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tv   News 9 at Five  ABC  November 27, 2016 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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pleasant for traveling today but how much longer will it stay that way until some beneficial rain moves in. a look at that timeline ahead. adam: despite lack the rain one area in the granite state is easing its demands. restrictions in salem. cherise: and an robbery suspected arrested in the queen city after striking again. where police found him trying to get away. adam: plus the congressional delegation new hampshire sends to washington in the new year will make history but they be willing to make deals with donald trump? announcer: no one covers new hampshire like we do.
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to a holiday tradition. hitting the road and airports home, and the commute is beating expectations. good afternoon. i'm cherise leclerc. adam: and i'm adam sexton. chief meteorologist mike haddad is monitoring the weather conditions out there right now . it looks like we have some smooth sailing. mike: a few flurries, that's basically it. you will notice the clouds trying to break apart sometimes south and east of the lakes region. be mainly dry in a good part of the evening. that is our weather overnight into monday and monday night, but already eyes in the next system producing primarily green back. eventually that has to move in here. it will be mainly dry and roads in pretty good shape.
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a little mixing with temperatures near freezing. again not much of an issue. how much rain to expect and yet another system to follow that one before we get to the week in a few minutes. adam: here's a live look at the manchester-boston regional flight board. the faa says most airports nationwide have experienced delays of 15 minutes or less this afternoon. cherise: and taking a quick look at our traffic maps, the commute from boston into manchester, concord, and traffic to and from the seacoast is pretty clear right now. cherise: despite recent rainfall, a portion of the southern part of the state and the seacoast remain in an extreme drought. adam: and now one town is easing water restrictions.
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been in place in salem since early july, but up until thursday, the those restrictions will be less strict. the board of selectmen voted to loosen the restrictions on outdoor water use after they received several requests from residents who wanted to wash their cars, boats, or homes. town officials didn't want to do away with all of the restrictions since the extremely dry conditions are expected to continue into the new year, but they wanted to give residents a chance to prepare for winter. >> people would prefer to obey the law and the rules instead of violating them so i think this have to do and not be in violation. . siobhan: daytime outdoor water use in salem is only allowed on the remaining odd-numbered days in november, which after today, leaves tuesday. live in studio, siobhan lopez wmur news 9. cherise: right now, a man is the hind bars and i will let you
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manchester banks, and trying to rob another. the alleged robberies span over a period of nearly a year. wmur's mike cronin joins us live from the bank that police say was robbed this morning. mike: manchester police say the suspect was unarmed when he allegedly robbed this t.d. bank on south willow street this morning. 40-year-old michael giles, who police say is homeless, is charged with two counts of robbery and one count of attempted robbery. officers spotted him just down the road from the t.d. bank on gold street today trying to start a mini bike. police identified him as the man shown in this surveillance picture from the bank, and say he had an undisclosed amount of money on him. last wednesday, police say this security footage shows giles robbing another t.d. bank on bay street. and back in january, giles is accused of trying to rob a citizens bank on elm street. police are crediting all the surveillance images with helping to find their suspect.
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live in manchester, mc, wmur news9. >> governor romney in the last four years, has he been around? adam president-elect donald : trump's senior adviser today says she has personal concerns with the prospect of mitt romney being selected as secretary of state. this as donald trump continues to vet candidates to fill that post and the rest of his cabinet. trump's transition team says he has more meetings scheduled tomorrow. meantime democrats are trying to sort out how they are going to deal with the trump administration among them, the 4 women who will represent the granite state in washington. in january new hampshire will make history by sending america's first-ever all-woman, all-democratic delegation to congress. they'll be in the minority, dealing with republican rule on capitol hill & in the trump white house. on close-up this morning
