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tv   News 9 Tonight  ABC  December 1, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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proctor academy student now accused of sexually assaulting another student. what the private school is saying about the alleged assault tonight. cherise: i am in portsmouth. a group of people living in this city are filing a lawsuit against portsmouth, new hampshire, and the federal government. mike: after a mild start to december, a cooling trend begins. >> hello,manchester police. >> we have food for you. shelley: how local police departments are giving back this holiday season. >> no one covers new hampshire like we do. now, the view and you are nine news tonight. shelley: starting tonight, a former student at proctor academy in andover accused of sexually assaulting another student. good evening.
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happened inside a dormitory at the boarding school in october of last year. suzanne rountree is live with the school's response to the accusation. suzanne: a merrimack grand jury has now indicted former student and the school says as soon as it found out about the incident, it took action. proctor academy conference that the student indicted is derek. according to court paperwo, felonious sexual assault. in a letter to parents, the school said it learned of the alleged in the event shortly after it happened. and reported it in accordance with all state reporting guidelines. the void left the school on the same day. the letter to parents goes on to say that he entered the girls dormitory let in by residents
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retired for the evening. according to the academy's website, he was on the school's hockey team for two years. there is no place at proctor for a sulk, sexual or otherwise. we are saddened by the impact the incident has had on our community and the young woman's well-being is of particular concern. the academy says advisers will be meeting with dunes to answer any questions and will be available for guidance. tom: a grand jury has now indicted a man from henniker on 15 l&h accounts. -- 15 felony accounts. roger ward allegedly attacked two preteen girls. the council include indecent exposure and endangering the welfare of the child.
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indicted for their connection with a methamphetamine lab in concord. the lab was discovered inside a perley street home. they found hazardous chemicals inside. james mott and meredith bresaw were indicted by a grand jury on manufacturing methamphetamine and other charges. a trial date has been set for the mother of a veto. rachelle bond's trial is scheduled to set it -- 22nd in boston. her daughter was found dead and was known as baby go before you was identified. authorities say michael mccarthy killed bella. tom: it cap body was found along side the merrimack river today. they believe it belongs to a teenager. it was found just a few hundred
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voice and girls club. the father of a teenager that has been missing since november 16 is now looking for answers. >> it is just sickening. it is scary to think that something like this could happen so close to home. i am in shock. tom: police have not confirmed the identity of the body and the district attorney is not making any connection to the missing teen until it is confirmed by the medical examiner. shelley: opponents of portsmouth island is taking their objections to federal court. more than a dozen people have filed a lawsuit against portsmouth, new hampshire, and the federal government. cherise leclerc has the story. cherise: it has sat at peirce island for more than 50 years but this debate has been raging for a decade. the plaintiffs behind the lawsuit want to see that treatment plant moved once and for all. controversy over where
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showing no signs of stopping. >> there is no room for improvement, expansion, or improving. cherise: in march, the city counselors approved a plan to bring the plant into compliance because it was polluting the project. the project started in october but plaintiffs say it is a wrong location for the plant and does not need the needs of the city. peter whelan is one of the plaintiffs. >> i run here in the summer and i am on the river all of the time. portsmouth is one of the few cities in the u.s. that still discharges even today primary treated sewage into the river. cherise: portsmouth attorney -- portsmouth's attorney says this has been fought over and over and needs to be put to rest. >> this has been there for
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has been raised. cherise: he says the city is still open to hearing suggestions but at this point, major changes are not possible. >> to simply say shut it down and put it someplace else is not realistic, it is not helpful or practical. cherise: they expect court proceedings to start in january. they have until december 2019 under current regulations to become compl w portsmouth says work at the plant will be ongoing through the legal process. i am cherise leclerc, wmur nine news. tom: president-elect donald trump has just announced marine corps general james mattis to lead his department of defense. he served 40 years, led troops and several wars and is known for his tough military tech it's
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praises the deal that he struck with carrier in indiana that saved 1000 jobs bound for mexico. carrier says the company was offered $7 million package over several years. donald trump's thank you tour will continue over the next few weeks. shelley: despite fears that the lights would not be lit for exeter's hollywood holiday celebration is past. a meeting was held yesterday morning and fixes were made. garlands were hung and sancho was there to greet the children. in tonight's spirit of giving, when it comes to helping others, police officers for manchester and nashua practice with a speech -- practice what they
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holidays a little brighter for local seniors. >> i love it. shelley: this is how it looked earlier where police officers from manchester and nashua gathered at the air givers headquarters in bedford. the nonprofit helps the elderly and disabled remain in their homes for as long as possible by offering services like grocery shopping, transportation, and companionship. holiday season, officers lent a helping hand. >> we were really happy to be asked to partner with caregivers and the great work that they do. shelley: the officers watched a quick training video and then they loaded up their cruisers with groceries and christmas gifts. and they were off to make their special deliveries. >> hello, manchester police. how are you? >> we have food for you.
