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tv   News 9 at Five  ABC  February 27, 2016 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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adam: now at 5:00 -- a mon umps outbreak at st. anselm college. stephanie: and a heated cross-country trail in the race for the white house. the primary underway right now and how the candidates are preparing for super tuesday. hayley: another push of warmer air coming in. how mild it will be for the rest week. adam: saying a final goodbye to a portsmouth legend. >> thank you, nana. i love you so much, so does portsmouth. eileen foley. announcer: no one covers new
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now, wmur news 9 at 5:00. >> there were several students who were suspected of possibly having mumps. adam: our top story at 5:00 -- two confirmed cases of mumps at st. anselm college and doctors say there are additional suspected cases. but this outbreak could be hitting a wall. good evening, i' m adam sexton. stephanie: and i' m stephanie woods. campus and state health officials first became concerned earlier this week when a member of the men' s hockey team at st. anselm reported to the health center with low-grade fever and swollen salivary glands. doctors tested the hockey team and found two other players have the monks -- mumps and three are showing symptoms. all of those cases are described as mild. while nearly all college students are vaccinated for mumps the vaccine is only 88% effective, so it' s still possible to get sick. while it' s possible there will be additional cases, the academic calendar is helping to stymie the spread of the virus.
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incubation is 25 days, so we are in that window. our students now are on spring break, so hopefully that will decrease the risk as far as the close contact goes. stephanie: the state epidemiologist urges anyone on campus who begins experiencing symptoms to contact the college health center. adam: this week indiana , university offered free vaccinations to students and staff after cases of mumps were six confirmed on two of its campuses. butler university in indianapolis is requiring all students and employees to get booster shots after nine students there were diagnosed. and just two days ago, state officials in denver issued a the lookout for mumps after four cases were confirmed there. stephanie: clear skies and sunshine today. it was a beautiful day for outdoor activities. there are a few flakes in the forecast though for some of us let' s check in with meteorologist hayley lapoint for more on who could see some snow.
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areas tonight because it will be cool enough and we have a frontal system moving across the northern areas. that snow in quebec will lightly slide through. in the meantime, we have temperatures comfortable for february standards. we made it in the 30' s, close to 40 across much of the state. that is where we remain. 37 in nashua. you see the clouds to the north. from plymouth toward the north, we have clouds starting to invade after what has been a beautiful day. you see the snow showers up north in places like montreal and toward quebec city. that will slide through and provide light snow accumulation to the north tonight. tomorrow, the second day of the ice fishing derby -- it is actually the third day.
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they will have a mix of sun and clouds with temperatures in the 40' s. i will have more on the forecast in a few minutes. adam: that is good foreshadowing as the annual ice fishing derby is underway. organizers considered canceling because of a lack of ice, but decided there are enough safe places to fish. mike cronin joins us with an update on how the weekend is going. mike: it is not nearly the amount of people they are used to seeing at merit a spate -- meredith bay. there is a good crowd at derby headquarters checking out the big catches of the day. organizers are thrilled with the turnout. they say it has been bigger than they thought it would be. it is a statewide events which lasts until sunday. cash prizes have been given out all day. tomorrow, those who caught the three biggest fishes will receive impressive prizes. the first prize winner gets $15,000.
