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tv   Sunday Today in New York  NBC  January 24, 2016 6:00am-8:30am EST

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now on "today in new york," after a marathon day of snowfall paralyzes the tri-state area, we're waking up this morning to communities coming to life, and a lot of them facing a long cleanup. right now you're taking a live look at times square. many of the main arteries in new york city are cleared out. many are still stuck in the snow. wherever you are, we have you covered. "today in new york" starts now. good morning.
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>> i'm pat battle. so glad to be here with you, gus. >> you got all shoveled out? >> no, i did not. i have no idea what my car is going to look like when i get to it, but i'll have a lot of company digging out. the totals are in. yesterday's blizzard was the second biggest snowstorm in new york city history. >> raphael just told us the blizzard warning just lifted. here's the latest. mta officials re-evaluating service shutdowns. crews will test the bus routes at 7:00 this morning. >> and a travel ban will be lifted in just about an hour. the blizzard turned out to be a deadly one. five deaths confirmed in our area, all connected to snow shoveling. our team coverage begins this morning in the weather center. raphael miranda starts us off. >> we have some coastal flooding concerns, but as far as the snow, that's long gone. look how much we had. this was the second largest
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history in central park. the records go back to the 1800s. the final tally, 26.8 inches. that was just a tenth of an inch shy of 2006, 26.9 inches. the rest of the top five right here. i remember that storm. there were some questions as to whether we really got that much snow. chris, you remember that, don't you? >> there were thunder snows, yes. >> yesterday, it definitely felt like that much snow. just all day long. here are the totals. jfk, 30 inches. bronx zoo, 27.6. williamsburg, 29 inches. the five boar roughs all buried. hicksville, 29.6. islip, over 25 inches. westbury, 18.5 inches. a lot of shoveling going on, but there's still more about the storm we have to deal with this morning, chris. you're going to talk about that. >> sort of residual effects, if you will. the storm is exiting off to the east pretty quickly.
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if you didn't get enough, get on a boat. this is all moving to the south and east of us. we'll see a mix of clouds and sunshine heading our way. wind gusts have also come down. across the island, that's the strongest wind gusts between 20 and 30 miles an hour. feels like 9 at jfk, 3 in white plains. around 10 in islip. if you're planning on heading out and shoveling early this morning, be careful, take breaks, get back inside and warm up a little bit. still one more high tide cycle. coastal flood warnings still in effect for minor to moderate flooding along the jersey shore between 7:00 and 9:00 this morning. meantime meantime, our forecast for today, it will get brighter. 32 at noon. we should crack the freezing mark and see a little bit of melting for the late afternoon hours. slowly but surely, we'll clean up and get out of this by march or june. no, we will. >> all right, chris. thank you. we have crews fanned out across
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communities just struggle to come back to life. >> we begin with "today in new york's" andrew siff with what we can expect with the mass transit situation. >> reporter: good morning to you. if you're just waking up now, i'm in front of a major transit hub in downtown brooklyn. a lot of the lines behind me here were running all night, all through the storm because they run underground. to give you an idea of the amount of snow that had to be removed, take a look at the pile right out in front of the barclays center here in downtown brooklyn. this is what had to be cleared so folks could ride the subways over there. we want to show you the condition in some of the neighborhoods around new york. this is harlem. take a look at some of the side streets in harlem. the major thoroughfares were plowed. some of the side streets will take hours. we want to show you some of the unplowed and covered up cars in crown heights. another neighborhood where neighbors say on the major thoroughfares they can get
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side streets. and in subways, people who have been taking those underground lines early this morning, finding very empty stations and the trains are arriving. i interviewed some folks who were headed to very important jobs. they talked about how critical it is and was that the subway kept on running. >> i would have to say the -- >> the fact they kept the underground trains running, how important? >> that was perfect. that was great. not sure about people who have to go above, but for me it's good. >> reporter: mta workers had to shovel furiously to keep some of those underground trains running. as for the above-ground lines, there's an assessment taking place as we speak at this hour. we expect that sometime over the next half hour or so, we'll have some information for you about when lines like the 7, the b and x on the c beach line in brooklyn and so many of the
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when they can return to service. even on a weekend, sometimes 2 million people use the new york city subway. so there's a lot of critical information out there about those above-ground lines. as for commuter rails, transit sources tell me metro north is in better shape and they are aiming for some kind of limited restoration of service sometime this afternoon. we'll get details later on this morning. long island railroad has a much bigger challenge because there's much more snow to be removed from the tracks and from the third rail. so no assessment yet there. and buses return to service at 7:00 this morning when the overall travel ban will be lifted. you'll find in many neighborhoods across the city, the bus stops are not yet plowed, so it will be a challenge. slowly but surely, mass transit is returning in new york city after this wallop of a snowstorm. back to you.
