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tv   News 9 at Six  ABC  February 25, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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mike: so many changes over the past couple days from the snow and ice yesterday, last night we saw the biggest changes as those storms rolled on through and the winds picked up. temperatures jumped by about 20 degrees in spots in a matter of 10 to 15 minutes. and record high as cross the state today including in concord and portsmouth, 63 the high in of 60. and portsmouth shattering their old record of 55, they topped off at 61 a few hours ago. we're starting to cool down, but still above average. no issue in terms of refreeze on the roads through the evening. but overnight tonight that will start to change a little bit and here's the reason why. notice ithaca, new york, buffalo back below freezing, that cool air is rolling on in along with scattered showers, and any damp spots on the roads will tend to ice up. so untreated surfaces overnight tonight could get just a little bit icy, hard to imagine after 60 plus today. what about more changes for friday and the weekend, we'll
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jennifer: thank you to. the north now a half mile long ice jam is closing a road in franconia and causing flooding problems for people who live nearby. take a look at this incredible drone video that shows the ice backing up from above. stephanie woods is live in franconia with how crews are trying to clean this all up. reporter: thankfully we're told that the ice jam cleared out and washed out around 2:00 this afternoon and right now there's public. but the damage is already done. this behind us is a house, i know you can barely tell, really the only sign is the mailbox there. but you the driveway is completely flooded and we're hearing that water may be up to the second floor inside of the home. franconia authorities are telling us that the ice started to form or started to cluster together last tuesday. it clustered around a fallen tree. check out this video. the ice blocked off the flow of the river, flooding nearby homes. a couple living at 155
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their home last week after about four feet of water surrounded it. mark taylor of emergency services says another woman had to leave her home last night after water flooded the first floor. >> i've been in this town for 30 years, i've never seen this road flood. this is the first time we've seen water over this road. reporter: have you ever seen an ice jam this bad? >> i've seen ice jams bad, but not to this extent, not in this length. reporter: taylor tells us that the ice actually moved over most of plantation road, it tore up the road, about 75% of the road has been washed away. as of now the road is closed only to neighbors. stephanie woods, wmur news 9. tom: right now in waterville valley the ski resort is promising to be back open close. heather hamel is live at loon
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hitting the slopes, believe it or not, in t-shirts tonight. heather? reporter: yes, they were early today, loon has since closed, but it was a warm day for skiing, but with the rain that we had last night, that certainly caused some challenges for these ski resorts. loon mountain had minimal challenges, but over at waterville valley hey had to close for the day. >> we've had our challenges, today was one of those challenging days. reporter: no skiers today at waterville valley. close. >> the hardest thing is to tell a customer that you're not going to be open, but the thing we pride ourselves in is our product. reporter: they allowed the rain to drain and then plan on a thorough grooming. but a letdown for skiers who were looking forward to a warm day on the slopes. >> it was beautiful out, i'm like wow guys, you're going to have a blast skiing today. reporter: he says he may extent his vacation to let his family
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while others will have to ski one less day. >> i'm usually here more than 100 days a year, i love to ski, makes you strong and healthy and it's hard to do it this year. >> we really owe everything to our snow makers. the last couple weeks we've made snow at every opportunity. reporter: with that snow pack, loon was open thursday, most trails as well. the gondola was shut down due to wind, but only a minor inconvenience for those shedding the warm clothes for an unseasonably warm run. >> it's more comfortable to ski in versus zero degrees and windy. but you just don't get the snow. it's really the ice coast this year. i'm fine with that. reporter: the good news for tomorrow, waterville valley says they will be open at 9:00 in the morning, business as usual, and with the temperatures dropping loon mountain says they'll be making more snow. good news for the end of vacation week.
