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tv   News 9 at Six  ABC  November 27, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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mike: with the ground not frozen yet in many areas, rain would certainly help against the drought. a look at when the next system moves in. >> a lot of folks want to clean things up before the snow flies. cherise: water restrictions temporarily eased in salem. have to get everything ready for winter. adam: suspect now under arrest, accused of robbing two banks. and attempting to rob another one. where police found him as he was trying to get away. cherise: and, ready to work with trump? one new hampshire democrat says yes. tonight, why she says she's ready to look for common ground. announcer: now wmur news 9 at six. adam: tonight millions of people
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thanksgiving destinations. traffic has been flowing smoothly all day long. charisse: -- good evening. i'm adam sexton. cherise: and i'm cherise leclerc. so what can drivers expect on their drive home? chief meteorologist mike haddad is here with the details. mike: all of the major roads are in fine shape. through this evening. there are changes developing in the midwest. when will that approach here? not during the day tomorrow. it is dry for your monday. the clouds thicken up and here
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in parts of southern new hampshire. we will take a closer look at that system and another batch of rain moving in straight ahead. cherise: now lets take a look at how traffic is moving this evening. the commute on eye 93 from the state line to manchester is moving good. on 293 traffic is moving slightly slower near the tolls. concord traffic is slow moving. and traffic to and from the seacoast on the spaulding turnpike is moving good. adam: despite recent rainfall, much of the state remains in a moderate to severe drought, and we're expected to enter the new year with extremely dry conditions. but right now one town is easing water restrictions. wmur's siobhan lopez joins us
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siobhan: salem is one of the few areas that remains in an extreme drought, but the town is easing their restrictions right before the start of winter. >> a lot of folks want to clean things up before the snow flies. siobhan: good news for salem residents who have been under water restrictions for months, for the next few days some day-time outdoor watering is allowed, giving them the chance to wash their cars, boats, or homes and get everything ready for winter. >> we thought for a week and a half or so we'd give folks a chance on odd numbered days to get that done before december hit. siobhan: the town gets the majority of their water from it in decades. since july the mandatory restrictions included no outdoor water use between 7am-midnight, over-night watering allowed only on odd-numbered days hoses are only to be used for filling watering cans or pools less then 100 gallons. >> people would prefer to obey the law and the rules instead of violating them so i think this gives them a way to do what they have to do and not be in
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siobhan: the ease on the restrictions are only until wednesday, after that, it's back to the same rules since july. >> we're going to wait to see what the winter has in store for us but we'll keep the ban in effect, we'll talk about it again in the spring. siobhan: daytime outdoor watering in salem is only allowed on the remaining odd-numbered days of november, which after today leaves just tuesday. live in the studio siobhan lopez wmur news9. cherise: right now, a man is behind bars, accused of robbing to rob another. the alleged robberies span over a period of nearly a year. wmur's mike cronin joins us live from the bank that police say was robbed this morning. mike: manchester police say the suspect was unarmed when he allegedly robbed this t.d. bank on south willow street this morning. 40-year-old michael giles, who police say is homeless, is charged with two counts of
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officers spotted him just down the road from the t.d. bank on gold street today trying to start a mini bike. police identified him as the man shown in this surveillance picture from the bank, and say he had an undisclosed amount of money on him. last wednesday, police say this security footage shows giles robbing another t.d. bank on bay street. and back in january, giles is accused of trying to rob a citizens bank on elm street. police are crediting all the to find their suspect. anyone who might have information is asked to call police. live in manchester, mike cronin wmur news9. , cherise: tonight, two drivers are recovering after a crash in nashua. officials say this afternoon two cars got into an accident on kinsley street at edwards street, they say one of the cars hit a utility pole. officials say a fire hydrant was damaged into the crash and might need to be replaced. both drivers were taken to the
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adam: to commitment 2016 now and one new hampshire democrat in washington signaling she's ready to work with a trump white house. on close-up this morning congresswoman annie kuster said she won't hesitate to call out president-elect donald trump, but she also stands ready to collaborate on points of agreement. >> i didn't support him, obviously, and i'm very skeptical. but i'm going to look for common ground, whether it's opiates or his family talked about paid family leave that's a big priority of mine. infrastructure, big priority of mine but the devil's going to be in the details. adam: kuster made history on election day as the first democrat in new hampshire to be elected to three consecutive terms in congress. cherise: the 45-th salem holiday parade stepped off earlier this afternoon with big crowds lining main street. more than 70 floats, marching bands, and groups of costumed characters joined in the fun. the parade is run by volunteers
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for many the parade marks the beginning of the holiday season. the salem exchange club walked the parade route today collecting food and necessities for families in need. >> great for the kids great for everyone we have some great bands and other acts that join us every year. it's just fun time the weather is gorgeous and it's fun to be in the holiday spirit. cherise: this year's parade grand marshal was salem police officer matthew norcross. adam: you guys did a good job. thousands raised for a woman battling breast cancer. cherise: coming up, the special fundraiser held for her. adam: plus, a local teenager is collecting toys for kids at boston children's hospital. coming up, who inspired her to help. mike lots of weather changes as : we move through this week. when we see the most sun plus when rain and even some mixing
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adam: more than six-thousand dollars has been raised for a north country woman diagnosed with breast cancer. cherise: saturday the berlin river drivers held a game at notre dame arena. nick wright, who organized the event shaved his head to raise money for jolinda hawkins. hawkins is a u.s. army veteran, and just started chemo in august. teams wore special pink camo jerseys for the game. the jerseys were then auctioned off raising 4$500. a total of six-thousand-fifty dollars will go to hawkins. adam: in dover, a teenager named sierra is collecting toys for kids at boston children's hospital. she decided she wanted to help after her nephew who was born with a heart defect spent his first year of life in the hospital. she said she saw many kids without toys in the hospital around the holidays so she decided to take action. the dean at her school is now involved and they are putting
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home with a baby box aimed at encouraging safe sleeping habits. the boxes include firm mattresses. and they are designed for babies up to eight months. the birthing center at memorial hospital in north conway is providing the boxes to families who express or show a need for help in providing a safe sleep environment for their babies. >> that includes the jacket, the had come of the scarf. we're going to look at the timeline coming up. cherise: later in sports, the bruins were on the ice for a sunday matinee, could they skate past the lightning? adam: now to our u-local hot shot. here's big g the 15 foot reinderr. jenny hurley says she has been wanting to make this for two years and finally did after several weeks.
