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tv   News 4 New York at 5  NBC  January 15, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm EST

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barrel in the summer of 2014 to below $30 a barrel. add to that concerns about the grim nature of the chinese economy and weaker than expected retail sales in december and sonny wondering about the impact of his 401(k). >> the retirement, that's the main thing. >> liquidate ing or investing, doubling down, it's a scary time. i can't say enough about having a financial professional who helps you make the tough decisions during tough times. >> the market is cyclical. it had a strong run up until now and it's going to shake out. there's also weaknesses i guess in the economy and you have a presidential election coming up and i can't believe what's been reassuring anyone. >> reporter: heard that more than once today. well, investors will have the
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their jets and calm their fierce. the markets close for martin luther king's birthday on monday and we'll have to wait until tuesday to see where it's headed next. i'm pat battling with news4 new york. >> should people be worried? >> sue, are you worried about this in. >> i'm not worriesed about the stock market as i am the economy. one of the issues for individual investors is whether or not they can pass the sleep test. maybe this is a time on these big selloff days for you to lock at your portfolio and see if you're invested in the types of things that you should be invested in. if you're really uncomfortable with what's happening in the market, then this is the time to look at your portfolio and look at safer investments or make the call to your financial investor
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whether you should rebalance or reallocate. for longer term investor with more than 10 years out, this is a great buying opportunity. but i do expect that the volatility will probably continue. it's not over yet. pat mentioned the fact that we do have monday closed for the markets. but keep in mind, china and the rest of the world is trading. so they'll be reacting to what happened today on wall street. so when we come back into the office on tuesday, you may have more of this downside pressure on wall street. but longer term, i'm not worried about the stock market. i'm worried that maybe with the big drop in oil prices we may see the economy slip back into recession. that's a bigger worry for me right now, guys. >> not exactly reie sure assuring. an extortion scam is on the
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rob schmitt is in the news room with for for us. >> scammers call and claim to have a kidnapped family member and demand money for their return. this warning comes after this happened twice recently in new jersey, once in saddle brook and then again in very roe that. a man wired more than $7500 to thieves who had fooled him into thinking he had kidnapped his father. a week before that, a very roe that woman wired $1500 to a caller who tricked her into believing that her husband was kidnapped when we was really safe at his job in new york city. the fbi says the scheme not only involves calls about fake kidnappings, car accidents and gang assaults. >> they'll go to the extent sometimes of getting somebody else on another line to start crying or show that there's somebody there. it's really focused on the elderly a lot of times, which is unfortunate unfortunate. >> well the fbi has this advice
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be suspect of calls out of the area codes. ask to speak to the alleged victim, attempt to contact the victim via social media. don't challenge or argue with the caller and most importantly call police or the fbi immediately. well the fbi says the scammer wills work hard to prevent you from calling the victim yourself. you might think that's the first thing you would do. they are going to try to keep you on the phone. the fbi says they want to get you the wire the money immediately. be on the lookout. and rain will be moving into our area tonight. but we're in for another storm that may bring storm. storm team4 meteorologist janice huff is tracking both systems. >> first off we're tracking rain moving through the carolinas and virginia tonight. this's rals a cold front back to the west in the ohio valley and the great lakes. and the two will come together. we're mainly looking at rain first.
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you see the first signs of light rain. three and a half hours moving into southern new jersey. by midnight over the city. but far to the north and west some of our counties may see a little bit of sleet. those are the ice pellets that fall or a glaze of ice. if the rain falls on cold sur sheet. that may happen in some spots. there could be some slippery conditions north and west. towards the morning hours right as we're starting to get up. any ice that does accumulate will melt quickly. tomorrow temperatures are in the 40s. on sunday we're looking at 30s and there will be some snow flying around part of the area with accumulation. we'll talk more about that in a few minutes. back to you. >> and you can track the forecast anytime with the news4 new york app.
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a sky in the skies today. severe turbulence left several passengers and injured. miami-dade fire rescue says that the plane hit turbulence about 40 minutes before landing. three of the 159 passengers on board were treated for minor injuries. a flight attendant was sent to the hospital with a broken nose. new york takes center stage in the republican race for president after ted cruz questions new york values during last night's debate. trump once again questioned cruz's ability to run because cruz was born in canada. the texas senator countered by saying trump embodies new york values. >> not a lot of conservatives come out of manhattan. i'm just saying. >> when the world trade center came down, i saw something that no place on earth could have handled more beautifully, more humanely than new york.
