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tv   News 9 at Six  ABC  November 20, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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hayley: now at 6:00 really , feeling the november chill and there's snow on radar right now. how long these snow showers continue and what to expect for travel weather this week. cherise: right now, a deadly head-on crash is under investigation in tilton. the victim a northfield man. tonight, we hear from his adam: a new picture tonight of the man police believe is a suspect in atm skimming cases in both hillsboro and manchester. cherise: that reaction from the unh football team as they learn they made the playoffs. who they will host next weekend. >> no one covers new hampshire like we do. now, wmur news 9 at 6:00.
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prompting reduced speeds on interstate 89 from new london to lebanon where crews have been out treating the roads for much of the afternoon. cherise: state police say they have been busy but no serious accidents to report. the same system that has brought snow from new jersey to pennsylvania continues to move across the northeast. adam: for more on what we can expect here let's check in , with meteorologist hayley lapoint. hayley: particularly in the western part of the state and the higher elevations. let me take you to the satellite and radar. you can see this twisting and turning in the atmosphere. there is a low-pressure system on top of us. with cold air coming down out of the northwest and west, that is transitioning any leftover rain showers to snow showers. even in southern locations like
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been reports of snow mixing in with the drizzle and showers. in the monadnock region, that has been ongoing for hours. in northern new hampshire in the higher elevations. you can see the spin and lots of lake effect snow over northern portions of new york state. temperatures in the 30's across the state. they have plummeted over the last few hours. tomorrow is going to be a cold day. temperatures only in the 30's. more like the 20's during the day. i will talk more about when we could see additional snowfall accumulation and the thanksgiving forecast. adam: thank you. there are new details tonight about a deadly head-on crash that shut down a busy road in tilton. the crash closed a portion of laconia road near the tanger outlets in both directions last night. we have now learned the name of the victim. wmur's siobhan lopez is live in tilton with reaction from his
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, recovering from serious injuries while another family is mourning over the loss of a young father. two cars crash head-on on busy laconia road in tilton saturday, according to police, the driver heading east up the hill, identified as 29-year-old robert arteaga of northfield suffered serious injuries and was trapped as witnesses tried to help. >> he appeared a little agitated and they were trying to talk to him to get until ems arrived. reporter: arteaga was removed from the vehicle and treated on scene, he later died from his injuries at the hospital. the second driver 51-year-old dorothy labrecque of belmont was already out of her car, conscious and alert when police arrived. >> she was extremely startled in shock and trying to gather what had happened. reporter: based on witness statements, police say arteaga allegedly crossed the double yellow line, causing the crash. his family, still in shock over the tragic loss is asking for
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saying in part -- he was a son, a brother, a . friend and recently a new father. our family through this difficult time also shares a concern for the person and family who were involved in this awful event. police say the investigation in ongoing. the belknap county traffic accident reconstruction team is assisting. >> to take the proper measures to make sure that we all did our due diligence to our community. has serious but non-life threatening injuries. she is expected to make a full recovery. arteaga's family says he was committed to making sure his infant daughter's life was full of love. reporting live in tilton, siobhan lopez, wmur news 9. cherise: thank you. hillsboro police are looking for the man responisble for placing sophisticated skimming devices on two a.t.m.'s. last weekend, a hillsboro bank
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they had a hard time swiping their cards. a similar device was found at the bank's branch in manchester. surveillance pictures show the suspect placing the skimmer on the a.t.m. police say he used complex equipment, including a camera which was hard to find. >> it had a very tiny, very minute pinhole camera in it, the hole a size of a pen and that shined perfectly straight down on to the keypad of the a.t.m. between e camera, the suspect will have all the information they need. cherise: police aren't identifying the affected banks. it's unclear if anyone's information was compromised. police say skimmers may try to target more people over the holidays. adam: two rock climbers are safe after a 12-hour ordeal to rescue them in laconia.
