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tv   News 9 Noon  ABC  February 29, 2016 12:00pm-12:30pm EST

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>> to be taken down on her very first day is simply beyond imaginable. sean: remembering a fallen officer. how her hometown of merrimack is remembering her service and sacrifice. kevin: very changeable weather out there this afternoon. the endgame is cooler air moving in for the evening commute and beyond. we will have the latest ahead. sean: he' s not going anywhere. the contract extension just announced for patriot' s quarterback tom brady. and preparing for super tuesday. what tomorrow' s elections could mean for the future of this race for president. >> no one covers new hampshire
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now, wmur news 9 at noon. [captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit] sean: a growing memorial right there as the man accused of killing a virginia police officer during her first day on the job appeared before a judge. good afternoon. i' m sean mcdonald. army staff sergeant ronald hamilton is accused of murdering his wife along with officer ashley guindon. hamilton is now held without bail. prosecutors say they' ll likely seek the death penalty in this case. and right now, memorials are growing across merrimack in honor of officer guindon. she was a 2005 graduate of merrimack high school, and her death is hitting the community hard. our amy coveno joins us live with the somber reactions today. good afternoon, amy. amy: good afternoon, shunted ashley clinton is the six graduate of merrimack high school to die. the profound sadness is being felt throughout the community of merrimack today but it is tinged
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was committed to serving her community all the way to the end of her short life. >> what was a national news story yesterday remains one today, as it should be. for us, this story is intensely local and far more personal. amy: a moment of silence for merrimack high school in remembrance of ashley guindon. >> to see a young person go off and commit a life to public service, to be taken out on her very first day, to simply beyond imaginable. amy: flowers along with notes of condolence arriving at her childhood home in merrimack. guindon was a marine corps reservist, l the master' s degree in france excites, and was sworn into the prince william county police department on friday. with the department. guindond' s high school career
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her father, an iraq war veteran. >> what most people will remember is this was a young lady who chose to move forward in her life and commit to a life in public service. >> from wmur i got the alert on my phone -- was it sunday morning? my phone started going crazy. amy: amy perez was the 2005 advisor. she is the health teacher now. >> it was disbelief. as people have said before, another student from this class, and how much heartache, class take? , lost 10 -- how much loss can we see? amy: the merrimack community feeling profound loss for a life conviction. >> a sense of pride because she wanted to protect her community. amy: a vigil service was held
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virginia. no word yet as to plans for memorial service in new hampshire. we will keep you posted. amy coveno, wmur news 9. sean: right now, investigators are trying to identify a hiker found dead on a trail between mount adams and mount jefferson. fish and game officers say yesterday two hikers discovered the frozen body of a middle aged pounds. to get the body off the trail officials say they didn' t find anything suspicious. an autopsy is being done to determine cause of death. some breaking news. and some good news for patriots fans. tom brady isn' t going anywhere. the quarterback just agreed on a two-year contract extension. if signed, it will keep brady in new england through 2019. brady still has two years left on his current deal. it was a beautiful weekend across the granite state, but don' t get too comfortable. here' s a live look from manchester. things feel really mild out
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let' kevin skarupa. kevin: abound of clouds and a front. warming things quickly across a good part of the state. it will make a huge difference showers make their way across the area. coming in. s later on tonight. in portsmouth, shattering the old record of 49. winds will continue to pick up through the afternoon. the same cool air will be in place as the next system tries to arrive on the heels of the system late tuesday night and early wednesday. much more coming up in a few minutes. sean: right now state road crews are in new durham working to repair a large sinkhole on merry-meeting lake road. one of the two water mains that feeds the nearby fish and game
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the sinkhole. a couple from alton happened to road at the moment the road gave way beneath them. >> just a big bang and it blew off the tires. managed it going to get it out of the road. everything right there. sean: there is about $1000 of damage to the couple' s car. for now, detours are in place. you, -- new at noon, the keene fire department is investigating a garage fire that broke out friday night on rule street. when fire crews arrived they found a two-story garage on fire. crews were able to contain the fire to the garage. one person from the home was the hospital. the cause is under high bail this noon for a man arrested by nashua police for allegedly selling heroin and cocaine. omar lewis was arrested after a brief vehicle pursuit, which ended when he ran from the car and tried to hide in a nearby yard. officers found heroin on him
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he faces multiple charges including sale of a controlled drug and falsifying physical evidence. he is being held on $100,000 bail. new details this noon about the boston marathon bomber. we' ve learned tamerlan tsarnaev passed his u.s. citizenship test just 3 months before the bombings. new records show the elder tsarnaev swore his allegiance to the united states at the federal building in boston. he also denied any links to terrorism. the released documents also include information about ibragim todashev. he was killed by an fbi agent in florida while being questioned about tsarnaev. they show todashev applied for a green card twice and was denied. coming up, we are less than 24 hours from super tuesday. what tomorrow could mean for the presidential hopefuls. and medal of honor. the story behind a navy seal' s daring actions that earned him the honor. kevin: wins turn to the west this afternoon and final in the
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will be in place more often than not over the next several days. sean: and in today' s "cook' s corner," it' s starting to smell good in the news 9 kitchen.
