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tv   News 9 at Five  ABC  February 26, 2016 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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like we do. now wmur news 9 at 5:00. jean: new hampshire's annual ice fishing derby is under way despite serious safety concerns about the lack of ice. you can see conditions are very different from this time last year. good evening, thank you for joining us. i'm jean mackin. tom: and i'm tom griffith. despite lots of open water on lake winnipesaukee, organizers say there's plenty of safe ice in other spots. jean: mike cronin is joining us live in meredith at one lake that we're told is frozen over. reporter: that's right. this year organizers don't expect the crowds that they usually have, but there are still several fishermen here on lake walkawon in meredith where the ice is safer. the ice fishing derby is a statewide event going on until sunday. rain and warmer temperatures have weakened the ice.
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the event because it says there is still ice in new hampshire that is safe to fish on, but it says that people need to foe where they are going, to test the ice and take extra precautions this year. >> this year it's a little disappointing because we're not going to have the same activity right here close to derby headquarters. but nobody catches a fish out here any way, but that's part of the atmosphere. so that's a little disappointing, but it's a fishing derby so we hope we see some nice fish come in. >> we'll have more on this coming up at 6:00 when we'll hear from fish american as well as fish and game who have several safety tips to share with people. mike cronin, wmur news 9. jean: after recording setting warm n yesterday, we're back into the february temperatures, let's see what conditions will be like for the fishing derby this weekend. here's chief millions mike haddad. mike: right now the winter chill is back, temperatures across a good part of the state lining up
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including manchester, points west, north and northeast. just down to the south of us a little above that magic 32-degree mark. in the heart of the lakes region, mid 20's there's a lot of cold air building in out of the west northwest, so it will be a chilly start to the weekend across the lakes region tomorrow, but by the second half of the weekend it does begin to warm up even more, so you really have to watch it out there on the ice as we just mentioned, there are a lot of spots that are good, many other spots that are not. a cold start tomorrow with plenty of sun. extra clouds as we go into sunday, but still some bright spots and it will be a little warmer again with temperatures between 44 and 47 for meredith dawn to laconia and points northeast. what about the rest of us for the weekend, and next week, we'll look at that straight ahead. tom: a former manchester gym teacher faces new charges in connection to a child pornography investigation, as wmur's kristen carosa reports,
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a girl to solicit pictures from a student. reporter: this investigation started last year, when this teacher was arrested, now he faces more than a dozen charges related to child pornography. paul the former gym teacher was arrested in 2015 for posing as a girl online to get a student to send him pictures of herself. the young girl's father reported that his daughter was being contacted by someone online. investigators say the girl did share inappropriate pictures of herself. at the time, he was charged with a felony count of prohibited use of computer services for using the internet to attempt to seduce, solicit, lure or entice a person. parents at the school were notified and the district cooperated in the investigation. now nearly a year later, he is facing more than a dozen charges including distribution of child
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according to court documents, he knowingly sold, exchanged, or otherwise transferred visual representations of a minor, engaging or being engaged in sexually explicit conduct. court documents say the pictures were sent out through facebook in december of 2014. school officials placed him on unpaid leave last year. and now is no longer employed. a pretrial hearing is set for may 24. jean: tonight the rochester fire department is putting out a cigarettes. this after one exploded inside a man's rochester apartment early this morning. as jennifer crompton explains, the department says if you use one, make sure you're doing it correctly. reporter: electronic cigarettes are increasingly popular, not only as aa way to reduce or quit smoking but as a hobby among young people who choose from
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liquids puffing scented vapor clouds. but as the numbers go up, so do sites like this one, a man's pocket on fire as his e cigarette ignites. but the vast majority of accidents caused by the people using them. >> it's when these people don't lock and it they stick it in their pocket and the button gets pushed. reporter: but what happened to this e cigarette that exploded inside a rochester apartment friday? it's what experts say is the most common cause. >> # 0% of all fires involving electronic cigarettes have happened during the charging phase. reporter: in this case the owner ka wasn't charging it with the device supplied by the manufacturer. >> this one was providing more amperage to charge this unit than should be used. so over time it overheated the lithium battery and finally it failed. reporter: the damage was minor,
