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tv   News 9 at Five  ABC  February 29, 2016 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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could help turn things around. >> on her very first day, it's simply beyond imaginable. josh: there are growing memorials in two states tonight honoring a merrimack woman killed in her first shift as a police officer. jean: police say officer ashley guindon was one of several otherses shot by an army staff sergeant during a spoke dispute. tonight he's charged with two counts of murder. josh: heather hamel joins us now live from merrimack. reporter: ashley guindon graduated from merrimack high school more than a decade ago, but those who remember her say she was loyal and genuine. today the governor has ordered that flags in merrimack be flown at half staff and here at the school there was a moment of silence.
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high school in 2005, and those who knew her say, her cheer leading coach says she was the glue that held the team together. despite the loss of her father and team, she persevered and went onto be a police officer. saturday was her first shift at the prince williams county police department, and she and fellow officers responded to a call about an argument. guindon was shot and killed along with a 29-year-old woman, two other officers were also shot, and ronald hamilton has been charged with capital murder and is being held without bail. >> to see a young person go off and commit a life to public service, to be taken down on her very first day is simply beyond imaginable. >> she was just lovely and she deserved a whole life, and you know we're all at loss for losing someone so amazing and so valuable. reporter: there will be a
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tomorrow at 10:00 followed by that noontime service. live in merrimack, heather hamel, news 9. josh: tonight the state is reassuring parents that it will continue to monitor a cluster of cases of a rare form of peed yak trick cancer on the seacoast, this after a study found no specific cause. jennifer crompton has an explanation and reaction. reporter: the request for the study was made in early 2014 when a child here in rye was diagnosed with a rare form of soft tissue cancer. the study includes five area towns and finds very few cases, but still more than expected. with childhood cancer even one case is more than acceptable. the state is monitoring the small sea sigh town of rye and four others nearby. the reason, cancer. affecting children. >> the type of cancer that was
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rare cancer. reporter: the report published earlier this month was launched after a child in town was diagnosed in early 2014. she's the mother of two children here as well as the school nurse at rye elementary. >> it was a scare. this case plus two other cases, you know, not all the same cancers, but once you start seeing cancers pop up, within months of each other, everybody was quite concerned. reporter: the study found less than five cases in 10 years. still that's more than average. worries of vermont al contaminants are very real here, especially after the discovery of con tam fated well water at nearby pease trade port. the study's science though is not showing a link. >> we did not find my behavioral or environmental risk factors that we thought would have contributed to this small excess number of cases. reporter: the school nurse says
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the investigation is doing well. >> eventually we found out that it was more genetic based, which was a big relief. still not completely relieved because it's a cancer, it's a cancer that is in our community and it's affecting children. >> hopefully the fact that there is a very small number of cases certainly could provide some reassurance to community members that we're not seeing or there has not been a connect to any widespread contamination. reporter: the state will monitor the situation and plans to reevaluate the number of cases at the start of next year. jennifer crompton, wmur news 9. jean: thanks. turning to the weather now, another unseasonably warm day had people heading outside for fresh air. much of the state including the lakes region hit the 50's a couple of spots topping 60 degrees. chief meteorologist mike haddad
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very different by this time tomorrow. mike: they sure are, jean. the temperatures have been running above average all winter long and in many cases that has been the case. but once in a while you get a return to average temperatures and we'll see that played out for tomorrow. highs for today that 62 at the coast, not only is it the warm spot tied with nashua, but it shatters a record for leap day. you know, it's not an exciting record, 49 is fairly lame for the coast today. but again that's shattering a report along shore roads today. upper 50's in concord and manchester and 50's in many other spots, a few upper 40's far to the north and west. still relatively mild, although it is beginning to cool down a little to our north and west. as the next front moves in, rain showers that are moving to the east will give way to a mix or some snow showers, very late this evening and the first part of the overnight, especially in northern and central new hampshire. so back to reality beginning later on tonight. what about a more impressive system for tomorrow night.