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weather was moving in for today. they were eventually lifted to the top of the cliff. the entire rescue party made it to the trailhead around 10:00 this morning. cherise: a manchester man is recovering after falling within 25 feet from his balcony saturday. firefighters say the man fell when the railing gave way as he was trying to hang a rug he had just cleaned. firefighters say the building is old but has a good maintenance record. fall on the cement low the balcony. >> if he fell on the cement, the injuries would have been worse. he fell on the lawn. a significant fall but the injuries are not considered to be life-threatening. cherise: firefighters are working with the building department and the company that managed the building to make sure the proper inspections and repairs are done. adam: state officials say blood testing results are due back in
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christmas. the state is offering testing to people who live in areas with wells contaminated above 70 parts per trillion. hhs is conducting a separate community assessment in merrimack where most are on a public water system. >> when results come out, we will be sending results to the individuals and providing more information and comparison information about what the levels are compared to other tested populatns adam: dr. benjamin chan says even when those results come in , it won't be possible to say with any certainty what health impacts might result from elevated pfc blood levels. cherise: huge excitement this afternoon on the campus of the university of new hampshire after the football team learned they are headed for the playoffs. jason king live in the newsroom with more on the matchup. jason: quite a scene at the locker room this morning when the wildcats i doubt they are
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consecutive year. that is the longest streak in the country. a 7-4 record but they did what they had to do this weekend. they beat maine yesterday to finish the regular season. they get an at-large bid. they will host lehigh at night-two. unh gets to host the playoff game at the new stadium next saturday at 2:00. later in sports. cherise: thank you. at 6:00, a slain soldiers family booed and passengers complained when asked to let the family exit a flight first to meet his remains. we have reaction from a local gold star mother. adam: plus, six people rescued just off the coast of massachusetts when the 72 foot fishing boat they were on started sinking. hayley: snow showers expected to
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cherise: tonight, a local gold star mother is reacting to news that a fellow gold star family was booed by passengers as they flew to receive their son's body. adam: army sgt. john perry was killed by a suicide bomber earlier this month in afghanistan. his father says on the flight to receive his son's remains, they were booed by passengers in first class after the airline delay due to their presence on the plane. new hampshire gold star mother natalie healy says she can't believe that happened. >> i've never experienced anything like booing. what i have experienced is people do not understand what the gold star family means. they don't understand that it means you've lost a child in the war. adam: healy's son, dan, was a navy seal from exeter who was killed while serving in afghanistan. cherise: six people had to be
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the coast guard says it got the call for help shortly after 9:30 this morning. the scallop boat started taking on water as it was returning to new bedford from a fishing trip. all six people aboard were rescued. authorities are now investigating why the boat began to sink. adam: we are in it now. we can talk about snow for the next six months. hayley: today, teat falling in some spots. a chilly and snowy for some week ahead. i will show you the latest forecast coming up. cherise: the unh football team
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>> now, meteorologist hayley lapoint and your stormwatch 9 forecast. hayley: good sunday evening. there might be flurries flying anywhere in southern new hampshire away from the ocean this evening. for the most part, the snow has been confined to the higher elevations and the western part of the state. in dublin, flakes flying and maybe even light accumulation on
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few hours of the afternoon and now into the evening, the cold air is draining in as the low-pressure system twists and turns on top of us. the remaining areas of rain are only on the eastern half of the state because that is where temperatures are a couple of degrees milder than off toward the west. that is changing because all of us are seeing temperatures shift. overnight, snow showers possible anywhere in the state away from the seacoast, including southern new hampshire. not expecting any accumulation from manchester down to nashua or salem. in the monadnock region or into cheshire county, sullivan county, grafton county, the higher elevations in these areas have already seeing light accumulation. that has prompted slower speed limits from new london to
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showing up on radar here. there is still snow flying and continuing. this low pressure system has slowly been moving off to the east. now we are under the influence of the northwesterly wind. the cold air coming down behind it. you can really see the lake-effect snow bands that have formed by syracuse, rochester. some of those places getting over one foot of snow the weekend before thanksgiving. temperatures are getting particularly on the western half of the state. 34 in plymouth. 38 in concord. overnight, we will have scattered snow showers continuing, especially in the higher elevations. really, it is possible anywhere across the state. tomorrow, the sun breaks through in southern new hampshire. up north, the snow showers will continue. that will be the case all day long and even into tuesday. because of that, we will have additional snow accumulation
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the accumulation numbers we are thinking. two to four inches for the north country and along the upper valley. keep in mind, lower amounts for the valleys. barely two. you could get over four in some of the higher elevation locations from the lakes region down into the keene area. down into the keene area. heavier relations in the 20's and 30's. tomorrow only in the 30's. with the winds, it will feel much colder than those readings. not the greatest of days to be outdoors because of how cool it will feel. mount snow showers tuesday. thursday perfect for thanksgiving travel. cool as we head into north we -- next week. it feels we have taken a turn to late november with these cold
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sports. jason: the patriots are on the field in the bay area taking on chip kelly's 49ers, new england trying to bounce back from last week's loss to seattle, and probably a good team to do it against. the 9ers are just 2-7. 1310 was your halftime score. it is still 13-10. tom brady has two touchdown passes. the first half. highlights and reaction at 11:00. the bills in cincinnati, no score in the first. no score on the first possession. the bills improve to 5-5. buffalo wins 16-12. the steelers and brown's in the fourth quarter. here we go.
