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tv   News 4 New York at 11  NBC  January 11, 2016 11:00pm-11:34pm EST

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rockefeller center this is news 4 new york. now at 11:00, get ready for snow. wo ere we will see it tomorrow and how much. storm team 4 i tracking it all. a statement released by the family of an nypd officer who we now know was hit by friendly fire. what they have to say about it. mail warning. ere police do not want you dropping off envelopes containing checks. not seeing this report could cost you big time. and a stoenry that is sure to make any parent's blood boil. >> a 5-year-old little boy left in the bitter cold during his bus ride home from school. how could this happen? that's what we went to find out. checkey beckford is ihan the throgs neck section of the bronxs where the parents are sharing their story. >> reporter: i don't have to
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ourkt here today and is parents say he was on his own an hour wandering the streets. tonight they want to know why. ye'r-old raphael sanchez is home safe tonight, but just a few hours earlier, his parents had no idea where their little bo "hy was. >> about an hour he was on the street. he had crossed two streets, two. and he's only 5 years old. >> reporter: the kindergartener was left alone out on the cold on a bronx street corner after a school bus dropped him ff early with no parent in sight. >> there's a lot of people on thlle street. good, bad people. you don't know what is going to happen. i'm really upset with these people. that's their job. they d on't know how to do their job. >> reporter: when raphael's dad arrived on time to pick him up, they say the child wandered off. omplete stranger found him
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and got contact information in the boy's back back brought him home. >> he saw this. i put the name and phone number on here. >> reporter: the bus driver was supposed to finish his route and return the child to the school if no one was there to pick him up. they want to know why that didn't happen. >> i don't want the person who thiving tht bus, doing the job, i want them to change him or so mething. >> we reached out to the school district. they say they were gathering information on the incident at this late hour. you can expect we will follow up with them tomorrow n. the throgs eneck section, checkey beetford, news 4 new york. snow is on the way. new york city official, sanitation officials issued a snow alert tomorrow but don't be alarmed. janice huff is here to tellins how much we could see. >> a dusting to n inch. this is a light snowfall for the area. it doesn't take much to make the roads slick. if you are on them during the
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nd thau s when they could be most dangous. most of the snow will occur in the afternoon and evening. if you get a coating in the city that's just about it. coastal areas likely to see a mix with rain. north and west of the city could see up to an inch by later in the evening tomorrow. it's clear across the area right noouw. we look to the west, we can see the snow gathering across the midwest from chicago to cleveland. it if is more than eight hours away from reaching our area far to the north and west and higher evations you will see it first. ,the city will see most of the snow showers in the afternoon and evening. the roads could be slippery in spots. we have it timed ou i'll track it for you and have th ne seven-day forecast in a few minutes. back to you. >> thank you. track the snow with our nbc 4 new york app. tap the nbc 4 logo and select the weather tab. you will find the latest forecast, get the radar and any alerts you need to know.
