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tv   World News Now  ABC  February 29, 2016 3:37am-4:30am EST

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(sighs heavily) tell me you did not murder that man. i did not murder that man. but i had a hand. explain. i had a chat with him yesterday. he made it very clear that if you managed to undo him, there would be consequences. he threatened us. he said there was a letter. that in the event of his death or arrest, it would be sent to certain parties within le milieu. he planned to burn me. tell them i was british intelligence. he also made it very clear that you two would be caught in the crossfire. we can take care of
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you don't know these men, sherlock. not like i do. so if you didn't kill sherrington, who did? bit of luck, you introducing me to your friends at the nsa the other week. agent mcnally? i told you-- i was a clearinghouse for mi6. i stored facts; facts which were as valuable to the national security agency as they were to mi6. after my talk with sherrington, i went to them. i made a deal. wait a second-- are you saying that they killed him? more like played him at his own game. they had their own contacts at le milieu, which i suspected all along. they made certain parties in that organization aware of mi6's infiltration. and, in turn, le milieu made an example of sherrington. you're not making any sense. if they know about him, then they know about you. they'll come after you, just like he wanted them to.
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i'm already dead. what're you talking about? he means the nsa has agreed to fake his demise. there was an accident at diogenes, a little while ago. a fire broke out in the kitchen. when the smoke clears, the body of a man will be found. a man about my size. a man in possession of my personal effects. the blaze, of course, will disguise the fact that he's a cadaver. but if you're supposed to be dead... he can't stay in new york. nor can he go to london. or rome. or anywhere else he's had dealings with le milieu. he needs to disappear. probably forever. i'm so sorry, joan. sherlock and i were working on this, you...
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i did what i had to do. lazy. stupid. sherlock... watson's right. we could fix this. but that would require hard work... effort. i can't believe i came to you last night, asking your forgiveness. you are the same self-absorbed sloth... i love you, brother. this last year...
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watson: is that a month to month lease, then? yes, that's right. i-i would like to see the apartment as soon as possible. yes, one person. no pets. mr. holmes. i was wondering if we might
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i was sorry to hear about your brother. i assume by now you've been apprised of the arrest of julian afkhami. he was conspiring with sherrington, not mycroft. just as i know that mr. sherrington was subsequently murdered. good riddance to bad rubbish. i only wish he'd been slotted before he got to your brother. several days ago, mr. sherrington made me an offer of employment. of great assistance to mi6. i'm just curious-- of a criminal to keep his enemy close, or was he acting on orders? it's hard to know now what sherrington thought he'd gain from it. but... the offer came from me. well, in that case, i'd very much like to take you up on it. captioning sponsored by
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>> shad: hey, what's up? i'm shad and this is q. ptoday on the program: will psasso. phe's known for his dead-on pimpressions and hilarious fine pvideos. pthe star oft mad tvx is in studio pq to chat about his new prank pcomedy show,v fool canada. pwill sasso first up. p>> will sasso: and maybe that's pwhy the canadian guy's like, p"oh, okay, weird new york dude pwho somehow stepped out of a pwormhole into the streets of pmississauga, i'll help you find pout where you know me from." p>> shad: and will gadd. phe climbed one of the biggest pwaterfalls in the world--niagara pfalls--and now the top athlete pis here to take us through that pincredible journey. pwill gadd, later on in the show. p>> will gadd: i'd wake up the pnight after i'd done it worried pthat i'd gotten it wrong and the pwater level was going to pfluctuate for power generation, pthat it was going to sweep me pout of there. pand there goes gadd down the priver, you know, so-- p>> shad: finally:
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pthe juno award-winning pgrammy-nominated band have a pbrand-new record out called nsilverballt that continues the pvibe and legacy we all know and plove. pthey're here to perform off ptheir 14th studio album coming pup. i'm shad. this is q. [theme] >> man [will sasso]: where--where did i meet you at? you were at the restaurant. you had--what you had that sandwich or something, what was it? >> canadian: i got a dance rehearsal to go to. >> man: yeah, that's what it was! it was the dance thing that i went to. yeah, who was that girl you were always with? >> canadian: jen. >> man: jen, that's it. i'm friends with jen. i know jen's father. oh, okay. >> man: yeah, yeah, yeah. how's that going by the way, that whole dance thing? i've got a big show coming up. >> man: oh, you have a big show, right, right, yeah. she was telling me. apparently you guys whipped up quite a number. we're good dancers, man. >> man: yeah, yeah, yeah. >> canadian: well, uh--this is weird. >> man: yeah, it's been a while. it's been a while since i saw you. >> canadian: yeah. >> shad: well you probably know will sasso from mad tv, the sketch comedy show from the '90s. he was always up there doing his celebrity impressions of guys and arnold schwarzenegger.