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rotary club thinking of canceling but decided there is still safe ice to fish on. new hampshire fish and game says that have the note reported safety injuries on the ice but they are still warning people to because his. >> we were a little concerned about the ice in meredith. we thought at one point we might cancel. but i have got to tell you, this has been thrilling. mike: at 6:00, we will hear from some people who have been out on the ice and give you an update on how people have been doing as far as catching some fish. mike cronin, wmur news 9. stephanie: thank you. if you' re heading out on the ice, take the forecast with you with our wmur app. it' s free for i-phone and android devices. the city of portsmouth said goodbye to former portsmouth mayor eileen foley today. the 8-term mayor died monday at the age of 97. a funeral service took place
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conception church. wmur' s kristen carosa has more on her final farewell. kristen: family and friends gathered at the immaculate conception church saturday to honor a beloved local leader, eileen foley, the place where she was baptized. foley led a lifetime of public service holding numerous terms on the city council and eight terms as mayor. she retired at the age of 79. >> she had the loyalty of the people in this city that i' m sure no one else had ever had, and i' m sure no one else will ever have. kristen: portsmouth city attorney bob sullivan gave the eulogy at foley' s funeral mass. >> although i respected her as my mayor, i loved her as my friend. kristen: he says he met foley in
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respected as a colleague and person, someone who left an impact on everyone she met. >> because eileen foley was so sincere and because she cared so much it made the people around , her want to help, want to do something, want to be a better person. kristen: foley also served seven terms as a state senator and was an ambassador for the city making trips to japan, ireland , and england. and while she known for her leadership, she was also a loving mother and grandmother. >> she wasn' t a politician to me, she was a warm hearted, strong, witty grandma, who treated me as one of her own, home was where nana was. >> i thank her for teaching me to crave a higher education, a willingness to see people for people, a listening ear, a political savvy attitude and to enjoy life and to live vicariously through it. >> thank you, nana, i love you
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everybody in this room. kristen: foley' s funeral procession passed by city hall for a final salute from the police and fire honor guard before heading to calvary cemetery. in portsmouth, kristen carosa, wmur news 9. stephanie: thank you. senator kelly ayotte today toured a concord facility for people with eating disorders. she is a co-sponsor of a bill providing funding for training school workers and health professionals on how to prevent ayotte' s office says about 45,000 new hampshire residents suffer from some type of eating disorder. adam: commitment 2016 now, and voters have less than two hours to cast their vote for the democratic primary in south carolina. right now, candidates from both parties are criss-crossing the country rallying support ahead of super tuesday. marci gonzalez is in south carolina with more. reporter: primary night for the
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>> the democratic party gave me some good options. reporter: as voters cast their ballots today -- >> i think she will be a good president. reporter: the candidates are looking ahead to super tuesday campaigning in minnesota, texas, and alabama. confident they are moving forward. bernie sanders: if all of you cannot to vote and bing your friends and neighbors and coworkers, we are going to win in texas. reporter: and watching the republican race closely. donald trump campaigning today with former g.o.p. rival governor chris christie, who endorsed the front runner yesterday. chris christie: the only person in the race who has created jobs is that guy. reporter: focusing their attacks on marco rubio. donald trump: he is a nasty guy.
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marco rubio: donald trump will never be the nominee of ronald reagan. ted cruz: i don' t think it is a good thing to see candidates behaving like schoolchildren. a quarter: reporter: hillary clinton is pulling ahead here by double digits and hopes for a big victory when the polls close at 7:00. abc news, south carolina. adam: so far hillary clinton has , won iowa and nevada while bernie sanders scored a big win here in new hampshire. secretary clinton does hold a decisive lead on the delegate count. stephanie: election officials say the turnout for the south carolina primary is light so far. adam: what this means for clinton was hoping for a chance of redemption after a bitter loss in that state in 2008. more on the race for the white house in a few minutes. stephanie: the celtics took on the heat this afternoon. jason king has details in sports.
