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tv   News 9 at Six  ABC  November 30, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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and tried to get out. her own car dragged her and ran her over. police have closed the roadway as they are still in the process of figuring out exactly what happened. >> it appears as though she was exiting her car, left it in reverse, and then the car rolled backwards and ran over her. reporter: now the unidentified woman was brought to a local hospital with roantree, wmur news 9. reporter: the company responsible for a circus tent that collapsed killing a machine and his daughter in lancaster back in 2015 has reached a settlement tonight. reporter: osha says this settlement includes a fine and corrective action. wmur is here now with more on this. reporter: that florida-based company will now pay $24,000 in fines and according to the settlement they currently have
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operational at this time. but if they do decide to get back into the business they'll haveto come up with a safety management plan. state officials say this deadly tent collapse was completely preventible. robert young and his 6-year-old daughter annabelle of vermont were killed. it happened when a storm moved through during a circus performance at the lancaster fairground in august, 2015. more than one hundred people were inside at the time, and officials say there was only one exit, ran toward, but that's also where structures were collapsing. osha officials say the company failed to act even after the national weather service broadcast seven weather alerts that wind would be whipping more than 60 miles per hour. according to osha the company also didn't use the correct stakes to secure the tent to the ground and didn't follow engineer guidelines. originally osha fined the walker
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a total of 14 workplace violations. but now the new settlement calls for $24,000 in fines, and for the company to come up with a comprehensive safety plan if they ever go back into the circus event business. the new england regional solicitor of labor sent out this statement regarding that agreement saying "while nothing can undue the tragedy in lancaster this settlement does seek to prevent future such occurrences" this is not the end international events. they still face a criminal trial, as well as a wrongful death lawsuit filed by the victims' family. live in the studio. wmur news 9. reporter: tonight in the north country the investigation into the homicide of a 2-year-old girl continues. reporter: the attorney general's office says a few tips have come in but no arrests made yet. tonight a woman who helped care for madison dana is speaking out
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wmur is here with more on how this toddler is being remembered. reporter: sharon white says she met madison's parents when they needed a place to stay and a helping hand. she says after madison was born she got to not beautiful little girl who she last saw about a year ago. when she traveled from north stratford to berlin for a visit. >> when you've got somebody before you you've got to help them it's just my rule interests helping people is a way of life for sharon white that's why two years ago she opened her h >> this couple needed me really badly. they needed somebody to help them. reporter: sharon was there june 1st, 2014 the day madison rose dana was born. in fact she drove madison's mother to the hospital in labor. >> she was such a good a little baby. reporter: this is you holding her. sharon said she had a premonition last weekend and couldn't stop thinking about madison. it's been a year since she saw her. >> i was too attached to madison and i went over i think she was a year and a half the last time i went over to the apartment to
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investigators released the results of the autopsy on madison dana, cause of death, blunt force injuries, manner of death, homicide. the 911 call came sunday afternoon from 109 york street where authorities say madison lived with her parents ark lee bork and roger dana. sharon says when she got the news monday she was in shock. >> it's something that i knew could have happened and i worried that i probably should have contacted her on saturday. reporter: sharon wants to reach out to frustrated. she lost her number. >> i just probably would put my arms around her and say i'm sorry. i did that. reporter: investigators say the remains were released to the family after the autopsy was completed on monday. a go fund me page was started by a relative to raise money for funeral expenses. again anyone with information about what happened to madison dane ace urged to call the tip line on the screen.
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wmur news 9. reporter: thank you a concord mother now charged with child endangerment after police say they found drugs in the home she shared with her two young children. police say they made the discovery in august when they were called in the home for a report of a child who wasn't breathing. that child later died. but the mother is not facing any charges related to that child's death. she is charged with drug possession after detectives found 25 grams reporter: five people are homeless in conway tonight after huge flames consumed a house this afternoon. a news 9 viewer captured this video showing just how intense the fire was when firefighters arrived. they did rescue one person from the mount view road home, as you can see the tkphraeupls had flames had taken over the front of that house. it took an hour to bring it under control. the cause is under investigation tonight. a woman is recovering after
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building. she was trapped on the second floor and screaming for help. neighbors tried to calm her down and lend a hand. andy hershberger is live at the scene now. reporter: neighbors say they heard a woman screaming that she couldn't breathe and saw her hanging from a a second floor apartment window. the fire broke out after 6:00 this morning at 8284 south state street. four apartments and the downstairs appliance business in the building. the fire went to two alarms and took about 20 minutes to bring under control. witnesses say there was a woman hanging from a second floor bathroom screaming for help as neighbors rushed to her aid she jumped to the sidewalk below. >> i just asked her to please try to calm down and jump to see if she could get onto that awning. and she just jumped and fell on her back.