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she won't hesitate to call out president trump, but she also stands ready to work with him. >> i didn't support him, obviously, and i'm very skeptical. but i'm going to look for common ground, whether it's opiates or his family talked about paid family leave that's a big priority of mine. infrastructure, big priority of mine. but the devil's going to be in the details. adam some progressive advocacy : gr a total opposition to trump. democracy for america released a statement earlier this month saying, democratic leaders need to stop playing footsie with trump and pretending we can find common ground on some issues without also legitimizing trump's bigoted, hate-fueled, un-american agenda. it also leveled a threat, saying, we will not hesitate to burn down and salt the earth beneath democrats who chose to aid and abet trumpism. >> i'm not surprised to see outside groups pressuring democratic members of congress
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your turn to not work with them. adam political analyst dean : spiliotes says how trump will work with congress is anyone's guess especially when it comes to the opposition. >> says he wants to make deals we'll see if those are deals the democrats can buy into, but there will always be this pressure from the left on not to do much. adam analysts say trade policy : could be one of the most interesting issues to watch as trump's promto back could make political life tricky for free trade republicans and congressional democrats in districts that were formerly manufacturing powerhouses. cherise: u.s. relations with cuba could experience changes after donald trump's inauguration. reince priebus who has agreed to serve as trump's white house chief of staff says the arrangement between the u.s. and cuba has only benefited the small island nation. the remarks were made today as cuba mourns the death of fidel castro. here are live images from cuba where flags are at half staff. abc's elizabeth hur has more on the emotional and political
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elizabeth a sea of flags from : the air celebrating the death of fidel castro. >> its like a new beginning. elizabeth: on the ground, cupids in exile praying for a free -- cubans in exile praying for a free cuba. vivian urbieta came to florida as a child in 1961 with her family. >> i never grew up with a grandmother or a grandfather with my cousins with my aunts with my cousins with my aunts and uncles, we were small with elizabeth in cuba a much : different mood. elian gonzalez, became a symbol of troubled relations between the two countries after he was rescued off the coast of florida, before a legal battle ended with his forced return to his homeland. he is morning castro's loss. saying in an interview with cuban state television, nats >> fidel was that friend who was with my family, with my father at the most difficult
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and back to cuba. elizabeth feelings not shared by : senator ted cruz whose father fled cuba decades ago. though no u.s. officials said they plan to attend castro's funeral, the former presidential candidate lashed out. senator cruz i hope we don't see : barack obama and joe biden and hillary clinton and the democrats lining up to lionize a murderous tyrant and thug. elizabeth: meanwhile, president-elect donald trump has said he might undo america's ties with cuba. york. cherise: italian authorities are investigating after an explosion outside of a police station there. it happened overnight in bologna, no one was hurt but the building was damaged. italian news outlets are reporting that surveillance video shows three people dressed in dark clothing, wearing gloves, igniting two gas canisters by the police station's entrance early sunday. italian officials are calling
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adam: a north dakota sheriff says there's no reason to apologize for his response to massive protests over an oil pipeline. sheriff kyle kirchmeier says he's responding to unlawful action during the protests. so far, more than 525 people have been arrested during demonstrations against the $3.8 billion pipeline. last week deputies used rubber bullets, water hoses and tear gas against protesters. 17 people were sent to the hospital. adam: tonight, the search sawed their way out of a prison on thanksgiving eve. cherise: rogelio chavez and laron campbell are still on the loose after four inmates escaped the santa clara county jail in san jose. in a move ripped right from the cartoons the inmates tied clothing together and used it to shimmy down from a second story window. two of the men were arrested immediately. >> we've gotten a couple of good leads, a couple good tips in the
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and with the use of the dogs, that confirms that they were in that area. cherise: california authorities say the escaped inmates should be considered armed and dangerous. there's a $20,000 reward for their capture. cherise: shots fired on the most famous street in new orleans. adam: what we know about the victims ages. and the arrests made in the deadly shooting. >> security changes are coming to a treasured national burial ground. national cemetery, the story coming up. cherise: the bruins played a sunday matinee with the lightning, jason king has those highlights, later in sports. mike: sun for many today and more on the way tomorrow a look at the changes we will see for the rest of the week, coming up. adam: then at 5:30 a look behind scenes of the nutcracker. and the familiar face that's hit
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developing investigation out of new orleans. where 10 people were shot overnight one dying from the gun shot wounds.
