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tv   News 9 at Six  ABC  November 28, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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worse. >> she was one gorgeous little girl. and it's sad. it really is. reporter: her name is madison dana. she was two and a half. and is now the center of a homicide investigation in berlin an autopsy was completed this afternoon. investigators say the cause of death was blunt impact injuries. >> it's more than just a fall. it's more than just a glancing hit. a measure of of force that is so strong that you're caung injuries with it. reporter: the emergency call came in around 3:30 sunday afternoon. first responders rushed to york street. the little girl was unresponsive and taken to androscoggin valley hospital. >> blunt impact injuries can involve an item, an object, a static object or an object that's being manipulated by a person. reporter: some people saw the med flight helicopter sunday, but investigators say madison passed away and was never transported.
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a time period there that she would have been suffering from her injuries before she succumbed to them. >> i was going to bring her up to the hospital and the cops turned around and told me that she wasn't able to leave yet. reporter: amanda says the girls mother is her friend and was on the porch when the the ambulance arrived. >> i seen my friend ashley crying, she turned around and said that her daughter was on her way to the hospital. she fell off a bunk bed and hit reporter: clearly, investigators believe this is more than just a fall from a bed. but tonight no suspects have been named and no one is in custody. at this point investigators are asking for the public's help. if you have any information connected to madison dana's untimely death, you're asked to call 419-8124. in berlin, amy coveno, wmur news 9. jennifer: new tonight,
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voluntarily closed after a 3-year-old was found alone on a busy road. police found him november 18, near the route 4 on ramp. his angels learning academy is on the opposite side of that road. the driver told police he went to the day care and confirmed the child was from there. the incident is still under investigation. tom: tonight there are new details about a case where two people were charged after police say children were fou manchester home. court paperwork for a man yeah grenier says her son was restrained to a bed for six hours or more during the day and overnight usually while on supervised. the maternal grand father of the two children says his heart is broken over what is alleged to have happened. his son-in-law, 26-year-old james grenier, faces child endangerment and reckless conduct charges after police say they found his 2-year-old girl
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conditions. police say the boy was found covered in feces and urine, and the girl make ned her crib, also covered in feces. a aman that grenier was arrested and arraigned last friday, charged with endangering the welfare of a child and criminal restraint. >> i'm very sick over it, and -- i can even go through with what tom: samantha grenier is scheduled to be back in court next monday. jennifer: flames destroy this house and everything inside. many of the occupants forced to jump to safety from the second floor. reporter: barry says his home of 23 years, which he paid off last
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fire and in a few minutes the whole place was burning. reporter: eight people escaped the fire. >> there was four people on the send floor trapped in there, and the amount of time it took the volunteers to get to the station and get up here, they had jumped out the second story window. the police officer on the scene and the residents helped them get out. reporter: sean hosington lives in the neighbor. >> the place was engulfed, i knew it was going to be a total not sure of the cause of the fire. his 18-year-old stepdaughter and granddaughters who jumped from the second story to escape the flames were treated for smoke inhalation, one possibly broke her arm. the families are staying with relatives, and the red cross is providing food and clothing. in charlestown, suzanne roantree, wmur news 9. tom: onto a beautiful november day out there today. but tomorrow morning's commute could be slick with the arrival
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millions mike haddad for the timeline. mike: yes, all quiet right now and remains that way through the predawn hours of today morning, but notice temperatures, may were well above freezing a couple hours ago, now below freezing in the lakes region down to concord, upper valley, points north and even the monadnock region, just one degree above in nashua and only a few above the man schers and the coast. a lot of chilly air, but notice the water temperature at 51. enough warmup to change everything to rain. it all rain now back to the west, but tomorrow morning it bumps into this. overnight lows 20's to around 30. that means rain with pockets of freezing rain. we'll break down the timeline for tomorrow and look at another system heading our way before the mid-week is over, straight ahead. tom: tonight president-elect trump is taking aim at election results in several station
