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tv   Good Morning America  ABC  November 28, 2016 7:00am-9:00am EST

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good morning, america. president-elect trump lashes out launching a twitter tirade over those calls for an election recount, making the claim -- with zero evidence -- that millions of americans voted illegally and that he should have won the popular vote. the recount set to get underway in wisconsin. hillary clinton's campaign says they're joining in. end of an era. celebrations and mourning. over the death of dictator fidel castro. now new questions about the united states' future with cuba and trump's promise to "roll back relations." "world news tonight" anchor david muir is live in havana. lucky to be alive. the kidnapped mom found bound on the side of the road weeks after she was reportedly abducted on a jog. an eyewitness who discovered that mother of two now speaking out.
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must really need help. >> as the massive manhunt ramps up for two women accused of being to linked to the abduction. and get ready. it's cybermonday. and we have secrets to huge savings, after a record black friday frenzy. >> okay, you goe got the red. >> the online tricks to use right now. and the deals you'll find only on "gma." and good morning, america. we hope you had a great holiday weekend. thanksgiving if the rearview mirror now. how many days until christmas? >> 26. >> 26 days until christmas. the shopping has already begun. >> some shoppers got too intense. take a look at what happened. this is at a nike store nisi atle. >> what did they do? >> they were searching for
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we have a big event. special deals from tory johnson coming up that you can purchase from the comfort of your computer. a new election firestorm. the green party has call frd a recount in the key swing state of wisconsin. recounts expected in michigan and pennsylvania as well. hillary clinton's campaign joining the efforts though they expect no change in the final results. >> donald trump is railing twitter storm on sunday. david wright is in madison, wisconsin, where officials are set to meet today. good morning to you, david. >> reporter: good morning, amy. donald trump won this state by less than 1%. fewer than22,000 votes. it's possible, but unlikely, that the effort here will change the ru89s. already, trump is complaining loutdly. donald trump always railed
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system. >> bag part of the rigged system. we call it a rigged system. we're in a rigged system, folks. >> reporter: now he's blasting the effort to recount the vote if the rust belt as a green party scam. the people have spoken and the election is over, he said, in his first comments about the recount. we must accept this result and look to the future. the recall effort is being join bid the clinton campaign. to ensure the process proceeds in a manner that isr clinton's lawyer says the campaign has been urged by supporters to quote, do something, anything, to investigate claims that the election results were hacked. but concedes that the clinton campaign's own investigators have not uncovered any actionable evidence of hacking or outside attempts to alter the voting technology. >> why in the world can't the democrats, quote, accept the election results. >> reporter: trump's twitter
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the popular vote if you deduct the millions of people who voted illegally. then he claimed serious voter praud in virginia, new hampshire, and california. so why isn't the immediate ra reporting on this? serious bias. big problem. in both cases, trump offered no proof to back up his claim. abc found no evidence of widespread fraud. the official tally has trump trailing clipten in the popular vote by more than 2 million. california's secretary of state called his allegation of voter fraud there absurd, insisting his reckless tweets are inappropriate and unbecoming of president-elect. again, it is highly unlikely this recount effort will swing the results. it is conceivably possible if you add in michigan and pennsylvania. that's why the trump campaign, donald trump himself is calling clinton a hypocrite.
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political analyst matthew dowd. let's start with the claim, baseless claim, that millions voted illegally, still extraordinary that he is complaining after he won the election. >> the irony is he says you can trust 10,000 votes spread across three states. but you can't trust 2 million states spread across 50 states. there are three problems. he made in up, intentionally or unintentionally. you can't president-elect. the most important aspect of a president is credibility and trump. every time donald trump does something like this, he undermines it. three, the country is searching for a common set of facts and the truth. and when donald trump does this, it continues to divide the country. >> some kriters see a strategy, a diversion from other stories on the thanks sis, particularly conflicts of interest.
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ultimately hurt donald trump in this. it's not the appointments or policies. it is what are all these conflicts of interest and the the level they rise and countries across the world where he's got particular business interests. i think that is the thing that will follow him through this entire presidency. >> we're seeing an extraordinary public fight over his pick for secretary of state. we know he's talked to mitt romney. his campaign campaign transition adviser, raising real questions about romney saying there would be backlash among his conservative base. would she be doing this if donald trump didn't want her to? >> it's unpres denned. either she's doing it because he wanted her to do it, which is weird to begin with. why doesn't he make an announcement he's no longer considering him. or she's not and doing it off
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the funny thing is i think it's ironic that donald trump should ntd appoint mitt romney because he wasn't loyal in the primary, and kelly ann con way work frd ted cruz, attacking donald trump, then went to work for him. >> thank you, matthew dowd. trump and millions around the world are reacting to the death of fidel castro. cuba is observing a nine-day period of mourning. his emotions and fierce political debate here in the states. >> reporter: good morning, amy. as you know, fidel castro defied u.s. presidents for nearly half a century. we have talked to so many cubans in the streets here. one man telling me, without castro, cuba is nothing. when i asked two young women are they looking forward to the possibility of new free comes to here, they told me they're happy with what they have.