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time the motive is still unknown. adam: police say there was an increased presence of officers on bourbon street due to an annual college football game and holiday traction. >> officers responded to those shots, ran right towards them. we know 10 victims were shot. adam: police say both suspects arrested were carrying firearms. cherise: in the wake of shootings nationwide arlington national cemetery is taking safety precautions. adam: the burial ground is a shrine to america's heroes known for its beauty and peace. but as jennifer davis from our washington bureau tells us now officials say the time has come to increase security there. jennifer over the last two : years, arlington national cemetery has been incrementally increasing security here, but now they are stepping things up with a big change. arlington national cemetery is hallowed ground. a place for peaceful, reverent
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>> it's a definite balance. we are active cemetery doing 27 to 30 funerals a day which is our primary mission so we want to make sure the environment is perfect for those events that occur and don't want to take anything away from that. jennifer but while promoting and : preserving the sacred environment officials also need to keep it safe. and while there is no specific threat to the cemetery, the army has ordered overall security increases in response to shootings nationwide. >> it's very important to keep everyone safe and secure especially for those visiting grave sites, want to give them a safe place to grieve and safe place for everyone to visit. new enhanced security measures -- jennifer will include photo : id checks for drivers and screening for visitors inside the welcome center. >> we are doing all the same security measures that other museums like the smithsonian are doing in area, screening folks,
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jennifer lines could be longer : to get in and some worry how it will affect the cemetery's serene nature. but the move isn't surprising many. >> i think it's a little bit of pity because you have feeling here to be very safe. >> i'd say it's good. there is no such thing as being too safe. >> because of the times i understand why they want more security. jennifer these enhanced security : measures will be phased in to try and minimize impact on visitors. at arlington national cemetery, i'm jennifer davis. >> now chief meteorologist with your stormwatch forecast. mike: weather-wise, not all that bad today. a little did of partial sun. a bit on the breezy side, but seasonable temperatures. getting dry and seasonal to -- seasonable temperatures tomorrow
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wouldn't be all that beneficial. in many parts the ground is not frozen just yet. we have to shots of some rain and bb an inch in some spots. an icy start early on tuesday. most of the next two systems bring ring to road test pouring rain to new hampshire. of here. mainly try to follow as we go on through friday. a few flurries in the mountains, a couple of snow showers and trying to skewed in. it will be dry in a part of new hampshire -- in a good part of
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tonight as temperatures coast from these readings. a lot of clouds will linger in the mountains. any clouds will have some clearing. it is seasonably cool through the great lakes in the midwest. tuesday. having some clear on the surface may allow for some rain. you will notice a slice of dry air into the great lakes. we will start to see the clouds takeover later on monday night. clouds give way to clearing. although up north they could be
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monday night and by early tuesday, heading out through the late part of the morning commute, they may experience eight touch of wet snow the north and may be rain mixing with some freezing rain in a few spots in southern new hampshire. that means rain falling out of the clouds and freezing on contact. we will finally get temperatures above freezing on late morning. on average between 42 and 44 south. the next system moves in with more rain. there could be a little mixing in northern and central new hampshire. outside of that mainly dry
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a couple of rain systems. >> it was nice to see the sun for a little bit today. it was a little revival. mica: it is crazy. you get a little bit of everything this week. adam: thank you. jason king joining us for a pretty good weekend with the wildcats.
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jason: hey everyone, the patriots are in new jersey with tom b number that would tie peyton 200. maning for the most all-time in nfl history. he's off to a slow start. new england just kicked a field goal. gronkowski left with what the patriots are calling a back injury. big win for the unh football team.
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forced turnovers. three touchdowns in the air. the first round victory sends the wildcats to james madison next saturday at two the dukes are the caa chance and have a record of 10-1. >> they are a great team. we will have to watch them and they have been playing. >> a tough opponent, tough place to play. just looking for the opportunity. jason: getting his start with the sixth goal of the season. tori takes a shot, it is going to be redirected. his fifth of the year.
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a 5-2 win. michaela shifrin has one thing that to back -- she followed up with another win in for monti today. she has one thing 10 consecutive women's world cup races. this was the first world cup event at congratulations to her. >> a special skiing talent. >> a deadly shooting investigation spanning multiple cities in maine. >> the suspect shot and killed. why the discovery afterward has police searching for more answers. cherise: now to our u-local hot shot. not everyone loves santa. that's the typical.
