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tv   News 9 Daybreak  ABC  November 21, 2016 5:00am-6:00am EST

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and do kevin: now on daybreak, the flakes have been flying. you are going to talk about how much more we see and the cold wind much it lasts. sean: a warning for shoppers. with reminders after sophisticated skimming were found at local banks. a brutal attack leaves a mother of four dead and police say her special needs son was found holding her body. >> the two sides of donald trump. i am janay norman breaking down the high-profile meetings and controversial tweets from the president-elect. ? >> no one covers new hampshire like we do.
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hampshire. thanks for waking up with us. i'm sean mcdonald. probably looks a little different outside. most of new hampshire waking up to a little bit of snowfall. kevin: we have been talking about it for a week. it looks and feels a little different out there. accumulation been reported. while we are going to continue to see areas of light flurry continue up north and through the overnight hours. temperatures near or just below freezing and through the day. up into the mid and upper 30's with gusty winds out of the west. much more on your forecast coming up. let's take a look at your ride. we're joined live by 95.7 wzid's deb davidson.
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out the door. crews are on the scene at 93 southbound at exit 12 in concord. there is a crash into the guardrail with a right shoulder and right lane is blocked. coming out of the bow junction with the 89/93 split, it is very snow-covered and slippery. there is a crash of 293 south at the 101 split. interstate 89 is very slow through grant them making your way into lebanon. roads all over the state but be careful on the bridges and overpasses. i am deb davidson for 95.7 debbie's eid -- wzid. sean: the holiday shopping season is kicking into high gear black friday is this week, but local police are warning people to be careful. investigators say sophisticated skimming devices were recently found on atms in hillsboro and manchester potentially putting
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wmur's ray brewer is here to explain. ray: police say skimming devices are relatively easy and cheap to find, potentially providing criminals with a lot of stolen debit or credit card information. within the last week and a half some rather sophisticated equipment was found on atm's in hillsboro and manchester. investigators have released surveillance pictures showing the man they think was placing the devices. the devices were found after customers reported having difficulty swiping their cards -- their cards. while police are not saying which bank was affected they say the bank has notified customers that may have been affected. >> the equipment was fairly sophisticated, especially the camera system completely subdued. it blended in perfectly with the atm. >> the credit cards with the chips on them those are the most secure, so if you've got a credit card with a chip that's probably the way to go.
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experts say skimmers may try to target more people over the next few weeks as shopping traffic increases. devices are most commonly planted in atms and gas pumps. officials recommend checking to see if the card reader is loose first, and then hiding your pin when you type it in. reporting in the studio, ray brewer, wmur news 9. sean: police in manchester say a store has been targeted by a burglar for a second time in as many weeks. officers say someone threw rocks through the front door of the z-1 market on second street late saturday night and then stole several items including scratch tickets. the stwa last week someone stole cash and cigarettes from the store -- on the store. right now it is not clear if the cases are connected. a mother of four is being remembered this morning after a brutal attack in lowell , massachusetts, with her special needs son witnessing the attack. police say a fight spilled into the street from a party and a 44-year-old woman was beaten and then left to die near a parking lot dumpster. her son who has down's syndrome
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>> she lived for her kids and for them to sit there and take her life away over an attitude or something. everybody knows these girls. they are a pack of wolves. and its disgusting. -- it is disgusting. sean: police have not made any arrests. there are cameras in the area but it is not clear right now if they captured the attack. two rock climbers are safe this morning after getting stuck on cannon cliffs in franconia. the pair from massachusetts night and said they were stranded two thirds of the way up the moon shadow climbing route and knew bad weather was moving in for sunday. rescuers were finally able to lift them to the top of the cliff nearly 12 hours after the called for help. officials say both men were experienced climbers. six people are safe after their fishing boat started to sink about five miles off the coast of massachusetts. the coast guard says it appears the 72 foot scallop boat hit a
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rescuers battled choppy seas and strong winds but got everyone off safely and then towed the boat to shore where they beached it and pumped it out. it is not clear if the 5000 pounds of scallops on board are ok. president elect donald trump says he has "made a couple of deals" after meeting with potential nominees this weekend but he has not announced any new picks, though mitt romney is said to be a leading candidate and mr. trump is expected to meet with former texas governor rick perry today. abc's janay norman is following the presidential transition. >> this weekend we saw both sides of donald trump smiling and statesmanlike, he lined up more than 20 meetings in today's using twitter.