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perhaps a good sign of things to come. remember this yesterday? "today in new york's" ray villeda swamped by snow. he and his crew stuck on the side of the road. >> we thought there was snow way they were going to get that truck out of that drift. let's see how ray is doing -- >> snow way? >> yes, i went there. >> ray, i'm sorry about that. how are you doing this morning? >> reporter: did you really say snow way? >> yeah, we're going to have a meeting here. take it away, ray. >> reporter: well, we are finally out of the snow. we have to give a shoutout to the department of public works in belmar and the police department here. the time you saw me yesterday was not the only time we were stuck. we got stuck later that afternoon trying to get to our little inn here in belmar. luckily, officers and the dpw bailed us out. at least two feet of snow fell in this area, and you wouldn't
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it up so well. all eyes are not only on how clear these roads are, but also the sand dunes on the beach. the area we were trying to get to yesterday before we got stuck, those sand dunes did a good job of preventing any coastal flooding. now we'll see how they do in about an hour from now. power also went out for about a third of the town. then a sailboat got loose and took out some wires. power is back on now. we did see some signs of life. some people started walking around yesterday. right now, of course, it's too early for anyone to be out here. yesterday when we spoke to folks being out in this, one woman told me she had only one good reason to be out in the snow, her dog. >> i think people know it's sleeting and want to be inside unless you have a dog. somebody else outside, the only person i saw other than you guys and the police, with a dog. that's the only reason why you'd be out with sleet pelting you in
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>> reporter: and i am so happy, and i'm sure she is, that the sleet is not pelting us in the face. the department of public works continues to be out. they told me they've been working tloult work ing throughout the night. they're on nonstop shifts just waiting to get home and warm with their family. they've done such a great job clearing these roads. we're live in belmar, new jersey, this morning. i'm ray villeda. >> thank you, ray. >> two of the storm-related deaths in our area were out of long island. >> that's where we find "today in new york's" pei-sze cheng. >> reporter: it's a sad story. it was a 94-year-old man found dead next to his snow blower. still trying to find out more asht how that happened. here in smithtown, they got nearly two feet of snow. you can see from this parking lot, you know, the plows did try to do their best to clear this roadway, but at some point they just abandoned their efforts and tried to start up again once the snow stopped.
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trucks coming in. really, we've seen a lot of traffic. for having a travel ban, we've seen a lot of cars out driving now, especially because the roads are fairly well plowed. take a look at this car over here that was clearly abandoned overnight. they thought better of it for driving because the blizzard was so bad at some point. but the good things is we haven't seen a lot of abandoned cars on the l.i.e. or the main roads. that's because governor cuomo instituted this travel ban and didn't allow people to hit the roads so the snowplows could do their job. for the most part, they have done a good job. more on that later. you can see here a lot of people are being drawn to this bagel shop, which has been called a beacon, literally, and figuratively. literally because it is so bright. it's open 24 hours. figuratively, it was a place where a lot of the emergency personnel and plow truck workers could come overnight during the blizzard for some food and coffee.
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here's what she told us. >> so far, not too many for me. you know, but the guy who stuck it out, like i said, he had quite a bit of the guys coming in that do the roads and that. he said, you know, he made a decent night for them. >> reporter: i was a passenger in the news van, and i took this video as we were coming out here. you could see that in nassau county, you could see the black top. once you hit suffolk, there was a different story. there was a good layer of snow on the l.i.e. we had to slow down considerably. so that's just to show you the difference. for the most part, it was passable, and we were able to make it out here for this live shot. reporting live from smithtown, pei-sze cheng, "today in new york." >> pei-sze, thanks very much. still much more to come this morning on "today in new york."
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look at belmar, where we just saw ray villeda. obviously a deserted boardwalk there.