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top officials want to see proof of that accusation. mike cronin is mere now with the reaction. reporter: hillary clinton beat donald trump by about 2700 votes in new hampshire. but now the president-elect questions that result. here's the tweet that started all the controversy last night. trump saying serious voter fraud, in virginia, new hampshire and california. so why isn't the media reporting on this. serious bias, big problem. donald trump's claim of serious voter f been met with confusion by state election leaders. >> i'm not going to speculate on what he might mean. reporter: while saying he doesn't know what the president-elect is referring to, secretary of state gardner says it's not unusual for there to be illegal votes. >> if there's one prosecuted, does that mean there's 10 that aren't? or 20 that aren't? there's been at least one in
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least the last decade. reporter: the attorney general's office is investigating four complaints of wrongful voting incidents from the election, but says they're isolated and don't show voter fraud was committed on a large scale. the secretary of state's office adds that complaints they received were typical of other elections like illegally placedded campaign signs, and some casings of improper voting. >> there's no indication that anything that widespread took place in new hampshire. if he has today the act on it. reporter: democratic governor maggie hassan insists the election was fair. >> the president-elect's statement is completely unsubstantiated, and in fact past allegations like that were rated by politico as being pants on fire untrue. reporter: governor elect sununu has see he would like to end same day voter registration to en sure legitimacy of elections. regarding trump's comments
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been brought to my attention. the attorney general's office adds that new hampshire has a history of open elections and if there was widespread voter fraud, they would take it very seriously. live in the studio, mike cronin, wmur news 9. tom: up next, caught in an alleged third attempt, this suspected bank robber faced a judge today. jennifer: plus hundreds of christmas trees are now on their way to military families, loaded up by these students who were just bubbling with spirit. >> it's been a great season for the patriots, but a tough one for rob gronkowski.
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holding up two manchester banks and allegedly trying to rob a third. jennifer: police say wednesday michael giles walked into the td bank on bay street, passed a note to the teller and threatened her with a weapon. four days later he did the say thing at the td bank on south willow. giles is also a suspect in a january robbery. bail was set at $35,000. tom: help is on the way for three families who lost almost everything in a fire, thanks to the generosity of secondde students wanted to help when they her about a fire back in august that displaced about 20 people on spruce street in manchester. most who live there are refugees the students donated their popcorn money and word spread quickly to other schools. great work. weather wise, icy stuff
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not a good thing if you're
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tom: the christmas spirit was alive and well today at the rocks estate in bethlehem. jennifer: hundreds of christmas trees from two states were shipped to georgia to brighten
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protecting our country and their families. this is the 12th year for the trees for troops program, and as wmur's andy hershberger reports, some low youngsters really made it happen. reporter: these christmas trees are on their way to military families. it's part of a volunteer effort that's teaching a great lesson to these students. singing christmas carols and carrying christmas trees is a great way to get into the holiday spirit. when you're doing it for a good cause. this is part of the trees for troops program. a national effort where christmas trees are donated to the military families. >> i think it's the best program that i could possibly be involved with, because we're helping the military, we're doing something fun. reporter: almost 600 trees were donated by local businesses and tree farms in new hampshire and
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here in bethlehem by volunteers and fifth graders from the local elementary school. >> i'm doing this because it's really great to have the veterans served, because they protect us so we, we're going to have to repay them somehow. >> to know that i'm making a troop happy or a troop's family happy is really nice. reporter: not only are these students doing a lot of heavy lifting, they take these trees from start to finish. program through a read-a-thon. wrote ought all of the tree tags and now will write out all of the thank you notes. >> i just hope they realize it's important to give back to the community, and our country, in a nice way for the holidays. >> makes me real proud to see these young kids participating in this program year after year, it's great. reporter: from here these trees will be in new york tonight, and
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three days. in bethlehem, andy hershberger, wmur news 9. mike: great work by all there. weather wise we are entering the season, we're starting to get a little wintery scene from time to time. you look at the time lapse photos up there in kearsarge and warner, a little snow cap early and then it melted. temperatures well above freezing during the late morning and afternoon. but right now those temra clear skies, winds much lighter than they were. and right now we're sub freezing in many parts of new hampshire, well below atop mount washington and just a little bit above downtown manchester and also right along the coast. speaking of the coast, notice the water temperature, still in the upper 40's and lower 50's. soon as the winds kick on shove during tomorrow morning we'll start to see a rapid warmup along the coast and eventually through the merrimack valley during the mid to late morning.