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from his hilarious vine videos, like the one where he makes lemons, full lemons, appear from out of his mouth. well now he has a new prank show. it's called fool canada. it's on cbc and will sasso dropped by studio q to talk about it. so, will, did that guy in the clip we just played ever figure out that you two didn't actually know each other? >> will: i think the further we went the--the more he bought it. at first he was like, "i do not know this guy who looks like super mario." um, and then, at which point i started bringing up people he forgot that he told--he gave that up. like--like just, again, like a card trick. >> shad: yeah. >> will: like i guess he forgot that he offered that up. and what reason does he have to not believe me when i say, "i know jen's father, right, right. how's that going with that dance thing?" him. good dancers." yeah, yeah, tell me about that. i mean if someone walks up to you on the street and goes, "tell me about your passion and what gives you joy." "okay, i will." so god bless that dude. bought it. that situation.
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i'm trying to buy time to see if i do, in fact, know you. >> will: sure. >> shad: so i would go along with it for a while. i don't know if you use that technique. >> will: to--if i don't know someone? >> shad: if i come up to you and say, "hey, man," like "how have you been?" >> will: yeah, i've completely replaced the term, "nice to meet you" with "good to see you." because i'll be like, "hey, nice to meet you" and they're like, "we met seven years ago at the blah, blah, blah." and i go, "yeah, that was--that's right, that's what i mean, nice to meet you then and good to see you now." so everyone's just, "good to see you." it doesn't matter. even if i know definitively i've never met this person. will, this is the prime minister of canada. "good to see you, man." "uh, hello, nice to meet you." "yeah, good to see you!" >> shad: um, pranking will never get old. >> will: no. >> shad: what do you love most about this kind of comedy? >> will: well, you know, a few things. i--i, well i've never done anything like this. so when, you know, when i was approached to do this i was like--i really honestly was a little bit scared of it. because it's--yeah, i'm an actor first and then of course, yeah,
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comedy stuff, and all that sort of silly thing. and do a bunch of characters and all that stuff, and that's fun. but in this form, i've never done anything like this. and it was the fact that i was actually daunted by it and found it to be a bit scary because i'm like, well, i like that i can just sort of perform in "long form improvisation" with people that don't know that they're my scene partner. >> shad: mm hmm. >> will: that sounds cool. and here are, you know, 10 or 20 variables that make it--that make things--it could go really wrong. and it turned into, before i'd signed up to do it, those are the things that actually really attracted me to it and made me feel like i'd, you know, in a manner of speak, be a wussy if i didn't do it. >> shad: huh. >> will: because i felt challenged by it and was like there's--there could be some really weird cool comedy here. and, uh--and the idea of just playing characters in, again, like a long-form improv, just talking to people and the--the--the ultimate sell of trying to get the general public to believe that you're a different person.