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a live look at the alexander hamilton bridge just off the gwb. a couple cars out there as the big city slowly comes back to life. the travel ban officially lifted at 7:00 this morning. >> our marc santia is by the new jersey turnpike. how was your ride, marc? >> reporter: pat, incredible. what a difference a couple hours makes. i want to show you something right now. take a look down. you can see pavement. i know what you're saying. this is a parking lot, but we got two feet of snow. you can see black top. the reason i wanted to show you this is because this is exactly what it looks like out on the
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it was a very smooth ride on the turnpike. it's wet. but i want to show you, we started our day in manhattan. take a look at some video. there is a travel ban still in place except for emergency responders as well as media. we're allowed to travel through manhattan. we started off in the meat packing district, worked our way through and up through midtown. the west side highway, gus and pat, it was clear. it was just wet. hats off to the department of sanitation. we went through the lincoln tunnel. it was very, very smooth. that's because plow crews from the city to jersey saw a lot of plow crews. did a fantastic job getting a lot of that snow off the roads. caught up with some of the plow drivers as they were trying to
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they had a very busy night. >> the road workers did a really excellent job. it was amazing what they did. >> reporter: yeah, and hats off to those plow drivers working throughout the night. again, we're talking main roads. a lot of side roads, even through manhattan, a lot of the little crunchy. we're going to hop in the car. we're going to start moving. newark got a record. we're going to try moving down to newark right now. they got more than 27 inches of snow. photographer keith feldman has the truck all rigged up. we're going to head out, make our way hopefully through newark depending on how the roads are. a lot of main roads very, very good at this time. some of the side streets, as you can imagine with more two feet of snow, having only
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we'll check in, in a bit. >> safe travels this morning. >> no better example than how grateful we all must be that this storm happened on a weekend. >> if this started on a monday, let's say, we'd feel the impacts through thursday. that's huge for our city like this. we have a couple days to get things cleaned up. the main roads are cleaned up. that's the good news. houfrz, it's going to be a process. you don't get rid of nearly 30 inches of snow in a hurry. we're not getting a quick warmup. that's good news, bad news. you don't deal with flooding, but you don't get rid of the snow quickly either. you get that melting and refreezing process. that will go on the next several days. 22 in the city. skies have cleared on out. most of the city, long island, generally 20 to 25. go to the north and west, 6 in
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a very cold morning, especially in those northwestern suburbs. the record snowfall in central park, 25.1. actually, that doesn't look right. but we're talking about record snowfalls in central park with a final number at 26.8. that was for the 24 hours. thank you, raphael. 26. for the total of that storm. we're talking about just barely missing the all-time record, which was 26.9. a tenth of an inch of snow made the difference. again, well into the history books. that's been the trend around here since we've gotten to about 2003 on. we have several of those storms. meantime, as you go goo new jersey, elizabeth, 27.9. 22, westfield. a lot of folks saw either two feet or just shy of two feet of snow. out across long island, you did not escape it either. hicksville, 29.6. westbury, 18.5. then we go to connecticut. a little less, yes, but again,
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over a foot of snow in most locations. greenwich came in at 15 inches of snow. that's wind-blown snow at that. here's the latest satellite picture. the clouds exiting even eastern long island. the last snow band staying offshore and away from us. we should enjoy a mix of clouds and sunshine through the day and temperatures will show a little sign of a rebound. maybe briefly getting above the freezing mark. still a little impact from the storm. mainly along the coast. raphael miranda is here to talk about that. >> we have some coastal flooding concerns through high tide. this is probably the last high tide cycle we have to worry about that. nassau and suffolk counties under coastal flood advisory for high tide this morning. we are expecting minor tidal flooding. not as bad as what we saw yesterday. as we mentioned earlier at the top of the show, jersey shore, you could still see moderate tidal flooding. these are your high tide times. seaside heights, 7:14.
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and freeport, 8:21 this morning. it's really 7:00 to 9:00. that's our last high tide cycle to get through. maybe some very minor flooding later on this evening down the jersey shore. the conditions improving overall. you can see on future tracker a nice quiet picture. a few clouds mixing in today. great weather for sledding and shoveling. the best you can do for shoveling. 3:00, not much going on here. no more snow through tonight. even as you head into monday, back to work, back to school, 7:00 a.m. i'm sure some schools might be canceled, actually. but it will be nice and quiet in terms of the weather. no rain, no snow just yet. you can see what it's going to feel like later on today. windchills in the 20s throughout the day. teens and 20s as it is still breezy. overnight tonight, it is a frigid night. this is what your 're waking up to tomorrow morning. it will feel like teens. you'll still need the layers. thankfully the wind will relax a little later on tonight into tomorrow.