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their leader. walk down the streets of cuba, and you can sense it. a country in mourning. the streets nearly empty. the flags at half staff. the music you typically hear in the streets here, silent. a country dealing with the loss of their long-time leader, fidel castro. he died late friday night. [ speaking spanish ] he tells us he's proud of his leader but that fidel castro h time. more than 200 miles away many miami florida. the mood for many is very different. cuban exiles flooding the streets, celebrating. waving the flag high and dancing. they say this is the end to an oppressive regime. >> he did a lot of damage. especially for us that came in the '60s. we left everything. >> reporter: president obama, two recently renewed diplomatic
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friendship, saying we offer condolences to fidel castro's family. saying history will judge and record the nojs impact of this figure. >> i hope we don't see barack obama and joe biden and hillary clinton and democrats lining up to lionize a murderous tyrant and thug. >> reporter: president-e dictator. mr. trump saying his administration will do all it can to ensure prosperity and liberty for the cubans. we talked to american tourists here. this group from texas. what are your hopes for the cuban people now? >> i hope we can continue to have good relations with cuba. think that's what the people have indicated to us that they want. >> reporter: they're expecting a
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de la revolution. we asked the cubans here in the streets what they thing about the future of cuba and the u.s. after the thaw in relations from the last couple of years, they say much of that now depends on what they hear from president-elect trump. >> let's get more from jon karl. we know during the campaign, trump said he would reverse the executive orders, normalizing relation that president can he get it done? >> we heard in the campaign him talking about being open to lifting the trade embargo. just wanted to get a better deal than what he said obama got. i do not think president trump will go forward to rapidly lift all that obama did on cuba. i think it's more likely, based on conversations with top aides, it's more likely he'll use the threat of doing that to try to gain concessions from the cuban
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religious freedoms. >> they're saying they want release of political prisoners. the question is, how will raul castro and the administration respond? >> they dig in, trump needs to save face and lift some of those messages. everything that president obama did, the easing of the trade embargo, travel restrictions, it was all done through executive order. as president, trump could lift that all with a stroke of a something he wants to do unless he's goaded into it by the cube b government. >> thank you, jon. now to the wild weather. heavy snow in the mountain states created travel problems for millions over the week end. alex sperz in chicago where they just saw is a lot of rain. good morning, alex. >> reporter: hey, good morning, amy. snow, rain, icy roads. for those who are hoping to seize into the work week, mother
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overnight, wild weather from coast to coast wreaking havoc as snow, ice, rain caused treacherous driving conditions for holiday travelers. four reported tornadoes near linc lincoln, nebraska. >> big cone. >> huge. >> reporter: the first post thanksgiving tornadoes here for 40 years. cars spinning off the road if flagstaff, arizona. interstates shut down in nevada county. southern california also goating an early dose of the white stuff. for those hoping to avoid the roads, thousands of flights delayed. >> it's a bit annoying. my flights opened the get delayed. >> reporter: tsa screening an estimated 2.5 million passengers nationwide yesterday. >> i came two hours early. i know chicago is a busy airport. >> reporter: and as for the storms, they're moving east.
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travel problems. amy? >> yes, let's get more from rob marciano with more on the two storms hitting the country. >> a lot of people are traveling today. this picture from the mountains east of los angeles in through salt lake city. storm number one, storm number two. an aikt pattern setting up here. wael see delays at salt lake city, dallas, memphis. this storm has a lot of jet stream energy and juice across to south. a severe wer we haven't said that really for a couple of months. the winter weather, look at all these alerts. the west just painted with it. it will be dicey travel across parts of the the dakotas and the mountains as well. we're building a beneficial snow pack. beneficial rains coming east. speaking of travel, take a look at this. two people at the minneapolis airport were treated for injuries after the catering truck they were riding in, it
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crashed, boom, right into a tunnel. remarkably, they were able to climb out of the truck. the tunnel had to be shout down. we're told no flights were affected. incredible they both got out alive. >> you have to wonder what happened. we move to the california manhunt for two fugitives who broke out of jail last week. police offering a $20,000 reward, warning the men are dangerous and desperate. >> reporter: the intense search nonstop, running around the crock. this morning, investigators are listening to every call those inmates made while in the county jail, trying to find out who they were talking to before they got out. two inmates on the run after a daring jailbreak in san jose, california. this morning, investigators saying the $20,000 reward is a game-changer. >> that's generating a lot of
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pouring in. chavez and ron campbell facing a range of serious charges from burglary to fire arms violations. only abc news getting a look inside the cell where it happened. >> it's pretty smooth. >> reporter: these are the bars left behind from the window they cut out to make their escape. >> this is the window they came out of. where the bars are missing. they cut one of supports and pushed the wind out. >> reporter: tying together blankets and bed sheets. the other two prison nors quickly captured. chavez and campbell got away. how they cut the bars? a mystery. that window boarded up. this dorm-style skrel empty. but the night of the escape, it was full. 20 inmates packed in. >> other people had to know. we believe they had been cutting
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>> reporter: while only two got out, none of those still in are talking. and the sheriff telling us she has a really hard time believing that the other 16 guys didn't hear or see a thing. but, something that doesn't surprise her. it's part of the prison culture. no one wants to be a snitch. it is cybermonday. the blockbuster shopping has they were running. rebecca jarvis has details. cyberm cybermonday is more my speed. >> this is the perfect speed for me, too. many of the shoppers shopped online. today, expect deep discounts with free shipping on appliance, clothes, and electronics. after a record-breaking black friday weekend, shoppers already gearing up far massive
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million americans grabbing those wallet-friendly deals, up from 151 million last year. >> we almost didn't go today. i kind of dragged her out. >> reporter: some shoppers, unruly. this seattle area nike store nearly demolished. others extremely violent. a fight between customers turning deadly in nevada. for the most part, controlled chaos. 3:00 to 4:00 p.m. on black friday, the busiest shopping >> we do it every year. we want to get the best deals. >> reporter: the biggest day so far? friday. online sales shattering records, up 22% from last year. topping $3 billion. bringing the two-day tally to more than $5 million. retailers now turning their attention to cybermonday. with deals on aflinss. like this juicer $100 off on amazon. and clothes. banana republic and gap offering
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and target, 15% off everything. and if you're on the market for a tv but you didn't get one over the weekend, you're in luck. walmart, target, amazon, and best buy all have great deals today on tvs. it's great time to book travel. some of the deals coming into my phone, the temperatures looking good. >> somewhere south? >> you go warm, you go cold. you got omgss. this picture from an we still have 19 large uncontained fires across the southeast. where they have this severe and some cases extreme drought. look at the rainfall in the next three to four days. boom. over six inches in spots.
