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tv   News 9 Daybreak  ABC  February 29, 2016 5:00am-6:00am EST

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>> it was a great night. i still haven't worked up the courage to see "the revenant." >> oh. >> i need to do that. >> carefully. notice he didn't thank the bear. >> that's what's mak erin: now on -- "daybreak," a graduate of merrimack high school is dead. her alleged killer is due in court today. >> just an incredible sense of loss. sean: the death of officer ashley guindon has shocked many. plans are being made to honor her life and service. kevin: out ahead. changeable skies and a few showers as well. >> the road fell out
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erin: a sinkhole is being fixed now. >> no one covers a new hampshire like we do. now wmur "news 9 daybreak." erin: good monday morning. thanks for starting your week off with us. i'm erin fehlau. sean: i'm sean mcdonald. hopefully we can continue the trend. kevin: we had the temperatures spike. we are looking to make a run in to the 50's or 60's. with that, a couple of showers. winds with pick up out of the southwest ahead of the front and switch to the west. temperatures after running all the way up in to the 50's to lower 60's may start to fall later on this afternoon. you'll notice temperatures early this morning anywhere from the mid 20's in the north country to mid 40's in a couple of southern spots. highs today 50's to lower 60's. 40's in the north country. after a couple of rain
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all of the details in a bit. let's look at your monday morning ride here in the granite state. good monday morning, deb. deb: good monday morning. with everyone heading back to work and school, traffic is nice and light. we're not seeing any problems on 93 south from north of the notch down to the hooksett tolls from manchester to salem is about a 21-minute ride. 293 from the upper to lower split. if you are getting on the everett turnpike, it is hassle free. making your way down in to nashua. if your commute is taking you in to massachusetts shortly, all of the major roads are wide open and traveling at the posted speed limit. this report is brought to you by dunkin' donuts i'm deb davidson. erin: thank you. the man accused of killing a virginia
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day on duty is due in court today. the officer, 28-year-old ashley guindon, graduated from high school here in merrimack in 2005. sean: she was responding to a domestic incident. he died at the hospital. the alleged shooter, army staff sergeant ronald hamilton, is behind bars. he's being charged with capital murder and first-degree murder. police say he killed his wife before opening fire. the county prosecutor will likely seek the death penalty. erin: there already a moment of silence at merrimack where officer went to school. her death has hit people in the community hard. they were tasked in merrimack with informing the parents of her death. reporter: such a heartbreaking story. the flag is flying at
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ashley guindon and the message board here our thoughts and prayers with the guindon family. end of watch february 27, 2016. officer guindon was born in springfield, massachusetts where her family moved to merrimack where she graduated from high school in 2005. she was a marine corps reservist who serves a degree in forensic science. in the 2005 year book she left her classmates this quote, live for something rather than die for something. >> at merrimack we have a mt. motto, believe, go forward, and inspire. not only did ashley embrace it, but person son if id it as well. >> when a fellow officer is killed in the line of
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our hearts go out to the family. reporter: in addition to the moment of silence, the high school plans to honor officer guindon at graduation this year. there's no word as to plans for memorial service. as soon as we get those, we'll be sure to pass them along to you. erin: all right. thank you. they are trying to identify the body of a hiker found dead on the trial. they are trying to figure out how he died. fish and game officers say two hikers discovered the frozen body of a middle-aged white man weighing more than 200 pounds. rescue crews were not able to get the body off of the trail. they didn't find anything suspicious at the scene. the medical examiner will try to determine a cause of death today. sean: turning to politics now. super tuesday is 24 hours away.