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ahead. josh: a cross country push is under way at this hour as the remaining presidential candidates fight for votes ahead of super tuesday. with a dozen states in play tomorrow, could bring some clarity to a bizarre and increasingly bitter primary season, at least on one side of the aisle. marci gonzalez is in texas tonight. reporter: today the jabs flying. >> in florida where he comes from this guy couldn't be elected dog catcher. reporter: in the last minute push before super tuesday. >> wear not going to allow a con artist to take control of the party of lincoln and reagan. >> we're the only campaign that can beat donald trump. reporter: to reach voters before the biggest day of the primary with voting in 12 states, with 1610 delegates at stake. >> i don't think america has ever stopped being great.
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reporter: hillary clinton hoping to maintain her lead over bernie sanders. nomination. reporter: while on the g.o.p. side trump looks to surge ahead even further with the latest national polls showing 49% of republican voters support him. >> get him out. get him out. reporter: the frontrunner today brushing off protesters and the controversy sparked by these comments on cnn about the endorsement from former grant which is ard david duke. >> would you say you condemn them and you don't want their support? >> well, i have to look at the group, i don't know what group you're talking about. reporter: trump said he didn't hear the expwe says he has disavowed david duke. meanwhile he is polling behind in texas, the biggest super tuesday state where senator ted cruz hopes his constituents will
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josh: a day before super tuesday, we have brand-new wmur granite state poll numbers. tonight we look at hypothetical matchups for the general election in november. on the democratic side of things, primary winner bernie sanders still reigns supreme here in new hampshire, in head to head matchups sanders easily defeats every member of the g.o.p. field. against donald trump he wins by 21 points, the gap stretches to 32 points against cruz. marco rubio loses to sanders by 19. in fact the only republican within single digits of sanders is ohio governor kasich. and hillary clinton is still the national favorite to win in nomination. analysts say what sanders has done in new hampshire simply cannot be overlooked. >> he's done better than anyone ever thought he could, and certainly here in new hampshire he beat all expectations and he's created a movement.
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the democrats win the general election. josh: what about hillary clinton? coming up, we'll hear about her biggest threat in the g.o.p. field, a detail that could help to combine 64% of voters who say they have yet to make up their mind on who deserves the keys to the white house. don't forget the senate race between hassan and ayotte. today the incumbent republican released her first campaign ad of the year. >> my mom and i love shooting hoops, but you know what? she can still learn a few things from me, just like i've learned a lot from her. mom helps with homework, she helped dad start his business and she even fought to put bad guys in jail. josh: that is ayotte's 11-year-old daughter and she does all the talking in an ad that will run 10 days in the
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jean: it is traffic watch time. let's see how things are shaping up out on the roads, people getting back to school, feeling back to normal. live pictures from 293 in manchester, this view from our elliott at rivers end camera. peggy james joins us live with a closer look at our evening commute. hi, peggy. >> hi, jean. we still have a road closure in new durham due to that large sinkhole that opened up. that is still closed down between the intersection of merry meeting, lake and powder mill roads. probably closed until tomorrow according to the d.o.t., so oh void that area if you can. 93 north nothing in your way all the way up to manchester. cruising aalong nicely on 293. no backups at the hooksett tolls at this time. do you slow down a little on your way through concord. 101 west starting to fill in in bedford and no tieups yet on the everett turnpike.
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the spaulding turnpike northbound has pockets of congestion at this hour. i'm peggy james. jean: there's new trouble tonight for a cruise ship battered by bad weather. josh: straight ahead, the anthem of the seas has run into another storm, this time -- jean: and prescription drugs with fentanyl hidden insides. mike: snow showers for some tonight, a look at the next system ahead. josh: at a5:30, new information about the mumps outbreak at a local college. we'll ted you what you need to know. jean: and possible vandalism forces the closure of a popular skating rink and the owners say
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jean: welcome back. special police reenforcements are manning the border between greece and macedonia tonight after refugees broke down a gate at a crossing point. josh: border patrol used tear gas and stun grenades to push back protesters.
