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tv   News 9 at Five  ABC  November 30, 2016 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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announcer: now wmur news 9 at 5:00. >> there he details about a 2015 tent collapse in lancaster. a company running a circus at the time walker international events may now pay thousands in fines. good evening i'm john griffith. >> i'm jennifer vaughn. it killed a vermont man and his daughter as well ace injured several others. we are live with a closer look. reporter: that's right the florida-based company will p has to put together a safety and health management plan before they can continue running their business. this is a smaller fine than the company was initially expected to pay. state officials say this deadly tent collapse was completely preventible. that's why the circus event company must now pay up. robert young and his 6-year-old daughter annabelle of vermont was killed after a storm moved through during a circus performance at the lancaster
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osha officials say the company ignored seven weather alerts from the national weather service that had warned of more than 60-mile an hour winds. the florida-based company is facing a criminal trial and a wrongful death lawsuit filed by the victim's family. wmur, news 9. >> we do have some breaking news just coming in, a woman in durham has been rushed to the hospital with life-threatening injuries after being hit by her own car. authorities are still trying to figure out exactly what wmur is live right now with all the breaking details. reporter: it was about 3:30 this afternoon that durham police got a call to baghdad report with a report that someone had been struck by a car. when they arrived they found an 86-year-old woman in the roadway with severe injuries and her car idling nearby. police say it appears that her own car ran her over. now they are still in the process of trying to figure out
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roadway closed until then. >> we are still investigating, but it appears as though she was visiting friends at the residence here on the street, and she was exiting her car, the car rolled backwards and ran over her. reporter: now the unidentified woman was brought to a nearby hospital with severe life-threatening injuries. we of course will bring you live in durham, wmur news 9. jean: tonight a woman rise covering after she jumped to safety as fire ripped through her apartment building. this happened on south state street. neighbors ran to help when they say they heard the woman screaming. wmur is live in concord tonight with this. reporter: well witnesses described a dramatic scene as a woman hung from a second floor window, while her apartment building burned around her.
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panicking, and i felt terrible for her. reporter: christian robinson says it was just around 6:00 in the morning when she awoke to a horrible sound. >> i heard screaming from a woman saying that she couldn't breathe and that her apartment was on fire, so, i looked out my bedroom window and i saw a woman hanging out the second-story windows. reporter: robinson says she ran across the street to help. as thick, black smoke poured from the second floor of this apartment building on south state street in concord. >> i came around the corner and i could hear someone screaming, i can't breathe, i can't breathe, i can't breathe euf. >> went to make a cup of coffee and next thing i know my alarm went off and there was a knock on my door, and i started to smell some smoke. reporter: while other residents scrambled to safety that woman hung from a bathroom window. >> i just asked her to please try to calm down and jump to see if she could get onto that
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her back. reporter: firefighters were on the scene almost immediately, and it took about 20 minutes to bring the flames under control. the woman was taken to the concord hospital for treatment. >> happy to report her condition is not life-threatening. it doesn't seem to be too serious at this point. reporter: dor i wallace says the woman who jumped is her best friend and she will probably be in the hospital for a couple of days. >> she is okay. she is in a lot of pain. the most important she is still here. reporter: the building owner says that four residents of a downstairs business have been replaced. the red cross is helping those homeless. the cause of the fire is still under investigation. reporting live in concord, wmur news 9. >> to the queen city right now, police investigating a shooting in manchester. officers called to an apartment on walnut street around 2:00 this morning for a report of a man shot in the leg.
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jean: an allenstown man accused of stabbing three people has been indicted on murder and burglary charges. 36-year-old-year-old clinton lennon stabbed two men and a woman. the woman is the former girlfriend of lennon but they have not figured out a motive. >> and tonight a 78-year-old woman is speaking out after her purse was stolen during the day on a public street in manchester. she is warning others about what happened. wmur is live with her story tonight. reporter: this woman was on south main street when a man ran by and suddenly stole her purse shaoefp. she wasn't hurt but lost cash and some of her belongings. she says her purse was attached to her walker. when she went to grab something inside a man swiped it from her hands. a manchester police officer was flagged down. she gave him all the information she could. the suspect appeared to be unarmed at the time.