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condition is not life threatening. and doesn't seem to be some serious at this point. reporter: all of the other residents were able to get out safely, but will be unable to return to their homes. the cause of the fire is still under investigation. reporting live in concord i'm andy hershberger, wmur news 9. reporter: happening right now up in concord lawmakers have elected a spouse speaker. let's go to adam sexton live at the s developments. reporter: this just unfolded within the last ten minutes you were saying they elected a speaker they've actually reelected a speaker. representative sean jasper of sudden son won his tenth term in the house and reelected as speaker for a second term. this is no sure thing as representative jasper did in a throughmaneuvering to win it two years ago.
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become their speaker, and after that representative jasper actually came in with when the full house was voting and declared himself as candidate. he ale lean eighted a few republicans in the process but because able to consolidate enough support to win back the speakership today. the first two ballots it was close between sk jasper and sanborn. and representative jasper as you able to win with 109 votes when e this of course with a complete republican control of the state house and the governor's hoves office and the senate we'll seeing a lot of things we saw from leadership before the in this case representative jasper promised to smooth the transition of leadership and that is essentially what having no change in speakership the legislate legislature will get is more of the same in the speaker's office for the next few years. adam sexton, wmur news 9.
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resolution reached, the work done to make sure the holiday lights will go up as they have for three decades. >> i've got to replace everything, everything. jennifer: you'll hear more from a 78-year-old woman who was the victim of a purse snatching. why she wanted to share her story with us. reporter: december begins tomorrow it will be a relatively warm start in many areas, how high the temperatures will go. reporter: it's the main event we'll hear from unh hockey about
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tom: an elderly woman is speaking out after her purse was stolen in congressman paul ryan. jennifer: the robbery happened around 5 on granite street. this woman is okay but now she
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wmur sat down with her today. >> i've been crying ever since i don't know. reporter: this 78-year-old woman is shaken and doesn't want to show her face after being robbed during the day while sitting at a bus stop on south main street in congressman paul ryan. >> i always sit there. i've been doing it since i've been there. reporter: this was different than any other day. she says a man ran by and suddenly stole her black coach purse which was attached to her lk my walker, and the guy came along and grabbed it and took off on me. i screamed, naturally i hollered, and, you know, i was all upset. reporter: she wasn't hurt but she did lose cashing and some of her blank inks and now she is trying to pick up the pieces. >> i've got to replace everything, everything. i didn't have much money but i stayed to myself, thank god i didn't have my check yet. reporter: a manchester police officer was flagged down, she gave him all the information she
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and i say he headed up clinton street that's what i told them. reporter: the victim says she is thankful she wasn't hurt and she is now telling her story so others will learn from it. she says people her age should never carry anything valuable with them just in case. >> this place here, it's dangerous, because of the people are elderly, and it makes it hard for them and the prey that they can hear it and listen to it and then do it because they won't be sorry. reporter: in news 9. tom: tpoeupl for folks to keep a lookout for our seniors. mike: you've got to do it. we are looking out for more rain, some of it quite heavy which is good news for the drought. how much more are we going to
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tom: there a problem over the holiday light display. jennifer: it looks like the holiday lights will be on before tomorrow night's celebration. it was in jeopardy after they installed new poles over the summer and the lighted garlands could not be hung there. was a meeting this morning and some fixes were made and they hope to have a rest are luigs by the time the lights need to be turned on the. mike: the rain beginning to fill
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blossoms over vermont western parts of new hampshire filling in elsewhere and we'll see that rain pick up in intensity at times during the overnight. as for central southern new hampshire again steady light rain beginning to fill back in from the lake regions become through the upper valleys inch towards the coast. a little bit lighter, a few sprinkles in and around the eastern part of the lake region. a few more spots will take over in the next hour. same story farther n. occurring in the highest of terrain. but just about all of what falls out of the storm between now and day break tomorrow will be in the liquid form. and there is a lot of energy pulling in from the ohio valley stretching up towards new england at the same time moisture is feeding out ahead of it so we are looking for this to fill in in the next several hours and then build right on top of new hampshire. by the time we get to about midday tomorrow cloud are already breaking and we've already picked up another inch
