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tv   News 9 Tonight  ABC  February 25, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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mike: after a day of record warmth, that classic winter chill is on its way back to new hampshire. how much colder it gets. shelley: incredible video of an ice jam in franconia. how it forced people from their homes before breaking free. tom: plus, the last 5 republican presidential candidates battling in another debate. the lasting impressions left just days before super tuesday. shelley: controversy in portsmouth. why some people say a new development project would ruin the historic charm of the city. quick there is not really a system in place to help people in place to deal with this tom: and, the obstacles one recovering heroin addict and his family faced to try and get him the help he need. >> no one covers new hampshire like we do. tom: tonight, it is very different in portsmouth and concord.
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temperatures today. good evening, i' m tom griffith. shelley: and i' m shelley walcott. it was so unbelievably warm today. the warm up is causing problems with ice jams and flooding in parts of the state. right now in lisbon, u.s. 302 is closed due to flooding. these are pictures from earlier today, you can see the ice jam along the ammonoosuc river. state police say theres about 3 to 4 feet of water on the road. now let' s head over to chief meteorologist mike haddad for what we can expect next in the forecast. mike: retracting not only the warm temperatures moving out but showers in some spots. last night the most magic, where the warmth blasted in and about 30' s into 60' s. here are the record highs for today. concord 63, breaking the old
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20 degrees colder right now in portsmouth but below freezing and white field and right at 30 degrees in berlin. there is an colder beginning to build on it at along with that cold air some snow showers. spring warmth earlier this evening right back to winter and then light accumulation in parts of northern new hampshire. what about more changes for friday and the weekend? we will look at all that coming up. my -- tom: i have mile-long ice jam read habit in franconia. stephanie woods is in franconia where she spoke with neighbors on plantation road. stephanie: three people in franconia can' t sleep in their houses tonight, after an ice jam came across plantation road, tearing up most of the surface and flooding peoples' homes like this one. we' re told this house has 6 feet
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>> the power of ice and what was happening was crazy. absolutely crazy. stephanie: neighbor dave oakman captured this incredible video with his drone when thick ice coating the gale river in franconia started to break down last tuesday, and clustered around a fallen tree. >> it reached critical mass wednesday, after the ice jam a half-mile long overflowed onto plantation road, forcing water into nearby homes. a couple living at 155 plantation road had to leave their home last week after about 4 feet of water surrounded it. oakman says his wife, an emt, helped evacuated the elderly couple who live in the house. >> it' s been around for i think a couple hundred years and this is the first time that it' s gotten wet, that i' m aware of. stephanie: oakman says in the 10 years he' s lived on this street he' s never seen anything like it. >> it' s amazing the power of ice. as it goes down you can feel it, you can feel your feet shaking, the ground shaking, the house shaking. stephanie: but he wasn' t scared.
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exciting to be out here and see it. and feel it and experience it. stephanie: although oakman was unscathed, another woman had to leave her home last night after water flooded the first floor. mark taylor of franconia emergency services says the moving ice destroyed 75% of plantation road. >> the road itself is not a paved road, it' s a dirt road. but probably about 34 of a mile -- three quarters of a mile of the top portion was washed away. stephanie: taylor says he' s never seen an ice jam this big, or this destructive. >> it hasn' t been an issue in the past. i' ve been in this town for 30 years, i' ve never seen this road flood. stephanie: crews are trying to repair the damage to plantation road. and right now the road is only open to neighbors. in franconia, stephanie woods, wmur news 9. tom: a new boston home was damaged overnight after it was struck by lightning. fire officials say it happened at this home on francestown road just before 2:45 this morning. arriving crews saw heavy smoke coming from the attic. crews used a new extinguishing
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sprinkler powder to touch down the fire. the fire was contained to the attic but the home did receive smoke and water damage. shelley: new pictures of the serious crash that shut down the road and wolfeboro this afternoon. wolfeboro please say sarah kelly was driving north on center street when she hit another car head-on. both drivers and a passenger were taken to a nearby hospital with serious injuries. police believe drugs and alcohol may have caused the crash. tom: authorities say four people are dead in a series of shootings in kansas. one happen just north of wichita. two others happen on nearby streets. police say all the dead were shot inside xl. the suspect was shot and killed by police. police say 14 people in all were hurt. shelley: republicans faced off tonight in the last presidential
