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tv   News 9 Noon  ABC  December 1, 2016 12:00pm-12:30pm EST

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adam: now at noon, behind bars and about to face a judge. this woman is under arrest in an alleged murder for hire plot in claremont. a longtime merrimack teacher who resigned following an alleged teen solicitation investigation is now facing indictment. kevin: rain this morning, last of the milder air this afternoon. what that means as the cool air rushes into the weekend, ahead. adam: and president-elect donald trump is hitting the road on a victory tour amid a recount in wisconsin. >> no one covers new hampshire like we do. now, wmur news 9 at noon. [captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit] adam: new this noon, a claremont woman is minutes away from facing a judge in connection to an alleged murder for hire plot. good afternoon.
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about a possible murder for hire plot tuesday night. after investigating, they arrested 20-year-old monique earle yesterday. at this hour, no other details about the investigation have been released. we have a crew in claremont and will bring you more on this story as it develops. also new this noon, a man wanted on an attempted murder charge in pennsylvania has been found in keene. 50-year-old jeremiah holmes was wanted in connection to an the u.s. marshals tracked holmes to a keene residence, where he attempted to escape out of a second-floor window, but was later taken into custody. the case against a former merrimack high school teacher accused of soliciting nude photos from a student is now in superior court. prosecutors allege that todd wiley also sent the 16-year-old girl nude pictures of himself and other men. he had been scheduled for an arraignment today at the circuit court level, but that not -- but
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superior court in nashua. ray: adam, if convicted, wiley is looking at the possibility of years in state prison. but that is still a long ways away as the trial date hasn't even been set, and there is always the possibility of a plea bargain. 63-year-old todd wiley did not have to appear in circuit court this morning. a hillsborough county grand jury indicted the former teacher on november 15 on a single felony charge. at the circuit court level wiley was also charged with 4 counts of endangering the welfare of a child. those charges are misdemeanors. so far, though, there is just the one charge of solicitation to distribution of child sexual abuse image. >> felonies have gone through the grand jury. the one felony has gone through the grand jury and the misdemeanors are going to be filed here in superior court. ray: so it doesn't mean they're going away then, right? >> no, it does not. ray: wiley taught in the merrimack school district for 37 years, resigning once he was
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according to investigators, wiley tried to get a 16-year-old female student to send him naked pictures of herself. the indictment says that happened on or about the second day of october through the ninth day of october 2016. investigators allege that wiley also sent videos of himself performing sexual acts, and the indictment adds that he sent the teen videos of adult men doing the same. wiley was scheduled to be appear in superior , that appearance has been waived. >> the court will schedule a scheduling conference probably in about six weeks. at that time we'll pick times for a trial or talk about a possible resolution of the case. ray: for now, wiley is free on $20,000 bail and must live at his home in milford. orders also remain in effect forbidding him to have any contact with the alleged victim or her family. reporting live in nashua, ray
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live look at manchester this noon. the rain is gone and the sun has made a triumphant return. let's send it right over to meteorologist kevin skarupa for to find out how long it will stick around. kevin: it was one of those unsettled patterns where a lot of areas saw an inch of rain and a few spots, 2 inches. then move quickly out of the area, setting up a changeable day for the first day of decemb still run the risk of a couple showers north. most of that for the time being will be in liquid form fit later this evening, temperatures fall back into the 30's and that will switch to scattered snow showers up north. westerly winds are pushing temperatures up into the 50's in the southern half of the state. cooler air went down and that will be the trend not only in the next couple days an early
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temperatures fall in a few minutes. adam: thanks, kevin. hudson police are asking for your help in tracking down an armed robber. they say the man seen here in these surveillance pictures held up the walgreens on derry road. the robber walked in just after 7:00 last night armed with a knife and demanded cash. he ran off after getting some money. no one was hurt. a man is facing a judge in merrimack after police say he bolted from the scene of a car accident. police rodriguez placencia allegedly caused the accident. police said he lost control of his car and left the road hitting a car parked at a dunkin' donuts. a fugitive is behind bars after police arrested him in manchester. during a motor vehicle stop yesterday, machester police discovered 42-year-old timothy fenoff had a warrant out for his arrest in vermont. fenoff was originally charged with resisting an officer in saint johnsbury.
