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tv   News 9 Tonight  ABC  February 27, 2016 1:07am-1:41am EST

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tom: february is now tied for the deadly month on record for overdoses in the queen city. the impact the opioid crisis is having on one recovery center. mr. christie i am proud to be : here to endorse donald trump for president of the united states. shelley: chris christie now backing republican frontrunner donald trump. what one political professor believes is the reason why the new jersey governor gave the endorsement. tom: and, it' s almost been 25 years since the end of the gulf war. tonight, a group of marines who served together, salute to their members who were lost. >> no one covers new hampshire like we do. news nine tonight. shelley: starting tonight, it is a chilly friday evening. view where it is 12 degrees. good, i am shelley walcott. tom cole in the winter like temperatures are not going to stick around --
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stick around for long. mike: certainly much colder than yesterday. northwesterly flow, providing us a tranquil pattern for the weekend. great news for those who are going to be out and about. yes, it starts off chilly. it is colder. the cold air builds in. as for highs, they will top off in the upper 20' s. time of year. the average high, 39. afternoon. we will warm-up by next week. straight ahead. tom: despite lots of open water organizers say there' s plenty of safe ice in other spots. the great meredith rotary ice fishing derby is a statewide event going on until sunday. rain and warmer temperatures
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earlier this week the meredith rotary club met with state officials to figure out whether the derby should go on. but it says people need to know where they' re going, test the ice and take extra precautions this year. >> this year, it' s a little disappointing because we' re not going to have the same activity right here close to derby headquarters, but nobody catches a fish out here anyway, but that' s part of the atmosphere so that' s a little disappointing to us but again, overall it' s a fishing derby so we' re hoping that we see some nice fish come in. tom: in general the state says 6-8 inches of solid ice is needed for it to be safe. m shelley: right now, distressing new numbers on the heroin epidemic in new hampshire. the state medical examiner says there are 60 potential deadly drug overdoses from 2016 alone, 3 confirmed. this, after a record 420 people died of opioid overdoses in 2014. our stephanie woods is live in
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queen city. stephanie: shelley, manchester amr says february could be the deadliest month for drug overdoses in the city' s history. they say they respond to an average of 2 heroin or fentanyl overdoses every day. a manchester recovery specialist says she doesn' t know what the solution is, but people need to pay attention. >> he was a great kid, he was funny, he got into some trouble. stephanie: in 2007 kelly riley' s son richie fell into the wrong group of friends, tried cocaine. >> someone suggested taking an oxycontin and he just went to sleep. stephanie: riley then became a counselor at hope for new hampshire recovery in manchester to give other addicts had a place to go. but last week 7 of her recovering addicts had died by likely overdosing on opiods. >> it' s very challenging as a person who has been through this and saw so many lives devastated by this. once my son died, then what happens, it' s a whole ripple
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i lost my house, i got divorced, my daughter had to change schools, just so many things happened. stephanie: manchester american medical response has responded to 51 suspected drug overdoses in february alone. 12 of them deadly. if these deaths are confirmed by the medical examiner, february will be tied for the deadliest opiod overdose month in queen city history. rocco caprarello compares that to last february when amr responded to 38 overdoses and lost 5 people. >> and we see that the trend is, the amount of narcan that we' re giving some of the patients, we' re thinking that it' s something other than just heroin. stephanie kelly says her center : needs more funding meaning more beds for kids addicted to heroin and fentanyl. >> it' s heartbreaking, you know? you see moms with their kids, and they' re desperate. they want their kid to live. and it' s almost like you can' t let them out of your sight. stephanie: hope for new hampshire recovery is now trying
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recovering from drug addiction. live in the studio, stephanie woods. tom: now to the zika virus, right here in new hampshire. so far 54 people have been tested for the mosquito-borne virus. dhhs says 3 tests came back negative and the rest are still to pending. there have been no confirmed cases in the granite state. in the region, maine and massachusetts each have one confirmed case of zika. shelley: to commitment 2016, new jersey governor chris christie says his decision of who to support in the presidential race was and easy one and he chose to support donald trump. the former presidential candidate surprised many republicans with today' s endorsement. and it comes just days before the big super tuesday contests. donald trump says he and new jersey governor chris christie have been friends for years. and that this endorsement means a lot to him. at a news conference friday, christie said the feeling was mutual.