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2016 coverage. one last day to campaign ahead of super tuesday. tomorrow, millions of voters head to the polls, putting hundreds of delegates up for abc' s stephanie ramos joins us from virginia this noon. tomorrow, and distribute it. 595 delegates up for grabs for republicans over 1000 for the democrats. when all is said and done, the front runners could be on their way to becoming the nominees in both parties, or not. it will provide a strong argument for those ridiculous delegates that they should be the nominee for their party, for the rhetoric has intensified, especially among republicans in recent days. senator cruz: there have been multiple media reports about donald' s business dealings with the mafia. senator rubio: and you know what
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you can' t trust them. stephanie: after losing iowa, donald trump has seen his numbers in the polls keep growing, as he appears unbeatable. what a day before super tuesday, trump went on nbc come rushing to clear up his views about the kkk and former grand wizard david duke, recently endorsed him. mr. trump: i don' t mind disavowing anybody and i disavow david duke and i disavowed him the day before at a major news conference. stephanie: in a new poll, trump banks and you high with his white asleep yet, 49% of republican voters backing him up. the campaigns are relentless, rallying in as many states as they can. three of the top candidates making stops in virginia -- trump, rubio, and hillary clinton. ms. clinton: i need you to go and vote tomorrow and bring people to vote with you.
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virginia, super tuesday state, donald trump and hillary clinton lead in the latest polls. stephanie ramos, abc news, alexandria, virginia. sean: today, a navy seal who helped rescue a u.s. hostage in afghanistan received the nation' s highest military honor. president obama just presented the medal of honor to senior chief edward byers, jr. in december of 2012 he took part in a risky mission to save a doctor who was kidnapped by the taliban. chief byers was the second navy seal to burst into the taliban hideout. the first seal to enter was killed. the doctor says he was given "a second chance in life." chief byers will be the 11th living service member to receive the medal of honor for actions in afghanistan. a university of virginia student detained in north korea for two first time. otto frederick warmbier a videotaped press conference he' s accused of trying to steal a banner containing a political slogan from a hotel in january.
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conference and suggested he was lured into his criminal act by so it doesn' wintertime out there. kevin: no, and today, the official end of meteorological winter, likely the warmest in 145 years of records. we will look ahead to a couple of systems is the cooler air rushes in. sean: also, we' re cooking up a pork-inspired dish in the news 9 kitchen. how you can make it for dinner tonight. now time for our u local hot shot. check out this bald eagle spotted along 3 north in stratford. the eagle was sitting in the tree, looking for some food in the connecticut river. you can submit your pictures and video, and join the thousands of
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>> now come meteorologist kevin skarupa with your stormwatch nine forecast. kevin: 50' s to even a few lower 60' s. now a band of clouds with a couple scattered showers.
