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tv   News 9 at Six  ABC  February 29, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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shattering the record, i should say, we shook the cold air out of here as well at the coast. 62 degrees, the old record 49. so nowhere close to the norm. average high in the great north woods about 34, 33, it even hit 50 in berlin today of it is beginning to cool down, however, a sign of change that will be moving in over the next few days. by later on this evening, the cool air will be accompanied by snow showers up north and eventually another system you see back in the plains, that begins to move in tomorrow night. initially as a mix of snow, sleet and freezing rain. but will we pick up any accumulation and what about a changeover to rain and more on follow. that's straight ahead. tom: tonight flags are lowered as the community mourns the loss of a merrimack high school grad who was killed in the line of duty in virginia. jennifer: those who knew officer ashley guindon say they are
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heather hamel is live tonight in merrimack. reporter: loyal and genuine, that's how ashley guindon is described here in merrimack, she was a cheerleader as well as a member of sadd while she was in high school. she went onto become a marine resirvist and police officer. here in merrimack the loss runs deep. >> at this time i ask you to please join me in a moment of silence. reporter: prompted by the principal's announcement, the merrimack high school community takes time to remember and honor one of their own. 28-year-old ashley guindon is a graduate of the class of 2005. she was sworn in as a prince william county police officer in virginia and on her very first shift she lost her life. the suspect, ronald hamilton, was in court today charged with capital murder. authorities say there was an argument at his home, his wife was found dead and guindon was also shot and killed, two oh other officers were hurt as well. >> i was a teacher and coach at merrimack high school and ashley
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she was just an amazing girl, who always gave 100%, she was a peacemaker and i always looked at her as the glue of our team because she was always bringing people together. reporter: the principal at cam spell high school still remembers guindon. >> i went to church yesterday, i asked my priest to please pray for her and pray for her family, because she was just lovely. and she deserved a whole life, and we're all at loss for losing someone so amazing and so valuable. reporter: guindon was an only child, her father died while he he -- she was a teen. police say her mother has already flown to virginia and back here in town the principal says the loss runs deep. >> you know that at merrimack
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motto, believe, go forward, and inspire. we believe that ashley not only embraced our motto, she personnified it. reporter: this is particularly difficult for the merrimack class of 2005. this is the sixth death that they have suffered. ashley guindon's funeral arrangements in virginia begin at 10:00 tomorrow morning, followed by a noontime service. heather hamel, wmur news 9. tom: just so sad. thank you, healther. tonight there's a new record for the number of suspected opioid overdose deaths in manchester. jennifer: this month medics have gone to 60 opioid overdoses, 14 of them deadly. in february of last year there were five deadly overdoses of these stats are why mayor gats sass says he's frustrated by how long it's taking to hire the
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he spoke with mike cronin. reporter: he says the position has gone unfilled for too lon and he's shocked that a new one hasn't been appointed yet. mayor gatsas also argues that governor hassan isn't doing enough to address the issue. the state's former drug czar left his post earlier this month, while on the job he faced criticism over his performance. this year gats sass says manchester has already had too many overdose deaths. >> it's not a record i want to think about or talk about, because we're losing lives. and i think it's important that somebody needs to step up and start challenging this at the top. >> with a month looking for a new drug czar, we need to be sure we have somebody that can stand on their own two feet, somebody who is willing to take the slaps when they get the slaps and response back. reporter: governor hassan's office says she's interviewing people to fill the drug czar
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and in a statement her office says if mayor gatsas would like to be a constructive part of this process we would welcome his advocacy, which we have yet to see on the public policy steps that would help stem the tied of this epidemic. mike cronin, wmur news 9. tom: commitment 2016, and the day before super tuesday comes with brand-new wmur granite state poll numbers. jennifer: for the democrats, bernie sanders still reigns supreme here in new hampshire, and in head to head matchups easily defeats every republican come november. but that isn't the case for his rival, hillary clinton. josh mcelveen is here now with those numbers. josh: yes, clinton might be the frontrunner for her party's nomination, but she has some weaknesses in our granite state poll, shall e loses head to head to one republican you might not expect. the new hampshire primary loss
