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tv   News 9 Daybreak  ABC  February 26, 2016 5:00am-6:00am EST

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>> have a great weekend. sean: now on "daybreak," ice jams are causing problems in several parts of the state. kevin: cooling off with records winds. we'll talk about more changes as we approach the weekend ahead. erin: developers say a proposed project would create hundreds of jobs. some neighbors are asking to stop the plans. sean: they are trying to figure out why an employee opened fire
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police shot the gunman. >> no one covers new hampshire like we co. daybreak." erin: good morning. thanks for waking up with us. i'm erin fehlau. sean: good morning. i'm sean mcdonald. yesterday was unbelievable temperature-wise. looks like the more winter-like weather has returned. kevin: back to reality for today, tomorrow, and then another trend next week. the wind up to 15-20 miles an hour. the last of the snow shower activity for the northern half of the state early this morning and a few roaming across southern new hampshire overnight. temperatures in the 20's to lower range of the 30's. we're not going to see the temperatures move all that much thanks to the wind to the west bringing in the colder air counteracted by the sunshine. much more in a moment.
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with deb davidson. happy friday, deb. deb: happy friday to you, kevin. we're starting off with a road closure. route 9 between wendy road and juniper hill. a tractor trailer poll. we also need to watch out for some black ice north of concord. snow squalls move through. 93 south is moving through the tolls and to the upper split. 293 is moving well from the upper split in hooksett down to the lower split in manchester. from the traffic network, i'm deb davidson for 95.7 wzid. erin: all right. thank you. the combination of the heavy rains and warm weather has created some problems with flooding and ice jams.
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route 302 in list -- lisbon was re-opened. theammonoosuc river was high last night. residents are hoping to get a look at the damage today after a half a mile ice jam kept them out. there was six feet of water around one home. there's significant damage to plantation road. >> it is amazing the power of ice. as it goes down, you can feel it -- you can feel your feet shaking, the ground shaking, the house shaking. >> it hasn't been an issue in the past. i've been in the town for 30 years. i've never seen the road flood. sean: crews are working to make repairs. it is only open to residents. erin: a proposed development in portsmouth is stirring up roves. the project would
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and supermarket. proponents say it would spoil the charm in the city. they are live to explain the lawsuit that has now been filed. kristen. >> it is at the north end. 200 residents are asking the courts to stop the project. they want to build a 40,000 whole foods supermarket, hotel, and conference conference creating hundreds of jobs. they have approved the plan. some residents say it would spoil the small-town charm of portsmouth. the biggest concern is the size of the buildings. >> we would like to vary the height of the building and traffic to be controlled as possible. we would like to ensure there's adequate parking. reporter: a whole foods spokesperson sent us a statement saying for years we had been receiving requests to
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we've received wonderful and welcoming feedback. we have great respect for the community and its history. we are eager to prove ourselveses a committed as involved neighbors. the portsmouth plans director says the city is waiting to see what the courts say before deciding how to proceed with the project. sean: all right. thanks. a gunman is dead after opening fire at the factory in kansas where he worked killing three people and wounding 14 others, ten critically. it started around 5:00. it spanned four locations. clayton sandell reports. reporter: police say 38-year-old cedrick ford started his rampage shooting at random drivers, wounding two before heading to excel industries in heston, kansas where he works. he heads in with a rifle and handgun and open fire.
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people say run, run. pop pop pop pop pop. that's all i heard. scattered out of the building. i didn't realize what had happened. i started seeing wounded people coming out. reporter: they say ford kept shooting until a single officer, the first to arrive, fires back. >> there was law enforcement that responded right away. even though he took fire, he went inside and saved multiple, multiple lives. a hero as far as i'm concerned. reporter: in the end, four employees, including the shooter, would not survive. many more wounded. >> inside the building he shot a total of 15 people. reporter: around 150 employees were inside at the time. worried friends and family waited outside for news. >> i just can't believe the guy that shot people up lived right across the street from us. reporter: not much is known about the victims who have not been identified. ford has an expensive criminal record in florida.
