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tv   News 9 Tonight  ABC  November 26, 2016 1:07am-1:42am EST

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about cuba becoming free. but fidel castro changed the course of cuba. he changed the way cuba was. in 1959, 1958, cuba was pretty much a satellite of the united states. run by the united states. run by the united states mafia. all those casinos, all that lively dance footage we see of cuba, that was all run by the mafia. the united states and castro came in and he cleaned that out. and not only did he do that, he's revered in his country, in cuba, for changing the class system. there was a huge class system in cuba up until then. and the peasant class didn't know how to read or write. most of the people in cuba didn't know how to read and write in 1960. and in fact, they didn't have medical care of any kind. and they didn't have electricity
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so castro came into power, he spent money on those things. they have a very good education system. they have a very good medical system. and they have electricity all over the island. do they have all the freedoms that the united states has? they do not and the people there want those freedoms. and that's why many of them will be happy to see castro gone right now. but it will not change his place in history. >> i mentioned a lot of people will be celebrating that news without question. we just video of raul castro making that announcement just a few short moments ago that fidel castro, the long-time leader of cuba, has died at the age of 90. our jonathan karl is also on the phone with us. jonathan, cuba and castro have been such a fixture in foreign policy for the united states. this is certainly going to relevance nate in washington. resonate in washington. >> absolutely. fidel castro is the nemesis of
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different american presidents, each of them since kennedy saw castro as an enemy of the united states, as an abuser of human rights. he was somebody who loomed large because he was an enemy just 90 miles from the shores of the united states. somebody who was allied with the soviet union during the cold war. outlasted the cold loomed incredibly large in a large chunk of american history going back to 1959. >> and jonathan, with president obama deciding to try to warm relations with cuba, with the castro family, after all these years, how much hope is there in washington that raul castro might make some real changes that the united states would welcome? >> well, there's -- there's not
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there would be significant change under raul castro. but there certainly has been a major change in u.s. policy that was initiated by president obama. something -- he went a place, again, no american president since kennedy really thought of going. of re-establishing relations, reopening an embassy in cuba. it's the sd trade embargo on cuba. but you know, raul castro has effectively been leading cuba for a decade now. and, you know, there certainly have been changes on the isle. there's been a more opening up of the economic system. the willingness on the behalf of castro to engage -- raul castro to engage with the united
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effectively the real change that has been expected and predicted and urged by so many u.s. political figures, the belief is that would have to come not just after fidel castro but after raul castro as well. >> it's amazing how much has changed in that country in such a relatively short amount of time. jim, as we mentioned, you have spent a lot of time in cuba. raul as we mentioned has been in charge for several years now. what do you next? how do you think this might impact raul's rule? >> well, i think that -- first of all, i don't think raul castro will make the dramatic changes beyond what's going on now. the opening of tourism, some economic issues that are opening more. but not even huge economic advances under raul castro. i think what's been going on is that cuba is waiting, the cuban
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raul castro as well to pass away. and then when raul castro passes away, then the next generation of leadership is really the one where they expect some kind of changes. now, there have been people in miami and in the united states who have worried all along or who have been cheering on fidel's death because they believe the cubans will revolt as soon as they see an opening and will -- there will be another revolution against raul because fidel's no happen. i don't think there's any chance of that happening. i think that the cuban government and the cuban military still has a stronghold on that island. and would be very difficult. there are no weapons in that island besides those owned by the military. there's no way for -- it would be very difficult for there to be a revolution there now. it's going to be years before there's any significant change.
