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tv   News 9 Noon  ABC  December 2, 2016 12:00pm-12:31pm EST

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sean: right now at noon, the sentencing of a mother convicted of killing her own daughter. the emotional testimony heard in court so far this morning. gronk undergoes surgery. we hear from head coach bill belichick on the potential for the all-star tight end to be out all season. kevin: today from the leading edge of cooler air. what that means for the weekend, ahead. erin: we are kicking off our weekend toy drive for toys for tots. at the toys "r" us in manchester, it is your chance to play center. >> ho ho ho, merry christmas! >> no one covers new hampshire like we do. now, wmur news 9 at noon. [captioning performed by the national captioning institute,
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sentencing of a nashua mother convicted of killing her own daughter. katlyn marin is about to learn her punishment in the beating death of 3-year-old brielle gage. wmur's ray brewer is live in nashua with what has happened in the courtroom. ray: she grows by the name caitlin gage and says that is because her father is the only one who stood by her the past two years. the prosecution says gage has only herself to kaitlyn gage beat her three-year-old daughter to death, she entered court to learn her sentence. the prosecution said there was nothing minimal about what happened it to brielle gage. the girls over a hundred 50 injuries from being beaten, thrown against furniture, and
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repeatedly lied about what happened to the girl. defense says she has ptsd, but prosecution said that is typical of people convicted of murder and asked that she be sentenced 45 years to life. there was emotional testimony in court this morning. her grandmother read victim impact statements. kaitlyn she did not express remorse but instead talked about how much she misses brielle, calling her at one point her best friend. recording live international, ray brewer -- in nashua, ray brewer, wmur news 9. sean: a mother charged in connection with the overdose death of her teenage daughter, has just been sentenced. jazzmyn rood pleaded guilty to covering up the fact that two people including her former boyfriend provided the fentanyl that killed 17-year-old eve
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their investigation by failing to tell them that the drug came from a dealer in lawrence, massachusetts. she will get credit for the last year she has been in custody. an investigation is underway in lawrence, massachusetts, after a decapitated body was found along the banks of the merrimack river. authorities believe the body belongs to a 16- or 17-year-old. it was found just before 3:00 yesterday afternoon only a few hundred yards from the lawrence boys and girls club. the father of a teen who has been missing since november 16 is now lookior at this point the district attorney has not confirmed the victim's id. police in rochester are investigating after a teenager riding his bike to school was hit by a car driven by another teen this morning. police say it happened on wakefield street near spaulding high school. a 16-year-old was riding his bike in the crosswalk when he was allegedly struck by a 16-year-old driver. the victim was taken to the hospital with
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it's news patriots fans have been fearing. star tight-end rob gronkowski may not be returning to the field this season. gronk is having surgery on his back today. the all-pro tight end injured his lower back in sunday's game against the jets. they do not expect gronk to play for the remainder of the 2016 season but will await today's surgery before making a final decision. tom brady and coach belichick sounded off on his injury. >> obviously, we are all disappointed. rob. hopefully things will work out positively. >> it is hard to see people you care about go through injuries and he has gone through his fair share. i also know the result he has and that will never change. you will be as determined as ever to get back and get better. sean: that is the hope. gronk is undergoing surgery in
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out across the granite state. you're taking a live look at manchester this noon. it was a little chilly this morning. kevin: temperatures in the 30's overnight but 40's today. quite a few clouds in western areas and northern spots. there is a risk of light snow tonight. you can see that starting to pop up on storm tracker up north. while there are other showers out west, marginally colder i temperatures dip back into the 20's and lower 30's. could be a few inches of accumulation up north. for the rest of us, back-and-forth between clouds and sunshine. similar speed tomorrow. it starts to line a bit on sunday. we will have the details on futurecast in a few minutes. sean: in the spirit of giving now is your chance to help thousands of granite state
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our drive for toys for tots is now underway. wmur's erin fehlau is live at the toys "r" us in manchester, which is one of three locations collecting donations. i hope you had lots of visitors, erin. erin: we certainly have. it has been a steady stream of people coming through. some people are making a donation in memory of a loved one and others are showing the importance of giving back. we have had dolls and, look at this, anel the generosity started very early this morning. our first donation came before the store even opened. three cards full of toys. >> my son passed away six years ago and he and i used to do it together, so this has become my holiday tradition. it keeps his memory alive and gives wonderful things to deserving kids. erin: businesses made early morning toy drops, too, with
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very proud to be part of this program because i'm a father and to see my child open a present a christmas is the most wonderful thing in the world. >> we have baby toys, teenagers toys, toddlers, toys for every age group. >> after black friday comes the toys for tots weekend, and we are ready. erin: a caravan of state police arrived bringing gifts. >> we brought seven boxes signifying the troops and the benevolence of the men and that are members of the state police, both sworn in civilian members. >> this event alone that we are doing this weekend, collecting 17,000 toys, which is awesome. we will aim for 20,000. hope to see everyone come out and help us out. erin: a lot of people have come out to help out. so far in this location in manchester, we have just gotten started and we received the donation of more than 1200 tories.
