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tv   News 9 Tonight  ABC  November 29, 2016 1:07am-1:36am EST

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a wintry mix moves in. how it could impact the morning commute. >> it is a great christmas. answer our prayers. tom: a community comes together for a family in windham. the special get a receipt for christmas. >> no one covers new hampshire like we do. now, wmur news 9 tonight. tom: 11:00 on this monday we begin with weather tonight. , after a beautiful day, tomorrow morning's commute could be slick with the chance of a wintry mix possible. good evening. i'm tom griffith. so when is it expected to start? let's go right to chief meteorologist mike haddad the timeline. mike: and it is a tricky timeline. like precipitation in the form of freezing rain and pockets of what snow to the north will
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7:00 a.m.. temperatures subfreezing and mount washington, 27. one of the warmest spots, indicating warm air from the south. it is moving in upstairs in the atmosphere. 7000 feet up. to our south, it is all green. initially, it looks like rain is moving on. but once that rain bumps into these temperatures, teens and 20's around 7:00 a.m., this is what happens. you get rain on contact. it will not be heavy, but a light, freezing rain can create a glaze of lice on -- ice on area roadways. expect extra time if you are traveling tomorrow morning. with th rest of the day and another system to follow that, all of that straight ahead. tom: difficult news in many ways. tonight, a childcare center in lee is closed after a three-year-old was found alone walking on a busy road.
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wmur's siobhan lopez joins us live with the story. siobhan: luckily the child was not injured. the daycare in question voluntarily closed following this incident, leaving parents with a matter of hours to find new find a new place to send their kids. busy route 155 in lee, where the speed limit is 40 miles per hour, it's where a three-year-old child was found according to lee police, it happened on november 18. several witnesses stopped and stayed with the child, while a man checked with the nearby daycare. "his angels learning academy" and confirmed the toddler had somehow gotten out. last week we got some calls from some parents who needed childcare instantly. johanna booth-miner owns live and learn early learning center about a mile away, she says parents from his angels started
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shutting down the next day. booth-miner has been in business for 42 years. she says they don't like to hit their capacity, but after taking in nine of the thirty families who have reached out to her, she's had to turn some away. >> and to have to tell a parent i can't take your child and they , look at me and say, what am i supposed to do? siobhan: the new hampshire bureau of childcare licensing confirms the center shut down voluntarily, police are also investigating. live and learn opened their doors friday to allow the new >> it has been so amazing to walk around the building and these children fit in like they've always been here. siobhan: no one answered the door at "his angels" and our requests for comment were not returned. booth-miner says she hopes people realize this is not something that happens every day. >> this was a terrible mistake and oversight, but it is not to be sensationalized.
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show no major violations, but their latest visit in june found a choking hazard with a mat that's since been removed. childcare licensing is investigating to determine whether or not the state will take any action. live in lee, wmur news 9. tom: thanks. the new hampshire mother who overdosed in a lawrence, massachusetts store appeared in court today. a judge allowed mandy mcgowan to leave on her own recognizance. she faces child endangerment overdose last -- charges, after video of her overdose last month went viral. her 2-year-old daughter seen crying, trying to wake her up. her attorney told the court she is now enrolled in a drug treatment program. >> she's entered a program and is 67 days into that program. to ask for a $10,000 cash bail, she will clearly not be able to, it just isn't reason -- reasonable. tom: mcgowan is due back in court in january. part of her conditions of release, include random drug
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the death of a two-year-old girl in berlin yesterday has been ruled a homicide. tonight no one has been , arrested. we are learning more about what brought police to the little girl's home and what an autopsy shows. wmur's jean mackin joins us live with what investigators are saying tonight. reporter: today's autopsy shows the little girl died from blunt impact injuries just hours after emergency crews brought her to the hospital. a 911 call brought police and rescue workers to the little girl's home on york street in berlin at 3:30 sunday afternoon. they rushed 2 and a half-year-old madison dana to androscoggin valley hospital where she died in the early evening. >> it does appear that there was a time period there that she would have been suffering from her injuries before she succumbed to them. jean: an autopsy was conducted monday. the chief medical examiner ruled her death a homicide, saying she died from blunt impact injuries.
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it is more than just a glancing hit. you are talking about a measure of force that is so strong that youre causing not only external but internal injuries with it ,. blunt impact injuries can involve an item. it can involve an object a static object or an object , that's being manipulated by a person. >> girl. and it's sad. it really is. jean: amanda morse says madison's mother was on the porch when the ambulance arrived and told her the toddler fell from a bunk bed. >> i saw my friend ashley out here crying. she turned around and said that her daughter was on the way to the hospital. she fell off a bunk bed and hit her head off the floor. jean: but investigators believe this was more than a fall.