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tonight. how much to expect and when will see more rain. that is ahead. adam: the cannon mountain tram up and running this evening. what it took to repair the what's all this nonsense about balls? pink balls, blue, yellow, red. it's hard to keep the whole thing straight. and all these so-called deals? well, they come with a lot of deal breakers. like when you leave the city the signal goes weak. u.s. cellular built a network to give you a stronger signal where the other guys don't. and as for deals? how's $300 back for every line you switch? $300! no ball nonsense. get $300 per line and a stronger signal,
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adam: the race for the white as we deal with the democratic primary in south carolina and donald trump' s possible trial on super tuesday -- possible triumph on super tuesday. the political world was turned upside down by the endorsement of donald trump like grosvenor chris christie --by governor chris christie. why do you think he made the endorsement? >> he boxed himself in during the primary. he criticized marco and ted cruz. the only other real option in the republican party is donald trump. i think kristi was looking at the future of the republican party, seeing the likelihood of a truck nomination and decided that was where his future late. adam: we are learning about a possible voicemail marco rubio left chris christie. what set off the governor? what' s
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rubio left a message saying chris christie had a career ahead of him in politics. i think he found it was patronizing. adam: we see marco rubio on the offensive against donald trump. not even jeb bush went that far. coming out of the debate, senator rubio insinuating donald trump may wet his pants onstage. is the time for this to work and does he have to worry about taking that too far? >> i don' t think he has to worry about it taking too far. i think this is the one line of attack that has had any impact on trump. it. we are coming up on super tuesday where rubio does not have a lot of states that look good for him. after that, it is two weeks until florida, where recent beating rubio. loses his home state? >> you have to decide if he can
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or he might decide the writing is on the wall and it is time to stand down. adam: we see the republicans wrestling with what to do. you see some people trying to talk themselves into a trump nomination. others saying #nevertrump. what is going to happen with this party? >> that is a good question. it reminds me of what you see nomination. in 2008, you had a lot of clinton supporters saying they could never support barack obama. we were dealing with mainstream democrats. donald trump is different. he comes from outside the party. a lot of people have accused him of not having been much of a republican, donating 200 clinton. i think there might more soul-searching for republicans. if you look at chris christie and jan brewer, you see a lot of republicans that have reached the acceptance stage of the trump nomination.
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a contest hillary clinton is expected to win handily. she starting to put this away? >> i think so. south carolina is likely to be a good state for her. on tuesday, there are not a lot of bright spots for bernie sanders. he might do well in minnesota, his home state of vermont is voting. there hope he might be able to pull off wins in colorado or oklahoma. most of the state' s voting are in the south where you have a lot of african american democrats who are strong hillary clinton supporters. i think the clinton campaign sees a chance to lock this down. bill clinton is doing a rally monday night. that is in massachusetts. they were thinking that was a strong state for sanders. firepower in there, they think they can pull it off. adam: always great insight. thanks for joining us. for the latest on the race to today' over to there you will find complete
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as they are available. announcer: now, meteorologist hayley lapoint and your stormwatch 9 forecast. hayley: good saturday evening. what a beautiful day. bright sunny skies. you can see a few clouds and maybe even snow flurries are in the north country. overall, it has been a beautiful day. a nice day in portsmouth at the seacoast. have you noticed we are starting to have more daylight at the end of the day? that tends to happen as we get later into the winter and closer to spring. tonight, sunset just after 5:30, within the next 15 minutes. two weekends from now, we are going to spring forward. that will mean two sundays away, we will have sunset at 6:51. at may 11, sunset at 8:00 at night. you will start to notice we are going to have more daylight as
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look at the temperatures across the state. we have fallen into the 30' s. 37 in exeter. 35 in rochester. 37 in manchester. low to mid 30' s across the area. in the lakes region, more of the same. 35 in center harbor. chillier temperatures north. jackson 28. 33 in chatham. 25 in pittsburg. the winds have been moving around today, especially in central new hampshire and southern new hampshire. we have seen breezes near 10 miles per hour in manchester. you see these lines? these are the wind direction. the winds are coming out of the southwest. that is a warmer wind direction. that will keep temperatures overnight warmer. tomorrow, we have another warm air surge coming our way with
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where we were today. most of us will crack 50 degrees tomorrow. we do have a few clouds starting to stream in. they are thickening up north of the notches. north of the canadian border, there are snow showers. you see a line starting to form north of the champlain valley. some of these snow showers will start to move southward into northern portions of the state overnight. not expecting more than an inch or two. higher elevations could see three or four inches. heavier snow in the higher elevations. most of the lower elevation communities like littleton and berlin, maybe an inch. clouds. monday is our next storm system. be rain. we will have spotty showers.
