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tv   News 9 Tonight  ABC  November 18, 2016 11:00pm-11:34pm EST

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on the run and two others facing charges tonight after a daytime break in. the victims sharing their story. >> they really ransacked the place. shelley: a warning for people in new hampton tonight. the traffic stop aid by a man pretending to be a police officer. mike: big changes are coming in for the weekend. when some areas could see some snow. tom: the food pantries in need help right now. >> no one covers new hampshire like we do. now, wmur news 9 tonight. tom: tonight, this belmont couple is shaken up after three teenagers allegedly broke into their home in broad daylight. shelley: this happened this morning and now two of the teenagers are facing charges.
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have to be shaken up. cherise: they really are. they live on a nice, quiet street, steps away from the police department and the fire department. they said this would be the last ink they would ever have expected. their front door on high street still has the markings where police fingerprinted for evidence after shannon came home friday morning and noticed the door wide open. >> i continued in and found they had ransacked the place. cherise: thinking intruders could still be in the house, shannon grabbed two knives from the kitchen but the intruders had already left. net -- nick received a frantic call and came right home. >> breaking into the house in
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with an xbox 360 and a guitar. they did not get far. >> the officer responded. the k-9 officer tracked and came across a construction worker who said he had seen some people leaving the area. cherise: from there, two of the teenagers were caught. what is most shocking ist when anyone could have seen the burglars. they want their neighbors to take more precautions and say they will be doing the same. >> we decided tonight to put in some security systems. we may also be getting permits to carry. cherise: police are continuing to investigate as one of the suspects is still at large. officers tell us the juveniles
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police are looking for this man. police say he robbed the service credit union on penny lane wrote this afternoon. he went into the facility demanding money. he was seen leaving in a silver colored subaru hatchback. shelley: new hampton police are searching for the man who impersonated one of their officers this morning. the suspect pulled over a woman telling speeding. his car had blue lights on it. mike cronin is in new hampton with a description of the man. mike: the victim told police that as soon as she saw the suspect she knew something was not quite right. she got a detailed description of the man. new hampton police want to know who is pretending to be one of them. >> it is always scary. it is hard to trust people.
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daughter were pulled over on route 132 by someone they thought was a cop in an unmarked silver dodge charger. there were two blue lights in the grill and there was no license plate. >> he had no badge or weapon. mike: this police impersonator of allegedly said -- this police impersonator allegedly said that he pulled them over because of speeding. >> mike: after that, he let them go. police say he turned around and drove towards ashland. >> i don't know what would make someone do that. unless they wanted to show some sort of power. i don't know if they targeted her because there were two females in the vehicle. mike: the victims described him
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average build, with dark hair pulled back into a bun. >> his behavior was feminine. mike: if faced with a similar situation, police recommend driving to a public and lighted area and called 911. some in town are on alert. >> be very cautious. be aware. mike: police have not received any reports of this happening anywhere elserb have notified other departments. anyone with information is asked to call police right away. tom: a beautiful day today but a winter blast is right around the corner. let us go to chief meteorologist mike haddad. mike: over the weekend, we go from early spring into early winter. take a look at the highs across new hampshire today. well above average and close to record highs. within six of the record in
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temperatures into the 30's and many spots. 40's, rochester. notice jaffrey and laconia, all in the low to mid 30's now reporting some fog. with temperatures at or below freezing and some fog, that is a recipe for black ice. watch for that especially in northern and western new hampshire between 7:00 and 8:00 in the morning. cleveland and then it turns more wintry back to the west. and what about a changeover from rain to snow in spots on sunday. tom: fire crews are still working to fully contain the covered bridge in the north country. the u.s. forest service says the fire is about 70% contained. fire crews will work through the weekend to control the burned out area and make sure there are
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national forest. the cause is still unknown. shelley: an arrest moore and will be issued for a salem woman who suffered a drug overdose in a massachusetts dollar store. heartbreaking video shows the woman's young daughter trying to wake her mother. mandy mcgowen did not show up for a court hearing in court. tom: phillips exeter academy has been ordered to reimburse the a sexual relationship with another student. a jury found in favor of the family ordering the school to reimburse the cost of the semester's tuition and expenses associated with the trial and to change the voice transcript from being on a dean's leave to a medical leave. shelley: in tonight's spirit of giving, the weekend drive is underway to feed families in need this thanksgiving.