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they believe he opened fire. they ruled out terrorism. excel is a family-owned company that makes lawn mowing equipment. >> we're sad by the event. our heart goes out to the all of the employees and families. we're going to do what we can to take care of them and bring them through the tragedy. reporter: according to the gun violence archive, he's the 33rd mass shooting in the united states just this year. clayton sandell, abc news, wichita, kansas. erin: the united nations security council is expected to vote on tough new sanctions against north korea. they introduced the measures yesterday which would establish mandatory inspections for all cargo ships leaving and entering north korea, it would ban the sales and small arms and weapons to the north, and limit imports and experts.
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accused of setting fire. vikram naidu is charged with arson and reckless conduct. he is free on bail this morning. charges are pending against a school bus driver accused of crashing in to the historic cover bridge. police say 67-year-old allan henderson got lost and crossed the bridge while tuns around. his bridge was about three feet -- his bus was three feet too tall and more than twice of the posted weight limit. erin: police in salem say they've busted a part of the national robbery group known as the felony lane gang. five were arrested after they spotted suspicious activity in the parking lot. they discovered stolen credit cards, checks, and other person items in a guest room. one of the victims was dropping her children off at day care when her
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>> they target day care, fitness center, supermarkets, anyone where someone may leave their purse inside. they use those and use the credit cards to make their own purchases or fund whatever enterprise. erin: all of the suspects are from out of state. it is important to always lock your car and take whatever valuables you have with you. sean: you never know. climbing mt. washington in winter is never an easy task. this man just become the first to ever do it on an bicycle facing some extreme conditions. erin: this week's hometown hero is one of the best hockey players in the state. she honed her skills by playing against the
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temperatures hovering around where we were in the afternoon. the western wind will continue to feed in the colder air. we're looking at a chilly start. the details in your forecast coming up. sean: thanks. this week's hometown hero is making the hockey rink by storm. erin: megan accardi is the captain of her team. she's an all state defenseman. she grew up playing in the town's youth league playing with several boys, she was the only girl in the league. >> to me i'm not one to speak out. i like to be a role model. i want them to act on what they see i do out on the ice and off of the ice, i guess. >> not only is she so smart on the ice, she knows where to be, when to be there, she's great in the locker room. so many girls look up to
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erin: megan is a member of the national honor society. she ranks 11th in her class and hopes to play hockey in college while pursuing something in the medical field. good luck to us. sean: you've seen the mt. washington bumper sticks on car, do they make them for bicycles? a new england native is the first to ride in the winter. she biked the 7.69 route with 49 mile per hour wind gusts. he says getting traction was difficult. special spike on his tires and shoes made sure he didn't get swept off of the mountain. he's done it in the summer time. this is the first time in the winter time. erin: it is steep in spots. coming up, historic surgery. the doctors just completed a procedure that could give hope to many women. sean: this dog is banged up. he is alive.
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he just got run over by more than a dozen train. erin: this week's adopt is pet is kya. the 3-year-old shar-pei is shy. she loves to dance when she gets to know her. her owner had to give her up because of a fire. for more information, go
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erin: surgeries in cleveland have completed the first ever uterus transplant, providing new hope for women worried they may not be able to have kids. the surgery took nine hours. the patient is stable. doctors say unlike other transplants, these are not intended to last a lifetime, but only last long enough for one or two pregnancies. the cleveland clinic hopes to perform a total of ten uterine transplants. sean: a dog in idaho is back to playing this morning after he
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the 14-month-old pit bull/bulldog mix wandered on to the tracks where he was hit more than a dozen times. the dog did lose a leg, eye, and tail, and faces thousands in vet bills. he is recovering. erin: coast bus service is looking to get rid of one of the routes. they are looking to end the service by april. they also say they hope to find a new partner soon to bring the service back. sean: speaking of traveling, if you are looking for a healthy way to indulge your chocolate craving, check out the mt. washington valley chocolate festival. you can ski, snow shoe, and hike between nine businesses. it raises money for a foundation that teaches
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you'll find all of the details, including a peek at the menus at there are lots of neat chocolate treats. you can also drive, if you want to. erin: work off of the calories. kevin: it is a good way to do it. work off what you are eating along the way. start off with clearing skies. it will be a trend after snow showers which are still roaming around this morning and push away. the leftover snow showers will continue up through the white mountains. we could see some light coating there from a snow shower that moved through just a couple of hours ago. trend. the west winds are going to continue to go. in your weather headlines, flakes to sunshine, it will be a much colder wind today. factor in the fact that you are going to have about a ten degree difference when you have the wind out there. we're talking feels like temperatures in the teens and 20's after highs yesterday in the 50's and 60's. a big change for us out there.