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telling her story so others will learn from it. she says the elderly should never carry anything valuable with them just in case something like this happens. >> this place here it's dangerous, because of the people are elderly, and it makes it hard for them, and afraid that they can hear it and listen to it and then do it because they won't be sorry. reporter: we did reach out to the manchester police department this afternoon. they say there is no update wmur news 9. >> thanks, police asking for the public's help solving a series of daytime burglaries. police say the burglaries happened on sunday, they say two people and a car were seen in the area of the beach at 10:30 in the morning. reporter: a man accused of using a front end loader to attack his brother is facing a half dozen charges.
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54-year-old pete ear manual used the loader to knock over the crane his brother was operating. he allegedly backed the loader toward a cruiser with a sergeant inside of it. he has been indicted on disobeying an officer, criminal threatening and resisting arrest. a hooksett man is out on bail after his arrest on drug charges. 29-year-old thomas darrigon had been under investigation for two months. when officers arrested him on a warrant today they say had drugs. he is charged with both the sale and possession of controlled drugs, he'll be back in court in february. >> reporter: let's move onto politics and commitment 2016 and president-elect donald trump has just announced that he will leave the business world to focus on the white house. that means and that news comes as he fills out more of his economic team. wmur's jennifer davis is in washington with the latest developments. reporter: tom, donald trump says he will talk more about this at
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but he says legal documents are already being prepared to separate him from his business operations. in four successive tweets wednesday donald trump announced he will soon leave his businesses to fully focus on running the country. he says the law doesn't require it but he feels it is visually important to not have conflicts of interest. >> he should be able to separate it. in the past treasury secretaries have separated themselves from a financial business. again we've never had a president with this kind of business involvement. reporter: the annou as trump filled out his economic team with billionaire investor wilbur ross tapped for secretary of commerce and wall street investor and former trump national finance chair steve mnuchin the pick for commerce secretary. >> i know what it takes to make sure we can make loans to small and mid market companies. that will be our big focus. reporter: thursday trump heads to indiana to celebrate the announcement from carrier to
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trump was involved in the negotiations but details of what if any incentives were offered to the company are unclear. >> it's exactly what he ran, bring these jobs back. people say it can't be done. those jobs are now not going to mexico. reporter: trump says he will hold a news conference with his children on december 15th to discuss this is separation from his businesses in greater detail. in washington, jennifer davis, wmur news nine. >> to the dr. now and rain falling in parts o look at portsmouth now where it is sprinkling out there and 43 degrees. the chief meteorologist tracking more rain on the way. reporter: all of this beneficial rain across a good part of central southern new hampshire still in the severe and even extreme drought in parts of extreme southern new hampshire. take a look what is going on temperature wise into the 40s a few degrees, above the average for the last day of november. which will go down as a very warm november. not in the top ten but very
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notice on doppler radar there are showers scooting on through the north country. steadier rain over southern new hampshire and even heavier rain down to our south trying to organize. it looks like by late this evening and overnight as you can clearly see on futurecast that's when the bulk of the rain will fall across new hampshire. many parts of new hampshire will pick up again a lot of beneficial rain. how much can we expect? we'll take a look at that plus follows this system as we go into the end of the week and the weekend. all of that straight ahead. repo home shaping up tonight? let's get a look at that. you're looking live now at i93 in hooks set where traffic seems to be working okay but the roads are wet. >> peggy james joins us live with a look at the rest of the evening commute. reporter: starting out over on the sea coast on the turnpike we have a report of a crash in the area of exit 1. possibly a tractor/trailer and
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towards dover. 101 is looking good from the sea coast to manchester. 293 a lot of brake lights headed northbound between exits 4 and 7. and it's a good ride through the hooksett tunnel as you stop. once you get into concord 93 northbound an accident near exit 13 is slowing you down. 101 west stop and go from 293 headed out towards the 114 intersection and through the traffic lights in up through the maramax. i'm peggy james for 95.7, wzid. reporter: a new man must decision in the shooting death of keith scott that sparked unrest in north carolina. still to come tonight, why charlotte police officers will not face any charges related to