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before the general election itself in november. hillary clinton and donald trump are poised to take control. there's no controversy. stephanie ramos reports from virginia, one of the state that is will vote tomorrow. reporter: they don't call it super tuesday for nothing. on the one day the fate could be decided and how we got here has been anything but typical. donald trump taking insults from all sides. >> he doesn't sweat. his pores are clogged from the spray tan he uses. >> if we nominate donald trump, hillary wins and we lose the country. reporter: donald has wracked up support from chris christie and endorsement from jeff sessions. he's now set to have more big wins on super tuesday. he sent the weekend answering questions
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may not want, ku klux klan former wizard, david duke. >> i don't know david duke. i just don't know anything about him. reporter: on the democratic side, hillary clinton has more delegates and momentum than bernie sanders after the victory in south carolina primary. he knows it. >> we got decimated, george. we got decimated. erin: texas, georgia, and virginia are the biggest opportunities for clinton to dominate and test the early strength among hispanics. no candidate can wrap up the nomination, but this could be the end for some. the front runners are expected to separate themselves from the closest competitors. in virginia, stephanie ramos, abc news. sean: state road crews will be in new durham working to repair a large sinkhole. one of the two water mains that feeds the
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broke causing the sinkhole and causing crews to close the road. a couple was driving the moment it gave way behind them. >> just a big bang and blew out tires. we had to manage to get it off of the road and stop and change the tires. sean: neither ward or his wife was hurt. road crewses hope to have the road back open later today. detours are in place. erin: an epping man adoesed of driving dunk and running off is due in court today. state police say randy sprague crashed his pickup truck in to a sign early saturday morning than swerved across the highway and slammed in to the guardrail and came to rest in the median. a police dog tracked sprague through the woods, over a stream, and in to stratham where
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sean: still to come on monday, it's been a tough winter for a lot of outdoor activities. one particular attraction is extending its season. the ice castle is sticking around. erin: one of the first african african-american aviators shared his story. sean: a veteran state trooper has lost his battle with cancer. his put more fun in your day with ice-cream-flavored coffees at dunkin' donuts. go for delicious flavors like butter pecan, cookie dough, or new pistachio. enjoy one today.
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the bigger the burrito, the bigger the fun. dunkin's new grandde burrito -- a breakfast burrito packed with big southwest flavor. go grande with veggie or sausage today. america runs on dunkin'. kevin: monday morning, february 29th. your lane day. a lot of kids back to portsmouth record high because february 29th years. we're looking at warm temperatures, showers, and a cool down. we'll have at the details coming up. erin: a crowd got to learn about the important part of the
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one of the men who was there when history was made. sean: people lined up at the nashua public library to learn about the tuskegee airmen. the discussion was lead by lieutenant colonel enoch ii, one of the original airmen. >> tom brokaw called us the greatest generation. positive generation. we seem to have the old work ethic of doing a job, being honest, and being fair. sean: members of local chapters in boston also spoke about the history of the group. erin: you have a little extra time if you want to check out the ice castle in lincoln. the stunning winter attraction was scheduled to close today. thanks to some cold weather over the last few days, they are extending the season until saturday. the castle, which is at hobo railroad, willing closed on tuesday and
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tickets are available online at they have been sold out most weekends this winter, even though we've had mild air. sean: once you get a big enough block of ice, it will hang around for a little bit. cool attraction. 5:12, coming up. it may be hard to believe, pokemon is 20 years old. nintendo is celebrating. erin: the cost is changing,
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you wouldn't waste money buying a snow blower in miami. so why waste your money on overpriced lunches? instead - for just six dollars at subway you can get a different subway footlong each month for just six dollars. the featured footlong for march is the delicious steak & cheese.
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erin: there's great news this morning for the monarch butterfly population. the monarch population has grown by 255% this season, compared to the number that wintered south of the border when the population reached record lows. conservationist says there are still dangers to migration, but they are optimistic. sean: comic books continue to
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third weekend in a row. "deadpool" starring ryan reynolds raked in $31.5 million bringing the total to $285 million, making it the number three r rated movie of all time. "gods of egypt" debuted in second followed by "kung fu panda." there's a new effort to regulate the size of seats on commercial airplanes. chuck schumer will add an amendment that will require seat-sized guidelines including width of the seat and the amount of the leg room. the average seat has dropped two inches and leg room has been cut by four inches since the 1970's. erin: nintendo says it is working on a pair of the new sequels as part of the 20th anniversary celebration of the popular game. that's right it has been 20 years since we first introduce you to pikachu. it was first called
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it is a multi-dollar empire including games, movies, a tv series, and a mobile app is expected later this year. it could soon cost you more to visit the happiest place on earth when you go. depending on when you go. disneyland and disney world have ruled out demand-based pricing. there are three different rates for value, regular, and peek periods. it passes during the week when schools are in session. it will be less. but the cost will spike during most of december, spring break, and also weekends in july. if you want to go in an off time, then you can save some money if you are headed to disney. sean: a business would increase prices when demand is up? i've never heard of such a thing.