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jennifer: a florida circus company is fighting $33,000 in fines from a federal safety agency, after last summer's deadly tent collapse in lancaster. osha cited the company saying it failed to put up and secure the tent properly, and it ignored severe weather warnings. the agency also found dangers that put circus employees at risk of shock, burns and cuts. it could be several months before a judge reviews the case. tom: right now in portsmouth, police say two men are under arrest after an overnight crime spree that left several cars burned, more broken into, and yet another stolen. jennifer crompton is live in downtown portsmouth with the details tonight. jen? reporter: tom, it all happened early on january 30th, the first call about 2:00 a.m. bringing police here to chapel street where they found a car had been set on fire. in the ensuing hours, eight more calls including three cars that
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in flames, firefighters able to put it out just before that gas tank could explode. as a result tonight two arrests, two young men have been arrested, 23-year-old adam carlin of dunbarton and michael brad york of goffstown. with investigations into five car fires, three car break-ins and one stolen, the interim chief credits portsmouth's police department and the state crime lab for cracking a case that had had the community and the department on edge. >> we didn't know what we had had had. is this something that could accelerate, could it be something that the next thing you know they're doing it to structures? so the men and women here really wanted to catch these people. reporter: the chief calls this a
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investigation there could be more charges. those two suspects free on bail tonight. jennifer crompton, wmur news 9. jennifer: new tonight, cornish police are expected to charge a school bus driver for crashing into an historic bridge in town. officers say 67-year-old alan henderson was trying to find windsor high school in vermont when he got lost. he crossed the bridge while trying to turn around without enough clearance and exceeding the weight limit. tom: to exitment 2016 coverage tonight, we're three hours away from the final faceoff between republican presidential hopefuls before super tuesday. the five remaining g.o.p. candidates will debate in texas tonight at 9:00. wmur political reporter adam sexton tells us what to expect. reporter: suddenly this is looking like could it be something of a last stand for the republican establishment. with donald trump racking up a series of victories, his momentum could be hard to stop.
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could help him lock up the nomination. a texas sized showdown set for this stage tonight in houston. but it remains to be seen if the republican candidates still stand willing be willing to take the fight to frontrunner donald trump, who is riding a big winning streak. >> now we're winning winning winning. reporter: even as the field is narrowed, truch has maintained his dominance, he knows it and is not afraid to talk bit. >> people have not done very well against me, so far everybody that has attacked me has gone down. reporter: with super tuesday rapidly approaching those chasing trump know they need victories. ted cruz is banking on his home state of texas to get him back on track. >> now history has shown nobody has ever won the nomination in modern times without winning one of the first three states. and there are only two people who have won one of the first three states, donald trump and me. reporter: marco rubio continues to build establishment support, but he can't be the party's standard bearer by topping out
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it was a debate moment in new hampshire that sent his campaign into a tail spin, and while he has recovered, it may be too late. on the stump he's still avoiding direct conflict with trump, opting for more gentle contrast on issues like leadership. >> i'm asking you to to put me in that position, then you deserve to know what am i going to do when i get there. not just what the result is going to be, but the process. reporter: in a campaign season dominated by debates, tonight could be the most pressure packed of them all. of course donald trump has been warming up for the debate using social media. on twitter this afternoon he knocked senator ted cruz and called out former mexican president vicente fox who has come out strongly in opposition to trump's proposed wall on the mexican border. tom: alleged members of a nationwide gang stealing from cars here in new hampshire. coming up next, what led police to five suspects and where they are known to target their victims. jennifer: plus a first for mount washington, the conditions this
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summit in the winter. mike: quite a few clouds today. but do we get the sunshine back on friday. the forecast is coming up. jamie: and we'll show you what happened today when draifd price through his first pitch to pablo
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jennifer: tonight five alleged members of a national robbery group known as the felony lane gang are in custody in salem. tom: all were arrested at the red roof inn. police say they found stolen credit cards, checks and personal items in one of the rooms. one of the victims reported her purse stolen from her car as she dropped off her children at day care. investigators say that's typical of the way the felony lane gang operates.
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fitness centers, supermarkets, anywhere where someone may leave a purse or personal items in their vehicle while they run in for a brief moment and they use those and they use the credit cards to make their own purchases. tom: police say it's important to always lock your car and take whatever valuables you can with you. jennifer: new tonight the search is on for the man who robbed a variety store on elm street in newmarket. police say he entered the store armed with a knife and demanded cash. take a look at the surveillance photo, the man had red gloves on, also used a bright pink bag to carry the money. tom: there we go. mike haddad in now, we've got to have a change to this weather because this can't go on forever. mike: no, it can't. as quickly as it moved in it's about to move out, as we go
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tom: a tough trek no matter what the weather, but check this out. a new england nativities first to bike to the summit of mount washington in the winter. tim johnson biked the 7.6-mile route in temperatures as low as 19 below, and 49-mile per hour wind gusts. he says getting traction was difficult and he even crashed a couple of times.
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shoes helped to make sure he didn't get swept off the mountain. jennifer: which would have been very bad. tom: okay. cleanup after strong storms overnight. jennifer: at the height of it, 4,000 people were in the dark due to downed trees like this one in londonderry. lightning also struck a tree in hudson. the good news, power is back on tonight and we were left with warm temperatures again this evening. but things are about to change, so let's get over to chief meteorologist mike haddad who can break the news for us. mike it's going to change. it was just an amazing jump in those temperatures late last night, probably while many were sleeping, but 38, 39, 40, slowly edging up and then boom all of a sudden in 10 to 15 minutes the winds cranked up, the thunderstorms moved through, and it went from 39 to 62 or 63 in parts of southern new hampshire. you're looking at time lapse photos from the coast today where it started off murky, but some bright skies and then this happened. again, predawn hours through midday, early afternoon.