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zone for the defensive touchdown. steelers win 24-9. the top team in the nfc is the dallas cowboys. they played the ravens in dallas. third quarter tied 10-10. one of his two touchdown catches of the day. the cowboys are 9-1, falling today 27-17. team back in the playoffs for a 13th consecutive season. the announcement was made this morning on espn university, as the field of 24 teams was revealed for the fcs playoffs. at 7-4 overall, new hampshire received an at-large bid and will host the champions of the patriot league, the lehigh mountain hawks are 9-2. the winner advances to play 4th-seeded james madison. the wildcats gathered in their locker room this morning to watch the selection show.
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the 13-year playoff streak is the longest active streak of any fcs program. game time is 2:00 on saturday. >> pretty cool in the locker room when you see the name go up and then you hear the eruption. it never gets old. this year, just happy for the kids. they really deserve it the way they played yesterday. i think it is a credit to everybody we have the opportunity. we have had them here before but noe be that much better with everything we have. again, it is for the whole state. it is something coming back last night and seeing the high school football people leaving here. hopefully, we can get the same support this week. jason: congratulations to the wildcats. congratulations to all of this year's high school football champions. all three games were played at unh on saturday. bedford won the first football title in the 10-year history of the school defeating exeter 7-0. plymouth rallied to hold off
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to win it. it's plymouth's first title since 2013. and stevens took the division iii championship, beating interlakes moultonborough 46-20. it was the first football title for stevens high school since 1968. a tough test for the unh
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jason: the unh men's basketball team took on 19th-ranked west virgninia inhe early in the first, jevon carter dives out of bounds throwing it to teyvon myers underneath for the dunk. later in the half, carter drives baseline and finishes a tough up and under. west virginia up 17. tarik phillips behind the back bounce pass to nathan adrian for three. west virginia wins big, 100-41. iba camera led unh with 10 points and 12 rebounds.
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they're back at home to host detroit on wednesday. the dartmouth men's soccer team lost in the second round of the ncaa college cup to 8th-ranked syracuse today, 3-0. the game was played in syracuse. sergio camargo scored twice for the orange. the dartmouth men end the year with a record of 9-10-5. they are running the final sprint cup race of the season in miami, florida. jimmie johnson, kyle carl edwards a racing for the championship. of those four, whoever finishes high school when the sprint cup -- finishes highest will win the sprint cup for the year.
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welcome to "world news tonight." the trump transition. president-elect donald trump's game of political apprentice. the parade of contenders hoping to hear the words, "you're hired." former rival mitt romney under serious consideration. and the two people who won't be going to washington right away. also tonight, trump's escalating twitter war against the cast of "hamilton." winter blast. the first major snow storm of the season moving east. just as millions of americans are traveling for thanksgiving. what's happening at one of america's busiest airports that could make matters much worse.>g the urgent manhunt. a traffic stop turns deadly. an officer shot and killed, within sight of police headquarters. fiery crash. new clues about what caused this air ambulance to go down. a patient and three crew members killed.


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