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tv   News 9 Daybreak  ABC  November 16, 2016 5:00am-6:00am EST

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sean: the plan a seacoast town has developed and who they want to pay for it. erin: traffic patterns are changing in manchester. when gates will open back up. now. timing when the wet weather ends. sean: going back to the future to give you a winter forecast. live in dublin. daybreak starts now. >> no one covers new hampshire like we do. now, wmur news 9 daybreak. erin: good morning on this rainy
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we do need the rain. erin: a lot of us got over an inch. it was pouring last night. tough for the evening commute. at least we won't have a pouring rain through the evening commute but it is drizzly and foggy. you may need a couple of extra minutes as you drive in. on the radar, there isn't the heavy rain moving through. there are that the fog is big. temperatures have fallen into the 40's. high temperatures will be today in the low-made 50's with more drizzle and scattered showers this morning. i will talk about the extended forecast coming up in a minute. we're joined live by 95.7 wzid's deb davidson.
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right now we have roadwork closing things down on interstate 293. keep in mind that exit four will be closed for the final road construction project. 93 is below the speed limit due to the fog. all major roads right now in massachusetts are up to speed. i am deb davidson for 95.7. taking new steps to make sure everyone in town has clean and safe drinking water. sean: officials are worried about pfc's found in monitoring-wells near the former coakley landfill, and there are concerns those chemicals could leak into the ground water wmur's ray brewer is here now to explain the plans. ray the board of selectmen in : greenland has voted to send a letter to the coakley landfill group asking that they pay for a new municipal water system.
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main to connect the neighborhoods closest to the former landfill to the public water supply. the coakley landfill group includes the city of portsmouth, the towns of north hampton, newington, and new castle, as well as pease. most recent tests of wells in the area have not shown any elevated levels of harmful chemicals. officials say they want to make sure they are proactive just in case problems do surface. >> some of the tests have shown resultfo dioxane there i think this is being able to lean forward and be able to get safe drinking water into the community before there's any concerns. ray: we did speak with the city environmental manager in portsmouth who maintains that no homes in danger of contamination. but the coakley landfill group will consider the letter when they receive it.
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set to hear oral arguments today in seth mazzaglia's appeal of his murder conviction. mazzaglia is serving a life sentence for killing 19-year-old lizzi marriott back in 2012. her body has never been found. the appeal is based on evidence concerning marriott's alleged prior sexual history and consent . the court has already ruled that documents about her sexual history will not be made public. sean: the gates are going away around the new walmart in manchester.. city leaders voted last night to return all traffic patteto store opened. that means that president road and mack avenue will also become two way streets again. one alderman says so far less than $25,000 has been spent on the traffic patterns. >> i'm so relieved that maybe we'll finally find a solution to a problem that had no solution. sean: the road changes and gate openings are expected to take effect by early next week. and a new traffic pattern study
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erin: two dartmouth college students who were expelled after starting a fire in a dorm are asking for a second chance. investigators say an unattended grill outside a dorm window sparked a fire at morton hall last month forcing more than 70 students into temporary housing in an online petition the students who were expelled express regret and ask for community support. the school does not allow grills, but some students say this punishment is too harsh. >> they should be reprimanded in some way but it wasn't a malicious act. >> i hope the college takes into account a holistic approach to punishing the students. erin: college officials say the actions must have serious consequences. in a statement, they said in part, the fire endangered the lives of students, staff, and first responders and caused extensive damage. the college is committed to following its disciplinary process. the petition will not play a
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by a car in nashua is in critical condition in a boston hospital this morning and the driver is facing charges. 26-year-old phllip kannaly of massachusetts is charged with aggravated dwi and reckless conduct. police say he hit a man and a woman in railroad square early yesterday morning both were seriously hurt. blood tests are still pending this morning. kannaly is free on bail and is due in court next week. how you can provide much needed support for people facing the holidays without a home to call their own. sean: -- kevin: we are live talking about the old farmer's almanac and the winter forecast. i have the details on your winter season coming up. sean: several cows are back home this morning after causing a bit of a traffic jam on i-93 yesterday.