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colombia plane crash, what happened moments before that pl plane went down. reporter: some students will start school later next year. we'll tell you what parents and school officials think about the new school times. reporter: new at 6:00 the investigation into the death of a 2-year-old in h berlin. tonight we hear from a woman who
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tom: happening right now fidel castro's ashes are on the way to their final resting place. thousands of cubans lined the streets in havana as the four-day journey across the country began. his ashes will be buried sunday in santiago at the end of nine days of mourning. jennifer: well we are now learning that the man who died after an accident at a circ de soleil show was a statement from circ de soleil says a lift hit the show technician yesterday in san francisco, he died at the hospital. tonight's performance has been canceled. local police and work-place safety regulators are all investigating. we have new details on the deadly plane crash in could he hrcolumbia. the pilot told air traffic
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that was according to the recording from a tower leaked to a radio station. the official cause has not been released. 6 of the 77 people on board survived. tom: a charlotte police officer will not face charges for the shooting death of keith lamont scott. satisfactory prosecutors unanimously decided that officer bentley vincent acted lawfully. the district attorney says it's important to consider response time and reaction time and that scott could have killed an officer before they had time to drawn a gun, when confronted by police, exited a vehicle with a gun in hand, and failed to comply with officers who commanded him at least ten times to put the gun down. tom: police video shows officers shouting to scott to drop a gun. scott's family has said he was not armed. jennifer: new details tonight about that terror attack on campus, a student on a rampage
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isis is calling him one of its soldiers but homeland security says he shows no links to terrorist groups. >> at this stage we see no communications, direct communications with a terrorist organization overseas by this individual. jennifer: 11 people were attacked and they say the attacker was one. reporter: another soggy day out there. quite a few clouds. a little bit of partial sun very early in the day. as you can see in warner the clouds tried to lift for a short time but filling back in with a little bit of light rain here or there. the heaviest comes later on this evening and overnight tonight. you'll notice on doppler radar steadiest rain has fallen over southern new hampshire. a few showers filling in over eastern parts of vermont and across parts of northern new
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on and off occasional rain for this evening. on average on the light to moderate side as you can clearly see most of it confined to the area around concord down to manchester and points south. heaviest south of the border and a few more showers developing up north in the last couple of hours. temperatures are right near that freezing mark in the higher terrain. there could be a little bit of mixing here but primarily wet weather moves in for tonight and there is plenty more energy back in the ohio valley and all of this will tend to fill in in the coming hours and then sea so what about the rain tallies so far to date out of the past two storms and what can we expect in terms of rainfall between now and tomorrow morning. josh is here with a look at some of those numbers. reporter: we are tracking the last couple of days as well as the future, let's take a look at yesterday's rainfall. that got all of this going and we saw a decent amount of rain, maybe not as much as you thought. as much as almost nine tenths of an even in the north country.
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inch. not even an inch from yesterday. now the second batch of rain overhead today thus far not that impressive in terms of rainfall amounts. we do expect the rainfall rates to be picking up during the evening and overnight hours. how much so, let's take a look at one of our computer models projected amounts by 11:00, another 3, 4 tenths of an inch and continues to grow during the overnight hours. you may be awakened overnight by heavy d pulling away early tomorrow morning. here is one of our computer models projecting as much as an inch more. some areas might not see quite this much because that rainfall has to reblossom as our computer models are suggesting will happen. for a look at that and more specific and right into and through the weekend here is mike. reporter: we are tracking temperatures right now on the mild side. good news if you're traveling out and about the roadways will be wet, visibility cut down eight bit.
