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tv   News 9 Noon  ABC  November 23, 2016 12:00pm-12:30pm EST

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>> now at noon>>, record breaking travel. as millions across the u.s. take to the roads and skies. what you need to know before heading out this holiday. kevin: the chilly breeze winds down later this evening but what that means for snow chances ahead. kristen: breaking news. an investion after a person was seriously assaulted. the verdict is in for a strafford man accused of stabbing his daughter's ex-boyfriend. >> no one covers new hampshire like we do. now, wmur news 9 at noon. kristen: right now, a busy travel day for thanksgiving, you're taking a live look at the road conditions across the granite state. millions of americans are expected to take to the roads, to be with family and friends.
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let's send it right over to meteorologist kevin skarupa to see what new hampshire drivers can expect out there. kevin: all looks pretty good as we go through 3:00 in the afternoon and into this evening. it finally looks like that is starting to die down. into this evening, anywhere along the south, we are looking at sunshine. a few fairweather clouds in the north country against the terrain that we continue to we will have fair skies into the evening. tomorrow you will notice the system to the west making steady progress towards us. into the afternoon, a little bit of light snow scattered around. not everyone is going to see it tomorrow but the chances going to be there. 40 in southern areas.
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which has been gusty at times, over 20 miles an hour. that will lighten up this evening. as we work our way through the holiday weekend, we will have much more coming up. kristen: while the roads could be slick tomorrow in new hampshire, some potentially significant weather problems in other parts of the country could complicate travel whether you are driving or flying. abc's cheri preston has the details on that from new york. >> if it feels like the airports are busier than usual, it's bee 27.3 million people will fly this thanksgiving holiday weekend. that's about 2.5% more than last year. some 2.5 million passengers at airports today alone. in fact airlines right now are adding 74,000 seats each day to keep up with demand. since the summer, the tsa has hired 1400 new agents, and converted many part time workers to full-time. >> we are running a daily operation now that is centered, focused on screening operations
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out at airports in new jersey, atlanta, chicago and lax just in time for the holiday. but winter storms set to hit the middle of the country could mean delays or cancellations at airports across the nation, like at houston's bush international, where lightning caused grounded flights earlier today. slippery roads could also bring traffic to a stand still for millions of drivers. this picture from l.a. showing jam-packed traffic as the holiday weekend gets underway. cheri pr kristen: breaking news out of wentworth. the attorney general's office is leading an investigation, into what has been called a severe assault. state police are at two homes located about two and a half miles apart. wmur's ray brewer is live in wentworth with the latest on the investigation. >> one of the scenes is just up the road here from the town
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about three quarters of the mile from where we are. there is no word yet on what police have cordoned off that house. police could be seen searching the property. it is unclear what they were looking for but some of the evidence may have been in the street. then they began the process of securing the crime scene. state police have said that they are investigating an assault, but they haven't said if the assault happened at this residence. according to neighbors one man lived in the house by himself. state police were also standing guard at 76 buffalo road. at this point authorities are not saying what connection, if any, this residence has to the other crime scene. a next door neighbor said that early in the morning her dog started barking for no apparent reason, but she didn't hear or see anything. according to the property owner she was renting the house to a man who lived there with his girlfriend but ag's office has not said anything about what might have happened here.
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question about what is going on but they will have to wait for some answers. live in wentworth, ray brewer, wmur news 9. kristen: a strafford man accused of stabbing his daughter's ex-boyfriend and biting his face, has been found not guilty of attempted murder. prosecutors said that kevin hinrichsen spotted his daughter and her ex-boyfriend together in northwood last year, despite a restraining order against the boyfriend. they said that's when hinrichson yelled and attacked the man. hinrichsen's lawyer called it self-defense. he was convicted of misdemeanor simple assault and criminal mischief, but acquitted of the more serious attempted murder charge. right now, a driver is facing charges in connection with a deadly accident on the spaulding turnpike in rochester. troopers say 72-year-old kenneth long, of sanbornville, was killed when he was hit by a car while trying to retreive a grill that fell out of his pickup truck.