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also today, donald trump kicks off his thank-you tour in indiana and ohio. the president-elect is expected to give more details on his deal to save hundreds of factory jobs in indianapolis. this comes as a recount begins in the state of wisconsin. abc's kenneth moton has the very latest from washington. kenneth: president-elect donald trump's campaign promise president-elect trump it is not : presidential for the president of the united states to call up the head of carrier -- "hellois -- kenneth: today, trump taking a victory lap in indiana after he struck a deal with carrier to save 1000 jobs from going to mexico. in the state where vp-elect mike pence is still the governor, a source told abc news a regulatory incentive was a factor. >> he's not even been sworn in yet and already showing us he is a worker. kenneth: workers thrilled, but washington democrats are asking for the details of the deal. one of the biggest critics, senator elizabeth warren, who was on cnn.
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you learn when you are talking about deals is let's read all the details. lets read the fine print. kenneth: and senator bernie sanders said the company that owns carrier took trump hostage and won. sanders wrote in a "washington post" op-ed, "trump has endangered the jobs of workers who were previously safe in the u.s. he has signaled to corporations that they can threaten to offshore jobs in exchange for business-friendly tax benefits and incentives." trump's thank-you tour comes on the same day wisconsin starts its first presidential election recount in 16 years. the costly recount initiated by green party leader jill stein not expected to change the outcome. trump won wisconsin by less than a percentage point. the first leg of trump's thank-you tour will end in cincinnati, ohio, tonight for a campaign trail-style rally. the vp-elect will be by his side. kenneth moton, abc news, washington. adam: republican new hampshire
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term. she will officially make the announcement later today bit it will leave the seat open in advance of elections tentatively scheduled for january. several activists have been made -- mentioned as possible successors, including matt mayberry and outgoing state senator jamie forrester, who ran for governor earlier this year. a 12-hour standoff in washington ends in gunfire. coming up, the deadly night that started as a domestic violence call. plus, people across the south are picking up the p reported. kevin: milder air this afternoon but much cooler air. gradual step backward into the weekend. adam: plus, in today's "cook's corner," we're kicking off the holiday
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committed to helping you manage the energy you use. ever new england. eversource. adam: breaking news out of florida, where a bank robbery turned into a hostage situation. 11 hostages have just been freed from a jacksonville credit union where they were being held at gunpoint by a robbery suspect for two hours. that suspect was taken into custody after the release of the hostages.
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police officer is dead. a swat team member killed the suspect, who authorities say had been using two children as a shield. officials say the children were rescued from the home and taken to the hospital for evaluation this morning. the fallen officer was responding to a domestic call last night when he was shot. he later died at the hospital. the officer's identity has not been released. some of the worst damage was in northern alabama, where at least three tornadoes touched down. the storms are being blamed for at least 5 deaths. that rain did help in tennessee where fire fighters continue to fight deadly wildfires. officials say the fire has claimed seven lives and injured more than 50. the fire left hundreds of homes and businesses destroyed. today, dolly parton's foundation pledged $1,000 a month to all the families who lost their homes. parton's dollywood theme park also sustained damage from the
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some of those images coming out of there are unbelievable. kevin: it is incredible to see, and not only have the stronger thunderstorms come heavy rain, but the fire not that far away from each other. things quieting down after a good dose of rain. we will talk about where we are headed to the weekend. adam: coming up next in "cook's corner,"countdown to christmas begins and today we're making gingerbread houses and decorating reindeer cakes in our
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>> now, meteorologist kevin skarupa with your storm watch 9 forecast. kevin: the wind picks up and temperatures warm up. the system that made its way through hasn't quite gotten here yet. it will filter in later this afternoon. afternoon highs in the next hour, and we will see cooler air on the westerly wind through the remainder of the afternoon did almost nothing but blue sky in central and southern areas. in north country we hang on to clouds. there will be occasional rain showers this afternoon with temperatures in the upper 30's and low 40's.