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surgeries she just flies through. kevin: you notice quiet skies. a fairly changeable day. we have increase in clouds. either side of midday our highs realize as the front comes through along with a couple of showers. as winds switch to the west and skies clear for the remainder of the afternoon, we're looking for temperatures to start falling off again. one of the strange days where the front comes through either side of midday. temperatures starting to fall behind that. you'll notice some clouds up north. look for a general increase in clouds. as the winds picks up, we have the milder air in the mid levels which will start to mix down. we're already seeing that in some of the higher elevations this morning. a few showers within a few hours of midday. as that pulls away, temperatures will start to fall off on a westerly wind which will start feeding in cooler air. temperatures in the mid 20's up north. already in the low to mid 40's in southern areas. the southwest wind gets
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the usual hold outs usually are concord, laconia, and plymouth as far as this map is concerned. we'll look for those to continue to climb later than everybody else. there's a look at it. a front will come through, cooler air will arrive behind that. it will be windy out of the southwest ahead of that. then starting to turn to the west and we'll have a couple of gusts over 30 mile an hour in to the afternoon. mid and upper 40's in some of the sheltered valleys and northern parts of coos county. 60's. showers moving through and pulling away later this afternoon. couple of snow showers and a brief squall in the north country later on tonight. we'll look for sunshine clouds. the next system is on the heels of the one moving through today. that arrives very late tomorrow night and in to early on wednesday. there could be a few inches of accumulation north country.
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state any sort of an early mix over to rain fall. should be out by mid afternoon on wednesday. we're back to fair skies but the cooler conditions also to come with it. temperatures starting at a lot of areas in the mid 20's to lower 40's. look for a quick climb. either side of midday should be the highs with a couple of showers moving through. the temperatures start to fall off later on this afternoon. we drop back in to the teens and 20's. sunshine and clouds tomorrow. mix or wet snow will give way to rain except in the north country. the winds pick up behind the system thursday. we're back to the quiet conditions with the chill back in the air for friday, saturday, and sunday. erin: wow. sean: useful in the mountains. plenty of skiing left to do. kevin: looks that way. we do get much quieter as well. sean: a man who graduated from high school here in new hampshire is due in court today.
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saturday responding to a domestic disturbance during her first shift as a police officer. here's amy coveno with how the community of merrimack is reacting. reporter: a show of love and respect for officer ashley guindon here in merrimack. the flag at the police department at half staff and a moment of silence later this morning. ashley guindon was 28. sean: state road crews will be in new durham working to repair a large sinkhole. the department of transportation says one of the two water mains that feeds the nearby fish and game hatchery broke on sunday forcing crews to close the road. erin: coming up, the oscars were handed out last night in hollywood, as you know. we're going to look at
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let's celebrate gold on the inside with a little gold on the outside. dunkin' donuts coffee. cheers to greatness inside and out.
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sean: i know a lot of folks stayed up late for this. hollywood's biggest to the hype. the oscars were hanked out last night. there were a few surprises. erin: one of the biggest was for one of the biggest prices, best picture went to "spotlight" the investigation in to sexual abuse by priests. "mad max" took home six oscars. leonardo dicaprio took home the honors. sylvester stallone came up short. he lost out to mark rylance to "bridge of spies" from best supporting actor. i think a lot of people were surprised. sean: i know leo had eight
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erin: many nominations, never an award. sean: you can teach an old dog new tricks. sort of. erin: rescue dogs were fetching the ball. they weren't so good at dropping the balls to put them back in play. still the players seemed to have a lot of fans in the stands. sean: have you ever played ball with a dog before? it gets slimy. erin: it can't be easy. sean: no. despite concerns about the ice, the fishing derby was a huge success. one fisherman is $15,000 richer. erin: bicycle races are common. this one has a twist as dozens of people bravely hopped on old style
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>> no one covers new hampshire like we do. now wmur "news 9 daybreak." sean: welcome back. good morning. monday, february 29th. happy leap they, everybody. 45 degrees. it is going to be warm today. erin: happy birthday to anyone who has today's birthday. it only comes around every four years. sean: celebrate while you can. erin: we want to get to the top stories. a moment of silence is being held today for a former student, ashley guindon. she was shot and killed on saturday, on her first day of duty as a police officer in virginia. people across new hampshire remembering the life of a veteran state trooper who passed away over the weekend following a year-long battle with cancer. and fish and game officials say speed was likely a factor in a deadly snowmobile crash in lincoln. sean: all right. let's talk weather. we have snow. today not too bad. kevin: we're looking at a fairly
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temperatures are going to jump quickly this morning. highs with a couple the of showers. winds switch to the west later this afternoon. temperatures will start falling after 2:00. temperatures today will jump. there will be a lot of areas up in to the 50's and lower 60's in southern areas. up in the north country, likely you'll be in the mid 40's. sean: for february? unbelievable. let's check out the roads. here's a live look at i-93 from the hooksett camera. erin: we're joined live by deb davidson. good morning, deb. deforming. deb: good morning. we're not seeing any major delays or incidents. if you are heading out on to 93, we're not seeing any problems from concord. it looks great through the hooksett tolls and from manchester down through salem. 293 is moving well through manchester with no delays on the everett turnpike or making your way down to merrimack or in to nashua.