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kevin: some extra clouds out west should dry up. up north, clouds hang tough into the afternoon thanks to a northwesterly breeze. the first of arriving tomorrow morning maybe just cold enough there could be a wintry mix for a few southern areas of the state. a better chance of north. 32-44 today with a breeze out of the northwest. fair skies into this evening. clouding over overnight ahead of the next system. and coming up here, new details about the mom missing for weeks, found bound and alive
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>> now, from wmur news 9 -- sean: good morning, everybody. the time right now is 7:23. we are following a developing situation in berlin, where fire officials say a child was flown to dartmouth hitchcock medical center yesterday the child's condition has not been released, and the attorney general's office confirms it is leading an investigation in berlin, though officials will not release de they say if it involves the child. we will bring you new details as soon as they are available. we are learning new details this morning about a shooting last night in manchester, near the intersection of lake avenue and belmont street. police say the victim went to the hospital on his own. he was treated for a gunshot wound to his arm. witnesses told police that a group of people took off in vehicles after the shot rang out. police say they are looking for a spanish man, around six feet tall, with shoulder length curly
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>> now, meteorologist kevin skarupa with your stormwatch 9 forecast. kevin: fair skies. the thickest cloud cover is up north ina few spots out west. i suspect for the connecticut river valley, we should see clouds continue to move away. in the north country, the northwest wind lightenla temperatures fall back into the 20's to lower 30's tonight, ahead of the next system tomorrow morning. temperatures anywhere from the upper 20's to lower 30's. highs like yesterday, 30's to lower 40's. the northwesterly breeze not as gusty as yesterday afternoon. from there, we continue to see clouds increase overnight tonight. that will set of the next system, which may be just cold enough for a little bit of a wintry mix in a few southern areas. up north, probably starting as
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rain. the heavier system could be later wednesday night and early
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yes2you rewards so you can give a little more this holiday. kohl's. take hold of this moment. the force is strong. >> tell me you have a backup plan. [ laughter ] >> oh, sthat the trailer for "rogue one, you just heard from the star right there, fell lis si jones. bet felicity jones. >> i love this time of year. we have emma stone here with "la la land." a lot to get to. all eyes on wisconsin and the calls for an election recount there. donald trump calling those efforts a scam and making bomb shell allegations that millions of americans voted illegally, as
7:31 am
new york for a full day of meetings. and, did you see this? the ultimate overtime twist. the denver broncos banking on tear kicker for a victory. they missed. the chiefs' chance, the ball bounces then goes in. look at this. >> whoa. >> let's see. boom. >> right through. >> giving them a 30-27 win. the teams meet again on christmas day. >> that will be a grudge match. a lot to get to this morning, including deals. you have time to debt your shopping done. becky worry has a simple trick for you fn online deals. and tory johnson is here. she has double deals. she's getting set upstairs. we begin with the latest on the holiday miracle. a california mom missing for three weeks found lay lye on thanksgiving morning. police are now looking for two women in connection with the case. kayna whitworth is in redding, california, with the new
7:32 am
morning. authorities are saying sherri papini was only able to offer them a vague description of her alleged chapters. this morning, we spoke with the woman who saw papini on the side of the road that morning, saying she looked terrified. this morning trk hunt is on for alleged kidnappers after a missing northern california mother who was reportedly held captive for three weeks, was discovered along this road. >> chp is advising she is heavily confirmed a kidnapping. >> reporter: authorities say 34-year-old sherri papini was terrified, and could only off a vague description of her chapters. to hispanic women armed with a handgun driving a dark suv. alison spotted her and called police. >> i saw a woman, a woman with
7:33 am
kind of frapticily waving what looked like a shirt. >> reporter: papini told authorities her chapters dropped her off, right there behind me, 150 miles from her home, on thanksgiving day. she was bound with restraints but able to flag down passing driver. >> i figured if she was willing to risk being hit by a car, she must really need help. >> she's chained with -- with a quarter-inch on her wrists. >> reporter: investigators coming the restraints and papini's clothes for evidence. they're checking cameras. they're investigating papini's past, clinding a previous marriage, and searching her online activity. currently, we have to reason to disbelieve miss papini's story.
7:34 am
now sherri papini was treated at an area hospital and released. her husband, keith, was immediately by her side. the sherry intends to reinterview pap i ni this week. >> thank you, kayna. joining us is brad garrett, a former fbi special agent and veteran felony prosecutor nancy grace. good morning to a remarkable story. i remember seeing this on my phone, i can't believe this outcome. how unusual is this type of story? >> well, of course, skeptics believe that it's a hoax. but i'm not so sure that that's true. the police are saying -- the sheriff is saying, they have no reason to disbelieve her. they say they're investigator her past. here is the rub, the fly in the ointment.
7:35 am
that's not just an anecdotal statement. according to the u.s. department of justice, about 75.6% of crimes are committed by men. okay. so to hear of two women committing a violent felony, kidnap, beating her, restraining her this way, and as of yet, there's no motive, that's why people are skeptical. i can tell you this. scenarios that are true. >> and brad, let me ask you this. sherri papini was found battered. chained. police are looking for those two women. what do you make of the scene that was set? >> first of all, we don't know what role these women played. could they have been involved in the kidnapping? of course. but, figuring out their position in this whole thing, did they find her? were they associated with the bad guys who kidnapped her and
7:36 am
the real key is the small details she can remember. what was the room like? what did it smell like? was it near a barn? were people on cell phones? she's going listen for accents. all those little clues combined with social media may find these guys. >> nancy, do you think there are other avenues investigators should be pursuing? >> absolutely. what brad just said sparked m a cell tower dump would be very beneficial right now. in order, cell phone tower near the spot where she was taken, very near her home, where they found her ear buds and her cell phone, strands of her hair in the ear buds. a cell tower dump would give you ever cell phone that passed that was turned on at that moment. within that hour. that would be very, very helpful. they're looking at computers. iphones.
