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tv   News 4 New York at 6  NBC  September 24, 2015 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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>>pee would be the fourth pope to do that. he'll be the fourth pope to visit st. patrick's as well. >> st. paul the vi, almost to the day 50 years ago was here. >> he came on some anniversary of the consecration of the cathedral. >> i think. >> so anyway, four popes and one future pope have been here to the cathedral. >> if you could be a fly on the wall in that car. i wonder what they're saying. i wonder if they're changing the plans. they could be discussing, okay, this is what we're going to do next. >> he's punching in the coordinates of the gps. find fdr drive. the driver is italian too. >> i think he's making plans to stop by my parish.
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>> he heard about your sacrifice, your ticket. >> exactly. >> he likes this sort of humility. he certainly is going to come to your parish. >> that would be wonderful. >> you're going to be traveling with him, aren't you? >> well, i don't know yet. i hope to. >> is there a chance you're going to be going to africa with the pope? >> yes. he's going the last week of november to kenya and several other places. i don't want to jinx it because i'm really hoping to go. >> sorry about that. you don't want to campaign. >> oh no. >> sibila was talking earlier about the number of catholics in the world and the fact is that africa is the fastest growing area for the church. >> yes, absoluty. it's amazing. >> the largest number of catholics are in south america. >> right. it's growing in asia, korea. >> well the motorcade is under
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way right now. we're guessing that it's going to be 20 minutes on the fdr drive before he is transitioning into the pope mobile. and then we will see him here. couple of motorcycles came by here a few minutes ago and just, clearing the way, a couple of police motorcycles with their lyings flashing and the crowd went nuts. >> he's not here yet. but when he is, oh my goodness the place is going to go crazy. we tant to go to news4's john chandler. he's where the helicopter just landed. john? >> sibila and chuck, i can tell you from our vantage point here at brooklyn bridge park, it really was an awesome site to see the two ospreys emerge right over governo's island almost oul of thin air. you saw them appear, followed one by one by two white hawks. one of them of course carrying pope francis.
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e park, this is almost like another night, just any other night, people out for a casual stroll and then all of the sudden you can imagine penople not expecting it, these ospreys appear carrying pope francis, everyone got wind of what was going on, all of the sudden cell phones started to come out, people were looking for the opportunity to get a glimpse of the pontiff from across the east river. there is high security on the east river. this is a no fly zone. on the river itself you cannot boat through here. we saw two boats come through here in the last half-hour that hahad to be pulled over and chased away by nypd and the coast guard. taking no chances of course here on the east river as the pope and his caravan land here, those two ospreys and two white hawk helicopters, part of the marine
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as you can see right now, the pope in lower manhattan on his way to fifth avenue. we'll go back to you outside of st. patrick's. >> it was a spectacular site down there. jim maxfield is at new york avenue where the motorcade is going to pass on its way to st. patrick's cathedral. >> the excitement is building. it has been for hours. this is where the motorcade will be getting off of fdr and pulling on to the streets. everyone is looking out for the black fiat, hoping that the pope is ridinwfth his windows open and they'll get a wave. you can see there are hundreds of people gathered at this intersection. the traffic is stopped at the point. look at the kids at the sycamore
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park across the street stopped playing to line up. we have spoken from people who have come from as far away as sweden to witness the pope and get a wave. there are a few people here who are also hoping that the pope will kiss their baby. we've definitely seen quite a few babies here as well. we want to introduce to one of the faithful who is here. this is mrs. willing and you live in the neighborhood but you've been waiting here for two hours. >> i have. because it's a once in a lifetime experience. to meet a man who is spreading peace and love and goodwill and care for your fellow man and caught the attention of everyone saying this is the right message is very important. and i think everyone has grasped it and has taken it to heart and him to heart, and he is love. he's just pure love, which the
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>> and he's here in new york city. and you' gathered with hundreds ofic people here. there's a feeling of fellowship in the air. >> yes. i feel that there's peace. nobody here is angry, nobody is belligerent. everyone is caring about each owe and everyone has the same wonderful feeling that this is something very special. it's a holy, holy man. and if you ever wonder what constitutes a holy man, you have to just listen to his words and take care of the poor. love the poor. this is your fellow man. >> and in fact there are so many people waiting here who are not catholic. >> i realize that. i have spoke within a gentlemen just a few seconds ago who said it doesn't matter what religion you are. his message is what is
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important. and heous a pope for all of the people. he's just not for catholics. he's someone very special from thank you so much. >> i'm getting a little choked up even saying that. but i just -- to be in his presence, i would love just to have his blessing on me. just being in niz presence is enough. >> thank you smuch for that. i know he'll be here any minute. want to take up too much of your time. >> bye. >> and we are going to show you now, there is certainly some police activity coming through at the intersection, though it does seem a little early for pope francis himself to be coming through. we certainly don't see that black fiat just yet. but again the excitement building at this intetsection. and again people coming from all over the world just to witness the pope's arrival here in new