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>> will: 'cause i--i love doing characters and sometimes when i do a character i want to stay in it for a long time. and then you take this silly wig off and it's like, oh, it's a bummer, i was kind of having fun being that guy, you know, it's cool. >> shad: i'd imagine in all the projects you've worked on there must have been some pranksters there. >> will: oh, yeah. >> shad: is there any that stand out for you as people that you just had to watch your back working with this person? >> will: yeah, um, yeah absolutely, yeah. i mean, yeah, mad tv there was a lot of--there were--yeah, there were a lot of pranks. i don't know how much or how little i should say, but deborah wilson would take all of her clothes off all of the time. this is some time ago. like now you can't do--you can't do that now. there would be problems if you did that now. but she would always be naked. i'm talking about--i'm saying i'll forego the next 13 or 14 deborah naked stories but, um, yeah there's stuff like that. >> shad: it was a pranking environment? >> w >> will: yeah. >> shad: maybe we'll end with your number one all-time prank
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>> will: number one all-time prank that i've done or seen? man, oh man. oh, that's good. ooh, that's good. i don't even know the best prank--oh, i know the best prank. i don't--i don't know that it--i don't know that it was seen. well, you know we've already-- >> shad: you don't have to have seen it, just, you know. that one. >> will: best prank. oh, well i hear that--i remember hearing this, and this is a canadian story told to me by sctv and mad tv. and he told me a story about, and i actually met this gentlemen recently, not mike, i've known mike for years, but i i'm going to quantify this story. so until then, let me just share happened. >> shad: yeah. >> will: but i hear that howie mandel, this is a prank that mike short told me, oh, this is a super canadian story. that howie mandel had a buddy of his visiting him from canada. and i am going to hit up mr. mandel and see if this is true. he had a friend of his visiting
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he pretended to have a--another friend of his, in his house dressed as like--like a mugger, like someone who's like robbing, but like literally with a ski mask, like a central casting version. not just a dude in your house taking stuff. he's got to have a ski mask and like a hamburglar shirt, you know, and a cape. and so he goes in howie's house when--right after howie picks up his friend from the airport, a buddy visiting from winnipeg. they go into the house and here's this guy. howie, "bl, bl, bl," fumbles for a gun. it's a blank, it's a showbiz gun. boom, shoots him. completely fake. and then asked his friend to put car. and then i think they drove it to like the angeles national forest to really freak out the dude. >> shad: oh wow! >> will: who'd never been to l.a. and so my question for mike was like, "ok, that didn't happen." he's like, "oh that really happened, that really happened." "ok, but then he let him off the hook, right?" "no, i don't think he ever did. i don't think he ever left him off." "he just thinks that howie mandel's a murderer?" it's not that was a fun satirical little story. so i'll--i'll get the proof and
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i'll let you know whether it actually happened or not. but i want to believe that that happened. best prank of all time. >> shad: i want to believe that happened too, and we're looking forward to the confirmation. that is comedian and actor will sasso. coming up on q: barenaked ladies perform. pbut first, athlete will gadd on pclimbing niagara falls. p>> will gadd: some places you'd plook at and go, wow, it's really pbeautiful. pand grand canyon, well, it looks preally neat. pbut niagara falls, it shakes pyour guts. [theme] i'm savin' you five hundred coming soon from progressive, it's "savin' u," the new hit single from the dizzcounts. cash money the biggest discount and understand... the dizzcounts. safe driver, paperless, paid-in-full, multi-car and joey fatone. savin' you five hundred i'm savin' you five hundred we have auto-tune, right? oh, yeah.
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[theme] >> will gadd: this is niagara falls. everybody in the world knows about this waterfall. it's the largest waterfall in the world, 6 million cubic feet of water a second ripping off the edge. it's real. this is the first time in history that anybody's ever had a permit to go ice climbing
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>> radio announcer: a larger potentially record breaking storm has shut down large parts of the northeast coast from new york to boston. temperatures will barely reach 20 degrees as a high with a wind chill factor in the single digits. an arctic outflow warning remains in effect for the region as temperatures will continue to drop. >> will: i haven't fallen off in 30 years of ice climbing and today i'd like to keep that streak alive. i'd like to get one more day where i don't fall off. i'll be honest, i got butterflies. >> shad: well he's national geographic's adventurer of the year for 2015. he's set paragliding records. he's explored mines and caves. they call will gadd captain adventure for a reason. most recently he climbed niagara falls. if you want to figure out how that even works watch will gadd in studio q. >> will: thank you very much for having me. >> shad: gladly. so, what did your climbing