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the debate has wrapped up. a lot is at stake for the g.o.p. field tonight. jean mackin joins us live with the moments voters are talking about tonight. jean: and will be talking about tomorrow. 5 republican candidates are still standing with super tuesday looming taking on frontrunner donald trump was the recurring theme of the night. the remaining republicans on the debate stage in texas took on >> for example, you' re the only one on stage is ever been fine for hiring people to work on >> no i' m the only one who hired people. you haven' t hired anybody. >> when i was leading the fight. , where was donald trump? he was firing dennis rodman on celebrity apprentice. >> i got along with everybody. you dont get along with anybody. you don't have one republican. jean former president george : bush and barbara bush were in the audience for the cnn / telemundo debate where winning
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wall. >> if he builds the wall the way he built trump tower, he' ll be using illegal immigrant labor. >> such a cute soundbite. >> it' s not a soundbite, it' s a fact. jean governor kasich and ben : carson tried to stay out of the mid-stage fighting. >> the promise of america is our is that our system when we follow the right formula is going to give opportunity to everyone. >> marco, donald, ted, john we will not solve any of these problems by trying to destroy each other. we need to find solutions. jean but that did not calm the : candidates' back and forth fighting. >> i watched you repeat yourself 5 times 4 weeks ago. >> i watched you repeat yourself 5 times 5 seconds ago.
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jean: it went on and on. they also debated which candidate can be trusted to appoint a conservative justice to fill the supreme court vacancy. a dozen states hold gop contests next tuesday. at stake, about half the delegates needed to clinch the republican nomination. live in the studio. jean mackin. wmur news 9. tom: next week three federal judges will hear the nfl' s appeal of lifting tom brady' s four-game suspension in deflate gate. it scheduled for a week from today in new york city. the judges will decide whether a lower court judge was correct to negate the brady suspension over the ball deflation scandal last year. shelley: controversy over new development project that includes a hotel, condos and a whole foods supermarket. some say it will destroy the city'
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>> i care what it looks like. i care what makes it special. shelley: it' s the reason zelin joined a group of residents to oppose a development, known as the harborcorp project, in the city' s north end. it includes a new whole foods supermarket. >> the big issue is the mass of the building. this would be the biggest building constructed thus far in our urban renewal area. shelley: this is an artist' s rendering of what zelin says the would look like. it would include the 40,000 square foot whole foods, a 98-room hotel, luxury condos and a conference center. the historic district commission has approved the plan. but zelin along with 200 of his neighbors, are appealing that decision, in rockingham superior court. >> we would like to vary the height of the building and we would like the traffic to be as controlled as possible. shelley a whole foods is anxious to open in portsmouth. she sent a statement that reads in part, for years we have been
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portsmouth and we have received wonderful and welcoming feedback since announcing the store. we have great respect for the community and its history and are eager to prove ourselves as committed and involved neighbors. zelin says the supermarket is welcome, so long as it' s zoned properly. >> this will be a regional whole foods store, and having something that attracts traffic from throughout the region is unnecessary for portsmouth. shelley: portsmouth' s planning director told me this evening, the city is awaiting the outcome of this appeal, before deciding how to proceed with the harborcorp project. tom cole and the state' s opioid crisis taking a toll on families all over the state. coming up on news 9 tonight. shelley: how a former eagle scout got hooked on heroin as a teen. >> the drug didn' t take anything from me. i gave everything away on my own to get high. shelley: the roadblocks to recovery in new hampshire and how one family is trying to help others navigate the maze.
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about here. when it will be the coldest plus
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shelley: the number of fatal overdoses last year is now it for hundred 20 people. the state medical examiner says
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deaths. 385 of the fatal overdoses were caused by an opiate or opioids and only 35 deaths were caused by other drugs. 14 suspected overdose deaths in 2015 are still awaiting toxicology results. today we have an update on the story of one family' s fight against heroin. and the challenges they faced in helping a loved one get clean. tom: during our town hall on the heroin epidemic in october, we first met tracy bachert. she shared the story of her son justin who had just entered rehab after years of using. tonight, wmur' s josh mcelveen with how the family is doing now and what they are doing to make it easier to navigate a system that offers little help. josh: the way justin bachert sees it his childhood was as , good as it gets.