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temperatures in the 20s as well. not brutally harsh but still quite chilly. that snow pack on the ground. for today, a high of 34 degrees. sunshine and clouds. it's still breezy, but the winds relax later on tonight. down to a low of 23 degrees. just a few clouds out there. seven-day forecast shows a generally quiet trend here. 37, so we start to melt a little more tomorrow. chance of rain, nothing major there, but temperatures back to the 40s. a little more melting on wednesday. then we stay chilly and quiet as we head into the weekend. of course, you want to stay up to date with the news 4 new york app. tap the news 4 logo in the corner. scroll down and select the weather tab. you can see the latest forecast, use our interactive radar, and learn how to submit your own weather video. pat and gus, over to you. >> thank you very much. on long island, people are waking up to pretty much impassable sidewalks. >> "today in new york's" harry cicma continues our coverage. he has a look at what's happening there. >> reporter: good morning, pat.
6:22 am
we're here on long island in long beach. we've been here for about 24 hours now. things starting to settle down just a little bit. however, it is still cold. you can see the scene around me. more than a foot of snow you're walking through. also, the sidewalks have not been shoveled. the roads still a little slick as well. you still have to be careful. i'm joined by a long beach native. sean, you're out shoveling early in the morning. >> yes, with my son. we know a lot of people are stranded, they can't get out the door. so we're going to provide cost. but so they don't have to doed it where they're going to slip and fall, hurt themselves. and also it's good to teach my son, who's a teenager, some back shoveling. son. >> reporter: well, i know you've been through many storms.
6:23 am
-- hurricane sandy. you survived another one here. a lot of people trying to shovel their way out of this storm. we're live in long beach. i'm harry cicma. >> they know tough weather out in long beach. still to come on this sunday morning as we go to break, another live look at our network of cameras out there this morning. giving you a glimpse of the changing and evolving weather conditions. main streets here in manhattan looking good. we'll be taking a look at all of
6:24 am
not a bad look at the roads there in westminster, new jersey. i burden, in the western part of the state. at any rate, that's our photographer behind the wheel, keeping it safe. roads are relatively clear. >> when we have a storm like this, seems like everybody has a story they want to share. we asked you to share them with us. boy, did you deliver. >> yes, "today in new york's" kerry barrett joins us with that. >> nothing from westminster, but close enough. so many of you have been sending us your photos of the blizzards. some of you frustrated by all of the snow. others of you seem to have a little fun with it. take a look at this. this is a swimmer that decided to dive into a snow bank outside of her home. she wasn't in it for long.
6:25 am
back inside. i should mention, this has spawned a hashtag. apparently this is a thing now with this blizzard. it's called snow diving. you can find a bunch of these on twitter, if you're so inclined. last night rescue crews were the ones that needed a little help in the bronx. erica sent us this picture. she says a pelham bay park resident helped dig out this ambulance that was stuck. she said the ambulance tire chains broke on a previous call, so they were spinning out. thank you for that. and with no cars on the street, one group of people decided to take advantage of the empty area on 10th avenue and have a pick-up football game. looks like they're having fun. and of course snowplows have been out across the city since the snow ban yesterday. one viewer sent us video of that truck on park avenue and 90th street. of course, the plowing have been going on all night long. thankfully it has because the roads in the city are actually not that bad this morning.
6:26 am
take a look at the snow removal progress in one of the neighborhoods that has a history of plowing complaints. we're going to look back through the years, check out how the crews responded in certain areas of the city, and compare that with how they're responding this year. by the way, just a reminder, keep those pictures and those videos coming. just use the hashtag nbc4ny. sent them on twitter, facebook, through instagram. you can also submit them through the news 4 new york app. don't forget to do that. i believe we're going to take a quick break.
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6:29 am
to that record snowfall. >> by a tenth of an inch, snow totals made yesterday's blizzard the second biggest snowstorm new york has ever seen. >> crews are out re-evaluating the suspensions of those subways. >> and about 70% of flights canceled out of new york today. >> our team coverage begins this half hour in the weather center. let's go right to meteorologist raphael miranda. >> good morning, guys. >> or me. >> or chris. >> be there in a second. have a little coffee. >> it's all good. >> meantime, we're starting out with temperatures well below freezing this morning. with all that snow on the ground north and west of town, it's knocked down to 6 in sussex. bridgewater at 22. good news is the wind is easing up. the windchills are not as bad this morning. that's what's left of the snow. one last band way off across the ocean waters. clipping extreme southeast portions of massachusetts. but it's moving away, lifting out.
