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tv   Good Morning America  ABC  September 19, 2016 7:00am-9:00am EDT

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good morning, america. breaking news. a new explosion overnight at a new jersey train station. after a backpack with five devices discovered near the tracks. authorities detain five people during a traffic stop at a new york city bridge. millions of commuters on edge. >> this is the nightmare scenario. >> the now investigating after a weekend of terror. >> explosion from a garbage pail. >> that blast on a crowded street injuring dozens. >> big black clouds of like smoke. >> another bomb going off at a charity race for the military in new jersey. and isis taking credit for an take at a minnesota mall. the candidates weigh in. >> we better get very, very tough, folks. >> it's always wiser to wait.
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leaders descend on new york for a meeting at the u.n. this morning. >> you'll see a lot of police presence. >> 1,000 additional officers and national guard deployed. a city and a nation on high alert. and good morning, america. let's get right to the breaking news. elizabeth, new from new york city. a suspect has also been identified. police searching for a man named ahmed khan rahini, believed to be 28 years old. >> here's what else we know right now. that device, one of at least four bombs discovered in new york and new jersey since saturday. 38 people were injured in the
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including the bombing in manhattan and the stabbing at a minnesota mall. the suspect there was killed. overnight, at least five people detained in new york. >> here's a live look at penn station this morning. a lot of nervous people commuting this morning. police here are on high alert. >> a lot of concern in minnesota, as well. we have team coverage. we begin with the latest on the blast overnight in new jersey. as we look at the scene, you heard that right there. after some individuals saw that backpack bomb station, police took it. it was detonated as they were trying to disarm it. linsey davis sis on the scene i elizabeth. >> reporter: lots of police involvement and activity still right here in this immediate vince si vicinity. last night, the two men who found the backpack with the five explosives in the trash can, they said they initially thought the bag contained something
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they dropped the bag in the street and immediately called police. this is the moment bag containing five suspicious devices exploded. around 8:30 sunday night, two men found a backpack stuffed with wires and a pipe in a trash can near this major train station in elizabeth, new jersey, just 15 miles outside new york city. when they noticed the wires, they turned the bag over the authorities. as police attempted to disarm one bag, this happened. >> the exam by the robot, there is no electronic devices attached to the bomb or suspected bomb i should say at this point. we can not see under the package. it does not expect at this time there are electronic devices attached to it. >> reporter: the scare caused major delays for trains across the northeast. one amtrak train stuck near trenton for hours.
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sitting amtrak train. relatively good spirits, i think, considering the situation. >> reporter: this as, at the same time, just 12 miles away, five people were taken into custody on the verrazano bridge. trying to drive from staten island from brooklyn. those five were potentially relate odd the bombing saturday night in manhattan. spl shut down the run. get them out of the boardwalk. >> reporter: and police in still searching for ah the person who left a pipe bomb next to a charity race. >> i got some type of explosion in a garbage can. >> the race was delayed. the pre-timed bomb went off before the runners took off. fortunately, no one was hurt. it's unclear whether the incident here was connected to the explosives in manhattan and
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customers are being told to expect delays. i'm going to move on to the bombs in new york city. at least five people taken into custody for questioning overnight, as authorities search for whoever planted the devices in manhattan and new jersey. abc's chief investigative correspondent brian ross is here with new developments. >> even with the five taken into custody, the search continues for two other men considered the main suspects in this fast-faced the search could not be more urgent. the upper third of this new surveillance video shows the moment of this blast. the smoke billowing out. tim pact seen here from inside the lobby of a fitness club. >> explosion from a garbage pail. >> reporter: pedestrians fled the scene as police moved in. four blocks away, what this morning appears to have been a major break in the case. after a tip from a local
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built just like the one that did go off. a pressure cooker with wires and a cell phone attached. >> i walked right by here. there's a pot on the street with wires sticking out of it. i think it's probably a kid's science experiment. >> reporter: the bomb squad used a robot to remove the device so they could examine it for fingerprints, dna, and the registration number of the cell phone. >> right now, that's evidence for us. could b >> reporter: today, police and federal agents will track all calls made through the cell phone towers near the blast site. >> off the cell nower, you can get information as to who called. see who may be calling each other. that sort of thing. could be very, very important. >> reporter: also important, efforts to collect additional videos from the dunsz of surveillance cameras in place on this block. agents already have been studying the videos of residents walking calmly just before the blast.
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afterwards. on the chance the bomber might be among them. authorities tell abc news one video in their possession shows a man leaving an object near the dumpster, which was the scene of the first blast. then that same man is scene at the site of the second bomb. >> it was intentional. it was a violent act. it was a criminal act. it was a bombing. >> reporter: officials say they're investigating whether at a race in new jersey has any connections or similarities to the new york attack. the new jersey bomb, hidden in a gar ban bin, was also trigger bid a flip phone. it was constructed with lead pipes, not a pressure cooker. >> what more can you tell us about man they're looking for? >> they're looking for one person. the five people taken into custody were believed to be
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followed. authorities were concerned they might be heading to the airport to leave the country. they're looking for the one suspect who is at large. >> the story is moving fast. the bhoel city here in new york on high alert. president obama is here. mayor bill de blasio is stepping up security. we'll speak to him in a moment. linzie janis son the scene in chelsea. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, george. the blast site behind me still this morning. fbi investigators scouring it for clues. the major telling new yorkers to look out, expect armed officers across the city. this morning, new york city on high alert. 1,000 additional law enforcement personnel deployed across the region. citizens urged to stay vigilant. counterterrorism officers, state and local police, and the
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transit hubs. >> we'll be doing enhanced bag checks. >> reporter: saturday's blast kagt on this video. sending pedestrians running and ducking for cover. >> a bomb just went off in new york. >> reporter: the 23rd street location a bustling center of restaurants and night life. this surveillance video on from a fitness club across the street capturing the chaos. >> there was big black cloud boom! [ explosion ] >> reporter: so strong, it blew out windows of adjacent buildings and cars, sending shrapnel and glass flying. this woman bloodied and dazed. helped by a bystander. >> i'm holding you. come with me. nothing's going to happen. >> reporter: first responders leading the injured, 29 in total, into ambulances.
