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tv   News 9 Tonight  WMUR  November 23, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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dry for now, but a light wintry mix could change that in spots tomorrow. a look at the thanksgiving day timeline ahead. shelley: a dry start to the holiday rush on granite state highways. what the dot is prepared to do this weekend, if the roads get slick. >> an active crime scene remains here in whitworth. we will take you we know tonight about a homicide investigation after six year old band was killed. tom: and new cabinet announcements from his latest nominees, who did not support him on the campaign trail. shelley: and an act of thanksgiving generosity. how a woman standing in a grocery line saved a student effort to feed dozens of families. >> that's what thanksgiving is all about, being grateful for what we have and sharing it with those around us. >> no one covers new hampshire like we do. tom: tonight, we are watching this weather
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shelley: it's making its way towards new england, and could impact your holiday weekend travel. good evening. i'm shelley walcott. tom: and i'm tom griffith. the drive has been dry all day, but chief meteorologist mike haddad says that could change tomorrow. mike: that's right, we're not tracking a big storm, it won't be a widespread travel issue tomorrow. having said that, there's a narrow band of no showers over new york, stretching toward new hampshire. it will be right on top of us tomorrow from sun up until about 10:00 or 11:00 tomorrow morning. it's so narrow a band that how we could possibly see would be coding to maybe just under a half-inch. it may be just enough to make some roads a little bit slick. as for the rest of the late morning into the afternoon, just overcast skies occurring in central pennsylvania right now and that's our weather for tomorrow afternoon.
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tomorrow night? shelley: tonight, we take a live look at the drive on i-93 in hooksett. the state department of transportation says it is watching the weather forecast closely, in case roads become slick. but with holiday travel nationwide expected to be its highest levels in over a decade, drivers i spoke to said so far, it's been smooth sailing. the roads may be busy, but on this thanksgiving eve, holiday travelers were feeling decidedly festive. >> try, beautiful weather and drivers are behaving themselves. >> at least it is moving. it's not like trying to go through boston during rush traffic where to stop and go. it's been pretty nice that it's been flowing along. shelley: millions of people around the country are heading to their holiday destinations today, department of transportation officials say they saw about 257,000 cars on
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they're curious to see if they beat that record this year. >> a lot of them are out-of-state plates, so obviously a lot of people are coming up here. shelley: and with so many people out on the roads, the dot is also asking people to drive safely. slick weather is expected on thanksgiving day. some brine, a salt and water mixture, was applied on the spaulding turnpike today, from dot officials tell us crews will be called out as needed in the coming days and nights. the best advice this holiday weekend, go against the grain, and try and hit the road ahead of the crowd. >> we left at the right time. shelley: across new england, aaa expects more than two million people will be travelling this weekend. that's 2.5% higher than last year. tom: and across the country millions some are hitting some heavy delays as they make it to their final thanksgiving destination. in los angeles and washington, traffic was backed up for miles
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beat the rush. but in miami, florida, travelers were surprised to see that the airport was not crowded today. >> i'm going to boston. so far the airport is great. i pulled in, no problem. i thought it would be crazy busy today but it's not very busy and everything is going smooth so far. tom: airport officials are still reminding travelers that it's still a good idea to get to the airport two hours before your flight. you can get current traffic conditions, live radar, and the latest forecast anywhe just download the wmur app from the i-tunes or google play stores. shelley: developing tonight, the attorney general's office is investigating a homicide in wentworth. a 60-year-old man was killed inside his home early this morning. as wmur's cherise leclerc tells us, investigators are releasing few other details. cherise: officers arrived at this home just before 2:00 this morning. there they found the victim suffering from blunt force injuries.