6:30 am
but they're lifting out after dumping 33 inches of snow in morris plains, new jersey. roselle park, 27 inches. howell, 26.5. in the city, jfk beat central park with 30.1 inches. bronx zoo, 27.6. there's that number two in the record books, just shy of beating it all time. 26.8 in central park. a quick look in new jersey. newark was a record 28. raphael miranda here to talk about one lasts a peck of the storm impacting the area. >> one lingering problem. the coastal flooding concern, especially down the jersey shore. here's a look at what's ahead. the sun will return. winds are diminishing. the only real threat today, coastal flooding, especially down the jersey shore. also for nassau and suffolk counties. want to look at the satellite and radar picture. snow pulling away. high tide once again 7:00 to 9:00 this morning. coming up on that now.
6:31 am
to be as bad as it was last night, but minor to moderate tidal flooding expected throughout this morning. still more beach erosion possible. we have flooding concerns for nassau and suffolk counties. we'll look at that in a few minutes. pat, over to you. >> thank you, raphael. our live team coverage continues. we have crews fanned out across the tri-state area. >> we begin with "today in new york's" andrew siff with mass transit. >> reporter: all right, gus. we're about 28 minutes away from the resumption of buses in new york city. that's right. you may recall that around noon yesterday, the governor ordered all mta buses off the roads. that's a big deal. we want to show you why in some cases that was such a big deal. this is videoe from jackson heights, queens. you'll see very unplowed on the secondary streets. some of those secondary streets
6:32 am
the q-49 run. just impossible for people to get to them as the snow was coming down. even when service resumes this morning, it's going to be a bit of a challenge for people to get to some of those bus stops. but as you know, underground trains were running throughout the blizzard. a little while ago, i just spoke with a man who was on his way to work here in downtown brooklyn from the bronx. he talked about how critical it was to be able to use the trains to get to work. >> how critical is it to have the subways at your disposal? >> oh, man. not having the subways is hard. people lose a lot oe money not getting to work. especially when it's a lot of jobs not available right now. whatever kind of jobs you got available, you need to get to work, got to get to work and do what you got to do. >> reporter: back live now in front of a major hub. this is at the barclays center. i want to show you the amount of snow that has been remove from the plaza here, which is also in front of the subway entrances. this goes up many, many feet. on the other side of me over
6:33 am
stop, which will be back in service again in about 25, 26 minutes. it will be interesting to see how many people actually use it. you know, even though it's a weekend, 2.5 million people use the subway system on a typical weekend day. so it is an absolutely enormous deal that mass transit will be getting back and running today. if you're wondering about commuter rail, like long island railroad and metro north, sources tell me that metro north is in better shape. there could be some kind of limited service restored this afternoon. long island railroad faces a much more mountainous challenge in terms of snow removal. we'll keep you posted. live in downtown brooklyn, andrew siff. >> andrew, thank you. appreciate the updates. now from brooklyn down to the shore, belmar, new jersey, where 24 hours ago, a lot of people ended up stranded. >> ray villeda continuing our team coverage. >> reporter: good morning, gus and pat.
6:34 am
were stranded as well alongside one of the streets here in belmar. what we were trying to show you yesterday is this beautiful sunrise over the beach in belmar. what you can see behind me are sand dunes. that's what prevented any coastal flooding in this area. they hope that's the same case in about half an hour when high tide takes place here on the jersey shore. now let's show you some video of how clean the streets are. much different yesterday when the snow was coming down so quickly. dpw crews worked fast and overnight to clear the roads. folks are actually finally starting to get out there. what we've seen this morning are folks driving. those drivers are tow truck drivers, of course, and plows out on the streets. dpw crews have been working throughout the night and will continue to work throughout the morning. power went out yesterday for about a third of the town. that power then came back on, and get this, went out again for some folks after a sailboat came loose and took down some wires.
6:35 am
get the power back on. that's why it is on this morning. not a lot of folks walking around or driving. again, the folks driving around are dpw crews and tow trucks. we'll talk to some folks later on this morning as folks start to wake up. a much different story here 24 hours after that blizzard hit us. i can tell you being in the thick of it, it is so much nicer right now. we're live in belmar, new jersey, this morning. i'm ray villeda, "today in new york." >> ray, thank you. now to long island, where many people are facing a day-after digout. >> to say the least. "today in new york's" pei-sze cheng continues our team coverage. she's near smithtown. good morning. >> reporter: pat and gus, you can see over here that there is a ton of snow. smithtown got socked with nearly two feet of snow from this blizzard. over here you can check out this car. it was clearly ditched in this parking lot. they thought the better of it last night when the snow was at its peak.
