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tv   Good Morning America  WMUR  October 19, 2016 7:00am-9:00am EDT

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good morning, america. the final showdown. donald trump and hillary clinton facing off for the last time tonight. >> she's been doing this for 30 years. now she has to do debate prep for five days. >> the gop nominee planning another debate surprise. his special guest, president obama's half broth president takes on trump and his claims of a rigged election. >> he starts whining before the game is over, then you don't have to take. >> and the first lady in versace as the obamas host their final state dinner. also this morning, fire and fog. a major blaze sparked out west overnight as record heat spreads from texas all the way up to new york city. forcing fog to swallow this boston skyline. a terrifying home invasion
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a burglar breaking into a house then this happens. an 11-year-old home from school coming face-to-face with the intruder. >> high heart started pumping when i saw him. >> and cruel hoax. was one of the biggest stars in the world, adam levine, the victim of a vicious prank? an anonymous caller claiming he was abusing his supermodel wife and 4-week-old daughter. the investigation this morning. and we do say good morning, america. great for us to have david muir with us. >> great to be here. >> are you ready for the final one. >> the last one has arrived. less than three weeks to go until election day and americans say it doesn't get here quickly enough, rit? the debate hall at the university of nevada. donald trump, hillary clinton as robin mentions about to face off there for the final time tonight. >> one last time and the
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replace had his final state dinner overnight and look at michelle obama there shining and looking amazing in that versace dress. >> we'll have much more on that coming up but first we want to, of course, get to tonight's showdown. the stakes extremely high especially for donald trump. this brand-new poll shows him trailing hillary clinton by nine points. as you can imagine we have team coverage this morning, abc's tom llamas starts us off in the debate hall there in las vegas. good morning, tom. >> reporter: robin, good morning to you. third and final debate, the protocol may actually change. traditionally the families of the candidates come out from opposite ends of the debate stage so they can cross the room and shake hands in the middle but according to "the new york times" the clinton campaign has requested that they change this, that the families come out as close to their seats as possible and this is because of the penchant of donald trump to have stunts pulled off in the middle of the debate hall to humiliate the clintons so we may skip
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another ace up his sleeve. inviting president obama's half brother to be his guest at tonight's debate. >> tomorrow night is going to be interesting. >> he lives in kenya but is a u.s. citizen is a trump supporter and clashed with his brother and hillary clinton over their policies. at the last debate, trump had bill clinton's accusers sitting right in the debate hall. that's where he will be tonight. the new psychological warfare comes as sources tell abc news approach tonight similar to the last debate. trump already criticizing clinton's stamina. >> now she has to do debate prep for five days, right? you know what the debate prep is, it's resting. it's lying down going to sleep. >> reporter: but while clinton prepares, president obama is taking on trump. >> i have never seen in my lifetime or in modern political history any presidential candidate trying to discredit
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process before votes have even taken place. >> reporter: the president taking issue with trump's talk of a rigged election. >> but they even want to try to rig the election at the polling booths where so many cities are corrupt. >> you start whining before the game is even over, whenever things are going badly for you and you lose, you tart blaming somebody else, then you don't have what it takes to be in this job. >> reporter: now donald trump is expected to be in debate prep all day ramped up his attacks on hillary clinton's health and her e-mail server and, david, we expect that to be a big part of his strategy tonight. >> the only time when the hall is going to be quiet there right behind tom llamas. now to hillary clinton. you heard donald trump criticize her for being off the trail for prepping for the debate but her team says it works. they say just look at the last two debates. let's look at cecilia vega live in las vegas this morning with new reporting on clinton's strategy going into tonight. two big issues, they say, she's
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>> reporter: yeah, they sure do. two issues in the headlines. here they are, his claims of a rigged election and, of course, those women who have come forward to accuse donald trump of sexual misconduct. she has yet to actually take him on directly on those two fronts and we expect her to do so for the very first time in here tonight. also we're told she's been preparing to answer questions about those hacked wikileaks e-mails. we expect her strategy, though, to be to turn it to russia which, of course, is behind the hacks. we also know she is planning on a big head game her own, reality tv star billionaire donald trump nemesis mark cuban and meg whitman, hewlett-packard's ceo, a big-time republican supporter of hillary clinton's. both of them in the hall. >> back to the argument from trump turning this back to stamina. several days of debate prep but she's had an answer for that before saying you're right, i did prepare. she seems to think this really works for her. >> reporter: yes, she says preparation is key to her
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has paid off in the polls post debate that she's seen a bump but take a look. we crunched the numbers. donald trump has held twice as many campaign events than hillary clinton in the last few months, 81 to her 32. we expect him to surely bring up this issue of stamina on the stage in here tonight. >> we'll see you in prime time. thank you. tonight's debate, of course, is the last big chance for these candidates to shape this race so let's bring in abc's jon karl who is a with a look at the latest polls heading into this showdown. now, before we get into the poll, let's talk about something else here, because wikileaks e-mails expected to be a hot topic in tonight's debate. and you are learning that there's a warning to trump from a top republican about this. >> reporter: yeah, this is significant, robin. marco rubio, senator marco rubio says these are stolen e-mails hacked by the russians and that they shouldn't be used.
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these leaks are an effort by a foreign government to interfere with our electoral process and i will not indulge it. further, i want to warn my fellow republicans who may want to capitalize politically on these leaks, today it is the democrats, tomorrow it could be us. so rubio says trump should stop talking about the wikileaks revelations and that he will do so himself. >> that warning is raising a lot of eyebrows so let's get to those all-important polls, especially in the states. where do things stand there and what issues seem to be really be resonating with voters there? >> reporter: well, the big picture across all these battleground states is you see real momentum for hillary clinton and a downward trend for donald trump. but three of the states that remain close, the first is ohio, this is probably the best battleground state for donald trump. up 48/44. the big animating issues here are trade and the economy.
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deals, tougher negotiation, that message is resonating in ohio. in florida, you see the mirror image. you see hillary clinton on the rise and in florida, what we're seeing in the polls is that experience and foreign policy are the top issues and that voters are giving hillary clinton an advantage there. and then finally right here in the state of nevada this is very much a battleground state, a tight state if you look at this, 46/44 in the latest poll that's slight lead for hillary clinton. the animating issue here is immigration. of course, donald trump wants to build that washington and hillary clinton has the opposite position here. she supports a path to citizenship for the 11 million or so undocumented immigrants in this country. the difference couldn't be more shark. a lot of hispanics in this state and that is advantage at least so far hillary clinton. >> it does appear that way, all right, jon, busy day ahead for you and night as well.
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powerhouse political team on the desk. martha and matt dowd. huge stakes for both donald trump and hillary clinton tonight but first donald trump, matt. we saw the stunt before the last debate. he was there with women who accused bill clinton in the past, moments before the debate they were all sitting there during that presser. now we hear he's bringing president obama's half brother. the question is does this work and what does donald trump really have to achieve tonight? >> first, don't you guys feel biblical with martha and matthew and david. very good i mean there's something for us in the press and people to talk about and say, oh, isn't that interesting? doesn't work for hillary clinton. it doesn't work for donald trump. i mean it's perfect place to do it is las vegas to have a stunt. now if they showed up with celine dion it might have impact but these don't matter. >> what is going to be trump's strategy and what do you make of rubio suggesting that he stay as way from wikileaks? >> well, i actually think -- i totally agree with marco rubio in this.
