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tv   News 9 at Six  ABC  November 8, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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bedford, right now two joggers are being treated for serious injuries after they were hit by a car while running. jennifer: this accident happened on a side road as people were heading to the polls. tom: naoko funayama has the new details just released by police. reporter: police have now released the names of the two joggers, they are both 58 years old from bedford, and both currently in critical condition at elliot hospital. the two joggers, thomas ducharne and pembroke way in bedford this morning, a car came up over a hill and hit them from behind. police say the driver of the car was a 16-year-old male. neighbors in the area rushed out the help, including an emergency room doctor. investigators say they're looking into whether speed and or frost on the windshield could have been factors. >> before you leave your driveway in the morning, make
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we're not certain whether or not that was a factor, but it's being investigated. >> it's a popular area for joggers, throughout the day, not just in the morning. you'll see folks jog, a lot of folks walking their dogs through the neighborhood any time of day. reporter: according to police no charges have been filed. neighbors tell us that these running partners run the same route every morning at the same time, they are registered to run in the fisher cats 5k on thanksgiving day. to the big night in new hampshire. jennifer: it has been quite the final sprint to election day, and right now verse are still streaming into polls all around the state. record breaking turnout already in durham, and that could be the case in other turns as well. wmur's andy hershberger in manchester now with a live look there. reporter: well, jen, maybe, maybe not, we're not sure about that record turnout here, burr
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here in manchester, the webster school, which is the largest of manchester's 12 wards. right here, and we understand that they are close to about maybe 5,000 votes out of 6500 potential registered voters in the area. so it's been a very busy day. we're still about an hour from the polls here shutting down. but it's been this way pretty much everywhere you go today across the state. whether it an issue or awe candidate or could be casting ballots in new hampshire today. manchester's ward one is expecting 75 to 80% of registered voters to fill the voting booths. by late afternoon more than 4,000 people had turned out. >> how can anyone pass up this election? i can't even imagine. so, yes, i'm here to vote because this is probably the biggest thing in history right now. >> i think it's really important
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the choice of who becomes our next president is going to change or shape what happens to the country moving forward, i think, so it very important. reporter: in bedford when the polls opened at 7:00 a.m., the moderator said there were about 1,000 people in line, he said it only took about a half-hour to move people through with the expanded check in booths and special traffic patterns. they are anticipating more than 85% of record. >> i just wanted to make sure i took the opportunity to come since it our right to and there are so many countries around the world where people aren't allowed to go and vote, especially women. so i wanted to make sure i took that opportunity. reporter: you heard the typical issues today when you talked to voters, the economy, education, things of that nature. it's still one of those very
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two candidates at the top of both of these tickets that people have very strong feelings about sometimes, one way or the other. but we understand here in manchester at ward one there has been a lot of new registrations today, a line out the door for most of the day. don't know what that means, but that's what's happening at this ward in manchester. i'm andy hershberger, wmur news 9. tom: thank you. with that type of could be a long night for some candidates. jennifer: we are your election night headquarters here in new hampshire, so let's check in with all the campaigns now, beginning with the bid for u.s. senate. our team coverage kicks off with wmur's adam sexton in concord at ayotte headquarters. reporter: jen, what andy was talking about, the margin tess top of the ticket between donald trump and hillary clinton could go a long way to deciding how this u.s. senate race turns out. that is if democrats have a very strong day today and get a lot
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will lift all of them to victory. but if it's a closer race, kelly ayotte could have a good chance of retaining the senate seat she first won in 2010. ayotte has been campaigning at a break neck pace, more than 24 stops in 24 hours leading up to her vote this morning in nashua in her homeward of ward two. many of saying this doing a long night, and ayotte is no stranger to electoral cli having won her 2010 primary but 1600 votes out of 140,000 cast. tonight the stakes will be much higher. for a look at senator ayotte's opponent, governor hassan, let's go to jean mackin now. jean: maggie hassan is at the conference center in manchester tonight. this morning supporters were waiting outside new feel's town hall, holding campaign signs, as she showedded up with her family
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and children ben and meg all voted, so you can chalk off four family votes there. the governor was first elected to state senate 12 years ago, now she wants that u.s. senate seat, one of about nine races nationwide that could help sway the power of the senate from republican to democrat. when maggie hassan turned in her what the this morning, face up, maggie hassan commented that voter turnout looked very good tom: after tonight there will be new leadership in concord. jennifer: chris sununu and colin van ostern are the candidates in that race. amy is at sununu headquarters. reporter: sununu sharing these headquarters with kelly ayotte, so i'm just down the road from adam sexton, and if sununu's bid for the corner office is successful, this is the first time a republican will be in