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more pix soon. national security adviser michael flynn who called is line a cancer -- who called islam a cancer. >> i think so. the phrasing can always be done differently that clearly there are some aspects that are problematic. cooks rudy giuliani, chris candidate mitt romney once a staunch critic of rum -- of trump. >> worthless as a degree from trump university. janay: the president-elect taken to twitter to adjust that issue. -- the only bad thing about winning the presidency is i do not have the time to go through a long but winning trial on trump you.
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treats calling the cast of "hamilton" rude saying they harassed mike pence after friday night's show and calling for an apology. pence seemed to disagree. >> i was not offended. >> one big announcement, melania trump and her trump -- and her son will not be moved into the white house in january. they will stay in york to allow the 10-year-old to finish the school year. daybreak, a dangerous day for police. manhunts in two major u.s. cities after ambush attacks on officers sitting in their cars , leaving one dead. protests over a pipeline in north dakota are escalating again. the measures police used last night to try and control growing crowds. and in the next half hour a manchester man is recovering after his balcony railing gave way but rescuers say this could have been a lot worse
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sean: it is monday morning, november 21. it has been snowing and it looks to continue before tapering off tomorrow. a few inches of accumulation in some spots. the wind will be gusting over 25 miles an hour. details on the rest of today's forecast coming up. sean: there e at least one person was arrested overnight as hundreds of protesters clashed with police near the dakota access pipeline in north dakota. police say about 400 people tried to cross a bridge in what they call an ongoing riot. and officers appeared to use water cannons to stop the movement, even as temperatures plunged well below freezing. several people were treated after being hit with tear gas as well. the clash was near the camp protestors were kicked out of nearly a month ago. police in san antonio are
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ambush attack yesterday morning. investigators say detective benjamin marconi a 20 year veteran of the force was sitting in his squad car outside police headquarters writing a traffic ticket when another driver pulled up, shot him twice in the head and then drove away -- drove away. police don't think the gunman has any connection to the person who was pulled over. >> most families will be celebrating the holidays, sapd will be burying one of its own because of the ult be caught and brought to justice. sean: officers in san antonio have been told not to make any traffic stops alone while the search for the shooter continues calling the suspect a clear threat to law enforcement. meantime, a police sergeant in saint louis is in critical condition this morning after another ambush attack but officials say he is expected to survive. investigators say the officer was sitting in traffic last night when a car pulled
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twice in the face. the suspect was then shot and killed early this morning after shooting at officers again hours after the first attack. rescue crews finished searching a mangled train in india overnight after 14 cars derailed leaving at least 133 people dead. the train was halfway through a 27-hour trip when it jumped the tracks early yesterday morning. one of the cars tu on top of another. rescuers had to use torches to cut the wreckage apart and pull people out. about 225 people were hurt dozens seriously. deadly train accidents are fairly common in india and most are blamed on poor track maintenance. it is 5:13. coming up harry potter is working magic at the movies again. the new spinoff is cashing in big at the box office. plus why toys r us is pulling a popular toy from its shelves just days before one of the
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sean: it was a fantastic weekend at the box office. the harry potter spinoff ?fantastic beasts and where to find them? raked in $75 million over the weekend easily taking the top spot. the film is intended to start a five movie series and experts are predicting it will fare very well over the thanksgiving holiday as well. ?doctor strange? slipped to second after two weeks on top. a popular toy truck after one caught fire. a couple in washington state says they bought a battery powered tonka mighty wheel dump truck on friday but say it caught fire on the drive home and go fling -- and golfing their pickup and fire. fortunately they were not hurt right now officials say the incident appears to be isolated. and there is no recall just yet but the problem is under investigation. sabra dipping company is recalling some of its hummus and
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contaminated with wisteria. -- with listeria. the affected products were made before november 8 and have a best before date of january 23 , 2017, on the lid. listeria was found at a plant where the products were made. if you have any sabra hummus or spread with that january 23 date throw it out right away. most of the state has now seen the first snow of the season so what is in store for the upcoming winter? big question, right? recently with record snow two years ago but a dry and mild season last winter. tonight stormwatch 9 meteorologist josh judge looks at the factors that could affect the weather in the coming months from la nina to the polar vortex . that is my favorite. and the one thing that's been happening all month long that could indicate how much snow we will get this year. watch the winter ahead on news 9 at 11:00. kevin: the polar vortex seems to
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we learned back in school and it seems hilarious. everyone else took it and ran with it. i think we use november 2 get a pretty good gauge at what is going to happen in the winter. three inches of accumulation depending on where you happened to be overnight. temperatures at or below the freezing mth winds will be the big story this afternoon. they will gust at times over 25 miles an hour. i will spare you the wind-chill numbers this morning. the wind remains tonight and tomorrow. sunny skies for wednesday, the travel day. a couple of showers are going to be possible later this week with temperatures in the 30's and 40's. the thicker cloud cover is going