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niagara falls? >> will: well that was the worst part is i couldn't tell anybody. >> shad: huh. >> will: part of the permitting process for niagara falls is we couldn't have a gong show there. >> shad: oh. of my friends. and i'm flying out to buffalo, new york, and niagara falls all the time. like, what are you doing out there? you know, where are you going? well, i gotta go to toronto, having some meetings. then go over to niagara falls and have a look at it. >> shad: wow. >> will: when i did it though of course, yeah, my friends are, what? no way! so it's great. >> shad: do you typically draw kind of inspiration from that community and sharing what your next adventure would be? like was it hard to not be able to talk to them about it? >> will: yeah, it was really hard because it was just--it ate my life. this is niagara falls, biggest waterfall, craziest waterfall on the planet. more water coming off of there. and i can't talk about it. i'm going to get to go climb it. it was horrible. like, you know? it's-- >> shad: so tell us what the preparation is like for that? >> will: yeah, the preparation for niagara falls took eight months. and it started it out with going into the parks office and asking the head guy. we did it on the u.s. side just because the way the ice forms up, it's better over there on the american side, but--and--and
4:01 am
can--we'd sort of like to climb niagara falls, could we do that? and the answer was, you know, an emphatic, i believe it was an expletive "no." and even in government speak at that point. and then we had to go through an incredibly complicated process involving a lot of people and learning how the american political system worked and getting to meet the governor's staff. and eventually i'm standing at the bottom of it and there's freight trains falling off the edge and i'm going to get to climb it. >> shad: and, now how do you get up a 150 foot sheet of ice? >> will: yeah, that's a good question. kind of a hockey rink with ice really. so to climb ice in general you want to have--you want to turn yourself into kind of a grizzly bear. you get these big claws on your hands and those are ice tools. and you slam them into the ice, and claws for your feet, crampons. attached to ice. you know we all walk out of our houses and face plant and think ice sucks, you know? >> shad: we just don't have the proper-- >> will: you don't have the proper gear, you know. for frozen sidewalks i have tools for that, so, and that's what you use. and then i also had a partner on
4:02 am
rope. because the first rule of all of this is, you die you lose. >> shad: mm hmm. >> will: and i don't--you know, i don't want to do this. good. i want to keep doing it so--you have some gear for protection but you need it. you do start at the bottom and climb to the top. and in my world that's very important. >> shad: and you encountered doom along the way. >> will: yeah, the caldron of doom. >> shad: what was that? >> will: well, when you--when you look at some of the pictures and you could--you could--the whole of niagara falls was slamming straight down. and i'm climbing above where the falls hits the bottom. it's actually behind my back at times. and if i fell off down low there's no gear, the rope isn't going to do anything. i'm going to fall into this caldron of doom that's surrounded by like 50 foot ice walls and get destroyed in there and then stuffed under the ice on the niagara river and then go underneath that. so it would just be a bad place to be. the caldron of doom was really aptly named. >> shad: what did it feel like, that massive rush of water around you? what did that feel like? >> will: it's so powerful. some places you'd look and go,
4:03 am
and the grand canyon, "wow, it looks really neat." but niagara falls, it shakes your guts. i mean you can feel it, right? the ground moves. it's this visceral sort of, "wow, this is a big, big feature." and then looking up at it and saying, "yeah, i'm going to climb that." you know i was--i was really nervous. it's just so powerful. >> shad: hearing this story it made me think that in this day and age we have so much access to information. we can learn so much. but it's a different kind of knowing when you know with your body. >> will: yeah. >> shad: you experienced niagara falls physically. >> will: yeah. >> shad: in a way that the rest of us would not. so you know niagara falls in your body. >> will: yeah. >> shad: what is that like? >> will: well it's an imprint. that's what i like about it. the landscape leaves an imprint on you. you know when i fly the length of the rockies in a paraglider i know it. i've crashed into the dirt. i've tasted it in my mouth. i've--i've walked around the meadows and know that place. and until you really sink into a landscape like that you don't know it. and know i know what niagara falls tastes like.