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worse had he not heard and it reacted or if there had been anything flammable nearby when it landed on the floor. >> we want to keep people safe, get the information out there so understand what problems could occur if you're not using them to specifications. tom: right now people paying their respectings to a beloved former mayor of portsmouth, six fellow former mayors led the way for eileen foley where her wake is being held tonight. foley spent eight terms as mayor and served in the state senate for seven. she was also on the school board and an ambassador to sister cities. foley is being remembered as a kind compassionate leader and a tireless public servant. she passed away monday at the age of 97. former keene mayor and state ledge straighter patricia russell was also laid to rest today. russell was keene's first female mayor, holding the job for two
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she also served six terms in the state house of representatives. her memorial today was followed by a private burial service. jean: in commitment 2016, donald trump now has the support of one of his former rivals in the race for the white house. new jersey governor chris christie. shelley walcott is live with more from a very animated news conference the two held and what this means for trump's campaign. shelley: donald trump said this was the one endorsement he felt very strongly about, saying he and governor christie have been friend for years. christie is the first of trump's former rivals for the republican nomination to endorse him. trump has now won three out of four primaries and is viewed as the most likely candidate to become the g.o.p. nominee. christie says he thinks donald trump is the best person to beat hillary clinton in november. >> there is no one who is better prepared to provide america with the strong leadership that it needs, both at home and around
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>> a lot of republicans are realizing that there's day real chance that trump will be their nominee and if that's the case then when it means to be a republican changes. and i think this is christie trying to get in on the ground floor of that. shelley: it well-known that governor christie has national ambitions and could be positioning himself to be trump's running mate or perhaps some other cabinet position in at the vent that donald trump is elected president. live in studio, shelley walcott, wmur news 9. jean: on the democratic side, hillary clinton and bernie sanders have their final matchup before super tuesday. tomorrow's democratic primary in south carolina. as wmur's sally kidd reports from our washington bureau, the polls are on clinton's side. reporter: hillary clinton is expected to win big with african-american voters. hillary clinton's stopped by a bakery in charleston, south carolina, to meet with voters
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of pound cake before moving onto virginia. voters in the peach state cast their ballots on super tuesday. >> you can count on me. i will never let the republicans repeal the affordable care act. reporter: clinton has a commanding lead over bernie sanders in georgia and she's expected to easily win south carolina on saturday. >> she beats him as badry as the polls suggest she might, the democratic race could wrap up quickly. reporter: spike lee is out thing his important of sanders. >> wake up, south carolina, this is your dude, spike lee. reporter: political observers say sanders is all but written off the palmetto state, instead looking ahead to super tuesday states. >> colorado is a big contest for bernie sanders. he's also looking at massachusetts. reporter: and minnesota, which also caucuses on tuesday.
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called upon to release her transcripts of speeches on wall street. despite being far behind in south carolina, sanders does appear to be closing the gap nationally. a new investors business daily survey show the race is virtually tied. jean: traffic watch time. we've reached friday. let's take a look at how it's moving out there for the ride home. live pictures from 293 in manchester, a little windy. tom: peggy james joins us live with a look at the evening commute. >> hi, tom, jean, happy friday to you, as we head towards the weekend we are cruising along nicely on 93 northbound coming up from the massachusetts border. no problems for you as you head up to manchester on 293. 293 itself is busy but incident free at this time. further north in the hooksett stretch you do start to slow
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hooksett up to the bow junction, but once past 393 in concord you're picking up speed again. 101 west, starting to fill in at the 114 intersection. everett turnpike northbound also starting to get busy. and 101 between manchester and the sea cost is a good ride now. spaulding turnpike northbound is stop and go at this time. the report being brought to you by auto fair from the wzid traffic network. i'm peggy james. jean: just ahead at 5:00, the new details emerging in that mass shooting at a kansas factory. >> authorities say the motive appears to be domestic and the outcome could have been much officer. tom: a waiting game in syria right now where a new cease-fire has just taken effect. mike: we'll have plenty of sunshine to kick off the weekend on saturday.