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go through the morning. for central and southern areas, the light snow should go down to the occasional flurries were to in the afternoon. -- occasional flurry or two in the afternoon. we will continue to see the snow shower activity we have in southern areas continuing to fade. colder air is continuing to funnel in this upper 20's and lower 30's. a lot of reporting stations below the freezing mark. winds at 15 miles an hour. occasional gusts at 20 miles an hour. we are only going to see the numbers climb through the day. temperatures running a solid 15 degrees colder than we were yesterday at this time. cold air has yet to get here, we are talking 30's to lower 40's all the way through the end of
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to lower 40's. it is going to feel of lot colder than that. the light snow will continue up north. partly cloudy and still quite the wind out there. tomorrow, highs mainly in 30's. sunshine for central and southern areas of the state. it dries up tuesday evening after five inches of accumulation. it is ahead of the next system was looks like a little bit of light rain or light snow for thanksgiving. a cold when go along with it with temperatures today in the 30's. -- a cold wind to go along with it with temperatures today in the 30's. could be a couple of rain or snow showers around on thanksgiving. i don't suspect it will cause
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spinouts and slick spots. let's take out our top stories. we start with ray brewer. ray: police in manchester say a store has been targeted by a burglar for a second time in as many weeks. -- investigators released surveillance pictures showing the man that think was placing the devices. the devices were found difficulty swiping their cars. sean: police in manchester say a store has been targeted by a burglar for a second time in as many weeks. officers say some threw rocks through the front door of the z-1 market on second street late saturday night and then stole several items including scratch tickets. last week someone stole cash and cigarettes from the store. two rock climbers are safe this morning after getting stuck on canon clips -- cannon cliffs in franconia. the pair called 911 saturday
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12 hours after their ordeal started. coming up on daybreak, have you ever wondered what life is like in a fishbowl? a resort in africa is now providing the chance to sleep
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sean: a resort off the eastern coast of africa is offering a unique it away. you can sleep with the fishes. the hotel has an underwater room. it is about 800 from shore and 15 feet below the surface with windows all around. the room provides incredible views of tropical fish and a nearby coral reef. kevin: food and drinks are ferried in from the mainland. but if you want to enjoy life in
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$1500 a night. -- in the hotel room. there are a lot of big hits in the nfl but apparently not all the hits are on the field or during the game. the minnesota vikings were running out onto the field -- ouch. yesterday for their game against arizona when one of the sound guys for the t.v. broadcast got in the way and was run over by one of the defensive tackles. kevin: other than his pride the man wasn't hurt. however he said he will need a new pair of glasses. sean: ef2 tempt fate. -- you have to tempt fate. you run in front of the total before the game. [laughter] it was a clean hit. kevin: no flags. sean: coming up in the next half hour history in the making on the track. we'll show you the dramatic
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? >> no one covers new hampshire like we do. now wmur news 9 daybreak. sean: it is november 21. mondaymost of us wake know to want to like conditions. we had some snowfall oig spots so be careful. we will talk about that in a moment. let's get right to our top stories. authorities are warning people to be on the lookout for credit card skimmers after devices were found on atm's at banks in hillsborough and manchester. a hearing is expected to take place today in the case of wendell noyes. he's the man accused of killing his 11-year-old step-daughter celina cass back in 2011. and if you are heading out on the roads this morning you'll want to be cautious. state police they are getting reports of accidents due to
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we mentioned the snowfall. it is still coming down and colebrook, quite a bit. kevin: south of the white mountains, a lot of the activity we had is going down to occasional flurries, likely not any additional accumulation. highest amounts we have heard of, three inches. laconia at around three inches. we set off most locations just at or just below freezing. brisk winds are going to be the feature today. wind chills in the 20's today. it will not melt quickly. the son will be -- the sun will be out in places. sean: let's check out the roadways. here's a live look from i-93 from our hooksett camera. for a look at the morning drive
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good morning deb. deb: there are a lot of slick spots in the concord area. we are getting word of a rollover vehicle on 93 southbound between exit 14 and 13. emergency crews on the scene. several crashes on 93 at the 89 overpass both north and southbound. use caution out there. reporting black ice in that reporting black ice in that whole area and 93 south in the salem, all the way into the wind. -- into methuen. from the wzid traffic network, i am deb davidson. sean: with the holiday shopping season now underway -- now underway, police are warning people to be on the lookout for skimming devices. the warning comes after devices
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ray brewer joins us live now the studio. and ray we're told the culprits used sophisticated equipment , right? ray: that's right sean. police say the device used on atm's in manchester and hillsborough used a camera system and blended in perfectly with the atm. now experts are offering advice on how to avoid falling victim. the holiday shopping season is here and security experts say people need to be on the lookout for skimming devices which can steal debit or credit card information. the credit cards with the chips on them those are the most secure so if you've got a credit card with a chip that's probably the way to go. ray: peter la monica a computer forensic analyst who teaches at manchester community college says crooks could target shoppers over the next month. skimmers are generally planted in atm's and gas pumps. la monica recommends concealing your pin code as you type it in and check to see if the card reader is loose.