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nearly tramp eled. more than 6,000 refugees are also camped out in that area. an american student is being held in north korea begging for his freedom. the university of virginia student is accused of trying to steal a political banner from the hotel where he was staying. north korea has accused him of an antistate crime, committed under the manipulation of the u.s. government. he spoke during a press conference on state television today. >> the united states administration never ma nip its its -- i entirely beg you to (inoughtible) josh: in previous cases public apology have led to
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jean: new document show the elder tsarnaev swore his allegiance to the exufs denied any links to terrorism. new records also show dzhokhar tsarnaev told federal agents after his arrest that he and his brother acted alone because they cone trust anyone. a 14-year-old boy is in custody tonight after opening fire inside his ohio school. no one was killed, but two students workshop, two more have other injuries. police say the boy opened fire in the calf near yeah he threw down the gun and ran outside. officers think they know the motive but did not release what it might be. josh: the same cruise ship that was slammed by a storm this month has had to cut short another voyage. the anthem of the seas ran into bad weather off cape hatteras, but the trip has also been
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the norovirus. passengers say there is extra cleaning and scrubbing. anthem of the seas is expected to return to report tuesday more than, but just two weeks ago the same ship was hit by 30-foot waves. if you're looking for a warm weather get away, you don't have to go that far today. jean: these 50-degree temperatures have become typical this winter. let's go to millions josh judge to break down the numbers. josh: that's right. the 50-degree plus temperatures are something you think about in the winter time as maybe once in a while, once, twice, maybe three times in a winter, but in year around in the december, january, february months it has happened 19 times, 50 degrees or higher. that's pretty amazing and this is more amazing, how many times has it's been at or above average? 66 times in that three-month period.
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low? only 25 times. pretty amazing for this time of year of we wrap up to three-month period and we are in first place, that's right, the number one warmest meteor logical winter we have ever had with an average of 31.4 degrees. the closest contender, from back in the 1800's and maybe you remember that warmer winter of 2011-12, that's in sixth place. now the question is will this warmth stick around, and for aanswers on that here's mike. mike: thanks, josh, we do have changes coming in so the warmth will not be sticking around. temperatures not only running above average, but that cut down on the snow as well. the sixth least snowiest through february 28 or 29 since records have been kept. will we tie or break the record for the least snowiest season? that's still to be determined. we have a lot to go through in
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right now one front slicing through the state. snow showers will move in late this evening and overnight, so it's mostly dry right now, but later this evening and overnight as this front comes through it will start to turn cold enough for snow showers to hit the great north woods. the white mountains, upper valley, northern lakes region, maybe a dusting to an inch in spots and there could be a mixed or snow shower in southern new hampshire after the midnight hour. temperatures still above the norm, we're lining up on average in the upper 30's north, so much cooler there than southern new hampshire. 50's still from concord points south and southeast. much cooler air beginning to rotate in from the west and northwest tonight into the day tomorrow. then there's a changeable day on wednesday as we see a mix go over to rain and much colder, will actually be below normal for a change by the end of the week. overnight not a big temperature fall compared to where we could
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from where we are now. that means it will be codder overnight but still above average. here's that cold front sliding through the eastern great lakes, it will pay us a visit later on tonight. a sunny tuesday, but much cooler. then here's the next system taking shape in the plains states, that will pof in initially as wet snow or a mix. very late tomorrow night, after the midnight hour, but enough warm air will change over to primarily rain by early on wednesday. again, snow shower chance for tonight, mostly northern, central areas, could be a passing mix or snow shower south, plenty of sun for tuesday, but much cooler and then when we get into tomorrow night it gets tricky on the roads during the overnight stretch. this is the map for 1:00 a.m., so tefn hours no trouble whatsoever, but during the overnight we tart to pick up snow and that will quickly change over to rain by the morning commute. while that wintery mix hangs on