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slick roads out there except some of the highest of elevations in the north country where we could see temperatures near 32 degrees, overnight tonight. again mainly above freezing, statewide as we transition from november into december. can you believe that? and you can believe that cold air eventually has to win the battle, right, in the month of december. take a look at what is going to be moving in tomorrow. mid to upper 50s over central and southern new england including mid 50s in southern new hampshire, and then gradually we'll start to see the cooler we go into friday and especially over the first weekend of the new month. now in terms of this latest storm, kind of stretched out right now the rainfall is from new england all the way back into the ap april latch inch mountains. this will help to cause the rain to blossom just off to our south and west during the course of of the evening, and the first part of the overnight and it will work on through. so, take a look at the time stamp, by very late this evening the radar will look a little bit
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to heavy amounts. that will continue on and off at varying intensities until about day break tomorrow. notice temperatures still well above freezing. the in the highest terrain mixing. down to 2,000 feet. look at the mild start to the day tomorrow cloud and showers linger up north. 50 to 55 anywhere south of the lakes region towards the mass, new hampshire board der. partial sunshine hampshire. quite a few cloud and snow showers in the north country and in the mountains. full sunshine statewide on sunday and then relatively quiet early next week. it looks like the next system will slip just off to the south on monday but temperatures by then will begin to slip back down. if aourb l you're looking at the friday temperature of 4 don't fret. we'll put on the next time we come back here at 5:30 we'll put
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four. that would be some front. >> thank you, sir. jennifer: a new kind of artist going to be on display in london. coming up next we'll show you how artists are beginning to draw in virtual reality. reporter: the relief
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tom: the artists in the united kingdom are creating art for virtual reality. jennifer: london artist as at the royal academy are learning to paint and sculpt in a virtual world. viewers will be able to interact with the art and walk-through and over the creations. the artists are using two programs to create pieces and they are still experimenting with exactly how it wil >> it's a lot of experimenting to do. all the software is really in its early conception, early versions, no one quite understands how these drawings softwares are going to end up being used, maybe commercially or in the art. everything you're doing feels quite unknown. jennifer: the works of virtual art will be on display in january at the royal academy in london. tom: one massachusetts lawmaker that is trying to change the day that halloween is celebrated.
5:26 pm
trick-or-treating to the last saturday in october. supporters say it would make it easier for parents who are working and allow authorities to better plan for the holiday. representatives who filed the bill says he's a bit torn because he believes in halloween traditions but also knows it can be difficult to celebrate halloween on a school night. jennifer: the boston pops kicks off its 43rd holiday season today. the pops open tonight at boston symphony hall. guest singers. 44 performances in december and you won't have to travel to boston to see the show because the pops are performing in manchester on december 10th. it's like a tradition. tom: new at 5:30 a teen accused of starting a fire facing a judge today. jennifer: up next the plea deal that keeps him out of prison and why prosecutors say it was the right outcome.
5:27 pm
lawmakers are looking for new direction and they say that happens on capitol hill. we'll lock at what is ahead. tom: this is oliver in pelham and he's pay sent lee waiting for santa's arrival. you can join the thousands of
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tom: now at 5:30, middle and high school students in city will be sleeping in next year. have are why classes will be starting one hour later. jennifer: the teenager accused of starting this major fire is now pleading guilty. the unusual punishment he faces that means no jail time. mike: a soggy stretch right through drizzle and fog. houp rain to expect, plus when it starts to clear up. tom: reelected as minority leader how nancy pelosi plans to bring her party together after losing the white house. tphoupbz now wmur news 9 at 5:30. jennifer: students will be able to set their alarm clocks an hour later next year after the school board voted to pushback
5:31 pm
welcome back, everyone i'm jennifer vaughn? i'm tom griffith. most parents are glad that their kid will have an extra hour to sleep. we are live in studio to explain all the changes. reporter: this is years in the making in portsmouth after doing research and seep deprivation if add a very less ants and serving the community the board decided it's time for a change. starting next fall the bell will ring an hour later at the middle and high schools in portsmouth. is just torture. he's just a zombie in the morning and just not ready to get up that early. it impacts everything. >> mornings next year will be less of a challenge. i think developmentally it's the right call for everybody. reporter: after receiving more than 2,000 survey responses from parents the school board voted 8-to make the change. most parents that do pick up they don't want to be picking up their kid at 2:15. >> i work full time. that is hard too.