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we will be here at the toys "r" us in manchester and nashua over the weekend, and the crossings in newington. we are seeing a lot of people come through and pick up educational toys. they are big for the little ones. we hope you will come out and support this effort and make the holiday little brighter for a young person in new hampshire. live in manchester, erin fehlau, wmur news 9. sean: good news for the north country. cell serce today senator jeanne shaheen announced expanded 4g lte voice and data, calling it a boost for economic development, tourism, and public safety. shaheen says the project will bring much needed wirless service to residents and businesses. another round of negotiations is set for today hoping to avoid a strike by local school bus drivers. union drivers at first student's belmont location first authorized a strike nearly three three weeks ago, but talks have continued as the sides try to work out a deal.
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plans. our spirit of giving toy drive is underway across the granite state. show you live pictures from the toys "r" us store in nashua the need is great this year so come out and meet our news 9 team and donate an unwrapped toy. kevin: chilly weekend, and the breeze continues as well. sean: plus, in today's "cook's corner," we're making some delicious fried chicken in our news 9
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sean: our spirit of giving toy drive has kicked off at three locations across the granite state. and we need your help this weekend if you can. hayley lapoint. good afternoon. hayley: good afternoon, sean. it is busy here. lots of people maybe have the day off on this friday doing their shopping, and we are off to a running start for the toy collection. you can see lots of toys we have received. they are definitely in need of young-kid toys and older-kid toys. this is an example of a young kid toy.
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person donated some xbox games. these other types of things we will need. we will take anything, of course, to help the young and older kids especially. we are here in a nashua and will be her all afternoon. for more on who else is helping us out at wmur, i will bring in gavin lewis, and you are staff corporal? >> staff sergeant. hayley: thank you. tell me what iis to help out. >> every year it is so amazing, the gratitude and the donations that people give to us. here in southern new hampshire, it is neighbor helping neighbor situation. hayley: how does it make you feel when you see people coming up? i see people shaking her hand and thanking you for your service that how does it make you feel? >> warm and fuzzy inside. we see families coming through
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shaking hands and donating. you hear the stories of people that have received toys from toys for tots in the past and are able to donate, giving us a good donation for southern new hampshire. hayley: we thank you for your service and we thank you for being here. santa and mrs. clause also here so we will continue to be here in nashua throughout the afternoon and evening hours. live in nashua at the toys "r" us, hayley lapoint, wmur news 9. sean: for going to donate. kevin: if you're traveling anywhere else that the trouble weather is good. from there things get more interesting. details coming up. sean: coming up next in "cook's corner," we're whipping up some fried chicken in our news 9 kitchen. ready to head out when others head home. at eversource, we prepare for ugly weather all year long...
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improving how we get information to you because we know you're counting on us. we're ready for winter, and we want to make sure you're ready, too. visit to learn more and sign up for storm updates. and be sure to follow us on facebook and twitter.
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>> now, meteorologist kevin skarupa with your storm watch 9 forecast. kevin: each day cooler than the day before. we have spiked back into the lower 50's along the seacoast.