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among the injured, brenda. she said the blast lifted the car she and her fiance were driving from the street, causing him to black out. >> the baby's fine. everything is fine with the baby. a mild concussion i have. >> reporter: new york governor andrew cuomo surveyed the scene on sunday. he said there's extensive damage. it's extremely lucky no one was killed in this attack. george? >> joining us no mayor bill de blasio. thank you for joining us. a terrifying weekend here in new york and new jersey. as we come on the air this monday morning, is the threat contained? >> george, this point, look, i want to be clear. nypd is in a very high straiate vigilance. we've beefed up our presence. you're going see a lot of nypd
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city, including our anti-terror capacity. i'm confident about what we have on the streets of new york city today. i think in the coming hours, we'll be able to say a lot more about what happened here specifically. we know a lot more than we did just 24 hours ago. it's certainly leaning more in the direction that this was a specific act of terror. and i think we're going to have a lot more to share with the people. whatky say right now is we need the people's help. anyone with information about the situ >> and the new york police department is putting out a be on the lookout alert now for a individual. the fbi expected to release a most wanted poster as well for this young 28-year-old man. what more can you tell us about the suspect? >> we're going have a lot more to say on that soon. but we want to public's help and as we're going to be able to fill in the blanks about what we know, it is going to provide the public some information that will allow them to help us a lot
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thank god no one was seriously injured on saturday. and, people, i think, were wonderful in response to the crisis that happened on 23rd street. people helped each other out. first responders did an amazing job. in the coming hours, as we're able to put out more information, it's important for the public to fully participate in helping us find out what we need to know. >> some people paying attention in new jersey last night. able to identify that bomb. yestda cto call it an act of terrorism. >> it's leaning in that direction. >> what can you tell us about the five individuals detained apparently on the verrazano-narrows bridge last night? >> there was a car that came to the interest of the nypd. that car was followed. they were pulled over. those individuals have been questioned. there's definitely a situation
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information. >> and as we said, as well, you talked about the preparation because of the u.n. general assembly. you have president obama here today. a lot of nervous new yorkers. the police out in force. but let me go back to the original question. do you believe there are more attacks possibly coming? or do you believe the threat is contained? >> i believe a couple of things. first, the amount of anti-terror capacity we have on the streets is of any police force in the country. you're going to see it. that is one of the ways to make sure there are no further situations. until we have pulled all the pieces of the case together, it's premature to say what might happen next. i do feel that we're getting information literally hour by hour. this situation is speeding up. i'm very confident we're going to find the individual or individuals involved based on
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do. >> involved in chelsea, elizabeth, and seaside? >> that's an open question. a lot more information is coming in. it's still premature to say if there's a connection. in the coming hours, we'll be able to tell you more. >> mr. mayor, thank you for your time. >> still a very fluid situation. let's turn to pierre thomas. and former nypd commissioner ray kelly who is here in the studio with us. want to talk more about the investigation. pierre, what investigation right now? >> good morning, robin. there's a growing belief that the bombings in chelsea and seaside are connected. all three bombs used flip phones to detonate. there were some difference ps in design. seaside involved pipe bombs tied together. it was designed to detonate when the race began. the two bombs in chelsea on 23rd
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designs online, including in an al qaeda-inspired magazine. both chelsea bombs used christmas lights for bombing. and one of the bombs had a label on it for tannerite. that pressure cooker bomb was described as being extremely heavy, containing shrapnel to maximize ines determine who could be behind it, the the way you're able to describe it the. >> reporter: that's right. this could be the work of a serial bomber. some investigators believer it took more than one person to pull this off. >> ray kelly here. you ran nypd for many years. what are you hearing about the investigation? >> i think they're getting close. the most significant element in
7:16 am
awful lot of information. every phone has a unique number. the leads emanating from the phone have been very, very held offul so far. >> what are the additional police officers looking for on the the ground? >> they're looking for anything unusual. they'll be lots of calls today about suspected packages pop people will see more. the police will respond. the nypd is the governor had added another 1,000 police officers and national guardsmen. it will be covered in significant fashion throughout the city. they're looking for anything untoward. anything unusual. >> how about with the general assembly? >> yeah, yeah, that's a big issue. the department has an awful lot of experience with this. you may have as many as 130 heads of state here in new york. some of that is off the shelf. it's something done year after
7:17 am
is involved in the game. >> hillary clinton and donald trump both here today as well. this is 50 days before the election. both are weighing in on the takes. tom llamas has the latest on that. >> reporter: before officials even declared that explosion in new york city a bombing, donald trump had heard enough. >> just before i got off the plane, a bomb went off in new york. and nobody knows exactly what's going on. >> reporter: trump, preaching vigilance the. >> we better get very, very tough. just happened. so we'll find out. but it's -- it's a terrible thing that's going on. >> reporter: hillary clinton, who arrived in new york the night of the attack, calling it a bombing before the official word was out. >> i've been briefed about the bombings in new york and new jersey and the attack in minnesota. obviously, we need to do everything with e can to support our first responders. >> reporter: clinton later calling them apparent terrorist attacks. but striking a much different
7:18 am
to wait until you have information before making conclusions. >> reporter: and trump's running mate, mike pence, seeming to agree with clinton on at least this subject. >> it would not be appropriate for me to comment on an ongoing investigation other than to say we are thankful in our hearts that there was no loss of life. >> reporter: both hillary and trump did tweet out condolence under the leadership of obama and clinton, americans have experienced more attacks at home than victories abooed. time to change the playbook. trump tying to seize the moment. >> now to ginger. >> the canyon fire if santa barbara county, now 22 000 acre. 160 people at the rams game treated for heat-related illness.
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>> -- sean: space is getting pretty tight at the pope memorial spca in concord. it took in 40 animals on thursday. and over the weekend they took in another 27 animals, including eight very sick puppies. last year, the shelter took in 21 animals during this week. this year, that number is at 68, and bathrooms as overflow rooms. they hope that all of the animals will eventually be available for adoption, but are asking for patience as they handle the unusual numbers. and donations as well. one person is dead after a motorcycle crash on route 28 in londonderry last night. police say the motorcycle was the only vehicle involved in the crash near the yard restaurant just before 8:00. the road was closed for several hours. the victim's name has not been released and the cause of the crash remains under
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we had a lot of rain this morning. when i first found out that carl had been using heroin on and off for a year. i immediately thought not my son. i found him in his bathroom with a syringe still in his hand and that was the worst day of my life. annie kuster is leading the fight regarding this opioid epidemic. she's trying to do everything she can to get laws changed. so this doesn't happen again. she's definitely a leader.
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chris meteorologist kevin skarupa with your forecast. kevin: a soaker of an evening. and overnight stretch where over three inches could fall in southern parts of the state. it is still coming down. it will lighten over the next couple of hours. whil north, it will be less organized as the day wears on. across a good part of the state, humidity still in place. dew points are in the 60's. highs will be into the 70's this afternoon, with humidity through tomorrow, and warmth through the end of the week.