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a good little dent in the drought as we still have the unfrozen ground. temperature wise well above freezing, upper 30s. low to mid 40s statewide. overnight tonight we'll not see a big temperature tumble. this time of year we should bottom out in the upper teens and lower 20's. we'll start the day for december the 1st on your thursday. what about the cooler air? it is on the map sitting in the midwest back to a good portion of the r-bg keys and eventually we'll good in on some of the cooler air. at least ten, 12, 13 degrees, above the average for this time of year. then a little bit cooler on friday. and then much cooler right back to average as we go into friday and especially friday night in the upcoming weekend. so look at timeline and futurecast, by late this evening notice the rain filling in, becoming heavier, could see a few downpours here or there. rainfall rates over a quarter of an inch per hour. by about day break tomorrow most of of the sudden to stud bee
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could be lingering showers up north through the morning commute but the cloud already showing signs of breaking with temperatures in the 40s. by the afternoon low to mid 40s north, but 50 to 55 anywhere south of the lakes region, again well above the norm, then we jump ahead to friday, snow showers begin to build up north, thursday night into friday, while it will be a little bit cooler in southern new hampshire, still above the average. then, we get back to norm by the weekend. so for tonight rain picking up in tapers off toward about day break tomorrow, again we've got the developing partial sun and warmer air in southern new hampshire and then occasional snow showers both friday and saturday in northern parts ever the state while some partial sunshine hits central and southern zones, temperatures cooling back to the average by saturday, bright, chilly on sunday, could be an early morning flurry on monday before it dries out again into the middle part of next week. so we are going to get back to average but tomorrow will not
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tom: there you go. reporter: 54 degrees, jennifer let's play tennis. jennifer: okay. reporter: i don't want to lose again. reporter: we are talking college basketball. a lot of good games tonight. we are going to patriot's
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jamie: horford is back with the
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pistons and 7:30. his wife gave birth, to their second child therefore he missed the game. they come in with 9 wins and ten losses on the season. good college hoops on tv. in and harbor, michigan will host virginia tech and espn 2 ma means we'll get a good look at duncan robinson the senior from new castle new hampshire. we'll show you how he does tonight at 11:00. it is wednesday which means the patriots were back at work they hit the getting ready to host the los angeles rams on sunday at 1:00. the rams are 4-7 this year so the patriotics are heavily favored by almost two touchdowns and the calendar turns tomorrow which is great news the pats historically awesome in december. >> just the time that you want to play your best football, you know. from being here for a while we talk about it, a time where you just want to put everything else aside and try to focus in on these last couple of games, you
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means, that it's almost over. >> it's the most meaningful football when it comes down to crunch time. this last month here, just want to play good football, try to get our selfin a good position. reporter: it is a rivalry weekend for the unh hockey team not to mention their fans. the wildcats play a home at home series with the black bears. friday night in burr ham and saturday night in maine. four big points in hockey east are up for grabs. >> you know i think we g need to work on but moving forward i think we have a lot of up side. >> i think we are pretty high right now. i think the boys are feeling pretty good. like i said before it's unh maine all the boys are fired up and i know we are all looking forward it. >> down there it's a little possible t hostility. you get the fans screaming and chirping. it fires you up. the first couple of shifts are different and it settles down
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reporter: the head coach is from per lien. good luck to the cross country team. they flew out to oregon to compete in the nike cross national meet against 22 other top teams from around the country. they finished second at the new england cross country meet and finished second in the nike cross northeast regionals buy included teams from pennsylvania, new jersey and delaware. caroline fisher is heading to oregon who finished third at the nike cross regionals. she is a freshman she is legit. remember that name. tom: thank you so much. jennifer: right now on a list of candy da candy cane flavors that you will not believe are real. check this out, wasabi and bacon candy cane. tom: tune in for new hampshire chronical.
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breaking news as we come on the air tonight. the deadly tornadoes. the watches late today across several states. more than two dozen twisters in 24 hours. in atlanta, the sirens. the system stretching from the south to the northeast. also, the state of emergency at this hour. seven dead. the wildfires out of control. families racing to get out. breaking developments in the plane crash. tonight, what we have just learned. what the pilot said moments before the crash. inside the meeting. the dinner with president-elect donald trump and mitt romney. and we have new reporting tonight, the post that could be given to sarah palin. the house explosion. the mother of three, the family dog crawling out from the debris. and an abc news exclusive tonight. the mystery mom who vanished, the husband breaking his silence


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