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of freedom from the united states for many of the people there. the symbol of independence. i've seen him -- i've been to cuba about 35 times. i met him personally two or three times while he was still in office. he was a hero then to the people in the streets who were allowed to walk around with him and see him. he had a status above all others in that among cuban-americans, but in cuba, very popular. >> for those of us just joining us, again, abc news has learned long-time cuban leader fidel castro has died at the age of 90. his death was announced a short time ago on cuban state tv by his brother raul. fidel castro ruled cuba for close to 50 years, seizing power in the cuban revolution of 1959. before, as we mentioned, handing
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so the world will now see how a new era of cuban-american diplomacy change that is island with fidel castro now gone and the americans gradually returning as we've mentioned. it may no longer be fidel castro's cuba, as we've talked about. and so john, as we look at this and as news develops over the coming hours and overnight into tomorrow, what do you expect the in the united states? >> i think the most interesting thing to watch will be president obama, who made such a bold and controversial move in reopening official diplomatic ties with cuba. even before obama made that step, made that move, there was the hand shake. the handshake not with fidel. never personally one on one met
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castro. it came at nelson mandela's memorial in south africa. and it was a simple gesture, but it was seen by many in the u.s. political world as incredibly controversial. because castro, even though the cold war had long been gone, still remained this incredibly powerful symbol. so it will be interesting to see what the white house does. the president never had the opportunity and probably would have turned down the opportunity to actually personally meet with fidel. but he did work with his brother. and he did re-establish ties. and he did become the first american president to step foot on cuban soil in 88 years. so i assume we'll see some kind
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castro, but a recognition that even at this late point he remains incredibly -- remained an incredibly controversial figure in u.s. political world. >> incredibly controversial and incredibly polarizing. without question a chapter has ended in the cuban/united states relations. jonathan karl, jim avila, thank you so much for your time. long-time cuban leader fidel castro has died at the age of 90. stay tuned t developing story. we'll have full details on "nightline" for those on the west coast of the united states and much more on "good morning america." you can find the latest at i'm jonathan friends were unloading hundreds of trees trucked in from quebec.
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i saddled up my front yard with trees. shelley: he says last year they sold more than 400 trees. coming up on newsnight tonight -- >> the director. i think they went to great lengths to really get this right. shelley: seeing themselves played on the big screen. the movie reviews from the real-life marathon bombing heroes. christmas in the capital city. tree lighting. mike: damp and cool on this black friday. do we get sunshine at all tomorrow? weekend forecast is straight ahead. shelley: now, to our ulocal hotshot and a beautiful shot of melvin village. you could see a little snow. this photo was snapped from a drone. you can always a met your pictures and video and join the
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shelley: in just a few weeks, the movie patriots' day wellhead theaters. it is the story of the boston marathon bombings and the hunt for the suspect brothers. a story that is still vivid for those who lived it. we spoke with some of those people who are seeing those days on the big screen. >> people are here for the boston marathon. mary: the early critical reviews from mark wahlberg's patriots' day are overwhelmingly positive but it is the opinion of those who lived the bombing and the aftermath that he has cared most about. >> i think mark wahlberg and the director went to great lengths
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portrayed by jk simmons. >> i think he got me down pretty good. he was shadowing me and trying to get down my mannerisms. very: he played a critical role in the watertown shooter. he came face to face with the bomber. >> we were exchanging gunfire. he misses me. and i am hitting him. afterwards, you at that house and you see all of the bullet holes. mary: he says the filmmakers got the watertown seen right. it was explosive and violent. other events were also depicted faithfully including the joint fbi investigation and the bombing itself. was it hard to watch all of that? >> it was. barry: the boston police commissioner is also giving the film high marks for respect and
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about how it would play out. >> every inch of this city is being searched. shelley: looking forward to seeing that. right now, authorities in california are searching for suspects in the kidnapping and release of a mother who was held in captivity for more than three weeks. police say sheri papini was released on a rural road near sacramento almost 150 miles away from where she was found by a passing motorist. her family is thankful to be reunited. >> i have seen her. it was a joyous reunion. we were excited to see one another. shelley: police are looking for two hispanic women with a handgun in a dark suv. the sheriff says they do not know the motive and do not think that she knew her captives. investigators are looking into
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to commitment 2016, green party presidential candidate jill stein has officially filed a request for a recount in wisconsin. election officials say she filed a request about an hour and half before the deadline. this dying campaign has been raising money to pay for the cost of the recount in wisconsin, michigan, and pennsylvania. she says she wants to make sure that hackers did not mess with the results. in the meantime, donald trump is moving forward with his cabinet picks after celebrating thanksgiving in florida. there is an internal struggle for secretary of state with trump advisors split over mitt romney and rudy giuliani. the secretary of defense, it jim mattis is considered a top contender. other top posts awaiting assignment include veterans affairs. the holidays are underway in concord where the tree was lit
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lighting. it was saved thanks to generous donors. last week, lights were ripped out of the tree and 600 balls were lost. the community raised $500 for new lights and everyone can enjoy the tree. >> now is the time to focus on the holidays and all of the good that comes out of them. i hope everyone has a great holiday season. >> myra come out here as often as we can because it gets us excited for christmas. shelley: the tree lighting is tradition in concord and for many families the chilly weather was not an issue. they say they would not miss this kickoff or anything. let us talk about the weather. chilly and grade. hoping for some this weekend. mike: it did not stop people from getting out there.