7:37 am
motive on her part. why would she do this? restain herself and beat herself in way that made them take her to the hospital? before i'm going to be skeptic and cynical, i'm leaning to believe her right now. and think we should be thankful she's home. >> nancy and brad, thank you. george, what's up next? it's something called un and we have the secrets to bigger cybermonday savings. all in two minutes. zblech bigger? wow. mini miracle. esents, a holiday hey! hey! ? this is for you. did you really? didn't have too! ? getting the gift you almost kept for yourself, now that's a holiday mini miracle.
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and we're back with the big board. breaking down more of today's top stories. we welcome bill nye. you're coming right up. starting with the terrifying accident with cirque du soleil on sunday.
7:40 am
one performer died in 2013. and the wall street journal saying this is one of the most dangerous professions out there. >> first of all, good news. lisa skinner arks cording to reports from cirque du soleil, is now in good conditions. in terms of what can be done more bodily, there's a governmental agency, osha, that deals with safety in the work place. they've monitored cirque du soleil. they've fined them this the past. on the whole, cirque du soleil ap thorough job of safety and security. it's part of that i do every day if what is a dangerous job. the biggest problem for the workers, if they're injured, when they're injured, they're getting worker's comp. that wasn't designed for cirque du soleil.
7:41 am
sue for negligence. the most dangerous job in america? logging. 1 in 1,000 people die on the job. >> wow. you mentioned finances. how protected are circumstance performers financially? what are their legal options versus say a professional athlete snanchts lot of comparisons are made. the professional athletes are unionized. they're not use cirque du soleil, a contract of a year to two years. they don't is the right or benefits that a professional athlete would have if and when they're injured. the majority of the injuries, when it comes to cirque du soleil are not the once we see typically. they're much more minor injuries. >> dan, thank you so much. moving on now to an extremely bizarre and dangerous medical condition that left six
7:42 am
hospitals throughout australia. it's known as thunderstorm asthma. triggered by a rare weather phenomenon. i have never heard of this before. hat is thunderstorm asthma? >> you have rooi grass with a lot of pollen. poll season very shark, spiky pollen. it's high winds. sometimes it gets moist, the pollen spores burst or explode. they get down to less than a >> gets in your lungs. pieces of spiky pollen. you're allergic. you get it. australia was founded by a relatively few european population. if your ancestors had this genetic predisposition of asthma, you have millions of people living there, that same
7:43 am
hospital. that's a lot. >> so many people here in the its have european ancestry. what can people do to protect themselves? >> stay inside. everybody has a little bit of allergy to something. if cow can stay inside during the extreme events. by the way, are we allowed to say snit an extreme thunderstorm? climate change. ky say that. >> sure. >> you cannot connect any one storm. this big storm surprised nerve australia where they're quite used to heavy rains. >> i saw becky worley shaking her head yes talking about climate change as well. we'll talk to her about cybermonday and the holiday deals. you have all kinds of tips. including one that surprises me. clearing your browser can get you better deals. >> science and factses are
7:44 am
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any gadget amazon makes. new category, clothes. my son's pants are all high-waters up around his shins. hello, 50% after old navy. so many are blanket discounting their entire inventory. gift bundles in budty. lots of bogo dpraels the fancy soap chains. here's my shopping quiz. amy, you're if george and bill can answer this, i'll eat my arm. what does bogo stand for. >> i have a very good idea. m aallowed to say that. buy one, get one free. wait, don't answer that. >> he does know everything. >> that can't be all. >> all right. guess what? it isn't all. we have more cybermonday saverings in our next hour as we watch becky eat her arm.
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alert about wrong-way driving. what to do if it happens while you're on the road. stay was. >> you would have been fine with me, becky. yaaaaaay!! it's winter. which means the mccaf? peppermint mocha
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zplrvelgts you know, the dangers of wrong-way driving hit home over the holiday weekend. multiple deadly accidents. david kerley is in washington with what you can do to protect yourself on the road. good morning, david. >> reporter: good morning, accidents over the weekend. in arizona -- >> a single vehicle wrong way driver into a greyhound bus. >> reporter: the wrong-way driver was killed. more than a does on the bus injured. zh one benefit is the weight of the bus. and the impact at the that bus is able to take on. >> reporter: a college football play nor massachusetts killed going the wrong way thanksgiving. and sunday, two killed on long
7:49 am
holiday. we have seen them before. captured on video. vehicles on the wrong side of the road speeding. while wrong-way crashes make up only 3% of accidents, they're 27 times more deadly, says one study. between 300 and 400 deaths a year. nearly 60% of the accidents involve drivers who have been drinking. what can you do? >> stay out testify fast lane. stay in the middle lanes or the right lane ifs you can. if it's a two-wa >> reporter: there are calls to change the way roads are designed. often onramping and jaufr ramps are next to each other, which can lead to mistakes. some experts say lower the do not enter science, make them bigger. possibly add rumble strips that a driver gets the cue they're going the wrong way. and not surprising, as we mentioned, alcohol always a factor. celebrations lead to more of these accidents.