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clinton remains the national front runner to win the democratic nomination. while she did lose to bernie sanders here, clinton still defeats the top three national republicans head to head with an 8-point lead over trump, 11-point lead over cruz, even nipping marco rubio by a couple. while hillary clinton is still busy courting support -- >> i need your help to go and vote tomorrow. josh: the g.o.p. field may be can balancizing itself. >> donald's business dealings with the mob, with the mafia. >> you foe what they say about men with small hands. >> it's rubio. >> we have not her much of that right now, they are hurling the insults back and forth, but we're not talking about who can beat hillary clinton. reporter: enter john kasich. the surprise runner up in the new hampshire g.o.p. primary is the only republican who beats clinton head to head in the latest granite state poll and does it by a double digit margin. while he does trail others nationally, kasich is using a
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success in michigan and his home state of ohio. >> we see this as an opportunity for all of us, and i mean all of us. >> null one he's a happy warrior, he's not going to hurl insults with the others, but he's waiting for those states to come to him that are winner take all for delegates. >> he is a uniter and from the important state of ohio and somebody they should be concerned about. josh: there are a dozen states in play tomorrow. ted cruz may need a texas win to stay in the race, while marco rubio could use a little sunshine next month with a win that comes out of florida. we'll see what happens. josh mcelveen, wmur news 9. jennifer: tonight the state is a suring seacoast families that it will continue to monitor a number of cases of a rare form of pediatric cancer, after releasing a study that looks into pbl causes. jennifer crompton live in rye now, one of five towns in this
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was made in march 2014 after a child here in rye was diagnosed with that rare form of soft tissue cancer. shortly after two other children in the general area were diagnosed with cancer, not all the same type, but certainly gray cause for concern. so the state started the study, studying the science and numbers behind r.m.s. the report just out reveals less than five cases in 10 years. but that's more than compared to the rest of rockingham county. enough to call it a cluster. as to the cause, the state looked into concerns that environmental issues like contaminated water discovered in a pease well might be a factor. to study did not find my behavioral or environmental risk factors that could have caused what it calls a small but excess number of cases. >> eventually we found out that
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was a big relief. still not completely relieved, because it's a cancer. it's a cancer that is in our children. reporter: the school nurse does say that the childhood cancer launched the study is doing well. epidemiologist says that the state will continue to monitor the weighings and reevaluate the number of cases at the beginning of next year. jennifer crompton, wmur news 9. tom: straight ahead, new details about a hiker found frozen on a trail in the white mountains. jennifer: plus closed for the season, what happened overnight that led to the immediate closing of puddle dock upon at strawbery banke. mike: flakes for some later on tonight as a front passes through. jamie: red sox baseball had a
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tom: authorities have identified a hiker found dead along the castle ravine trail. jennifer: two hikers found the man's body along a tree line sunday. he has been identified as 54-year-old timothy halleck of orient, new york. it took hours for rescue crews to reach him, officials are still trying to figure out how he died. tom: early at strawbery banke's puddle dock pond, overnight the valve on the chiller tank was opened up and the refridge rant leaked out. replacing it is not economically feasible for this season, so the rink is now closed. you were out there earlier this season. jennifer: yes, i remember that. mike: and we sent josh out to do
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i went up to the ice castles, they're extending the season up in lincoln. so we take a shot at portsmouth, where we're finally going to
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tom: this february also marks
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jennifer: we're breaking record for all of our warm days. our team weather coverage begins now with meteorologist josh judge. josh: meteor logical winter is december, january and february and we wrap it up in warm style, of course december was the warmest mob with an average of 37.7 degrees. cooler in january and february, but still well above average. you put it altogether and the average for that perfect was 31.4 degrees for this meteorological winter. compared to last year, it was 20.5 degrees. and the average of all years is 23.9. so you can see how far above average we are. you put that together with the warmest ever and we are on top. the top 10 warmest meteor meteorological winters ever and we're well above the nearest competitor from the 1800's. ago. of course there hasn't been a lot of snow this winter. what there has has melted away.
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with some snow. but even there not nearly as much as you typically see. so the question is, will there be any more snow or warm temperatures? mike has the answers. mike: we're going to track snow tonight, eventually we'll warm back up sometime next week, but we're going the other way around as temperatures will start to drop lower than the norm by tend of the week. changeable skies out there at the coast today and the winds were a little on the active side and also the temperatures were way up there, shattering a record at the coast, during the early part of this afternoon, up into the low 60's. by a front has moved on through with a scattering of showers as the second front that will be moving through tonight and with that a good chance of a couple snow showers, mostly affecting northern parts of the state, could see a dusting, maybe an inch in spots, that would be the white mountains, great north woods, while southern parts of the state has about a 30, 40% shot of getting in on a quick snow shower late evening and first part of the overnight.