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along with melania and mary pat have been friends for over a decade. shelley: christie praised trump' s candidacy in the gop nomination process. mr. christie: there is no one who is better prepared to provide american with strong leadership that it needs both at home and around the world than donald trump. shelley: christie showed up unannounced in texas friday, at a hastily called news conference. he called donald trump the best person to beat hillary clinton in a race for the white house. then trump and christie took turns sticking it to marco rubio, who rattled trump in a cnn debate thursday night. the new york billionaire, struck back by making fun of rubio, mr. trump: when they put marco on to refute president obama' s speech, do you remember that catastrophe? and he' s like this, and we will ugh, ugh, i need water. m shelley: as for christie' s endorsement, political pundits say governor christie is clearly ambitious. >> we know that christie certainly has national ambitions, he also might want to be attorney general, he might also want to just position himself as a power broker in a
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trump presidency. shelley: and he says christie' s to get back at political nemesis marco rubio. >> it' s pretty clear that there is some bad blood between i' ve never really seen anything quite like that debate exchange between christie and rubio last month here in new hampshire. so if it' s personal then endorsing donald trump the day after rubio seemed to get in a few licks during yesterday' s debate i think is a good way to do that. shelley: trump picked up another endorsement today as well, republican maine governor paul lepage. s campaign. tomorrow, south carolina democrats will get the chance to vote in their state primary. right now, the latest polls in south carolina show former secretary of state hillary clinton leading over vermont senator bernie sanders. tomorrow, to find out which candidate comes out on top, you can head on over to our website
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results from the primary. tom: tonight, people of portsmouth came together to remember the life of former mayor eileen foley. six fellow former mayors were among the first to arrive, calling hours held in the eileen foley city council chambers, named in her honor several years ago. foley was 97 when she passed away on monday. she' s remembered as a kind, compassionate leader who cared deeply about others. >> eileen had a magnetic personality, when you talked with her she was listening to you and had everything focused on you. tom: eileen foley' s funeral is +%-ptomorrow morning at 10:00 the procession will roll thru the city hall complex for final farewell. shelley: this sunday marks the 25th anniversary of the end of the gulf war. and tonight, a group of marines from new hampshire who served overseas held their own reunion at murphy' s taproom in manchester. our jean mackin introduces us to the men who say their bond is lifelong. jean: time seems to melt away
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, 1st battalion, 25th marine division are back together again. >> it was like coming home, it really was. >> it felt like we hadn' t missed a day. you start talking like it was yesterday. >> time doesn' t mean anthing to us, we have a very special bond and we' ll do anything for each other. jean: 25 years ago they deployed from new hampshire to serve in operations desert shield and desert storm. more than 100 strong, they provided base security under difficult wartime conditions. >> we lived in the desert, we dug our sleeping and fighting positions every day, we moved everyday, and you dug in you sat out in the desert. there was no running water where we were at. this is the hat i wore there, the desert storm booney hat you can still see some of the oil stains on it from the fires from the oil wells.