7:50 am
roos during the holidays and celebrations, be very alert. >> gotta be. boy, those rumble strips would be a good addition. coming up, cybermonday "deals & steals." story johnson here with big savings. free shipg on everything. and we have a lot of stars here. felicity jones from rogue one and emma stone from la la land. both here live. >> it's like rebel without a
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pounder hounds. after a slow start, we're piling up the powder. look at this accumulation. a good ten nimplgs 4 hours. more coming as we go through the next 4 hours, winter storm warnings still posted. nearly every resort getting a little taste of winter. this weather cast is brought to
7:55 am
7:56 am
>> now, from wmur news 9 -- sean: good morning, everybody. it is 7:56 right now. crews are on the scene of a house fire in charlestown. the fire started early this morning at a home on ox brook road. a neighbor sent us this photo from the scene. at this time, there is no word whether anyone was hurt or how many people were displaced. fire also heavily damaged a home in barnstead overnight. the fire broke out around 1:30 this morning at a house on parkey road. kids, and a dog managed to safely escape, but several pets are now missing. we're told the fire started around the chimney, and the house is likely a total loss. a man accused of holding up two manchester banks and trying to rob a third is due in court today. the suspect, 40-year-old michael giles, was arrested yesterday after he allegedly held up the td bank on south willow street. giles is also accused of robbing another td bank on bay street last week and police say he tried to rob a
7:57 am
giles is being held without bail, pending his arraignment later this morning. waking up to some sunshine in some parts of the state. a little cloudy and cold where the snow is hanging up there in colebrook. kevin: probably only getting up into the mid 30's in that direction, with a lot of lingering clouds. northwest wind has a tendency to keep the clouds from the notches northward. out west, clouds next system with a line of precipitation tomorrow morning. it may be just cold enough after that gets here of after highs today in the 30's to lower 40's, that we may see a wintry mix in a few southern areas. a better chance farther north, late morning, early afternoon tomorrow. then, it changes to light rain. that will be the first of two
7:58 am
they could have pockets of heavier rain with it later wednesday evening, before pulling away early thursday. otherwise, temperatures above average for this time of year
7:59 am
8:00 am
? good morning, america. it's 8:00 a.m. we have everything you need to know about cybermonday. is this about the to be the biggest shopping day of the year in the deals you can get only here on "gma." one supersized edition of "deals & steals" this morning. also this morning, jogging dangers. more attacks on womenhi tips everyone exercising needs to hear. how to stay safer starting now. get ready to go rogue. in tell me you have a backup plan. >> with the star of the brand-new "star wars" movie that is coming up. felicity jones is here. >> may the force be with us. and she's saying --
8:01 am
and good morning, felicity jones. good morning, america. happy monday. we have a special gift for jesse palm they are morning. all the "star wars" commitment. >> it's cybermonday. we have understand the of robots here to help us kick off our cybermonday mania. >> it's our version of stormtroopers. >> that's not a special effect? >> no, that's happening outside. >> that's how we roll, george. >> that's how i felt when i walked into work this morning. >> what deals with the best? tory johnson is here. we have a huge shopping day ahead for you. all from the comfort of your own computer. and we have a special edition of "deals & steals." twice as many deals. tory johnson is offering free
8:02 am
there? we'll get to that later. first, the morning rundown from tom llamas. the big story this morning. president-elect donald trump rild up on twitter as election nishls wisconsin meet today to discuss a timeline for an election recount. trump unleashed a barrage of tweets. claiming millions of people voted illegally. david wright is many wisconsin with the latest. >> reporter: good morning, tom. the recount effort gets under way t m pennsylvania may follow suit. the president-elect is unleashing a twitter tirade, apparently set off by a decision from the the clinton campaign to join the recount effort. a process that was launched by green party candidate jill stein. donald trump through clinton's words right back at her, repeating her plea to supporters to accept the results and look
8:03 am
lead in the popular vote. trump weeted i won the popular vote if you deduct the millions of people who voted ill league le. the clinton campaign says they do not expect the results of the lex change. but they're in this to make sure the process is fair. >> david wright, thank you. cubans gather today to begin naive days of official tributes to fidel caro revolution square is being prepared for a week of events, including today's1-gun salutes. miami's little havana was celebra celebrating. commercial air flagts to cuba begin today. security considers overnight in the philippines. police defused an imp proe vised
8:04 am
government forces have recaptured another key neighborhood in the city of aleppo. thousands of civilians are feeling it could be a turning point in the bloody battle for syria's second largest city. back here at home, new tensions at the site of the controversial oil pipeline in north dakota. protesters have until next monday to leave. they're prefusing to budge. the army corps of engineers is manhunt is under way following a deadly shooting in new orleans. man celebrating his birthday was killed. nine others injured. the suspects opened fire after an argument. new hope in the battle against aids. a new vaccine trial getsafrica. this could be the final nail in the coffin for hiv. finally who has the best account on instagram?
8:05 am
100 coming in at number four, tsa. can you pack this on your carry-on luggage. are hard-boiled eggs legal? >> i'm going no. >> yes. >> yes. >> yes, hard-boiled eggs are approved for the carry-on. next up, a giant blue pumpkin. can you bring this? >> i'm going yes. >> no. >> no. >> yes, giant blue george stephanopoulos, you're 0 for 2. this should be easy. a hand grenade trailer hitch. can you bring this in carry on? >> does it work? >> of course not. it's a trailer hitch. >> then why not? >> no, because it could be used as a weapon still. >> right, they would have to check it. it would freak other passengers out. the toughest one of all. grandma's jar of bees.
