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tv   News 9 Tonight  ABC  November 13, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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fire burning in the white mountains. why the effort to put out the flames is called off for now and the tough conditions firefighters will face tomorrow. plus, authorities morning to watch out for it sick wildlife. how to protect your pets from this temper -- distemper. hayley: when rain will move in this week. cherise: president-elect donald trump selecting the first members of his administration. other heal. the program at a farm rescuing horses and providing therapy for those who serve. >> no one covers new hampshire like we do. now, wmur news 9 tonight. cherise: dozens of acres are burning tonight in an albany brush fire. good evening.
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will focus on containing that fire tomorrow morning with help from dozens of firefighters from new hampshire and maine. we have the latest developments from albany. mike: it has spread to over 100 acres in albany. it started near this bridge. deep into the white mountain national forest, a fire is burning tonight. flames away. it was spotted saturday afternoon but due to steep terrain and fading daylight, fire crews have not been able to contain it. or than 100 acres are burning along the river. the forest service says so far no buildings have been threatened. >> we have not had any substantial rain. the ground is still pretty ride. mike: albany is one of a
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brush fires are burning today. two of them were started by lawnmowers. >> a lawnmower has a hot exhaust. if you hit a rock, it can create a spark. mike: fire danger is currently moderate but it could turn to high with warm temperatures this week. with the fallen dry leaves, it is not unusual to have brushfires this time of year. >> dam this -- some dampness, but if you dig down deep, it is still dry. mike: safety officials are asking people to be careful when getting rid of ashes from wood-burning stoves. a 30's and the fire to be out later this week terry fire crews will be back here first thing in the morning to contain the fire. in the meantime, a are asking
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as you heard, the drought is fueling these brushfires. making it more difficult for firefighters to put out the flames. hayley lapoint tells us if there is any relief in the forecast. hayley: not tomorrow. it will be even warmer tomorrow. tuesday is the day when they will get some help with rain moving through. this is the latest drought monitor map. the issues are across the state. concord is down at about 7.5 inches for the year but manchester is still down 16.5 inches for the year. looking at the temperatures. we are in the 30's and a lot of spots. in the 20's from plymouth to white field. in the 40's in rochester. it would be a good idea to have heavy gear in the morning.
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last bell, temperatures will be a a lot warmer. heading into the low 60's in a few spots. i will show you the timing of the rain showers moving in later this week. cherise: authorities are looking for a suspect who attacked a woman walking on a trail in lebanon. lebanon police say the 23-year-old woman was attacked while walking off of loop road center. the woman was able to get away with minor injuries. police are looking for a white man, wearing a dark hooded sweatshirt. he is approximately six feet tall. he left in a dark or door sedan. tonight, authorities are -- authorities in hudson are warning about an increase in sick wildlife. they believe several foxes have
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them. this deadly virus can easily spread to cats and dogs through ticks. >> make sure there thoughts -- their shots are up-to-date. cherise: police say if you do see a wild animal that appears to be sick, give them a call immediately. a driver is facing several charges after police say he was driving the wrong way on i needed three report of a call -- of a car going southbound on northbound i-93. police arrested matthew adlard from gilmanton while driving -- on charges that he was driving recklessly and under the influence. phillips exeter academy is back in the public eye. the case of a teenager will head to trial on monday. the parents of the student said
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withdraw from the school. the academy has faced public scrutiny for its handling of other sexual assault allegations in the past. the teenager is not facing any criminal charges. in massachusetts man died while hiking in beans purchase today. authorities say james norton was the sending the trail with a group of boy scouts when he collapsed. members of the group began performing cpr until international guard arrived but first responders were not able to revive him. donald trump is now choosing members of his administration. the president-elect has chosen republican party chairman reince priebus as his chief of staff. we have the latest on the transition of power. richard: in his first big decision as president-elect, donald trump named prince previous as his white house chief of staff. he is chairman of the republican national committee. he also tapped even been it, his
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he is a former head of conservative breitbart news and a fierce critic of the gop establishment. donald trump said they are highly qualified leaders that worked well together on our campaign and lead us to victory. now i will have them both with me in the white house as we work to make america great again. in an interview with 60 minutes, donald trump seeming to backtrack saying he will focus on criminal, illegal immigrants in the millions of on the people you are talking about who are terrific people. terrific people. richard: on the supreme court -- >> i am pro-life. the judges will be pro-life. richard: for five days and nights, donald trump's election victory has sent a protesters into the streets of across the country. thousands more were out on
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support the whole united states. richard: as for donald trump, he says he is looking forward to the job ahead. >> you have both houses. and you can do things like lickety-split. cherise: today, former new hampshire governor and chief of staff for president george h w bush, john sununu, spoke to cnnb controversial and d has been involved in that controversy. it is a controversial appointment. if he is comfortable with it and it is someone he feels is giving him good advice, it is only important what donald trump thinks about that appointment. cherise: donald trump is crediting social media like twitter and facebook with helping him win the face -- with helping him win the white house
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in an interview, he said his campaign is proof that social media may now have more power than political advertising. but local social media experts says donald trump is using social media in a way that no one else can. >> donald trump almost has his own lane. there is really no playbook when it comes to social media for him. he is writing the playbook. cherise: while he is promising to tone it down, he did send out a series of attacking the new york times for its coverage. you may have heard about the healing aspects of horseback riding. for veterans with dt st, the weekend filled with horses was unexpected therapy. live and let live farm in chichester is offering veterans the chance to connect with these animals and get something back in return. >> it seems while healing animals, we are healing people.