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made. if you have any relevant information you are asked to , contact new hampshire state police. tom: canterbury police say they're investigating multiple attempted burglaries. police say the first happened on boyce road saturday. they say the suspect knocked on the door and then broke into the house. but when the man realized the homeowner was home, he fled. they say a second home was broken into on southwest road on saturday. anyone with information is asked c investigating whether a knife attack at ohio state university was terrorism or not. police say this student plowed his car into a group of people on campus this morning and then , got out and began stabbing people with a butcher knife before he was shot and killed. abc's kenneth moton is in columbus with the latest. kenneth confusion and chaos on : the campus of ohio state university. >> fire department.
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kenneth investigators say monday : morning, a driver jumped a curb and plowed into several people near the school's engineering building. he got out armed with a butcher , knife and started slashing. a heroic campus cop, 28-year-old alan horujko, two years on the force, opened fire, killing the suspect. >> he was yelling and the guy wouldn't stop. he charged the cop and the cop was forced to shoot him. kenneth: there was scene and the officers shot sparked panic. osu students barricaded themselves in classrooms. he -- the university tweeted, active shooter. run, hide, fight. the attacker, identified as osu
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says this is the photo of the somali immigrant and legal us resident. investigators say on social media he was upset about the treatment of muslims posting on facebook minutes before the attack. the muslim community has spoken out asking for people not to jump to conclusions. kenneth mouton, abc news, ohio. tom: today cubans gathered to , begin nine days of mourning for fidel castro. memorial for the former leader in havana's plaza of the revolution. citizens bid farewell to the man who ruled the country for nearly a half century. but some in miami's little havana are celebrating. >> i celebrate the death of a tyrant. >> -- this ushers in a new era for us. tom: today's tributes also coincide with u.s. airlines launching the first regularly
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responding to allegations. what state officials are saying about president-elect donald trump's accusations of voter fraud in the granite state. >> a family in need gets the christmas gift they desperately needed. i will have that story, coming up. mike: some tricky travel tomorrow morning as a light
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tom: wmur has just learned that new hampshire democratic party chairman ray buckley will announce his candidacy for democratic national committee tomorrow. in an email, buckley confirmed to fellow party leaders that he
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bottom needs urgent reform. meanwhile, president-elect donald trump is standing by his claims, that there was widespread voter fraud in the election. trump alleges serious voter fraud in virginia, new hampshire and california. in new hampshire, state officials say there's been no evidence of widespread voter fraud. hillary clinton beat trump in the granite state by about 2700 votes. the attorney general's office says there is no evidence that voter fraud was committed on a say that, ok? so i'm not going to speculate what he might mean by what he said. tom: if there was voter fraud in new hampshire, election officials urge trump to present evidence. in maine, the secretary of state's office says recounts of two ballot questions will take weeks. the recounts have been requested for question one, which
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and question two, which approves a tax on high earners to fund public education. the two recounts will likely take place at the same time. voters narrowly passed both measures. for most people walking is a , natural part of life. but for one kid in windham that's not the case. his family needed some major assistance helping him get around and this year with the help of their community, they got their wish. wmur's kristen pope has the story. together to make sure one family got the gift they desperately needed. >> people were so generous and so giving to make this happen for us. as a family. kristin meet brayden christmas. : like typical nine-year-old boys, he likes to play with toys and hang with his friends. but unlike most people brayden
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syndrome at birth. >> i've always said to myself, if he had to come into this world, i would much rather be his mom that somebody else. christine: this holiday season the christmas family had one , wish. a wheel chair accesible van. >> we had a minivan where we would put the wheelchair in the back of the van, lift him in and after a backs cannot survive this. kristin and that's when the : community and total strangers stepped in to help. >> i knew people were giving, we were just overwhelmed. they don't see the everyday struggle we had and it was huge. huge that they would help us and he just loves it. >> it was amazing.
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him to get his van. now he can spend less time sitting and more time working with his slamdunk. >> its a great christmas. it actually answers our prayers. kristen: the family says thanks to this community, all of their lives will be better. in windham, kristin spoke -- kristen pope. tom: great story. cross country challenge a local musician embarked on. justin spencer from the popular band "recycled percussion" has made it back to new hampshire. he went cross country and collected toys for local kids in need. here -- he did his role. he raised $10,000. mike: they do great work all year round. giving back to the community. i remember them bringing the
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couple of drumsticks and it sounded great. a tricky dan the road tomorrow. the critical time when many are heading out, it might start to spit freezing rain out there. look at this beautiful shop this morning. a top mount washington from the observation deck. a little bit of snow on the deck and in the distance, and under cast. the cloudy skies sitting there on the deck atut right over the top of the rest of the presidential range. full sunshine developed their during the late morning and afternoon. temperatures are quite chilly. all below freezing. a few temperatures to watch. one in the valleys, all below freezing. second is mount washington. 27. 19 degrees about four hours ago.