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monday morning in the northern part of the state and in the connecticut river valley. here' s what you can expect overnight. temperatures in the 20' s. not as cold as last night and this morning. tomorrow, a mix of sun and clouds. milder. we will get to 50, maybe low 50' s across much of the area. a few showers monday, especially in the morning. then we get into a messy mix again. it looks like a midweek storm system comes through. when it starts late tuesday night and ends late wednesday night, we will have the mix of snow with rain in the middle. it is this pattern we cannot snap out of this winter with the mild air. stephanie: at least we are getting rain and warm temperatures in the middle of the week. tomorrow does not look like a good day to go on the mountains. but maybe next weekend for skiing and boarding. hayley: they are doing well making snow. even tomorrow should be all right. adam: how about the celtics in
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announcer: now, jason king and news 9 sports. jason: the celtics and the heat on the court this afternoon. the two teams separated by just
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conference. the jumped out to an early start. point. the celtics chipped away. that made it a four-point gain. turner. tied at 28. the celts turn it on in the second half. we will have more highlights at 6:00. unh wrapped up the regular season with a 78-69 win over over the university of maryland baltimore county today. jaleen smith had a team-high 23 points. new hampshire is 18-11. they will either be the three or the four-seed in the conference tournament, depending on the outcome of vermont' s game tonight. the red sox begin spring play northeastern and boston college. a lot of young talent on the sox roster players that came into their own last season and will likely have starting jobs this year.
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to continue to see time at multiple positions, while mookie lineup. i do. it has gotten me a job in the big leagues. it has helped me stay. i enjoy moving around and playing different positions. where i can. to do that. >> that is the main thing, not taking anything for granted. go out and make sure we get up some w' s and get better at the same time. jason: we have some outdoor sports tonight at 6:00. stephanie: thanks so much. we are working on more for news 9 at 5:30. adam: can you guess how many ski enthusiasts took the tram today? stephanie: we are following a
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adam: now at 5:30 -- a plane crash in massachusetts. the pilot rushed to the hospital. the latest details ahead. hayley: a few snow showers in
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before another punch of warm air arrives on sunday. how mild it will be and when we could see more rain coming up. stephanie: back in service. two weeks after a mechanical problem stranded dozens in the air the cannon tram reopened , today. visuals of its first transport ahead. adam: plus, food fight. the six-week battle to save market basket hitting a big screen in portsmouth. announcer: no one covers new hampshire like we do. now, wmur news 9 at 5:30. stephanie: we begin with a look at the weather. we had a beautiful saturday but sunday may not be as bright. i am stephanie woods. adam: i am adam sexton. let' s check in with meteorologist hayley lapoint. hayley: we had the bright, blue sky perfect for outdoor activities. i was able to enjoy a walk outside and not be so cold.
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today was a typical february day. we got to 40 degrees in concord, plot or degrees above the average of 36 for this time in late february. 39 was the height manchester. that is almost where we stand now. 38 in concord. most of us in the mid to upper 30' s. a few places have fallen into the lower 30' s north. there are clouds starting to stream in. in northern portions of new york state and vermont, there are snow showers moving through montreal. those snow showers will traverse across northern areas of new hampshire tonight with like snow accumulation -- with light snow accumulation. if you' re heading out to dinner or a movie this evening, nothing to get in your way other than a cool breeze. 30 degrees at 9:00 this evening. by 11:00, we will have fallen into the 20' s.