4:04 am
doesn't taste very good. and i know what it looks like and how it feels. and i've looked through the water out--out, you know, through this veil of water 'cause the whole thing didn't freeze. it marks you. it really gets in there. and i had dreams about it for a long time afterwards. >> shad: hmm. >> will: you know, just thinking about how it was working. and i'd wake up the night after i'd done it worried that i'd gotten it wrong and the water level was going to fluctuate for power generation, and then it was going to sweep me out of there like you know somebody turning on a giant spigot. and there goes gadd down the river, you know, so--it was--there was just so much going on there. >> shad: the story also made me think about the different kinds of fear. >> will: yeah. >> shad: you must feel. >> will: yeah. >> shad: you must know different kinds of fear. some fear that is good, some fear that tells you, "no, i don't do this climb." is that right? >> will: yeah, i mean fear is a big part of my world. and i have a lot of it. most people are surprised by that. like, oh, you must just not feel fear. but for me, fear is a sign that i'm not understanding a situation yet. and i'm--i break things down
4:05 am
where i overcome that fear. and if i don't do that i've learned over the years that i'm about to make a really stupid decision. if i'm at the top of a big drop in my kayak and i'm terrified--you know when i was younger i'd literally vomit in the--in the drop--right at the top of drops because i was so scared. and then i'd push it and usually nothing good would happen. and now as i've gotten older if i have that feeling i pull the pin. i'm like, all right what's actually going to kill me here and have i dealt with that or not? you know, there's the old donald rumsfeld quote about knowing and i thought that guy was an idiot until i hear--until i got to the part of the quote where it was like unknown unknowns. >> shad: mmm. >> will: and that's what keeps me up at night are the unknown unknowns. what have i not figured out? and that's kind of my biggest fear is--at niagara falls, you know, is there going to be a boat coming off the top of that thing? like what could happen? you know, you really don't know, so-- >> will: so what did the fear feel like going into that climb? did you feel like you had addressed all those things you were a scared of? >> will: yeah, but there's--there's huge pressure there. you know normally if i fall off the start of a climb i don't go into the caldron of doom, i hit
4:06 am
and that probably i'm even going to walk away from if there's enough snow. at niagara falls i'm going to get killed and then it's going to be international news. >> shad: mmm. >> will: you know, nobody cares if i break my leg in the canadian rockies. ha, ha, it might make the local news. but niagara falls, i'm going to call from like anderson cooper. "so, you broke you--or you, you're going to call me, you know, so--" i did it well so i'm here. it's--it's--that's another level of pressure. it's one thing to get pressure from the environment, the fear and dangers there. and then it's the whole social world, and that's way scarier. you know, i'm not a natural, you know, jump up and down in public kind of guy. i'm learning. >> shad: is there an addictive dimension to what you do? >> will: yeah, i mean anything interesting and exciting is addictive, right? if you find it really engaging and fascinating then you get pulled toward it. well i hope you get a chance to do that for a long, long time. >> will: thank you. and if you ever want to go ice climbing let me know, i'll take you out. >> shad: i'm a couple steps away from ice climbing. maybe-- >> will: oh, you're good. you're ready to go.
4:07 am
>> shad: okay, all right. thank you very much. >> will: thank you. n stop messing with my duct tape nheart-- p>> shad: still to come on\ q: pa performance from barenaked pladies. pwe'll be right back. how fast are allegra gelcaps? we're going out in an hour... fast. allegra relieves your worst allergy symptoms two times faster than claritin . allegra gelcaps... not just fast. allegra fast. many prescriptions can cause dry mouth. act dry mouth mouthwash and toothpaste relieve with soothing formulas that strengthen teeth and freshen breath.
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[ pickles whines ] i know, it's like they're always on television.
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[theme] >> shad: "if i had a million dollars," "enid, "jane," "brian wilson," the barenaked ladies have been making hits for nearly 30 years. they just released their 14th studio album. it's called silverball and it's all about pinball. you can find out about that in the interview that's up on our website, but here, performing live, are the barenaked ladies in studio q. say what you want 'cause i can't hear you anyway
4:11 am
i won't steer you or lead you either way did you just fail to mention that maybe i can make you smile again? make you smile and after a while, say did i just get your attention? did you notice that i changed my style and then you made me smile, but it's not my style still say what you want 'cause i can't hear you anyway go where you will i won't steer you or lead you either way did you lose your medication or did you just want to be with me again?
