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tv   News 9 at Five  ABC  November 29, 2016 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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very difficult for some granite staters and led to at least one death. right now we are dealing with heavy rain, and that's also slowing down the ride home tonight. good evening, i'm tom griffith. jennifer: i'm jennifer vaughn. in fact, this is only the first two of systems that are headed this way. we begin our team coverage with mike haddad. mike: we do have some beneficial rain falling in many parts of the granite state right now. until the ground freezes we could use any system we can get to help against the droug. above freezing, just barely though, in plymouth at 33. 37 in the heart of the lakes region. 36 in concord, but notice some of the higher terrain and along the coast, in the mid to upper 40's. we do have a lot of warm air streaming in off the ocean, and that's changing everything over to plain rain, as can you see here on doppler radar. the exception, some of of the sheltered whom lows up north
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so could be a touch of a wintery mix in parts of the mount washington valley into the great north woods. back edge already approaching eastern new york, so that will be through by later tonight. but already signs of the next system bringing more beneficial rain our way before we get to the en of tomorrow. we'll look at the timeline in a few minutes. tom: light rain and temperatures around the freezing mark made some roads ice rink this is morning. jennifer: and things were slow to improve especially north of type parts of 93 through franconia notch were closed. and a crash killed a 67-year-old man. suzanne roantree is live with more on that. reporter: the trouble began at about 7:30 this morning. that's when a rain storm came through as the temperatures were below freezing. >> our rush hour up here actually, and we had vehicles off the road everywhere.
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icy. >> froze quickly, took everybody by surprise. all of the roads in the area turned just to a sheet of ice. reporter: between 7:30 and 10:30 this morning emergency crews responded to more than 30 calls on route 93 in both directions, between twan cone yeah notch and stewartstown. >> we had somewhere between 150 to 200 cars stopped on the interstate way. reporter: one accident on 93 involved a school bus and tractor trailer. >> there were a few injured in that case, fire and e.m.s. showed up and those vehicles ultimately slid into the tractor trailer unit that was off troad. reporter: presby's towing responded to 35 calls. >> a lot of roads were closed down. took a lot for us to get out there to try to help the stranded customers, but we had
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were so icy the fire chief told his crews to stay put. >> when we had all the accidents covered, with just vehicles off troad, i told my units just to stage in place so that if we had something we could go from there. reporter: police say most of the accidents they responded to were minor, but the icy conditions are the likely cause of a crash that killed patrick spencer of franconia. police say his truck went o on butter hill road. state police say that the freezing rain along with high speeds out on the roadways were the two major factors that had so many crashes that they responded to. live in her death, suzanne roantree, wmur news 9. jennifer: dozens of d.o.t. crews were out salting and sanding to keep the roads as safe as possible. officials do say this was a with. wmur's kristen carosa continues
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hooksett. report we're learning had that crew has to wait until after the freezing process began to start salting the roads. d.o.t. says it's impossible to treat roads before a freezing event like this, he says water can easily wash salt away and wind can blow it off the road. this morning crews were sent out as soon as the freezing process began and treated the roads as fast as they could. he says it important for drivers to know that in this type of salting and sanding. >> our crews work hard to keep the traveling public safe, the type of condition this morning is among the most difficult when you get freezing rain. you really can't get out in front of of it. the bottom line is when you get an event like this, you're going to have slippery roads and people need to slow down and drive according to the conditions. reporter: bill says it's important for all drivers to take it slow during a weather event like this, whether the roads have been salted or not.