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where you see snow for a little longer, you could see three or four inches in the northern white mountains and great north woods. the highest elevations up near five or six. one to three southern white mountains through the lakes region. before the quib changeover to rain by wednesday morning. so wednesday morning certainly tricky especially from concord north and west. that's out of here and you notice how much colder it gets by thursday and friday, below average by several degrees. josh: mild today though. thanks very much. how much does sleep affect body weight? up next we'll have a new study that takes a deeper look at the conditions connected to obesity. jean: more airlines are adding a
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josh: there's a dangerous new twist in the opioid epidemic, we're talking about fentanyl hidden in other medications. some states have reported cases
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that contain fentanyl. we've talked a lot about fentanyl making its way here through mexico, but there is now another growing source, apparently. police say they've seen more fentanyl ingredients coming from china. jean: you might feel extra hungry if you don't get enough rest. tonight there's a new study that shows how leap cycles could be connected to weight gain. here's abc's dr. tim johnson. reporter: sleep deprivation can make you cranky, give you a headache and hurt your ability to concentrate. now a new study from the university of chicago finds that sleep dep may even contribute to excessive food intake and altered hormone levels may be responsible. the researchers in this study kept 14 subjects on a strict eating and sleeping schedule for four days, allowing half of them to get full nights of sleep while restricting the others to night. they found that sleep restriction led to distinct
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hunger hormones, and reported increases in appetite. they also ate more snacks, especially ones high in fat and protein. the new research does not prove that lack of sleep makes you obese, especially because this study was very mall and only looked at short-term sleep deprivation. but it does add weight to the argument that lack of sleep is bad for your health and gives us all another reason to try and get that beauty rest, s seven to eight hours a night with a dark quiet room with no electronics to disturb you. i'm dr. timothy johnson. josh: straight ahead, the newest medal of honor resip yen has set a new press den, why he stands out from previous honorees. jean: one dad dreamed up a new
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jean: tracking mump, now at 5:30 how the latest outbreak in new hampshire compares to a typical year. josh: the push for passenger trains, we'll tell you what commuter rail supporters want from concord to lay the track for new transportation.
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expand the definition of indecent exposure, how could it affect nursing mothers. mike: record warm n in one spot but changes are on the way soon as we cool back to normal. jean: we have new information tonight about an outbreak of the mumps at st. anselm college. welcome back, i'm jean mackin. josh: i'm josh mcelveen. the state health officials have issued an alert after two cases were confirmed and another three suspected, all are members of the men's hockey team. jean: jennifer vaughn explains why the timing of this outbreak may help it end. jennifer: let's just say spring break is coming at a perfect time to prevent a feurt outbreak since the students have gone home. that's the good news, but the
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only 88% effective. mumps can cause fatigue, fever and swollen glands. all the cases at st. anselm college involved these symptoms. health officials are also watching the the incubation period, it 25 days, so students currently on break under that window. although it is not it a common ailment, the mumps do occur. >> the united states as a whole sees from a couple hundred up to 1,000 or more cases of mumps every year in new hampshire. last few years we've seen one or two cases a year, so this does happen, it's unfortunate. luckily most of the time mumps causes mild symptoms, but we are trying to prevent it from spreading any further. reporter: at this point health officials are reminding minute who may have come in contact with the mumps to get checked out by a doctor, especially pregnant women or anyone with a compromised immune system, because the virus can be more severe for them. jennifer vaughn, wmur news 9. jean: a woman living in
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her part in a drug ring operating in new hampshire and massachusetts. when agents arrived at her home in lawrence, they say she tried to hide fentanyl under the bed, they also found a child in the home. she's a dominican citizen and will be sentenced in june. josh: looking at live pictures of erin an drows who has just taken to stand in the civil trial against a peeping tom and a luxury hotel. she broke down while talking about the man charged with stalking her and secretly shooting nude toes. >> i'm just like naked all over the internet and i don't know where it ends. josh: the defendant says he planned to sell the recording because he needed the money. elizabeth hur has more from new york. >> did you request a room next to ms. andrews? >> yes, i did. reporter: a convicted stalker in