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eventually we switch to scattered snow showers. some spots of west and certainly up north, typical of the northwesterly flow. probably the reality as we go through tonight and tomorrow. the winds are expected to continue to remain fairly active all the way in western and northern areas under the west and northwest. this split of clouds and clear as in the southeastern will continue. upper-level systems back to the west. while the rain is gone to the rt this system back to the west and that keeps active for the north country. as far as the rain showers, lingering clouds tonight. snow shower activity, which at times will be areas of light snow and maybe a few inches of accumulation. the cap maybe a couple of inches -- looking at maybe a couple of inches, maybe three in a few spots tomorrow night. lower half of the 50's -- i mentioned this is probably where the highs will be this
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10-20 miles an hour. higher gusts bringing a cooler air to the west. it will be a gradual-step process going to the day on monday. highs will be in the 30's. for the time being, clouds against western and northern areas. mostly of the rain friday at the present time. switching to scattered snow showers as everyone cools off in the 30's. the westerly windrn you feel cooler than that. temperatures anywhere from the upper 30's to the upper 40's. you can see the areas of light snow up north. maybe a few flurries for southern areas as the disturbance glides through. otherwise fair skies for the weekend in central and southern areas. looks like eventually the coldest of the air settles in on monday, with highs mainly in the 30's. the next system will try to take shape out west.
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afternoon and a larger system by the middle or end of next week. 40's to 50's, extra clouds up north with light showers. the priest continues tonight and into tomorrow as well. -- breeze continues tonight and into tomorrow as well. by the time we get to monday, the numbers pretty close to average for this time of year. fair skies for the weekend. let's head to "cook's corner." adam: welcome back, everyone. to welcome the folks from frederick's pastries. with us are jen wojtaszek and the man himself, fred lozier. jen: we will make reindeer cakes. your choice of cake on the inside and then decorate with buttercream frosting. adam: always lots of that. jen: love that butter. we pipe up his face. friday's finishing one of the
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with your family. adam: how busy is it at this time of year at fredericks? fred: very busy. very exciting. everyone loves it. a lot more fun when you are real busy, and we are busy. adam: fred, tell us about the technique with the gingerbread house. what have you picked up to make these things more realistic? fred: well, without the create around the state -- well, we let the decorators create their own things. we give them the freedom to do what they want to do. it works out very well. adam: jen, as you are adding these things in, how do the ranger come together? jen: every thing be edible. that is one of fred's rules.
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little collar. adam: now, can you get, in theory, blitzn or any other reindeer? jen: this is rudolph. yet, i guess you could. we have the yule log, one of the most popular items at frederick's. order early. adam: you are booked up for the classes. jen: year. sometime next year. come by, pick up a kid, have some fun at home. --pickup ua kit, had some fun at home. adam: how do you make that tree there? fred: start with the ice cream cone, turn it upside down, decorate it. adam: and green frosting there. ears on rudolph will finish.
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jen: this is a traditional white wedding cake, which people love. especially with a red those -- raspberry filling inside, which is seamless. -- see liste -- seedless. adam: you can get down to frederick's pastries. your else will be busy. thanks for being here.
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adam: you can help make sure every child in new hampshire gets a gift this holiday season by donating to our "spirit of giving" toy drive. it kicks off this friday and runs through sunday at toys "r" us locations in manchester and nashua and at the crossings in newington. the drive benefits the toys for tots program. today's adopt-a-pet is jato. he's a 3-year-old pitbull-lab mix who loves going on walks and snuggles. he would prefer a home without dogs or children, but he loves
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hampshire spca in stratham. for more info on jato and other adoptable pets, you can vist our website at did you know what your thursday needs? how about this video of dogs running on ice? >> and they are off, a close one. scooby all the way for first, and he wins. adam: the good people of the tri-city storm hockey team in nebraska hosted daschund races during intermissio game. as you just heard scooby edged , out lola for the coveted first place trophy. the video has, of course, gone viral. who was the genius who figured that one out? kevin: scooby look like he may have cheated there. tough to get on the ice there. notice the extended forecast, temperatures cooling off several degrees per day. winds will be noticeable through saturday and light on sunday.
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coldest of the air on monday. adam: still waiting on the first big statewide snow storm. starting tonight at 5:00, the ashes of a marine's mother stolen during a burglary. his plea for the thief to return the priceless piece of his family. and a safe station program now underway in nashua. how many addicts it's helped in just the first 10 days.
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celebrity page tv, katy perry honored in new york. >> they're so energy and they're suffering and it's not their fault. >> how the singer's work is aiding children around the world. >> lady gaga gives back. ?? >> the singer and actress helping others while most of the country was shopping. then michelle williams talks life after leather. the oscar nomin it has been like raising her daughter without heath. jennifer lopez caught on camera. where she was spotted shaking her legendary assets. big stars, big hollywood. celebrity page tv starts now. welcome to celebrity page.


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