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lighter than the cold air sinking in the valleys. that warm air rides on top of it. that is why mount washington is the first to warm up. speaking of warm. another temperature to watch is the ocean, 51 degrees. mild for late november. any onshore component to the wind will drag temperatures above the freezing mark and that will develop by daybreak at the beaches, and then warmer air will move inland during the late part of the morning when it could be tricky. not a lot of heavy rain, 80 1/10 of an inch, but light rain freezing on contact makes a light glaze with temperatures below freezing. watch it as you head out tomorrow morning. the warm air trying to search through the ohio valley and then cooling to the northwest. no real cold air for late november standards. a good part of the country
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precipitation. steady rain right now moving in through the great lakes and the ohio valley. it is all rain, no ice or snow. across new england, temperatures across -- low enough for a wintry mix. around 6:00 in the morning, some light and freezing rain breaking out in southwest new hampshire and quickly, between 6:30 and 8:00, we see it move merrimack valley. anything that falls from points these, could be a light blazing around manchester and points north and west where roads could be slick from around 9:00 till 10:00. a wintry mix heads north where it could be tricky for roads at
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no re-freeze tomorrow night. overcast skies and upper 30's to lower 40's and another batch of rain comes in. mixing in the mountains. that should be it for mixing with system number two. 40's to around 50. we could have an inch to 1.5 inches of rain in central and southern new hampshire. considering the ground is not frozen yet, that would put an 1-3 inches of snow tomorrow before it changes to rain. i don't think we will see it washed out but 6:00 till 10:00, critical times on the road. stay tuned for updates. tom: good idea. let's go to jason king.
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sports. jason: the celtics were on the road in miami tonight to take on the heat, boston was without big-man al horford though, he was away from the team for personal reasons. his wife reportedly gave birth to their second child yesterday, the celts trying to make it four wins in five tries. pick it up in the first quarter, heat down 3 nice look to rodney mcgruder for the reverse lay in, 16-15 celtics. second quarter, boston nice pick and roll, isaiah thomas to tyler zeller, he goes up and under for two. avery bradley crossover dribble, and then creates some space to go baseline for the lay in and he finished with 18 points on the night. that put celtics up 14. then thomas with the steal, he starts the transition breakaway, dishes to jae crowder who had 17 points. boston led by 17 at halftime. second half celtics kick it out
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from the corner. celtics win 112-104, they host the pistons on wednesday. the top college basketball team in the country played in the bahamas tonight. kentucky and arizona state in the atlantis showcase. wenyen gabriel doing it on both ends of the floor, blocks a shot on the defensive end. then the freshman from manchester, new hampshire goes baseline for two off the glass. and how about the big guy in transition? ea great finish, the reverse dunk. gabriel finished with 10 points, 7 rebounds, and 2 blocks, kentucky rolls 115-69. they are off to a 7-0 start. the patriots got a big win on sunday against the jets, but once again lost a big time player to injury. rob gronkowski left sunday's game in the first quarter with what the patriots are calling a back injury. the patriots have not given any update to the severity of the
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and has had two previous back surgeries. gronk missed last week's game with a chest injury. tom brady was recovering from a injury this week. he missed two practices, but was back on the field at the end of the week, and then, of course, he went on to lead the pats to the come-from-behind win against the jets, the 200th win of brady's career. >> i feel like, as a player, you want to be available to your team and for a other than being out there every play. now we are back at it this week. hopefully i will be feeling a lot better than yesterday. jason: here are the afc playoff standings as of today, new england would be the top seed based on a better conference record over oakland. oakland, baltimore, and houston would be their respective division champions. the chiefs are only a game behind the raiders in the west, and right now, the dolphins
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breaker with the broncos. but still five games to go, a lot can change. monday night football, the packers and the eagles on the field. 27-13 packers, they just kicked a field goal with under two minutes to go. the unh football team is preparring for round two of the fcs playoffs, the wildcats beat lehigh on saturday 64-21. new hampshire will now travel to james madison university for a 2:00 p.m. kickof this coming season title with a record of 10-1 overall, and had a first round bye, they beat unh at wildcats stadium back in mid-october. but it was a close 42-39. one,the volleyball team celebrating as they learned they will travel to nebraska for the first round of the ncaa tournament. they are the conference champs for four years in a row now.
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still to come. hundreds of christmas trees are now on their way to military families.
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christmas trees are on their way to military families in georgia. this was part of the tree for troops program, a national donated to military families. almost 600 trees were donated by local businesses and tree farms. they were loaded onto trucks in bethlehem, new hampshire by volunteers and elementary school students. >> i'm doing this because it is really great to have the veterans serve, as they protect us. them somehow. >> to know that i am making a troop happy or a troops family happy is really nice. tom: it sure is. you guys have got it right. the trees are in new york tonight, and then will be at their final destination in a few days. great work, great volunteerism. that is your look at news for now. jimmy kimmel live is next, followed by night line. have a good night.
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