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tv   News 9 Tonight  ABC  November 27, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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caption content and accuracy. visit] >> window he provides evidence that we can assess, he is blowing off steam. cherise: now at 11:00, new controversy as the president-elect says new hampshire is among the states with serious voter fraud issues. what one political analyst is saying about trump's latest batch of tweets. a robbery suspect now under arrest. where police spotted him just moments after he allegedly robbed a queen city bank. mike: dry for now, but there are two systems to track that will bring some beneficial rain our bring some beneficial rain our way. former cuban leader fidel castro stirring up mixed emotions. tonight, the passionate response. >> no one covers new hampshire like we do. now, wmur news 9 tonight. cherise: we begin with developing news out of berlin. fire officials there confirm that a child has been airlifted to dartmouth. senior assistant attorney general jeffery strelzin has
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general's office is involved in an investigation in berlin, but would not comment on whether it involved the child being taken to dartmouth. also developing right now, manchester police are investigating a shooting in the area of lake avenue near belmont street. they say one person has been taken to the hospital with non-life threatening injuries. the road in the area was closed while police investigated. officials say the suspect is still at large. good evening. i'm cherise leclerc. tonight, new controversy surrounding what donald trump is saying about new hampshire. in a tweet, the president elect claims there was serious voter fraud in the granite state. wmur's mike cronin joins us live in the studio with reaction. mike: donald trump sent out several tweets earlier today criticizing the hillary clinton campaign decision to take part in recount efforts started by green party nominee jill stein. but just a few hours ago, the focus changed to new hampshire. he won the election and will be inaugurated in less than two
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elect donald trump turned his attention to three states where he lost in the election, including new hampshire. >> until he provides some evidence that we can assess, i think he's just kind of blowing off a little bit of steam. mike: trump tweeted, "serious voter fraud in virginia, new hampshire, and california, so why isn't the media reporting on this? serious bias -- big problem." >> we have had no indication systemic voter fraud of any sort. he doesn't provide any information in the tweet. mike: political analyst dean spiliotes thinks trump might be bothered by recent coverage of hillary clinton's growing lead in the popular vote as well as national discussions of whether the electoral college is still relevant. >> maybe in his mind, because he won here handily in the new hampshire primary and hillary clinton lost the democratic primary and it was a very close race, she won by i think 2,700 votes or something like that in the general election, that you can explain that away based on voter fraud. mike: earlier today trump
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if you deduct the millions of people who voted illegally." >> conservatives have often argued that there's systemic voter fraud. there's not a lot of evidence of that, but it's still out there. mike: spiliotes says trump might be unhappy with some questioning the legitimacy of his victory. >> some people are saying that he's doing this to distract from other issues with his transition. perhaps. but i think this is going to become the story for a while and i think that's problematic for him because he really needs to focus on ramping up because he did win the elti mike: news 9 spoke to new hampshire secretary of state bill gardner by phone tonight but he had no comment on trump's claims. live in the studio, mike cronin, wmur news9. cherise: mike, thank you. meantime, wisconsin election officials are expected to meet tomorrow to discuss a possible timeline for a recount of the state's presidential election. the recount comes at the request of green party candidate jill stein, who says it's important to determine whether hacking may
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michigan. one new hampshire democrat in washington signaling she's ready to work with a trump white house. on "close-up this morning," congresswoman annie kuster said she won't hesitate to call out president-elect donald trump, but she also stands ready to collaborate on points of agreement. representative kuster: i didn't support him, obviously, and i'm very skeptical. but i'm going to look for common ground, whether it's opiates or you know, his family talked about paid family leave -- that's a big priority of mine. infrastructure, big priority of mine. but the devil's going to be in the details. cherise: kuster made history on election day as the first democrat in new hampshire to be elected to three consecutive terms in congress. tonight, skies are clear and temperatures are in the 30's. here's a live look in windham, -- hooksett, traffic is moving smoothly. so what can we expect heading into the work week?