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tries to develop during the morning commute will quickly go over to rain. but we have to get through that icy mix in some parts of new hampshire first. and the reason why, temperatures will be falling, back into the upper teens north to 20's in many spots. at the same time, warm air from the south is going to override that colder air at the surface. that's a perfect recipe for a wintery mix. rain falling out of the cloud cover, and freezing on contact, on untreated surfaces, right now as you can clearly tell it's all green, that means all r atmosphere too warm to support anything but rain until it falls on a cold surface and that's what we'll have for the morning commute. not everywhere in the state, but in many areas north and west of manchester. so five, six a.m. fairly quiet, during the six, seven a.m. time frame, notice we've got light rain and freezing rain in pockets from the monadnock region to approaching concord, right around manchester, close to 33 or 34.
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surfaces through about nine or 10 in the more than, rain plain rain at the coast. it will be light rain in the morning, heavier in the afternoon. notice some of these yellows indicating moderate to heavy rain during a time in the afternoon and early evening. it all winds down later in the evening, temperatures well above freezing, not anticipating a as can you see by early wednesday morning we're well above the 32-degree mark, and then another batch of rain, this time all rain, comes in during the afternoon and evening before it pulls out to sea early on thursday. in terms of rainfall, beneficial rain, the ground not frozen so you add the two storms together, some parts of new hampshire could get up well over an inch to an inch and a half and a lot of that will soak into the ground, which is good news, again the ground not frozen yet
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frozen turf out there. colder temperatures begin to work bark in by the end of the week. next storm to track, seven days out, tough to call that just yet. >> we're going to talk about the patriots of course, but also a big first round win for the umh
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>> patriots got a big win on sunday against the jets. but once again lost the big time player to injury. rob gronkowski left sunday's game in the first quarter with what the patriots are calling a back injury. he left the game and did not return. patriots have not commented further on the severity of the injury, but he has had a history of back problems and has had two previous back surgeries, so i guess only time will tell. it was the 200th win in the ca with peyton manning for the most all-time. peyton too was recovering from a knee injury, but aside from admitting he's ghad brady is his quarterback -- >> week eleven, so i don't think anybody is feel fresh as a daisy. and again coming off the san francisco trip and all that, it's a grind, we just gotta
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a lot of guys have mental toughness and are dealing with something too. >> u.n.h. football team preparing for the second round of the playoffs, wildcats beat lehigh on saturday. the dukes won the c.a.a. regular season title with a record of 10-1 overall and had a first round bye. they beat u.n.h. at wildcat stadium back in mid-october, monday night football tonight at 8:30 on espn. celtics will be without al horford tonight when they take on the heat in miami. horford will miss the game for personal reasons, he and his wife are expecting their second child. game time tonight is 7:30. if you want to see wenyen gabriel in action, can you can tonight, the wildcats play at
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this was the reaction last night when the u.n.h. volleyball team learned it would be facing top seeded nebraska in the first round of the tournament. the wildcats earned an automatic bid by winning the america east conference title, their fourth in a row. new hampshire will travel to the university of nebraska, game time is 8:00 eastern time this coming friday night. good luck to the wildcats. jennifer: they look ready to go. thank mansion monday, so check out this almost $2.5 million home in lyme, it's on 246 acres, even has its own biking and hiking trails. tom: tune in for "new hampshire chronicle" follow "world news." we'll see you back here tonight right after" conviction.."
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. tonight, breaking news. we're on the scene right now. the horrific attack at a major american university. the suspect plowing into pedestrians, then going on the attack with a butcher's knife. multiple victims. and what we've just learned about the suspect. also breaking tonight, the recount battle. the first state set to begin. we're there toniwi president-elect donald trump drawing outrage from some after tweeting claims of voter fraud elsewhere with no proof. and could there be any change in the outcome of the election? severe storms at this hour. a tornado watch right now. heavy snow, rain and ice. that system marching east tonight. the record-breaker. holiday sales already. and now, it's cyber monday. the best deals you can still get tonight. and the missing mom mystery tonight. three weeks after she vanishes,


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