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accused in a dead hi crash makes his first court appearance more than six months after the crash that killed his friend. tom: and a woman admitted to illegally taking her daughter
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tom: breaking news in syria where a new cease-fire just went into effect, but the final hours before the deadline were marked by new air strikes, near damascus. negotiations for the truce were led by the u.s. and russia's success depends on rebel factions on the ground. but so far 97 have promised to follow the terms of that cease-fire. we are learning new details now about the shooting rampage in a kansas workplace that killed three and injured more than a dozen. jean: the shooter has been identified as a plant employee. he was shot and killed by police. tom: elizabeth hur is in kansas. reporter: one day after the latest mass shooting in this country left three dead and 14 injured, the sheriff says there is one reason why the gunman did not claim more victims. >> the only reason he stopped shooting is because that officer
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reporter: as many as 300 people were in the factory when investigators say cedric larry ford armed with an assault rifle and handgun began firing. >> the gun was strapped to him, he was ready to go. reporter: ford had already shot and wounded three people before he entered the plant. the blood shed ended in a gun battle. >> that particular others is a hero. reporter: the shooting rampage ranged across three locations, after he was served with a restraining order at work. >> really quiet, he really didn't say much. he didn't look happy. reporter: police say their investigation is continuing this as president obama weighs in, saying enough is enough. president obama: these sort of mass shootings that are taking place, we cannot become numb to this. reporter: as for that restraining order, court
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information's ex-girlfriend seeking protection, claiming ford once choked her until she couldn't breathe, adding he was an alcoholic, violent and depressed. mike: that winter chill is back. if you've been outdoors, you know the story, not only does it feel cold, but it feels much different than yesterday when temperatures were up to 62 or 63. parts of southern new hampshire. right now a wintery scene in pittsburgh, not only have we seen the cold air return, but also a little snow that's been flying in parts of the great north woods, and across the white mountains today. now those cloud have been melting a way over central and southern new hampshire and eventually they'll completely dissipate over northern zones, giving us a clear and cold night. teens, that's it in terms of the temperature in the great north woods, down below zero atop mount washington, 20's for many, and a few low 30's hanging around for about another
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and right along the coast. compared to this hour yesterday, anywhere from 15 to 30 degrees colder, mount washington 36 degrees colder than it was at this hour last night. only half the story, however, because the wind again if you've been out you know the story, not only is it cold but the wind have been active as well out of the northwesterly direction, driving in that cold canadian air, on average it's a 15 to 20-mile per hour wind, but the gusts have been over 30 to 35 in and the sustained wind are putting the feel-like temperature well below the actual number on the thermometer, feels like near zero north to about 20 along the coastline. overnight tonight the wind will gradually subside by later this evening and during the overnight, mostly clear skies, a few scattered high cloud up north towards morning, but sub-zero in the great north woods, single digits for many immediate coast. we've got the winter chill in place, but it's only here for
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by later saturday and sunday that retreats to the north, allowing milder air to roll in here, so that by sunday and monday of next week, parts of southern new hampshire may be near 50 degrees yet again. so the mild air is on the way back by sunday. notice on future cast mostly clear, later on tonight, early tomorrow morning, just a few patchy clouds up north, outside of that a mostly sunny saturday. sunday a few scattered snow showers up north, but dry in central and southern parts of the state. with any developing sun, temperatures will jump up near 50. but tomorrow again it's a cold start, single digits, lower teens south, below zero north. we bounce back only into the upper 20's north and near 40, in parts of southern new hampshire. breezy, but the breeze will be during the afternoon. again, there are those cold temperatures for tonight, again after a chilly saturday, here comes the mild air once again for sunday and on into monday. the best shot of snow showers
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sunday, could be a mixed shower up north early on monday. outside of that mainly dry with a possible sprinkle in southern new hampshire, upper 40's to near 50. cool is a little bit tuesday, but still made. so when the next storm moves in, it's likely rain, as we go into wednesday. still five days, that could change. it will turn colder get yen. jean: thanks, mike. rain should not be a problem for this weekend's oscars, but you know there's a plan in place just in case. up next the hidden --
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jean: the red carpet at this year's oscars is brand new after rain ruined last year's red carpet. this time around the runner is on a raised deck, instead of being right on the ground. that should minimize any possible water damage, and will probably make the carpet smoother to walk on. tom: diversity is the hot topic at this year's academy awards and may prompt a new round of ribbons on the red carpet. actress eva longoria is asking people to wear brown ribbons to call attention to the lack of latinos in the movies. many people are eager to hear what host chris rock will say about the oscars diversity controversy.