7:10 am
in a hypocritical place when they use it because it undermines our democracy and electoral process. i think donald trump has to win and he has to win big tonight. he's behind as we've seen in the polls and all the key states and nationally in this. he has to change the dynamic of this race and the only place he can do it from now until election day is tonight. >> how aggressive do you expect hillary clinton to be? >> i expect her to be assertive but not aggressive and we were talking, robin, before, the worst thing she can do is go into a prevent defense because as we know start giving up points. >> you have to play to win, not play not to lose. now, david and martha -- >> i was just going to say that, really. you stole my sports thing. >> martha, you and david, you both have moderated debates. >> oh, yes. >> so much is made about the body language. they didn't shake hands. donald trump following hillary clinton around the stage so what do you think we can expect tonight? >> well, i think we have no idea. when i sat there for the last debate and watched them come out
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we're in trouble because all that matters and that's the optics of all this and people look at that and very from the get-go when they looked at each other and did not shake hands, the body language, you could just feel it in that debate hall. i'm looking at these debate hall pictures and just sort of having memories of being terrified and on the spot there but him walking around, you could just feel it and you know it's a little different on television than what you feel in the room but it was probably even on television. >> going to be a little different. this is not a town hall. >> not a town hall so they have to talk just to each other so they can't walk around and probably just stay behind the podium. >> you were amazing, by the way. even on "snl" their portrayal of you, i loved it. >> they were amazing on "snl." >> they nailed it. it was a good martha. good question for you. on hillary clinton you hear the stamina argument from donald trump. her taking several days off to prep. take a look at in this morning.
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>> my vision of america is an america where everyone has a place. >> literally using her words, they're trying to get under her skin with her preparation. >> she's been smart. if you think about it this way, donald trump is in a series of rallies basically totaling 200,000. these three debates will have an audience of 200 million people. so if you want to be game on, you want to be game on when the largest audience is there. >> when the lights are on. think? >> it was fun. >> and the final presidential debate as you know is tonight. you can see it right here on abc. david will be joining george who is anchoring our live coverage with our entire political team starting at 9 p.m. eastern time. >> well, you know what, heat of the debate, now there's heat here in times square and millions of people on the east coast are feeling that heat and, ginger, you have incredible images of fog that's been rolling in. >> right.
7:13 am
england. look what it looked like downtown boston. they struggled to get out of the 60s thanks to that onshore wind. i was stalking their page and saw this. we put a time lapse to showcase how that can change so quickly. so many of us could break or see a record again. you did it from texas all the way up that new england. montgomery, alabama, went to 92, newark, 85. not reserved as far as records go to right here. check this out. the ridge stays in place. we could see records break again from atlanta to there it goes and back to reality even below average for some. by the time we get into the weekend, guys. >> thanks so much. see you in a moment. the other news, a frightening scene at a san francisco high school. four students shot as classes were letting out and adrienne bankert has the search for the suspects this morning. >> reporter: a terrifying shooting outside this high school in san francisco.
7:14 am
but unknown exactly. >> reporter: gunshots erupting. four students shot in the parking lot. >> when officers responded immediately they thought this was an active shooter because they saw the victims inside the school. >> reporter: panicked students running in the chaos, many going back into the school for safety. >> everybody pushed our desks and we went under to make sure we were safe. >> i saw people running through the hallway. >> reporter: the campus on lockdown. this morning a 15-year-old female student remains in critical condition. >> i could tell t that the suspects didn't come here just to randomly shoot at any of the students. >> reporter: police now searching for four male suspects who they believe came to the school to target one of the victims. >> it's still like terrifying like i don't want to see this going on. >> reporter: and, david, one of the students not initially treated here at the scene later walked to a police station. we know that he and two other victims have since been released from the hospital and that when
7:15 am
david. >> just a horrific scene there. our thanks to you. amy. >> after a two-day manhunt police say the suspect caught on camera walking toward a police sergeant's patrol car in alaska before opening fire is now in custody. sergeant allen brandt who was shot five times, he is recovering this morning. police say the suspect has a criminal past and previously threatened police officers. overseas this morning a violent scene outside a police van rammed into a group of protesters demanding u.s. forces leave the philippines. nearly a dozen people have been injured. the judge who presided over the case against mexican drug lord el chapo has been assassinated. video showing him jogging down the street as the gunman approaches. police are now trying to identify the killer. and finally the stars were out at the white house last night. the president and first lady welcomed italy's prime minister
7:16 am
michelle obama wearing a gold versace gown and winning praise for her homegrown tomatoes. mario batali was in the kitchen and there was no shortage of stars among the 400 crowding into that tent. gwen stefani sang for the crowd. even jerry seinfeld was there. he may not be italian but he says he identifies as italian because of the food. >> i think we can all say that, right? >> i think it's fair. >> it works. >> thank you. now to a dramatic home invasion caught on an 11-year-old boy opening his front door coming face-to-face with a stranger. abc's gio benitez is here with the story and what officers say that young boy did right. right, gio? >> reporter: place say he was cool, calm and collected. he got away as quickly as he could and found help. you're watching surveillance video from inside a new jersey
7:17 am
his face crystal clear. but when he's out of frame, someone else walks in. a young 11-year-old boy home from school still carrying his backpack. he has no idea a stranger is in the house. but he keeps going back to the door as if he senses something isn't right then suddenly he makes eye contact with the man. >> my heart started pumping when i saw him. >> reporter: watch as he makes a run for it. >> basically i see that my neighbor is driving by in her car so i stop her, ask her for her help. >> caller is an 11-year-old male. he saw a male with dark clothes. >> reporter: the man comes back into view and leaves the way he got in, through the back. allegedly stealing the 11-year-old's cell phone. as for that young boy, well, he's giving us all a lesson. >> absolutely. he did the right thing. went and sowing help, went to a neighbor and summoned 911.
7:18 am
>> that thumb's up. and the suspect behind bars, not entered a plea but police tell me he said he was sorry for making the boy go through all of that. >> yeah, at least he got out of there and did the right thing. >> absolutely. >> he did. thank you. what you got going on here? >> it's early sometimes, you forget. >> a little stuff going on. >> your family here will never let you get away with any of that. >> ginger, what's going on out the fires, robin. this brush fire burst out quickly. this will happen the next 24 to 36 hours because a big santa an that event happening. i wanted to show you wind advisory, red flag warnings that extend through the mountainsout side san diego. some of the numbers are up into the 90s to close to 100. your local weather in 30
7:19 am
>> a front crossing the state overnight. not much shower activity. the last of the fog will burn off to give way to a westerly wind. a different wind than yesterday. we start off at similar levels, anywhere from the upper 40's to low 60's, we jump quickly into the 70's in most areas with a good deal of sunshine. partly cloudy conditions as we start to cool off tonight. coming up, adam levine the
7:20 am
the anonymous tip and newborn daughter that sent authorities to his home. the investigation in just a moment. and the killer cave right here in the u.s. two divers found dead after exploring a so-called underwater everest. new clues this morning about what happened inside and the question, should this popular tourist spot be closed for good? we'll be right back. come on back. >> divers? yeah, right here. this is humira. this is humira helping to relieve my pain and protect my joints from further damage. humira works for many adults. it targets and helps to block a specific source of inflammation that contributes to ra symptoms. humira has been clinically studied for over 18 years. humira can lower your ability to fight infections, including tuberculosis. serious, sometimes fatal infections and cancers, including lymphoma, have happened, as have blood, liver and nervous system problems, serious allergic reactions, and new or worsening heart failure.