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we welcome you back to "gma." we're live with breaking news. that is that explosion overnight in new jersey. a backpack discovered near a train station in elizabeth with explosives inside. then happening police releasing this image. a 28-year-old suspect. the man they're looking for right now. believed to be linked to the bombings. and look at this. that's a home in elizabeth, new jersey. they believe it's connected to the five people detained on the verrazano bridge here in new york that appeared to be headed to the airport. and take a look at the chelsea area of new york city. you're looking live at a very
7:31 am
injured 29 people. a second device was discovered blocks away. first to penn station with the commute is under way. the morning commute. a lot of people, as you can imagine, are on edge. security is stepping up here in new york city. let's go the amy on the scene there at penn station. good morning. >> reporter: that's right, good morning, guys. you all know this one is of the busiest train stations in the country. millions of commuters coming in and out of here trying to get to work. we just went around. a lot of delays inside penn station this morning. a huge show of military force. big throngs of men and women dressed in fatigues, armed with weapons, ready to protect commuters coming in and out of penn station this morning. it's all part of a big initiative. bringing in 1,000 extra national guard officers, local and state police, to guard train stations like penn station.
7:32 am
subway stations. airports across the tri-state area as folks try to safely make their way to work this morning pip mentioned the the delay science. you look at the board, it's delay, delay, delay, delay. officials with telling compute toers bring your patience and stand guard. be vigilant. it was pretty alarming. we saw here coming across eighth avenue, a military-style vehicle. a humvee, armored humvee. something yould not in the streets of new york city. this is not your average monday. as an all-out manhunt continues for those responsible for placing explosive devices around the area. >> we want to go to minnesota to get the latest on the terrorist attack at mall on saturday night. isis is claiming responsibility for the stabbing rampage that left nine people with wounds before an off-duty officer shot and killed the attacker.
7:33 am
george. this is where the attack started. this entrance to the mall. man warnld a small knife of sorts stabbing people as he went through. those in his path telling us this morning, it was clear. this was a man on a mission. this morning, the fbi investigating if the man who went on a stabbing rampage at a minnesota mall had ties to terrorist. >> it was chaos. >> reporter: 18-year-old ryan says he was walking into the mall when he came face to face wi t >> he started striking one in the back of the head. a guy was just a road block. i was a speed bump in his way. just one hit. that was it. continued on to whatever hit octo objective was. >> reporter: the knife-wielding attacker, dahir adan, was referring to allah during his spree. >> one victim was asked if they were muslim. >> reporter: after five minutes
7:34 am
officer shooting and killing the suspect. overnight, the suspect's father speaking through a translater. >> yeah, he died at a mall. >> are you aware that isis is saying he was a soldier? >> translator: nothing, nothing. >> reporter: saying he wasn't aware his son was involved with isis. this, as the terrorist organization claims to have inspired the attack was a soldier of the isis state. investigators are scrubbing through his devices as they try to figure out exactly what motivated him to come to this mall and hurt nine people. george? >> okay, eva, thank you. here with brad garrett, a former fbi investigator, our consultant on terror and security issues. this man, adan, isis claims
7:35 am
inspired, not directed. >> i think that's right. he doesn't have a footprint, as far as talking to isis, going on their websites. he's another kid that's been self-radicalize zblpd here in new york, a far more sophisticated attack than in minnesota. we had major deblasio talking about how fast this is happening. clues on the ground here in new york and new jersey. >> that's right. you have the luxury of a lot of surveillance cameras and a lot of i think they've gotten lucky on a car and tag number to put it together quickly. >> some of the cell phones being if fact could yield a lot of information. >> absolutely. that will give you a lot of clues. the more important question, are they connected to other people? and are there other bombs planlted? >> what do you make of the sophistication of this overall take. we have seen pressure cooker bombs before.
7:36 am
vnside. >> it's one of those things you and i could learn online in reality in a couple of hours. the bottom line is, people can build bombs today because there's ready, available formulas for them and the ingredients are out there. >> brad garrett, thank you. coming up on the big board. donald trump is weighing in on the takes moments ago. we'll have the very latest on what he's saying about the takes. plus, the nationalnt protests growing in the nfl. what you can expect tonight in the monday night game. we'll have that in just two
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i'm in the break room. enjoy the bold taste of ocean spray any time or place. i'm in the break room. i'm really good at war. i love war in a certain way. including with nukes, yes including with nukes. i know more about isis than the generals do, believe me. nuclear, just the power the devastation, is very important to me. priorities usa action is responsible for the content of this advertising. we welcome you back. it's time for the big board. the team of insiders standing by live. we begin with tom llamas at the table. you were talking about the bombings. that's what's been the top story all morning long. and how the candidates are
7:39 am
how will this impact the race? >> it's incredibly important. lit come up at the debate in one week. donald trump moments ago made news on this. he's calling for more profiling when it comes to people like this potentially terrorists. he said this moments ago. when cow look at the approaches between hillary clinton and donald trump, they're starkly different. hillary clinton, much more measured in her word. donald trump likes to get out there aggressively. sometimes it gets him in tweeted out a congrats for himself. after orlando and pair, his poll numbers went up. he's sticking to that approach. >> how does this affect pass races? have we seen anything like this before? >> right now, tit's unprecedented. this is whole new territory for us. terrorism, according to the last national poll is the second most important issue facing americans after the economy. and right now, according to that
7:40 am
heat. >> the debates coming up -- >> no doubt in the forefront. >> thank you, tom. the latest on the protests in the nfl. the philadelphia eagles will take the field later on for some "monday night football." some players plan to kneel for the national anthem. this as colin kaepernick and other plays continue to protest. espn's jamele hill joins us live. how are you, my >> i'm well. . how are you? >> i'm well. sports events are targets. does this cause a greater sense of concern for everybody? >> women, it should, for sure. sporting events are often targets. often considered symbols of american freedom. you have a situation like miami, where the police are actively saying they don't want to protect certain football players because they're taking part in
7:41 am
hugely counterproductive. >> can i ask you. i'm sitting next to a hall of famer. sorry, tom. >> give me some time. i have a couple good years in me. >> it's an honor to be in the pro football hall of fame. and darren sharper has been nominated. a lot of people are raising eyebrows. a five-time pro bowl safety. but he's serving 18 years in prison right now. for multiple attacks on women. how does this happen? how does someone like this get nominated for the the way. >> yeah, everybody is wondering that. the nfl fan base is 45% female. and moms, as we know, with the issues with concussions, will be a huge part of the conversation about whether or not their sons participate in football going forward. the nfl has tried to do a lot to convince women that they're doing something about violence against women. you can't talk out of both sides
7:42 am
the ballot is what i want to know. >> it only takes one. >> i think it only takes one. the hall of fame is separate from the nfl per se. both separate things. >> but still, does not look good. jamele, thank you. more bad news for the world's largest smartphone manufacturer. a new lawsuit filed by a man after his phone 'ledgedly exploezs in his pocket. our tech expert, becky worley on the job. what are you hearing? >> the note 7 phone. we've been talking about that with battery problems. the message not getting to people. the message not g-- a florida man, feels the phone getting hot in his pocket. it exploded in his pocket, resulting in second degree burns on his leg and his hands, trying to get the phone away from his body. the pictures are horrific. sam jp sung being direct.