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>> good morning. nine minutes past five :00 now. temperatures are in the 40's. we ever in a drizzle. it is definitely a murky morning. this afternoon and evening we start to dry out. i will show you more in the hour-by-hour forecast coming up. sean: the holiday season is upon us and several local groups are hoping you will remember those in need. especially high at this time of year including at crossroads house in portsmouth. the facility provides hot meals and a place to stay for families and single men and women along the seacoast who might otherwise be homeless. while there's room for about a hundred people each night last year, they were over capacity 87% of the time. >> we ask for donations. every resident here gets a gift
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practical things that people need. and gift cards that allows them to select something that is meaningful for them. erin: to learn more about the programs and how you can help go to sean: two important public servants in manchester earned special recognition from city leaders last night. two k 9's were honored for their service as they get ready to retire. wynette has worked with the fire department for the last 7 years. and bud has logged 8 years of service with the police department. mayor ted gatsas thanked them for their careers and then gave them each some treats. bon voyage. erin: coming up, helping friends or relatives pay for college is getting easier. the new program that just launched in california. sean: plus united will soon offer cheaper airfare but you have to be willing to give up
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sean: work to restore the u.s. capitol dome in washington is finally done and it is back open to the public. crews spent the last 3 years fixing more than 1300 cracks in the dome, along with addressing other wear and tear issues to the inside and outside. the $60 million project included the first major exterior renovation of the capitol in more than 50 years and it should be good for another 50. erin: the fbi says that hate crimes against muslims have since the aftermath of 9-11. officials say the total number of hate crimes in 2015 rose but anti-muslim cases were up by two thirds. that includes everything from attacks on mosques to bullying of muslim children. however, the total numbers are still far below those from the early 2000's. sean: the manchester v.a. medical center is hosting a job fair today aimed at helping local veterans find work or transition to a new career.
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it is free to attend. passengers flying on united airlines will soon have a cheaper option, as long as you are willing to travel light. basic economy fares cost less but you don't get a seat assignment until you check in and most will not be able to put anything in the overhead bin. you will also be the last to board. basic economy fares will go on sale next year. boston has released its annual list of dangerous toys. watch lists ten different toys this year including a plush elephant pillow that the group says poses a suffocation risk , along with toys that shoot projectiles or have very small parts. a superman toy also made the list, the toy industry association says the list is full of false claims that needlessly frighten parents. gift cards are a very popular choice for christmas, birthdays,
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get gift cards for college. the program is the first of its kind in the country. the gift cards are available online and at toys r us and babies r us stores in california and they direct money into the recipient's 529 college savings plan. while the gift card program is only in california right now, nearly every state, including new hamsphire, has a 529 savings plan. sean: kids might not winter is right around the corner and a lot of people want to know what kind of winter to expect. erin: the forecasters at the old farmer's almanac have been hard at work trying to figure that out. so meteorologist kevin skarupa headed to dublin this morning to get the scoop and he joins us now live. what are they saying? kevin: sitting in rocking chairs here, talking about the old farmer's almanac. the number one question i get --
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contributing editor. going back some 40 years. tell me the difference. when people get an almanac as opposed to other ones out there, what do they get? >> reassurance. based on the fact that we are the oldest in the united states. this is something that has lasted. 13th editor in the history of 225 years so there is consistency. and i think that people like the fact that people can look at this yellow book and they saw it in their grandparents house and it is something they can count on.
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guys do. recipes, cookbooks and calendars. >> that's right. we have calendars and looks. a long series of books. mostly cookbooks, recently that also books on the gardening with folk remedies for things. that is one of my specialties. we represent a kind of older look at the world. and i think in times of trouble and are in now, we'll look backwards. they want to go back to a comforting past. kevin: coming up in the next half hour we talk about folklore and how it comes into play with the forecast. back to you. sean: can we assume that you use the almanac in the weather
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there are two of them back there. let's leave it at that. erin: many sources for information. haley copeland do make our own winter forecast as well. josh judge will do a special on that next week. more to come on the actual forecast for the winter ahead. thick fog and drizzle coming down. it doesn't look like a nice morning in derry. but at least we have visibility. during the evening hours yesterday was when we had the big of moisture that came up from the south. that is why we had downpours during the evening commute.