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>> now, from wmur, news 9. >> good morning. a new hampshire man is due in court this morning in massachusetts accused of stealing more than $350,000. 25-year-old michael shields junior faces a total of 45 counts out of suffolk county, including credit card fraud. investigators say he opened more than a dozen credit cards in five women's names, and then used the cards to go on vacation, buy clothes, jewelry, and meals. officials say he met most of his victims through social media and got personal information by promising to take care of them financially. police in hartford, vermont, just across the river from lebanon, want to know who vandalized a elementary school in town. sometime late monday or early tuesday, someone spraypainted the words "americans for trump" on the side of the building, but the "c" in americans was
7:24 am
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narrator: planned parenthood provides many kinds of healthcare. woman: i depend on planned parenthood for birth control. woman: i had my annual physical there. woman: the cancer screenings at planned parenthood are so important. for planned parenthood. chris sununu put partisan politics above women's health care. colin van ostern: i'm colin van ostern. i fought to restore funding for planned parenthood and got it done, because women's health care should always
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>> now, meteorologist kevin skarupa with the storm watch 9 forecast. kevin: light showers and spangles overnight. you will notice, patchy fog this morning. we eventually set up a much warmer afternoon. yesterday, the wind kept the clouds temperatures off to a running start to jump into the 70's statewide in the afternoon. cooler air will start to work its way in later in the day, and certainly this evening. we will only get up into the low 50's and 60's tomorrow. that will be would sunshine giving way to clouds. the next system arrives with scattered showers late tomorrow and tomorrow night. rainfall on friday but wraps up
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now in kids chewables. ? back here on "gma," that's maroon 5's hit song "sugar." this morning the band's frontman adam levine is the victim hos hoax. how someone can create a headline like that. the countdown on to the final debate. the stage where the candidates will face off for the last time tonight. all eyes on them and their guest list. donald trump inviting president obama's half brother to attend and hillary clinton inviting mark cuban and former ceo meg whitman now a public supporting cleveland. dodgers defeating the cubs and cubs trailing 2-1 as
7:31 am
108-year-old curse. had to bring it up. the teams face off for game four. >> back-to-back shutouts for them. long time -- >> a lot of pressure to break that curse. okay, also before you go to the gas station this morning, we have a new warning, a high-tech crime where thieves swipe your credit card information without you even knowing it. we've got some simple tips to protect you from fraud just ahead. >> looking forward to that. we against adam levine. an anonymous tipster telling police he abused his wife and daughter but police say the claims are completely bogus and abc's kayna whitworth is here with the story this morning. kayna. >> david, good morning. the allegations prompted a police investigation but now authorities say they found no evidence of abuse. so many are questioning if the singer was targeted because of his celebrity status. ? sugar ?
7:32 am
in the headlines after he was accused of child abuse. police in los angeles say last week an anonymous caller phoned in claiming the 37-year-old star was abusing his supermodel wife behati prinsloo and 4-week-old daughter dusty rose. >> any time an allegation is made where a child is being abused and in particular a very young child, they're going to immediately want to jump on it. >> reporter: abc news learning the lapd's juvenile division found no evidence of abuse and closed the case. but this morning, while police say no charges have been filed, some experts say the grammy winner himself was victimized. the call to police reminiscent of s.w.a.t.'ing making a traffic call to trigger a s.w.a.t. team response on innocent victims. and celebrities are a prime target. >> i shot my wife. >> you just -- >> i guess you're going to have to find out.
7:33 am
soon. >> reporter: this 911 call resulting in police racing to miley cyrus' home in los angeles. and in march of last year, rapper lil wayne's miami mansion was swarmed by police with guns after a fake 911 call. other stars from justin timberlake, rio and selena gomez to justin bieber and ashton kutcher have all been s.w.a.t.'d. >> the clear distinction between this and what happened to adam levine is that there is no s.w.a.t. team called out. this is an investigation, now ly young child. >> reporter: levine hasn't commented on the allegations. people who make a false report can face jail time. it depend on their motive. if they thought they saw a crime or knowingly reported false information and, david, the caller in this case has not been charged. >> thanks for so much more. let's bring in dan abrams with this. this is a completely anonymous tip. but police also have the responsibility when something like this comes in they have to
7:34 am
first of all, what could be worse than being accused of beating up your 1-month-old and your wife. the worst allegation that you can get. and he is a celebrity and it is anonymous but now imagine if the police hadn't investigated, right? let's say that it had been an anonymous tip and didn't do anything about it and it turned out it was true. well, the police would have been under fire for not doing anything so it sounds like they dealt with this well which is they went, they said to him here's what the allegation was it was specific on where the child was hit, where the wife fell, those sorts of things and they investigated and very quickly determined nothing here. >> so kayna points out the so-called tipster hasn't been charged. can they be charged? >> absolutely. could be charged. it would be a misdemeanor. but you need adam levine's cooperation. i mean not technically but as a practical matter for them to move forward with a prosecution against this guy. you'd need or person you would
7:35 am
guess is adam levine wants this to go away. yeah, he wants to move forward and wouldn't want to prosecute on a misdemeanor claim for some anonymous tipster but they have to find the person but when you call the police, you do have the advantage of being able to very often figure out where the call came from. >> if anything can be said about it adam handled it well. >> the whole family did in thanks, dan. >> glad to hear that part. now to those deadly caves, a pair of divers' bodies found monday after exploring the extremely dangerous underwater em someone has died there. abc's matt gutman has a look inside. >> reporter: those two divers plunged into what's called the everest of underwater caves but never emerged. patrick peacock and chris rittenmeyer were friends and experienced divers. but they had taken on the eagle's nest, dangerously deep labyrinth for divers. >> i don't believe at any time they thought they were at risk until the very end.
7:36 am
water are these serpentine caves that extend up to 2,000 feet and require a diver to dive up to 300 feet down. it's so cavernous it took emergency divers a full day to find them and pull them to the surface from the part of the cave known as the pitt. >> if you're an experienced cave diver it can have tragic results if even one little thing goes wrong. >> reporter: the eagle's nest cave has now claimed ten lives since 1981. so ddl installed this sign reading prevent your death. go no farther. officials who are examining the two divers' air tanks haven't yet said what specifically caused the accident but at the depths of nearly a football field where your lungs are squeezed to the size of your fist one of the biggest dangers is nitrogen far coast cyst. >> you have a lack of judgment and lose some of your inhibitions. for some people they may just
7:37 am
>> reporter: florida officials closed it from 1999 to 2003 but cave diving enthusiasts lobbied to have it re-opened. for "good morning america," matt gutman, abc news, los angeles. >> our thanks again to matt. ten lives since 1981. >> it's beautiful down there but dangerous obviously. and we have the big board coming up, robin. you and i and the big board. this deadly plane crash caught on camera. now investigators are releasing a scathing new report about plus, what will donald trump do if he loses the election? new reports about a possible trump tv network. could he be teaming up with roger ailes? we'll talk about that in just two minutes.
7:38 am
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don't you wish life could be this mess-free? color wonder. find it in the crayola aisle. sets each sold separately. kelly ayotte: let's be honest - both donald trump and hillary clinton are far from perfect... and i'm not perfect either. but when partisan politicians shut down the government, i led the fight to reopen it. i've worked to find solutions to new hampshire's heroin epidemic. and i've crossed the aisle to protect new hampshire's clean air and clean water. and ranked as one of the most bipartisan senators. i'm kelly ayotte - and i approve this message, because whether i'm working with republicans, democrats, or independents, i'm standing up for new hampshire. again, that commercial break. big board. our team of insiders standing by for more on this morning's top stories. dr. richard besser is here at the table. we'll have more on what we were
7:40 am
important. first we start with that scathing report on a deadly plane crash. you may remember this last november. that charter flight caught on tape plunging into an apartment building in akron, ohio, killing all nine on board. now the ntsb is blaming among other factors pilot error. abc's david kerley is joining us right now and, david, there's something that investigators said that really caught everybody's eyes. he said that the charter company was, quote, infested with sloppiness. what went wrong here, david? >> reporter: not just the company but the cockpit as well, that came from an ntsb board member. they actually were shocked by what happened with this aircraft. i was on the scene. what happened was the co-pilot was flying which kind of violated informal company policy. usually the captain would fly as they come into an airport. he set up the plane wrong. it was going too slow and it stalled and it crashed into an apartment complex and actually the ntsb said some of the people
7:41 am
estate company might have survived except for the fire was so intense. taken to task the pilots who had both been fired by their previous jobs and the company didn't even know it. they didn't ask their previous employers whether or not what their work history was. we asked them for a comment, they did not respond but i got to tell you, robin. you used the word scathing and this is it scathing. >> you know what, david, the charter company is not the only one getting blame. the blame, as well. >> reporter: michael, they went strong after the faa. there are nine recommendations here directed to the federal aviation administration. ntsb makes recommendations then it's up to the faa to decide whether to implement them. basically the ntsb is saying, listen, guys, you don't have enough oversight of these small corporate jet companies where you might hire a private jet to get someplace. they are calling on the faa for more oversight of these smaller companies and their pilots.