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tonight a family of an officer is reacting to the news as he prepares for surgery tomorrow. brynn gingras is in the upper bryn. >> a few moments ago, i spoke to members of the stuart family and they say they have nothing but ve for the officer that fired the officer that injured stuart saying he too was just doing his ajob. poamlice say it was a c otic scene on saturday when nypd officer sherrod stuart was shot in the ankle. police commissioner bill bratton says bullet fragments aken from the officer's leg confirm that he was hit by stray bullet fired by a fellow officer. >> it was a chahotic situation with a number of shooters, including police s well as party. we have a very good idea of the circumstances who have shot what and where. >> reporter: stuart struck by friendly fire while responding
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suspects were armed with am nu tmber of weapons including bats and knives. this morning, police arrested 19-year-old christopher rice at his hospital bedside. he had been shot during saturday's incident after allegedly first firing at police. sources tell me the assault, menacing a police officer and criminal possession of a weapon charges remain intact. despite the newsdetails of the in bvektigation. rlier today, news 4 talked to stuart's brothers bout the officer's recovery. >> we're family oriented. we are all about being around family. we are excited for him to come home. >> reporter: this evening the stuart family gave news 4 the photos of the officer, his ankle in a sling and surrounded by sfrauns fami and friends. we're told he is excited to return to work once he heals. more details on what went down in the bronx this weekend should come out as the investigation
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as for officer stuart he is recovering at cornell hospital. supposedt o ave surgery tomorrow and is expected to be okay. it's unclear when he will be discharged. live on the upper east side, brynn gingras, news 4 new york. in brooklyn tonight, a fifth suspect wanted for a gang rape at a playground is eluding police. four teens are in custody. the youngest just 14. the father of the 18-year-old victim said he was walking with her at boz bourn park on thursday night when the rapist grabbed her at gun point. he ni ran to flag down a police officer nearby. . byod the time they got back the teens had already sexually assaulted his daughter. manhunt for a gang leader wanted for a fatal shooting in the bronx. he is known chul he is accused of killing a man in november. the most recently he was accused in december 31st, he is accused ofg forcing his way in to a van
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heights and robbing aoo shooting another man. that man is now recovering. a rock icon, master of music, fighter, inspiration. some of the ways music legend david bowie is remembere tonight. fans around the world are paying tribute to a man whose work spanned four decades and some believe his final songs contain a special message. ray villeda is outside of bowie's home in soho with more. >> reporter: in talking to folks outvhere, you get a sense of the impact that david bowie made on so many of his fans. hundreds lined up to pay their last suspects at this growing memorial. to say good-bye to david bowie. outside of the soho apartment, david bowie called home in new york, a line stretched down lafayette. fans carrying cards, flowers and memory. >> you have to pay homage to a man who was an innovator, a
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make people understand about diversity in music. >> reporter: he brought a record, "let's dance." the song, he said, saved his life. >> i want to send good energy and let him know he lives on through his music. reporter: this young woman said her life. >> my am named after him. >> he was born david joans in south london but as david bowie he conquered the music scene more than 45 years, shifting persona personas, called new york home for decades and performed at a concert in madison square garden weeks after the 9/11 attack. >> i'd like to say hello to the folks from my local ladder. >> reporter: a tribute to the city and its heros.
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many call a music hero. >>e's made many people comfortable in their own skin and inspired p te to make change and be happy. i don't know, i feel everything about him is very pure love. >> we eard that sentiment and saw those tears on so many faces thllroughout the night. david bowie died at the age of 69, two days after his birthday and after the release of his final album. an album, many whsay,othat p aint a final farewell to his fans. ray villeda, news 4 new york. >> what a legacy e leaves behind. we have a special section of nbc nes dedicated to the life and legacy of david bowie. you will find photos of the musician throughout the years and see how he is rem embered from fans all over. bill cosby filed charges of -- pardon me. bill cosby filed in pennsylvania to
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the charges against him, it was a motion. the comedian says the charges violate the prosecutor's pledge he would never be charged with the encounter with the temple employee and because that he testified in a lawsuit without invoking his fifth amendment rights. ago preliminary hearing is set for february 2nd. a chair in michelle obama's guest box will be left empty to honor victims of gun violence. st the m n issues the president is exp ted to eak about along with terrorism, the middle east and the economy. it will be mr. obama's final state of the union and you can watch it live here on nbc 4 starting at 9:00 p.m. governor christie will deliver the state of the state address tomorrow. the governor's office plans to speak about health care, dru an treatment and education initiatives. count on news 4 to bring you the st
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on our website at nbc new and nbc 4 new york at 3:00j > coming up as we continue, your next uber rooib ride could be cheaper butdthere's a catch. it depends where you call for a ride. we will tell you how to score this deal. final recommendations are issued on when women should get a mammogram. a burglary that will make your skin crawl. see that snake? we're going to stop the video here. you may not believe what this guy does next.