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spaulding turnpike are up to speed. 95 is okay through the construction zones between exits two and directions. this report is brought to you by dunkin' donuts. from the traffic network, i'm deb davidson for 95.7 wzid. erin: thank you, deb. the man accused of shooting and killing a who attended high school in new hampshire is due in court today. sean: a 28-year-old ashley guindon was killed on saturday just one day after he was sworn in as a police officer. authorities say she was responding to a domestic incident on her first day on patrol when the suspect opened fire. fellow officers shut down the streets of wood bridge virginia as they held a procession for their fallen comrade. two other officers were wounded in saturday's shooting. they are expected to survive. authorities say the alleged gunman, 32-year-old robert hamilton, is an army staff sergeant assigned to the pentagon. he's accused of shooting
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while their 11-year-old son was in the home. hamilton is facing one count of capital murder and one count of first-degree murder. he's due in court today. officer guindon was born massachusetts and graduated from merrimack high school in 2005. amy coveno is live this morning to tell us how remember the fallen officer. good morning, amy. amy: good morning to you, sean. officers were among the first to learn of the death of ashley guindon. now their message honored her service as the community here copes with the tragic loss. >> a short time later we were called and notified that officer gwynn -- guindon had passed away. we stood back and remared to provide support for the family here based in new hampshire. amy: the flag outside of the merrimack police department has been lowered to half staff in member of ashley guindon.
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saturday night authorities in virginia told merrimack police guindon was shot and killed on her first day of duty. it was the officers here that brought the devastating news to her family. >> my first reaction is shock. just an incredible sense of loss. amy: officer guindon graduated from merrimack high school in 2005. in her yearbook she left her classmates with a quote, live for something rather than die for nothing. >> we have a motto at high school. live, believe, inspire. we like to believe that not only did she embrace it but personified it as well. amy: she was the first person in the class to lose her life. >> what's particularly tragic is not only is this a person story about a young woman who was on her first day, but it is also a class
5:35 am
more than its share of loss. amy: police say they will support the family however they can. >> when a fellow officer is killed in the line of duty, it affects us all in some way or another throughout the country. and, you know, our hearts go out to the family. amy: a moment of silence is planned at merrimack high school later today. the principal says they plan to honor officer ashley guindon at graduation this year. we're live in merrimack this morning, amy coveno, wmur news 9. sean: all right. thanks. people across the state are remembering the life of a new hampshire state trooper who died over the weekend following a battle with stomach cancer. james geraghty was a 24-year veteran of the state police and served eight years on the major crimes unit. his colleagues say he was a model officer and humble man. his legacy will live on for many years. >> we don't have the access day in and day out to meet with lieutenant geraghty and seek his counsel or
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day in and day out, his legacy lives on here at state police headquarters and throughout the state and new england. for all of the sacrifices that he's made and for his dedication. sean: he was 53. he is survived by his wife and four children. funeral services have not yet been announced. erin: fish and game officials believe speed was a factor in a deadly snowmobile accident in lincoln. it happened saturday on the powerline trail. officials say 29-year-old jordan desousa hit a bar of water across the trail that caused him to hit a tree. they took him the four miles to the nearest road. desousa was pronounced dead at the scene. sean: kelly ayotte is releasing her first tv ad.
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as a working mom. >> my mom and i love shooting hoops. you know what? she could still learn a few things from me. just like i've learned a lot from her. mom helps with homework, she helped dad start his business, and she even fought to put bad guys in jail. sean: senator ayotte speaks only once appearing and saying we approve the message. her seat is being challenged by governor maggie hassan. erin: the detective bureau will continue its investigation into a skimming scam. credit card skimming devices were found on multiple gas pumps on multiple shell stayses on longhill road and central avenue. they don't know how long they were there and how many debit or credit cards may have been compromiseed. sean: there were no safety issues. 3,400 people took part. that's a much smaller crowd.