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very insulting statement that ted made. >> cruz's comments are sparking a lot of criticism today. a disgusted mayor de blasio said cruz owes every new yorker an apology. >> he does not understand in the least new york values. i find myself for once in agreement with donald trump. >> nbc steve handelsman is live in washington with more reaction. steve? >> hi. well, it looks like the race is moving more and more relentlessly toward donald trump. just a few weeks ago the idea that he would win most or all of the primaries and the nomination seemed impossible. but not anymore. >> so we have to get out. we got to win. >> we're going to win! >> donald trump campaigned in iowa where he's tied in the polls with ted cruz. >> i'm going to be here so much in the next two weeks you're going to be sick of me. >> trump has a double digit
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nomination if he wins the lead-off. >> we come in first in iowa, then it's off to the nomination. >> people are rising up and we're going to turn this country around. >> in last night's debate, trump scored when cruz accused him of having new york values. >> you know, i think most people know exactly what new york values are. >> but trump emotionally evoked 9/11. >> when the world trade center came down, i saw something that no place on earth could have handled more beautifully, more humanely than new york. and everybody in the world watched and everybody in the world loved new york and loved new yorkers and i have to tell you, that was a very insulting statement that ted made. >> he'd hit a nerve. here's the new york daily news. hillary clinton tweeted just this once, trump is right. in new hampshire today, marco rubio attacked cruz nl time and again he's shown he will change
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calculation. >> targeting the chief challenger while chasing the front runner. but a lot of voters are still deciding. so trump opponents are still dreaming of cruz winning iowa, rubio winning new hampshire and the trump train being derailed. news4 new york. fire in a dutchess county apartment left five cars charred. the fair started this morning around 5:00. the fire appears to be accidental but its cause is still under investigation. and on long island, four suspects are under arrest for allegedly stealing hover board this morning. they saw the suspects running from the store where three hoverboards had been stolen. they're charged with burglary and criminal mischief. still ahead on news4 new
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playground. what the police are saying about the case. jonathan dienst will have an update knew at 5:30. plus this -- it's beginning to look a lot like january 15th? an andrew siff with the reason you're still seeing so many christmas trees all over new york city. a couple comes forward saying they have one of the three winning tickets of the billion dollar plus powerball
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the search for survivors continues after two marine helicopters collided in midair off the coast of hawaii. they were conducting a nighttime training mission along the north shore when the choppers went down, each one carrying six crew members. coast guard rescuers spotted debrew and an empty life raft but so far no sign of survivors. and in new jersey, lawyer frs governor chris christie are asking a judge to throw out a lawsuit from a nurse who tried to fight quarantine. kaci hickox was stopped at a new york airport after coming in contact with ebola patients last year. she was ordered to stay in quarantine in a tent against her will. the lawyer for governor chris christie and the state health
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public's interest and are immune from lawsuits over quarantines. christmas, yes, was three weeks ago but you might not know it walking around the city. you probably noticed dozens of these discarded trees littering the sidewalks. is it taking longer than usual for the sanitation crews to pick up? we sent andrew siff in search to find out. >> reporter: here in the bronx they're full ching and recycling thousands of christmas trees on what's supposed to be the last day of the program. the whoop chippers are chipping away. but on the sidewalks of new york, it's beginning to look a lot like, well, january 15th. >> i just want it off my lawn. >> 21 days after christmas. some new yorkers are wondering why there are still trees on so many sidewalks. letter carrier tonya lewisson said -- >> about 20 to 25 trees out amongst the routes that i have. i thought it was odd.
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tweets like this one. my perfect 7-foot christmas tree is lying on the sidewalk waiting to get tossed out. my heart is shattered. 4 investigates pinned down sanitation commissioner about why it's taking so long. there's grumbling from people, hey my tree has been out since january 5th. it's been eight or nine days. is there any way to refine that so the trees aren't sitting there as long as as they are? >> i really think it's definitely a balance. if we try and move in that direction, then we have to be dick taye tif about when you put your tree out. some people want it out of their house immediately and some people are having parties well past new year's where they still want the holiday decor. >> garcia has added one extra day to the deadline. meaning you can still put your tree out tomorrow and have it recycled. after that -- after this weekend what happens to a christmas tree
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>> after this weekend the christmas tree goes to regular garbage. this year they've collected 158,000 trees as of thursday. if you didn't put your tree out yet, then that's a waste. now a little while ago i asked the sanitation commissioner why the tree cycling can't continue past this weekend. her answer is money. it costs overtime to send the special truck to pick up the trees. why not use the money from the snow budget since they haven't had to plow an inch of snow. the answer? they can't by law. if they don't use it all winter long, it gets returned to the city's general fund. now you know. we're live in lower manhattan, andrew siff news4 new york. >> i have to confess, my tree is still up. >> really? >> ellen doesn't want to take it down. >> very nice. >> my hasn't mantle is up. that's because i got married on christmas. it's a personal thing.