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new or been replaced recently make sure that's not a skimmer. ray: police think this man is responsible for placing skimming devices. last weekend a hillsborough bank found a device after customers said they had trouble swiping their cards. a similar skimmer was found at a bank in manchester. at this time it's unclear if , anyone's card was compromised. investigators won't say which banks were affected. as more people buy gifts for the holidays, la monica says to cards. >> the really good deals from that guy that you never heard of may just be too good to be. be careful when you give your credit card number out over the phone. you're not really sure who's on the other end of the line. ray: authorities are advising people to always check your accounts for fraudulent charges. and if you do run into an issue call your bank or police right away. in the studio, ray brewer, wmur news 9.
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take place today in the case of a man accused of killing his 11-year-old stepdaughter. 52-year-old wendell noyes is charged with second-degree murder in the 2011 death of celina cass. her body was pulled from the connecticut river. six days after she was reported -- connecticut river, six days after she was reported missing from her west stewartstown home. the hearing which was re-scheduled from september is expected to determine whether noyes is mentally competent to stand trial. the sentencing re-trial for convicted murderer gary sampson continues today. sampson was sentenced to death for killing two men in massachusetts back in 2001 he also admitted to killing a meredith man. the jury in his retrial will decide if sampson gets life in prison without parole or the death penalty. the prosecution rested its case last week. we now know the name of the man killed in a head-on crash in tilton saturday night. police say 29-year-old robert arteaga of northfield died when he crossed the centerline and hit another vehicle on laconia
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the other driver, a 51-year-old belmont woman suffered serious injuries. at last check she was still in the hospital. in a statement arteaga's family said -- a manchester man is recovering this morning after falling more than 25 feet off his balcony. firefighters say the railing gave way on saturday as the man just cleaned at the gresley residence on chestnut street. they say he's lucky he didn't fall on the cement right below the balcony. >> obviously if he fell on the cement the injured would've been a lot worse but he fell on the lawn area, still a significant fall and he'll be out of commission for a time but the injuries are not considered to be life-threatening. sean: firefighters are working with the building department and the company that manages the building to make sure the proper
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donations are now being collected for a nashua family that lost nearly everything in a fire. the fire broke out on saturday night at a housing complex on 11th street. no one was inside at the time. one of the displaced families has 5 kids ranging in ages from two to 19 years old. firefighters say plumbing work was going on and they believe the maintenance may have caused the fire. a new hampshire k-nine team helped rescue a missing hiker in vermont. new england k-nine was called in to help look for in holland, vermont. one of the k-nines was able to find the hunter three days after he was reported missing by sniffing out evidence found in a pond. new england k-nine offers free emergency response to authorities in both new hampshire and vermont. several ski areas are planning to open their slopes this week. they got some help from mother nature last night. according to the division of travel and tourism and ski new
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wednesday. bretton woods plans to open on thursday. and cranmore mountain mount sunapee cannon mountain and waterville valley are all hoping to open this friday. the dates are tentative and will depend on the weather. coming up on daybreak, a fascinating discovery in alaska. a pair of moose was found encased in ice. and some people who are blind are now turning to a special app for help. find out how it allows you to lend your sight to those who can't see. ? rush in and with it some flakes
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there's a path that takes you further in life. a breakthrough way of learning that prepares you for an ever-changing world. lets you follow your own path, not someone else's. it gives you choices within your degree. open labs. real-world experience. with faculty who work with you every step of the way. become the leader. the doer every day. a tomorrow changer. find your own path at plymouth state university.