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hollywood where they are kicking off oscar weekend. reporter: the red carpet is out. and final preparations under way for hollywood's biggest night. the 88th annual academy awards. >> i feel so lucky. reporter: this year eight films are nominated for best picture. the revenant leads the pack. >> i'm just a fan of film. reporter: for best actress, cate blanchett is up against jennifer lawrence and others. many anticipating what hollywood's leading ladies will be wearing. >> it a great way for me to express what's happening on the inside. reporter: inside the governors ball, wolfgang puck's team is preparing more than 50 dishes for 1600 guests, including a new donut recipe. >> a little bit of raspberry
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reporter: back stage final rehearsals are under way two-time host, chris rock. >> i think he's going to do a great job, it's anybody's guess what he'll say. i imagine he will discuss the diversity controversy. reporter: for the second year in a row, all 20 of the acting nominees are white. the spotlight in year shining bright on who will be and won't be walking the oscar red carpet. >> when it comes to oscar fashion, you can expect some wow moments, including charlize they are on, carrie washington, lady gaga and sophia vergara. tom: special reports from hollywood begin at 3:00 on sunday and go all the way through the final ward for best picture. and some surprising news tonight with it comes to stamp prices. jean: straight ahead, how much year. >> the call came out athe uniform was in custody. tom: it's one of the strangest
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this unicorn got loose. jean: now to our u local hot shot, this is a gorgeous picture, cloud hanging low over mount washington at bretton
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jean: a teen's license suspended indefinitely months after the crash that killed his friend. >> philip chis imposes an enormous damager to the public in general and to women in general. tom: the teen who murdered his own teacher will spend decades behind bars, but his victim's family feels betrayed by the sentence. mike: more changes for the weekend. jean: someone stealing lobsters off the seacoast, tonight there's a big reward for catching the thief. tonight bail is set at $15,000 for an 18-year-old charged in a deadly crash. thanks for staying with us, i'm jean mackin.
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he faced a judge for the first time today, charged with negligent homicide in the death of trevor goneyer last july. the defense says the evidence in the case is slim. reporter: benjamin cook's attorney says that the details aren't as clear as the state claims, calling them murky. but the state stand by their evidence and says with a criminal record and a habit of making bad decisions, high bail was necessary. it was a violent crash that took the life of one teen and seriously injured two others. according to the prosecutor, it was 18-year-old benjamin cook at the wheel. >> the defendant exercised extremely poor decisions and is a danger to the community. reporter: at his bail hearing friday, she said cook had been drinking on july 3, when he got into an argument with another man and decided to chase him in his truck. the prosecutor says cook had two passenger and the headlights weren't on, and the truck was going nearly twice the posted
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>> the defendant's blood alcohol content was .12 and the drivers license had had been revoked indefinitely. reporter: a police officer tried to catch up with them, but by the time he did the truck had already crashed. all three were thrown from the vehicle, and 17-year-old vef vor gonyer didn't survive. >> hoping something would stick. reporter: the attorney asked for p.r. bail saying his client isn't a flight risk or damager to anyone and also questions if cook was the driver. >> we don't know, they don't know, it just make believe. reporter: the judge set bail at 15,000 cash or surety, 10,000 less than the prosecution had asked for. gonye's family and friend as well as cook's family were all in the courtroom today, but they all declined to speak with us.