7:42 am
let's turn to a new apropose on how to treat concussions in young people, "the wall street journal" reports that more specialists are encouraging their patients to ease into normal activities after a diagnosis instead of resting for an extended period of time and dr. besser, you're here to talk about this. this is totally different. i've been around a lot of concussion, not personally but a lot of people with them. no tv, no reading, relax, no bright lights, sit in a dark room. this is completely different. points to me the importance of doing research to test what we think is going on. you know, concussions are very common. as many as 2 million get them a year and you want complete brain rest. let it heal so you would have people be in a dark, quiet room for a period of days. these researchers in wisconsin took a big group of kids with concussions, half of them were told five days complete brain rest in a quiet room and others
7:43 am
there was no difference in terms of headache or dizziness but the kids who were told be to be in a quiet room went a little nuts. it took longer for them to feel good. and so what they're saying is, you know, still you've got to rest but let people increase gradually. >> because you're not saying jump back immediately into action. >> no. especially when it comes to things like sports because, you know, strenuous activity that could lead to a second concussion dangerous. there gu and watch for symptoms but the challenge is that it relies on people saying what their symptoms are and you two know as athletes, athletes want to get in the became game and they're not going to be honest. >> i remember this. i was playing college ball. i took the charge, hit my head, boy, i was out in the first half. second half, i wanted to play, the coach said can you look at the scoreboard. i couldn't see anything but i knew that 20 minutes was going to be on the board so i said 20
7:44 am
>> balance beams, computer games so you can't game the system. >> yeah, you don't want to let your team down. >> no, but still. >> dangerous. >> i know. >> hey, thanks, rich. now to that big buzz about the possibility of a trump branded tv network. the republican nominee's son reportedly meeting with the media dealmaker about launching the venture. the atlantic magazine's derek thompson who has written about trump tv is here. so tell us, derek, this is it doesn't go well next month. how feasible is this? >> there are three things that you absolutely need for a cable news network. funnel one you nude talent. number two, hundreds of millions of dollars in investment and number three, you need a steady slew of advertisers to keep that television network funded for many years. number one, donald trump has tv talent all around him. he's running really a media organization as a political campaign. but the problem is he doesn't
7:45 am
millions of dollars of capital right now unless he's willing to spend a lot of his personal wealth for many, many years on this project and number three, his brand is so tarnished by this campaign, that a lot of people think advertisers don't want to be associated with this. so i think it is more likely that rather than a fox news competitor you have something more like a netflix fortrump. an over-the-top internet only television product. >> well, you know what, the former fox news boss is a close confident. is something they can team up. >> roger ailes has signed a noncompete when he was let go from fox news so not entirely clear when he could get back into the reason florida but there are other members of the fox news universe like sean hannity and bill o'reilly who have out clauses in their own contracts so they could maybe leave if trump got something
7:46 am
investment. >> wow. >> we shall see. >> thank you. >> i heard you're doing something interesting for the debate. how are you preping? >> i'm glad it's the last one. popcorn, definitely but if there was another debate after this i don't think i could take it. >> you couldn't take it. just some popcorn. >> derek, thank you, dr. besser, thank you and david, thank you, as well. coming up in two minutes a new warning about at the gas pump, the high-tech way criminals are trying to steal your lady stunning at the state dinner. how she's changing american fashion.
7:47 am
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family. listerine? total care. one bottle, six benefits. power to your mouth?. campbell's one dish recipes. one pan, less than 30 minutes. because if they aren't going to eat it, at least you didn't spend too much time making it. campbell's one dish recipes. made for real, real life. still can't believe you couldn't see the scoreboard. >> no? you played. >> my senior year. i would not recommend that. >> i totally understand. back with that warning at the pump about crips taking valuables and your credit card information so we want to get to t.j. holmes at a gas station
7:49 am
when people talk about getting robbed at the gas station sometimes you might think about gas prices but watch your back. make sure nobody sneaks up on you. really sometimes the biggest threat might be hidden inside the gas pump and a criminal sitting across the street on a bluetooth device robbing you blind. they are brazen thieves, caught on tape at gas stations around the country. watch as the so-called slider moves in, quickly snatching this woman's purse before she even notices. authorities are urging drivers and law enforcement is warning about another growing threat at the pump. skimmers. and they're even tougher to spot. >> the secret service has noticed a considerable increase in the last couple of years in the amount of credit card skimming that has been discovered. >> watch this suspect caught on camera break nothing a gas pump where he had installed a device to steal or skim credit card information off the magnetic strip. >> you never know what's going on or what can happen with your credit cards.
7:50 am
the gas pump a device inside could be secretly recording your data. and some skimmers even send your information immediately over bluetooth. the criminals don't even have to come back to the pump to rob you. >> they could breach it and install them inside the gas pump and could be there for weeks or months without being discovered. >> although this is inconvenient, instead of paying at the pump you may want to just go inside the store and have them swipe your card inside the store. >> reporter: that's one way recommend choose a pump close to the it and dance. they normally like to set up out of sight and monitor your account frequently for fraud. i have one more tip for you. i hope you're sitting down. you can go inside and use cash. >> whoa! >> novel. >> thanks, t.j. all great advice. >> good reminders for us. coming up here on "gma," big medal news for anyone trying to start a family.
7:51 am
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7:55 am
i spent many years as a nuclear missile launch officer. if the president gave the order we had to launch the missiles, that would be it. i prayed that call would never come. [ radio chatter ] self control may be all that keeps these missiles from firing. [ sirens blearing ] i would bomb the [ beep] out of them. i want to be unpredictable. i love war. the thought of donald trump with nuclear weapons scares me to death. it should scare everyone. i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message.
7:56 am
>> now, from wmur, news 9. >> it is 7:56. more than one dozen dogs are safe after being rescued from what police are calling disgusting conditions. the 18 dogs were rescued from a home in pelham yesterday. the owner was fostering the animals and will likely face animal cruelty charges. 15 oer are missing. anyone who spots a stray pitbull or pitbull mix is asked to call pelham police. resident wrote in manchester will become a one-way street. alderman approved the plan last night. some businesses in the area are not happy with the decision and at least one business is threatening legal action. another is threatening to move. the mayor has promised to study the traffic problem more to find
7:57 am
road will turn into a one-way street. the sun is shining and it will get warm today. kevin: temperatures up in the 70's. yesterday, wind kept the clouds around but today, wind out of the west and that will warm things up through the afternoon. the wind will send temperatures into the 70's this afternoon with a few holdouts in the 60's in the north. : air starts to slide in later this afternoon. the 70's. 50's and 60's with some fog in the lower valleys to burn off but again, a good deal of sunshine with the gorgeous fall color. we will have clear skies this evening with lows drop back into the 40's and 50's. we start with sunshine and a few passing showers in the afternoon. temperatures tomorrow are much cooler.
tv-commercial tv-commercial
7:58 am
rainfall chances really peak friday night and start to pull away from south to north on saturday. cooler air wraps in with a northwest wind for the weekend. bob hillery: i spent 21 years in the navy, defending america.