5:32 pm
later. reporter: the superintendent says the idea has come up twice in the 11 years he's been in the district. >> i've been kobgt tackedded by a couple of schools today. oyster river voted to go to a later start time a couple weeks ago. i think eye something gaining some attention. reporter: the parents we spoke with say it will be an easy transition even for their kids who don't need the stphaodz button. >> my 13-year-old is a morning person and he's ready to go. >> i might not agree with it but i think getting more sleep will g programs, sports and transportation, all details the board will be looking at. >> really we have the benefit of some time now to do some of that detail planning. reporter: the superintendent tells us this was really a community-based decision. they were at one point considering a change to the elementary school start time but based on feedback they got from parents they decided not to pursue it. live in the studio, wmur news 9. jennifer: the union representing
5:33 pm
any driver strike happens. that agreement came after the district asked for -- asked a judge for an injunction that would prevent the workers from walking off the job. the districts say that gives them enough time to prepare for a strike and to warn parents about any transportation disruptions. tom: a teenager accused of setting a fire in february that destroyed a vacant auto parts buildingle he pleaded guilty to two misdemeanor charges of criminal mischief and hindering apprehension. he was originally charged with arson for the fire on february the 21st of this year. his plea deal includes suspended jail time and community service. he'll also have to build a -- with members of the fire department. prosecutors believe this was the right outcome for this case. >> i think it is an appropriate outcome. i think other people who are
5:34 pm
sentences may in fact find themselves in state prison but this young man is lucky that he had the support of the community, that he's going to be going forward with the necessary treatment to avoid this sort of activity in the future. we'll be keeping a close eye on him so that he knows that he has to take the sentence very seriously. >> he will also have to write a 1,000 word essay about the dangers of fire. jennifer: dozens of house democrats refused to minority leader nancy pelosi's bid to keep her leadership post but she prevailed. as sally kidd reports there are now questions about the direction of the democratic party. >> some democrats say it's time for fresh leadership. others say they need someone who is seasoned and battle tested to take on donald trump. house minority leader nancy pelosi is vowing to bring democrats back from the be depths of defeat after a
5:35 pm
>> i have a special spring in my step today because it's an opportunity, a special one, to lead the house democrats, bring everyone together. reporter: but 63 democrats backed ohio congressman tim ryan for the house leadership post. that's the largest defection nancy pelosi has suffered since 2002. we are going to winner as democrats we need to have an economic message that resonates in every corner of this country. reporter: the stunning upset of hillary clinton has democratic party. the number of democratic governors has shrunk and state legislators affiliated with the party are at an all time low. >> with the democrats you get below joe biden or hillary clinton, where is their a-team? reporter: political analysts say party leaders should be giving younger democrats more of a voice. and says they also need to focus more attention outside major cities, in places like the rust belt there it's not going to be a great year for the democrats in 2018 and the congress.
5:36 pm
the governorships are up and there will be thousands of state legislative offices. and that's where they would really need to focus. reporter: the dnc says it has a new advisory group looking at what went wrong. and how best to move the party forward. the dnc also needs to elect a new chair to shepherd through any changes. in washington, sally kidd, wmur news 9. tom: while the nation's automakers have lost a major battle. next at 5:30 the mileage standard they will have to meet and when the rules take effect kwrao plus netflix launching a new feature, how you can watch your favorite shows without internet. mike: the temps above normal again right now with even warmer air on the way tomorrow. how high the temperatures will go. tom: it's beginning to look a lot like christmas. ? [singing] tom: up at the new hampshire motor speedway. coming up an escape outside when
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[applause] [bell ringing] tom: here is your video of the closing bell provided by the new york stock exchange. it was and you up day on wall street, up big time and reversed a bit. closed up by 2 points a day.