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forecast in a few minutes. stephanie: thanks so much. the cannon mountain tramway is back in action. today the tram reopened for the , public after about two weeks of being shutdown. we were there as 48 people were stuck about 40 feet in the air. they had to be repelled down. a company out of maine repaired the 4200 pound motor. yesterday state inspectors gave , the tram the green light for public travel. adam: a massachusetts man is recovering this evening after suffering serious injuries while hiking near the summit of mount -- cardigan mountain in orange. fish and game officials say the hiker called for help yesterday afternoon reporting he had suffered a leg injury and was no longer able to walk. rescue crews carried him down the mountain and also treated him for hypothermia. officials say he did not have the proper equipment needed for a winter hike. stephanie: state police are investigating a possible drunk driving crash in stratham. it occurred this morning on route 101 near exit 10.
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discovered the vehicle had apparently drifted off of the road before hitting and destroying a road sign. the driver, randy sprague of epping, allegedly fled from the scene. a police dog was able to track him down. sprague now faces several charges. adam: we are following a developing story out of massachusetts were a plane crashed this afternoon at plymouth airport. when crews arrived, they found the plane on the roof. the pilot was the only person in the plane. he was transported to brigham and women' s hospital for what they call serious but non-life-threatening injuries. stephanie: school officials in ithaca, new york, have shut off the drinking water at all of its schools. testing last month found unsafe levels of lead in the water. right now parents are upset , because similar tests were done last august also showing unsafe levels of lead. officials say the county and state health departments are now involved. the school district says it' s providing bottled water to
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adam: now to the spreading zika virus. the c.d.c. is monitoring several u.s. pregnancies. health officials say nine pregnant women in the u.s. have the virus. three of the babies have been born one with a brain defect. right now the c.d.c. is , cautioning pregnant women to not attend the olympics in brazil this summer. moving now closer to home. 54 people are being tested for the zika virus here in new hampshire. the department of health says three tests came back negative and the rest are still pending. there currently no confirmed cases in the granite state. stephanie: troubling new details about the i.r.s. data breach. the number of people caught up in the theft of tax-payer data last year is seven times larger than originally thought. in may, the i.r.s. said cyber criminals used a popular tool on their website to steal the tax forms of 104,000 people. yesterday the agency said the , number of people affected is closer to 720,000. starting next week, the i.r.s. will warn affected taxpayers
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saying you studied beer in college used to be a joke. now unh is making it a reality. the university of new hampshire is offering a minor in brewing. they say it will help students get jobs producing craft beer. in new hampshire, there are more than 50 breweries. the university is creating a testing lab and plant that will open in early 2017. adam: a grocery protest that drew attention nationwide now on the big screen. tonight, your chance to see a sneak peak of a new documentary about the hundreds of market basket employees who fought to bring back their beloved c.e.o. stephanie: "food fight: inside the battle for market basket" can be seen at the music hall in portsmouth tonight at 7:00. adam: the filmmaker from exeter says the movie is not only about the six-week protest, but the power of ordinary people. stephanie: as we covered it, we said it feels like a movie. i am glad summary is making a
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ever spy a wild turkey in your backyard? adam: in just a few minutes, we' ll tell you about a campaign to report those spotted here in the granite state. stephanie: and oscar sunday is just a day away. we are breaking the big night down by the numbers. hayley: snow showers expected across the northern part of the state.
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stephanie: dozens are expected to escape outside for what' s considered the sweetest day on the trails. burn off the calories by moving between stops at the 27th annual mount washington valley chocolate festival. depending on mother nature, you can ski, snowshoe, or hike between the nine businesses offering sweet treats tomorrow. the event raises money for a foundation that teaches kids to ski. have you seen a wild turkey recently? if so, new hampshire fish and game wants you to report it. the wild turkey flock survey is open through the end of march. those who wish to report sightings are asked to visit note the number of turkeys in a flock and where they were seen. recent warm weather is forcing a number of outdoor skating areas to close for the season. the gilford' s community ice rink announced this week that it will shut down for the season and is cancelling the community skate night scheduled for monday. and all outdoor skating areas in concord are now closed for the season. the city maintains two ponds for ice skating during the winter, as well as the hockey rink at
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at rollins park. you can find even more outdoors section of our website, now lets check in with meteorologist hayley lapoint for an update on the outdoor weekend forecast. weekend, we will have sunshine. the big event is the last day meredith. you can see what they have been picking up. is that is your plan tomorrow, count on cloudy skies in the morning but sunshine later in the day. you will notice milder air starting to move back in. the high temperatures getting close to 50 even in the lakes region. after the break, i will have more on the full forecast. adam: thank you. next week some of the best ski , racers from across the country will hit the slopes in new hampshire. in just a few minutes, we will
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announcer: now, meteorologist hayley lapoint and your stormwatch 9 forecast. hayley: we had sunshine for much of the day. high clouds have started to stream in. this is a live look from the university camera.