7:59 am
she missed nearly half of her homeland security hearings. vo: on critical homeland security hearings, ayotte was mia... even missing a hearing the same day she went to a washington fundraiser. for ayotte, collecting campaign cash comes first. bob hillery: when it comes to fighting terrorism, 50% just doesn't cut it. vo: senate majority pac is responsible for the content of this advertising. i'm frank guinta and i approve this message. narrator: new hampshire has one of the worst opiate epidemics in the nation. it. erin canterbury: when i met congressman guinta, it was like a breath of fresh air. he said to me "what can i do?" "how can i help?" narrator: frank guinta founded and chairs the bipartisan task force to combat the heroin epidemic. canterbury: frank guinta understands this is not a democratic issue nor a republican issue. it's a people issue. he's willing to get in there and fight for us...
8:00 am
good morning, america. it's 8:00 a.m. and the final face-off. donald trump and hillary clinton hours away now from their last debate as the president now takes aim at trump. >> i'd advise mr. trump to stop whining and try to make his case to get votes. >> 20 days until the final votes are cast. >>fi michelle obama stunning and shimmering at the final state dinner. her look trending huge overnight. for its pure hollywood dwlamer. we're looking back at how flotus has changed fashion. can you stop the biological clock. the company changing how you plan to have children. the risks and rewards, dr. ashton here. >> and the trailblazing
8:01 am
america, misty copeland here live. >> and she's sea aying -- >> good morning, america. >> what was that move there? >> it was a pirouette. >> it was nothing of the sort. >> i will be icing immediately after. >> we were just talking about the importance of icing. so much you learn. >> no, i can't. we're smiling now great to have you here, david. but you weren't here. we had jarrius robertson here. he is the saintss super fan battling a rare illness in need of a liver transplant and got to surprise him with a saints contract. >> sign that contract, sign him up as a social media reporter and has to tackle this one right here. >> did you want to take down strahan?
8:02 am
didn't want to hurt him. >> he's rusty? michael, he's a hall of famer. >> he still ain't never touched the field in a while so. >> all right, all right. all right. >> he can't move like he used to. >> he doesn't have your moves. >> can't move like he used to. >> you know what, jarrius, nothing a little ointment can't on the joints work out. he was so delightful. so happy for him. a true fan. you can see the team has adopted him. if thean it's hard not to be a who dat fan as i say yesterday with a guy like that. >> i love when he says, you don't have to ask me twice to sign the deal. >> funny kid and honestly if you haven't seen the video, it's a great way to start your day. feel good moment. >> the best thing he said, it takes a life to save a life and talked about that. how you can simply save a life by being a donor.
8:03 am
pasternak with a special halloween-inspired workout. darn it where are the costumes this. is the scary seven kicking it off. you can join at home by going to our "gma" facebook page, a live stream or you can go to our website. we have all of that coming up. this will get you moving and grooving today. >> are you doing a little -- >> michael jackson. >> i'm feeling that in my -- >> see, he can move. >> not rusty at all. first to amy with the morning rundown. >> good morning, guys. the big story, round three, donald trump and hillary clinton square off on the debate stage tonight for the final time. trump has invited president obama's half brother to that debate. meanwhile, hillary clinton with a growing lead in the polls has been off the campaign trail for days gearing up for tonight's showdown. abc's tom llamas has the latest from the debate hall there in las vegas. tom, good morning. >> reporter: amy, good morning.
8:04 am
tonight. we're expecting him to hammer hillary clinton over her health and her e-mail server. now, lately donald trump has been out on the campaign trail relentlessly talking about a rigged election but also focusing hard on hillary clinton. >> now she has to do debate prep for five days, right? you know what the debate prep is, it's resting. it's lying down. going to sleep. >> reporter: and, amy, there is predebate drama. donald trump has invited the half brother of president obama. now, malik obama trump supporter. he's from kenya but is also a u.s. citizen and says he believes donald trump can make america great again. amy. >> all right, tom, thank you. hillary clinton is preparing to take on trump over those sexual assault allegations and over his complaints that the election is rigged. tonight clinton is expected to blame russia for the hacked e-mails coming from wikileaks. one e-mail apparently sent by campaign chairman john podesta in march listed dozens of possible vice presidential picks
8:05 am
group by race, gender and other categories. well, an investigation is under way into possible voter fraud in indiana. state officials say thousands of records were altered including first names and birth dates that were changed in the voter registration system. but so far they found no indication of the system being compromised. and in san francisco, police are now searching for four suspects who fled the scene of a shooting outside a high school as classes were letting out tuesday. four teenagers were injured including a female police believe she was targeted but it is unclear why. and a bizarre crash in atlanta. police say a teenager driver flipped a stolen suv on top of that house. he also took down power lines leaving the neighborhood in the dark. in massachusetts, a coast guard helicopter rescued a man would went swimming and then became swept up in the ocean current. it took about an hour but he was finally spotted through all that fog and was lifted to safety and
8:06 am
thankfully he is okay this morning. and finally a thief on the run this morning after his not so subtle getaway. take a look. here he is escaping from a home goods store after stealing a -- can you guess what it is, a venetian window blind. he stuffed the blinds down his pants but it was so tall you could see there it was pointing through the hood of his jacket and later dropped it when employees chased him. he managed to get away. i get that he was stealing a blind. but did he think the were? >> oh. >> i got a boo. you guys just booed me for that. >> i was going, whoo. >> that was a whoo, not a boo. >> you felt sorry for she. >> it was more of an ooh. >> all right, all right. >> you needed blind luck to get away with that. >> there you go. thank you, michael. >> a little bit of an upgrade. >> so we have breaking news. shorter "pop news" but it's going -- >> why?
8:07 am
>> it's really good. so are you ready? >> all right. >> starting with -- i love flying the friendly skies, you know, don't you love seeing those old school flight attendant uniforms. thank you, zac posen. delta taking off the fashion runway with the help of you, zac unveiling their uniform collection set to be worn by over 60,000 delta employees. airline customer service agent, flight attendants, ramp agents will be ramping i will. technicians even will don the custom range bursting at the seams withwiththings like walkie-talkie pockets. >> i just want the walkie tockering. >> and sewn down lapels. although i like to kick up a lapel every here and now. they're designed in three shades called plum, fissle and
8:08 am
he dressed kerry washington and claire danes and says in a statement we wanted delta employees to look glamorous on the job. they do a terrific job without sacrificing functionality or style. >> a million miler on delta. grew up in the south. ready when you are, delta is ready when you are. ? something special in the -- that's a different airlines. >> they look great, though. >> great job. >> nice job, & roll hall of fame nominations are out this morning. and it's a real who's who of '80s and '90s music legends, pearl jam, tupac. >> oh. >> right there and jane's addiction said to be the three leading contenders in order by the way to be eligible for this massive honor the talent must have released their first recording, wait here, no later than 25 years before the nomination year. does that make sense?
8:09 am
in the biz a very long time. i know, feels just like yesterday i was listening to my first pearl jam song. also depeche mode, joan baez, janet jackson and journey, oh, don't stop believein'. fans cast your votes one a day you're allowed to vote from now till december 5th. that's nour modified "pop news." >> 25 years ago pearl jams, depeche mode, janet jackson. >> miss jackson if you're nasty. >>t my youth. >> listening to tupac is taking me back. are you casting your vote right here right now. >> i'm on it. i'm on it. >> there you go. >> what are you doing, robin? >> jamming. >> she's enjoying california love right now. the first lady dazzling in versace at the obamas' last state dinner. how she is shaping american fashion as she's prepared to leave the white house.