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tom: right now there is a homicide under investigation in manchester. officers called to the west side overnight for a report of shots fired. but the investigation quickly escalated. after a man was found dead in his thornton street apartment. wmur's andy hershberger live at the scene now with what investigators are saying about this case. andy? reporter: authorities have been on the scene here all day at 231 thornton street, but authorities say this case is still in its call for a report of shots fired at this aaddress about 12:30 tuesday morning. when police arrived, they say they found a man dead of what and to be a gunshot wound. they say that man lived in the apartment building and they are treating this as a homicide. a prosecutor from the attorney general's office says it's too early to say whether this is a random or isolated incident. and urged all people in the area to remain vigilant and report
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surprise to several neighbors. >> i just can't believe it, this neighborhood is really it's pretty quiet. there's sometimes issues over at that house, but i'm shocked, i can't believe this. reporter: investigators say they are looking for the public's help in this case, anyone who may have information is asked to call the manchester police department. live in manchester, andy hershberger. jennifer: another homicide under investigation tonight, the death of a 2-year-old girl in berlin. authorities say the autopsy shows the little girl, madison dana, died from blunt impact injuries. emergency crews were called to madison's home on york street sunday afternoon. she was rushed to the hospital, where she died. now the attorney general's office is trying to determine how she suffered those fatal injuries. tom: merrimack police track down
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bernardo -- allegedly caused that accident. he lost control of his car, left the road, hitting a parked car at the dunkin' donuts and was arrested. he's due in court in january. jennifer: also authorities are investigating a big apartment building fire in lawrence, massachusetts, the smoke could be seen from miles away. right now the structures deemed a total loss. crews managed to rescue a family from the didn't even know the fire had started. >> there was just banging, banging on doors, we heard fire. i'm glad everybody came out safe. everything ofes can be replaced. but our lives can't. jennifer: fire officials are trying to figure out how the fire started. tom: drmp has announced more -- donald trump has announced more cabinet nominees. jennifer: as sally kidd tells
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lead the department of health and human services. reporter: there trump promised repeatedly during the campaign to dismantle obamacare and today he says his companies for health and human services secretary is exceptionally qualified to repeal and replace it. congressman tom price of georgia is a leading critic of obamacare and controversial choice for health and human services secretary. >> definitely shows that donald trump is eager to have the republican establishmentnd his rather fraught relationship during the campaign with the house leadership, top price is very popular there. reporter: not with senate democrats who blasted price's vow to privatize medicare. >> we're going to fight tooth and nail, any attempt to privatize, voucherrize or any other ize you can think of when it comes to medicare.
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>> despite donald trump's claims that he was going to drain the swamp, this is someone who has deep ties to the business lobby. reporter: chao is married to mitch mcconnell. mr. trump is said to be narrowing down his choices for secretary of state, meeting with senator corker today. >> he needs to choose someone he's very comfortable with that he knows there will be no daylight between him and them. reporter: on capitol hill, senator jeff sessions is making the rounds. >> we know that he's g law as the chief law enforcement officer of the federal government. reporter: the president-elect is having dinner with mitt romney, who is also up for the secretary of state job. trump's team says he's at least a few days away from making a decision. jennifer: new hampshire democratic party chairman ray buckley making it official today. he is a candidate to lead his party as the head of the
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buckley sent an e-mail to party leaders today confirming he will run him he says the d. n. c. needs urgent reform and needs to reconnect to its grass roots. buckley says making the national party as strong as new hampshire's can make a difference in voter turnout. >> there's never been a democratic national committee chair from new hampshire in all of the years of the party, and i look to change that. the values here in new hampshire is the activists, the voters, level are the most important part of the party. jennifer: the party's next chairman will be elected in february. we've got some wet roads out there, so let's get a look at whether or not that's affecting traffic. this is a live look at 93 in windham tonight from our common man camera. tom: peggy james joins us live with a look at the commute. >> hi, tom and jen. it is wet and slow out there,
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doing well through sale except win ham, but we are seeing slowdowns north and southbound on 93 between derry and londonderry. the southbound delays start in hanover street. 293 also is packed the around the mall, and southbound through the mill yard in manchester. concord is heavy on 393 eastbound, and also sticky between exits 12 to 14 in the city of concord. stop and go traffic getting through the traffic lights at route 114 in bedford west. on the everett turnpike you can expect delays northbound between exits 10 and 12, get a little running room until you get up to manchester, then you start to slow down one more time. 101, 95 no issues, but the spaulding turnpike north is busiest between exits 2 and 6 right now. the report being brought to you by minute pan health. i'm peggy james for wzid. tom: straight ahead tonight, survivors rescued from the
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was carrying a brazilian soccer team. jennifer: plus thousands of people being chased from their homes as huge flames continue to grow in tennessee. we'll tell you who's been called in to help out the firefighters tonight. mike: above freezing for many right now and more mild temperatures are on the way. how much warmer it could get over the next couple days. tom: then, the positive impact the drug monitoring program is having on new hampshire's open eye crisis. opioid jennifer: plus the mission the
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tom: six people survived overnight plane crash in colombia. it was close to its destination when an emergency was declared because of electrical failure. the survivors include three players, two crew members and one journalist. the driver in a tennessee school bus crash that killed six children faced a judge today. jennifer: but the judge rescheduled johnthony walker's preliminary hearing on vehicular homicide charges until december 15. right now walker is charged with
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homicide, but another count will be added for a child who died two days after the crash. federal investigators say walker left the designated bus route when he crashed. tom: tonight investigators looking into facebook posts of a ohio state university student, eleven people were injured and the somali born attacker killedded by police. investigators say he made multiple posts expressing anger right now authorities are searching the suspect's family home in ohio for leads on a motive. jennifer: just in tonight, three people have now died due to the wildfires in tennessee. thousands have been urged to evacuate from popular tourists spots, as hurricane force winds continue to spread flames. over 100 homes have been destroyed and smoke and ash are filling the streets.