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but did not survive. tonight the road remains blocked off by state police and investigators as it is still an active crime scene. >> evidence is being gathered as we speak. cherise: investigators remained on scene well into the evening, hoping to get more answers into the homicide of 60-year-old todd >> the state police have been of working all day in conjunction with other troopers and with assistance from the police department to try to figure out exactly what happened. cherise: police were called here just before 2 wednesday morning. they found downing suffering from what they call blunt force injuries, investigators conducted interviews for hours from the plymouth police department, but so far say no one has been taken into custody. it's a mystery that woke up some neighbors early in the morning. >> the dog was barking continuously. i don't know what but he kept
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but it was an awful lot of noise. cherise: police could also be seen standing watch over another home on buffalo road, just a couple miles away from the crime scene. assistant attorney general jeff strelzin would not comment on whether the two locations are related. the victim's son in law told news 9 he found out this morning as he was getting off his overnight shift at walmart that something horrible happened. but so far authorities have not released any details about what may have led to this homicide. >> right now, we don't have any it -- any information to lead us to believe the public is at risk. cherise: right now, manchester -- police are still investigating tonight and say the public should not you like they are in any danger. tom: nashua police say 22 people are facing various drug and other charges in the latest operation granite hammer arrest. this is a picture of the crack
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the suspects all taken into custody over a six-day period ending yesterday. police tell us they expect to make more arrests in connection with these investigations. right now, manchester police are looking for a man they say robbed a t.d. bank. police say just after 2:00 p.m. this man entered the t.d. bank on bay street, they say the suspect handed the teller a note demanding cash, and told them he was armed. police say no weapon was shown. if you recognized this man you as shelley: laconia police are asking for the public's help identifying this man, they say over the past 5 days there have been several thefts outside multiple businesses and parked vehicles on province road. police say surveillance footage shows the man going into parked vehicles and taking tools and other items. tonight, the president at the university of new hampshire is condemning an increase in hate incidents on campus. president mark huddleston sent a letter today saying those acts
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experienced racial slurs, spitting, bullying, and vulgar statements on social media. people on campus say they're glad this is being addressed. >> people feel like there is an issue going on, they have a place to go and seek out information and advice on what to do and perhaps shelter if they feel like they are in danger. president elect donald trump is calling for unity in a thanksgiving message posted online. it comes hours after he announced two women as nominees to his cabinet. as abc's lana zak tells us, both women supported other presidential candidates during the primary. >> the president elect released his thanksgiving message. >> it's my prayer that we begin to heal our divisions and move forward as one country.
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the nominee for education secretary, and nikki haley, the nominee for un ambassador, are strong republican leaders, but their selection to join the president-elect's cabinet demonstrate a departure from his previous nominees, not only are two the first female appointments, and in the case of sc gov. haley, the first person of color to join his administration, but neither were supporters of mr. trump on the campaign trail. her state of the union response, considered an indictment of mr trump. haley called mr. trump a friend, now saying when the president believes you have a major contribution to make to the welfare of our nation, and to our nation's standing in the world, that is a calling that is important to heed. ms. devos, an advocate for school choice, was a delegate for ohio gov. john kasich. but now tweets i am honored to work with the president-elect on his vision to make american education great again. ms. devos doubled-down on a campaign promise of mr. trump's saying she was against common core though she had previously
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organizations. this was a key platform issue of the president-elect. meanwhile, dr. ben carson, says an announcement is forthcoming on his role and there is still a -- public job be giants jockeying over the state department. lana zak, abc news, washington. tom: and just in, donald trump has picked 78-year-old wilbur ross as commerce secretary. ross is the chairman and chief strategy officer of private-equity firm w.l. ross and co, which specializes in buying failing companies. stepped up security in new york, >> officials say extra security measures are now in place for the macy's thanksgiving day parade. next at 11:00 how the parade , route will be blocked off. jean: a mystery shopper saves thanksgiving day at this market basket in nashua. the incredible story, when we
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tom: developing news out of detroit, officials say a wayne state university police officer has died a day after he was shot in the head. police say 29-year-old officer collin rose was investigating possible car thefts when he was shot.