6:36 am
of it as well. that seems to be a late-morning ditch. over here we've actually seen a ton of people driving, despite the travel ban. one of the reasons is they've been coming to this bagel store that was open throughout the entire store. they're normally open 24 hours. they didn't let the blizzard stop them. we spoke to one worker who had to drive in this morning despite the fact that her streets weren't really that well plowed. >> it was past my knees, yeah. so a little bit of shoveling. >> so you had to shovel your driveway. but you said that the road, right, was not plowed. >> no, it was not plowed. my truck made it through pretty good though. it's nice, soft snow. >> reporter: now, take a look at some of this video. it was shot by photographer jeff richardson with a go pro camera on his way to work today. this is the l.i.e. there's a layer of snow on the ground.
6:37 am
hopefully those conditions have improved. now that this travel ban is going to be lifted, people are really going to be leaving their homes and hitting the roads this sunday morning as they try to get their lives back to normal after being set aside by this blizzard for most of the day yesterday. one other note, pse&g tells us as of early this morning that despite the high winds and trees that have fallen here in suffolk county and long island, they have only about 500 customers out, out of the 1.1 million customers that they serve. so that's a little bit of good news. we are live from smithtown. pei-sze cheng, "today in new york." sflnchs >> as we go to break, a live look at conditions in new jersey. we'll have a live update coming
6:38 am
well, we are just under 20 minutes before the travel ban is ies municipalities. that means you'll see a lot more cars on the roads. still some very slick and dangerous spots. road. he was heading to newark. let's see how far he got this station. >> reporter: right now on route 21 just past the airport. around. you can see right now the roads here are wet. this is a main road. this is route 21 here. a lot of your side streets in newark, there's a lot of work to be done. remember, newark set a record yesterday. 28 inches of snow here. there is a travel ban that's in place for emergency vehicles as well as the media. we reached out to the mayor's office. the travel ban is in effect right now. no word on when that will wrap up. as soon as we know, we'll let you know.
6:39 am
streets here in newark still heavy, heavy snow. as you can see, route 21 here looking good. that is in thanks to the road crews who have been out all night. we talked to some of the drivers who tell us they're ready to get back on the road and keep working. we're coming to a stop right now. i got an e-mail message, gus and pat, from a news 4 viewer in cliff. we're going to try to make our way to carney. there's quite a bit of snow there. a lot of the roads under a mountain of snow. we're going to do our best to make it there and navigate through the streets. as you can see as we head into newark, deeper into newark, more and more snow here. if you have to go out today, give yourself plenty of time. here in newark, a travel ban still in place. we'll let you know when that changes. gus and pat, back to you. >> okay, marc.
6:40 am
we have been getting a lot of guidance from our viewers. we appreciate that. places still snowed under. we're going to deal with that today. >> yeah, a slow dig out. that's just the way it is. >> it was a lighter snow, though. it wasn't a super heavy, wet snow. >> and it didn't cling to the trees much. didn't take down the trees and power lines. we got reports of fluffy snow. we'll check the ratios coming up in the next hour and tell you exactly how wet it was. let's take a look at the forecast right now. it is quiet. no snow falling right now and no rain. a little breezy and it is chilly. you definitely need to layer it up as you pace yourself as you start to tackle whatever you're doing this morning. 22 degrees outside right now. there's that wind gust of 17 miles per hour. want to highlight some new snow totals in the storm team 4. westchester county list. yonkers, 20.5 inches of snow. as you headed into northern
6:41 am
armonk still over a foot, 14.2. pelham, 14.2. white plains, 13.5. kind of funny these totals are the low end of the spectrum up in westchester county, but they're still very impressive. in the city, we've been talking about 30 inches at jfk. here's what's ahead. the sun does return. it's going to be a nice day. it'll be a pretty day. we're going to get lots of nice pictures. winds will gradually diminish throughout the day. we're still tracking coastal flooding. high tide happens right now down the jersey shore. a little later on today, nassau and suffolk county. we have that coastal flood advisory in effect for southern nassau and suffolk counties. not as bad as what we saw yesterday. everything is improving gradually. we want to take a look at your high tide times. seaside heights, 3u7 14.