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u-local members, by logging onto
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night. after that two systems move through what they will bring our way. cherise: plus. a shooting investigation in maine. one man killed, another hospitalized. what we know about the shooter's deadly clash with police. adam: and do you recognize this man? police say he robbed a massachusetts gas station, beating an employee in the process. cherise: then, the electoral examination. a look at why have the electoral college and the chances of changing it. adam: today is one of the busiest travels days of the year. yet the roads in new hampshire are similar to the weather pretty breezy. good afternoon. i'm adam sexton. cherise: and i'm cherise leclerc. chief meteorologist mike haddad has a look at the forecast
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-- we need that rain. mike: some beneficial rain can fall between now and the time the ground freezes. temperatures on the chilly side, bit of a dusty northwesterly wind. it feels 10 degrees colder in many spots. a couple of clouds and the white mountains. as the next storm is taking shape in portions of the northern plains and the upper midwest. eventually that system will move it across new hampshire. you will notice it is clear sailing. what about the chance of a little bit of a ac travel before we get through the next storm? adam: right now an investigation
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shooting in maine overnight. cherise: police say two men were killed and a third wounded. police have only identified one of the victims 59-year-old norman strobel. investigators say they believe he shot a man 4 times at a camp in casco, maine saturday. that person was taken to the hospital in critical condition. strobel was killed this morning during a confrontation with police outside a mobile home in naples. investigators say they later found a dead body inside t adam: right now massachusetts police are looking for the man who robbed a gas station, beating up the clerk on duty. the incident happened in dartmouth, massachusetts friday. police say the suspect pictured beat the man with his gun and then took his money. the assault violent enough to send the clerk to the hospital. cherise: donald trump today says it is quote sad that hillary clinton is joining an effort to recount votes in 3 battleground states. adam: trump won the electoral vote 290 to clinton's 232 not counting michigan. but clinton is more than 2 million votes ahead in the
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is causing many to wonder just what did the constitutional framers have in mind when creating the electoral college. on election night, it's all about the results. the oval office, secured state by state. >> i think what people don't understand is they are not voting for a candidate. they are voting for the they are voting for the electo : politics at american university in washington, dc. she tells us the founding fathers weren't big fans of the popular vote. >> our elections would be decided by the electoral vote of every state. >> each state gets electoral
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to votes for its senators. that is 11 electoral votes. in most states whoever wins the most votes takes the most in what is called winner takes all. that is true everywhere except maine and nebraska. giving every state two votes for their senators was a way of balancing the interest of big and small states. >> they were so afraid of >> now hillary clinton joins a short list, five candidates who won the popular vote but lost the electoral college, bringing into focus the question of whether the framers got it right. >> changing the electoral college would require changing the constitution. states want a short-term fix their legislatures could consider moving from winner take all to the proportional method
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their ballots on december 19. >> i did some black friday shopping. >> if you held onto your wallets, good luck. >> the discounts that are hard to say no to and the most-watched holiday deal on amazon may surprise you. >> and the first world cup skiing event on the east coast's has just wrapped up. mo o
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cherise: the new owner's of the oldest general store in the nation are gearing up for its grand opening. the brick store in bath, new hampshire has been a mainstay since 1824. adam: it's new owners say they've cleaned up the old cash registers, built new shelves, and changed the lighting. they hope to reopen the store soon and offer some of the same items the landmark used to have available to its customers like
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adam: cyber monday is just hours away from beginning. and amazon is already giving us a sneak peek at some of their deals. tomorrow the online retailer will roll out more than 75,000 sales. amazon says the most watched deal this season so far has been the mermaid tail blanket. if you're looking for travel deals, experts say tomorrow is a great chance to snag discounted airline tickets. and apple, which rarely has sales, is expected to have deals to help you save big. cherise: speaking of apple. the computer giant has partnered with the conservation fund and is donating a 32,000 dollar easement to the forest society of maine. the forest society says the easement ensures the land will become a healthy, sustainable working forest. apple says the easement will protect the forest's wetlands, rivers, streams and aquatic
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more than 16,000 people gathered to participate in the skiing world cup. this is the first world cup event in decades. some of the best athletes gathered for this competition. michaela shifrin won her fifth straight world cup. you can find more news on our website. holidays just wouldn't be the same without the sugar plum fairy and the mouse king. the nutcracker is performed globally as an annual tradition.
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now your storm watch nine forecast. mike: fairly dry and seasonably cool.
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right now we do have a few clouds lingering but it is mainly dry. good news for those traveling not just anywhere but in new hampshire. a couple of snow showers in vermont and down through the berkshires and massachusetts. temperature wise, on the chilly side but seasonably so. 40 in salem and up towards the coast upper 30's and hampton and hampton falls. a little bit cooler in the upper valley. some of the low lying areas a bit cooler in some of the higher terrain.
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temperatures go back to seasonably chilly levels. notice how they fall. it is on average upper 20's and lower to mid 20's in northern parts of new hampshire. as we go into tuesday, here comes system number one in the midwest. the ground may be right near 32 degrees, allowing light icing to occur on untreated surfaces, so stay tuned the updated forecast for that possibility of icing early tuesday.