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silver platter,i wanst deprived of any opportunities growing up. my parents were at every school event i ever had and my siblings. an eagle scout, an athlete, josh handsome and college bound, : justin had it all. right up until he gave it all away. >> the drug didn' t take anything from me. i gave everything away on my own to get high. for justin, ths six-year spiral started in college. >> it was percocets started off with percocets at that point i had a job some money saved is a was something fun and new to do. thank you very so i was able to buy a few of them and then i could do it. i started liking them, kept on buying them and before you knew it all my savings were gone. i don' t know where it changed from getting high to maintenance. but, i found out im a co dependent person. i either needed a relationship or something to depend on that was always there for me, and i found that in drugs. josh he was hooked. : he was broke, and after two years of popping pills, justin remembers the day a friend suggested a cheaper alternative, heroin. >> i was sick, driving around the city and i said yeah just
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i gave him the last 40 or 50 dollars i had and i got way more than i got with the pills. but that ended really quick. you start using that and your tolerance gets higher, and then i was spending a couple hundred a day, as much as i could get. i would do as much as i could get. josh no longer in school or : employed, justin fed the habit however he could and that included pawning his mother's wedding rings three times. >> everything that was easy i'm not. i wasn' t an honorable person. i stole from my family, my brother, my sister, my parents, friends, to do what i needed to do, and then when that was all burnt up, my bridges were gone, i wasn't allowed in the house. locks were changed. i just stole from stores. josh over the last 6 years, just : estimates he spent a total of four in jail, and each time he got out he' d vow to stay clean. >> i might make it three days and have the best intentions in the world. justin' s mom tracey tried joshjustin' s mom tracey tried everything from locking him out
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>> there really isn't a system in place to help people, a place to deal with this addiction. josh yes, treatment is : available, but it also conflicted with the job justin found through his parole officer, one of several disconnects the bacherts were forced to navigate in a state that is fighting a war with a battle plan that's still a work in progress. >> those gaps, if you don' t have somebody that will help you fill that gap. you aren't going to get the room or the job and you arent going to succeed. and that' s where we are failing them. josh she' s optimistic about the : push for more treatment based drug courts and a more cohesive path between punishment and recovery. she also realized along the way many families were were embarrassed to ask for help, and she understood. >> we wanted to hide, and were ashamed, and we shouldn't have been. josh so tracy also started : families sharing without shame a support group that not surprisingly grows in size by the week. as for her first born child >> i'm feeling good. i'm cautiously optimistic. josh justin has been clean for 5
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s smiling, and unlike many who he crossed paths with in recent years, he' s alive. and as he learns to be a father to a son he wasn' t allowed to see. justin admits the tug of temptation is still there, and he' ll fight it for the rest of his life. >> i can refund my misery at any time. it will take me less than 20 minutes to throw away 5 months of work. and probably lose the only support system i have left. tom: that was josh mcelveen reporting. justin, thank you for your story. families sharing without shame holds weekly meetings in manchester, concord, and laconia. we have information on those, and how to contact the group, on our website at >> now, mike haddad with your storm watch 9 forecast. mike: the clouds parting for some partial sunshine and how about that spring warmth come into the 50' s and 60' s.
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normally see in late april. a reminder for those venturing up to the lakes region for the big fishing derby, check out the ice, you need a good half a foot to be safe out there and continue to check in through the course of the weekend. it' s going to cool down quite a bit but there are still many spots that are tricky in the lakes region. upper 50' s lower 60' s for highs today, mount washington 39 degrees. that' s only four degrees off the all-time record high in the entire month of february. tomorrow diving down, 33 for the high on friday, 36 by saturday and here it comes again, spring warmth in time for sunday and monday. well above the average. 1.5 feet above flood stage right now and will likely drop below by tomorrow afternoon.