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unloaded the food. filling up her cupboards. a small gesture that meant the world during this festive time of year. >> they brought me a nice gift that i was not expecting. shelley: if you would like to learn more about the services offered by the caregivers, you can find their link on our website. tom: you can make sure that every kid gets a gift this holiday season right helping the toy drive. ce manchester and nashua and at the crossings in newington. you can give new and unwrapped toys. the need is particularly great for donations for children under three and older than 10. coming up on news nine tonight -- shelley: firefighters in manchester are seeing a dramatic spike in calls because of the
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90% of the say station calls come here to headquarters. tom: we will take you on the road with members of the city's busiest fire station and the challenges they face while trying to save lives. mike: will we see blue skies over the weekend? shelley: back surgery for gronk. how long the tight end will be out of the game. tom: and now, to our ulo and relaxing by the old christmas tree.
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tom: -- was new say station program is dividends. it only started two weeks ago but it has already helped 17 people. the concept started in manchester where it has been successful. in nashua, they are seeing one person a day. to get an evaluation and be transferred to a recovery program. it is a 24 hour job, seven days a week. over 200 firefighters cover manchester. they have seen a dramatic spike in rescue calls because of the opioid crisis.
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primary mission but calls for opioid battles are also coming in. we show you the compassion that manchester firefighters bring to the job. ? [sirens] amy: it is saturday night at manchester's busiest fire station. ambulance racing towards manchester street. the manpower for a single overdose call is immense. locating the victim in a winding
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often told to stage and wait for police backup. >> i open my car. amy: she was terrified. a strange man, unconscious was in her car. chief martin said police had no available crews for this suspected overdose call and then -- the at this point is the alleged gun -- the alleged drunk man. the gun was loaded and cocked with the safety on. the man was able to produce his license to carry and was released. >> someone was on my side tonight. i am freaked out. amy: engine 11 alone will break 3000 runs this year.
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will log a thousand runs in 2016. and since may, fire crews have responded to more than 800 say station walk-ins. dennis is homeless. he crawled to the fire station. his feet are in agony. paramedics arrive in minutes. the or >> good luck. >> we have added 700 runs with the say station intake. the burden is here. 90% of the calls are here at headquarters. amy: the 24 hour shift comes in waves. this night a loud for a firefight -- a firehouse dinner. chicken pot pie from scratch.
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amy: an alcohol overdose deploys a team of firefighters who approach with kindness. >> she has been a patient here. she fell off the wagon. amy: they where one uniform but many hats. ready to deal with a rollover, or a crash or in overdose. there are 223 firefighters. >> because they care. amy: in manchester, amy coveno. >> chief meteorologist mike haddad. mike: the first of december is almost over and it was a warm start to the month. look at the time lapse photos out there. times of sunshine and times of clouds but temperatures well above average. what do we expect in december?
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by the end of the month, much colder. low 30's for highs. and around 11 or 12 degrees for a normal low. sunrise, 7:18 a.m. by the end of the month. sunset begins to stretch out a little bit too 4:20 p.m. we have averaged in december, over a foot of snow in the state capital. look at today's high temperatures. these numbers are typical for a high in over. october the 20t temperatures. a taste of mid fall out there today in early december. it is cooler. but we are not talking about a major cooldown. temperatures still holding up of average. we should be in the low 30's, mid to upper 20's. clouds of north holding the
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temperatures are across the country are not all that cold. they are running close to or slightly above average. anywhere from the northeast to the great lakes into the plane states. and a good portion of the rockies. a gradual cooldown. getting temperatures back to average. starting later tomorrow night and into the weekend. if you are looking for big-time cold, that will wait until first, it will dig into the rockies and take a few days to get close to new hampshire. we make start to feel true winter cold late friday or early saturday of next week. right now, a couple of scattered or mixed rain showers up north. not much in the way of accumulation. we are tracking showers trying to survive their way in. they may make their way in through the north woods.