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farther north and west you go, we have quite a few more clouds around. temperatures because of that cooler. cooler air continuing to filter in. air mass in place that will be around for a good portion of the weekend. most of the wind for tomorrow lightens significantly on sunday and beyond. from there, the coolest of the air monday into tuesday. for the time being, reinforcing shot of cooler, drier air working ity northwestern half of the state through the afternoon and through tonight, light snow in the north country. there is moisture coming within this. for southern areas of the state come back at me flurries and a light snow shower but that should be it as far as precipitation south of the white mountains through the weekend. areas of light snow forming in the north country.
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of 50. with the wind, doesn't feel like it out there. gusting at times over 20 miles an hour. as you go back to the west, plenty of cool air. as long as the minutes out of the northwest, things will cool down in lockstep. scattered snow showers fire up at times north. cooler air in place tomorrow. 30's to the low half of for north and south. 30's to near 40 degrees on sunday. highs monday and tuesday not likely even out of the 30's. all of this with mainly fair skies except for the chance of light snow tonight and tomorrow in the north country. from their early next week we will see the next system located in the pacific northwest making a run at us. at some point between late tuesday and thursday we may have rain or snow to contend with timing differences on the map
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forecast through at least monday and possibly tuesday with chillier air making its way in and temperatures close to the average. let's head to "cook's corner." sean: hi there, everybody. we're making a yummy dish. we are joined by zack and stacey. very busy time of year for you guys. zack: absolutely. to panfried chicken with brussels sprouts and bacon bits. sean: that sounds nice. zack: we marinate out you can ahead of time. marinated in buttermilk and house special buffalo sauce. a little bit of a kick but nothing that anybody, spice-wise, would irritate. get the nice panseared, cook it all the way through. you can cook it in the oven as
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we pushed of these ahead of time. -- poached these ahead of time. sean: i don't think i have done that. partial cook and sear them up. stacey, you guys have a fancy app. stacey: in the past few months we have been working on a new app that you can go on to find out about our menu. the most important thing is you can order online. you can be sitting from your desk at the office or your couch at home and you don't have to talk to anyone. you can order your favorite food and pick it up. if you want to pick it up and put it off a little bit so you can enjoy a beer while you are waiting for the food, you can set it to a later time. sean: that's me, ok. great way to order food.
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golden brown, we flip them over and add brussels sprouts and bacon bits. all that really starts to come together. sean: you can't go wrong with bacon. you guys have been open for 4 years now. stacey: 4 years in january. talking about bacon, bacon and maple are a big part of who we are. our owners are french-canadian and they couldn't open a restaurait we do a bacon-maple ice cream. big crowdpleaser. sean: this is a bottle whiskey, unique bottle of whiskey. stacey: our owners were invited by jack daniels to go to lynchburg, tennessee, to the factory. there were 2 places in the state of new york to that were chosen. they got to select their own single barrel of jack daniels. we now have about 200 or so bottles.
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and old-fashioned. there is some at the hooks it -- hoax it store at hooksett road that you can use for a holiday gift. sean: people want to get in touch with you, where are you located? stacey: sean: thank you very much could
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sean: you're taking a live look at our spirit of giving toy drive underway in manchester this noon. it's one of three locations across the granite state accepting toys. toy or make a cash donation. the marines are hoping to collect plenty of toys for the holiday season. the wmur spirit of giving toy drive continues today and runs through sunday at the toys "r" us locations in manchester and nashua and at the crossings in newington. starting tonight at 5:00, a controlled experiment shows just how fast a fire can spark from your christmas tree. tips to keep your home safe from during the holidays. plus, a new tool to help calm
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the product that does not require any medicine or therapy. that does it for us. remember can outweigh toy drive runs through the entire weekend.
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celebrity page tv, the angels take over paris. the victoria's secret squad invade the city of lights for their annual fashion show. chris pratt praises jennifer lawrence, sort of. >> you clean up pretty good yourself. >> what the hunk says the oscar winner is terrible at. then we're going inside >> i'm nervous. people think, this is what you do. well, i normally get a couple chances to do it. >> it's all pay all day. ?? >> taylor swift launches her own television channel. >> are you ready? >> big stars, big hollywood. celebrity page tv starts now. welcome to celebrity page.


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