7:43 am
contact them about an edge change. call them with someone else's phone, robin. is there the >> there's a recall. the florida man filed a lawsuit. does he have a case? >> it was released just in august. it sold more than 2.5 million units worldwide. 26 people being burned, including a 6-year-old child. 55 instances of property damage. the faa banning the use there's a cpsc recall on the note. samsung says they'll have replacement phones available by wednesday of this week. in my almost 20 years of tech reporting, i have never seen a recall like this. it's big. a behemoth like samsung is struggling. >> before my flight to san fran, they made a big anoimt saying, if you have one of those phones,
7:44 am
so many people are on the phone on the plane. now day say, put it on airplane mode. >> at the last minute, everyone is texting. >> thank you becky, jamele. thank you, tom. >> future hall of famer. >> give him some time. coming up, lara joins us live from los angeles with all the action at the emmys. jimmy kimmel hosted last night. >> see her on the red captain. she looked good. >> she has all-access.
7:45 am
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back now with the biggest night for television, the emmy awards. our lara spencer was there. she joins us live from l.a. good morning, lara. >> good morning, michael and robin and george. what a night. in fact, it's still going on. jimmy kimmel, rave reviews.
7:47 am
emmy awards. the favorites, "game of thrones," "veep," and "the people versus o.j." all of them delivered. there were big surprises. take a look. host jimmy kimmel set the tone for the night straight out of the gate. >> if your show doesn't have a dragon or a white bronco in it, go home now. >> "the people v. o.j. simpso >> reporter: the simpson docudrama led the way with five emmys. including best actor for courtney b. vance playing johnny cochran. what was it like to hear your name called. >> you listen to the first sill billion. i knew it was me this time. >> reporter: and it was sarah paulson, who brought a very special date. her real-life alter ego the.
7:48 am
marcia clark and actually brought marcia clark with her tonight. because, everyone in l.a. knows if you want to win sit next to marcia clark. >> i loved the moment. the big hg that you gave marcia clark when you heard your name. tell me about that. >> it wz very meaningful to have her hear. >> reporter: "game of "snl's" kate mckinnon, best sporting actress in a comedy. >> thank you, hillary clinton. [ applause ] >> reporter: and the candidate she frequently impersonates sending out this tweet congratulating kate. and "veep" brought home the best comedy series. as its star, julia liouis-dreyfs maid history. winning her fifth consecutive emmy for the same role. >> i think veep has torn down
7:49 am
politics. [ laughter ] our show started out as a political satire. it now feels more like a sobering documentary. [ laughter ] so, i certainly do promise to rebuild that wall and make mexico pay for it. >> reporter: what a speech. and then, julia louis-dreyfus paid emotional tribute to her father who died just three days ago. saying she was so glad he with this win, now tied with candace ber again for the most emmys for playing the same role. of course, ber again for murphy brown. there's a guy that has that honor. don knotts for bernie fife. >> how were those french fries last night? i saw you posting that. >> uh huh.
7:50 am
room. the robe went on, the fries went in. >> looking good then, looking good now. and we're going have much more with lara in the next. >> we'll have more coming up. >> oh, yeah, you were all over the place. a lot more on the emmys. lara sharing the best moments backstage. we'll stay on top of the breaking news. a lot of people on the search now for a suspect in the bombing in new york and new jersey. we'll have all the latest in our
7:51 am
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tv-commercial tv-commercial
7:54 am
we cannot wait to see him. all of that brought to you by vo: kelly ayotte says she's on our side, but on our rights, she's squarely with donald trump: trump: planned parenthood should absolutely be defunded. nned parenthood. and both oppose our right to safe and legal abortion. ayotte: i certainly think that roe should be overturned... trump: ...there has to be some form of punishment. matthews: for the woman? trump: yeah, there has to be some form. vo: ayotte and trump: wrong for new hampshire women. senate majority pac is responsible for the
7:55 am
7:56 am
quite now from news 9. erin: good morning. it is 7:56. a woman from gilmanton is facing numerous charges after police say she led them on a chase while allegedly driving drunk. it all started shortly before eleven last night when belmont police say they clocked sherry giddis driving 90 mph in a 45 mph zone on route 106. officers tried to stop the pickup truck, but it kept speeding into laconia, and then into gilford. laconia police eventually caught stopped at a mcdonald's. officers say giddis refused to open the door and they had to break a window in order to arrest her. she is scheduled to be arraigned today. the heavy rain out there is not only causing problems on the roads. it's also flooding basements in one concord neighborhood. take a look at this. the fire department has been working to help people get the water out of their homes. one man says he woke up to about two feet of water in his basement. we're told the water is starting to recede, but it's also leaving
7:57 am
we have not seen video like this all summer, but this morning it came down in buckets. kevin: you get into the summer months and you get scattered showers and storms. this is the uniform rain you get as you work into the autumn season. we have seen anywhere between a half-inch in far northern areas to three inches in some southwestern areas. you can see a later version of what we had earlier this morning. this w left in the afternoon, a straight thundershower. temperatures and dew points in the 60's as highs go to the 70's. a warm humid day with a stray thundershower by midafternoon and partial clearing setting up fog later tonight. a good deal of sunshine tomorrow. that will be with warm temperatures intact. we should be anywhere from the upper 70's to mid 80's tomorrow.
7:58 am
on thursday. from there, we see a cold front on friday should send temperature backward. i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. i know mogenerals do. then the john mccain, a war hero. he's not a war hero, he's a war hero because he was captured. i like people that weren't captured ok. donald trump compared his sacrifices to the sacrifices of two parents who lost their son in war. how would you answer that father?
7:59 am
ructures. i've had tremendous success, i think... those are sacrifices? what is driving performance? it's not a weekend hobby. you have to live and breathe it for 50 years. it's the sound... and the fury. it's letting it all hang out there, and it's hanging on for dear life. that is what amg driving performance means.