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rain showers moving through and in some places you don't see anything on radar but that doesn't mean it isn't raining. you do need the rain gear this morning. the low pressure system is still spinning on top of us which means the threat for drizzle. we have mostly cloudy skies. especially because the heaviest rain places are places of supreme drought. same thing in temple. three quarters of an inch and franklin, over half an inch of rain fall. it is not solving the drought. manchester we received over half an inch.
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foot of rain fall to get as near the average. so while the rain is good, it does not solve the drought problem. temperatures in the 40's right now. warmer when you get closer to the seacoast. 55 degrees in portsmouth. this system will be rotating out of here through the day. by noon, we has scattered showers and areas of drizzle. commutho may have scattered drizzle and showers in the north country. southern areas will see clouds moving apart. that will happen even more overnight tonight. tomorrow, a brighter day with clouds moving overhead and on the cool side. today, temperatures in the 50's. most locations in the low-mid-50's. as we look ahead, it does get
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and clouds with highs in the mid 50's. friday, sunny near 60. for the weekend, saturday is definitely the brighter and warmer day. we have rain showers coming in that may turn into wet snowflakes sunday night and into monday. so your outdoor day is saturday. sean: my son got off the bus yesterday and it was dark o. ray: -- a new water main. it would serve neighborhoods closest to the former landfill and connect them to the public water supply. the group includes the city of portsmouth, newcastle and peace. sean: the state supreme court is set to hear oral arguments today in seth mazzaglia's appeal of his murder conviction. the appeal focuses on evidence concerning lizzi marriott's alleged prior sexual history and
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traffic patterns around the manchester walmart should be back to normal by next week. city aldermen voted last night to open up all gates and return president road and mack avenue to two way traffic. erin: coming up on daybreak. talk about space junk. a massive meteorite is now on
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sean: they say everything is bigger in texas and apparently that includes things from outer space. erin: a 760 pound meteorite is now on display at texas christian university.
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says his horse refused to get within ten feet of the rock. kind of weird. scientists think it could be billions of years old. what does the horse know? sean: alien life, probably. students and faculty now have a new way to get around campus at santa clara university in california. sean: the only self driving campus shuttle in the country is now in use. right now, the operator can take over if things get too crowded or if there is an emergency but designers say ultimately the computer will be able to handle everything. it is already able to automatically yield to pedestrians though it struggles to force its way through crowds. sean: no crowds on a college campus so don't worry. in my day, we used to walk around. coming up in the next half hour, the terror of the boston marathon bombings comes to the big screen. survivors are reacting to a new
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>> no one covers new hampshire like we do. now, wmur news 9 daybreak. erin: good morning. we are waking up to a wet wednesday. we have fog out there and a week from sean: we blinked an eye and time passed by. our top stories today -- the town of greenland is writing a letter to the coakley landfill group. asking that it pay for a new municipal water system over concerns of possible contamination in the future. a man accused of prompting a police standoff in laconia yesterday is scheduled to be arraigned today on several charges. and 8 cows are back home this morning after they escaped from a farm in canterbury and took a
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erin: we have had rain since yesterday. how much has fallen? >> some places, over an inch. especially true along the seacoast. stratham, over an inch of a half. we need more and we will get more today but it will be on the lighter side. scattered showers and areas of drizzle with steady rain, and from areas, we do have light drizzle and missed. we have miles visibility. be careful of that on your morning commute. we climb into the 50's this afternoon. probably a good morning for the rain gear. erin: but we might not need the
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there. here is a live look at i-93. >> i saw wet leaves on the roads. be careful. erin: for a look at the morning drive here in the granite state, we're joined live by 95.7 wzid's deb davidson. good morning deb. deb: the roads are wet so do give yourself a couple of next to minutes as you head out. 93 north and south is mg things looked decent on 293 but the ramp will be closed for the final construction. and no delays heading into lowell. i'm deb davidson. for 95.7 wzid. erin: the town of greenland is taking action to secure safe drinking water in the event of any future contamination of ground water.