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crews are hoping for relief but the threat isn't over. >> can you see the damage that's been done in this area. reporter: today a first look at the destruction left in the unforgiving fire's wake, more than 100 structures lost or damaged in this tennessee town, including the mayor's home. >> personally i think i've lost my house, but, you know, thins can be rebuilt. reporter: overnight -- >> it's time to go. reporter: these raging flames >> oh my god it's so hot. reporter: wildfires spreading from the great smoky mountains to populated areas, turning one of the area's biggest tourists destinations, dollly wood, into an orange armageddon, smoke and ash fill the streets, riplyist aquarium along with the animals there threatened but intact. fires were fanned by wind speeds of up to 60 miles per hour, in
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a deck a. >> in a span of around 15 to 20 minutes, we were dispatched and alerted to almost 20 structure fires. reporter: as of this morning, more than a dozen structure fires still burning, as 2,000 people live in shelters. fire officials now saying they believe the worst is over and looks like the weather may cooperate too. rain is forecast to begin late tonight with one to two inches expected, and that alone authorities say, should nearly put out most of the lauren lyster, abc news, los angeles. mike: as we talked about at the top of the show, a wintery mix out there this morning in the form of snow, sleet and freezing rain and rain. you can see the time lambs photos out there at new found lake. light precipitation through early afternoon. now that rain becoming steadier. and it is in the form of rain just not all over new hampshire. temperatures running well above freezing in the merrimack valley
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upper valley at 40. mid to upper 40's in the monadnock region. and the ocean temperature at 51. with a light on shore wind now becoming stronger, that's driving temperatures well up there close to 50 degrees at this time. it is cooler to the north, it's still above freezing, so that means primarily light rain into the great north woods with a little sleet and a touch of wet snow on the mountain t and west, this is all beneficial rain. as we're still in severe drought in southern new hampshire and extreme drought in extreme southern zones around nashua and towards the coastline. but again eventually this rain will give way to some just overcast skies overnight tonight. what about that exact timeline, depending on where you are in the state depends on when the rain moves out and what follows for the overnight. josh is here with a look at that timeline. josh j.: yes, let's take a look at the next several hours.