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tom: tonight a man is no longer facing criminal charges, investigators say that nicholas' brother was pinned in his vehicle when it flipped over. several charges against palanges had already been dismissed. jean: the danvers teen convicted of raping and kill his high school math teacher has been sentenced to life in prison with the possibility of parole. philip chism was 14 when he followed colleen ritzer into a school bathroom and stabbed her 16 times. today the judge gave chism25 years for the first degree murder convict, he'll be eligible for parole after 40 years, a ruling her family says is not enough. >> we are devastated and feel betrayed with the judge's inability to give three consecutive life sentences to
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is life in such a horrific manner. reporter: the judge announced the sentences after hearing victim impact statements. tom: there's an $11,000 reward for information leading to the arrest of a thief who targeted dozens of lobster traps after the coast of new hampshire. investigators say about 200 traps were illegally emptied. the they were dumped back into the water, some in places where nay can't be retrieved. right now a man remains on the loose, he demanded cash from a 7-11 last night. the man ran off with about $140. if of know anything about that robbery, call manchester police. jean: a dartmouth college student faces an arson charge of setting a fire inside a dorm. investigators say the 19-year-old set that fire last week at streeter dormitory. he is free on bail tonight. the student is from california.
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will not be allowed to film a scene recreating the shootout with the tsarnaev brothers in watertown, massachusetts. the town manager just released a statement saying it is not in the best interests of the town, and u. mass dartmouth is asking student there's whether to let its campus be used in the movie. convicted bomber dzhokhar tsarnaev attended the school. mark wahlberg and j.k. simmons will star in the movie, it focuses on former police commissioner ed davis during the bombings and the search for the attackers. tom: a new wakeup for a bridgewater, massachusetts woman after a car slammed into her home. the car hit the front of the house. a 73-year-old woman inside was asleep at the time. her son heard her address on the scanner, then rushed to the scene. >> she was in bed and she was scared to death. got a car that flies 30 feet through the air and smashes into the front of your house, i imagine it makes quite a noise.
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to lift the s.u.v. off the driver, he was ejected in the crash. charges are pending. another retailer is closing stores. up next what we're learning about the kohl's locations straighted to shut down. jean: land's end has apologized to customers outraged over the person featured in its popular catalog, we'll tell you what sparked the complaints. mike: a chilly start to the weekend, but the mild air does make a return. tom: and unusual access behind the scenes of a cruise, wait until you hear what it takes to make a quick turn around between
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tom: here's a look at the numbers today. the dow jones ending the day down 57 points while being up most of the day. gas prices nationally, 1.72. here in new hampshire you're paying 1.69. kohl's will close 18 stores this year. jean: the company says those stores make up less than 1% of its total sales, it will announce next month which locations are on the chopping block. kohl's says employees will be
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to nearby stores or to take a severance panel. land's end is apologizing to customers after many complained about a feature story in its catalog. the subject was activist gloria steinham. reporter: this morning popular outer wear and clothing company land's en at its wit's end, the retailer known for glossy catalogs apologizing for what's inside the new spring issue. an interview with feminist, journalist and political activist gloria steinham. after customers flooded facebook with outrage over steinham's pro abortion rights stance. overnight land's end released this statement. it was never our intention to raise a divisive political or religious issue, so when some of our customers saw the recent promotion, we heard them. we sincerely apologize. >> it's clear that whatever they were trying to do here back
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this is not a stance they wanted associated with their brand. reporter: angry customers writing on facebook, you are not family friendly. i feel betrayed, after pulling the interview from its website, land's end now facing new backlash on social media. a spokesperson for steinham declining comment overnight. rebecca jarvis, abc news, new york. tom: the price of stamps going down in april, the cost for a first class stamp will drop by two cents of rates have been rising for the last two years, but approval for those price hikes was only given on the condition that they come back down in 2016. so starting on april 10th, the cost of mailing a one ounce letter will be just 47 than cents. j. c. penney kicking off a new promotion, selling its private label collections for just one cent. the campaign will run all year and is expected to widen to other items. the company hopes this will help
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vegetarians will get a chance to taste arbi's new menu, it will offer meat-free options next monday, there will be a vegetarian option for all of its sandwich flavors, but meat lovers, don't worry, the regular sandwiches will still be available too. jean: if you need a pick me up on monday morning or any morning, we have a new list of new hampshire's best coffee spots. the winner of this week's viewers choice is bean town coffee house in hampstead. jake's coffee company in lebanon came in second, followed by the coffee station in newmarket. we've never met a coffee shop we didn't like. tom: i'll have to try them all. cruise ships have to shelter, passengers at a time. jean: but the crew doesn't get much of a break between voyages. see behind the scenes when we come back. tom: in sports, bruins, all playing tonight. >> the cannon mountain tram way
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back up to the top of the mountain for skiing, about two weeks after it broke down.