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monitoring wells near the former coakley landfill. now the town wants the landfill group to pay for a new municipal water system. ray brewer joins us live in the studio with the details. ray: the greenland board of selectmen voted unanimously to draft a letter to send to the coakley landfill group, asking that it pay for a new municipal water system to ensure everyone in town will have clean water. >> our primary focus is the safety for the residents of greenland. ray: the vice chair of greenland's board of selectmen says the town has been in constant contact with the coakley group since concerns first came up surrounding possible contamination from the coakley landfill. they will be requesting that the group pay for a new water main to deliver municipal water to the neighborhoods closest to the former landfill. while most recent testing of wells in the area have not shown
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chemicals, officials say they're taking a proactive approach. >> i think this is being able to lean forward and be able to get safe drinking water into the community before there's any concerns. ray: the coakley landfill group includes the city of portsmouth, the towns of north hampton, newington, and new castle, as well as pease. the board believes the group is responsible for the landfill and that they should also be responsible for providing safe drinking water. >> we want to make sure that they're all taken care of, i mean certainly, the residents of greenland have voiced their concern and we're responsive to their concerns. ray: we spoke with the city environmental manager in portsmouth who maintains there are no homes in danger of contamination, but the coakley landfill group will consider the letter when they receive it. greenland officials expect that letter to go out today. in the studio, ray brewer, wmur news 9. sean: a man accused of setting off a police standoff in laconia is expected to face a judge today. james cunningham is scheduled to be arraigned on charges including criminal threatening
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yesterday morning when they were called to a home on weirs boulevard after a woman reported that she'd been assaulted and was being held against her will. when officers arrived, they were able to pull the woman out of a rear bedroom window. the woman told police that cunningham was still inside the house and had access to guns and knives. eventually, he did come out -- officers had to taze him before taking him into custody. now the fifth city in the nation to join the dea's 360 degree strategy to fight the drug epidemic. the queen city was chosen, not just because of the magnitude of the crisis, but also because the infrastructure is already in place. the strategy will put everything under one tent, providing support, structure and resources, by enhancing existing local, state, and federal efforts on three fronts.
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gangs. diversion control. and probably the most important thing of all is the community outreach. erin: the dea has also started funding after school dance groups in the city and will help pay for billboards and public service announcements. sean: a woman is recovering this morning after spending an entire night trapped inside her crashed car. the accident happened around 10:00 monday night on route 27 in epping. 70-year-old janis cathcart was trapped for more than 8 hour after the accident officials say the former-military member went into survival mode. >> she was able to understand herself. crawled into the back of the vehicle where she had clothes and to use them to cover herself up which kept her warm through the night. >> she had a history where she learned to be tough.