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decorating. it's there already. >> i have nothing. >> you have us. all right. let's check on your weather today. it's hard to believe that just 24 hours ago even, 48 hours ago we were slivering and piling on layers and today the temperatures were back up above 50 degrees in a lot of spots, including central park at 51, jfk and 51 in islip. everybody warmed up today. now instead of tracking the warm temperatures -- it will be mild tomorrow. now the rain is on the move. but some of you will see a mix of sleet and freezing rain with that in pockets. everybody is mild, in the 40s across the board. a couple of 30s here and there. it's still near 50 in the city. but there are some 30 degree temperatures up around the catskills and poconos. today's highs, we've see a temperature increase 5 to 15 degrees in the last 24 hours
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a 20-degree drop. clouds are in place now. the rain is still about three to six hours away from us. the heaviest rain will come overnight after midnight into tomorrow morning. here it is moving forwards washington, d.c. and baltimore right now. temperatures will stay in the 40s for the most part in the city. showers will be moving in by 11:00, midnight, most areas will see rain except well to the north. icy conditions expected around monticello, northern new jersey and back into the poconos. all rain for the city and coastal areas. the temperatures are in the 40s. but there will be slick spots between 3:00 a.m. and 7:00, 8:00 in the morning. still the temperature is around freezing in monticello. it's very light icing, not expecting big accumulations. and by midday it's warming up and everything is melting. sunday much colder air moves in
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maybe north and west you'll see light accumulation with that as the winds come in across the lake. in terms of rainfall totals with, anywhere from 1/4 to 1/2. tonight, temperatures stay pretty mild in most spots. except pockets north and west where with temperatures are down below freezing. north and west you'll have icy patches but they'll start to melt by 8:00 certainly as the warmer air comes in. heavy rain for long island and coastal connecticut, same thing in the city but it does clear out by noon. we'll see some sun tomorrow actually in the afternoon and another 48 to 50 degree day. but sunday is colder in the 30s and on the holiday monday, it is cold. highs right around freezing. a lot of wind too. these little rescued guys are still looking for a home tonight.
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puppy. he posted this video on facebook to help find new homes for the 32 dog, 17. byes, two cats and three kittens who were rescued on wednesday evening. they're all up for adoption and 11 dead cats and a dead dog were also removed from the home. a warrant is out for the owner of that house, juan perez. well the first winner os f the record setting $1.5 billion jack post have come forward to claim their big prize. john and lisa robinson spoke this on the "today" show this morning. the couple are from moneyford, tennessee saying they bought the winning ticket at their neighborhood grocery store and they could not believe their luck. >> i went running down the hallway, john you've got to check these numbers. >> the couple haven't mentioned yet what they want to do with
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says she still plans on working. two other winning tickets were sold in california and florida but the ticket holders have not come forward yet. each prize is worst $533 million before taxes. if they choose the lump sum, it's $327 million. >> we should check back with lisa in a month or two to see if she's still working. up next, yesterday they made it official and today the giants introduced their new head coach. and coming up at 6:00, ted cruz criticizes new york values. hear the fallout. now news4 investigates how much money everyday new yorkers have
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the giants have a head coach. >> the team officially introduced jim mcadoo today. our bruce beck was there. how did it go? >> it went well for . after two years as the team's offensive coordinator, he now inherits the rain from head coach tom coughlin who resigned under pressure. and that word pressure is something that mcadoo embraces. >> i like the pressure. you know, this is what you live for. this is the opportunity of a lifetime. >> that was ben mcadoo this morning at his first ever news conference as giants head coach. the 38-year-old pennsylvaniian was confident during his answers, showed a quick wit and relied on a lot of code speak. >> we're not looking to rebuild. we're looking to reload. and we're going to start, you know, in a couple of minutes.
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of the giants' brass and ended up being the final choice. for coowner john mara, it's all about restoring integrity to the franchise. >> that's why we hired him. we wanted to bring back the pride to this team. >> now that he has the job, it's time to see how this first-time work. >> what do you think your style >> my tile? i'm not really worried toch about my style. i'm going to be myself. be comfortable in my own skin and i'm excited to be the head coach of the new york fastball giants. >> he's following in the footsteps of tom coughlin. john mara told me he sounded a little bit like bill parcels at the podium. but the question is can ben do what the other coaching legends did, mainly bring home the vince lombardi trophy. only time will tell.
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at giants head coach, mcadoo did just fine. chuck, sibila. >> you're asking if he can do it? well he does have mcadoo in his name, right? he might be able to do it. hopefully. rob is here now with a look at what's coming up new at 5:30. the nypd on hunt for armed bank robbers. it's a couple who knocked off a queens bank. are we looking at a local bonnie and clyde. a drug trial that took a disastrous turn. a shown down coming over a muslim community center.
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