8:06 am
>> no. >> i'm going to say no. >> george. all right. actually, you're not completely wrong. you have to check with your airline. each airline has an individual insect policy. >> but insects that sting? >> you said carry on. >> yeah. >> so they open up the jar and the bees come out? >> that's what i'm being told by my producers who have studied this in depth. >> >> for all those people at home that were going to do that tonight, you're welcome. >> okay. oh, boy. "pop news" time. such great time for movies. movie news. "moana" made a huge splash at the box office. brings in the number two
8:07 am
million, thanks in large part to dwayne johnson in the lead. warren beatty's "rules don't apply" and "bad santa 2" didn't do as well as predicted. >> i didn't see also in pop news, the buddy system. the postal department offering a new service. it's called an outdoor buddy plan. postal workers are offering to take elderly people out for walks in the fresh air. it's all about reducing isolation. they can be arranged for about $15 for a 30-minute session. this comes on the heels of the post office announcing workers
8:08 am
during summer months. >> what a great idea. >> think the post office is trying to raise revenue and also raise spirits. not a lot of light in the day elderly people afraid to get out and walk. something we could think about the. a teachable moment today. and finally, remember the golden ticket in "charlie and the chocolate factory "? >> of course. >> bud light is offering a a chance to win super bowl tickets for the next 51 years. they're calling it the strike gold campaign. >> great idea. >> a golden can in 18, 4, and 30-pax of bud light. sorry, california, you're not get these. you can get involved in california. different directions. go onlined read. >> honey, i had to buy three cases.
8:09 am
each can give you a chance to enter. not every can wins. that gives you a chance to win to it go the next 51 bowl. and if you don't get the final prize, six people will still win season tickets to their favorite nfl team games. >> sit a brilliant marketing campaign. >> so fun. >> what could go wrong? >> i want adults to get on board. of drinking age. i'm almost there. sure. i think i won the gol any way, that's "pop news" america. >> a nice finish. tory johnson here. curl the deals and savings. everything has free shipping. plus, we have a safety alert about how you can stay safe when
8:10 am
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cybermonday celebration. everyone so excited. i mean, listen to the crowd. we have huge savings. tory johnson is here with "deals & steals" with gifts for everyone on your list. they have it with -- say it with me. one, two, three. >> all: free shipping. >> we partnered with the companies to bring you great deals. we asked three friends to come and help us. claire, kesha, this is the brand-new faux fur shawl. look at the girls hamming it up. >> three colors. a variety of ways to wear it. a really cool buttons on the side. it's a simple, easily look for all ages. >> dress it up. dres it down. >> normally $110. it's slashed by 62%.
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pgt. $58. and -- drum roll, please. >> all: free shipping. >> you got it. all right. >> i love those. >> next up, from michael todd. this is the brand-new sonic blend brush. this is, for makeup. for air-brush, flawless finish. no lines, no streaks. it's for powder, foundation, contouring. for the beauty junkie. >> what's so fun >> the makeup lover. we're slashing this one by 55%. $45 and drum roll please -- >> all: free shipping. >> i love this. >> fabulous. from cushion. danielle will help us over here. ? >> so you lay on the picture and -- >> put it in your room and you
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it's sooiber monday. a look "star wars" fans. the star wars battle drones. the x-wing fighter. the speed racer. and, the box even plays. ? all right.ght. right now, we have the pilots of these bad boy drones going take off right now. make these babies fly, boys. whoa. nice. a flip. can we dim the lights? can we dim the lights?
8:23 am
how shot that? yes. you "star wars" freaks will love this stuff. they'll be available for christmas. great job, guys. you haven't hurt anybody yet. keep it rig here. faa rules and all. that's your latest soo kevin: lingering clouds during the day. similar temperatures in the 30's to lower 40's. next system arrives tomorrow morning. maybe just cold enough after highs in the 30's to lower 40's that it may start as a wintry mix in southern areas. a better chance of blending snow with rain or a mix of north as we go through later tomorrow morning and into the afternoon. and we're going move to a
8:24 am
a series of incidents, including the latest, the mother there california found weeks after disappearing on a run. becky worley back with important tips. hey, becky. >> reporter: morning, george. it is early morning. pitch black. and for many women, this is the only time they can squeeze in a run, before the kidds wake up. before work. if light of recent news, it's more than a little scary. an unscientific poll by runner's world magazine fear being assaulted while running. what can you do to protect yourself? she was just out for an afternoon jog. >> chp advising she is heavily battered. >> reporter: 34-year-old sherri papini says she was snatched. missing for three weeks before finally escaping. >> she's saying she underout of a vehicle.
8:25 am
30-year-old katrina vetrano killed. vanessa mar kotd, killed on a path behind her mother's house. and ali kruger erks shot and killed in broad daylight. they were on a jog when they were attacked. >> it's just you. you don't have any protection. >> reporter: this woman is the founder of tough cookies. a jogging group. there's safety in numbers. >> no one is going to attempt anything when you have a group. you can re focus on the workout. not have to be constantly on the lookout. >> reporter: what if you can't run with a partner. we talked to safety expert who gave us tips. first, ditch the headphones. the earlier thatky hear somebody approaching me, or that i can see somebody approaching me, then i can respond in a way that's going to give me a better chance to get away to some place
8:26 am
>> opt for form-fitting clothes or hair in a side braid. tucked underneath your cap. makes it more difficult for somebody to grab hold of you. >> reporter: be prepared to fight back. >> taking even one self-defense class with increase your safety. you're better prepared. pay attention to surroundings. fight back effectively inspect >> reporter: last tip, tell someone where you are running and when they should expect you back, george. >> a lot of good advise. you have to pay attention. >> i do. i do like to run by myself. coming up, star of "rogue
8:27 am
>> now, from wmur news 9 -- sean: the clock reads 8:27 right now. we are following a developing story out of berlin. fire officials confirm that a child was airlifted to dartmouth-hitchcock medical center yesterday. the attorney general's office says it is involved in an investigation in berlin, but at this time, officials will not say whether the case involves the child who was flown to the hospital. well right now, crews are on the , scene of a house fire in charlestown. the fire started early this morning at a home on ox brook road. a neighbor sent us this photo from the scene. at this time, there is no word whether anyone was hurt, or how many people were displaced. police in manchester are looking for the person who shot a man in the armed or the intersection of lake avenue and belmont street last night. the suspect is described as a spanish man around six feet
8:28 am
curly hair. starting with some very nice weather. right at the freezing mark in meredith. kevin: the under cast above mount washington, where temperatures are in the teens this morning. a light breeze still noticeable on the northwest. temperatures within a few degrees of yesterday by midafternoon, which is 30's to lower 40's. clouds decrease in western areas. of north, as long as the wind break apart until later this evening. the next system will not have a tremendous amount of moisture with it, it will bring in light rain tomorrow afternoon. it may be coming in just quickly enough tomorrow morning, after lows dropping into the 20's to lower 30's, that we could see a mix before going to light rain. otherwise, temperatures from the lower 30's up north to the lower and mid 40's in southern spots today. a breeze adding extra bite to the air. from there, temperatures mainly
8:29 am
8:30 am
? [ "star wars" theme playing ] we hear that "star wars" music. we need holiday music. welcome to all of you. hope you had a great thanksgiving. >> thanks for being getting right back into it. we're jumping in with a very spesh guest. joining us at the table, please welcome academy award nominee and the star of the new "rogue one" felicity jones. [ cheers and applause ] >> hi. hello. in nice to meet you. how are you?