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they are pleased with the turn out. this year the $15,000 grand prize winner is from kittery, maine. >> it is awesome. i was scared they were derby. the funny part was the original weekend of the derby we booked a weekend away. we weren't going to be able to finish the derby. the date changes. here we are at $15,000. holy cow. sean: it is exciting. it was meant to be. the names of three were drawn from anglers who had some of the biggest catches. congrats to him. a lot of excitement. erin: it all work out for him. a heartbreaking situation for a middle school teacher in florida. three of the students were arrested after they spiked her drink. sean: an important warning for people who use prescription drugs, some medications may contain fentanyl without you knowing about it. kevin: quick jump in temperatures ahead ahead of the next system.
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coming up. 5: put more fun in your day with ice-cream-flavored coffees at dunkin' donuts. go for delicious flavors like butter pecan, cookie dough, or new pistachio. enjoy one today.
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the bigger the burrito, the bigger the fun. dunkin's new grandde burrito -- a breakfast burrito packed with big southwest flavor. go grande with veggie or sausage today. america runs on dunkin'. kevin: monday morning. back to school for a lot of kids. quick jump in
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again later this afternoon. some spots could be up into the lower 60's. detail on where we start the month of march in the forecast coming up. sean: stumping for super tuesday. today is the last day to persuade voters before they head to the polls in a dozen states. overshadowing the message is a new controversy involving donald trump and the ku klux klan. nikole killion live with the details. good morning. reporter: good morning. donald trump's refusal to reject an endorsement is drawing candidate criticism from both sides of the aisle. the apparent backing of the former kkk leader, david duke, has landed the front runner in the center of another fire storm. they all voiced their outrage for trump's refusal to redowns the clan chief. bernie sanders stock to twitter and hillary
5:43 am
pathetic. they showed her with a commanding lead along with trump. sean: trump is taking some heat for associating himself with another controversial figure on twitter. can you talk about that? reporter: that's right. yesterday donald trump retweeted a quote from italian fascist leader, mussolini. the web site said it posted the original tweet to prove that trump would retweet just about anything. sean: all right. thank you very much. erin: we're following some breaking news out of china this morning. police say a knife-wielding attacker slashed ten children outside of the school during their lunch time. two of the children were seriously hurt. all of them are expected to survive. the suspect took his own life after the stabbings.
5:44 am
minister says syrian troops are already violating the ceasefire that went in to effect on friday. the truce was broken by russia and the u.s. the head of the negotiations committee says russian war planes carried out 26 airstrikes on sunday alone targeting rebels that are abiding by the ceasefire. sean: people in russia are marking another day of mourning following a deadly mining accident. methane gas explosions are believed to have killed 25 miners. they were trying to reach them when a third explosion went off and killed them. there's no chance that any of the trapped miners are still alive. authorities are sounding the alarm about a new and deadly twist in the drug epidemic. fentanyl is being disguised. they've seen multiple cases of pills markeds a ox doe done and percocet
5:45 am
fentanyl. fentanyl-related overdoses killed more than 700 people nationwide between late 2013 and early 2015. erin: three 12-year-old girls in florida are in hot water after they spiked their teachers soda with pepper. >> it is a terrible thing. i don't understand why kids have lost all respect. erin: two of the girls poured crushing pepper flakes into the teachers drink while the third girl distracted the teacher. soon after she started suffering from a sore throat, stomach pains, and shortness of breath. it was done in retaliation after she sent one of the girls to the principals office after dumping glue into a backpack. sean: space x called off the launch for the third time. the rocket and its pay road are just fine.
5:46 am
it was due to quote rising oxygen temperatures triggering an alarm. it will carry satellite to bring internet and phone access to millions of people in asia. erin: a navy s.e.a.l. will receive the highest military honor. president obama will present the medal of honor to edward bayers jr. he was the second navy s.e.a.l. to burst into the hideout. the first one was killed. he said it quote gave him a second chance at life. he will be the 11th service member to receive the medal of honor for actions in afghanistan. sean: the bruins were back on the ice hosting the division rival tampa bay. the bruins scored first. kevin miller fired one through traffic. the lightning scored the
5:47 am
they went on to win 4-1. now to race number two of the sprint cup season, the folds of honor quick trip 500 at atlanta motor speedway. ryan newman blew out the caution flag. he was able to hold off kyle busch. the restart was official. jimmie johnson is the >> gosh. it is hard to -- i entered the sport hoping to win a race and keep a job for a few years. to have 76 is tie dale earnhardt sr. is something i'm proud of. sean: dale earnhardt jr. finished second followed by kyle busch and carl edwards. erin: this was the scene this weekend. 70 people climbed on to the high-wheel bikes and raced through the streets. look how high they are.