8:00 am
good morning, america. it's 8:00 a.m. breaking new detail on the bombs found in new jersey and new york. a new explosion overnight at a new jersey train station. up to five people in fbi custody right now. agents tracking more suspects at this hour. millions of commuters on edge after a weekend of terror. also this morning. doctors warn that codeine used in kids can be dangerous, even deadly. family, food, and faith. what is life like off the court for ayesha and steph. why she doesn't consider herself a basketball wife. her secret game day dish for hubby. wait until you see what riley is up to. we're at home with the curries.
8:01 am
>> good morning, america. >> and it's a good one, indeed. >> with all the big winners. the moments you didn't see on tv. all the hottest looks right off the red carpet. "gma" there for every moment. as we said -- >> good morning, america. are you finished? okay. just waiting for all the names. good morning, america. here's w hour. those four bombs discovered in new york and new jersey in the last 48 hours. 38 people were injured in the attacks. >> that includes the bombing in manhattan and the stabbing at a minnesota mall. the suspect there was killed. add least five people have been detained in new york overnight. >> moment tos ago, police released this image of a 28-year-old suspect, his name is
8:02 am
>> authorities believe he's connected to all of the bombings. the new jersey race, the new jersey train station, and the two bombs planted here. they're searching for him. he's a bomber on the loose. the fbi says he's considered armed and dangerous. he should be detained if seen. individuals should call police. >> they believe the people arrested on the verrazano-narrows bridge last night were >> they were family members. they pulled them over for questions. they're not necessarily suspects. they want to know more about the 28-year-old. >> a lot of information on the cell phone? >> exactly. the cell phone found in the unexploded bomb led them to rahami's father and the home in new jersey. >> all of us here in new york got the alert moments ago.
8:03 am
davis in elizabeth, new jersey, just 15 miles from new york. >> reporter: that's right, robin. the fbi is currently conducting a search of a fried chicken location here this elizabeth that's believed to be connected with the chelsea bombing. still, a big police presence here at the elizabeth train station where those two men last night found the containing the five explosiveses. they say they initially thought the backpack contained something valuable. then they saw wires and a pipe, they dropped the bag in the street and called police. as police attempted to disarm one of the five devices in the backpack, a robot cut a line and it exploded. the major of elizabeth says he believes whoever put the backpack in the trash can was
8:04 am
or device attached to it. customers are being told to expect a lot of delays. robin? george in michael? >> a very, very sense weekend. now to amy and the rest of the headlines. >> we begin with bas prices. soaring in parts of the u.s. up more than 20 cents per gal lon in the southeast after major fuel pipeline had to be shut town because of a leak. some gas stations in atlanta have run out of the fragile cease-fire in syria has expired. several air strikes hit rebel areas on sunday. one day after tensions were raised. there will be a summit this week. back here at home, police in tulsa, oklahoma, are expected to release video from a deadly shooting. they say an officer shot 40-year-old terrance crutcher
8:05 am
his hands and instead reached inside his sufficient. a local minister who saw a preview of the video says the man had his hands up and no weapon was evident. three surfers were injured by sharks. a close call on racetrack during a formula 1 race. take a look. a work owner the track. look at that. did not realize the race was restarting. and understand pli ran by. he was picking up debris and had been told it was safe on t. on that same track the day before, a giant lizard disrupted the practice. neither human nor lizard were injureded. back to you. back out to l.a. special edition of "pop news" from lara. >> thank you so much, george.
8:06 am
very much. want to tell you about the incredible time we had after the preemmy red carpet show. i got to go behind the scene and get inside scoop. one of the biggest winners of the night reminded me that years ago i guest-stard with him in a sitcom where i play administer. guess i forget about that one. unfortunately, he didn't. check it out. it's always one of my favorite award show moments when stars clyde. like this unexpected red carpet amy schumer and the travoltas. >> i'm a huge fan of both of their. and couldn't have loved show more. have she's genius. >> you to mind if we have the floor for a moment. >> not at palm this is the best two on one moment ever. >> you're nominated for "the people v. o.j." >> did you see that? >> it turns out it look like he did it. spoiler.
8:07 am
for playing chris darden and marcia clark. i see somebody you know. i >> i'm sitting there taking a load off of them feet. >> your speech was so lovely. sterling was flattered. >> sterling k. brown, if i had more time, i would never stop extolling your virtues. i am holding this because of you. at the end of the day, it was but there are two people whose lives were snuffed out way before their time. >> reporter: and travolta says he was staying alive all night with his co-stars. >> we promised we would stay up all night. we promised we would have drinks and have fun. this level of success rarely happens. >> yep. >> and i -- i want to take advantage of -- from now until 6:00 a.m., i'm taking advantage of it. >> partying. >> yes, absolutely.
8:08 am
with binge-watching changing the way we watch tv, i wanted the opinions of winners. >> the great british baekoff. >> all of doubten abbey. >> getting into stringer things. >> reporter: in a strange twist of fate, turns out keyingle michael key and i go way back to penn state. i was the year before. >> you were the year before me. i told everybody, lara was the e ever. just sign up for later. where's the bar. i'm not an actress. >> you were marrying me and niecy nash. >> i know. we were a couple. >> this is my wedding day, curtis. >> so, i can now say, in all honesty, i've been in a sitcom
8:09 am
a nominee, niecy nash. quickly, you know how hard we work. get over here. this is how it all came together. look at this. get over here. the dream team. this is what you see. you know how it happens. this is kelly and sabrina made those pieces happen. i wanted to give them a big thank you for keeping me awake. >> they're like, thanks, lara. >> lara is using paster in a sitcom years ago. what was that about? >> it was type-casting, george. >> the girls are under your arms like, i cannot believe she pulled us up here in our sweats. but -- >> you look great. >> great job, lara. great job, ladies. coming up, a big parenting alert. the new medical warning about codeine and your kids. i had a chance to go two on
8:10 am
ayesha and stephen. revealing the secret ingredients to their happy life and success. >> and riley, too. >> riley, too, come on back. what are you doing right now? making a cake! uh oh. i don't see cake, i just see mess. it's like awful. it feels like am not actually cleaning it up. what's that make mommy do? this is amazing. woah wow. now i feel more like making a mess is part of growing up. only new wetjet pads have absorb and lock to soak up tough messes and lock them away stop cleaning. start swiffering. daughter: mom, ready to go? mothekohl's coupons.for my why? i set up the kohl's app on your phone. huh? yeah, your coupons are already in your digital wallet. oh, cool.