8:31 am
>> i know. >> good to see you. >> welcome. >> hello. hi, everyone. >> is it too early for you? we hope not. you're in from london. >> i'm slowly waking up. the -- i'm definitely a night person, not a morning person. >> so are we. it's a problem. >> you're a "star wars" person? used to watch as a kid? >> yes. i remember watching it as a little girl. i we were close to the tv watching it, about 7. and we watched it on vhs. i remember the opening titles going up the screen. >> i knew it had to be vhs. because you're ten years younger than me. >> that makes me old. >> if that makes you old, the rest of us are grandparents. i remember watching "empire strikes back" in the theater. you all remember?
8:32 am
>> the first movie i ever went to. >> i have to say, "force awakens" is my favorite now because i got to introduce my daughter to it. >> you said in the past, you wanted to play a superhero. and now you are one. >> i know. [ applause ] i'm glad that deagets a clap. >> why was that important to you? >> it was the opportunity to be a she's got real spirit. and, it was a -- just a fantastic character to play. >> let's see a kick-ass girl in action. let's take a look. chpz hpz. >> destroying an entire planet. they call it the death star. we need to capture the plans if there's any hope of destroying it. >> we want to help. >> all right. how many do we need? >> i'll be there for you. >> the captain said i had to.
8:33 am
>> of course, so much anticipation for this movie. felicity this is how you know you have made it. you now have your own action figure. >> oh. >> how cool is that? check it out. >> thank you very much. >> how does it feel to have your own action figure? >> it's great. i was showing my nephew who is 1 1/2. he started pulling the arms off. it really prings you back down >> explain to us where the movie is in the storyline? >> it's the film that leads into the story of "a new hope" which was the first of the trilogy in those '70s films. we wanted to capture that atmosphere and the freshness that those films have. >> that's exciting. that gives us the back story. on some of our -- the people that we grew up with. >> all the things we didn't know that we wanted to know.
8:34 am
erso. you were also called the fineny warrior. which is fitting. you were recently in "glamour." a beautiful, beautiful shoot. >> thank you. >> did you funnel your tom buoy self into jyn? >> i did. it was useful for laying jyn. only now i'm learninto pretty dresses. >> you wear them well. >> i'm a huge "star wars" fan. in h this movie, you're building a rebel army. the you could build any army from any of the movies who would it be -- >> good question. well, come on, it's got to be chewbacca. [ cheers and applause ] >> a crowd pleerz every time. >> i know, come on. why not?
8:35 am
[ cheers and applause ] he's very preeshs. and then, why not? r rae. >> did you have special training? >> i did. i did. i actually went into kind of quite intensive kung fu training. i felt a bit like "karate kid" in the mornings, before goi on set, i wou it was a big part of preparation. ? you killed us all in "theory of everything." such a beautiful film. how do you decide on the kinds of roles you'll take? to go from one extreme to the other like this? >> it's very instinctive. it's what you read and something appeals and -- you kind of just have to throw yourself into it. it's like anything. you know, if you overthink it
8:36 am
trust your instinks basically? >> you have quite a few movie coming out. three other movies coming out this year alone. incredible. including "inferno" with tom hanks. you had a moment with him in a car? in a vehicle? >> yeah. i almost -- i almost killed tom hanks. which is -- >> whoa. >> not literally. i was driving out of this very shar doing this scene. the streets are so small. for some reason, i was in this huge car. my character had an enormous four-wheel drive thing. i hit the wall on the side that he was -- >> kind of hit the wall. sflit sort of, and he was so sweet. he was so gracious. he didn't sort of make any fuss at all as i nearly took his life. but -- it was a good start to
8:37 am
films? >> you yeah. i think it will be much more flying x-wings. >> thank you for coming in. you're on the cover of "glamour" all over the world right now. and "rogue one" opens december 16th. coming up, another leading lady. emma stone from la la land avid goodwill shoppers spend years honing the skills they need to find the choicest merchandise. note the hair worn up -- maximizes peripheral vision. no jacket -- cuts dressing room time, reduces zero-dynamic drag. stockpiling -- the hallmark of a truly competetive shopper.
8:38 am
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8:39 am
and the communities we serve. ?? ever new england. eversource.