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through friday afternoon and into the weekend. colder air is on its way back. you can see what' s happening on the radar scopes, a few flurries trying to scoot inn through portions of the lakes region in through the white mountains and the great north woods. a little bit more of upstream that will rotate in tonight and early more money. the great north woods and the white mountains could pick up a coding to an inch or two of snow by midmorning tomorrow. this is all after 60' s today and more big changes again by the end of the weekend. right now with the west to southwesterly flow temperatures dropping back to the subfreezing zone, down to 12 a top mount washington. last night in the upper 30' s, this hour lower 40' s in southern new hampshire. in the monadnock region, back in the mid-30' s. overnight it does cool down
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no major issues on the roadways south of the lakes region, the light accumulation of snow could make the roads a little slick the farther north you go through the morning commute on friday. clouds early and developing son, jumping ahead to saturday more in the way of sunshine and up afternoon. temperatures seasonably chilly. then they climb again by sunday afternoon and monday, especially in the southern half of new hampshire in the 40' s, possibly near 50 in that it cools a little bit behind a front on monday. the best shot of flurries over the weekend will be saturday night and early sunday in northern new hampshire and maybe a mixed shower in northern zones early monday. the next on chances sometime wednesday or wednesday night.
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jamie: we thought it would be a good matchup at td garden the bucks, winners of 4 of their last 5. the celtics, with just one win in their last 3 games. it turned out that way, although not early on. first half jae crowder off balance baseline shot, gets the bucket and the foul. boston up 11. avery bradley with the steal. he takes it coast to coast for the lay up, celtics up 12. isaiah thomas splits the defenders, and then goes behind the back to amir johnson for the easy bucket, boston up by 18. things got close in the 4th, 5 point game, bradley buries the 3 from the wing. under a minute to play, thomas with a circus pass to the
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crowder drains the 3 to seal it. thomas had a game-high 27, crowder added 20. celtics win 112-107. they host the heat on saturday. 2nd round of the girls d-3 playoffs. white mountains at bow. white mountains in blue. early on they swing it over to mariah fryman, and she knocks down a jumper. and then from up top, kaitlyn nelson drains a 3 pointer. it was an early 7-2 lead for white mountains. for the falcons junior guard taylor darrell drives into the paint and flips it off the glass. then off the inbounds play. freshman lauren goyette curls around and buries a three it' s a final. bow takes it 43-30. the falcons will play top seed saturday. boys high school hockey trinity , at central in manchester s william lyons throws one on net, logan pacheco
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then jack cavanaugh fires a wrister threw traffic, and it finds the back of the net 2-0 central. trinity comes back with two goals of their own, james kosiarski' s shot is redirected by nathan arcand for the goal nice centering pass to tyler chipman, he scores to tie the game at 2-2 after one period. trinity wins 6-4 this week' s hometown hero takes us to hockey town usa, meagan accardi is a senior at berlin high school, where she is the captain of three sports, softball, soccer, and her specialty, hockey. meagan is an all-state defenseman, but factors bigtime the score sheet too. not only does she play for the berlin-gorham girls team, but she is a member of the national honor society, and 11th in her senior class academically. meagan hopes to play hockey in college while persueing something in the medical field,
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m not one much to speak out. i just like to be a role model and i just want them to act on what they see i do on the ice and the ice, i guess. >> she knows where to be and when to be there. she is great in the locker room, so many girls look up to her as a leader. ; the new superstar red sox pitcher david price threw live batting practice for the first time this spring. and his first pitch to pablo sandoval. watch what happens, it is launched a long shot by pablo, and here is the manager farrell about the free swinging pablo. >> he will swing it just about anything. he' s an aggressive hitter. when he swings aggressively as when he feels good physically and i think that is the case here today. jamie: the red sox first game will be monday when they play northeastern and boston college.
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tonight. shelley: new england patriots quarterback tom brady welcoming a new member to the family. coming up, we' ll introduce you
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tom: the brady clan is enjoying their newest member of the family. the circle of life. >>the circle of life. shelley: that' s fluffy, tom brady' s new puppy and yes he is re-enacting a famous scene from the lion king. the new england patriots quarterback shared the video on his facebook page this afternoon saying everything the light touches, fluffy. this was his first introduction of fluffy. his wife, former super model gisele bundchen shared the news to fans yesterday. cute little puppy. fluffy, though. weather? mike: by the end of the weekend s. coasters.
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for newsnine tonight at 11. tom: jimmy kimmel live is next, followed by night line. [captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy.
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and now abc's "jimmy kimmel live." >> dicky: from hollywood, it's "jimmy kimmel live!" tonight -- kelly ripa - from "how to get away with murder," billy brown - mean tweets movie edition -- and music from tinashe and snakehis featuring chance the rapper. with cleto and the cletones -- and now, no kidding, here's


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