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direction in the warmer temperatures into the west this afternoon. that is enough to start pushing in the cooler air. officially a record high in portsmouth this morning. concord it didn' t quite get to 62. high at 57. time of year. we headed into march tomorrow with the cooler pattern taking over. a lot of showers making their way through the present time. nothing that will last more than an hour or an hour and a half. cool skies tonight. a lot of areas will be in the teens and 20' s. a lot of wins going to 20-plus miles per hour. nothing tremendously heavy but enough to submit no -- signal a change. temperatures starting to fall
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you can see that out west. as the wind picks up this s. upper 50' s to 60 degrees, now cooling. we will watch mount washington fall off for the remainder of the afternoon. the winds come which have been fairly study out of the west, turn to the northwest and the this afternoon. likely in a lot of areas we will have windshields in the single digits to start the day tomorrow. last of the milder air, and it goes west, north west later tonight. maybe even a brief snow squall later on tonight. decent day, but again, going to be much cooler after highs in
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increasing clouds hit notice the moisture starting to move in during the overnight hours. could be: of initially for a wintry mix in southern areas. opportunity of several hours of light snow. likely going to a wintry mix before wrapping around midday on wednesday. in. high temperatures back in the 30' s and fast. probably only in the 20' s by the time we get to friday. this afternoon we see temperatures tumble and that is it as far as the mildest of the air is concerned. rainfall pointing out on wednesday. let' s go to "cook' s corner." sean: we' re joined by catherine and ella come up in loudoun.
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i love the outfits. what are we making? >> we' re making root beer barbecue pulled pork. very easy recipe. i learned to make us when i was in my undergraduate. sean: anybody can do this come even myself. what is mile smith farm? >> a local cattle farmer located in loudoun, 50 minutes east of concord, half-an-hour from manchester. we specialize in the scottish highlanders but we have introduced pork to our line of items offered to the public, and catherine has created a recipe with delicious, all-natural grass fed pork. sean: chronicle has been up there. it is gorgeous. how do we make the pulled pork sandwiches? kathryn: i have a two pound tenderloin. you can use pork shoulder roast. you want to put it in the crockpot, for whatever can of
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cook it on low for 7-8 hours. sean: this is from the store? kathryn: this is from our store. take 2 kitchen utensils and pull the tenderloin of our -- pull the tenderloin apart. after the this you take the barbecue sauce, prop it up, and enjoy. different people like different amounts of barbecue sauce. i prefer less. my aunt prefers a lot. it is easier if you are entertaining and you have people who prefer more or less and you can add it to the sandwich after you make it. sean: that is super easy. kathryn: it is an credible easy. sean: for folks who want to know, how do i get miles smith products from where do you get them? ela: we are carried in several local stores in the manchester area and you can always come to our solar powered farm store,
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very strong online presence to find a list of retail outlets. certainly with a young beautiful face like kathryn, find it on facebook. sean: farmers market, too? kathryn: the winter and the summer farmers market. the winters farmers market is cool gardens from 10:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. sean: and you made this scarf? kathryn: i have a few highlander ones and others. sean: thank you very much.
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it seems you really can teach old dog new tricks, at least sort of. four rescued shelter dogs served as ball dogs at a tennis exhibition match in brazil over the weekend. they were really good at fetching the balls that went out of bounds or into the net but they were not so good at dropping the balls to put them back in play.
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the dog comes over and the tennis player says, can i get the ball back, and the dog is like, no, and then -- kevin: a little slumber, maybe come on the ball. an experiment. this afternoon but the west couple showers and that will bring in cooler air. sean: enjoy it while you can. you shop at a store with no that' s the new business idea from a fed-up parent. and a new warning about opioids, fentanyl showing up in other prescription painkillers. what you need to know. that does it for us.
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>> i may be new here, but this of changing people' s lives with seven-figure checks. will history repeat itself today? we' re about to find out on "who wants to be a millionaire." [cheers and applause] [dramatic music] hello, everybody, i' m chris harrison. welcome to the show. are you guys ready to play "who wants to be a millionaire"? [all cheering] how are ya? all right, let' s do it. today' s first contestant is a newlywed who has yet to go on his honeymoon. why? let' s get him some. from somerville, massachusetts, please welcome matt wellenbach. [cheers and applause] >> matt. >> nice to meet you, chris. >> a bride and groom


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