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farm to be a sanctuary. a safe haven for broken animals. but it has had unintended and amazing consequences. but those warm and fuzzy feelings can be hard to come by for a veteran who has just come home from deployment and is suffering from ptsd. they can often feel isolated and angry. >> they show you that they can go through the same thing that we go through. cherise: gisele rodriguez is ave situations feel a lot like allies. >> everything soldiers go through when we come home is the same thing they go through. cherise: she traveled from worcester, massachusetts to take part in this retreat. >> hello. you want to be in it? cherise: a place where the stroke of the hand is said to be
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has seen the healing in action. he is now a volunteer. >> they are suffering the same type of fate that some of our veterans suffer. it really has a connection for some of our veterans. cherise: it has been said that horses lend us the wings that we lack. here, both human and horse are taking back what they thought wa you give them attention. it has been awesome. heartwarming experience. cherise: if you would like to learn more about the program and the farm, you can log on to our website. a deputy shot and killed tonight in california. next, the other crimes police say the suspect committed while on the run. wildfires burning in the south
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new zealand tonight after a powerful earthquake struck this morning. at least two people were killed in the 7.8 magnitude quake. the strength of the earthquake cracked several roads and damaged buildings. witnesses say this one was much longer and more intense than usual. >> it was long. everything started shaking and then it got worse. it did not stop. >> the whole house was moving. quake have triggered landslides and a small tsunami. the new zealand prime minister will travel to the epicenter of the earthquake tomorrow to survey the damage. a strong earthquake also hit argentina. a 6.2 earthquake -- 6.2 magnitude earthquake hit that country this morning. tonight, a man suspected of killing a sheriff's deputy is in custody.
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down a 20 year veteran police officer while he was checking on a suspicious car. the suspect ran from the scene. he was later arrested after police say he robbed a convenience door. france is remembering the 130 victims killed in terrorist attacks in paris one year ago. survivors and families of the victims joined officials in solidarity to mark the first anniversary of the paris attacks. plaques were presented at sites targeted. france is under a state of emergency in the primary or says -- and the prime minister says it may be extended. the first gay parade in orlando just wrapped up. the first in five months since the attack at the pulse nightclub. the city celebrates the lgbtq community. feelings of joy were mixed with
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they died for having love. cherise: 49 crosses at orlando regional medical center honor the victims of the attack. the parade ended with a moment of silence and the reading of the names of the victims. toyota will pay to settle a lawsuit. toyota reached a settlement covering one and half million vehicles that did not have good rest protectn. applies to tacoma trucks, sequoias, and to of certain years. toyota will inspect the vehicles and determine if owners are eligible for a replaced frame or reimbursement. a wildfire in the south is forcing evacuations in georgia, north airliner, and tennessee. in north carolina, people are being told to wear masks to
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fires in north carolina and tennessee as suspected arsons. the largest fire in georgia is thought to have begun by a lightning strike. if you look outside tonight, there is the superman. hayley: i took -- there is the super moon. hayley: it is very bright. look at this photo. this one was sent into us. cherise: the closest the moon has come to us in 69 years and it will be the closest just before 6:30 a.m. tomorrow morning. hayley: the sun will be coming up at the same time. we will see it again tomorrow evening. keep the photos coming. you can post them to ulocal. i have also received them on my facebook page. these are the statistics with the superman.