5:40 pm
down about 56 points. gas price hearsay at new hampshire nationwide at 2.15, or rather nationwide at 2.15. here in new hampshire at 2.13. jennifer: for the first time in eight years opec countries say they will cut oil production. tom: the decision to stop pumping more than a million barrels a day effects are takes in effect. the price of crude rose more than 7% on the crude. it could lead to price increases for gasoline and home heating oil and other products as wel decided it will not change tougher mileage standards for vehicles despite protests from the auto industry. the average fuel economy for any vehicle and all of them sold must be nearly 51 miles per gallon by 2025. the epa says this technology exists to meet that new standard. but car companies say while they are building smaller vehicles and electric cars few consumers are buying them. netflix will now allow people to
5:41 pm
without having to be connected to the internet. other streaming services already allow users to download video ahead of time and watch later. now netflix is offering that option for some of its most popular shows, starting with many of its original programs. it hopes to allow the feature with more movies and shows in the coming months stphaofplt . tom: it's all changing very fast. deadly severe weather across the south. the help new hampshire is sending to communities devastated by jennifer: in sports it is a big wednesday night of basketball, including the celtics and unh, jaime is in with all of that. tom: and then coming up new at 6:00 tonight a woman who helped care for the young girl who is the focus of a homicide investigation in berlin talks about her time with the family and this tragic loss. and this viewer video shows that huge flames that consumed a conway home this afternoon, how long it took firefighters to
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announcer: now jaime state ton and news 9 sports. reporter: the seas will host the detroit pistons at 7:30. they have a really good team this year, unh basketball. they nice a good test on the road take on providence college at 7:00. unh has four wins through six
5:45 pm
temple owls. a lot of work to do before christmas, six more games including tonight. he this have most of their best players back from a team that set a program record with 20 victories last season. the mack herman trophy goes to the 15 finalists awarded, two of them are from new hampshire. morgan andrews pictured here playing for for for usc. award will be announced december 14th and the win era warded january 6th. winding down college basketball temple and navy in the aac championship and the acc championship virginia tech and clemson. coming up at 6:00 that is umh hockey practice we'll hear from the guys st. tom: firefighters from new hampshire headed to tennessee to help battle wildfires. jennifer: thousands of people
5:46 pm
destroyed. elizabeth herr has this. reporter: heavy wind, rain, and fire. >> go, go, go, go, go. reporter: wreaking havoc across the south. >> there is the tornado right there. >> let's go. let's go. >> let's go. reporter: from louisiana to tennessee a trail of destr destruction. in alabama the storms devastating with home after home leveled and thousands left without power more mississippi, but no one killed. >> we are really lucky that nobody was hurt here tonight. it could be the other way. reporter: in tennessee -- >> i'm happy that we still have a restaurant. >> known expected sh. reporter: 64 dead and necessity are blaming mother nature and the fires. >> a once in lifetime disaster. reporter: overnight eight new fires before rain arrived which
5:47 pm
>> we are experiencing some small mudslide and rockslides, because there is no longer that foal ladies and gentlemen that toil average that is holding everything together. reporter: threatening new areas tonight but the damage done. homes and cars are burned to the ground and hundreds still in shelters and the fire chief says their work won't be finished for quite some time. fortunately officials in tennessee say the worst is over with more rain in the forecast no timeline as to when they can return home. elizabeth herr, abc news, new york. announcer: now chief meteorologist mike hadid with your storm cast 9 forecast. reporter: areas of dense tpaug, tefog. two above the norm in concord for the last day of november the the morning low at 32. a record low take a look at that. 17 below.
5:48 pm
we'll not get that cold, but there is cooler air eventually on the way. not tomorrow it will actually be a warm start to december with temperatures at least ten, 12 degrees, above the average. as for what happens between now and then rain and some of that quite heavily especially late this evening and during the overnight some spots could get over an inch of rain out of the latest system before it gradually clears out tomorrow morning. it will be main here dry to follow for a good part of thursday right into and through the weekend. rain beginning to fill in in many parts of western new hampshire from the great north woods through the upper valley down i inch. heaviest rain over massachusetts. eventually it will fill right back in as we 0 go through the course of the evening. some of that rain could come down a at a pretty good clip as we go through the late evening and overnight stretch. the energy for the storm well back in the ohio valley. we have to wait until day break tomorrow when the back edge of
5:49 pm
varying insurance tense tees and again some spots over an inch of rain between now and day break tomorrow. as for the temperatures, you notice they are well above freezing, anything that falls is in the form of rain here the exception higher summits right around the presidential range of the white mountains that's it in terms of any wintry precipitation out of this storm for tonight. and in terms of future temperatures they will either hold or drop a little bit up north and basically hold in the 40s in central and southern newa december the 1st, and all of this warmth now being squeezed through the own part of of the great lakes towards the mid-atlantic region will work in here for thursday before gradual cooling takes place for friday and into and through the weekend. again, tracking this storm moving on in, in terms of the timeline notice occasional rain tonight, picks up as we go through the late evening and overnight, some of these yellows here indicating rainfall rates of over a quarter of an inch per hour.