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8:14 am
lives. jamey french: kelly reaches across the aisle to conserve our environment... becky stafford: kelly is so committed to our veterans and cares about our needs. marc baillargeon: kelly protected our jobs at the shipyard. kelly is one of us. veteran: she's not forgotten where she's come from. brenda willis: she cares. dean kamen: that's kelly - an independent leader, fighting for new hampshire. kelly: i'm kelly ayotte and i approved this message. and welcome back to "gma." thers curries. cooking up a nice meal. first, a new medical warning for parent. the american academy of pediatrics is now urging doctors to not prescribe pain medication with codeine for kids. when we were growing up, seemed like all cough med since had it. >> the it's used as a cough suppress sapt. and a pain medication.
8:15 am
and be converted to morphine. a very strong drug. some people convert it quickly. some slowly. if you convert a lot and very quickly, kit suppress your breathing and in some children, be deadly. >> what should parents do? >> they're saying to doctors, think twice, three times about using it. as parent, if if your child is prescribed an opioid, a narcotic, ask if there is snig >> always a last resort. >> exactly. coming up, robin goes two on one with the curries. kids don't play with the scorpion. honey we're out of... coffee! got it.
8:16 am
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8:19 am
hey, back here on "gma." we're happy you're back with us. from maryland, he's showing me his speed drills. i'm standing by because we're about to hear from the first family of basketball. that's right. steph and ayesha curry. they're opening up to robin. i love this
8:20 am
seeing that gradually lighten as we go through the next few hours, although in southern areas we may continue to see light rain shower act pretty between now and lunchtime -- rain shower activity between now and lunchtime. temperatures in the 60's this morning. dew points in the 60's, with temperatures into the 70's this afternoon. warm and somewhat ? welcome to my house ? i wondered what that noise was. it was a basketball. that's what's up. the superstar family making a name on and off the basketball court. stephen becoming the first ever unanimous nba mvp. and his wife, ayesha, a star in her own right with amazing dishes. how do i know? because i got the visit them. food, family, and faith. ayesha curry's ingredients.
8:21 am
mine. >> reporter: she's a self-taught food maven. she has over 4 million social media followers. and frequent appearances on "rachael ray" and "chopped jr." at home, her superstar husband and two daughters are happy to be her testers. tell us where the passion for cooking stems from? >> it stems from family. i feel like food gets people talking. it makes people feel things. that's why i love it so much. have about half cup of milk here. it was stephen who one day said, everybody is always asking for your recipes, why don't you start a blog? >> reporter: and now, she's paralaying that into a cookbook, "the seasoned life." what do you want somebody picking up the book to know
8:22 am
it can be quick, delicious, and easy. >> reporter: and this fall, she brakes her food network debut on "ayesha's homemade." >> i wanted people to have fun with food. feel like they could have company over and still prepare a meal. get people involved. you'll see bits and pieces of our family and closest friends. >> reporter: now, despite her hectic culinary schedule, she st husband's home game. she's known for being a passionate fan. one of her live tweets brought some response from fans. you're very passionate. >> i'm in love with my husband. i'm very passionate. at times, i tend to be cynical. i don't think that comes across very well. on social media.
8:23 am
a basketball wife, if you will? >> it's interesting. i -- i always say, i don't like to call myself a basketball wife. i -- um -- i like to say i'm just a young woman who happened to marry somebody that ended up playing basketball. and for him, i don't think he would identify himself as a basketball player. he's a young man of god placed in a great position doing what he lo >> seeing riley, the press con friends. how is she handling being -- >> she has no idea. i want to keep it that way. she's sassy. she's got a big -- she's a big ball of energy. >> reporter: i got chance to try some of ayesha's recipes and catch up with the other chef curry. >> reporter: what's it like.
8:24 am
>> it's unbelievable. because it's her passion. >> there we go. >> reporter: so what is game day? what's burning in here? what's game day meal? >> always some sort of supercarby pasta dish, always. >> make you slap your mama. make you want to slap your mama. >> oh. joe's barbecue. >> curry, off a curl, hits a >> reporter: after a nearly perfect season, the golden state warriors lost the 2016 tight toll the cleveland cavaliers. so, here we are on the cusp of another season. are you ready? >> definitely ready. >> reporter: tell us about the one bipg change. k.d. >> we lost some key guys. some of my good friends. you have to be excited about what we're going for with adding k.d. and our core guys.
8:25 am
it will be something we have to focus on. look forward to it. >> reporter: oh, oh. the day would not be come meet without a tour of riley's brand-new play house. >> my gosh, r iriri! >> reporter: just a slice of life with the currys. she's so savvy. she looked at me and goes, why is the camera in here? she's so aw close family. >> clearly, yeah. >> i saw that episode where they delivered her playhouse. i don't know why i was watching it. they have baby faces on tv. when you see them in person, you see how young they are. >> 30 years old. >> they have a lot going on. they handle it well. the two biggest stars are going to be riley and ryan. >> this is the eighth year for him in the nba.
8:26 am
pass. they're in the moment, enjoying it. they know this is a moment in time. her cookbook, i did one of her dishes over the weekend, "the seasoned life" is out soon. we're going break down the best looks from the emmys. we have the one and only denzel wau washington.
8:27 am
sean: good morning. the time is 8:27. the driver accused of crashing into a massachusetts pizza shop, killing two people, including a derryfield school graduate, is set to face a judge today. 55-year-old brad casler is facing charges of motor vehicle homicide and driving to endanger. the charges stem from a deadly accident in march, in whic sweet tomoatoes restaurant in newton, massachusetts. 32-year-old gregory morin, of concord, new hampshire, was killed in the crash. a massachusetts woman also died, and seven others were injured. the heavy rain out there is not only causing problems on the roads. it's also flooding basements in one concord neighborhood. one man says he woke up to about two feet of water in his basement. the fire department has been working to help people get the water out of their homes.
8:28 am
the clouds looming. kevin: we still have areas of rainfall out there, a lot of which is lighter than what we were experiencing a few hours ago. a couple of areas saw over three inches of rainfall in southern parts of the state, out of this area of rain that moved through overnight. even some lightning and thunder overnight. we are looking for this to continue to gradually settle down through the morning. there may be a couple of areas of part of the state. up north, there could be a thundershower later today. dew points will stay in the 60's, with temperatures in the 70's this afternoon. patchy fog with partial clearing overnight. a good deal of sunshine tomorrow. temperatures mid-80's tomorrow. still warm wednesday. at the end of the week, another front comes through. that will cool us off.
8:29 am
we are one nation under god. that bnation indivisible.are one that republican and democrat, we are all americans. i'd like to punch him in the face. you know what they used to do to guys like that? they'd be carried out in a stretcher, folks.