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but he died at the hospital this evening. a suspect in the shooting was arrested but so far no charges have been filed. tonight, a sixth child has died from a school bus crash in chattanooga, tennessee. shelley: investigators also now say toxicology reports on the driver showed no trace of drugs or alcohol in his system. police say he was driving well over the posted speed limit when he lost control of the bus. he is charged with vehicular homicide. hospitalized. tom: a warning tonight for owners of toyota sienna minivans. the automaker is recalling more than 800,000 of those mini vans because the sliding doors could open while the vehicle is moving. this affects 2011 to 2016 models. toyota says the issue involves the motor for the door, but the automaker is still working on a fix.
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shelley: tonight, extra security measures are in place to keep macy's thanksgiving day parade safe tomorrow. thousands of officers will be on the streets and snipers will be on rooftops, and this year, more than 80 sanitation trucks will be filled with sand and used to create a barrier on the parade route. authorities say there's no confirmation of a credible threat but say they are prepared. tom: tonight these thanksgiving meals are on their way to families in tradition organized by some new hampshire college students nearly got derailed. a good samaritan who stepped in to help changed that. wmur's jean mackin explains what happened and how the mystery woman came to the rescue. jean: this random act of thanksgiving kindness happened right at the register inside this market basket in nashua. in the middle of the mad dash to get all those thanksgiving supplies, something remarkable brought the grocery store line to a standstill on monday, students from rivier university
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annual tradition their thanksgiving basket project through a campus collection of food and money they help more than a dozen organizations feed hundreds of needy families. but there was a glitch at the register. >> as my students were going through the line at market basket, they went to pay, and my card got declined because we had hit our daily limit. and a woman came over and asked what they were up to, and they explained the thanksgiving project, and she actually offered to pay for the entire order which was near $500. so i got a phone call from one of my students and she was crying. i could tell that something was up and i ask her what was going on. she said a woman just paid for our entire order. jean: the students were able to
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now they just want to send their own thanks to the mystery shopper. >> we have a name, we haven't been able to get in touch with her yet, but we're working on it and we want to give her a proper thank you. just to be that spontaneous and that selfless and kind. just to know that love and kindness always when. it was such an inspiration to me and my students. >> the project exceeded its goal of 300 two baskets. instead, distributing nearly 500 this year. certainly what the holidays are all about. if you've been traveling, trying to get to your thanksgiving destination, today the roads were in line shape. temperatures a little below the average at 41, but not too far off the norm for this time of year. dry conditions statewide all
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nothing to keep track of for the next few hours over new hampshire. having said that, not too far away, a narrow band of snow showers entering central portions of new york state and it makes a beeline toward new hampshire just in time for tomorrow morning. from sun up until about 10:00 or 11:00, we could get a little bit of light snow, maybe a half inch in spots. does happen, it could be just enough to coat some area roadways. right now it seemed like the late -- it looks like the late morning and afternoon, here's what's moving in for the afternoon and in more showers build in tomorrow night into saturday early in the day. mainly in the liquid form in southern new hampshire, light
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and overnight temperatures will tumble back to near 20 north and mid to upper 20's south. clear skies now in the clouds will race in as warm air overwrites the cooler air. not too cool for this late hour of the evening in mid to late november. that means temperatures are heading a little bit higher in just warm enough to support more liquid as opposed to snow, starting tomorrow night into tomorrow couple of scattered snow showers early, during the afternoon just mainly cloudy. we could get a coating to a coating to an inch or two, but notice southern new hampshire, mainly light rain. there could be a little bit of mixing going on early but mostly with temperatures above freezing, tough to get anything frozen. the same story friday and friday night and saturday most of the