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>> went to that floor and had noticed that the maid was cleaning the room next to hers and that person was checking out. so i said i noticed the room is open, can i check into that room. reporter: today the jury heard barrett's prerecorded deposition. the 37-year-old reporter and "dancing with the stars" cohost is suing barrett for filming her naked through the peep hole of her hotel room door. she's also suing the owners and managers of this nashville marriott arguing the hotel made it easy for barrett to film her in the nude. >> i heard that there was an alcove area, so i went by the peeper and saw it was her in the room, at that point i altered the peep hole. reporter: he posted that video online and experts say millions watched it. it's been eight years and
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remove the video, it's still online and her family says andrews is now just a shell of herself. >> she's not the girl that we used to know. reporter: the hotel maintains barrett is a criminal who tricked them into gaining access through andrews, they're being sued for $75 million. jean: supporters pushing to extend passenger rail into new hampshire are asking lawmakers to spend $4 million on a study as part of their 10-year highway plan. wmur's andy hershberger reports on why some business leaders believe rail travel will be great for the economy. >> officials say it's all about getting the right people for the right jobs here in new hampshire. and a study needs to be done to see if passenger trains are one way of getting that done. if it is, one term mal could be here in manchester. supporters say expanded commuter rail travel in new hampshire will mean thousands of jobs and
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development. today a group of politicians and business leaders usualed house lawmakers to include the project development phase of a rail study, in the 10-year transportation plan of a move that would significantly move this project forward. >> it allows us to dig into this project, see the costs and benefits and to then have a discussion as a state about what the best way to afford is. and how to fun it and do the costs outweigh the benefits. reporter: supporters say the $4 million needed for the project is largely federal money and will have no cost to local taxpayers. the study will answer questions about expanded commuter rail from boston to manchester, like how much the whole thing is going to cost. >> bringing passenger rail to manchester would have a transformative impact on new hampshire's statewide economy. reporter: a 2015 study showed
5:36 pm
commuter rail per year with four stops in new hampshire, two in nashua and one near the manchester boston regional airport and another in the granite street area. officials say it all about growing local business with a large and talented boston based work force. >> the real opportunity of rail for new hampshire businesses is, of getting into that talent market in boston and allowing those people to flow up to our companies. reporter: the public works and highway committee could decide whether to include the study in their 10-year plan as early as tomorrow. tom: a house committee in new hampshire is considering a bill that would expand the indecent exposure statute to include women's breasts. supporters at a hearing in concord today say it's a matter of common decency that women should not be allowed to expose their breasts in public. those against the proposal say
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protected under the constitution as free speech, while backers say the bill doesn't make exceptions for women who are nursing. jean: for the first time an active duty member of the navy has received the medal of honor. special warfare operator edward byars junior is, in 2012 he participated in a raid that rescued an american hostage in afghanistan. he used his own body as a shield to protect the hadn't from gunfire while simultaneously subduing another taliban fighter. today president obama presented byars with the nation's highest military honor, calling him a consummate, quiet professional. >> my entire military career and my entire life i've lived a very quiet and discreet life. so with this award is not something i asked for, it's something that a group of people
5:38 pm
my actions that day were deserving of this award. with that comes some obligations. jean: he was the second navy seal to enter the building containing the hostage, the first to enter was shot and killed. the doctor who was rescued went onto write a book about his ordeal. 36-year-old byars is the sixth seal to receive the medal of honor and the eleventh living service member to receive it for action police afghanistan. josh: still to come at 5:30, starbucks preparing to make its way in what could be its toughest market yet. the home of cappuccino. jean: airlines are going back to basics, the new type of ticket becoming more popular. mike: lots of weather changes over the next few put more fun in your day with ice-cream-flavored coffees at dunkin' donuts. go for delicious flavors like butter pecan, cookie dough, or new pistachio.