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new at 11:00, a warning for bronx residents.ethieves are snatching checks out of mailboxes. they are target ing the
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ey are changing the dollar amounts and poli ce are asking residents not to drop them off even at u.s. certified mailboxes. if you can hand them personally to mail carriers. not clear how much has been stolen here. two lanes of seventh avenue reopened 24 hours after debris came crashing down from the sheraton times square. workers put up a sidewalk tent to protect pedestrians. three large blooes pieces of aluminum fell off the facade plunging 44 stories. no one was standing in the area when it happened. the department of buildings is looking in to it. high winds appear to be the culprit. the father of american artist murdered in italy was overwoman with emotion outside of her apartment in florence. the father of ashley olsen dropped to his knees placing flowers in her memory. olson's boyfriend discovered her body on saturday, her neck bruised. italian news reports say she was strangled. an autopsy has not confirmed that.
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was questioned by police but is not called a suspect at this time. a gunman is on the run in kentucky after shooting two people in their work with place. it happened 1:30 this afternoon in a warehouse where cardinal kitchens, a business that makes countertops in louisville. police believe it stemmed from an argument. both victim surs vooifed. one is in critical condition. a federal panel weighed in with recommendations on when should start to get mammograms. the task force says women should start at 50 wwhh ?creenings evenery two years. that differs from the american cancer society's recommendation of 45. while the task force says mammograx, c help those in their 40s, over diagnosis is a concern and the panel noted the y.sion should be made by a wo hman and her doctor after discussing her personal risks. uber is slashing prices, so?me of them any way. but not eefveryone in our area will catch the deal. the ride sharing company says the demand for rides stopped
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people in new jersey will see a 50% cut in their uber ride to an airport, 15% off other trips. new york ers won't be so lucky. according to business insider, uber will cut prices o?ly where it proves to be effective in increasing ridership. new york residents who need to claim jobless benefits are dealing with headache tonight. the state unemployment system is experiencing technical problems with its website. the telephone lines were also down for a bit but are now work withing and the department urges individuals to use the phone to certify weekly benefits until the website is fixed. the number is 888-581-5812. soon you may not need a job if you become the winner of the historic powerball jackpot. the prize is $1.4 billion, the largest in the world. there's still two more days until the powerball drawing. no one matched all six numbers on saturday night.
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dreams, your chances are slim, one in 292 million. >> we keep saying that. nosobody keeps winning. >> but somebody will win eventually. >> sohat one in 292 million chance, that person will, somebody is going to get it. >>. >> that person is out there waiting patiently, or impatiently. >> we have been waiting for snow a long time he . >> a lot of people have. we will get a little tomorrow, nothing significant though. a little taste of winter coming our way. it could make the roads slick during the evening commute. here's our view from the top of the rockem cameit. looks great. cold out there tonight. no joke about that. the temperatures are in the ens and 20s across the area. 27 midtown, feels like 19. the winds aren't as strong as earlier but strong enough to give us a little windchill. the winds will start to ease across the area tonight. already we are seeing much lighter winds than earlier today. the chill sticks an and
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through. more arctic air will take the place of what is here now. we expect a wintry mix tomorrow. scattered sno showers. right now they are moving through the midwest from chicago to fort wayne to detroit and cleveland. all light snow mainly. pr.obably heavier amounts there. lake effect snow will be falling. thatawill continue f om buffalo to watertown, through wednesday with, thursday. and may get one to two feet of. snow up there, maybe even more. light. temperatures north of th city in the 20s and teens. 20s across long island, too. cold everywhere. long branch 21. the winds are much lighter now. they are mainly calm. mainly out of the west. juetst enough to keep it feeling colder than the actual temperature. a windchill of 12 in danbury. feels like 13 newberg and 19 in islip. still icy. in dry in the morning. we will see snow developing