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exactly when does it move through. let's roll into local spots, we'll talk about southeastern new hampshire to begin with, we'll put the temperatures on top. you can see we're expecting them to start rising over the next hour or two. and as long as the temperatures that are cooler can get scoured out of the valleys we should see the temperatures rapidly rise into the next few hours, into the 40's. but you can tell as we look at future cast that there will the back end rolling through between 8:00 and 10:00 p.m. as the temperatures will be well into the 40's. and then just a couple leftover sprinkles after that. in areas farther to the north, this is where there's been more freezing rain through the day today. and those temperatures in some of the valleys low enough that there's been just a little bit of spotty icing left over. but for the most part over to rain in a lot of these areas. take a look at the heavy rain
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rising during the late night hours into tonight, and during the overof night hours holding steady, we think, above that freezing mark. so mike will now take a look at what's to come in the next few hours and days. mike: good news here with no refreeze expected tonight because the temperatures actually rise a little bit during the next self hours, through the overnight. a few pockets up north where you're right near freezing, so watch for slick spots out there. temperatures have not been climbing all that much, so still up north. as we advance through late tonight, early tomorrow, just overcast skies, actually above, we'll have some breaks, but a lot of low clouds and fog will fill in. the try morning will give way to a wet afternoon and some of that rain that develops with system number two will be quite heavy. beneficial rain an additional inch plus in many parts of central and southern new hampshire. this will all tend to wind down around the morning commute on
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just like tomorrow, into the 40's, and with some more sun coming in 50's just sitting off to our west. they will likely move in across a good part of central and southern new hampshire. thursday, by the way, is the first day of december. 50's in here. so when do we start to cool down? a little bit on friday, scattered snow showers in the mountains, partly sunny south. same story on saturday and early sunday. then dry statewide later sunday in finally drop back to average. ski country taking a little hit right now, but we eventually will cool down by week's end and the snow guns will blast and they'll get a little natural snow here and there. tom: all right, thank you. jennifer: up next in living well, reducing your risk of stroke, the new link discovered to drinking alcohol in moderation. tom: can and binge watching your favorite shows online could soon cost you, why officials in one
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new england's energy comes from a pool of energy producers. eversource buys it at a set price and delivers it to you. but the pool is shrinking, causing energy costs to go up and down. so we're working to increase the supply of clean, affordable energy across the region. because more energy means lower energy costs for you and the communities we serve. ?? ever new england. eversource. tom: we have good news to raise your glass to. jennifer: new research links light to moderate drinking with decreasing the risk of a certain type of stroke. dr. timothy johnson has this. reporter: cheers, the word many
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glasses. and studies have long suggested that alcohol in moderation can be linked to good health. now a new review of research provides further evidence that an occasional glass of alcohol is tied to a lower risk of a certain type of stroke. researchers in sweden and the u.k. looked at more than two dozen studies and found that light to moderate alcohol consumption, up to a drink or two per day, appears to be linked to a lower risk of suffering what is known asn ischemic stroke, the kind caused by a blockage in the vessels that supply blood to the brain. but the same natural says found that heavy drinks is leads to an increased risk of all types of stroke. the take away is to remember to use alcohol only the moderation, and if you have trouble knowing
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it's always tour health. i'm dr. timothy johnson. tom: next at 5:30, how easy it is to support local nonprofits. jennifer: which local city could be added to the list that charged shoppers for bags. tom: next we take you inside one amazon warehouse on its busiest
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tom: now at 5:30, developments in the new hampshire opioid crisis, the results we are seeing after the state signed onto the national drug monitoring program. mike: to fall as the first of two systems this week moves on through. a look at the timeline of when more rain arrives. jennifer: another tweet, another controversy, what president elect donald trump said about flag burning that has people talking tonight. tom: plus thousands of workers walk off the job, all of them fighting to raise their minimum wage. >> no one covers new hampshire like we do.
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tom: tonight new numbers are offering hope in fighting the opioid crisis. welcome back, everyone, i'm tom griffith. jennifer: i'm jennifer vaughn. fewer prescriptions are being written for certain highly addictive drugs, this is according to a legislative report. and fewer people are so-calledded doctor shopping. amy coveno is here now with why experts say the national drug problem -- reporter: 80% of people struggle prescription drugs. new hampshire was the 49th state to sign onto the national drug monitoring program, and in just one year the state is seeing significant changes. >> i think it's the beginning of some good news. reporter: she manages the prescription drug monitoring program in new hampshire. it's only been around since 2014. >> fortunately the state came to its tipping point and when we got to that tipping point it felt into play.