6:42 am
as you head down to sandy hook, 7:44. and we have high tide at freeport, 8:21 this morning. one more round of minor to moderate high tide flooding. then improving conditions later on tonight. chris cimino is here with the storm team 4 forecast for other aspects of the day. >> things looking better. it's going to be a process. skies are clearing out nicely. we'll have a few clouds mixing in from time to time. there's the last vestiges of the storm. light snow breaking over the atlantic. a few clouds north and west may sneak in from time to time. our feels-like temperatures, some single numbers to the west. feels like 7 in bridgewater. 3 with the windchill in white plains. single digits towards the north. as you go out there this morning, dress in layers as you try to get rid of that snow and take your time. look what happens to those feels-like temperatures. back to the 20s we go for the mid to late afternoon. overnight tonight, backing down to the teens. you'll step out into windchills
6:43 am
a few weeks ago we would have said this is frigid. after what we've been through, doesn't seem that bad all the sudden. during the day tomorrow, temperatures will feel like the low 30s to upper 20s by the evening hours. as we move forward through time, notice no arctic air heading our way any time soon. moderating, that's going to be the trend over the next several days. future tracker keeping us nice and quiet. really, nothing to be found out there. it stays that way today, tomorrow, maybe by the time we get to later tuesday into wednesday. we'll start to bring in some clouds and the possibility of a couple rain showers. 34 today. we may briefly get above the freezing mark. little bit of melting. not a lot. the problem now with all that snow out there, you get the melting during the day, the refreezing at night. that means icy patches overnight. be careful if you're traveling, even on the walkways. a few clouds tonight, low of 23 as the wind subsides. seven-day forecast. there's that rain chance later tuesday. just a couple showers. look at the temperature, 43. more melting there.
6:44 am
back to the more seasonably cold but dry weather thursday, friday, and saturday. stay up to date with the news 4 new york app. tap the news 4 logo in the corner and select the weather tab. you can see the latest forecast, interactive radar, and how to submit your own video. pat and gus? >> chris, thank you. many towns along the jersey shore are just hours away from another dangerous high tide. >> take a look at these pictures from last night's high tide. this is just south of toms river. the dunes under serious assault by those powerful ocean waves. the dunes held up, barely, but they did experience some extreme erosion there and along the shore. within days, those dunes will have to be rebuilt. >> it's going to cost a lot of money again. we've done this several times. >> as the sun comes out and the weather warms up a bit, it'll be a fast transition.
6:45 am
look at the flooding in barnegut. we're not hearing the dreaded numbers and levels we were anticipating. glad to report that. and new this morning from the jersey shore, firefighters sharing some video of their misery. >> it comes from beachhaven. their fire house is invaded with flood waters. when they open the garage door, chunks of ice and snow came noting inside. the volunteers posted the video and photos on their facebook page. at the time, they said they were still waiting for high tide to hit. flooding is, of course, a concern this morning in cape may county, new jersey. we'll get to that in a minute.
6:46 am
accumulate throughout saturday. it was something to see. no matter where you were, you had some sort of image to share, some sort of story. >> absolutely. and our kerry barrett has compiled a list. how long will it take for the snow to go away? plow nyc is the city's website dedicated to just tracking the plowing efforts. kerry barrett? >> and they're ongoing. i can tell you that much for sure. everybody is trying to head back to work tomorrow. most of us anyway. obviously getting the streets cleared is crucial. earlier this week, 4 investigates took a look at 311 snow complaints. we were checking out where the highest number of calls came in from. we found out they came from park slope, forest hills and three neighborhoods on staten island. with this specific zip code, 10314. logging a total of 302 complaints. we have a look at plow nyc's map
6:47 am
you can see that same zip code on the map -- hopefully you can get a good look at it -- shows that area has been plowed in the last one to three hours. where the plows have come through is color coated. the city says it's actually phasing out the system of primary and secondary roads and now plowing by sector. that allows them to clean some of the critical roads and other roads in the same area at the same time. so sector plowing is going on right now in queens and in two neighborhoods in the bronx and brooklyn, in addition to staten island and manhattan. if you do have a snowplow issue, and hopefully you don't, call 311 and let them know about it. of course, you can check out that map as well. >> kerry, thanks. in the middle of all the snow chaos, there was more chaos. a manhole fire in midtown yesterday. you can see those flames
6:48 am
front of the hill ton. the cause still not clear. if you're trying to catch a flight today, the local airports hope to get back up and running. just be aware that more than 70% of all flights already canceled today. that's at laguardia. that's according to flight aware. also, more than 60% of flights at newark liberty not leaving the ground. and at kennedy, about half. islip macarthur is closed down completely. it plans to reopen at 9:00 this morning. united airlines says it will slowly resume local operations, but not until this afternoon. >> heads up, heads up. watch yourself. >> and a news 4 crew was there when this happened. take a look at the cracks in the exterior wall at the trader joe's in westfield, new jersey. the store's roof partially caved in, likely under the weight of all that snow. the supermarket was closed at the time, fortunately, so no one got hurt. >> a reminder of some of the
6:49 am
this can pose. we have some dangerous roads out there. we're keeping an eye on that. we'll take a live look at some of the roads. this is route 202. you're watching "today in new york." we're back after this.