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that we went through, it created that bond. all of these guys i called brothers. jean: they had no casualties overseas, but have since lost members of their military family now they share the memories, a toast and a salute. m >> definitely does become a family and it is a brotherhood, and that brotherhood does not change through the years. >> there' s a bond among marines that is unshakable. jean: these marines say they have lost contact with some in their company. their next mission find everyone they deployed with so they can keep in touch for the next 25 years. in manchester, jean mackin. tom: tonight, we have an update on the dog found severely neglected in londonderry earlier this month. londonderry police say the dog is recovering and overcoming a lot of obstacles, including getting sick while being reintroduced to normal food. right now he is in the care of a foster family and is still under
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officers say he is adapting well to his foster home. which is great news. still to come on news 9 tonight, . shelley: a woman under arrest in connection to the deadly shooting that killed three people in kansas. what police say she provided to the gunman. tom: plus, stamp prices are going down for the first time in nearly 97 years. how much it will soon cost to buy a first-class stamp. mike: did you say down? temperatures going down as we go through the night. seasonable looking through the next week. shelley: and also ahead, good news skiers and riders.
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tom: tonight, five people are dead in a murder-suicide in washington state. authorities say a gunman shot and killed four family members. that lead to an hourslong standoff which ended when he killed himself. police say a 12-year-old girl related to the victims did survive but her condition is unknown. authorities are not releasing the names of the victims or the gunman. the latest now in the mass shooting in kansas, where 3 people were killed and more than a dozen injured. shelley: authorities say they have made an arrest in connection to the case. abc's elizabeth hur is in hesston, kansas. elizabeth: seen in this post, firing an assault rifle. the same type he used to gun
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authorities now allege ford got an ak 47-type rifle and a handgun, from a 28-year-old kansas woman, sarah hopkins seen in this facebook picture, charging her with unlawfully transferring firearms. ford' s shooting spree on thursday, spanned across some 6 miles and three locations. his final and deadly stop, where he worked, excel industries. >> people are getting pushed, trampled. it was just, everyone was tryng to get out of the shooting. elizabeth: 3 excel employees were killed, renee benjamin, brian sadowsky and josh higbee. the bloodshed ended with ford shot and killed in a gun battle with the first officer on the scene, the hesston police chief, . if there is gunfire, we go toward the gunfire. we will run toward the gunfire. elizabeth: with the community
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, on scene hunting for answers, . this as we learn ford was served with a restraining order at work, just 90 minutes before the first shooting a court order to stay away from an ex girlfriend who claims he was violently abusive, writing, he is in desperate need of medical and psychological help. officials confirm while the motive appears to be domestic, they say their investigation is continuing. elizabeth hur, abc news, hesston, kansas. tom: u.s. officials say an irs computer breach is bigger than orignially thought. tonight, the irs announced more than 700,000 taxpayers are victims to hackers. the breach of 334,000 taxpayers was discovered in may of last year. hackers got into a system called get transcript which is were here taxpayers get tax returns and other filings from previous years. the irs is working to notify everyone affected. shelley: for the first time in 97 years the price of a stamp is , set to go down.
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s down two cents. back in 2014 the price of stamps went up by 3 cents to help raise $4.6 billion in revenue. commercial prices will also decrease. for a complete listing of the new prices, you can head on over to our website tom: it' s all systems go for the cannon mountain aerial tramway to begin taking passengers to the top of the mountain again. today, the tram ran for about eight hours and passed all state inspections. this after the motor broke down stranding 48 people on the tram for a couple of hours before they were evacuated almost two weeks ago. repairs were made over a week ' s. of time --tomorrow morning, a nice ride. and mike: looking fairly nice up there. we have taken a temperature
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if you are headed up there to do some shooting down the slopes, there you go. it is going to be cold at 14 degrees. sunny and chilly, we will call it. s. around 30 for the last couple runs. looking fairly nice out there compared to the way it could be. was. take a look at the time lapse. still some ice out there. had. if you are venturing out there, really watch it. really watch it. there are many open spots. temperatures on the cool side courtesy of a northwest flow.