8:10 am
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8:14 am
? you're so beautiful ? that is first lady michelle obama at last night's state dinner. stunning in a versace gown. her style over the last eight years taking think about fashion. really women all around the world. abc's paula faris with a closer look. >> reporter: the 14th and final state dinner for the prime minister of italy and michelle obama's last as first lady and made it one to remember. stunning in a shimmering rose gold chainmail versace gown and president obama saying all
8:15 am
a fashion critic heralded it for its pure hollywood glamour. >> the versace dress stands out because it's a very sexy, slinky dress. it's by an italian designer and keeping with her tradition of in some way acknowledging the country that they're hosting. >> reporter: since the obamas very first state dinner in 2009 for the prime minister of india, the first lady has showcased show-stopping gown, many by american designers. welcoming canada's prime minister earlier this year in a strapless jason wu and this 2010 dazzling dress designed by peter so sorenini going further afield for fashion inspiration, this showstopper from alexander mcqueen for a dinner for the president of china and this memorable mark case have when hosting the british prime minister in 2012. and the first lady's fashion legacy goes far beyond formal
8:16 am
knee length frocks, mixing, matching pricey pieces with off the rack items with brands like j. crew. >> she's been extraordinarily savvy about her use of fashion both to connect with people whether it's another working mother, whether it's a dignitary. >> reporter: the first lady's sense of style flawless. for "good morning america," paula faris, abc news, new york. >> and joining us now is fashioo the author of "everyday icon michelle obama and the power of style." good to have you with us. >> thank you. >> what did last night's look represent. >> glamour. glamour, glamour, glamour, glamour and also authority and confidence which i just love about her. i mean i think, you know, it's also a big fashion statement, you can't get more fashionable than versace chainmail in rose gold. but it's really a statement of glamour and authority.
8:17 am
her gowns here from state dinners, what goes into selecting the gowns and dresss? >> you know, i think traditionally and also she has also done this a lot is to select a designer from the country that they're hosting and obviously last night she selected versace for the italians but i think what's interesting also is she always makes some kind of statement beyond that and if you notice versace is a female designer, donatella so i thought that was very interestingha her. and i think she also always chooses something bold. i mean she's dressing to stand out. she is not dressing to fit into any washington idea of how she should look. >> how has she differed in that regard with other first ladies. >> i think she has really used style and fashion to express herself and her authority and her confidence. but i also think what's so interesting about her is she's chosen so many different
8:18 am
previous first ladies chose one designer and just used that designer consistently whereas michelle, i think, really supported the fashion industry. >> yeah and she has supported a lot of issues. let's move and other campaigns. >> yes. >> but there is something about the first lady and fashion that comes to the forefront, as well. >> yes. >> all right, kate, thanks very much. we appreciate it. good to see you. coming up big medical news for everyone trying to stop a clock? all right. we'll talk about it next. (chuckle) ( ? ) come on, dad. ( ? ) ? they tell me i'm wrong ? ? to want to stand alongside my, my love ? ? whoa, talkin' 'bout my love ? ? talkin' 'bout my, my love ?
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8:22 am
and a happy wednesday morning. it is "wednesday workout." i'm here w special edition halloween edition. >> super one, scary seven. >> it's not scary yet but i bet it will. all coming >> a front slides through this morning. a westerly wind today. the wind yesterday came in off the ocean to keep the clouds
8:23 am
60's and go on from there. a good deal of sunshine with fairweather clouds late in the day. cooler weather pattern there afterwards. temperatures either side of 60 and we are now asking that question, can you stop your biological clock? a new company is taking it on. it's all part of an exclusive "forbes" story and abc's mara schiavocampo has our details. >> i want to be in a place where i can be the cudworth, a successful freelance writer in a committed relationship would love to have kids, just not yet. >> there's still so much i want to do with my terms of career and traveling. >> reporter: enter prelude fertility which is stopping the biological clock by offering one-stop shopping for fertility treatments did we're all about empowering women to make choices and take control of their
8:24 am
a four-step process all in one place. egg and sperm freezing, genetic testing, embryo creation and single embryo transfer to prevent unintentional twins and triplets and trying to make it more affordable. with the egg price $10,000, a pricing plan of $199 a month. >> so what we're trying to do is bring the costs down so that it's less than a car payment per month. >> reporter: a women have trouble conceiving and now big companies like apple and facebook cover egg freezing as part of employment benefits. but critics say what prelude is offering is nothing more than a marketing gimmick. >> their focus is on women who are delaying childbearing for professional reasons. we have to realize that a lot of these women may get pregnant on their own. >> reporter: there are also risks with the procedures like overstimulating the ovaries and
8:25 am
still, the risks won't stop katie. >> there are rifgs when you wake up in the morning and cross the street. to get to the train. i see it as minimizing the risk. >> reporter: for "good morning america," mara schiavocampo, abc news, new york. >> all right, so now our chief women's health correspondent dr. jennifer ashton is here. what is your take on this. >> i literally think this is as groundbreaking for economy len yell women as the pill was when it came out in 1960. let me tell you why. paradigm from treating infertility 20 fertility from treating a disease to wellness and from being reactive to being proactive. big difference. >> okay, great. good to know. factor, cost obviously. how does that figure into a woman's decision. >> cost affordability access he very important. let me tell you what kind of numbers we're talking about, for one typical egg-freezing cycle which does not include fertilization you're talking
8:26 am
>> a lot of mean. >> for a typical ivf sieblg you're talking about $12,000 to $17,000 per cycle. neither is a guarantee of a live birth but we know conclusively a woman's chance for a live birth go up the younger her ovaries are at the time of this so very important. >> as a mom and ob/gyn, are you going to recommend it? >> i think this should be part of every well woman visit starting in a woman's 20s and i think the reason for that is you needo benefit, pros, cons, when you talk about the cons medical risks very low. the woman may never need to use these eggs and in terms of benefits they important. i will be rebelling this to my daughter. >> i'm glad you got the memo on the white. thank you very much.
8:27 am
>> now, from wmur, news 9. >> more than one dozen dogs are safe this morning after being rescued from what police are calling disgusting conditions. the dogs were rescued from a home in pelham yesterday. th animals and will likely face animal cruelty charges. 15 other dogs in his care are missing and police believe they may be running loose. anyone who spots a stray pitbull or pitbull mix is asked to call police. a new hampshire community is taking steps to save water. claremont is asking people to avoid outdoor water use. the voluntary restrictions come as water levels fall. the city gets 30% of its water
8:28 am
their today. kevin: the wind is in a completely different direction and it will dry is out quickly. a front came through overnight with scattered showers or sprinkles but the breeze will be out there through the day. we start off the day in a lot of locations in the 50's and 60's. we only had upward from there. again with a breeze out of the st sunshine. but we do have clouds racing in. we may have stray showers racing and later in the day and shower chances later. rain on friday really start to heighten friday evening and early saturday morning. we should start to clear from south-north thereafter. then there will be eight wind that will make it feel cool with highs in the 50's over the
8:29 am
you know me. that's new hampshire kelly ayotte. this is washington kelly ayotte. she voted for 20 billion dollars in tax breaks for the big oil companies. but she voted against letting you refinance your student loans. ayotte voted to give a huge tax breaks to millionaires. while 95% of us... got nothing. kelly ayotte.
8:30 am
dscc is responsible for the content of this advertising. ? welcome to my house ? ? [ cheers and applause ] great crowd with us this morning. this is david's first time. >> where am i? >> this is david's first time up here. >> >> welcome. real people. i love this. this is fun. [ cheers and applause ] i mean -- >> just a free for all. >> free for all. >> you go for it. >> when do they all take over? >> they already have. >> they took over an hour ago when they got here. deciding to wear on the first date, have you ever had a first date. what do i wear? it can be a very hard decision but you don't -- you want to dress to impress but don't want
8:31 am
don't know what you could consider it but you have this, lara. what is it. >> i love this. so laura bubble is her name. and she decided to prank a bunch of guys she met on a dating app, how did she do it. shows up on hirst dates wearing full wedding dress, okay. i mean, it's the best. take a look. >> let's see it. >> are you rhys. >> yeah. >> lovely to meet you in good meet you too. >> plo this. k yourself gown. i already got myself a tea. >> a many being punked or something? >> oh, i think i've seen you. is that you? >> running for the hills. >> isn't that funny?