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jean: surgeons in cleveland have completed the first successful uterus transplant in the u.s., it took nine hours using a
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tonight the woman is in stable condition. one key difference between this and other organ transplants, this is not intended to last a lifetime, only long enough for one or two pregnancies. more than 56,000 child safety seats are being recalled because children can undo the harness. tom: no injuries have been report sod far, but the company is offering a kit with replacement parts for anyone who owns the seat. quite a safety scare for peel on board a plane that had to make an emergency landing in guam. jean: the pilot had to touch down without any nose gear. they had to lab with just the rear wheels, gently setting the nose down. only three people went on board, no one was hurt. tom: one cruise ship is offering a sneak peek at what it prepares to take a voyage, it carries more than 6,000 passengers, but when the journey is over the crew has just 10 hours to turn
5:46 pm
of travelers. >> everything comes together, and when i say it comes together better than we ever envisioned it to be, i'm not making it up. it's truly amazing every time, but it takes a lot of people and it takes a lot of planning, it takes good organization. and people need to be focused on what they are doing. tom: and it takes more than 2,000 crew members to pull off that turn around. jean: check out some of the numbers for what it takes to stock the ship for every sailing, 5400 lobster stays, 21,000 ice cream cones, more than 14,000 pounds of potatoes and close to 47,000 eggs. mike: yum. weather wise we've seen the sunshine, we've seen temperatures tumble today and it certainly feels the part of winter out there.
5:47 pm
we do have temperatures that are falling, and the wind chill even lower, that gusty northwesterly wind, so a cold start to the weekend, it will be a warmer finish, however, by sunday and monday a big change once again as temperatures are heading higher. plenty of sun tomorrow, then saturday night and sunday the next front will drift in from the north, kind of sit very close by, so that means quite a few clouds, but very little precipitation over central and southern new hampshire sunday morning. then the next system not until mid-week. in terms of any big storm, probably sometime on wednesday. but right now it's looking like rain as opposed to snow. still several days and that could change. right now though what's not changing, the cold air, that's locked in from the upper 20's to lower 30's merrimack valley, and back to the north and west a little colder.
5:48 pm
thermometer by 0, 10 to 15 degrees. farther to the north already down below 10. stewarts town and pittsburgh down to six, heading for six or seven below zero by early tomorrow morning. here are those wind chills, again you factor in gusty winds out of the northwest, feels like near zero north to near 20s south. gradually the winds will shut down later tonight, but that will allow temperatures to fall off quite a bit under clear skies, so below zero north, and single digits to around 10 it's where. about 12 or 13 at the coast. here's the milder air that begins to take over by sunday and monday, so the cold air only sticks around into early on sunday morning before those temperatures begin to jump. in terms of storms again, not much to speak of, plenty of sunshine out there tomorrow. saturday night and sunday, that's when that next front sits right over northern new hampshire, couple of widely scattered snow showers, could be a very light accumulation. but then that front lifts to the
5:49 pm
temperatures to jump once again. so we're heading well into the 40's with enough partial sun, near 50, in southern new hampshire. here's a look at sky cast over manchester for the day tomorrow. again mostly sunny from sunup until sundown and temperatures will be heading from the teens early in the day to near 40 by the afternoon hours. again even warmer as we go into the day on sunday, near 40 north, but near 50 in southern areas. monday a couple of mixed showers up north. outside of that maybe a sprinkle south, increasing sun in the afternoon. along athat front still mild, near 50 south, near 40 north, cools off late in the day. bright and cool tuesday. the next chance of any storm iness holds off until wednesday. right now it's looking more rain than snow. tom: all right, very good. we have a new perspective on pluto tonight. jean: nasa has released new
5:50 pm
pole covered in frozen canyons. the long ones run vertically across the polar area, the widest one measures 45 miles across. pretty impressive, pluto. here on earth, monsters waves are drawing the world's best surfers to hawaii for the first eddie in six years. tom: the contest requires such big waves that it's only happened nine times since launching back in 1985. this year's waves are about 60 feet. >> it's gnarly. once you're out there in the water. pitching out really far and hard to cap for these guys. it's difficult, gnarly conditions. tom: hope town surfer be one the competition, john under ends from hawaii, got four huge waves for the winning score, he's also the youngest person to ever win
5:51 pm
huge waves. >> bruins at carolina tonight, they skate with with with a at 7:00. after tonight b's head to florida to take on the lightning thursday night. friday night in the echl, this could be gnarly as well in norfolk, monarchs and admirals, the they were both ahl teams last year. friday night hockey, u. conn and u.n.h., they pla in the excel center. let's talk about the gnarly game right now, that would be u.n.h. >> they've gotten better, obviously another year of recruiting, so they're a team that's ready to battle, just like we are. we know they're not going to roll over and it's going to come down well. >> we're as good as everyone else.