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much colder tonight. single digits above and below zero. a pretty nice weekend on the way with highs in the 30's and in the 40's to near 50 degrees on sunday. there's the last of the snow shower activity. still a few flurries roaming around southern new hampshire as well. a lot of this continues to trend in the north country over the next three or four hours. that gets the area of high pressure in control. it will be around for the weekend with once disturbance which would provide a couple of snow showers later saturday or early sunday. now down to one. it is going to be a brisk westerly wind. over 20 to 25 miles an hour. that provides the wind chill ten degrees colder than the readings this morning. i think everyone is at or below zero for wind chills to start the day tomorrow. that's the colder air starts to come in. you can see some spots already. 25 to 30 degrees colder than we were yesterday at this time when we started the warm-up. that's the coldest of the air across the lower 48 that will skim across new england later on
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another warming trend sets up. temperatures today don't move all that much. we're looking at mid 20's to mid 30's. bear in mind the wind is going to make it feel colder than this. the last of the snow showers up north in to the afternoon and early this evening before skies start to collie there. clear skies and light winds later on this evening. lighter than what we'll have this afternoon. still a bit of a breeze tomorrow. i think both theys over the weekend we had a breeze. tomorrow it will be out of the west, 10-15 miles an hour. sunday it will be out of the southwesterly direction. the difference in direction will make a huge difference. temperatures in the 30's tomorrow. both theys with partly to mostly sunny skies. you will notice tonight temperatures single digits to below zero up north. if you are heading out early, be prepared for that. sunshine otherwise. turning milder on sunday. it remains milder for the first half.
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maybe a passing rain shower on monday. a larger system that looks warm enough to be rain shower activity on wednesday. erin: a lot of rain. kevin: by then we're in march. we average over a foot of snow in march. sean: i was going to say. kevin: i'm just saying. sean: it is not over yet. erin: we start here with kristen carrosa. reporter: plans for a hotel, condos, and supermarket in portsmouth. some worry it would charm. they are asking the courts to stop the project from happening. erin: two homes were evacuated because of a flooding caused by an ice jam. the jam is now clear. there was nearly six feet of water around one home. there's significant road.
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at a factory in kansas killing three co-workers and wounded 14 others before he was shot and killed by police. investigators are still working to determine a motive. sean: coming up this morning, this isn't your typical spa
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treatment available in oregon that can provide some great benefits. sean: welcome to the beer spa. it is the first of its kind. you soak in a blend of beer, hops, and barley. the owner says it helps with relaxation, aches
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the spa. beer spas are popular in europe. the phone is ringing off of the hook in oregon. it might work. erin: people just hop on in there. a little boy in afghanistan is sporting a new soccer jersey thanks to his favorite player. sean: pictures of the 5-year-old went viral showing the clothes he made out of a bag. lionel messi saw it and sent a jersey to the boy. how cool is that? erin: that's just awesome. sean: he looked really proud to have the jersey. erin: he did. the celtics holding on to the third seat. sean: it seems everybody is taking selfies. one major city is cracking down. the picture could land
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>> no one covers new hampshire like we do. now wmr "news 9 erin: all right. you've made it through another week. we are in to friday right now. we're going to see some temperatures out there that are cooler than what we had out there yesterday. sean: if memory serves, the temperatures were double that yesterday at this time. it will feel like winter again. let's get to the top stories on friday. some people in portsmouth are opposing a new development project that's been approved by the city. the latest details. three people, including a child, are recovering after serious injuries in a head-on crash in wolfeboro that may have involved drugs and alcohol.
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director of amherst now admits he used the town credit card to buy thousands of dollars worth of items for himself. erin: all right. we're seeing a lot of problems caused by all of the rain. kevin: we're going to see a lot of those temperatures subside. we're looking at another warming trend for the first half of next week. we're going to have colder air to get through. temperatures in the 20's up north. lower and mid 30's. temperatures aren't going to move all that much today. we'll have incoming sunshine after the last of the snow showers this morning. the west wind continues to bring in the colder air. relatively steady temperatures. erin: quite a change. we want to check the roads for you this morning. here's a live look from the common man camera in windham on 93. kevin: for a look at the morning drive, joined live by deb davidson. good morning, deb. deb: good morning, kevin and erin.