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mike: we are correcting two systems is weak but not for monday, the good news is that it stays there through monday. notice in southern new hampshire, the skies are completely clear and the wind is calm. 26 in nashua. that is a combination of clear skies and light wind. yo manchester north and west what eventually we will give way to a lot of zone on monday. about-face on -- not so sunday on tuesday -- sunny on tuesday. how much rain can we expect and what about a chance for icy travel? cherise: mike, thank you. the town of salem is temporarily easing water restrictions. the board of selectmen voted to
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outdoor water use after they received several requests from residents who wanted to wash their cars, boats, or homes. town officials didn't want to do away with all of the restrictions since the extremely dry conditions are expected to continue into the new year, but they wanted to give residents a chance to prepare for winter. >> people would prefer to obey the law and the rules instead of violating them. so i think this gives them a way to do what they have to do and not be in violation. cherise: daytime outdoor water use in salem is only allowed on in november, which after today, leaves tuesday. right now, a man is facing multiple charges, accused of robbing two manchester banks -- and trying to rob another. the alleged robberies span over a period of nearly a year. and his capture may have solved the months-old attempted robbery case. these surveillance photos of 40-year-old michael giles may have solved three different bank robberies. the man who police say is homeless is now facing two
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of attempted robbery. officers spotted him just down the road from the t.d. bank on gold street today trying to start a mini bike. police then identified him as the man shown in this surveillance picture from the bank, and say he had an undisclosed amount of money on him. last wednesday, police say this security footage shows giles robbing another t.d. bank on bay street. and back in january, giles is accused of trying to rob a citizens bank on elm street. surveillance images with helping to find their suspect. and anyone with information on this case or the suspect, michael giles, should call police. tonight, two drivers are recovering after a crash in ashua. officials say this afternoon two cars got into an accident on kinsley street at edwards street. one of those cars hit a utility pole. they say a fire hydrant was damaged in the crash and might need to be replaced.
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tonight, five people are displaced after a four-alarm fire in dorchester, massachusetts. crews were called to the home just before 1:00 this afternoon. according to the boston fire department, the flames started in the back of that two family house. investigators say the cause of the fire was a short circuit in a first floor power strip. one firefighter was taken to the hospital with a minor leg burn. firefighters estimate the damage to be around $350,000. in cuba ni the first week of their post - fidel castro history. the 90-year-old leader who ruled his country with an iron fist for decades died friday. abc's elizabeth hur has the latest. elizabeth: in cuba, it is the end of an era, and the beginning of an official nine days of mourning for fidel castro, with flags flying at half staff, and churches in havana offering mass
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worshippers call a revolutionary leader and a champion. castro, who took power in 1959, promising democracy, soon jailed and executed opponents, sending more than a million cubans into exile. >> libertad. libertad. elizabeth: so in miami, there are chants and cheers among cuban exiles and their families. miami-dade commissioner rebecca sosa was just eight when she fled cuba wiou prisoners. >> that was very hard, and i was very small. elizabeth: but now, it's a time to reflect for sosa, with this gift from her father. >> open only when fidel dies. elizabeth: other cuban americans say they are hopeful change will come, albeit slowly.
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place, the repression continues, the lack of freedom continues and so no, it won't be an overnight thing. at all. elizabeth: and earlier, president-elect donald trump also warned he might undo america's renewed ties with cuba, but in his latest statement, he now says he'll do he can to ensure cuba's prosperity and liberty. elizabeth hur, abc news, new york. cherise: well, shots fired in new orleans. two people are now in custody after a deadly shooting sent people running through the streets. injured in a shooting in maine what police believe unfolded at two different crime scenes. mike: lots of changes as we move
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cherise: tonight an investigation is underway after a 25-year-old man was killed and nine others injured on the most famous section of new orleans. surveillance video captured the panic after shots rung out on bourbon street in the french quarter. tonight two suspects are in custody in relation to the gunfire. police say the shooting was sparked by an argument. >> we believe they ran into each other in the streets and then argument ensued that stemmed from an argument that was already from another place.