5:52 pm
other night, just work hard. >> you can have a surfing story without the word gnarly at least three times. jean: i think we got it. thanks, jamie. it's not easy to catch a unicorn, just ask police officers in california. tom: up next the strange chase that will keep people talking jennifer: coming up, they are moving forward with plans in meredith, the annual rotary fishing derby will go on as scheduled with a safety warning about thin ice. and remembering a legend in portsmouth politics, services
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tom: a very close call for the trooper in that patrol car. a semi truck sideswiped his cruiser during a traffic stop. the trooper was sitting inside the car when it was hit. the truck missed the other vehicle by just inches. cited. police near fresno, california didn't quite believe what they were hearing when people started reporting a unicorn on the loose. jean: it was pretty real, though, you can see why people were confused when julia got loose. the pony wears that horn for her work as a photographer's model. when she got loose during a photo shoot, it launched one of the strange errs police chase this is town has ever seen. there are calls were coming in as a unicorn running around out
5:56 pm
>> he got afraid and then she pulled it out of the guys hand and then she ran away. diswhreerp is the daughter of juliet's owner who says the whole thing was pretty scary. eventually a neighbor on a horse helped bring the unicorn pony home. not without consequences, we're told that juliette was immediately put in time out. tom: i'd have runaway as well. thank you for joining us tonight. jean: we hope you'll stay with us for news 9 at 6:00.
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tom: right now at 6:00 the ice fishing derby is under way in her did it tonight with a big warning. >> even experienced fishermen
5:59 pm
decisions this weekend. mike: the winter chill has returned, but a warming trend will develop over the weekend, how mild it gets by sunday. >> i will lend my support between now and november in every way that i can for donald. jennifer: what christie's endorse not of trump means for the race for the white house. tom: tonight people are lining up to pay their respects to the former mayor of portsmouth. the legacy left behind by eileen foley. >> no one covers new hampshire like we do. now wmur news 9 at 6:00. tom: right now ice fishermen and women are kicking off the annual derby in meredith, despite open water on many of new hampshire's lakes. tom griffith. vaughn. it is cooler today, but that recent rain and warm is thin. we begin with chief meteorologist mike haddad and the latest warmup. again on the way. mike: the roller coaster temperature trend continues
6:00 pm
record high yesterday in concord. today about 30 degrees colder. right now many 20's showing up around the heart of the lakes region and it's the lower 20's, the wind that's been quite gusty, feels like the single dinl and it's teens and there's a lot of cold air to our north and west that will continue to build on in. so for the start of this weekend across the lakes region, it's mostly sunny, a high of about 30 to 35, breezy during the afternoon. and then despite some clouds and some breaks of sunshine, it warms up on sunday, we're heading back into the 44 to 47 range from laconia through meredith and points east. what about the rest of new hampshire and will the mild weather linger into next week, all of that straight ahead. jennifer: despite the ice concerns, organizers of the great meredith rotary ice fishing derby say there are safe places to hold the event. but they are warning anyone on the ice right now to be careful. mike cronin live in meredith tonight with more on that.


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