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in stoddard where we have a closure. the tractor trailer collided with a utility poll. you will be detailed morning. now before commuting out currently incident free and moving well. if you are traveling north of concord, be aware of patches of black ice as the snow showers did move through earlier this morning and iced up the roads. 293 is up to speed from the upper split in hooksett to the lower split in manchester. we're not seeing any problems through the toll or at the lane drop. it looks good heading in to merrimack and nashua as well. this report brought to you by autofair. from the traffic network, i'm deb davidson for 95.7 wzid. erin: thanks. controversy is brewing in portsmouth over plans for a new development project. sean: the project includes building a hotel, condos, and a supermarket in the north end. some people worry it will spoil the city's
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kristen carosa live outside of the superior court in brentwood with the detail on this. good morning, kristen. reporter: a group of residents filed legal actions after it approved a project called the north end portsmouth project. some portsmouth residents are opposing a plan to launch a development project in the city's north end. the project includes construction of a brand new whole foods supermarket. jerry zeland moved to portsmouth in 1983 and loves the small-town charm. could ruin that. like. i care about what makes it special. the big issue is the mass of the building. this would be the biggest building constructed thus far in the north end. reporter: this is an artist rendering of what it would look like. it would include the 30,000 square foods, hotel, luxury condos, and a conference center.
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commission has approved the plan along with 100 of his neighbors are appealing that decision in rockingham superior court. >> we would like to vary the height of the building. we would like the traffic to be as controlled as possible. we would like to ensure there's adequate parking. reporter: the company is anxious to open in portsmouth. whole foods spokesman says we've been receiving requests to open and receiving wonderful feedback since announcing the store. we're eager to prove ourselves as committed and involved neighbors. the supermarket is welcome so long as it is zoned proper lip. >> this will be regional. having something that attracts traffic throughout the region is unnecessary for portsmouth. reporter: the portsmouth planning director says it is waiting to see what the courts say
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the whole foods alone would employ 200 people. live from brentwood, wmur news 9. sean: it was a wild night in houston. the gop candidates faced off for the final time before voters head to the polls in a dozen states for super tuesday. nikole killion live with highlights. reporter: they say everything is bigger in texas. this debate seemed o live up to the billing. >> go ahead. i'm relictsed. you are the basket case. reporter: cruz teaming with rubio to lasso trump. >> this guy is a choke artist, and this guy is a liar. you are a combination of factors. he can't to it for the obvious reason. he can't do it because
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tell the truth. reporter: rubio is trying to emerge as the alternative to trump took an even more aggressive stance as trump mocked the previous debate performance. >> here's the guy -- >> you repeat yourself every day. >> i watched him repeat himself five times four weeks ago. >> i saw you repeat yourself five timing a second ago. reporter: the candidates made a last-ditch effort with john kasich. >> i hope you saw that executive experience really matters. reporter: and ben carson fighting to stay in the pack. >> can somebody attack me please? reporter: if this isn't enough, they have three more debates scheduled after super tuesday. erin: fire officials in dover are investigating a fire. the fire broke out at a home. no people were inside at
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a cat did die in the fire. police say drugs and alcohol may have been factors in a head-on crash that left three people injured, including a child. it happened yesterday afternoon. 31-year-old sara kelly was heading forth when her vehicle collided head on with another car driven by tana kurtis. they as well kurtis' daughter were taken to the hospital with multiple injuries. there's no word on their conditions. sean: state health is releasing new numbers regarding deadly overdoses. fentanyl, heroin, and a combination numbers were released. we're still waiting for 14 other suspected overdose deaths.