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the same thing is true in portsmouth. we will continue to have clear skies in southern areas through much of the evening and overnight. a few passing clouds expected, especially north as we go through the next the hours. here are the current temperature readings. 32 in jaffrey. upper 30' s manchester international a. portsmouth at 36. 37 in lebanon. 34 in whitefield. the same thing as through north of the notches. the winds have been out of the southwest. it has been a shifting wind through the day. starting northwesterly. now they are out of the southwest, that is pumping in mild air. temperatures are going to be warmer overnight tonight. you can see about 10 miles an hour at the airport in manchester.
5:45 pm
clouds starting to fill in. it looks like it will be the case through the evening. the thicker clouds are by the connecticut river valley and in the champlain valley as snow showers are starting to move into southern quebec. eventually, these will move into northern areas of new hampshire. these will start to move across new hampshire. this is midnight tonight. you see that is the case. berlin, lancaster, colebrook, you will likely see a fresh tonight. the higher elevations, there may be a couple of inches as usually happens with milder air. start with a mix of sun and clouds. if you are heading out for
5:46 pm
errands, you should not have anything to stop you other than a few slick spots on the roads overnight. day with passing clouds. of rain showers. these will mainly happened during the morning, especially in the upper valley and up north, there may be freezing will be cool in the morning. but everybody changes over to light rain. it looks like it' morning. in the afternoon on monday, we are back to sunshine. here' s what you can expect tonight. most of us falling into the 20' s. a few places only falling into the 30' portsmouth. s up north. 50 in laconia. 54 in concord. manchester about 50 degrees in salem. on monday, we will have a couple of showers in the morning.
5:47 pm
temperatures go down a little bit as another disturbance start to move in in the afternoon and evening. starting out with snow showers overnight tuesday. wednesday, it will mainly be rain. cooler temperatures arrive later this week. we can' t seem to shake these patterns with the mild air coming along with the storm systems. no big snowstorm in the forecast this week. adam: the water is really high. hayley: and moving fast after the inch or plus earlier this week. stephanie: thanks so much. adam: next week, some of the best telemark ski racers from around the united states will be at crotched mountain to compete for the men' s and women' s national championship. stephanie: telemark is making a resurgence. our erin fehlau decided to head down the slopes and give it a
5:48 pm
reporter: it is a cross between alpine and cross-country skiing. telemark skiers are everywhere. >> free the heal, free the soul. reporter: they met skis -- they met skis and offer telemark lessons. it also hosts telemark races one night a week. it has been steadily growing. >> we are a bunch of people that get together they get together and tear up the mountain all day long, as long as our legs will last. >> somebody who has the skills can get on the terrain that may not be as challenging normally and it becomes extremely challenging. reporter: the sport is perfect for downhill skiers looking for a new challenge.
5:49 pm
an alpiner will have the ski engaged. a telemark ski, you are leading with your downhill ski and putting more pressure on the downhill ski. reporter: i have to rethink things. >> we have to remove her alpine brain, turn it around and put it in, and that is your alpine -- telemark brain. reporter: many say goodbye to their downhill equipment. >> that hit craigslist a long time ago. i have not gone back. it is too much fun. >> it is the feel of being low to the snow. you can' t beat it. it just flows from one turn to the other. it is more of an effort but well worth it.