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years old. right now four people are still hospitalized but are expected to be okay. right now a rhode island man is in the hospital after being shot four times in maine. an hours long manhunt led police to the suspect this morning. as morgan sturdivant from our sister station wmtw tells us, a gunfight later occurred leading to the suspects death. >> i actually knew the man that lived there, in that trailer down there. so it's a little bit shocking is picking up the pieces of two crime scenes. two people killed by gunshot wounds and one man injured. they say it started when the shooting suspect, 59-year-old norman j. strobel, went to a camp in casco where a couple, 28-year-old alyssa goulet and 32-year-old jason almeida, both of rhode island, were staying on winifred lane. police say they heard knocking and then someone saying it was a sheriff. >> a female got up and looked
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silhouette of a man and then saw a gun come up and that's when she ducked out of the way and a male subject in the residence as well went to her aid and that's when he was shot. the suspect fired some shots through the kitchen window and struck a male subject inside. morgan: police say the camp was owned by strobel's ex-girlfriend who was not there at the time and there was a him by her. they were able to track strobel through his cell phone to a mobile home on songo school road in naples. when they arrived they could see an injured man inside. >> they could see some blood on his face and thought that he was injured so they made a rapid entry to go in and provide aid and that's when they met an individual coming down the hall way, appeared out and started firing shots at them. morgan: no deputies were hurt
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the man they saw injured had already been shot and killed. ryan hamlin says he knew the victim. ryan: i've known him for a long time, he was a friend of a friend and he was a good guy and i don't know how he got involved in it but i hope, i hope it wasn't, i don't know, i hope it was random. it's kind of scary, actually, to think that it was. morgan: morgan sturdivant, wmur news 9. cherise: the u.s. army corps of engineers in north dakota say they won't forcibly remove protestors camping out at the dakota access oil pipeline. in a statement released today, the corps said that it is seeking a peaceful and orderly transition to a safer location. the corps notified tribal leaders friday that all federal lands near the pipeline will be closed to public access starting december 5. tonight, millions of people are
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the tsa says passengers have been moving quite smoothly through security checkpoints at airports. a spokeswoman says over two million passengers were screened today. faa data shows an average delay of 15 minutes or less this afternoon. new data released shows holiday shoppers are a little more careful about spending their money this year. the national retail federation says more than 154 million people shopped in stores and online during the holiday weekend. but each consumer spent an average of $10 less than in 2015. 2015. they attribute the stop to more the 45th salem holiday parade stepped off earlier this afternoon with big crowds lining main street. more than 70 floats, marching bands, and groups of costumed characters joined in the fun. the parade is run by volunteers and funded by local businesses and generous donors. for many the parade marks the beginning of the holiday season. the salem exchange club walked the parade route today , collecting food and necessities for families in need.
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we have some great bands and other acts that join us every year. it is justified time. the weather is gorgeous and it's >> -- it is just a fun time. the weather is gorgeous and it's fun to be in the holiday spirit. cherise: this year's parade grand marshal was salem police officer matthew norcross. nick ride who organized the event true to his head to raise money for hawkins, a u.s. army veteran starting august. teams wore special jerseys that were auctioned off in a total of $6,050 will go to hawkins. >> and now, mike with your stormwatch 9 forecast. mike: hopefully not too many complaints over the thanksgiving weekend, some sunshine and clouds and a little precipitation. today was mainly derided but we have two storms we're going to
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storms we are going to be tracking. dry and seasonable for monday night and then rain chances follow. the first one starts out as an icy mix on tuesday. the second system arrives wednesday with a quick shot off thursday and mainly dry as we go into friday and the upcoming weekend. look departing maine -- a few scattered snow showers departing maine. in terms of temperatures, the coldest readings are down in southern new hampshire including matthew at 26 -- nashua at 26 and keenan 29. cloud cover is given temperatures from falling off of
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overnight tonight, skies become clear from the lake regions authorities will close your crust -- south and east. temperature was, 20's to around the 30's by morning. it is cooled in the great lakes, a surge of cooler to the clai o states. a little bit of freezing rain cannot be ruled out. mainly clear skies developed tonight, a lot of clouds in the upper valley and mountains and the great north woods. they give way to sunshine during the day on monday. speaking of monday, a lot of
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night when the clouds begin to move in and temperatures out is that below freezing -- ahead of that below freezing. it may freeze on contact for late freezing rain north and west of manchester to 9:00 or 10:00 or 11:00 in the morning and then it changes to rain, some of it steady, evidential or more in some areas. the good news, ground -- thousand inch or more in some areas. the good news, ground not -- half of an inch or more in some areas. the good news, ground not frozen yet. tuesday, starts as an icy mix. a few bricks of the sun on wednesday. -- brealks of the sun on wednesday.