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his attention and get a bleing from him. everyone wants a piece of the people's pope for sure. marc santia is live at jfk airport with pple wve just met the pope. >> jfk was a transition point. he was going to walk off the plane, hop ol his chopper and go to manhattan. but this pope did something that everyone excepted, the unexpected. he started walking down the line. there was one woman who had a doll, all of he kids love the doll of pope francis, she gave it to the pope who is smili g and beaming. listen to what she had to say. >> the doll came about from ctn, the catholic television network. they send it out to the catholic schools to take pictures with an noto pray to. and i asked me principal today
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with me and let the holy fathey see it. and when i held it up, the holy father lit up and took it with him. we're very proud that the academy in brooklyn, the pope ha.s our ll. >> also on that line, folks that met the pope, one woman who turned 100 years old today, chuck and sibila. i y said whatidid you ask the pope? he said, i asked the pope to pray for me. what did the pope say? he gave me rosary beads from the vatican. pope francis gave a 100-year-old woman rosary beads from the vatican. another young lady here was in a whee hair, saying he lost the ability to walk just a few months ago. i said what did you say to the pope? i asked him for a miracle and i believe i'll be able to walk again. if this is any sign of what the next 36 hours is going to bring to this city, it's going to be pretty incredible.
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>> thank you very much. andrew siff is in midtown a few blocks away from us. that's as close as people can get without a ticket to night's services. >> there are thousands of people out here, even though we're seven blocks north of st. patrick's. you can see looking north toward the apple stoue, over what used to b te fao schwartz. and then across the street, packed. thousands of people behind the metal barricades even though this is nowhere near where you're going to be able to see pope mobile. some of the people waiting here, like dori, why are you here and what do you hope to see? >> i'm here to see the holy father. it's a special event in the usa and this is his first time to come to america and people love him all over the world. >> and you put on your button for him. you've got your pope francis welcome the pope butt.on, your
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what are you hoping to see as the motorcade passes through? >> i'm hoping to see the pope, the holy father and i hope he will bless me and bless america. >> that is a great point. so many of the people i've spoken to today, they want a blessing, even if it takes a second. if the pope rolls down his window, if he waves to the crowd in a portion where he's not expected to stop, they'll feel d the blessing. there's so many s timents liket that one taking place here in midtown manhattan, moments away fryinom t e arrival of pope francis as he's expected to head toward . patrick's cathedral i the next few minutes. >> let's take an overhead shot just to give you a perspective over the top. a li tle bit of -- something you might want to look at. wh ien archbishop john hug s undertook building that cathedral in 1808 -- i guess we
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can't see the cathedral. imagine the beauty in front of you. when it was built in 1868 im was considered something called hugh's folly. and it was hugh's folly because back there in 1858 this as the country. new york city was south of here and this was so far out of town that they thought this was ridiculous. >> here's the motorcade going on fdr right now. he's getting closer, chuck. and i know the excitement is building. people are just -- anytime that we see flashing light, everyone getting a little more excited thinking he's actually here. but he's on his way. i'm not sure how many minutes away. but it seems like he's getting closer. and there's a large motorcade following him. we want to go to michael gargiulo. he's right in front of the cathedral right now. michael, tell u about some of you perspective and what you're feeling and hearing out there. >> you can definitely tell that the holy father is getting close because the excitement is really building. we want to show you the
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reception committee has set for him right in front of us, right in front of the bronze doors are the leaders of the major politicians in new york state, gof cuomo, senator schumer they're going to greet the holy father when he comes here along with the rector of st. patrick's that theed cathedral. it's gotten very quiet here. there was a level of noise that was sustained for hours here. but suddenly fifth avenue is quiet as it is on an early sunday morning. a lot of the security personnel who are actually out on fifth avenue, chuck and sibila, they have been moving to the sides now. so we can definitely tell as we look to see here what's happening, that they're preparing for the eminent arrival of the holy father. and we saw the motorcade come by, the one that passed by you passed by us a few minutes earlier. and about half an hour ago we had a practice pope mobile run,
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the fiat 500 pulled up, clearly rehearsing what is going to happen. the holy father will come here right in front of where we are, will be greeted by mayor de blasio and he's going to enter the church through the famous now restored bronze doors. he's going to first visit the alter that is dedicated to mother seaten, the first american born sate and then proceed with the vesper service. everyone here is really waiting, getting the sense now after so many hours on this perfect day in front of this beautiful restored cathedral that the time is at hand and that pope francis is almost here. we'll hand it back to you but not for long because i think pope francis is going to be here fairly shortly. >> michael, thank you. we want to remind our viewers that we are streaming all of this live on we're going to be doing it tonight, all throughout the day tonight and also tomorrow. we want you to know that.