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what to do. sean: at last check, cathcart was in stable condition at portsmouth regional hospital. there's no word yet on what led up to the crash. erin: tomorrow is the great american smokeout and in preparation of the event. the cheshire coalition for tobacco-free communities is setting up butt stops in the monadnock region today. the stops are meant to help smokers quit their habit. they will be staffed by trained tobacco cessation volunteers. people who drop by a butt stop will get a week's worth of free nicotine patches or gum. sean: a herd of cows is back home this morning after pulling off a great escape in canterbury. the eight cows got through a broken fence and hit the highway yesterday morning bringing traffic to a halt. 911 calls flooded in and state police were able to wrangle the cows as they strolled down i-93. authorities called the owner of white oaks dairy farm to come get his escapees. >> canterbury police department
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the ramp. i think they were nervous where they were and when they saw me, a familiar voice, like i say they just walked behind me. sean: they were headed to the outlets. the broken fence that the cows escaped from has been fixed. the state police officer being the cow whisperer with his hands up. erin: drivers were like mo over. [laughter] sean: a kitten is safe this morning after being rescued from a tree in brentwood. erin: neighbor teresa frank says the cat was stuck in the tree near 72 middle road for five days. she credits some asplundh tree workers and the brentwood police chief with getting the cat down. frank says her kids named the cat pickles because he certainly got out of a big pickle. [laughter]
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coming up on daybreak, a close call, caught on tape in florida. >> i must have done something right to be deserving of this little guy running in at the right time. sean: look at that. you'll hear from a boy who managed to catch his baby brother, right as he was falling off a changing table. erin: and denver, colorado passes a first of its kind law. people are now allowed to use marijuana in public places, like yoga studios. you're watching news 9 daybreak. kevin: 45 degrees in dublin but what will we do this winter?
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>> welcome back. here is a live look in milford. by the time you commute home we have more in the full forecast coming up in a few minutes.
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voters cast their ballots last week. sean: according to the secretary of state bernie sanders got he most write-in votes nearly 4500. john kasich came in second evan mcmullin third and mike pence and mitt romney rounded out the top five. there were also write-in votes for ron and rand paul vermin supreme and joe biden. erin: several state races were very tight here in new hampshire, and this morning, the first recounts will get underway. there are now 15 races getting a second look. today will be the re-count for the state senate seat in county district four and merrimack county district three. speaking of recounts. people opposed to legalizing recreational marijuana in maine are now gathering signatures for a recount. the no on one campaign needs to collect 100 signatures by 5:00 tonight. last week, the referendum passed by a fraction of a percentage point. a spokesperson for the maine secretary of state says a
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sean: denver, colorado has approved a first-in-the nation law that allows people to use marijuana at bars, restaurants and other public spaces, including yoga studios. the catch is patrons can not actually smoke the marijuana. and businesses would have to seek the approval of neighbors. supporters say the move will help reduce instances of tourists smoking marijuana on the sidewalks or in parks. the vote on the issue was so close that it took an entire week fpp erin: survivors of the marathon bombing gathered last night for the premiere of a new hbo documentary, profiling the attack. "marathon, the patriots day bombing" was screened at the wang theater. the documentary, which is a collaboration between hbo and the boston globe, is very emotional but the consensus among survivors was that their stories needed to be told.
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like and how life goes on afterwards. it is raw. >> it is important to know what happens three years out. we see the physical injury but there is emotional injury and sometimes it doesn't come out. >> it is a part of what happened to me. in a way, this is good. good news for all you morning people. the monarchs are playing at home at 10:00 this morning. they are hosting the royals on education day. and just a heads up the annual mullets and moustaches game to benefit the american cancer society is this saturday night. i am already growing out my mullet. erin: can't wait to see. now to dramatic video out of florida.
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when his mom turned her back for just a moment. you can see the baby starting to fall off when all of sudden his big brother jumps into action and catches him, right before the baby hit the floor. >> i would have never caught him. i can't run that fast, so i felt like something just came and pushed me forward, and when it happened, i just ran and caught him. miracles can happen always, but since this time it was me, i'm really thankful. erin: what a great big brother. the boys' mom says she hopes this incident serves as a reminder for parents to keep an eye on the baby. sean: it is tough. sometimes you need to get something. hugh have to be careful. >> be careful on the roads as
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at 6:41, it will feel like the darkness lingers because of the low clouds. this is the fog. we are down to a one mile visibility in manchester. two miles in some locations. it won't be the heavy rain like what we had yesterday. wind chill wipers will be on intermittently. you can see the steadier rain in the white mountains here. but nothing all that awful.
