. tom: tonight our roller coaster temperatures are causing some big-time problems. an ice jam in one town because of the cold. and just miles away, a ski resort shuts down for the day because of rain. jennifer: right now after a day where we saw record high temperatures in parts of the state, it is still unusually warm, even at this hour. good evening, everyone. i'm jennifer vaughn. tom: i'm tom griffith. we begin tonight with meteorologist mike haddad and
6:00 pm
mike: so many changes over the past couple days from the snow and ice yesterday, last night we saw the biggest changes as those storms rolled on through and the winds picked up. temperatures jumped by about 20 degrees in spots in a matter of 10 to 15 minutes. and record high as cross the state today including in concord and portsmouth, 63 the high in of 60. and portsmouth shattering their old record of 55, they topped off at 61 a few hours ago. we're starting to cool down, but still above average. no issue in terms of refreeze on the roads through the evening. but overnight tonight that will start to change a little bit and here's the reason why. notice ithaca, new york, buffalo back below freezing, that cool air is rolling on in along with scattered showers, and any damp spots on the roads will tend to ice up. so untreated surfaces overnight tonight could get just a little bit icy, hard to imagine after 60 plus today. what about more changes for friday and the weekend, we'll


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