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sixteen. long was pronounced dead at the scene. police say the driver who hit him 51-year-old eric grabowski, of middleton, was arrested for driving under the influence. right now the state medical examiner's office is on the scene in lebanon where police say they're investigating an unattended death. fire crews responded to bridge street for a report of an unresponsive maile subject at around 8:00 a.m. today. the state medical exmainer says an autopsy will be completed to new this noon, a manchester man is behind bars after police say he crashed into a police cruiser during a traffic stop. two officers were conducting a traffic stop yesterday at 5:30 p.m. on hanover street when they say a white jeep struck their cruiser and kept going. the officers followed the driver, 67-year-old christopher boll, and say he refused to stop until pulling over in front of his home. he was charged with disobeying a
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under the influence of alcohol. and 4 officers are recovering in boston after suffering injuries in a violent confrontation overnight in dorchester. police say the officers were investigating a report of a man with a gun when two were dragged and two more were narrowly missed by a fleeing car. >> the officers that went to the hospital subsequent to the injuries non-life-threatening. we should be thankful for that. >> right now, the suspect is still on the loose. police are looking for a silver chevy. kristen: happening today, the american red cross is honoring the dedication and bravery of all law enforcement. it's all part of the law enforcement memorial blood drive at nhti concord community college. you can donate blood until 2:00
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for the man they say broke into several businesses including a daycare. >> fscg. officers say the man in these pictures forced his way inside four businesses along route 101-a saturday morning and stole petty cash and several laptop computers. police say he also stole about $600 from the sunrise daycare, that had been raised to help benefit projects in the classrooms. plenty of big names in the mix. coming up th , adds a new member and former critic of his, to the administration. >> the breezes finely lightning up but there are two systems tracking through the holiday weekend. the latest ahead. kristen: in today's cook's
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with verizon you look awesome. (vo) give verizon prepaid with always-on data on the best network for only $50 per month. kristen: president-elect donald trump is in his resort for the thanksgiving holiday where he made another announcement about the addition to this administration. a former critic. abc's lana zak has the latest. >> the president-elect has named south carolina governor nikki haley to the position of un ambassador and the 44-year-old,
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>> an army-wife, mother of two, she is the first female; the first minority and the first critic of mr. trump's to be named to his administration. >> i am nikki haley. >> haley's republican-response to the state of the union was considered an indictment of mr trump's campaign rhetoric. >> some people think that you have to be the loudest voice in the room to make a difference. that is just not true. >> but following mr trump's election she called him a friend and released this statement today. >> make to the welfare of our nation, and to our nation's standing in the world, that is a calling that is important to heed. go -- he." meanwhile the question over mr trump separating himself from his business interests became even murkier after an interview with the new york times, in which he said, "the president can't have a conflict of interest." indicating he may continue to mix his public service and
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abrams. >> the thing i would be most worried about with regards to these complex that conflict is the possibility that if he stays involved he is subject to lawsuits. >> a public battle is playing out over secretary of state with former general david petraeus indicating he would be interested and rudy giuliani and mitt romney also in the running. kristen: unh says its seeing an increase in hate incidents on campus. university president mark huddleston says several students, faculty and staff have experienced acts of hate in person or on social media. he sent a letter today condemning such acts. saying "the attitudes and acts of a few cannot overtake our community if we stand together and say not in our house. " this noon we're learning more about the driver involved in a deadly school bus crash that killed five children in chattanooga-tennesse on monday. police say the 24-year-old
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and just two months ago had an accident in his bus, hitting a car. 12 students were still in the hospital as of last night six in critical condition. doctors say many of the children were too scared or dazed to talk after the crash. the driver is charged with 5 counts of vehicular homicide. big holiday coming up and all eyes are on the weather. kevin: it is a very difficult sunday and completely have clear skies throughout. we have a couple of systems we are tracking right now. kristen: coming up in cook's corner, we are cooking up a delicious italian dish in our
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the wind finally lightens later on this afternoon and into this evening, some clouds for a brief time later on tonight. for the rest of us it has been a blanket of sunshine and clouds. all in all, not too bad for mid-november. usually, it is more clouds than anything else. th we go through the afternoon. if you are traveling across the northeast you are good to go. eventually back to the west, we can contend with that system. temperatures either side of 30 up north and 40 in some areas. sustained 10-20 miles per hour, troubled gusts of 25 miles an hour.
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force. the air mass is trying to moderate a little bit but it is much. -- it is not much. northwest and westerly wind continuing to die off later this evening, not much in return as far as temperatures are concerned. low-mid 40's into the weekend. the clouds try to release up north. across the northeast, you are looking pretty good. clouds thicken tomorrow morning, and 9:00 or 10:00 we may start to see some spotty areas of light. it should be up new freezing mark and trying to get back into the mid-upper 30's. we are not expecting widespread problems but nonetheless, it doesn't take much on area
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from that disturbance it moves through, showers friday night, and the maps have been hinting at a little bit of development offshore. friday night into saturday, the met is still very mixed. that is a stay tuned situation. if you're doing anything across the northeast, you will notice temperatures about as consistent as you can get on a seven day forecast. going forward and the best chance for some light snow would be friday night into saturday. quiet for sunday, quiet for the first half of next week. kristen: we are making's in the news 9 kitchen today and we have michael to desta at the coliseum restaurant. this already smells good. i can't even pronounce the di
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usually, they used the lentini -- they use puccatini. this is an eight's the -- this is an egg pasta. we have already at the sultan there, and here is the chance for the dish. here we have they call it the ferrari of bacon. all right. raise the flame and it really smells like bacon. who doesn't like bacon? kristen: if we only had smellovision >>. we are going to use fresh tomatoes and hot sauce.
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>> and then, we have some of the fresh ones. we are going to put a little pepper and the bacon protect the has -- the bacon purschetta has some protection on it. kristen: there we go, the muscles. verio. >> for now, we have the tomatoes. kristen: just mixing it altogether. >> we use the parmesan cheese, but before the pasta looks ready, if you have the ingredients already set, it is pretty much all set. kristen: also, you do gift certificates and holiday
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that can sit 35 people. if you would like to have a nice big party, that's what you get. kristen: can we do that, the whole thing? you can never have enough cheese. >> and i also have basil from new england. you makes that in together -- you kristen: thanks so much.
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kristen: big holiday weekend coming up. what can drivers expect? kevin: chilly breezes out there, good all across new england. tomorrow, some areas of later snow showers. i don't think it is a widespread problem tomorrow and the best chance of precipitation would be later friday evening and into saturday.
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come in. kristen: tonight at 5:00, millions are hitting the roads for thanksgiving. the latest traffic report for new hampshire highways and helping those in need this thanksgiving, the seacoast organizations to looking for donations. that does it for us. have a great afternoon. [captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its
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now on celebrity page tv. kanye west cancels his tour and gets rushed to the hospital. >> my career, my life, my public well standing at risk. >> the details on the rapper's scary situation. we're celebrating the holidays early in los angeles. >> there's nothing better than singing christmas songs in early november when it's 90 degrees out. >>he husband call it quits. everyone's favorite unfiltered a lifter is at it. >> jennifer lawrence share her thoughts on a topics for "vanity fair" and reveals a lie she told chris pratt. >> not funny. >> big store stars, big hollywo.


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