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>> so many photos are being posted and videos being posted we thought we might take a look 0 at them. gnatty pass quarrel la is sharing them. >> we've been getting pictures from all over the midtown area. i want to show you right now some really fun fantastic photos. you can see a security setup right outside of st. patrick's cathedral and the #pope mania. what do you think of this one within waiting for his holiness, pope francis. this is inside st. patrick's cathedral. we all recognize this one, the fiat. and those lucky enough to have a ticket here, and they actually sl a seat as well inside.
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t-shirts saying here i love poppa fran chess co. a beautiful shot inside st. patrick's cathedral. funny. if you take a close look at your screen, you have to look closely, these two nypd officers from the 19th precinct, pope and francis, officers pope and francis. those are all of the photos we have for you right now. we're watching these closely as they come in. maybe one of the pope selfies you guys were talking about. >> we'll try. we'll try our best. >> that's prototy funny, the officers pope and francis. >> we have all of the security around us, there's cars and then we also have patrol cars, nypd all over. we have been following the security effort here during francis's visit. we've got a cthrespondent in central park.
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>> some 80,000 souls will be gathered here in central park all waiting to catch a glimpse of the holy father, pope francis. now this 8-foot tall fence that you see here that run from 59th street all the way down to 81st are part of a multilevel apparatus designed to protect the pope. nowamne of the challenges that new york police and the secret service wrestled with early on was how to secure the pope. and at the same time allow for him to have contact with the public as we have seen in washington, d.c. his holiness seeks interaction with his flock. now for this, thousands of police officers are being deployed. they will be working with their counter parts at the fbi and the secret service. here is what commissioner bill bratton said early on. >> the event itself is involving a lot of personnel, a lot of fencing as you can see. but it's an event that reflects
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>> one last reminder for those coming here to central park tomorrow to see the pope is that you must present, along with your tickets, a state issued id. if you don't have one, you can present a passport from your home country and make sure that you check the list of forbidden items. nbc 4 new york. >> we're going to go straight to jen maxfield right now. the pope's motorcade is on its way to st. patrick's cathedral and it's passing her about now. jen? [ cheers & applause ] >> that's it right there. that's awesome. look at him. in the smallest car. oh, wow. wow. >> all right. there he is. there's pope francis going north on york after. i don't know if you can hear all of the reaction of everyone
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but people are crying and laughing. they saw pope francis, he looked right in our direction and waved at everybody. and he kept going north on york avenue. but again people waiting here for hours and got exactly what they were hoping for. pope francis drove past slowly with the window open and again people just ecstatic here. >> is that lady still around you, the lady you were talking to earlier. did she get her wish? >> yes, she's right here. tom see that, so how was it? >> it was more than i could have ever expected. and i never use the word awesome but it was awesome and i don't think my life will ever be the same. i'm overwhelmed. i was screaming like a child. it was better than i could have
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ever expected. i wish he were looking my way. >> i think he looked your way. >> i don't know. >> well as you can see, an emotional and profound moment here on 61th and york. certainly not your regular early evening in the city. hundreds of people lined up here along york avenue hoping for a glimpse of pope francis and they certainly got it. he was not speeding past. he was taking his time, waving at people on both sides of the street. and again hundreds and perhaps over a thousand people gathered here just along the five blocks where the pope was going to drive north before making the left to head towards st. patrick's. an amazing moment here and everyone just ecstatic that they got a dplims of glimpse of pope francis. >> especially the woman you spoke to. she was transformed. >> did you see her face?