8:30 am
priorities usa action is responsible for the content of this advertising. ? the trumpets there you go ? ? [ cheers and applause ] >> how are you? yeah. >> that's all we >> have a great monday. good morning, america. good morning, everybody here. incredible crowd. did you notice we got new chairs? look at the blue. i like that. our crew is always on it. >> you know what, that's giants blue. i see a young lady with the saints gear on. she's at least representing. big game yesterday. we won in the last-second field goal.
8:31 am
air. but i won. >> that's all right. who dat, right? so they'll go 14-2. >> i'm not who dat until they play the g men. speaking of sports. speaking of football. i'm bringing something to the table. a peewee football coach, he loves to bust a move. take a look at this. ? ? let's go let's go ? [ applause ] >> oh, yeah. how's that. [ cheers and applause ] >> now -- that's coach jermaine cooper. he's in beaumont, texas. this is how he gets the kids pumped up for the game. there's a bigger message in what he's doing.
8:32 am
of my coaches do that. >> you started as a kid. >> you did. at 8. >> look at little michael. >> i was 7 on the left. that's my brother, victor and i in the middle. and i played for the saints. i played for the saints. >> there you go. >> who dat? >> we have -- we're going to meet the man behind the moves. coach cooper joins us [ cheers and applause ] with the members of the beaumont bulldogs. how did the dance come about? >> man, it came about, man, one of our coaches knows that i'm a member of a megasci-fi fraternity.
8:33 am
it wasn't planned. he played my song. it just sent a shock in my body. i did what i was always known to do. >> it's perform. got into your bones. but, the object of your dancing, it's just not the make the kids laugh. there's a bigger message in your moves. >> yes, sir, yes, sir. it's a part of my fraternity. we strive for greatness. so everything that we do, we always want to look good at it. and when every member that's at a member of omega psi phi. >> i know we don't have atomic dog. but can you do some moves. can we see it? there you go.
8:34 am
[ team chanting ] >> all: go coop, go coop, go coop, go coop. >> oh! [ applause ] did you see that? >> we got something i wasn't expecting right there, coach. >> coach, he's going to join us now. >> hey, coach cooper. we want to thank you. thank your team. congratulations on the win the other day. good luck on your next game. you're awesome. keep on inspiring those kids, my man. thank you. >> thank you. >> that was amazing. the cooper. the cooper.
8:35 am
go -- i know i did. >> that brings a story i was bringing to table. that's man who has learned how to get people to do what he needs them to do. there's a new book out called "pre-suasion." what am i trying to do if i steal your cup. not if i steal your cup, i walk into a meeting and hand you a cup with warm coffee. >> i feel comforted. listen to you. the second part of the -- now this is a picture showing all of us working, you know, kind of close together. sending out the message, if you show a picture like this, people are more apt to work together. >> that's just so sweet. >> this one shouldn't be too hard. >> the thinker? >> if you want somebody you're working with to slow down, take your time, think something
8:36 am
decision, flash this picture. it seems obvious, i guess. finally, usain bolt. >> oh, move, move. >> visualize success. >> what do you think in the audience? would that motivate you? [ applause ] >> they don't need extra motivation this morning. >> they're very motivated. >> george set himself up. you better coffee every day. did anybody watch the emmys last night? did you see that? well, you know who was front and center and who was backstage as well? our good friend, lara spencer. she traded in the red carpet style. you got something more comfortable. oh, yeah. yes. it really is all about fashion. yeah. you had to just kick your feet up a little bit there, lara? >> kicking the feet up.
8:37 am
i'm going to stay until the end of the show by giving me a mimosa, getting me a barcalounger. we thought that we would show you calm of sort of behind the scenes looks. wanted to show you some of my fashion faves. for me, did you love tracy ellis ross? on the red carpet? >> oh, yes, yes, yes. >> absolutely stunning. i chatted with her for quite on camera and off. you remember she was so excited to be nominated. and then, she said she was a little bit calmer, not much, but a little bit calmer on the red carpet. but feeling so beautiful because of that gown. custom made for her by raffle lauren, lar ding. >> oh, it looked good. >> let me ask you about this. kerry washington, she looked
8:38 am
>> yes. >> glowing and showing. >> glowing and showing. >> robin, i agree. she was one of my favorites. she was wearing brandon maxwell. i love that she had the cutouts in her dress. she's very pregnant. not sure how far along. absolutely gorgeous with her curls. >> yes! >> and just having the best time ever. it was fun to talk to her as well. she's in my top three. >> all right. i'll show you one. >> okay, okay. >> this is what my team made me do. before the show, they got me in my dress, my makeup. they made me lie down. some people were concerned i was not well. but no, it was just that once i was strapped in and, you know -- a lot of tape involved, my team said, you are now not allowed to move. until we go to the carpet.
8:39 am
promise, i was wearing very sensible shoes under my gown. >> because remember, she had her right hip replaced. she just had hip replacement. >> you were reunited with our old pall chris harrison. >> what, george? >> you were reunited with chris harrison. >> can you show that one picture. yeah. what you didn't see was that between shots, we ran over to the air it was 98 degrees on that carpet. >> it was really hot. is there that was the spot to be in. let me tell you. he was wonderful. >> i'm glad you explained that picture. i wasn't sure what was going on there. >> you get back here safe and sound with that mimosa and the slippers and everything. great job last night. >> will do. [ cheers and applause ] and now, time to break down
8:40 am
we have rolled out our own red carpet for joe z. oh, oh. >> hi. >> oh, my gosh. this is amazing. how are you? like the hot seat. how are you, sir? >> how are you, joe? >> i'm good. >> what trend did you see? >> yellow. we were talking about big bird yellow. it's a very difficult in on the carpet and looked so dynamite. there before so many different versions. minnie driver. ellie kemper. taraji p. henson. >> what else did you see? >> i absolutely loved kerry. looked dynamite. loved, loved, loved. my favorite, sarah paulson.
8:41 am
>> it was so different than anything else. beaded. custom prada. i think she dressed like a winner. >> i liked her hair, too. so cute. >> can we see for this one. did you all love this? you either liked it or not? yeah. i love this audience. >> what is that? love that. >> also, "quantico" star chopra. >> she looked dynamite. you know jason wu is a big designer of the first lady. >> does she ever look bad, no. >> i like all the cutouts. the well-placed cutout. >> the asymmetrical cutouts. >> george just lays back. we're talking.