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friday. two shots of rain, a good combination to put a dent in the draft, skiers, do not fret. cherise: at night, any insurance of icy streets? mike: -- chance of receiving streaks -- icy streaks? mike: early tuesday, we watch. cherise:
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sports. jason: tom brady earned his 200th career win today, joining peyton manning at the top of the all-time list. but, it wasn't easy. in fact, it looked like brady would have to wait another week to try for 200. early on it was 3-0 jets in the first, and rob gronkowski deep down field. he missed last week with a chest injury, but this time the patriots say it's his back. he did not return to the game. we will see what happens as the week goes on. first play of the second quarter, ryan fitzpatrick connects with brandon marshall for the jets touchdown, 10-0 new york in front. 10-3 now, tom brady drops the ball in the backfield, but gets a good bounce and is able to find malcolm mitchell in the back of the endzone. touchdown pats, 10-10 at halftime. 13-10 pats in the fourth. fitzpatrick this time to quincy
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the back corner of the endzone, it was reviewed. 17-13 jets in front. 17-16, with about 2:15 to go, brady connects chris hogan to set up this. patriots rally from behind to win it 22-17, they improve to 9-2, host the rams next sunday. >> we did not play as well as we wanted to, but we made the pl it is a division game on the road, it is always a tough team to play. i thought they played pretty well and i am glad we made the plays at the end. jason: how about the dolphins, they have now won six in a row. hosting chil kelly and his 49ers today 3rd quarter, dolphins up 3. the 49ers actually had a chance to tie it in the final seconds, but the dolphins hold on for the 31-24 win. they improve to 7-4. san francisco is 1-10
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7-6 jags, first play of the second half, lashawn mccoy changes it quickly. mccoy rushed for 103 yards and two scores, bills win 28-21. so after 11 weeks of the season, the patriots are still among the top teams in the league. two from the afc, patriots and the raiders are at nine and two. played a sunday matinee at the td garden hosting the tampa bay lightning, boston trying to snap a three game losing streak, no scoring in the first. but the bruins get 3 in the second, dominic moore gets it started with his 6th goal of the season, loose 1, 1-zero boston. bruins on the power play, torey krug takes the shot, it's redirected by david backes in
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near boards, sends a backhanded centering pass to jimmy hayes, edirection, his first of the season. 3-0. they play it on tuesday. derek arnold scored of the manchester goal, they play on the road on tuesday on adirondack. the dartmouth hockey team wrapped up it's two game series five-to win. troy crema scored two goals and added an assist. dartmouth plays at clarkson on friday night. final day of the manchester police athletic league's stovepipe tournament, snhu taking on software get the ice den. michael busconi scores, cut the lead to 3-1, but that was it for the penmen, suffolk goes on to win it 5-1. still to come tonight, world cup alpine skiing took center stage in vermont this weekend, with mikaela shiffrin
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jason: mikaela shiffrin has won back to back slalom events to start the world cup season. her latest win came at killngton, vermont today. shiffrin lived in new hampshire for a while as a kid, and attended burke mountain academy in northern vermont, so the olympic champion was the clear crowd favorite. the win was the 22 world cup victory for the 21-year-old, and 10th consecutive slalom win. this weekend's world cup races were the first for killington, and the first in 38 years in vermont. college hoops today, snhu hosting chestnut hill. a couple new hampshire guys hook up. dimitri floras of merrimack feeds devin gilligan of amherst. he knocks down a three. gilligan finished with 15 points, nine rebounds. then chris walters finds jerome harris. good started three of his five points for the afternoon -- who knocked the three of his five points for the afternoon. adrian oliveira buries three of his 12 points. walters scored a game-high 20 points. cherise: it is chilly out there. mike: a nice day tomorrow and a couple of tricky commutes, one
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