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>> andrew siff is live in midtown, a couple of blocks away from us. what's happening up there? >> this has turned into pretty prime viewing location, not the least of which because there's elevation out from front of the apple store. i'm here with stephanie mcgill. you see very excited. what's this kneeling feeling like? >> i think it's a wonderful thing. i can't wait to see him in either his pope mobile or his car. this is such a great spiritual experience for me. and i'm really excited to be here. >> when you talk about the spiritual experience, have you met a pope before? seen a pope before? >> i never met a pope before. i once had a glimpse of john paul. but this would be a first for me. >> we're hearing from so many new yorkers, so many people across the tri-state area that something about francis speaking to them. what is it about this pope that's reached out to you?
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>> he's an inspiration. he's a pope for the people. he generally cares about the people. he cares about the environment. and i think for the first time i can really, really feel inspired by him. >> in a surreal atmosphere right now, we're standing on a quiet 58th street and fifth after venue knowing that the pope is just a few blocks away. >> i can't believe it. i can't wait. i'm so excited. it's just like everybody is waiting and you can feel the electricity and you can feel that this is what they're waiting for. and this is it. >> stephanie, thank you. we want to give your viewers a glimpse of this little girl as we try to take a shot of her. she's holding a sign. can you hold up your sign? we're going to see if the lieutenant can hold it up for us. it says i love you pope francis and it looks like it says love eva. is that your name? eva? yeah.
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and so what a beautiful little sign there. she's been holding that up and we know that the pope has been known to take a moment to stop and talk to children, whether that happens in this case at 58th street and fifth avenue, she's certainly captured everyone's attention and heart here in the midtown of manhattan. as we're a few moments away from the pope's arrival. >> she just stole our heart, a cute little girl. what are the odds of her making it over the barricade into the arms of the pope? >> she's got two obstacles, the barricade itself and what we can tell from the image s we've seen from when the pope was leaving, he appear tobs riding on what would be the west side of 5th avenue on the far side here. i don't know if that will impede his vision as he looks on either side of the crowd proceeding south on fifth avenue. if that's an obstacle or not. if anyone is able to see through the
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barricade, it would apparently be pope francis. but this is not the only child lining the barricade but she may be the cutest. she got the attention of the nypd and thousands of people out here on fifth avenue. from what we understand, it may still be several blocks at this point. lieutenant, any indication? no formal understand occasion. we don't have the security bleep that would let us know how many minutes away. >> i think there's going to have to be a transition period. he's going to have to get out of the fiat into the jeep wrangler, organizing that. and so i think we may have a few more minutes before we see him now. he's due here in 15. vespers kick off at 15. once vespers start, they don't stop, right? >> no. once he starts preaching too, that's probably the place he'll go off script. >> his general message will be
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>> yeah, be near your people, know how to love god and love your neighbor, be of service. all of nose things about the pieces hood priesthood are essential. >> how are the clergy taking it? are they resentful or taking it to heart? >> i tissue they're taging it to heart. cardinal dolan told me, he considers how he lives his life. i think a lot of us feel that. >> it's easy to get caught up in the bureaucracy. this is a huge global organization, embassies in every city of the world. >> even my parish, i put a $5 million roof on it. it's so easy to get taught up in all of that. he's asking us to get back to the basics. >> also the irony of how much money has been spent on the cathedral and the work that's
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and if you think of pope francis, pope francis probably just doesn't care, you know, how beautiful it is. he just wants to see the people. all right. these are some motorcade coming down. >> this is the escorts heading down fifth avenue. certainly quite a spectacle and very much security as they come down ahead of the pope. >> i couldn't quite make out the announcements behind us but there were loud speakers, there
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>> did you see all of the cameras that were up there? when pope john paul was there, you covered that, right? >> twice. >> it must have been very given. people didn't have the phones obviously and reporting and taking pictures and selfies. >> they had ordinary cameras and nigh nikons. here is the transition. i'm going to be careful second-guessing the pope. he's getting out of the fiat and into the wrangler. this is where the crowd will come alive when they see the pope in his usual spot standing behind the grip bar they have in the wrangler, able to wave to the crowd on either side. it will be interesting to see that. >> and i know that the mass and the vespers are so important to him. but this is a very important
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part of his trip here, to him this means so much to be with the people. it's all about the people. and to feel their love and show his love for them. this is the highlight >> well, you know, i think the pope represents the bond of love that goes back to jesus and the women and men who gather around him. that is a church. the bond of love of neighbor that comes alive ever tomb you see him. comes alive in the action of the church, too. it's very dynamic. >> yes, it is. is cardinal dolan going to be riding with him? >> and we could hear the applause even from here. we're on 50th street. this son this is on 54th street if i'm not mistaken.


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