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the bigger the burrito, the bigger the fun. dunkin's new grandde burrito -- a breakfast burrito packed with big southwest flavor. go grande with veggie or sausage today. america runs on dunkin'. josh: let's see how the week started on wall street, the dow jones losing 125 points, s&p 500 and nasdaq also dropping. starbucks plans to inthary it italy. jean: the coffee chain says it milan. the move comes as aa challenge and with some symbolism. the company's c.e.o. was inspired to bring espresso
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business trip to milan decades ago. a new kind of store has opened in we'd en, one without any employees. the idea came from a man in a rural area after a frustrating late night shopping trip with his son. >> i went to the car to get the screaming child and i had to go to the nearest city, which is 20 minutes away from here because it was late at night. so during that trip i decided i want this kind of store closer. jean: customers get in and pay with an app, the products inside are the basics, baby food, diapers, bread, it does not carry any tobacco or prescription drugs. josh: there's a less expensive option when it comes to taking off. more airlines are adding what's called basic economy, doesn't let you reserve sets or cancel
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booking, but delta, is using it american and united planning to roll out their own versions. in sports, good news for patriots fans, come brady, contract extension. jamie will have details. jean: the mayor of new hampshire's largest city has
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jean: work is under way to dismantle the pieces that made up the oscars back drop. it took days to set it all up, now it comes down a little more quickly. it will be a while though before the buzz dies down over last night's upset for best picture. josh: kind of like the dance to the new hampshire primary. the award went to the spotlight, the story of boston journalists who uncovered widespread sex church. it actually won the first and last prize of the night for best picture and best original screen play. >> we certainly don't start a project like this thinking of awards. you think of trying to get it right. and over the course of that time we've become very close to everyone involved, the reporters, the survivors, a lot of people in boston. josh: some of of the reporters profiled in the film were at the
5:47 pm
stage after the big win. michael keaton starred in birdman which won best picture last year. jean: it was also a repeat for birdman's director, this year he earned it for the revenant. and the revenant also brought leonardo dicaprio an oscar win for best actor. best actress went to bree larson. and mad max won more than any other movie. it wasn't just the best movies honored this weekend, the razzies were also handed out for the year's worst movies. josh: the clear win under this one was 50 shades of grey, that took home worse actor, worst actress and screen play, and tied for the year's worst film, a long with fantastic four. adam sandler, who was nominated
5:48 pm
went home empty handed. mike: that taste of spring air again today. we've seen it played out so many times since december started. hard to imagine we've been in the winter season so many times, but indeed we are still in winter. out at the coast where we do have fair skies, a few scattered clouds, but changes are coming. that means lower temperatures and a chance of some snow over the next couple of days. so when will that play out, you see one front moving to the east, that is starting to change the winds around to the west southwest, so the evening will be quite breezy if you're heading out and about. but no major weather head aches in terms of slick road conditions, but that will begin to change especially in northern areas as the next front moves in with more seasonable air behind it for the day tomorrow. so warm n moves out, flakes for some tonight, especially up north, then the next stronger system arrives tomorrow night.