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moving in across northern sections, lower and mid 30's in some spots along the canadian border. in pittsburg 28 degrees right now. still at or above average by at least 10 degrees from the lakes southeast. here's the cooler air, builds in for the next couple of days, at the same time that's happening warm air will try to rush back at us on wednesday. that will set the stage for the next storm that moves on in later tomorrow night. before this night, temperatures do coast back into the teens and 20's. still above average but well below where we were out there today. and behind this front it turns nice and quiet for your tuesday. but then later tomorrow evening, clouds will lower and thicken. snow will arrive around midnight, shortly after that, mixing in with a little sleet in southern new hampshire, then we go through that transition over the freezing rain and rain by early wednesday morning. best chance of snow showers with a dusting to possibly an inch
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just a very slight chance southern areas getting in on aa quick snow shower around midnight, 1:00 a.m. before it clears out by morning. plenty of sun for tuesday. here come the clouds for tuesday night. 1:00 a.m. snow developing in many spots, the wintery mix of snow, sleet 'freezing rain elsewhere. and possibly south and east of manchester 32 plus could mean just plain rain. but a little mixing can't be ruled out there. in northern sections the roads will certainly be on the slick side by early morning. then we dry out for the afternoon. could be a few flurries as we cool back down later on in the day. then it dries out for thursday, friday, but rae cools down. in terms of snow not a whole lot for tomorrow night, there could be a coating, maybe a half inch concord points south, then freezing rain and rain. lakes region stand a better shot of an inch or two, three in the highest elevationings and a little more farther to the north.
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or six in the higher terrain. northern whites into parts of the great north woods. notice once that clears it is cold. thursday and friday well below average. the upcoming weekend will be relatively quiet, maybe a couple snow showers on sunday, but temperatures much lower than a good number of the last several weekends. of course we had that valentine's weekend that was bitterly cold, but all the other once around it have been very warm, this one is somewhere between. >> can you handle tom brady for
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jamie: with all the talk lately of presidential campaigns, here's a guarantee of four more years. tom brady will welcome back the patriot through at least the 2019 nfl season. pats quarterback will sign an extension, he'll be 42 years old by the time he completes the 2019 season, he's due to earn next year. also set to become the franchise leader in seasons played at 17, he's currently tied with grogan and adams at 16 seasons it if he finishes these four years he'd become only the fifth player in nfl history to play 20 years with one team. the last to do it, the lions kicker jason hanson. a former dartmouth college star,
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this year, 16 goals, 25 assists. b's also acquire a defense man from the hurricanes. another trade today, former u.n.h. star daniel winnic dealt from toronto to the capitals. last year he went from the penguins to the maple leafs. boston celtics play their one and only home game with the utah jazz tonight, gape starts at 7:30. celtics have won two straight games and they're in the middle of a five-game home stand. red sox open their spring training games with a college double header today, first against boston college, petruzzi pitched a second inning very strong, got mookie betts to fly out to joe cronin. it was scoreless until mookie betts crushed a home run, a
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the wall, the seats, and the red sox won that game over boston college 6-0. against northeastern, a first inning line shot off the center fielder's glove. he's a catcher, but he can run, senior captain. bryce brent hit a home run for the red sox. that was in the third inning, there it is right there. 5-0, the red sox took the lead after that one. hudson's tyler brown a sophomore pitcher for northeastern, he got devon morera swinging, red sox win 8-3. they get the twins on wednesday afternoon. tom: thank you. right now on, it's mansion monday, a look inside this almost $1.5 million home in franconia, complete with views of franconia notch. jennifer: and it's leap day, so we have a list of some fun facts
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tom: doesn't come around very often. tune in for "new hampshire chronicle" following "world news. "we'll see you back here
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several breaking stories tonight. hours away now until super tuesday. the showdown and, tonight, donald trump and the staggering new poll. and the trump rally turning ugly today. the photographer thrown to the ground. plus, the new numbers tonight on hillary clinton. is there a path for bernie sanders? also breaking, the school shooting inside a cafeteria. the 14-year-old opening fire, then running from the scene. breaking down on the stand. erin andrews late today, testifying in the case of her stalker, and a famous hotel.


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