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through the evening. there could be a brief snow shower during the early evening in central parts of the state. and up until midnight in southern portions of new hampshire. the hind that front, temperatures get back to normal. -- behind that front, temperatures get back to average. around 40 up north. if you like it warmer, you will have to put the brakes on that for quite some time. take a look. we are heading back to average for this time of year. saturday through thursday. if you are looking for big time winter cold, it is going to be in the maps starting on tuesday but not over new england. it will take a bunch of time to get here.
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short term. and no snow showers yet. we are still looking. tom: we have some bad news for the gronk and some good gymnasts out there. >> the patriots say it is in gronkowski's best long-term
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>> now, news nine sports. shelley: the boston bruins were without charo for the fifth the game in a row. the captain is out with an
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this morning. we will secret the canes at the bruins. boston goalie facing his old team. bruins down, 1-0. 30 seconds left in regulation. we are tied at 1-1. the bruins go to the shoot out. spooner gets it to go. jacob gets it. bruins take the lead. jeff skinner in a much of situation. cannot get past his old teammate. the bruins win, 2-1 in the shoot out. patriots tied and run gronkowski is possibly done or the season. that is what the team says as they wait to hear the results of his back surgery now scheduled
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the jets after this play in the first quarter. they say he was experiencing significant back and leg a. three weeks ago, he also sustained a big hit that injured his lung. he is expected to be out for at least eight weeks. a huge loss for the patriots. other than that, things are on track for the patriots as they get set to host the l.a. rams. julian edelman and tom brady were back in practice today. yesterday, tom edelman is scheduled to be at the birth of his first child. men's college action. worcester state visiting plymouth estate. rebound is cleaned up by ludovic . -- ludwig.
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their ncaa tournament on friday opening against number one seed and defending champion nebraska. the wildcats are making their fourth consecutive playoff appearance. they are preparing for a big and tough opponent. >> we cannot change their strengths. we want to make sure our side of the net is the best we can get them. shelley: our hometown hero this week has world championships i own words. >> hello, i am melissa doucette and i am a power tumblr. i graduated from spalding. throughout my high school years, i was diving. i took a little break from gymnastics. in my junior year, i went back to gymnastics and got a full scholarship at the university of
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on a full athletic scholarship after two years. it is not an olympic sport but you can go to world championships. power tumbling consists of eight skills. you have 80 feet of tumbling on a floor and 30 feet of running. the goal is to have the cleanest, hardest tumbling pass. i train full-time right now and work full-time. and three days a week regular gymnastics. i am training for world championships which will be in bulgaria in 2017. shelley: pretty incredible athlete. good luck to melissa as she trains for that national team. that is sports for tonight. shelley: looking good. tom: what an incredible role model for the younger gymnasts.
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tom: still to come -- shelley: bringing in the holiday season at the white house.
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shelley: for the final time, president obama and his emily officially lit the national christmas tree. first lady michelle obama and younger daughter sasha helped the president light the tree tonight in president's park. tom: the celebration included a concert with kelly clarkson, marc anthony, and garth brooks. the first trees here money happened under president coolidge in 1923. the best show ever. i was there for that. [laughter] i am just kidding. mike: you are the one that said it. [laughter] we will drop a little bit tomorrow but still remain above average. we are near average for saturday through thursday. there are signs of a big cool down to our west early next week and eventually it will work its way here but not in the next seven days.
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"jimmy kimmel live"! tonight jake gyllenhaal hailee steinfeld the results of our youtube halloween challenge, and music from keith urban. and now, you know him you love him, here's jimmy kimmel! [ cheers a a ? >> jimmy: i'm jimmy, i'm the host of the show. thanks for watching. thanks to all of you for coming. i hope you had a pleasant halloween.


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