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charges after portsmouth said they went on a crime spree that left several cars burned. they are accused of setting fire to five police say they also broke in to three cars and stole another one. crimes all happened in the early morning hours on saturday, january 13th. michael rice says he woke up at 4:00 this morning to his roommate yelling and his car destroyed. >> she heard an explosion. that woke her up. she woke me up. all you can do is sit there and watch it go. reporter: they were both theft charges. this is still an active investigation. more charges could be filed. sean: amherst former director is admits he used a town credit card to buy thousands of dollars of items for himself. >> i stand before you
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actions and for apologizing for the mistakes i've made. sean: he admits he used his town issued credit card for three years and brought a long list of items for his home. he resigned as the ems director in 2014. it took town officials four months to discover he was using town funds to buy personal items. they were found during a search of his home. >> located were the grill, speakers, vacuum, safe, laptop, chair, and other items which had been purchased with town funds. sean: they agreed to a 12-month suspended sentence. he voluntarily agreed to repay the thousands of dollars he stole from amherst. erin: calling hours for former portsmouth payor were aye -- eileen foley. calls hours will be held
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portsmouth city council chambers. a service will take place tomorrow at immaculate conception church. coming up, you've heard of wedding planners. what about proposal planners? one couple that's helping hundreds of people pop the question. sean: tough news for creatures in pennsylvania. why a group of gnomes is being evicted from a park. kevin: cold air continuing to
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kevin: colder air continuing to rush in on friday. holding there through the day. the snow showers continuing to wind down. any early flakes giving way to sunshine. it is going to feel ten degrees colder and 30's in southern new hampshire. we'll look through the weekend forecast coming up. erin: thank you. the massachusetts teen convicted of killing his math teacher is expected to learn his fate today. sean: phillip chism is expected
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he was 14 when he killed his teacher, colleen. nine people are expected to give impact statements, including the victim's parents. they are asking he be sentenced to at least 50 years in prison. erin: a second grader is being credited with helping police make a bust in vermont. the 8-year-old told school officials a story about helping his mother's boyfriend grow quote special head sin that can cure anything. they found $75,000 worth of marijuana plants. they also seized and cash. they found two grow rooms next to the boy's bedroom. the boy's mother and her girlfriend, stephen mann, are facing multiple charges, including cruelty to a child. sean: authorities are looking for a man who tried to kidnap a 10-year-old girl. the man tried to pull the girl out in the middle of the night by grabbing her legs.
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and manageed to get away. she went screaming in her parent's bedroom. >> it is important so no other kids try to get taken. >> i'm terrify. he's still out there. sean: the girls father says the suspect appeared to have taken a ladder and leaned it underneath the window to get to her room. erin: the boston celtics played at the garden last night. jae crowder hit the bucket, putting boston up. in the second, avery bradley stole the ball and took it across the court for the layup, helping to maintain. the celtics won 112-107. they host the heat tomorrow. sean: the election for the new fifa president takes place.
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seeking to replace the president that stepped down. along with electing a new president, they are asking to stop corruption in the organization. erin: a new trend in the wedding industry: proposal planning. some people are seeking expert help in coming up with the perfect way to pop the question to their significant other. the heart bandits are a wife and husband who help build dream proposals by handling logistics that include flowers and photographs. the base price is $675. >> especially you are trying to do a proposal out of town. fly there and get everything ready yourself. it is kind of impossible. would a service like this, it makes everything easy. erin: wow. you are spending that kind of money on the proposal. how much is the ring worth?
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clients pop the question in the last 12 months alone. i got to hand it to them, you know, they are making a good business. sean: can you minus that from the actual wedding costs then? or does that get included? erin: no. it is extra. sean: just what i thought. making a selfie in mumbai, india could get you arrested. erin: they have outlawed the pictures after seeing 19 people die. the deadly accidents happen on cliffs at the ocean and on train tracks as well. several parts of the city have been declared selfie free. ignoring the law could bring fines or serious legal consequences. can you believe that? people are dying while they are taking a selfie sean: you get injured everywhere. careful. erin: gnomes in pennsylvania are sean: how is it possible? they left an eviction notice in their neighborhood. officials say they are
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the min min mini houses may affect the habitat. he says he's going to relocate to nearby parks that have offered to accommodate them. they get little eviction notices. erin: that's awful. sean: you don't want to anger gnomes. erin: they are going to find a new home. they will be happy there. kevin: wonder what the homes look like in big buffalo. they may feel -- the gnomes may feel a little bit small. sean: it is just a small eviction problem. that's all. kevin: pun intended? sean: pun intended. kevin: had to make sure. we'll increase the sunshine in southern areas. a westerly wind going this morning. it will continue to gust through the afternoon over 25 miles an hour. that continues to bring in the cooler air. much colder air
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single digits above and below zero. compare that to the highs in the 50's and 60's. it does look like a pretty nice weekend is on the way. blend of sunshine and clouds. both days should be just fine. maybe a couple of snow showers up in the mountains. otherwise tomorrow going in to the 40's to maybe up near 50 in a couple of southern locations with a turn to the wind to the southwest on sunday. most organized snow shower by late morning will be the white mountain. for the time being still a chance for snow shower just about anywhere across the state over the next hour or two. scattered light coats in the evening and overnight hours. weak area of high pressure settling in. we're going to have a breeze around over the weekend. tomorrow will be out of the northwest. temperatures will hold in the 30's like we'll see in the southern half of the state today. on sunday we're looking at the wind to turn to the southwest which will prompt a warm-up. temperatures early this morning right around the freezing mark in south eastern areas.