5:49 pm
wining down by midday or early afternoon on wednesday. and it will be cold enough at the onset for snow and sleet, especially the farther north you go where a few inches could add up. then much colder by the end of the week, thursday, friday, well below the average. you'd notice right now on the radar scopes it nice and quiet. but there are changes coming in. best chance of a dusting to an inch tonight, great north woods through the white mountains. speaking of the south, notice right now, upper 40's and lower 50's, average high this time of year is the upper 30's. it is cooler back oh to the west, but still above average. good part of the lakes region still in the 40's to around 50 and yes that winter chill finally seeping in across northern parts of the state down to 29 in pittsburgh, and upper 20's and lower 30's elsewhere. overnight it will gradually cool down, so we are at or below
5:50 pm
north and west of the coast, so most of us are back closer to average by early morning. once this front moves through we have to focus in on this one after a sunny tuesday, clouds will be on the increase tomorrow night and shortly after midnight we start to see snow and sleet overspreading new hampshire, but again for tonight it's a light dusting to an inch far north and maybe a passing flurry or two in southern new hampshire. we'll take a closer look at the timeline on tomorrow night's storm, a little later on. for tonight, some clouds, flakes very late especially up north. upper teens and lower 20's for many. tomorrow night could be tricky on area roads, especially the farther north and west you go. could be a few inches in northern areas. then it's over to rain, wine down by midday, clearing late wednesday, much colder for thursday and friday. and at this point the weekend looks fairly quite tote start, maybe a couple snow showers to finish, but much cooler than the
5:51 pm
jean: thanks, mike. what was supposed to be closing day for the ice castle in lincoln has turn intoed a celebration. josh: mother nature gave the ice castle a reprieve with the cold weather so it will now close on tuesday and wednesday. but you have tonight and the en of the week to visit and you can buy ticket online. jamie: patriots reportedly agree to a two-year contract extension with tom brady, this would keep number 12 on the pats through the 2019 season, meaning at least four more years. he would be 42 years old when that contract finishes. the nhl trade deadline passed this afternoon but not before the bruins trade for a top scorer and former dartmouth star, it's lee s., he has scored 181 goes. bruins also acquired john
5:52 pm
hurricanes for minor league forward and two more draft picks. red sox opening their spring training games with a college double header today against boston college, that's manchester carmen petruzzi. he pitched a scoreless second inning, got mookie betts -- it was scoreless in the fourth until betts hit a home run. highlights at 6:00. jean: curiosity may be bad for the cat and sometimes it's rough on little boys too. josh: up next, what this boy was doing when he got stuck in a vending machine. tom: coming up at 6:00, sadness spanning two states as new hampshire remembers a young police officer killed in the line of duty the virginia. how the merrimack high school grad is being honored for her life of service. and brand new poll numbers look ahead to the general election
5:53 pm
and which republican candidate could beat hillary clinton.
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jrm so an australian boy who got stuck in a vending machine
5:56 pm
jean: i know how he feels. the 4-year-old tried to reach up to the goodious but got his arm stuck in a mechanism, took emergency crews six hours to get him free. the boy's father says he's never seen a vending machine like this before. >> in the vending machine, obviously, but he's good now. josh: we know a few of you have tried this. the boy's father thanked the crews and the boy should be
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5:58 pm
>> this is a young lady who chose to move forward in her life and commit to a life of public service.
5:59 pm
a merrimack high grad killed just hours after chef was sworn in as a police officer. jennifer: a staggering record number of overdoses in manchester this month, another one added today. a breakdown of how it compares to just a year ago. mike: up to 60 degrees in a few spots today, but the warmth moves out soon, when that happens and how much cooler it gets. tom: plus >> no one covers new hampshire like we do. now wmur news 9 at 6:00. jennifer: good evening. tonight we have a warm end to the month of february, and it was another day where that jacket was pretty much optional. tom: sure was. a wintery mix though isn't far off. so for more on the timing and the weather conditions, let's check in with mike haddad. mike: record warmth and it's not so tough to break a record on a leap day, but nonetheless it did
6:00 pm
shattering the record, i should say, we shook the cold air out of here as well at the coast. 62 degrees, the old record 49. so nowhere close to the norm. average high in the great north woods about 34, 33, it even hit 50 in berlin today of it is beginning to cool down, however, a sign of change that will be moving in over the next few days. by later on this evening, the cool air will be accompanied by snow showers up north and eventually another system you see back in the plains, that begins to move in tomorrow night. initially as a mix of snow, sleet and freezing rain. but will we pick up any accumulation and what about a changeover to rain and more on follow. that's straight ahead. tom: tonight flags are lowered as the community mourns the loss of a merrimack high school grad who was killed in the line of duty in virginia. jennifer: those who knew officer ashley guindon say they are


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