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tv   News 4 New York at 6  NBC  January 16, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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now at 6:00, two kays after a woman goes missing with a car is found in a river. is it connected? >> first, they're coming home. five americans jailed in iran set free. it has been a busy day diplomatically. the iran nuclear deal also is in effect. >> i'm rob schmitt. >> and i'm natalie paska really. may nor developments tonight for
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>> the first this morning when five americans held captive in iran were finally freed. and also on a much larger scale, the iran nuclear deal is now in effect, crafted by secretary of state john kerry over the past three years. the deal means an end to economic sanctions. in exchange for allowing the united states and other nations to have some control over iran's nuclear program. >> i'm very happy to say that as we speak we have received confirmation that five americans who had been unjustly detained in iran have been released from custody and they should be on their way home to their families before long. >> another break through for the white house and iran. the second this week. american prisoners held in iran, swapped for seven iranians held in the u.s. the americans released washington post reporter jason
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more than 100 days, amir hekmati since 2011, so yeeds abdeny and nosratollah nosratollah, khosravi. a fif american, matthew tref trevithick was also released. if >> it's spectacular news. so happy. just hope he's in good health. >> rezaian's family said his capture was on no basis. >> they smould noer have been detained in the first place. while long overdue, their release is a positive step by iran. >> christian saeed abdeny was
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years ago to build an orphanage there. >> this this is an answered prayer. for the children of pa tore abedini, it's a big day. >> we're being told that the deal is not directly related to the iran nuclear deal, which happens to now be in effect as well as iran just this afternoon met its obligations. sanctions against iran have been released and billions more dollars will now pump into their economy in e change for allowing the u.s. and other nation to regulate i iran's nuclear problem. >> the iran nuclear deal and this prisoner swap are not technically related but of course they're both a part of the new relationship the obama administration is forging with iran. the ten u.s. sailors detained in the persian gulf this week also benefitted from that. this is a relationship that hasn't been healthy since 1979 when the westley friendly shaw of iran was overthrown and
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nightly news will have much more on these developments at 6:30. we're following breaking news here at home. within the past two hours, a car has been found in the river, not far from where a young woman went missing two days ago. she went out thursday night and hasn't been seen since. michael george is live with the late-breaking developments. >> reporter: we want to show you the video that just came in to us from the scene where a car was found in the passaic river. that's three or four miles from where she vanished. a scuba team is en route right now to found out if the car is hers. it's been 48 hours since stuben vanished. you can see a crowd of people back there. just a short time ago police had a private meeting with some of the people involved in the search. detectives tell me at that point they're not ready to release any new information but they're
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veryssoon. again at this time we don't know if the car is in fact her car. right now the search continues and family members continue to hold out hope. >> a frantic search. >> please pass these out to people that you see and specifically ask businesses, did they see anything thursday night. >> hundreds of first responders and volunteers are organizing a massive search for a 22-year-old woman. dividing up neighborhoods for teams to search. >> there are hundreds of people searching for her at this moment and we'll continue the search until we find her. >> she vanished thursday night in the town of maywood. she was in a 1998 gray mitsubishi gallant. >> it's a braetup car, doesn't look brand-new. duct tape around the top of the
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>> she was complex seizure disorder. patients can have seizures that cause confusion, lack of awareness of your surroundings and even cause people to wander. right now the focus is only on finding her. >> a lot of people said hey, this could be my child. i'm part of a community and i want to help. >> reporter: many of the volunteers are members of orthodox jewish community breaking the sabbath because tonight finding her is more important. >> i wouldn't be on the camera right now. there are a lot of different rules. but there's a life at stake here and we need to take all of the steps needed now to find her. >> reporter: and we want to give you the license plate number of her mitsubishi gallant. new jersey plate k 40 fph. now again, the discovery of the car in the water 3 1/2 miles away has a lot of people fearing the worse. but for now it's not confirmed that that car has anything to do