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and pulls away from new hampshire. the best bet of rain and snow will be in northern locales. after a chilly start, upper 30's central and lower 40's and southern parts of the state. the best bet of a snow shower through mid-to-late morning, but not widespread, just a coating to a half inch at best. thursday afternoon, overcast skies and we get the black friday, clouds in a few showers in southern new hampshire. we get a little bit of snow in the country. makes showers taper off, partial clearing sell but snow may linger in the mountains. partly sunny and breezy and cool sunday. good news for traveling back from grandma's house and early next week is ok. not a big storm by any stretch but that's all it takes to make
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with the relatives this weekend. tom: let's go over to jamie and find out what's going on in sports. jamie: the nashua turkey bowl tonight, just one of all kinds
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trying to add to it here. avery bradley with the steal off the nets inbounds pass, bradley with the layup to extend the celtics lead to 14. isaiah thomas hits the 3-pointer from the corner. score, 51-46 boston. 4th quarter, the celts were just too good, thomas with another 3,23 points. boston wins 111-92. the celts host the spurs on friday afternoon. manchesters wenyen gabriel won't be home for dinner tomorrow, his kentucky wildcats hosted cleveland state this afternoon. he had a great game. listen to the numbers. 10 points, 10 rebounds a and six assists. kentucky won the game 101-70, they are 5-0 this year. college basketball this afternoon, unh hitting the holiday with an early game against detroit mercy. unh in gray, danniel deeon with a 3 pointer. huge game for tanner leissner, hits a short turnaround in the paint. and how about this sweet drive and finish by freshman john ogwuche. he is from nigeria, so he gets a
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and unh wins 86-70, tanner leissner with career high 31 points and 8 rebounds. hockey on the eve, monarchs hosting the florida everblades. daniel ciampini to rihards burkarts 4-1 monarchs. in the second, john mccarron gets the goal for florida. 4-2. teddy doherty to david kolomatis goal, 2 goals and an assist for him, 5-2. the monarchs cruise to the 7-3 win. the teams play again on friday night. the 13th annual nashua turkey bowl, south in white against north. early on stephen lambert hauls , in a long touchdown pass in the corner of the endzone, 7-0 north. strike up the band. south trying to get rolling, sean holland passes over the middle, picked off by levi gosselin. he is the north quarterback. the cheerleaders like it. gosselin runs it in from 7 yards
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but the purple panthers were not going away, holland to former hometown hero max osgood for the touchdown, 13-7. then miles johnson with a short touchdown run for south a great game, and south pulls out the 41-35 victory, they lead the all-time series 9-4. tomorrow morning at 10:15, its central against trinity at gill stadium. this week we have told you about morning, here is another, the 8th annual seacoast rotary turkey trot. the race begins at 8:30am at pierce island in portsmouth, finishing at strawberry banke. costumes are encouraged. one of the turkey trots for tomorrow, the purity spring thanksgiving day 5k in madison. the logo you see was designed by a kennett hs student. the race begins at 9am at purity spring resort,and it follows the nordic trails at king pine ski area.
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run, spending thanksgiving together is the norm for the unh football team. they will eat at holloway commons on campus tomorrow at 2:00. this is video of last years dinner. a massive food order. 150 people on the guest list,100 pounds of turkey, 75 pounds of prime rib, 100 pounds of potatoes, 60 pounds of butternut squash, stuffing, green beans, salad, cranberry sauce, mac and cheese, and so much more. they are ready for a >> it will be my third time to do it and it's really fun. there is nobody else on campus. it's just awesome. it's good to just spend some time with my best friends and that's really it. >> it doesn't get any better. your with kids that have become an extended family and it's fun to see the freshman for the
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the students gone they could use new hampshire football fans to turn out for that one on saturday. tom: still to come on news9 tonight, shelley: a special reuinion in the queen city, coming up, we'll tell you what this group was
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shelley: a thanksgiving salute from the hanover chop house tonight for a bunch of old-timers, telling tales about the team in e manchester central high state championship team got together tonight to celebrate a season to remember, undefeated and considered one of the best high school teams in the country. even though it has been 50-years since these young bucks graced the grid-iron, the memories remains strong. among the little green legends.
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>> dicky: from hollywood it's ?jimmy kimmel live?! tonight, dwayne johnson from ?billy on the street," billy eichner, cousin sal does funny things, and music from dawes. and now, prepare yourselves -- here's jimmy kimmel! [ cheers and applause ] ? >> jimmy: very kind. hi, everybody. i'm jimmy, i'm the host of the show. thank you for watching. thanks to all of you for coming. happy monday, i guess. hopefully by now you've come to terms with the fact that no


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