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seasonably cool levels. then that system begins to approach. clear skies. we are right near 32 in areas northwest of manchester. that could result in a bit of icing at 11 in the morning. elsewhere it lower 40's with rain anywhere in the lakes region. lower 40's south. and similar temperatures as we go into the day on tuesday. then the rain begins to fall. at aura below freezing, that means a touch of freezing rain
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there today. tough to call exactly when the rain gets in. any time prior to 10:00 the surface temperatures are going to be at or below freezing. it could be tricky with the first rain mess of the week. then it tapers off tuesday night. then system number two is slightly warmer. two shots of benefic >> still waiting on the first statewide snowfall. >> later on next week and into the following week, whether that means a lot of snow or not, stay tuned. >> thanks so much. the nutcracker is a great way to kick off the holiday season. adam: at the palace theatre in manchester,dancers from the southern new hampshire dance theatre perform the classic as
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known to make a cameo. >> it's a beloved ballet full of holiday cheer. the nutcracker at the palace is a must-see for many. >> it's not christmas without the nutcracker. >> patricia has been staging this classic ever since founding one of the states find this schools for dance. >> they look forward to dancing and a live orchestra. reporter: rehearsal starts in this studio at the beginning of october with dancers putting in about 15 hours per week to get
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weekend, there are two casts. these dancers will alternate playing the coveted role of clara. >> i've gone from reindeer, which is a baby part, all the way up to ar >> it's a magical role. i really love it. i love the party scene and battle scene, because that's when the story becomes real. >> this ballet tells the story of clara, who is given a net cracker for christmas, and takes
5:48 pm
many of these principal dances started performing in the nutcracker years ago and remember dreaming of the day when they could play a lead role. >> i wanted to be so much like them. it's crazy thinking i'm there now. ? [applause] reporter: joining the cast are some >> it's a totally different feeling to have a different partner lifting you and turning you. it's a fortunate opportunity they have learning here. >> we have surprise guests appear as mother ginger. i will give that away. reporter: making tchaikovsky's scorer moore and chanting the
5:49 pm
enchanting is the live orchestra. >> it gives you a rush, because you see the conductor and say it is really happening. >> i enjoy the dancing, but i'm really here for the music. >> it's the only cracker in new hampshire with a professional live orchestra. music, stunning costumes, and lively dances, this is often the first ballet most ever see, and it continues to be a favorite. >> it is a storyline kids can follow. there is mice and snow. the girls are all crazy and they want to win the sugarplum fairy trf and the kids are into the
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we are back to see it again because it is a great show. >> they come 10 years in a row from when they are six to 16 and they still love it. >> from the growing christ sugarplum fairy. each ballerina has a favorite moment. >> i love it when the snow starts to fall. it makes it more difficult for the dancers because it can be slippery, but it is fun to watch.
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it's really funny. we are all on stage trying to smile through it. >> on this night the special guest -- yes, that's me in my ballet debut. >> that's a crowd pleaser everybody likes it. it, and when you have a lot of young kids it -- the crowd loves it. >> the girls worked so hard all year.
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>> sheer magic from the first curtain to the last. the nutcracker is creating memories for the audience and dancers alike. >> it's my favorite time of year . i can't imagine what it will be like when i'm not here doing it. >> i don't think i've ever seen her wear that on the anchor cast. an appearance during a performance yesterday. here is a behind the scenes look at the makeup process. the performance is wrapping up right now. -- the final performance is wrapping up right now. adam: for his bar mitzvah one teen had one wish lots of sneakers. cherise: but it's what he did with those sneakers that's proving he's no ordinary 13-year-old. adam: ahead at 6, a robbery suspect now under arrest in the queen city. why police say his arrest may have solved another crime. cherise: plus, water restrictions eased in salem. coming up, what homeowners are
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boy is stirring up chatter this evening after spending $25,000 on shoes the kicker he gave them into a fundraiser and his passion for sneakers into an extraordinary act of kindness. the texas teen was able to purchase 800 pairs of sneakers and more than 400 pairs of socks for students in need. >> it is an amazing feeling to give back to them. adam: while he didn't keep the gifts he did enjoy an amazing party. cherise: a new hampshire musician's cross-country journey to spread joy to granite state kids is coming to an end.
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percussion. he's been on a mission to collect toys and money for local children. and he's been driving a box truck from las vegas today he's passing through the midwest. his goal is to hit $10,000 by the time he reaches new hampshire tomorrow and today he said he still needs about $4,000 to reach that goal. we're pretty confident he can do it. what a great thing. cherise: thanks for joining us for news 9 at 5:00. adam: we'll be right back with news 9 at 6:00.
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mike: with the ground not frozen yet in many areas, rain would certainly help against the drought. a look at when the next system moves in. >> a lot of folks want to clean things up before the snow flies. cherise: water restrictions temporarily eased in salem. have to get everything ready for winter. adam: suspect now under arrest, accused of robbing two banks. and attempting to rob another one. where police found him as he was trying to get away. cherise: and, ready to work with trump? one new hampshire democrat says yes. tonight, why she says she's ready to look for common ground. announcer: now wmur news 9 at six. adam: tonight millions of people


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