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so for now the search continues. we're live tonight, michael george news4 new york. a mother of two is behind bars tonight accused of stabbing her boyfriend to death on staten island. she's now facing several charges including murder. police found ruben has minute nez inside the couple's manor heights apartment. their two young sons were home when this happened. we spoke to the victim's sister. >> still can't wrap my finger that it's him. they had their problems. >> well rubin was arrested last year for assaulting and choking pin yo nez. on the campaign trail, what
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marco rubio and drurp trump have fanned out in iowa. the today trump called's cruz's criticism of new yorkers a disgrace and it didn't end there. >> he finally went off the wagon a little bit and went a little crazy. and it's very -- he's been a great hypocrite. >> trump taking aim at cruz for not disclosing his financial donations from goldman sachs and there wes a lot of discussions over his new york comment. ray villeda has more on that side of the story. >> the constitution of the state of new york and the constitution of the state of new york -- >> a celebration, celebrating the first african american woman to hold the district attorney's
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>> for the people of the state of new york, i am bronx district attorney. >> senator chuck schumer said she exemplifies new york values. >> the values in new york city are socially liberal or pro-abortion or progay marriage, focus around money and the media. >> and his backhanded apology. >> i apologize to the millions of new yorkers who have been let down by liberal politicians in that state. i apologize to the hardworking men and women of the state of new york who have been denied jobs because governor cuomo won't allow fracking. >> what he said about new york is the way he campaigns. in a divisive manner appealing to people's worst instincts in a nasty way. you don't get to be president that way. we new yorkers don't have to worry. he'll never get there. >> the new york i know is filled with great values.
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>> meanwhile, the city's mayor, while front and center on stage to honor the new bronx d.a. did not have time to response to senator cruz's backhanded apology. >> what do you have to say about senator cruz's apology? well as for the democrats, hillary clinton did not hit the campaign trail in iowa today. she had the day off. instead her husband bill spoke at an event where he asked people to volunteer during the iowa caucus. the democrat candidates are face off in a debate tomorrow night on nbc 4 at 9 o'clock. still ahead, a tragic and fatal fall. a teen plunges off of a rooftop. the big question tonight, is it part of a bigger problem. also, armed robbers storm into a deli. it's all caught on camera. the video that police want you to see. and erica with a check of
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>> we can kiss these nice temperatures good-bye. colder air is moving in. i'll tell you how cold it's going to feel as we head into the martin luther king holiday
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i want to go now to the tragic death of a 15-year-old girl killed while jumping roof tops at hell's kitchen. tonight many in the neighborhood say this is a common problem. she was hopping from roof to roof with two friends yesterday when a resident warned the girls
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as they were leaving, she plunged into a narrow alley way between the buildings. she first landed on a net, the net gave way and she dropped five stories. now a store owner in that neighborhood admits that he did the same thing as a kid. >> but they're not supposed to and it says not to go up there. but when you're young and you got no fear in your heart, you just go up there. >> jimenez didn't live in the building one of the other girls kid. she did at the hospital. this surveillance video shows one of the men pointing a gun right at the clerk inside rodriguez's deli. very closeup shot there. this happened at 1:30 in the afternoon on monday. that group got away with $400, two cell phones and a couple of wallets. a drastic change in your forecast. could we see snow?
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we've got a look ahead on what's on "nbc nightly news". >> a group of americans freed as iran complies with a nuclear deal and sanctions are lifted. and dozens of people killed and injured before the military gains control. drurp's harsh new attack on ted cruz as the democrats get ready for tomorrow's crucial debate. and the newest star at the national zoo, wait until you see these pictures when i see you in a couple of minutes. this little panda thing is amaze amazing amazing. it's not a bear. it's a panda bear cub. thank you for clearing it up. well just days after her husband died, singer celine dion is dealing with yet another personal loss, the death of her brother.
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the very same illness that killed her husband just a few days ago. singer's brother suffered from cancer of the throat, tongue and brain. daniel was one of celine's 13 older siblings. he was 59 years old. his funeral will be held in queue beck. children in new york city honored the memory of dr. marten luther king with hands on today. they're making a mosaic at the children's museum. it includes encouraging the children to share their dreams and thoughts about king. the federal holiday on monday celebrates dr. king's life and achievements, of course. and i have to assume that today is another above-tanch temperature day. >> well above average. we normally get up into the upper 30s. tomorrow is a reality check. we'll see the temperatures back in the 30s.