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sean: it is monday morning, november continuing to build in. for a few spots, three or four inches of accumulation. gusty winds out of the west and temperatures hovering around in the 30's. we will have much more the forecast coming up. sean: sunday was a tough day for law enforcement in three states. one officer was shot and killed in texas. two more officers were shot in missouri. and a third police officer was hospitalized after a shooting in florida. as cnn's reid binion explains
5:42 am
>> most families will be celebrating the holidays, sapd will be burying one of its own. reid: san antonio police chief william mcmanus briefing the press after what authorities describe as the targeted deadly shooting of an officer sunday. >> it's everyone's worst nightmare. we never want to see anything like this happen. reid: police say 50-year-old detective benjamin marconi was killed in his patrol car outside police headquarters. he had justu another driver pulled up behind him got out and approached the detectives window. the assailant then shot marconi in the head, reached through the window and shot a second time then fled the scene in what police believe was a black sedan. in saint louis another officer shot sunday in what authorities are calling a targeted attack. the 46-year-old sergeant ambushed when police say a vehicle pulled up next to his marked car and opened fire. >> this officer was not involved in a traffic stop. this officer was not trying to pull this car over. reid: the officer was shot twice in the head but is expected to
5:43 am
killed after again shooting at officers. also in missouri an officer shot in gladstone near kansas city . the governor asking for prayers for that officer. and in florida yet another shooting. the officer hospitalized after being shot during a traffic stop. the suspect taken into custody after an exchange of gunfire with police. i'm reid binion, wmur news 9. sean: authorities in nevada are investigating a deadly crash and explosion involving a medical flight. they say an air ambulance plane was taking a heart-disease patient to a hospital on parking lot killing all 3 crew members and the patient. police say the plane apparently experienced mechanical problems. witnesses say it went down in a mining company's parking lot causing some of the parked vehicles to catch fire and then dozens of rounds of ammunition to go off. one woman says it is hunting season so many of the miners had ammunition in their vehicles. american medflight which owns the nevada plane says it's devastated and is cooperating
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to track down two people they say crashed into a house in northborough after leading them on a chase. >> the entire door was taken off. pictures and stuff were all over the house inside. they damaged the mailboxes, the side of the house. sean: fortunately no one inside the house was hurt and the town building inspector says the home is structurally sound. police say this all started early sunday morning when officers tried to pull over the car on interstate-290 for speeding. after it crashed into ho , police say the two suspects took off on foot. federal regulators now want railroads across the country to test their train operators for a sleep disorder. the advisory comes after the engineer in a deadly train crash in new jersey was found to have sleep apnea. the speeding train slammed into a terminal in hoboken killing a woman who was standing on the platform.
5:45 am
diagnosed with sleep apnea after the accident. now to an interesting discovery in alaska. two moose were found frozen in battle and encased in ice near a remote village. pictures show their antlers poking through the ice. the man who found the frozen moose speculates that one of the animals was wounded by the other's antlers and may have died as the antlers were locked together dragging the rival down with it. both moose have since been removed from the ice. ? sean: in took on the 49ers in san francisco yesterday. new england got off to a fast start. in the first quarter tom brady hooked up with julian edleman for a four-yard touchdown. they missed the extra point but still took a 6-0 lead. the score was 6-3 in the second when brady dumped it off to james white who went 9 yards for the score. brady threw for 280 yards and 4 touchdowns and the pats went on to win it 30-17. brady is now tied for second
5:46 am
speaking of winning, we head to the racetrack now. jimmie johnson kyle busch joey -- jimmie johnson, kyle busch, joey logano and carl edwards were racing for the sprint cup championship on sunday. on a restart with ten laps to go , carl edwards tried to block joey logano but the move backfired. edwards got loose and went hard into the wall. that triggered a major crash that red flagged the race for about 31 minutes. the wreck opened the door for johnson. he actually had to start from the back of the field because his car failed pre-race lead on a restart in overtime and went on to win the race. >> there was something really interesting and different about my calmness and relaxed nature in the car. i did not know what the outcome would be that i was very peaceful with whatever was coming my way. it ended up being the greatest thing in the world. sean: this is jimmie johnson's seventh sprint cup title tying him with the legendary richard petty and dale earnhardt for the
5:47 am
saturday's win in maine was enough to get the unh football team back in the playoffs for a 13th consecutive season. the team gathered in their locker room sunday morning to watch the fcs selecetion show at 7-4 overall new hampshire received an at-large bid and will host the champions of the patriot league the lehigh mountain hawks who are nine and two. the wildcats' 13 year playoff streak is the longest active streak in the country. a smartphone app made by danish developers is allowing users to lend their sight to blind people. it's called be my eyes. the app uses a live-streaming camera to connect to thousands of so-called helpers. that enables the person who is blind to show the helpers what he or she is doing just like skype or facetime. helpers are able to aide the person in certain tasks such as choosing the right item from a shelf checking expiration dates
5:48 am
>> it's not something that changes people's lives but it does make it a little more easy and we hope that people will be able to do things that they wouldn't do otherwise because now they have this help available on the spot. sean: so far, 400,000 people across the world have downloaded ap their sight. that means for every blind person the app now boasts 12 or 13 volunteers. kind of an interesting concept. so many people out there with phones, they can connect. kevin: a very interesting way to use technology. we set off with a completely different look outside and feel as the go through the day. gusty westerly winds over 25 miles an hour. a light coating and it -- and an
5:49 am
of the state, areas away from the mountain, just some occasional flurries. while up north, the snow will continue through the day with an additional light coating. the wind will remain through the day tomorrow, sunshine wednesday making for an excellent travel day. late showers going to be possible later this week. risk of a light rain or right snow -- light rain or light snow . brisk winds are going to continue to pick up today. the main feature for central and southern areas. the light snow will continue today. still some pockets of lighter snow out there. a lot of that navigating its way into the north country and into the white mountains in bringing out moisture.