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this year the state legislature approved 130,000 in funding for upgrades. but there is no line item. drug prescribers and dispensers are required to be registered. but getting in to use the program took some convincing. >> the use of the pdmp is making more information available to us so we can better take care of our patients, and address those who we can identify as doctor shopping or those who are overusing prescriptions. reporter: according to the annual report, opioids have decreased by 5 million doses in the past 12 months. >> the best practices are start low and go slow. that's what the c. d. c. says and i think people are embracing that. reporter: the report also shows a decrease in doctor shopping where patients get drugs from five or more prescribers. from a high of 35 patients flagged in 2015 down to 12 during the same time period in 2016. >> so they're taking this seriously. i really think the prescribers
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very much a big role in changing this crisis in our state. >> it's a wonderful thing to see, there's lots of people working on trying to influence prescribing patterns. reporter: in january a new law will go into effect here in new hampshire that mandates the use of that prescription drug monitoring program with every new pain prescription. and if a patient is on long-term opioid prescriptions, prescribers are required to check the pdmp at least twice a year. live in the studio, a tom: a wanted burglary suspect now behind barrings after he was tracked down by state police k9, authorities were looking for shaw in doaks a break in at an errol restaurant. they say he was arrested without incident. donald trump suggesting consequences for anyone who burns the u.s. flag.
5:34 pm
saying flag burners should, quote, programs face a loss of citizenship or a year in jail. as wmur's jennifer davis tells us now, the claim has members of even his own party outranged. reporter: tom and jen, loss of citizenship and jail are the consequences donald trump is now suggesting for those who burn the flag. donald trump ignites another controversy over twitter, with this tweet suggesting ny flag and there must be consequences including impretty ms. if they do. >> the president-elect is a very strong supporter of the first amendment, but i also think there's a big difference between that and burning the american flag, which has no place in our society. reporter: the supreme court has twice ruled that flag burning is protected by the first amendment. democrats and many republicans were quick to respond, saying while they don't support flag burning, the constitution should prevail.
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supreme court decision is that people are free to express themselves that way. >> i don't think we want to make this a legal issue, and i disagree with mr. trump on that and the court is probably right. reporter: lawmakers don't want to make this a congressional issue either. he says they have no plans to take action on flag burning. in washington, jennifer davis, wmur news 9. tom: grocery shoppers in boston could soon be seeing an kra charge on their receipts, the city is that would charge residents five cents per bag at grocery and convenience stores, doesn't matter if it's paper or plastic. the taxis meant to encourage shoppers to bring a reusable bag. jennifer: in tonight's spirit of giving, today is giving tuesday. so people all across the country are helping important causes by donating both their time and their money. granite united way is encouraging people to give to their organizations today. the nonprofit helps fund
5:36 pm
stability. >> given tuesday -- giving tuesday is a wonderful part of this, it's a way to celebrate generosity, and we have so many people in new hampshire who like to give not only donations but give of their time that really matters in a state like yours is to volunteer. jennifer: if you'd like to donate, you can visit the website at: or text: all money raised today will be used to purchase and distribute books to children. you can help make sure every child get is a gift this holiday season by helping the spirit of giving toy drive. that's coming up december 2 through 4 at the toys r us locations in manchester and nashua and at the crossings in newington. you can give new unwrapped toys for the toys for tots program, the need is particularly great for donations for children under
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tom: looking for to having people partake. next tonight, workers across the country walk off the job. the higher wages, fation food airport workers and others are fighting for and trying to get the president elect's attention. jennifer: and a behind the scenes look, we'll show you what it's like inside an amazon warehouse, on its busiest day of the year. mike: a soggy stretch does continue as temperatures slowly
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tom: here's your video of the closing bell provided by the new york stock exchange. the dow jones average continued to climb again today, up 23 points. the s&p up two, and the nasdaq rose by eleven today. your new hampshire, guess what, we're all paying the same amount of dough for a gallon of gasoline, at $2.13. which is the same average here in new hampshire. today workers from fast food canes in nearly 20 airport as cross the country joined together in a protest for higher pay. union rights and immigration reform. diswhrerp is the first such protest since donald trump won the presidential election provment testers in fork marched to newark airport to hold a
5:41 pm
workers are given a $15 minimum wage, just like workers at new york airports. tom: tonight airbus wants to cut jobs to compete with boeing. airbus group faces months of negotiations with unions after presenting a reorganization plan. the plan cuts would reportedly affect staff in germany, britain and spain. airbus has 136,000 employees worldwide, and hopes to make most of the departures. if you watch a l. shows on netflix or hulu, you could soon be taxed. the city council in pasadena, california announced a 9. 4% tax on streaming video, and it's not the first state to do so. they're calling it a utility, so it can be taxed like water and electricity. the so-called netflix taxis designed to make up for lost revenue from people canceling their cable tv.