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as it goes up today. we are not cold. 40's. 49 degrees in manchester. warmer at the seacoast. most of us be will be in the 50's. cape -- keep the ring gear candy. this is noontime that around, the cloudy skies at this time. maybe in the north country we will have lingering showers but southern areas, you may be able to see the moon. commuting home will be drier. tomorrow is the day when we transition out of the system. we will start with passing clouds by the afternoon and it should get a lot brighter. and temperatures will be a lot
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especially through the noon hour today. here is a live look in plymouth. temperatures across the state will be in the 50's. there is a big event going on in concord that i am excited about. i will be marching in this. the christmas parade going on, the week before thanksgiving. saturday at 9:30 a.m. and it will be 40 degrees when we kick off. degrees in the afternoon. no wet weather but it does change on sunday. remy but cooler in the 40's and overnight, believe it or not, there may be wet snowflakes mixing in with the rain showers. no accumulation but there may be some mixed showers as we make up on monday morning. erin: today is weather wednesday, and with winter on its way, kevin skarupa is live
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he is still rocking in the rocking chair. kevin: yes. it is all too comfortable and we need one of these in the weather center. i am here with the editor of the 200 25th old farmer's almanac. tell me about the forecasting methods? people want to know how the details get there. >> i often disappoint viewers. because they is the number of acorns planted by squirrels. and though we do have great respect for the folklore methods, we don't use them. we use the solar cycle. more people probably know that as the sunspot cycle. because the number seems to rise with the output of solar energy. that energy and eventually reaches the upper parts of the world's atmosphere and we think, it has something to do with what
5:51 am
who call it nonsense but we respectfully disagree. kevin: and this comes from someone who majored in folklore at harvard. so a couple of true or false -- red sky at night, sailors delight? does that work? >> yes. >> halo around the moon, precipitation the next day? >> pretty likely. >> >> there is evidence that animals detect changes in relative humidity so there is a good chance of that. >> cows lying down meeting rain? >> those cows just need a rest. kevin: coming up, we talk first about the temperatures for the winter. and at 6:45 we talk about
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and how much we will have. sean: sounds good. there he interesting. so the cows are just tired. the greater concord chamber of commerce has announced its 2016 citizen of the year. erin: the honor goes to teresa rosenberger, who is the president of devine strategies. she was presented the award last night at the chamber's 97th annual meeting. teresa was recognized as a committed philanthropist, and for her involvement in numerous organizations. she has been actively involvedin 1993. sean: still to come on news 9 daybreak. looking to get pair of nike's new self-lacing sneakers? if so, you'll have to have a lot of cash.
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sean: people eagerly awaiting the debut of nike's self-lacing sneakers just found out they're
5:56 am
i guess that is not a surprise. nike just revealed the cost of the shoes is $720 a pair. select users of the nike plus app will get early access to purchase the sneakers on november 28. the sneakers will be available to everyone else sometime in december. perhaps a holiday gift? erin: an expensive one. people magazine has announced its 2016 sexiest man alive. before here is the real winner. the honor goes to dwayne the rock johnson. the former wrestler is now a hollywood a-lister with hits on the big and small screens. he's currently starring on the hbo series "ballers." johnson told the magazine that with the new title, he feels he's "pretty much reached the pinnacle." [laughter] sean: i did see him in the
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coming up in the next hour of news 9 daybreak, new developments in the case of convicted murderer seth mazzaglia. we'll explain why new hampshire's supreme court will be hearing from his lawyers today. ray: we tell you about a request the town of greenfield is making and why. sean: some students in california will be getting a helpful present this year. a new program is offering people the chance to buy gift cards for college. erin: and a close call for a woman in florida. find out what came crashing through her windshield as she
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sean: now on "daybreak" -- making sure clean water is available. the plan one seacoast town has developed, and who they want to pay for it. erin: it's official -- traffic patterns are changing in manchester. when gates around walmart will open back up. haley: drizzle and showers right now. then eventually, skies clear. timing out when the wet weather ends. asked most. what is the winter looking like? we are at the old farmer's almanac store here in dublin. your news 9 weather wednesday daybreak show continues now. >> no one covers new hampshire like we do. now, wmur news 9 "daybreak." [captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy.


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