8:32 am
>> he didn't even say hey. he was like -- >> five feet from her. no, i definitely don't see you. >> but interesting to see the different reactions. >> i don't anybody was like, yes, sat down and -- >> i would think it would be a prank. there's no way you show up -- she had the veil. she had flowers. >> she's canadian. hidden camera and did it for a great cause. all of the proceeds -- she posts these online and have gone so viral and all the money goes to stand up for >> great cause. >> really -- [ applause ] and in honor of laura bubble i'm wearing my wedding white. can i ask you a question? >> none of us ran. none of us ran. >> you can ask us anything. a memory -- no names -- >> bad date. >> of what you wore. >> outfit choice, either yours or hers? >> oh. >> i really don't. i just remember i had bad choices in the '90s, i see some --
8:33 am
me. >> i remember a long, long time ago i was thinking i was looking like cute, i was going through a peppy phase and i think -- i don't know. do you remember like ralph lauren feeling like jodhpur and was wearing jodhpurs and boots and like i even like had the collar up and this was not in the '80s, i'm sorry to say. and the person that i was meeting was like, oh, do you horseback ride? i should have worn the wedding dress. >> there's enough pressure on the first date. >> right. >> you know what, i have something here i want to bring to the table for everybody. how many of you get frustrated with technology? [ cheers and applause ] i'll be honest with you, i think if you're over the age of 20, you get frustrated because it changes so fast and kids pick it up.
8:34 am
da-- >> big smile. >> always so nice. well, he feels your pain. there he is on the football field. he tosses those tablets that they give these coaches in the middle of the game and said he just had it. there you go. bam. and just had it with the tablet. can't do it anymore and on a conference call yesterday -- >> whoa. >> the famously tight-lipped coach really gives very short answers. he went on for about five minutes about this tablet. take a lis >> as you probably noticed i'm, you know, i'm done with the tablets. i've given them as much time as i can give 'em. they're just too undependable for me. i'm going to stick with pictures which several of our other coaches do, as well. because there just isn't enough consistency in the performance
8:35 am
[ cheers and applause ] >> i totally relate. >> didn't it sound like he was breaking up with somebody. >> it did sound that way. >> i just can't take the snapchat anymore. >> that tablet. >> everybody at home is like what's on the tabletsy technology is advanced. you used to get impact now it's not video. it's just a still picture but you can go -- you know, one image to the next and see where they lined up then the next step of where they went the next -- >> you think it froze and couldn't see the -- >> hey, everybody has their -- >> how did you do it, the etch a sketch? >> no, no, it was -- [ applause ]
8:36 am
jarrius already called me old. you sit down here for the first time and you're already coming at me, david muir. it was an etch a sketch. >> i was thinking the rock. >> oh, boy. so hurtful. >> we love you. >> do you all want to know who is coming out here this morning? do you want to know? she is principal dancer for the american ballet theatre, author and artist, a great person, please welcome misty copeland. [ cheers and applause ] >> hi.
8:37 am
>> great to see you again. >> good to see you. >> you're in the middle. >> here? >> so great to see you. it's so funny because our producers are always yelling at us, you're spending too much. we are a huggers. we get to welcome people. especially someone like misty copeland. do you know she's a newlywed. she got married. >> thank you. >> congratulations. oh. >> it's a big night. tonight is a big night. >> yeah. >> we're getting you up early to do this but >> super exciting. american ballet theatre's fall season opens at lincoln center tonight and it's a two-week season. it's super quick. but it's exciting to be performing in new york city. we only have two seasons here so it's nice to be here and home. >> just watching. >> tell us a little about what you'll be doing tonight. >> yeah, so there's twyla tharp who has such a huge repertoire especially a long history with
8:38 am
brahmss hayden doing older pieces with fred kick ashton's choreography so one is called mon tones and other symphonic variations and new piece created by a female choreographer, so rare to see at a level, you know, with american ballet 2450e9er so jessica lane's new piece her notes. >> you have been so -- i know. [ applause ] wonderful and love the book you put out and barbie doll and everything and the way you just speak to women about being proud of who they are and what they look like, i saw what you posted on instagram recently and you're all about just -- embrace who you are, right? >> it's so difficult this day and age and i think that's why i'm a part of so many positive things like that but when you're on social media, you know, the youth are seeing such, you know,
8:39 am
what they think they should have to look like and so it was really important for me, you know, with this book, this book that came out that's photographs of my body and all that it takes to become a ballerina and the art, you know and what goes into making this body and so i celebrate that. i've never, you know, hid from what i look like so, you know, when the book -- when the editors edited out some wrinkling in my leotard and i got know, i cut away at my waist and, you know did all these thicks to alter my body and i couldn't sit back and -- i had to explain to them -- >> you did it so eloquently. you really did. you show the difference and said, look, just taking the wrinkles out of the clothing. >> first of all, do you get nervous before you perform? >> sometimes. yeah. >> and sometdo you have a preperformance routine.
8:40 am
possible can like i try to approach a performance day like i would any other day. i don't like to psych myself up and have to fall into patterns of ritual. i put on like some drake and i'm look -- >> hey. [ applause ] >> you mentioned pegless cat which is an amazing project. we want to show you a clip. not only does she perform and she will tonight but look at this. >> okay. i get it. we've been sorting socks and boards and saying this belongs with that because of how it looks but you don't sort dancers that way. >> peg's right. dancing isn't about how you look, it's about how you make people feel and your dancing makes me feel totally awesome. >> ah. [ applause ] >> i love that. >> i love that. >> isn't that fun? >> it was so much fun. i was a little shocked when i
8:41 am
i had to sing. i was like, not this again. when i did "on the town" it was terrifying the broadway show. >> i was there. i loved it. >> i'm not a singer, oh, my gosh. >> you nailed it. >> so i got to sing in this episode. >> aren't you heading to his town, houston and doing "cinderella." >> i am. i am. it's amazing to be a principal dancer and i'm still kind of venturing into new roles and so i've never performed the part of cinderella. so this is urban open world he javy center in houston and it's giving back to disadvantaged youth and i'm going to be surrounded by the youth of houston on the stage with another american ballet theatre dancer also african-american and it's november 10th and 11th and i can't wait to go back to houston. >> you're always giving back. >> "h" town, getting ready. >> misty, thank you very much.
8:42 am
to stand and do the proper. >> are we going to curtsy. >> misty -- >> sorry. i didn't know we would do all that. >> just the men can. >> okay, good. >> and we will curtsy. >> yes. >> and misty's open of peg plus cat premieres on pbs kids today. >> yep. >> thank you. [ cheers and applause ] >> thank you. >> not that this woman needs to
8:43 am
8:44 am
it's not uncommon for autistic kids to flap their hands. and so when i saw that, that was completely disqualifying. i'm a republican, but this election is so much bigger than party. my son max can't live in trump world. so i'm crossing party lines and voting for hillary. i don't always agree with her, but she's reasonable. and she's smart. she can work with people to solve problems. i want to be able to tell my kids that i did the right thing when it really mattered. i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. want to learn fixes and chip and joanna gaines.