5:50 am
accumulation. temperatures anywhere from the upper 20's to lower 30's. this is the other warning as you head out. temperatures at or below freezing and a lot of locations. the untreated services, the secondary roads, the bridges, the overpasses may be slick. attempt to say exactly where. -- tough to say exec aware. bear that in mind. we head out on the roadways early morning and there could be some slick spots so factor in some extra time. by afternoon, mainly wind. gusts over 25 miles an hour. temperatures today staying in the 30's. we are going to feel a lot colder. at best, wind chills be in the 20's. all the while you'll notice again some extra clouds and
5:51 am
accumulation. still with the brisk winds which lightens. sunshine. system will arrive on thursday. -- the next system will arrive on thursday. this is not a huge storm. an enormous area of low pressure making its way toward us. i suspect there will friday night or into saturday. scattered areas of light snow. some left over flakes this evening. brisk winds are going to be that big story. clouds and if you sunny breaks. partly to sunny skies -- a few areas of light rain. i don't suspect it'll be a major storm anywhere involved in that or huge travel issues.
5:52 am
sean: a lot of people traveling on those days. attention fourth-graders. if you are willing to venture into the white mountain national forest you can get yourself a free christmas tree. for years people have been allowed to cut down their own trees after purchasing a five-dollar permit. but this year fourth-graders participating in the federal every kid in a park program can get a permit for free so long as they have valid passes. the permits can be picked up at forest service offices in conway. good luck trying to find that perfect tree. still to come on newsnine daybreak -- daybreak monday, an unusual
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sean: the mannequin challenge is starting to take off here in new hampshire. check out this video. the nashua police athletic league and kids involved tried out the social media craze yesterday. the point is to look like you're frozen in time.
5:56 am
challenge getting all those kids to freeze at once but it turned out pretty good. it is not easy to do. and people in nashua are not the only ones doing the mannequin challenge. students involved in prospect mountain high school's future business leaders of america recently greeted troops at pease airport while doing the challenge. even some of the troops took part. having the food right in front of your face like that? sean: you can only stay in place so long. airport workers in california had quite the mess to clean up on friday. believe it or not, this not snow covering the ground it's actually white foam. kevin: the foam which is a chemical used as a fire retardant started spewing out of a hangar's fire prevention system covering cars and blocking businesses as it cascaded onto the street. the fire captain says the foam
5:57 am
that. coming up in the next hour of news 9 daybreak. toys are us is recalling a popular toy. we'll explain why it's pulling a certain tonka truck from its shelves. kevin: will tell you about the discovery -- prior to the holiday shopping season. sean: ever dreamed of sleeping under the sea? one hotel is now offering that opportunity. we'll tell you about its underwater room. and it's one turkey that has nothing to fear this thanksgiving. license to be a therapy pet.
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kevin: the flakes are flying. we are going to talk about how much more we will see and the colder wind and how long it will spur the short work week ahead. sean: a warning for shoppers as we head into the busy holiday season. we have important reminders afr devices were found at local banks. a brutal attack leaves a mother of four dad, and police say her special needs son was found holding her body. janai: the two sides of donald trump. i am breaking out the high-profile meetings and controversial tweets from the president-elect. [captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit] >> no one covers new hampshire


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