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i'm shad, thanks for watching. now say what you want 'cause i can't hear you anyway go where you will i won't steer you or lead you either way i've been running through the
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the awards may be over in hollywood, but here in new york we still have a few to give out of our own. sloo. >> absolutely, yes. there are some special performances we'd like to honor on our very own "world news now" nowscars. for our first category, best performance by a background news worker. our nominees brian as the guy who sits behind me and does strange things. >> this is brian's first nomination. many consider him to have been snubbed for a previous nowscar worthy performance. also, brian wrote that. >> we would nominate our writer deb but in keeping with the serious theme, no black nominees. jack sheehan's third nomination. he has been previously nominated for his role as bachelor senior
4:19 am
league commissioner. and the winner is -- jack sheehan. >> yes. >> jack, come and get your nowscars, aka the golden remote. >> that is outstanding. thank you very much. thank you very much. i'd like to thank my wife for putting up with my eccentricities, my parents for bringing me into this world and good luck to my sister-in-law erin who is possibly having a boy today. bring on number 11. >> number 11? >> get 45 seconds. >> okay. i'm getting hooked. thanks. >> thank you. and brian, you know, since you lost, you can present the rest of the awards. >> oh, well, gee, guys, thanks. i really appreciate that. >> you're welcome. >> oh, i'm not really prepared. wait, i think i'm okay. let's do this. it's time for the world news
4:20 am
first category, not prepared or anything. >> not prepared at all. there's just golden remote controls sitting on this table. here we go. being a news anchor can be difficult. a lot goes into being the face of the broadcast, sometimes you have to do things you otherwise wouldn't. but you also don't. like when it comes to eating meat. it's something our next nominee simply does not do. >> these are so good. i'm eating the vegetarian part. not vegetarian. i can't partake. there's no tofu dog. >> well, since there are no other nominees in this category of best performance by a pescetarian, reena ninan, the nowscar goes to you. >> me? >> yes. this is for you. >> wow. well, i really wasn't prepared for this moment. i wasn't expecting this. i'd like to thank my mom and dad
4:21 am
i want to know, wait, is this a real verizon fios remote? my kids lost this one. threw it in the garbage. can i really use it? >> it might be. but we can't say for sure. you are getting the hook. we have one more award. it's a two for one combo award for best hair and best wardrobe. the nowscar goes to kendis gibson. look at all those beautiful looks. that's the trendy man bun up there in the left-hand corner. >> wow. >> what's your inspiration? >> i got to tell you, it's all the previous black anchors, bradley, t.j., rob nelson, asher blake, martha stewart. so many who have blazed a trail here. thank you. this moment is bigger than just me. >> it is. >> we want to bring in all our winners. we want to bring them all in. we want to say congratulations to the winners. we are a lot more diverse here
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happier still, megared is proven to increase omega-3 levels in 30 days. megared. the difference is easy to absorb. well, the statues have been handed out. and the lights have faded and hollywood's biggest stars have moved on to a night jam packed with plenty of after parties. >> and our friends at the red carpet are out in full force at here's some of their coverage. amazing especially the way he started the show. i was like did he just say that. >> get to hang out with everybody. laugh, talk drink and party. >> it's the top night of hollywood. >> my favorite moment was his speech. >> always like the glamour and glitz and the glory and the
4:26 am
watch, as well. >> the best thing winning. >> this is the second one i've been lucky enough to win. it makes writing my inheritance quite a bit easier because i have two kids. this is such an amazing piece and it's so timely and so important that we remember what an asset there is to our society and our culture and our democracy. >> charles randolph won an oscar for best adapted screenplay for "spotlight." the film also won. this is probably one of the best nies of your life. >> my birthday today. i'm 53 years old and i've wanted this for an while. it's truly one of the best nights in my life. >> we already felt like it achieved so much. >> you clutched that like you're never going to let it go. >> nobody's getting it. no, it's really we're just so grateful to be here. it's been a long haul for us. five years. the film has been embraced around the world. it's so amazing to be here tonight. >> i'm still very overwhelmed.
4:27 am
got my name on it. first i was like oh, this looks like an oscar. i can't really wrap my head around it. it's just wonderful and i'm so happy to be here with my fellow colleagues and hopefully go out and celebrate tonight. >> everyone who pays great money and goes away satisfied and wants to come back next year. we deliver the goods. >> i ran into harry connick junior and i turned into a 15-year-old girl and played with my hair a lot. he couldn't be more charming. > i got pretty star struck. with daniel day-lewis coming to this party when he won. i sort of lost the ability to speak and my husband thankfully was there and was able to speak on my behalf. >> it's funny to see celebrities get star struck. >> they still do. the parties are still on going at this hour. >> we've got folks everywhere. every single after party. you can imagine. >> there's going to be lots of coverage on "good morning america" later on today. >> more from the oscars ahead from abc news. on today.
4:28 am
4:29 am
4:30 am
making news in america this academy awards. >> and the oscar goes to. >> leonardo dicaprio finally bringing home an oscar. >> i do not take tonight for granted. thank you so very. >> and host chris rock ripping into racism with humor. >> i'm here at the academy awards, otherwise known as the white people's choice awards. >> a night filled with a lot of laughs, surprise wins, snubs, glitz and glamour. we're live in hollywood. and "your voice, your vote," countdown to super tuesday. the candidates gearing up for


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