5:42 pm
the biggest day of the year for amazon, this one fulfillment center in new jersey has 4,000 employees, and a warehouse the size of 28 football fields. there are 12 miles of conveyer belts moving packages from storage to shipping. last year customers ordered 54 million items at 629 items per second. to make it all happen, amazon is hiring 120,000 seasonal workers. tom: last week we told you about patagonia's plans to donate 100% of its black friday sales to environmental groups. well, it shattered expectations and $10 million is now being donated to those nonprofits. the company says it expected to reach $2 million, but instead generated five times more. good stuff. up next, talk about feel
5:43 pm
thieves ransack her home, all while she's away on vacation and could do nothing to stop them. tom: in sports, the football team is up to big things these days, they get ready for another playoff game. jennifer: then, icy roads and crashes across the state today why, the d.o.t. says it was hard to treat those roads. plus the death of a queen city man now ruled a homicide. the new details we're learning
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>> boston bruins skate at the philadelphia fliers tonight, 7:30 at wells fargo center. b's of likely to be without chara tonight, he's been out with a lower body injury. manchester monarchs on the road at the adirondack thunder, the closest rival for the monarchs, so they play 15 t season, so it's game seven of the series. half of the monarchs six regulation logs these year are to the thunder. this afternoon we checked in with a u.n.h. football team in the rain, the wildcats back on the practice field today, gearing up to the second round of the fcs playoffs, they'll travel to play james madison university saturday at 2:00 p.m. the dukes are ranked fifth in the country and they beat u.n.h. in the regular season 42-39. but after scoring 64 points in
5:47 pm
where they left off. >> they're a good team, their offense does everything the right way, they pass the ball to 100 different kids, and the quarterback runs the ball to, so it will be a challenge for us on defense to limit the big plays and see where we go from there. tom: regood, sir, a homeowner speaking out after watching thieves ransack her las vegas home. jennifer: emily was on vacation in t from her home security company saying there was activity in her home, so she pulled up their video feed on her ipad and that's when she saw that, two thieves ransacking her home, stealing thousands of dollars worth of her stuff, and also taking her car. >> we think ear living a nice life, driving a nice car, we worked hard to get we are at. jennifer: see says the woman in
5:48 pm
small window in her bathroom, she's now planning to install even more cameras around her house. tom: or not travel to thailand, which ever. tonight officials are trying to figure out why a woman jumped out of a united airlines plane and ran onto the tarmac in texas. in video obtained from kprc, you see the woman jumping off the wing and running down the tarmac at bush international airport. she got out of her seat, walked to the wing exit, opened it and she was detained by police and taken to a psychiatric center for medical evaluation. mike tricky travel in many parts of new hampshire earlier today as we started to see light rain falling with temperatures below freezing, a little sleet and wet snow to the north. to warner for some time lapse photos, we have overcast skies. the light mix eventually giving way to steady rain.