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you can check it out tomorrow if you should have missed it tonight. clear skies all across the state. we had a beautiful day today especially in the afternoon as we had full sunshine across the area. no clouds. that is why it is perfect viewing or the super moon. high pressure is on top of us right now. right now. with the winds that were out pressure moves east with the quite -- with the clockwise motion, the winds will shift to be more out of the southwest tomorrow. high pressure moves off the coast. tomorrow will be slightly warmer than today. up near 60 in concord, manchester. nashua, 58.
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26 in whitefield. 28 and plymouth. 41 in laconia. it all depends on where the winds have still been moving around. where there is wind, the temperatures are warmer overnight at least. laconia, 41. concord is at dirty jew. 39 -- concord is at 3 but on the chilly side. probably a hard frost on the ground in most locations. totally sunny tomorrow afternoon. temperatures up near 60. for the commute home, perfect viewing for the superman. clear with temperatures falling.
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lunchtime. it moves from the south to the north and will continue through the overnight and maybe into wednesday morning. tomorrow, -- tonight, moonlit skies. temperatures will be coolest up north. 20's. here is the forecast for tomorrow. in the 60's. even some mid 58 in meredith. conway may even be hitting the 60's. temperatures in the north country in the mid-50's with sunshine. rain showers move in, probably after lunch and through the evening on tuesday. wednesday, mostly cloudy. and back to a sunny stretch for
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it looks really nice. cherise: 60's and sunny. by now, we usually see a few flurries. hayley: in the north country, they have. cherise: we don't want it to come to quickly. over to jason now. jason: big game -- big game down in foxboro with this metal
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>> now, jason king and news nine sports. jason: number two kentucky
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rupp arena. freshman forward gabriel out of man -- out of manchester knocked down a three. the patriots put their record on the line against one of the best teams in the nfc, the seattle seahawks. a rematch of the 2014 super bowl. right now, the patriots are on the field at g take the lead. there have been seven lead changes in this game. doug baldwin just caught his third touchdown catch on the day. tom brady through his first touchdown -- of the season. the patriots have turned the ball over twice. the patriots have some work to
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in the fourth quarter. elsewhere today, texans and jaguars. first quarter, broadcast weiler -- brock osweiler had a play action pass to rhyme griffin for the touchdown. griffin had three catches in the game including a touchdown. it is championship week for six high school football teams. the matchups are set. will be played at unh on saturday. in division i, exeter in bedford. the bulldogs are the only remaining undefeated team in the states. plymouth and bow both came away with upset wins on saturday. the bobcats will play in the title game for the first time
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stevens rallied to beat monadnock. inter-lakes moultonborough knocked off bishop brady in overtime. some hockey tonight. the bruins, after it their third straight win, skating and colorado. david fires one to the far post. his second goal of the season. dominic moore throws one on the empty net from center ice. bruins win, 2-0. they will play in minnesota on thursday. unh hockey team on the ice with merrimack college this afternoon. unh with the power play. patrick grasso with a nice pass
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tyler irvine finds the loose puck in front and scores to make it to-one. still in the second, chris leblanc with a one-timer from the top of the far circle. merrimack gets the lead. tyler kelleher with a great pass across the top of the crease. two jason salvaggio. he ties the game. women's college basketball this afternoon. southern new hampshire university hosting mercy. sarah ryan looks inside to highly. nice move to the who. catherine stinson drives the baseline and gets two more. then they work at around the perimeter. stinson knocks down three. sarah ryan had a game-high 20 points.
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start. they win today. nascar's final four is set. find out who will race for the
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jason: the final race in the round of 8 -- the can am 500 at phoenix. the final two spots in the final four are up for grabs. the first attempt at a green-white checkered finish. matt kenseth in the 20 car trying to keep position on the restart. comes down the track and held on for the win. him for the final four. kyle busch finished second today, good enough to get him into the final. it will be jimmie johnson, carl edwards, joey logano, and kyle busch racing for the sprint cup championship in the season's final race next weekend at homestead. the patriots are making a run. only a few minutes left but they are in the red zone. cherise: fingers crossed.
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