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sununu of course the c.e.o. of waterville valley and an environmental engineer. he says he's worried about new hampshire's future, part of his platform is to keep young skilled workers from leaving the state. sununu a three-term executive councilor is running against another councilor, colin van ostern who outside the democratic party was a virtual unknown until he entered this race. shelley walcott is in manchester at van ostern headquarters. shelley: that's manchester where volunteers are preparing for what they hope will be an historic night for gubernatorial candidate colin van ostern him here's a look at van ostern as he voted in concord this morning. he's the father of two and the executive councilor has touted his business experience throughout this campaign, citing his time in management roles at southern new hampshire university and stoney field yogurt. if elected, the 37-year-old could become the youngest new
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36-year-old hugh greg was elected back in the 1950's. as for the here and now, van ostern says he wants to focus on keeping more young people and new businesses here in new hampshire. and recent polls have given van ostern the edge in the state and of course they are hoping that those numbers hold up tonight. that's the scene from here in manchester. back to you. tom: thank you very much. our election coverage continues next. we focus on the congressional races and how the candidates are feel a cast. jennifer: plus a long standing tradition in new hampshire, how midnight voting in 2016 could lead to a big surprise in the final hours. mike: after a very mild one today, temperatures return to the norm soon. when that happens and the other
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vo: ending funding for planned parenthood. taking away our right to choose. restricting our health care choices. this is senator kelly ayotte's record. ayotte voted six times to end funding for planned parenthood - putting access to birth control and cancer screenings at risk. woman 1: kelly ayotte says she's for women. but it's just an act. woman 2: voters definitely cannot trust kelly ayotte. vo: senate majority pac is responsible
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ree years from now, a routine screening will catch it early and make all the difference. so when chris sununu voted to cut funding for planned parenthood, cutting access to cancer screenings and birth control for thousands of women, it's politics for him. for molly, it's the rest of her life. the stakes are too high to make chris sununu governo. this advertisement has been paid for by put new hampshire first
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tom: in our new hampshire votes continuing coverage tonight we're now going to focus in on the congressional races. jennifer: we begin in the first c.d. and mike cronin who is live at guinta headquarters tonight in manchester. reporter: yes, republican frank guinta is hoping to celebrate tonight here at murphy's tap room on elm street in manchester. two months ago he narrowly defeated rich ashooh in the primary. the incumbent feels g has been out all day talking to voters and trying to win over some last minute support. he says he's delivered for new hampshire on the drug crisis and says that would it be a priority if he's reelected. gin fa is hoping for more good luck tonight in manchester, but this is a three-way race for the first c.d. for more let's go live to jennifer crompton who is in
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reporter: carol shea-porter and frank guinta has been playing political ping-pong with this seat for several years now. shea porter a seasoned election veteran, she hit the polls today saying she feels very good. she's run for this congressional seat six times, holding it for three. two terms in 2007 before losing to guinta, winning it back and losing again. among other issues she supports the 63-year-old from rochester wants to protect medicare social security, raise the minimum wage and restore the american dream. we're here at the portsmouth harbor event center, it serves as carol shea-porter's election night headquarters and we are here for the duration. for now, back to you. tom: very good, jen, thank you. a heard candidate in this race is independent sean o'connor. our cameras caught up with him in portsmouth. he visited a polling place there as well as polls from gloves town to laconia. jennifer: we continue our
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second c.d., kristen carosa is at kuster headquarters. reporter: we're here at the kimball jenkins estate in concord where annie kuster will spend the night as the election results come in. kuster is the u.s. representative in the second congressional district, she's held the seat since 2013 and is looking to secure a third term. if she wins tonight she will be the first democrat ever to serve three terms in the house of representatives from the second district. representative kuster is kno task force to combat the opioid epidemic. she says she brought together 85 members of congress, both democrats and republicans, to work on the issue. something she wants to continue working on. now let's send it over to cherise leclerc at jim lawrence headquarters in nashua. reporter: kristen, that's right. jim lawrence, the republican in this race, says today's election was all about keeping a positive
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at six different polling places in the district, we caught up with him at milford middle school, he told us that this race is about the kind of future america, the state of new hampshire wants. the former state represent and veteran says he wants to go to washington to make an impact on the national debt as well as address the issue of terrorism in other parts of the world. he'll be watching the results come in from nashua here at the sky meadow country club. i'm cherise leclerc, wmur news day to get out and vote, couldn't ask for any better. mike: it started off so chilly this morning, and then temperatures took off, 60 plus