5:50 pm
hours and you're well over an inch in some spots. tomorrow morning most of the rain is gone. by the way quite a snowstorm in northern parts of maine, that's how close winter is to new hampshire in terms of the storm. we'll start to see it cooldown. for those in ski country looking for snow you'll get a little bit of natural snow in the form of snow showers friday and on saturday and then by early next week it should be mainly quiet and early morning flurry and then some sun, temperatures though right back to middle part of next week. tom: all right. jennifer: thank you, mike. tom: winter will be here soon enough. the new hampshire motor speedway getting in the holiday sprit hosting its 6th annual gift of lights holiday distray. paula tracy has a closer look at this festive event. reporter: the track at the new hampshire motor speedway is all dressed up for the holidays. more than 2 million lights are part of over 400 displays set up at the racetrack.
5:51 pm
items to donate to the louden food pantry you can get a $2 discount. it has raised over $120,000 over the years. the gift of lights is open every night until the end of the year from 4:30pm to 5:00pm it is closed on christmas. on december 11 you can take part in a 2.2-mile yu le light up the night walk. for more information on what is new this year and details on the roadways advice is the escape outside section of tom: and coming up next at 5:00, the generosity of a toys r us worker is returned 100 fold by
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jennifer: thousands of christmas trees are on their way to troops thanks to baseball fans in donated christmas trees at lambeau field in green green bay. the trees will be delivered to service members and their families in the u.s. and abroad. this is the 12th years of the trees for troops program and nationwide the program delivers an average of 18,000 trees. and now to a story of generosity on the biggest shopping day of the year. tom: an 8-year-old from manchester recently learned a
5:55 pm
she was $5.52 short. the cashier pulled out her credit card to cover the balance for violet. the girl's father was so moved he made a donation of $552 to toys r us to help other customers who may need some help. >> it amazed me that she was nice enough to just help out when someone was distressed because of something so little. but it meant so tom: but there is another twist to the story. toys r us management was so impressed with the manager that she decided to return the family's money. the company will be donated $552 to the manchester store to benefit customers in a way that they see fit. jennifer: that is just excellent all the away round. tom: real cool. jennifer: speaking of that you can help make sure that every child gets a gift this holiday season by helping the spirit of giving toy drive coming up
5:56 pm
manchester, and the crossings. you can give new unwrapped toys for the toys or tots program and the need is particularly great for donations for children under 3 and children who are older than ten. tom: hope you can help us and our radio partners out for the big spirit of giving toy drive. jennifer: you know new hampshire always comes through. tom: they always do, they sure do. jennifer: every year. that will do it for news 9:00 at 5:00. tom: news 9 at 6:00 your way next. jennifer: see you then.
5:57 pm
5:58 pm
>> now at 6 a at agreement reached the company that will pay after a father and daughter are killed. jennifer: a woman who helped care for the 2-year-old that is the focus of a homicide investigation in berlin is
5:59 pm
this morning but to jump. reporter: a rainy night with downpours possible at times. how much more we could see plus when the sun makes a return. announcer: now wmur news 9 at 6:00. reporter: there is breaking news off the top at 6:00 an active investigation in durham at this hour after a woman was hit by her own car. reporter: police say they believe this happened while driveway. wmur suzanne roantree is live near the scene with what we've learned about this so far. reporter: well burr ham police say it was about 3:00 this afternoon when they got a call that someone had been struck on baghdad road and they were in the roadway. now, when they did arrive they found an 86-year-old woman on the road with severe injuries, her car idling nearby. police say it appears that she
6:00 pm
and tried to get out. her own car dragged her and ran her over. police have closed the roadway as they are still in the process of figuring out exactly what happened. >> it appears as though she was exiting her car, left it in reverse, and then the car rolled backwards and ran over her. reporter: now the unidentified woman was brought to a local hospital with roantree, wmur news 9. reporter: the company responsible for a circus tent that collapsed killing a machine and his daughter in lancaster back in 2015 has reached a settlement tonight. reporter: osha says this settlement includes a fine and corrective action. wmur is here now with more on this. reporter: that florida-based company will now pay $24,000 in fines and according to the settlement they currently have


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