8:45 am
gorgeous wednesday morning right here in in times square a we are all wearing orange because october is national bullying prevention month and together with the disney abc choose kindness campaign we're celebrating unity day. share your message of support. we want you to do it with #choosekindness then learn more about bullying prevention at kevin: upper 50's and mid 60's, above the normal highs for this time of year already. we jump into the 70's with a good deal of sunshine. cooler air starts to arrive this evening. >> this weather brought to you by walgreens. robin, i know you're working out. >> yes, yes, in these heels. both of us, right. time now for "wednesday workout"
8:46 am
harley pasternak. he's showing us a special halloween inspired routine called the scary seven. i keep thinking of michael jackson like that. so you work with lady gaga, rihanna, you know, the list goes on and on and on. is it the same kind of thing? >> it really is. my clients are busy people. i'm not always with them and what's great. these are moves they can do anywhere without a gym. in a hotel room, you can do them at home. >> helps if you have a fitbit and a challenge. >> surgeon general and join my team. i'm in competition with julianne hough and please join my team. >> i'm on your team. the scary seven. >> the scary seven. great movements. the first one is a reverse lunge for your quads, glutes. i like a reverse lunge more than a forward lunge. it's easier on your knees rather than going forward it's going
8:47 am
looking up is important. you're pushing your butt back as far as you can and strengthens your hamstring. >> straight or bent knees. >> locked in the bent position. >> third movement is a single arm row and this is great because it strengthens the rhomboids starting a lawn mower. i've never started a lawn mower but i imagine that's how you start one. >> there you go. >> that's three. now these four. >> a compound movement. curl and shoulder press, watch hours. >> i love when you combine like that. >> okay. >> third movement is another combine movement. i love this, my two favorite body parts. back of the arm and butt. hip thrust and tricep extension done all at once an your back and very, very simple. >> okay. >> we've got two. pike mask. instead of crunching, you get in a mask position and basically look at your toes and finger, squeeze your abs along the way and last but not least a
8:48 am
you. >> it hurts my lower back. >> well, variations of it. for you i'd probably show a variation. lower back and glutes. great for posture. >> all right. so one, two, three, four, five, six, seven. looks scary to me. >> they're not that scary but the key is these are all moves to strengthen, tighten and tone but you don't lose weight doing this. you get strong in a gym, lean and light. >> i love how you -- say that again. >> strong in the gym, lean and >> watch, count your steps and please join my team. >> fitbit. >> step it up, log in and join harley's team. >> all right. we'll be right back. "gma's" "wednesday workout" is brought to you by fitbit. find your fit. chris sununu's family gave him a famous name and the top job at the family resort.
8:49 am
chris cut jobs. chris cut workers' hours to deny them health insurance. and now he opposes the minimum wage. chris has never had to work for anything. chris sununu has no business being governor. this advertisement has been paid for by put new hampshire first and has not been authorized by any candidate. when all three of these guys show up, they come up with some crazy ideas.
8:50 am
to cutting social security. she stood up to both parties to protect our benefits. annie's working to make sure we have a secure retirement. so i can worry about these guys instead. thanks, annie. i'm annie kuster and i approve this message.
8:51 am
abc's hit thriller "how to get away with murder." we'll chat with her in a minute. but first here's an exclusive sneak peek just for us at tomorrow's new episode. >> there's some concern with smoke inhalation. >> what does that mean? she going to die? you need to keep your voice down. i could get in a lot of trouble for telling you this. >> i w i'm sorry. >> i know and i promise you i'll tell you everything i can, okay? >> hello. >> huge omg moment. >> i know. >> were you as surprised when you were at the table read as viewers were. >> yes, i was pregnant. what do you mean? she hasn't -- give her a boyfriend. like someone, you know and now every episode is who is the father? i still don't know who the father is. >> i was just about to mention something that you did on twitter.
8:52 am
is leading. >> he is leading. >> landslide. >> i just say why not do a composite of wes laurel baby and laurel frank baby and see what the babies would look like and so then maybe -- >> it's like a whole voting process. we're in the season. why not? i love this idea. so let me ask you a question. the big hashtag is under the sheet. my producer is a giant fan of your show and wanted me to ask you this. under the sheet meaning who is dead. nothing too together. who's the dead person on the gurney? can you give us even a smidgen of a hint? >> my goodness. i get so nervous that i'm going to say the wrong thing. >> i don't want to do that. >> yeah, of course, basically it is going to be heartbreaking. who do you think it is? >> i don't know. >> yeah. >> i just figured -- it's heartbreaking. >> it really is. >> that eliminates a couple of
8:53 am
you're not like, oh, laurel, it's great. it's not laurel. yeah, i think it was very -- it's a great story line. it's great for plot and everything but it's our lives, it's our livelihood. it's our jobs so we're all like, can you tell us so i start auditioning for other things and it was almost like a reality tv show how we all started typing out -- >> do they give you travel counsel, things like -- >> no. >> that would be terrible. thank yo heartbreaking for you behind-the-scenes but thinking that was also a clue in there too. >> also for the fans. >> i just want to say, we got to go but i loved looking on instagram. your cast looks like genuinely like friends. we've had them on the show so much. >> wouldn't it be the best publicity stunt if we weren't friends? >> you got to check it out. thank you for the sneak peek.
8:54 am
it's a new hampshire success story. thousands of working adults earning a college degree to further their careers. i'm colin van ostern, and i helped launch college for america at southern new hampshire university. we've partnered with over 100 employers so their workers can get an associate's or bachelor's degree... most debt-free. as governor, i'll grow the economy by cutting college costs for students and families. a stronger workforce helps our businesses grow, too. this is just the beginning. when i listen to families across new hampshire, all i hear is that washington is locked into a system where the special interests come before people. where drug company profits come before affordable medicine, the koch brothers and big oil come before clean energy, and powerful corporations
8:55 am
washington won't change overnight. but sending a new senator who puts your priorities ahead of special interests can make a difference.
8:56 am
that was great. >> you like it up here? >> have a great wednesday, everybody. >> now, from wmur, news 9. >> good morning. more than a dozen dogs are safe this morning after being rescued from what police are calling "disgusting conditions."
8:57 am
police say kevin rocheville was fostering the animals and he will likely face animal cruelty charges. fifteen other dogs that were in his care are missing and police believe they may be running loose. anyone who spots a stray pit bull or pit bull-mix is asked to call pelham police. president road in manchester will soon become a one way street. alderman approved the plan last night. the goal is to reduce traffic through residential neighborhoods around the new walmart. me at least one business is threatening legal action and another is threatening to move. the mayor has promised to study the traffic problem more to find a permanent solution. it's not yet clear when president road will turn into a one way street. we're going to feel like late summer today. kevin: temperatures well into the 70's and the fall color goes
8:58 am
the 50's and 60's this morning. we had a front come through overnight. wind today turns off shore and that is under difference from the lingering moisture due to the northeast wind hanging up the clouds yesterday. today, a westerly wind. it does start to turn more northwesterly this afternoon and we start to feel the cooler air up to canada. that eventually comes in our direction tonight. 70 statewide portsmouth which would tie the record high temperature for the state. clear skies tonight and fair skies tomorrow. we could have a shower late in the day tomorrow. >> back here at noon. bob hillery: i spent 21 years in the navy, defending america. if i only showed up half the time, i'd have been court-martialed. but that's what senator kelly ayotte did. she missed nearly half of her homeland security hearings. vo: on critical homeland security hearings,
8:59 am
to a washington fundraiser. for ayotte, collecting campaign cash comes first. bob hillery: when it comes to fighting terrorism, 50% just doesn't cut it. vo: senate majority pac is responsible for the content of this advertising. you know me. that's new hampshire kelly ayotte. this is washington kelly ayotte. she voted for 20 billion dollars in tax breaks for the big oil companies. but she voted against letting you refinance your student loans. while 95% of us... got nothing. kelly ayotte. you need to know in washington. she's not working for new hampshire.
9:00 am
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