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tom: tur o candidates voted this morning in new york. jennifer: but their campaigns will be keeping a very close watch on the results here in new hampshire. heather hamel is live now with a look at that race here. reporter: in final days before today's election both candidates have focused attention on new hampshire, both the candidates and big name surrogates making last minute campaign stops here. today they under new york, casting their own ballots and making their final pushes before results start rolling in. hillary clinton voted at an
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to greet her, chanting madam president. clinton shook hands and mingled with the crowd. her husband by her side. and republican presidential nominee donald trump and his wife cast their ballots in new york tuesday morning as well. trump greeted poll workers before the two voted and was scheduled to spend the rest of of the day in new york, his election night party event will be about one mile away from where clinton is holding hers. trump has made two visit to new hampshire since friday. clinton was here on sunday. th emphasis on the granite state, one of the key states that could make or break their chances this election. heather hamel, wmur news 9. mike: you could not have asked for better weather on this election day, november 8, to have temperatures in the 60's. take a look at the time lapse out at warner from sunup to sundown, you had crystal clear skies in many spots. how about the temperature jump. we started off below freezing
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washington, a good indicator over 6,000 feet up that we would see a mild day with any sunshine. and look at the high in concord, 66. 14 above the average. and look at that, a 41-degree jump from the chilly morning low. record high not too far away. 72 set back in 1895. we are cooling down off those highs, the sunset at 4:30 this afternoon. readings already below 40 in the great north woods. mount washington down into the manchester and back through rochester. overnight tonight not as cold as it was last night. but still on the seasonably chilly side, on average lower to mid 30's in many spots by early tomorrow morning. one of the reasons it will not be as cold, light winds developing out of the south, and some increasing clouds after midnight ahead of the next front that will move in here during the day tomorrow. with that front a couple of scattered showers, but there will be many dry hours on wednesday as well.
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that not as warm as today, but still running close to the average for this time of year. widely scattered shower here or there through the mid morning into the early afternoon. then that front will clear and that means we're back into the sunshine as we go into thursday and part of friday, before the next front moves in. that moves in on veterans day, and behind it it turns windy and much, much colder. look at the high on saturday, near 30 north, lower 40's south. but temperatures rebound back to average on sunda tom: up next tonight, the importance of the first granite state voters. jennifer: we check history to see how those midnight voters in dixville notch have translated to victory when all of the votes
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tom: now taking a look at live pictures tonight of the ward one in manchester. this has been a very busy location since early this morning. and speaking of early this morning, the tradition continued in dixville notch. jennifer: with the first votes being cast at the stroke of midnight. wmur's josh mcelveen joins us now with the historical importance of these results. josh: throughout had this election the pollsters and pundits have searched endlessly trying to find a trend in this race. but here's some food for thought. the three towns where the polls
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the collective vote in those three towns was in favor of barack obama, 33 to 30. of course the president went onto win a second term and he won new hampshire. how did those same voters this time around? seems like they aren't immune to that anti-establishment wave as those towns combine to give donald trump the nod, 32-25. obviously this is a small sample size. but trump supporters have been talking for months about their silent majority, and from kelly ayotte the c other republicans down the ballot, guinta, lawrence, they are no doubt hopeful that the strength beneath the surf really does exist and that it's strong enough to pull them over the finish line. the polls will close at 8:00, except for those who are waiting in line, and then the wait will begin for the results, a long wait that will determine the fate of so many candidates. of course who will occupy the oval office and to a large
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will head. i'll be monitoring all of it with andy smith and we'll be bringing you all the results aas they come in. jennifer: a long wait, but we are almost there. so we invite you to stay with wmur all evening long. abc news is covering the national picture, that begins at 7:00. we'll have local updates every half-hour. then a special edition of news 9 tonight at 11:00. tom: at 8 on on me tv new hampshire you can join us for the co or mobile app and facebook page. abc world news tonight is coming your way next. we'll be back with a local update tonight at 7:15. jennifer: we leave but a live look at the tolls, in manchester, ward one, lines are still there, people are still voting. we'll see you again soon.
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tonight, breaking news. election night in america. from abc news election headquarters, right here in times square. the first clues coming in right now. what voters are revealing already. just as the first polls are set to close. tonight, hillary clinton, donald trump, the sprint to the finish. clinton in the wee hours of the >> i believe that we will win! >> just hours later, casting her ballot. will she become america's first woman president? donald trump after midnight, finishing in michigan. >> we're hours away from a once in a lifetime change. >> flying back to new york, then casting his ballot. a thumb's up. and this image peering over his wife's ballot. and tonight, trump in a new interview. will he accept the results?


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