5:49 pm
hampshire. keep in mine the ground not yet frozen, so we could use any rain between now and the time that that does happen, looks like we've got not only one shot this evening but yet another one later tomorrow into tomorrow night. in terms of precipitation, mostly in the lick with bid form. there are a few pockets up north, very close to the freezing mark, but on average 95% of the state if not a little bit more experiencing primarily wet weather. temperatures have been near or couple of hours in the great north woods and parts of the white mountains, so there still could be slushy roads in some areas. those are the conditions on the roads in central and southern new hampshire, with again more beneficial rain over the next several hours before system number one of two this week clears on out of here. already the back end in eastern new york, and the last of these showers will likely clear new
5:50 pm
timeline in your particular town by town later on at 6:00 this evening. temperatures right now, 30's and 40's. so in the merrimack valley up to the lakes region, quite chilly, but near the ocean, also monadnock region, well above that freezing mark and well above 40 in many areas. overnight tonight we'll see temperatures climbing a little bit and then coasting back into the upper 30's and lower 40's by daybreak tomorrow. look at the warm air building from the mid part of the country, at least the mississippi valley around st. valley, so with any partial sunshine we would be the the my to upper 50's, while the clouds win the battle tomorrow, so 40's to around 50. but then partial sun on thursday will get our temperatures at least into the low, possibly mid 50's in southern new hampshire. in terms of the timeline, that system null one exits late this evening. here's system two developing towards the tennessee valley. quite a bit of rain with this as well, could see over an inch to
5:51 pm
so here's that timeline for storm number two, overcast tomorrow morning, so a dry morning commute, unlike today, roads will be primarily just damp or dry because our temperatures will are well above the freezing mark and then the rain moves in in the afternoon, turns heaviest tomorrow evening through daybreak on thursday. that's when the back end of that storm pulls away, and look, some developing sun for thursday, central and southern new hampshire, that will allow temperatures to really take off into the 50's f december. by the way, also the start of the meteorological winter, december 1st as well. do we get any snow as we work towards the weekend? the best shot will be in the mountains friday and saturday, that will help ski country a little bit. also sub freezing temperatures by night will allow the snow guns to blast, same story over the weekend, we get more sun on sunday into monday, and maybe a couple of mixed showers possibly moving in by tuesday.
5:52 pm
pictures posted by new hampshire fish and game. jennifer: lieutenant lacrosse encountered this rare albino porcupine in canterbury over the weekend, was able to snap a couple pictures of it. the sightings are very rare here in new hampshire. biologists estimate one in every 10,000 porcupine births is an albino. how about that. tom: i've never seen one. coming up next, decorating at its finest. jennifer: we'll take you transform the executive mansion for the holiday season. >> do you follow or believe in any of these old wives tales? >> i certainly follow them because we talk about it in class, but you know the joke i like to make class is when we're
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tom: it's beginning to look a lot like the holidays at the white house. jennifer: cameras were invited in to see what it takes to get the executive mansion ready. this year's holiday theme is the gift of the holidays which reflects on not only the joy of of giving and receiving but also the true gifts of life. this year's official christmas tree is on display in the blue
5:56 pm
donated from pennsylvania. and the pelham native has created the official 2016 white house christmas ornament. kayla wheatlab designed this fire truck that honors president hoover's administration. on christmas eve in 1929 a fire broke out, destroying the west wing. more than 130 firefighter responded to the blaze and that around nament is now being sold through the white house historical association.
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5:58 pm
mike: a rainy evening under way across the granite state as a wintery mix moves out and gives way to just wet weather. when this system exits plus when another arrives. >> it's an incorrect perception to believe that you can get out in front of a storm like this and prevent slippery roads.
5:59 pm
across the state, why officials say roads were difficult to treat. jennifer: shots fired inside a manchester home. now the attorney general's office is ruling it a homicide. the new information just coming in. tom: and helping kid have presents for the holidays, a local musician just completed a cross country challenge, what the $10,000 reraised is being used for. >> no one covers new hampshire like we do. now wmur tom: right now rain is falling across much of the state, causing traffic to be slow, but it's expected to wind down tonight. good evening, i'm tom griffith. jennifer: i'm jennifer vaughn. what should we expect over the next 24 hours? chief meteorologist mike haddad begins our team coverage. mike: quite a few change this is evening into early tomorrow and yet another system to track after that. take a look at temperatures, they're all over the place, from 28 atop mount washington to the
6:00 pm
50 in jaffrey, as warm air is beginning to creep in from the south and west. to near 50 at the coast. that's due to the water temperature, look at that ocean temperature at 51 degrees. manchester 40, the warmest time of the day so far. so anything falling out of the cloud cover is primarily rain, there are a few isolated pockets up north, dealing with a bit of freezing rain, but for the most part it's wet out there and the back end is a another one begins to take shape to our south, you can see it around memphis, tennessee with heavy downpours, that will be in here tomorrow night. we'll have more in a few minutes. jennifer: that weather earlier today caused slick roads, and tonight authorities say that led to the death of a driver who lost control and slid into some


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