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that will happen midday and spread over ta city in the afternoon and evening. here's a look at the temperatures by 9:00 a ha.m. still cold across the area. they will warm up a bit. 40s on the map tomorrow at the co s ast. thucere's the snow at 3:00. monticello, newton and spreading across the city, parts of connecticut around 5:00. won't come toed and around 10:00. another little batch comes through and then we are done with it. by then, we could see a coating the roads and grassy areas. maybe an inch to the north and west by tomorrow evening. after that follows arctic cold, more of it coming through the area after we get the snow showers and gusty winds tomorrow. we will have to deal with the chill in the air coming up on wednesday as the tempe aratures remain quite chilly across the region. this weekend not so bad. chance of rain showers on saturday. 46. turns colder. we have a chill coming up in to monday, as well ith sunshine
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tomorrow morning on "today in new york," they have the latest on the snow showers as we track them coming in from the west. >> we are in the presence of greatness. >> this just in. >> congratulations are in order for bruce tonight. he's been named new york state's sportscaster of the year by the national sportscaster and sports writers' association. >> correct me if i am wrong, isn't in the eighth time in the last nine years seriously. >> i'm humbled and i have to congratlate my team here and in the sports department, okay. >> we want to know on the one year you didn't make it. >> i don't know. it was a down season. really was. mikhail made sweeping changes on sunday. today the nets owner met with the media. would his team respond on the court? they face the monster task taking on the san antonio spurs at the barclay center. are the rangers starting to build momentum and play inspired lochte?
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your path to retirement may not always be clear. but at t. rowe price, we can help guide your retirement savings. so wherever your an tirement journey takes you, we can help you reach yourhgoals. call us or your advisor t. rowe price.
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mark zuckerberg's recent status sparked debate over va ccinations. ma che ing his endorsement of vaccinations. some who think they can be dangerous criticized his decision. a pet store in portland, lo egon, is missing a $200 snake thanks to a bold thief, maybe a little stupid. surveillance video shows the suspect pulling a black passes tell python out of the cage and putting it down his pants. the snake breed isn't venomous or r aggressive but police note there are a lot of ways this
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thief. >> i can only imagine. we'll be right back with bruce
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time to throw it to the sportscaster of the state. >> thanks, chuck. mets broker fired the head coach and reassigned billy king. he met with the media i fan brooklyn and sd the mets are in better shape than in 2009 whe en he bought the team. >> frankly speaking, i deserve championship now more than six years ago. i will do my best to make us championship team. we are just optimistic, but i think for the time being we are the best franchise, big am of money under the cap. >> they respect a guy. >> pretty confident. >> and the man patroling the sidelines for now is tony brown, the interim coach. unfortunately, his team had to
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in the second quarter, tim fun can feeds leonard for the alley-oop. the nets trail by 45-38 at the half. it got worse with after that in the third. lamarcus aldridge gets the tough hoop and foul. he had 25. in the fourth, leonard puts it out of reach, connecting on a couple of long trifectas. with the owner in the house the nets lose the tenth straight home game 106-79. on the ice tonight, the improving rangers welcome the bruins to the world's most famous arena. the blue shirts trailed 1-0 in this third period. matt zook rheal rel la charges hard to the net and he is there to bang home the tally. his 15th goal of the season. under two minutes to go. the rangers strike again. the shot is redirected and past tuukka rask. the blue shirts come back for a
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in college football, all eyes are at glendale, arizona, for the college football playoff national championship game. right now, undefeated clemson leads number two alabama 24-21e in the fourth quarter. clemson is looking for their first national title since 1981. alabama is searching for their fourth national tight until t last seven years. in nfl news, the giants have granted the 49ers permission to interview tom coughlin who met with the eagles today. and carly lloyd, take another bow. today in zurich, the former rutger's star was named fifa world player of the year. she took home the award thanks to her hat trick in the world cup final against japan. the new jersey native scored 18 goals for the u.s. last year and
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back as the only winners of the prestigious award. carly can say she is the women's world player of the year, two ti me o blmpic g d medalist and a fee na fa women's cup world champion. she is only 33 and heading to the olympics in august for maybe more great stuff. >> amazing.
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