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on average, they are starting to dry out. down to 11. single digits long the canadian border. 11 below a top mount washington. not a major temperature fall. the winds are still active enough to keep the atmosphere stirred up. anywhere from 5-15 miles per hour. you factor in temperature and wind and it feels colder. as the winds go light leader on, that will allow the temperatures to start to fall off. single digits below zero to near zero up north. 10-13 around rochester and the coast. sunday, the mild weather moves
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the jet stream flow, wherever it is, cold. to the south, mild. temperatures jumped well above average again. but not as warm as what we had yesterday. lingers on monday before the cold air dips and moves toward us wednesday third day. we will watch the next potential storm. right now, more wet than white but many things could change. quiet out there now. sunshine with a few scattered clouds late in the north country. could be a couple of snow showers, and then it lists to the north. right is skies in the afternoon over central parts of the state. a good part of the day will feature son in southern areas. as for temperatures, right at the average.
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s, north. notice the temperature climbed by sunday. low 40' s to around 50 in parts of southern new hampshire. but again, not tonight. more clouds and sun sunday. by monday, it is still mild. watch that wednesday storm. a little bit of snow, especially north. tom: incredible stuff. it was a big night for stanley spiro.
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ll talk about that jamie: this has been a fun friday night in local sports, for sure. a milestone win for a college coach. tons of hockey, starting with the bruins. they skated at the carolina hurricanes. and in the first period. patrice bergeron comes up with a
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and he beats cam ward for the goal. 1-0, boston. still in the first, matt beleskey with a great effort, and he fires home a wrister from a tough angle. 2-0 boston after one same score in the 3rd period and another canes turnover, ryan spooner with a brilliant pass to belesky. who scored again. he gets an nt netter. his 32nd role of the year. ruins a nice win on the road. they seem to be heating up, fo -- the monarchs at the norfolk admirals and they take it on the chin 6-1. the one bright spot, ryan patsch, who scored his first echl goal, it was unassisted. the monarchs had 3 of their best players called up to ontario
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help their cause. the unh wildcats spotted uconn a 2-0 lead and could not come back . #23 dartmouth lost at number 19 st lawrence 5-2. dartmouth will finish outside of the top 4 in the league, and will host a first round ecac playoff series. congratulations to snhu basketball coach stan spirou, who picked up his 600th career win tonight. and it came in the first round of the northeast 10 tournament . they advanced to play in the quarterfinals. it was a showdown in girls d-1 bedford at bishop guertin, the basketball. bedford at bishop guertin, the top two teams in the state. the cardinals win 54-50 at home so bg locks up the #1 seed in the upcoming state tournament. they finish the regular season with a 17-1 record. two of the top boys teams hooked up on the seacoast. pinkerton in red and the exeter blue hawks.
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then a great shot by the man of the night. he was just getting started. 5-0 start for the home team. good astros defense. matt rizzo the captain with a steal, gets it ahead to thomas romick for the score then seth guilmette over to ben olson. exeter was up 11-6. this one belongs to the blue hawks, and holmes. 3 pointer. and he likes that spot, another he finished with 34 points one. exeter 83, pinkerton 72. two of the top 3 teams in the western conference go head to head on channel nine saturday night. the warriors and the thunder. red sox workouts continue. brock holt is back and he likes were the team is. >> there is a better vibe in the clubhouse. we have a lot of good guys in
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the new editions are going to help a lot. keeping the guys we are ready had intact. we are pretty deep we are ready to get going. jamie: the shocking story of the night, stamp prices going down. tom golan two cents -- tom: 2 cents. shelley: a look at the
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shelley: oscar sunday is almost here. check this out, it is a complete time lapse outside the dolby theatre in hollywood. tom: the time lapse shows the construction of the red carpet right on hollywood boulevard. days worth of work, all in 27 seconds. pretty neat stuff. now you can watch the 88th annual academy awards this sunday, february 28 right here on wmur. special reports from hollywood begin at 3:00 on sunday, and goes all the way through the final award for best picture. super bowl. shelley: thanks for joining us for newsnine tonight at 11:00.
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followed by night line. have a great night and a good weekend. [captioning performed by the national captioning institute,
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