5:50 am
to near 30 degrees. we're looking at temperatures to be much colder later tonight. single digits above and below zero for most. lower teens lowser to the shoreline. notice this morning they have teens above zero in northern parts of coos county. that's clouds and snow showers. knock off probably another 10-12 degrees temperatures to what you have for a wind chill. differences between yesterday and today. afternoon. this is kind of a snapshot of what we're expecting by 3:00 today. lower 20's up north. a lot of areas where you experience the highs at midnight. you'll notice temperatures hover around counteracted by wind. tonight. i think we're looking at lower teens in south eastern areas. below zero north of the notches. tomorrow good deal of sunshine. there's the system saturday night.
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a shift of the wind to the southwesterly direction on sunday. that's going to mean temperatures maybe ten to 15 degrees milder than sunday afternoon. the warming trend will continue in to early next week. temperatures holding relatively steady. within a few degrees of where we start the day. that wind will remain later on tonight as temperatures slowly fall back. lower teens in south eastern areas and single digits above and below zero elsewhere. extended forecast has partial sunshine. a good outdoorsy weekend. couple of systems to be tracking thereafter. a front on monday will mean the chance of a rain shower. there could be some more showers and could be warm enough it is mainly rain shower activity with the next system trying to arrive on wednesday. erin: all right. need a good excuse to jump in to the ocean?
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sixth annual doggy paddle plunge. and this year's goal is to raise $20,000. for more information, head to of course it is a great cause. sean: yeah. great cause. people jumping in. not the animals. still to come, a big surprise brings a woman in ohio to tears. we'll tell you about the
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sean: in case you didn't know "old yeller" was the big winner at the pawscar awards. 1957's "old yeller" was named the all time favorite movie. in case you are wondering, animals cannot win the oscars. the first academy awards did have a four-legged winner with "rin tin tin" gets the most voted in 1929. there's trivia for you. academy members wanted to make sure they were taken seriously and
5:56 am
couldn't receive the oscar. kevin: even at the beginning there was shenanigans? wow. i had no idea. erin: an elderly woman in ohio got a big surprise for her birthday, courtesies of a group of elementary school students. doris vehar has been greeting the kids. kevin: tuesday was her 88th birthday. the kids decided to give her a special surprise. happy birthday to you happy birthday to you >> i cried. i cried. i was so shocked. kevin: as long as she can walk, she will be out there every day
5:57 am
sean: doris is going to make me cry. i like that. coming up, an ice jam on the gale river led to problems for some people in franconia. two homes were evacuated. >> live in brent wouldn't. there's controversy grewing over plans in portsmouth. the details are coming up at 6:00. sean: a spa in oregon is offering up unique treatments. it is allowing customer to soak in beer. erin: need a good cup of joe to get you going? where to get the bust cup of coffee in new
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sean: now on "daybreak," ice jams are causing quite a mess. several feet of water swirling around homes, forcing residents to leave. kevin: cooling off after record highs yesterday. more changes as we approach the weekend ahead. erin: developers say a proposed project in portsmouth would create hundreds of jobs. some neighbors are ask the courts to step in and put a stop to the plans. sean: investigators are trying to figure out why an employee opened fire at a factory in kansas killing three people and wounding more than a dozen others before police shot and


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