5:50 pm
skiers here than other areas of its size for sure. it is great to come back home and have so many tele friends on the slopes. reporter: while some opt for the chairlift, others prefer to ski to the summit. skins are attached to the bases to make the climb easier. this is against the fabric. this is with it. grab onto the snow. >> it has been wonderful. it has opened up a whole new mountain for us because we can skin up the mountain in the morning and spend the afternoon teleskiing. it has been great. >> i enjoy getting into the woods. on the weekends, we will bring our dogs. we go out into the trees. you can skin there and come down and get a couple of runs with
5:51 pm
>> we get the question all the time, you do know there is a chairlift? we got it. there were days at the beginning of the season when none of us used the chairlift. we would hike up and down. reporter: equipment has changed a lot. they are more like alpine than cross-country. >> there is no square toe. they are releasable. there are brakes. you pick it up and it is not that difficult. reporter: he owns the ski shop in new boston where he also sells the teleboard, which he invented years ago with his brother. >> it is sort of like a bigfoot sighting. you might have seen someone with one. it is amazing. reporter: his son, an instructor, likes to hit the rails. >> the tricks you can do and the
5:52 pm
different than on alpine skis. >> drop a little. control position. >> people are intimidated by it. but it is not scary or as challenging as people imagine it to be. a lot of people think they have bad knees, they cannot do it, or the legs are not strong enough. through the process, your knees get stronger because of the muscle you are developing. it is a great way for everyone to get out and have a good time. reporter: not pretty yet. but i am learning. >> the best student i ever had. >> it makes you smile all the way down. you already have a smile and you just started today. >> it is a nice dance down the hill. you get into a nice rhythm. it is a nice flow. it is more work but when you start gliding and dancing down the hill, it'
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fun. adam: coming up next week on "new hampshire chronicle," erin takes to the mountains again. this time, she saddles up with the oldest professional ski patrol in the country to see what it takes to keep skiers safe. snowmaking continues at pats peak. you can submit pictures and video and join the thousands of ulocal members by logging on. still making snow. stephanie: good for them. colton temperatures are on the way. adam: oscar weekend just a day away. at 6:00 larger than expected turnout at the annual ice fishing derby as fish and game warns of unsafe ice conditions.
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stephanie: here is a dream job for most pooches. the brazilian open is using trained dogs to retrieve tennis balls to encourage animal adoption. the problem is getting them to give the ball back to you. the countdown is on until oscar sunday.
5:57 pm
less than 24 hours away. we are breaking down the numbers of the academy awards. adam: "25" is not just the title of adele' s new album, it' s also the age of the youngest person to land four acting nominations. that honor goes to jennifer lawrence. stephanie: those 24-karat, gold-plated oscar statuettes cost a whopping $500 apiece to make. it costs nearly seven times that amount, an estimated $3500, to get an actress red carpet ready. adam: i would have thought the statuettes were more expensive. wmur has complete coverage tomorrow. it starts at 3:00. at 4:00, a summary of the nominees and their work. we will take you to the final preparations at 5:00. stephanie: it is back to live coverage from the red carpet followed by the academy awards. adam: quite an undertaking. stephanie: very exciting.
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i have not seen all of the movies. adam: i am pulling for "spotlight." stephanie: thanks for joining us on news 9 at 5:00.
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stephanie: a warning from fish and game to be careful on thin ice as thousands are competing in the ice fishing derby. hayley: a few snow showers north tonight, then mild air surges back in on sunday. how mild it will feel, coming up. adam: students on the ice hockey team testing positive for the virus. the symptoms to watch out for. >> she was humble and sincere, and it extended far and deep. stephanie: former mayor eileen foley remembered for her service . tonight, the legacy she leaves behind. announcer: no one covers new hampshire like we do.


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