5:48 am
don't have any brakes. sean: what? erin: they have no brakes. kevin: why would that be the last sentence in the story? erin: it is interesting. something for us to talk about here. sean: they are going about 20 miles an hour. erin: can you imagine? they have to jump off at the end? sean: we want to see the dismount. kevin: what about the white horses they would need to drag me and go down hill? sean: maybe at end of an upslope and you slow down. i don't know. we need to get you one of those. kevin: no, we don't. erin: we were going to do the shovel races. we didn't. now we have to do this. kevin: it will be the last thing i ever do. sunshine and warm winds. winds out of the southwest. temperatures will be jumping into the 40's, 50's, and a few spots in the 60's. after the showers come through, temperatures start falling later this afternoon. it will turn much colder later on tonight. teens and 20's for most.
5:49 am
squall. sunshine to clouds tomorrow. a brief break ahead of the next system that arrives with a wintry mix or wet snow. more on that in a moment. the front moving in. it will be a general increase in clouds for us today. it looks like between 10:00 and 2:00 this afternoon, there will be a line of showers coming through. nothing really heavy. enough to switch the winds that will be out of the southwest and warming temperatures up to eventually turning to the west and starting to cool temperatures off. temperatures starting off in the 40's in south eastern parts of the state. it is one of those days that one community and the next will be completely different. you'll notice bedford at 27. this is one of those days again where the thermometer in your car is going to be traveling any length of distance depending on where you are across the state and your elevation which initially this morning the higher elevations are warming up first. those lower lying valleys are going to
5:50 am
they will get a jump and temperatures start to fall with the cooler air in to the afternoon. mid and up 40's and a couple of 60's. quirky out there. temperatures slowly starting to slide back through the afternoon ultimately into the teens and 20's. from there, good deal of sunshine around tomorrow. we'll start adding high clouds in the afternoon. next system looks to either pass just to the west or overhead. that could mean some wet snow for the north country. could be a quick two to four inches. any sort of a wintry mix for the lakes region south early wednesday morning likely goes over to rain which will be heavy at times wednesday morning before letting up during the afternoon. winds will pick up and temperatures will cool off. after highs in the 40's on wednesday, looks like 30's is the reality for thursday, friday, and in to the weekend as it stands now as a weaker system will try to move in by the time we get there.
5:51 am
midday. we jump quickly into the 50's to lower 60's. winds turn to the west later this afternoon. temperatures will fall quickly later on this afternoon. eventually back into the teens and 20's. maybe a passing snow shower for southern areas as the cooler air starlets to come in. it will be a nice day tomorrow. sunshine to high clouds and a breeze out of the west. looks like the next system arriving early wednesday morning. would be cold enough for wet snow and a few inches of accumulation. southern areas over to rain before letting up. then the cooler air comes back again. highs in the 30's and lows in the teens to lower 20's. erin: all right 60 today? kevin: there's a couple of spots that reach 60. the record high for portsmouth is 49. we should hit that. sean: a public bus service is
5:52 am
special way today. coast says it will be donating all fares to the new hampshire food bank. it will be accepting donations aboard the
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sean: a recording that helped launch the beatle's widely successful career is up for auction. it features them singing "hello little girl" on one side and "until there was you" on the other. it was expect the to sell for $14,000. it is one of several
5:56 am
beatles which will be auctioned off. there are a number of beatles collectors. erin: no more locks of hair? sean: actual music this time. erin: "fifty shades of gray" didn't get any awards at the oscars. it received a raspberry awards. dakota johnson was named worst actress and jamie dornan worst actor. kevin: they are traditionally handed out the day before the oscars. other winners were adam sandler's "the cobbler"
5:57 am
sean: i thought "pixels" was pretty good. and what caused a hold off. amy: shock and sorrow on ashley guindon's first day on the job as a police officer. she was a graduate from merrimack high school. the alleged gunman was due in court later this morning. sean: airline passengers could soon be a bit more comfortable. he's trying to regulate the seat sizes. erin: a student in seattle helping local teens.
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erin: now on "daybreak," a graduate of merrimack high school is dead. gunned down on her first day as a police officer. her alleged killer is due in court today. >> just an incredible sense of loss. sean: the death of officer ashley guindon has shocked many in the merrimack community. plans are being made to honor her life and service. kevin: out ahead of another front moving through. changeable skies and a few showers as well. the back-to-school forecast ahead. >> the road fell off from underneath us. erin: they are working to fix a sinkhole after the water main break caused the road to give way. >> no one covers new hampshire like we do.


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