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sunshine out there. a little bit of a gusty wind at times and that brees was making it feel colder than the actual temperature, which topped off in the low 40's. looking ahead, july and seasonable into monday night. there are two storms we are tracking this week. you may think a lot of snow, but it looks like two rain chances. could start as an icy mix. the second system would hold off until sometime wednesday or wednesday night. a couple of flurries, precipitation. 10 atop mount washington. right at seasonably chilly
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go through an early december timeframe. any onshore wind will warm up the surface. clear skies will develop. mid to upper 20's south. age i to your monday. not all that cold. seasonably cool and the great northern plains states. we are not talking about normal temperatures by any stretch. temperatures will be at or below freezing. and a little bit of my sea travel and southern parts of new hampshire. good traveling weather for tomorrow morning as well and full sunshine.
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need the shades. here comes the rain. until the end of the morning commute, that is when it is near 32 degrees. all the way up through concord in the 89 stretch. right at 32. it is all green or yellow. that means green, light to moderate. half an inch in some spots. because the ground is not yet frozen in many parts of new hampshire, any rain we do get is beneficial in terms of putting a dent into the drought. wednesday evening into early thursday morning.
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is right at seasonable levels. now we get to tuesday, rain moves in but notice that spot icing. we are really going to have to watch the roads, especially from five, 6:00 a.m. to about 10 in the morning. wednesday mostly cloudy. and then the next storm moves in. ends by daybreak try elsewhere in new hampshire. good news there, two systems. we are only going to get about half an inch so it won't watch out -- month washout. adam: every year when the patriots play in new york, there
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: are in new jersey taking on the jets, as brady goes for career win number 200. that would tie peyton maning for the most all-time in nfl history. slow going, tied in the third quarter. gronkowski left the game with a back injury, and he is out. malcolm mitchell has the only touchdown for new england. 10-10 in the third. 11. how about the dolphins, they have one thing six in a row. hosting chip kelly and his 49ers today 3rd quarter, dolphins up 3. ryan tannehill connects with kenny stills. he does the rest. touchdown miami. the 49ers actually had a chance to tie it in the final seconds, but the dolphins hold on for the 31-24 win, they improve to 7-4, san francisco is 1-10 . big win for the un hfootball team on saturday, they beat 18th ranked lehigh 64-21, behind 637 total yards of offense, and
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senior quarterback adam riese led the way with 273 yards and 3 touchdowns in the air, while dalton crossan carried the ball 24 times for 184 yards. the wildcats move onto james madison next saturday at 2:00. the dukes are the caa champs and have a record of 10-1. >> they are a great team. we will have to go in and watch them film and see how they have been playing. >> hockey now, and the bruins played a sunday matinee at the td garden hosting the tampa bay lightninng, boston trying to snap a three game losing streak, no scoring in the first period. bruins get 3 in the second, dominic moore gets it started with his 6th goal of the season, 1-0 boston. bruins on the power play, torey krug takes the shot, it's redirected by david backes in
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then david krejci skates up the near boards, sends a backhanded centering pass to jimmy hayes, he redirects it to the top corner, his first goal of the season, 3-0 boston after two. bruins win 4-1, tuukka rask made 30 saves, they play at philadelhia on tuesday the monarchs are at the jackals. the jackals scored the dartmouth hockey team wrapped up its two-game series with a 5-2 win. that is southern new hampshire university taking on iceland.
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mikaela shiffrin has won back to back slalom events to start the world cup season, she won the season opener in finland, and followed it up with another win at killington, vermont today. shiffrin lived in nh for a while as a kid, and attended burke mountain academy in northern vermont. so the olympic champion was the clear crowd favorite. the win was the 22 world cup victory for the 21-year-old, and 10th consecutive slalom win. this weekend's world cup races were the first for killington, and the first in 38 years in vermont. college hoops today, snhu southern new hampshire university hosting chestnut hill. a couple nh guys hook up, dimitri floras of merrimack
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points, 9 rebounds. chris walters finds jerome harris. harris hits for 3, he five points. adrian oliveira also getting into the three point action. penmen win 88-64, they are 4-0. good for them. and the patriots now start talking about mikaela shifrin the olympics again. thanks for watching news nine at
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tonight, a special edition of "world news tonight" from havana. the death of fidel castro. the dictator reigning for decades, defying the u.s. nine official days of mourning here in cuba have now begun. the flags at half-staff. tonight, cuban exiles in miami celebrating in the streets of little havana. families who now mourn their leader. and what they say about a future relationship with the u.s. also, the cuba backlash. new questions about the renewed ties with america. president-elect donald trump's team calling it a one-sided deal, suggesting it won't last long. and president obama facing some backlash for his official statement.


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