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the food bank is hoping to collect much-needed holiday donations for people across the state. the trucks are ready to roll carrying thanksgiving meals from the new hampshire food bank in manchester to food pantries and soup kitchens across the state. >> as we move into the holiday season, it will distribute over 18,000 turkeys this year. jean: the food ban welcome cash donations and nonperishable food items to feed needy families greg at the rockingham county outreaches center in raymond, holiday help is being handed out in the form of $25 grocery store gift cards. >> thank you. happy thanksgiving. jean: 200 families like pamela's will pick up turkeys next week but now, they can fill the rest
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the fixings that i would not have the money for. >> the holiday program is an effort to reach out to families having a hard time making ends meet for the holidays. you want to have food prepared for your family. jean: back at the new hampshire food bank, they admit it has been a struggle to fill holiday tables. they hope citizens give with the generosity that lasts all winter long. >> people think once we make it through the holidays. it is important to us here that we keep it in front of the eyes of the public. jean: right now, the food bank is on track to give out 30 million pounds of food in the state this year. tom: being considered for the donald trump administration. coming up --
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tom: why one new hampshire band took to the streets of plymouth
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coverage. scott brown says he is under consideration for a role in the drop administration. tom: he got a call from donald trump today. he says donald trump asked him where he thought he could help the administration. brown ran for u.s. senate here in new hampshire two years ago. he spoke on camera tonight with our sister station. >> he asked me what my real passion was. my real passion is soldiers. men and women are dying, co portsmouth and actively campaign for him in the granite state. shelley: the transition team announced more members of the white house team. this as lawyers reached a settlement over trump university. nike really has the latest. -- maggie rulli has the latest. maggie: donald trump abruptly
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he would never settle the lawsuit. >> he was willing to put his personal interests aside and focus on the issue that are facing the country. maggie: he is also busy with his transition team, filling three top positions on friday. jeff sessions as attorney general. michael flynn as national security advisor. and michael on paille -- michael the aclu and the naacp have already criticized the pit. >> i am not a racist. i am not insensitive to blacks. i have supported civil rights activity in my state. i have done my job with integrity, equality, and fairness for all.
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on saturday, donald trump will meet with mitt romney. he is a contender for secretary of state. tom: a tractor-trailer crash knocked out power before a concert at the flying monkey performance center in plymouth but the show must go on. ? tom: playing so they moved at the concert outside to the sidewalk. they put on a 45 minute acoustical performance led to buy flashlights and cell phones and the show will also be rescheduled for a later date. shelley: and they were great. and beautiful weather for it. mike: maybe that should be the show with the flashlights and the cell phones. it was very nice out there today. a little bit of a cool down tonight. down near the magic already to
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developing in some areas and a little bit of black ice on area roadways. one of the first times we have mentioned that in quite some time. looking at time lapse photos out there in warner. blue skies a good part of the day. temperatures above average. close to record levels. look at the visibility, down to a mile or less in plymouth. under seven miles in lebanon. some fog is just beginning to develop. freezing. the combination could lead to some black ice on area roadways mostly north and west of manchester. if you are traveling in those areas, as actually some of the side roads and bridges and overpasses, that is where black ice could form. elsewhere, low 30's north, low 40's south. within a mile or two of the
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north woods. concord, 32. mid-30's along the lake shores. right now, a lot of winter cold building in through the rockies and in through the planes and midwest. quite a snow event going on in minnesota with blizzard conditions around minneapolis. snow in minneapolis and the st. paul area. no snow in chicago. early part of today. the front has cleared chicagoland and the next up will be over pittsburgh, up through the great lakes and on sunday, over new hampshire. ahead of the front, very mild for saturday. not as warm as today but still well above average. clear skies above but watch out for the fog developing in some areas overnight tonight. fog will give way to sunshine
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afternoon penetrating inland quickly through the evening with light rain. a band of rain rotates through sunday morning from sun up until 9:00 or so in the morning. cold air will begin to change it back over to wet snow as it winds down. not a lot of accumulation. surface temperatures should be of above freezing. more snow showers sunday night into monday and on through tuesday. mainly in the mountains. of the rain, only a coding, maybe an inch early sunday morning. mainly in the higher terrain of the white mountains. in western new hampshire. beyond that, snow showers mainly up north on monday but there could be a passing flurry in southern new hampshire. on tuesday, most of the flurries of north. quite windy. lighter win-win for the big
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rain-snow event or a miss to our south. many days left though to track that one. we will keep an eye on that. tom: a lot of people are heading to the university of new hampshire tomorrow for some of all. jason king -- jason: our final friday night football report of the season
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? jason: welcome to our friday
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2016 season. 16 teams will play for their respective titles tomorrow at unh. division i has the late game. that for taking on exit her. bedford is in the championship game for the third time in the last five years but has yet to win a title. this is the first shot or their head coach. exeter has 14 state titles to their credit. and their head coach has the blue hawks the second straight season. these teams did not meet during the regular season which should make the game more challenging. >> it usually comes down to special teams. hitting the yardage and playing defense. it is november and it will be cold. >> we hope for a close game. two great programs. great respect for their team. a terrific team to play against.