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we have some robot fans out here. welcome back to "gma." cyb cybermonday. what better way to celebrate than with robots. all these are built by california school children as part of their s.t.e.m. curriculum. they love the dance. so get ready for this. you ready? three, two, one. hit it! ? everybody dance now ? ? >> yeah! ? everybody dance now ? >> bring it. ? those robots can move. got one robot down. and he's not stopping. he's not stopping. they're committed. ? everybody dance now ? >> that's what i talk abo
8:41 am
wither away out west while we continue to see them linger up north. northwesterly breeze to the day and temperatures through the afternoon to the 30's and lower 40's. [ cheers and applause ] not only can they dance, they gave away their coats. we're celebrating the warm coats and warm hearts coat dr dr. strange star benedict cumberbatch stopped by to donate. you can, too. bring your gently used coats to your burlington store. so far, 10,611 coats donated. go to on yahoo! to learn how to donate your coat to someone ho needs it this winter. it's kind of chilly out this morning. back to you, amy.
8:42 am
emma stone. she stars with ryan gosling in the new original movie muse kic "la la land." she's auditioning for a new role. take a look. >> i just thought -- i don't know what i thought. >> one second. >> i guess i better -- >> welcome. >> just grabbing my phone. >> tell her >> in two minutes? >> less than two minutes. >> i'm almost done. thank you. >> oh. you know what? i think we're good. thanks for coming in. >> ooh. this is such a good movie, though. and i have to imagine not that that specifically ever happened to you, but some of these
8:43 am
an aspiring actress. did it strike close to home for you? >> definitely. >> every had someone shut a door like that on you? >> i have had a variety of experiences. there's a lot of people who don't look up from their paper when you come into read. it's tough. >> the movie is so beautiful. i brought my daughters. i have to say, i'm not overselling this. this is the year. i laughed, i cried, my heart was warmed. you have done broadway. this is not your first time singing in front of millions. but, what was it like -- i mean, look that. the dancing, the singing. you were a triple-threat in this movie. >> oh, thanks. >> you're welcome. [ cheers and applause ]
8:44 am
it was fun to ballroom dance and tap-dance. we sang live in parts of the movie. so it was just -- it was exciting. >> you were so good. you moved so well. the two of you, rind you this is your third time starring as ryan gosling's love interest. i have to tell you, soy walked out of the movie neerpt i know. you deserve a round of applause. i called my husband, i said, bad news. i'm more in love with ryan sl what was it like sing and dapsing with him ? you did the move in crazy, stupid love. this is real dancing. it's an intense experience learning to ballroom dance. it was great to have a friend there. >> the movie goes through so much. but a lot of this is about what if? what the you had made different
8:45 am
i'm sure i'm not the first person to ask you. have you thought about the what ifs? >> i think everybody does. you kind of wonder if you made didn't choices or, if, you know, certain things had unfolded a didn't way what your life would look like. i think that's why the movie is resonant in that way. because there is that -- there's different lanes that your l you never know it. >> i felt like it resonate sod much with me. i was thinking about the different paths our lives take. it's a beautiful movie. as you were singing and dancing and i think that this is just appropriate to ask you, somewhat your go-to karaoke song? >> oh. [ applause ] i weirdly like karaoke so much less now. i'm like, i don't think anyone needs to hear me get up and sing
8:46 am
i was so impressed. >> it's just the karaoke experience has lost a little luster after all that. >> do you have a go-to dance move. >> no, not really. it's a jazz hand. that can come at any time. thank you. >> did you hesitate at all when you saw the script and saw what was retired? the singing, the dancing, and the acting? >> that part was fun and challenging because i was doing >> you knew jazz hands. >> that was exciting. the thing that sort of freaked me out was the tone. there are scenes where we're sitting at a dinner table having a conversation and then we're flying into space in the next scene. >> typical tuesday. >> how is this going to be cohesive. >> but it is. >> the writer/director is incredible. >> and john legend is amazing in the film, too. >> yeah, yeah. zplefrg is so good.
8:47 am
"la la land" opens in select theaters nationwide. coming up, tory is back with more cybermopd "deals & steals."
8:48 am
8:49 am
? have a holly jolly christmas ? welcome back. we're partnering with our sponsor, teleflora. we're partnering to deck the halls. thank you, teleflora. we love the way the studio looks. we also love tory johnson. "deals & steals" all day. because it is cybermonday. >> we partnered with these companies. these two next ones are about making it perm.
8:50 am
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that was fast. hey, let's strike up the band one more time. these guys were great. thank you. >> unbelievable. getting you into the holiday spirit. going home with a card. >> 100 bucks. you get 100 bucks. >> everybody, have a great day. thank you for being here. have a great monday.
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>> now, from wmur news 9 -- sean: the time right now is 8:56 on this monday.
8:57 am
morning at a home on ox brook road. a neighbor sent us this photo from the scene. at this time, there is no word whether anyone was hurt, or how many people were displaced. fire also heavily damaged a home in barnstead overnight. the fire broke out around 1:30 this morning at a house on parkey road. officials say one adult, two kids, and a dog managed to safely escape, but several pets are now missing. we're told the fire started around the chimney, and the house is likely a total loss. a man accused of holding up two manchester banks and trying to rob a third is due in court today. the suspect, 40-year-old michael giles, was arrested yesterday, after he allegedly held up the td bank on south willow street. giles is also accused of robbing another td bank on bay street last week. and police say he tried to rob a citizens bank on elm street back in january. giles is being held without bail, pending his arraignment later this morning. we are starting off our week with sunshine out there, but it is kind of a cool sunshine right now area -- right now.
8:58 am
northwest out there again through the afternoon. the clouds up north mainly caused by the northwest wind. they will try to release through the afternoon, when the wind starts to light move out of the northwest and dollars off later this evening. fair skies. we watch this area of moisture arrive tomorrow morning. temperatures may be just cool enough in some southern areas, either side of the freezing mark, that we may see a bit of wintry mix for a time. it looks like and northern parts of the state, especially some central valleys which may have a little bit of a wintry mix tomorrow morning for a time. it is over to light rain tomorrow afternoon. the first of two systems. the second makes a run late
8:59 am
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