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park with cloudy skies. it looks pretty pleasant there on the plaza. the winds haven't picked up yet. that's going to change as we head into the second half of the weekend. it's going to turn colder tonight. in our weather head lines, we have blustery conditions on sunday. a few snowflakes late in the day. but we don't have accumulating snow in the forecast. we just have a dusting on the way. right now 478 in farmingdale and islip. 36 in monticello and 45 in bridge water. you can see a couple very light sprinkles mixing in with the clouds. a lot of that not reaching the ground. we had the overnight rain. this is the clipper system that's on the way that could bring a dusting, but no more than that. that's what we're expecting into the next 48 hours or so. another coastal system is making its approach but it's going to just skirt us to the east.
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approaching clipper will produce that chance for a dusting or a light coating of snow. the timing of that sunday night through monday morning. but these are the temperatures you're going to wake up to tomorrow morning when you factor in the little bit of a breeze plus the air temperature. it's going to feel like 28 in new york, 24 in newton and 28 in cherry hill tomorrow morning. considering the temperatures were in the 40s this morning, this is a big drop. it doesn't get any better in the afternoon on sunday. we're going to feel like we're at about the freezing mark during the afternoon on sunday. monday, that's when the bitter chill sets in. if it's a holiday, a day of service, maybe your service activity is outdoors. bundle up. single digit windchills in the morning on monday. overnight tonight 34. but you'll notice the uptick in the breeze. that's going to make it feel colder and only rebounding to a high of 58 tomorrow with a chance of flurries but no accumulating snow. here's the look at the seven-day
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the temperatures stay in the 30s for the next several days. on monday a high temperature of only 30 plus it's going to turn windy. it will be bitter on monday and tuesday with the low temperatures in the teens and high temperatures only barely cracking the freezing mark. get ready for the next big chill. john is here with a look at sports. >> nfl playoffs rolling through. we'll take a look at what's a good matchup tonight that you'll see on nbc 4. you know henrik lundquist is good. great i would say. but what the king did today placed him in a place all to
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the nfl playoffs don't include the giants or the jets. the defending champs patriots hosting the kansas city chiefs coming in winners of 11 straight. right now the patriots lead 13-6 early in the third quarter. tom brady has thrown for one touchdown. he's also rushed for another. that's six career playoff rushing touchdowns for brady. tonight, the packers visiting the cardinals. and don't forget you can watch it on 4 new york. the kickoff is set for a little after 8:00. the coverage starts at 7:30. football night in america. the surging knicks trying to get back to 500 tonight with play at memphis. the grizzlies warned the knicks coach he better not shake his hand. barnes punched him in october over the relationship with his estranged wife.
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melo still dealing with that sprained ankle. he says he and the knicks staff decided sitting tonight would be best, not wanting to aggravate the injury. the nets are playing the second of back-to-back tonight. they're on the road in atlanta. on the ice, history for henrik lundquist today. blue shirts up 2-1, just over nine minutes left in the third. look at this passing and the flyers strike on the power play, and then wayne simmons on the one timer ties it at two. hank was brilliant. look at the moves here. matt zuccarello gets it past steve may john at the shootout and that means henrik lundquist can win it with a stop. jake skating in shooting wide. lundquist is the first growly in
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each of his first 11 seasons. tonight's nhl playoff, 18 seconds into the third, kyle strikes his team leading 18th goal on the season. it all starts with a great check behind the net. new jersey up 2-0 and cory snyder keeps it that way. his fourth shutout this year. to college hoops. right now seton hall is leading. st. johns dropped a school record eight games in a row going is into today's matchup with butler. before the game, butler honored former center andrew smith, the 25-year-old who died this week after a two-year battle with cancer. doesn't seem right. on the court st. johns could not handle key long martin. here martin buries the baseline jemper.
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he leads all scorers with 24 points and butler pulls away in the second half. st. johns fall 78-58. i want to show you this from last night. 110-102. a great game. the post game handshake not so great. got a little ugly. watch the right side of your screen. jordan washington connects across the face with chris brady. washington was suspended for two games because of that. by the way, these two teams will meet again february 19th. mark it on the calendar. >> intense. >> john, thanks so much.
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. check it out. adorable, cuddly, furry.
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washington, d.c. today.
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