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we were into the 60's as far north as whitefield. even mount washington at 39, four off of their all-time record high for february, and yes as we talked about earlier in the show that 63 in concord and 61 in portsmouth breaking records for the date. notice the big changes coming down the road, 63 again today. tomorrow 30 degrees lower! that's only three below the average. but a dramatic drop, just like we saw a dramatic rise in that temperature last night and early this morning. creeping up just a few notches for the start of the weekend. and wouldn't you know it, we're back into the 40's, possibly near 50 sunday and monday in southern new hampshire. signs of spring certainly out there today in the temperature department. and in terms of river flood warnings. we just have one that we're tracking, that's the sun cook and chichester, a foot and a half above flood stage, and will drop below tomorrow morning and afternoon. as we transition back from
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seeing showers developing in many spots right now. and keep in mine it's well above freezing, no issue on the roads yet. but you jump up the elevation, and you may start to en counterrer a little slush on the roads. even though most of the showers will weaken in the come hours over southern new hampshire, it will drop near 32. that means could it be slick later on tonight. but not for the next couple of hours. it is a different story in northern sections, already starting to see rain and mixed showers going over to snow in the higher terrain, and a one to three-inch accumulation by late tonight not out of the question in northern new hampshire, even higher amounts in the higher terrain. there is a back edge to all of this and that will pof through the north country during the early part of tomorrow morning, so a lot of sunshine for your but up north the clouds and morning. already cooling down, down near 40 in many spots from berlin points south and west through
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still quite mild in southeastern zones. and after a very chilly night compared to where we were early this morning, we're only rising about two or three degrees tomorrow with scattered snow showers early up north and then developing sun, while tomorrow will feature plenty of sun elsewhere all day long. gusty winds as well for your friday, along with that winter chill. temperatures will feel even lower than the 20's and lower 30's. tonight watch the roads later on, could start to see a little glaze developing, as we see damp spots freezing over and notice after a cold start to the weekend, seasonably so, we're back into the 40's, maybe near 50 in parts of southern new hampshire sunday and monday, a little unsettled early on monday, but then maybe another storm aalong about wednesday, south. jamie: the berlin-gorham girls hockey team is phenomenal and
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jamie: the milwaukee bucks in boston ready to take on the celtics at 7:30. the road trip did not go so well, only one win, but they're back on the parquet floor now. red sox pitcher david price threw live batting practice for the first time this spring, and his first pitch to pablo sandoval, check it out, it was launched. a long shot by pablo, proving
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affect his swing much. here's john farrell. >> pablo, he'll swing at just about anything. so whether it's b.p., whether it's in games, he's an aggressive hitter. i think to me when pablo is swinging a degreesively it's when he feels good physically and i think that's the case today. reporter: they do call it hockey town u.s.a. for a reason, jason king went to berlin for this week's home town hero. reporter: the berlin-gorham girls hockey team will enter the playoffs with a record of 17-1 and an eye on the program's first ever girls hockey state championship. senior captain megan mccarty knows all about the history in the town and would love to add to it. >> it would be undescribable, like it would be huge. it's something i dream about. reporter: the all state defense man has been a force at the blue line, but she can score too, with eleven goals and twelve assists.
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my slap shot. it's how i score most of my goals, guys, from the point. >> not only is she so smart on the ice, she knows where to be, when to be there, she's great in the locker room, so many girls look up to her as a leader. reporter: megan is one of five seniors are on the girls hockey team, but she also plays for the town's youth league. she's grown up playing with all boys. she's been on skates since the age of 3 and as soon sass she was old enough became the only girl in the town league. >> it's shown me to be physical, better skater, better at seeing the ice. reporter: megan is also a captain of the berlin softball and soccer teams, is a member of the student council and national honor society, ranked 11th in her class academically. she's hoping to coin her hockey career at college where she plans to pursue something in the medical field.
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tom: tune in for "new hampshire
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breaking news. we're on the scene, the deadly tornado outbreak. at least eight dead, including a 2-year-old. more than 30 twisters from texas to pennsylvania. homes destroyed. this truck blown over on the gw bridge in new york. the coast guard trying to save this boat. the showdown tonight. is this the last chance for the other candidates to try and take down donald trump before super tuesday? and, the eye-opening new poll tonight from marco rubio's own state of florida. is trump unstoppable, even there? just 24 hours after our exclusive with apple's ceo, tim cook, the fierily re ery moments on capitol hill today. and just tonight, apple answers the judge.


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