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get indoors and do some shopping. some would like to get outside now. we want to deliver some drier weather for saturday and/or sunday. take a look at the time lapse photos over there in warner. leftover snow earlier in the day from the batch of moisture that moved through dropping rain in southern new hampshire while some areas did pick up showers are moving out. slick spots possible overnight as temperatures dip towards freezing. areas of dense fog cutting visibility to less than a mile. a mainly dry saturday. scattered showers cannot be rolled out. a bright and chilly sunday. most clouds are cross the mountains. very little precipitation. most of the steady rain pulling out. same story with the snow shower
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through before we get through the weekend and it is lining up over the central and eastern great lakes. tending to fall apart. the energy of the system will move east of us later tomorrow. while it could be a late afternoon shower, a good part of saturday will be dry. temperatures are well above freezing. lakes region and points south. in the coming hours, it will dip down near 32 meaning some untreate and west of manchester may experience a touch of black ice. better chances in plymouth and in the great north woods. we do drop down near freezing. you have a little bit of black ice a possibility and dense fog. the clouds, low clouds, will break apart but a lot of clouds will linger above. scattered afternoon shower possible.
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lakes region, south. clouds and snow showers in the north country with a light accumulation up to an injured or two in the mountains. high temperatures tomorrow. upper 30's. there could be a shower and maybe a few breaks of sun. best a bed of sun will be on sunday. though there could be snow s be on sunday though there could be snow showers. two systems we're tracking for next week. while the ground is not frozen yet, we can put another dent in the drought later on tuesday and again late wednesday into thursday. may be a wintry mix in northern parts of the state. if all flakes out -- if all
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two inches of rain. it will not end the drought but another little dent. shelley: hopefully it will help. jamie staton standing by with sports. james: on friday, the day after
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>> now, jamie staton and news nine sports. jamie: flooding great black friday exports. for crime basketball. both the bruins and the monarchs were home tonight. playing the calgary flames. looks like boston ties it up 1-1. chad johnson goes down behind the net. but on further review, the goalie was caused to go down. the referee says no goal.
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david pasternak scores again. 70 seconds later, alex with the game-winner. calgary wins, 2-1. 20 5% of the way through the season, the bruins are not a playoff tame -- team. to the monarchs who skated at home with a good florida everglades team. brendan o'donnell. it 3-0, florida. the monarchs -- all of the. cannot find the net. justin did score for manchester but florida wins, four-went. the monarchs are winless this season. they played in l my rent tomorrow and sunday. talking hockey, a big one for unh and the coach tomorrow night
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will play at madison square gardens against cornell. >> it is exciting for the players and the coaches. the coaching staff -- we have not been to madison square garden. it brings not only the opportunity and being in new york city is pretty exciting. jamie: a good test for the celtics. they hosted the san antonio spurs. early in the -- early in the first, al horford scores. avery bradley. boston led are 10 points after the first quarter but hattie mills would hit a three-pointer late in the game to seal it. he scored 19 off the bench. 109-1 hundred three. the celtics play miami heat on monday. college basketball.
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kentucky was all fired up. manchester's gabriel got the start for the first time in his career. he knocks down a three-pointer. he finished with 15 points and six rebounds. kentucky wins, 111-76. they host arizona state on monday at 7:00. lehigh at unh tomorrow. first round of the playoffs. wildcats are in the postseason for unh leads that series 12-3. that was the senior adam who will get the start. first time of the year. the sophomore trevor knight suffered a twisted foot and turf toe against maine last week. the winner will play at james madison university next saturday. >> they are averaging over 40
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the year. they have three or four talented receivers. >> they have a lot of good players. they are playing with a chip on their shoulders. we will do our best it to be them. >> watching the film, their defense is really good. it is a matter of us eating able to go into the film room and study them and execute our place. jamie: saturday's games tomorrow. michigan and ohio state. sunshine state. late at night. a welcome sight for the patriots fans, tom brady back at practice. he is listed as questionable as they played the jets on sunday afternoon. >> there have been a lot of close games. they are a tough, hard-nosed team. they always have been. all of the games at play against
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they want to create turnovers. jamie: brady will be in there, they are favored by 7.5 points. shelley: still to come on news nine tonight, a gift of lights and loud. what the show in the motor
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shelley: in a loud the new hampshire motor speedway kicked off its gift of lights show. the show features 400 light displays. the course winds around the outside of the tracks grandstands. the show runs for 37 days and
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for news nine tonight at 11:00.
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