8:42 am
always good. fab to have you here. >> always great to be here. and now, to the equally fabulous ginger zee. ginger zee. >> from joe z. to ginger zee. >> we do our best red carpet pose. the over the shoulder. yeah. jasmine is from aust kevin: overnight continues to shovel away. pockets of lighter rainfall. an additional quarter inch late in the afternoon. southern areas more organiz and all that weather brought to you by weight watchers. and a programming note. kiefer sutherland will review an exclusive new promo for the new
8:43 am
show,. coming up, the one, the only, denzel washington. oil wells in new hampshire? you'd think so the way kelly ayotte voted. ninety percent with the big oil koch brothers. she voted to give big oil more than $20 billion in tax breaks. they gave kelly ayotte campaign contributions. corporate special interests are spending millions supporting her campaign... like the koch brothers. kelly ayotte: paid for by big oil; voting for big oil. not working for us. dscc is responsible for
8:44 am
8:45 am
[ cheers and applause ] ? you hear that music playing?
8:46 am
magnificent seven" theme, because we have denzel washington here. and a reboot of the western with an all-star cast. let's take a look at a clip. >> looking for a man. a big fella, about your size. >> what's his name? >> name his mama gave him was daniel harrison. sometimes he goes by the name padre dan. >> oh. >> you look good, man. you know, that was some nice shooting. i see you still doing this. >> manuel, one of the guys in "the magnificent seven" a spanish kid. he outdoes all of us.
8:47 am
>> they say you mastered it. >> you practice all day every day. >> you were in meetings with them. walking down the street with them. >> no, no, no. >> he's not crazy. >> no, no. but you get -- you just practice. you're with your horse every day. i liked that. >> clean-shaven right now. do we love this look? [ cheers and applause ] >> hey, hey. >> oh, i see. they comment what's the alternative? there's no hate it signs? >> no. >> what's that mean? the gold sign? >> it's good. it's all good. >> i love the mutton chops. that was your idea. >> yeah. >> how did pauletta, your wife, like that? >> she didn't say anything. >> she understood what it was for.
8:48 am
family, right? >> i watched "bonanza." i hated watching it because i knew you had to go to bed right after. "ed sullivan." "bonanza." then bed. i always liked hop sing. >> this is a reboot. i remember the original one. this one is so -- i love the cast. we all love to see just this er of life. does it speak to the new generation? >> you mean just having different colors of folk? it speaks to the reality in the 1870s. >> thank you. >> that's more typical than movies of the '50s, and '40s, where there was nobody that looked like us. we were there. >> we were there. that's what's great about the
8:49 am
director. it wasn't like, oh, we're going to do this for that reason. i just wanted to be in chris pratt's movie. >> he felt the same way. >> he's here tomorrow. we'll ask him. >> a diverse cast. i love the movie. the interaction with everybody. and speaking of sports. i know you're a big sports guy. fbl season. your son, john david, was a professional footb old rivals, the cowboys, what did you tell them? >> i told them the time is now. it's like, let's go. >> pick it up. >> pick it up. i've been a cowboys fan since the '60s. nay used to ship, they had an old ship. they would do this. and they had black folks on the team. so -- i was a running back.
8:50 am
wanted to be bob haste. i wore 22. i saw gayle sayers, i wanted to be gayle sayers. i was more his size. jim brown was too big. i have always been a cowboy fan. i stick with my team, unlike a lot of people. not saying you. not saying you. i stick with my team. >> you're from mt. vernon. i thought you bowled bah giants fan. since you have been there cowboys. >> i had a chance -- >> on that note. let's take a break. "we're going to be back with
8:51 am
8:52 am
? [ cheers and applause ] denzel washington. how much fun is it to see you two guys talking football? it's wonderful.
8:53 am
so very important to you. you have been working with them for many, many decades. what is that relationship like? >> i mean, the most dangerous time of the day for young children is between 3:00 and 6:00 afterschool. most times parents are working. i grow up in the boys club. when i was a kid, they took to yankee stadium to meet the giant. it was a positive place. a safe place. is it a 'tissings show kids that grow up in the clubs graduate at a higher rate from high school and college. in every way, it's good.
8:54 am
with this level of engineering... it's a performance machine. with this degree of intelligence... it's a supercomputer. with this grade of protection... it's a fortress. and with this standard of luxury... it's an oasis. introducing the completely redesigned e-class. it's everything you need it to be... and more. lease the e300 for $549 a month at your local mercedes-benz dealer.
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vo: kelly ayotte says she's on our side, but on our rights, she's squarely with donald trump: trump: planned parenthood should absolutely be defunded. vo: ayotte agrees, voting six times to do just that - defund planned parenthood. and both oppose our right to safe and legal abortion. ayotte: i certainly think that roe should be overturned... trump: ...there has to be some form of punishment. matthews: for the woman? trump: yeah, there has to be some form. vo: ayotte and trump: wrong for new hampshire women. senate majority pac
8:56 am
and hey. magnificent seven hits tleerts on friday. thanks to denzel. announcer: now from wmur -- sean: it is 8:56.
8:57 am
numerous charges after police say she led them on a chase while allegedly driving drunk. it all started shortly before eleven last night when belmont police say they clocked sherry giddis driving 90 mph in a 45 mph zone on route 106. officers tried to stop the pickup truck, but it kept speeding into laconia, and then into gilford. laconia police eventually caught up with the truck when it stopped at a mcdonald's. officers say giddis refused to open the door and they had to break a window in order to arrest her. she is scheduled to be arraigned today. the heavy rain out there is not only causing problems on the roads. it's also floodba the fire department has been working to help people get the water out of their homes. one man says he woke up to about two feet of water in his basement. look at this right here. we're told the water is starting to recede, but it's also leaving behind some damage. and quite a mess. it was coming down very heavy overnight that it has come down outside. kevin: much lighter now as we continue to watch this fate. heavy rainfall focused south and
8:58 am
through the morning. dew points will be in the 60's today. highs will climb into the 70's. the heaviest rain focused in southeastern areas. a few spots, over three inches of rain. a lot of southern parts of the state, 1-2.5 inches of rain. temperatures will be in the 70's through the afternoon. a lot of clouds today. occasional showers here and th afternoon than the storm we had. some patchy fog tonight. still warm and humid tomorrow, but humidity lessons on wednesday. it stays until friday, when the
8:59 am
it's been their agenda: anything to defund planned parenthood. kelly ayotte and washington republicans voted 6 different times to defund planned parenthood. they're on a crusade to block services new hampshire women and families depend on: cancer screenings, birth control, basic women's healthcare. kelly ayotte and washington republicans have put defunding planned parenthood at the top of their agenda... and it's time for that to change. i'm maggie hassan
9:00 am
>> announcer: it's "live with kelly." today, kevin james. and from the series "lucifer" rachael harris. and the singer-songwriter mike wallet. and kelly's cohost for the day is billed -- is busy philipps. all next on "live." and now, here are kelly ripa and busy philipps.


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