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>> they have guys that know how to make plays. >> their pursuit to their football, they hustle. it will be a good matchup. jason: in division ii, it will be plymouth and bow. bow went to the championship game twice before winning both games. division five in 2004, and division iii in 2013. their head coach has plymouth in the title game for the first time as head coach. plymouth beat bow 28-12 in week four of the regular season but both sides know that does not mean a thing on saturday. >> it will be a dogfight in the trenches.
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everything they have shown on defense. >> stevens will play a big part. and special teams like always will play a big part. it will be interesting to see which offense will play better. >> i think it is going to be a hard-hitting battle. i do not think it will be very high-scoring. i would be surprised if either team scored high. >> it is going to be a fight. the most punches. jason: division iii, interlace moultonborough one thing at all in 2011 but lost the title game to newport last year. they returned to durham with a shot at redemption. they will take on the stevens cardinals. it is the second championship game appearance for stevens in electrode seasons but they have
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back in october. >> their line is very aggressive as is ours. >> a tough game. they can run the ball, throws the ball and their defense is tough. >> i hope it is a close game. it will be exciting. both teams have good defense. they both have run and throw the ball. >> they throw the ball a lot. they beat us last time. we are ready to go. jason: three great games. we want to give a big shout out to the cameramen that have covered the friday night football games for us. we also have walker smith, jim
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production assistant, ryan richard who was out there every friday night. thanks to everyone that helps put on friday night football. that is a happy looking bunch. moving on to the other events of the day. the celtics were at home against the golden state warriors. picking up in the first quarter, marcus smart 12. he finished the game with 12 points. celtics in transition. terry, nice long alley-oop to avery bradley who finished with a double-double. 55-48, warriors at halftime but the second half was a different story. klay thompson next down a street with a game-high 28.
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104-88. the monarchs are at home with the reading royals. chris mccarthy is going to give writing a1-zero lead with his six goal of the season but manchester responded. clinton short with a nice backhanded pass and justin who scored to tie the game. about three minutes to go, daniel monarchs go on to win. the same teams play saturday night at 6:00. five different players scored goals for unh tonight and they beat university of massachusetts tonight. they will host rpi on tuesday night. the saint anselm field hockey team lost in overtime to l.a. you post. the teams met in the division ii national semifinals tonight.
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gronkowski is officially out for sunday's game in severance cisco. he took a hard hit to the chest in last sunday's game with seattle. he has not practiced and will not play. chris hogan has also been rolled out with a back injury. there you go. tom: a lot going on. a great job on friday night football. coming up, and epic fall on live shelley: but it is what the anchor does after hitting the ice that will have you laughing
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shelley: a news anchor hit the ice literally. tom: carol brown tried to imitate a figure skater but his moves kind of failed. oh, my we have all been there. he says it was his first time skating in a long time. shelley: he got right back up. thank you for joining us.
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>> dicky: from hollywood it's ?jimmy kimmel live?! tonight matthew broderick, from the los angeles rams, william hayes and tip. and in you, have mercy -- here's jimmy kimmel! [ cheers and applause ] ? >> jimmy: hi, everybody. i'm jimmy. i'm the host short. thanks for watching. thanks for coming. that's very nice. i appreciate it. i'm happy to see you too. you know, it was another


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