6:50 am
for $399 a month only at your lincoln dealer. a live look at the new jersey turnpike. when was the last time you saw
6:51 am
you can see the flashing lights on the left. those plow trucks still out there this morning trying to skap all the snow, trying to get down to the black asphalt, which they are doing on some of the main roads. side roads still a bit of a mess. >> exactly. the main arteries are getting clearer by the minute. the flooding, though, still a concern this morning, particularly in cape may county, new jersey. >> drew smith from nbc philadelphia filed this report a short time ago. he's reporting from wildwood. >> reporter: this is what people in cape may county, new jersey, are waking up to this morning. still water on their roads after if flooded out last night. and there is another threat today. another high tide coming in just a few hours this morning. high tidal waters out in the back bays are being blown in by a lot of wind. you can see there's no snow here, but there were a lot of power outages. the snow was washed away by the flood waters. several people had to be evacuated from this town.
6:52 am
shelters overnight. power outages are a problem. we checked. there are still several thousand people in two counties down here on the lower jersey shore waking up without power. again, those crews will be back out to assess damage. a lot of property damage expected as well as beach erosion from the flooding and the powerful winds this storm brought. now back to you. >> all right. drew smith reporting from wildwood this morning. again, the flooding advisory still out there for many communities today. >> and as we head into our 7:00 hour, we want to leave you with this. a beautiful picture of the beach there in belmar in monmouth county. the sun coming up as it does every day, folks, blizzard or none.
6:53 am
a picture just so beautiful we needed to show it to you again. belmar, new jersey, folks. virtually a ghost town. white-out conditions there yesterday have given way to beautiful scenes like this early on a sunday morning as the sun sun rises in belmar. good morning and welcome back to "today in new york." i'm pat battle. >> i'm gus rosendale. still a lot of worries about the high tide ahead. a lot of moving pieces to this story still. we want to get you caught up on the latest. the downstate travel ban for new
6:54 am
please be careful if you have to head out. a lot of reds oads are clear, but a lot are very slick. >> and there is limited bus service resuming now. this blizzard, by the way, the second largest snowstorm that new york city has ever seen. >> our team coverage now beginning in the weather center. we're going to start with raphael miranda. >> good morning. yeah, even though this was the second biggest blizzard we've ever seen in central park, this one is by far worse. snow totals, yonkers, 20.5 inches. southern westchester county, you saw those greater amounts. even into northern westchester, armonk, 14.2. pelham, 14.2. white plains, you saw 13.5. these were the lower end of the
6:55 am
snow we saw yesterday. suffolk county, your got walloped in many cases with around two feet of snow. commack, 26.5. islip, just under 26 inches of snow. upton, you saw 18.1 inches of snow. it's cold. no melting going on just yet. temperatures in the 20s and teens. that's your air temperature. that's not a feels-like temperature. 6 degrees at this hour in northwest new jersey in sussex. as you're heading out the door, plan on the cold as you're dealing with the snow. chris cimino is here to talk about what else is going on this morning. >> it is indeed cold. we're dealing with a little less in the wind department. some of the sting taken out of that cold. this is our map that shows the entire accumulations in the area. a large area saw two feet or more. you can see this area in pink, again, there may be outliers in here. don't bring the phone and tell me, well, we didn't get the 18 here.
6:56 am
majority of where everything fell. once you got north of putnam county, anywhere from a dusting to maybe some local 4, 5, 6-inch amounts. that was about it. things clearing out nicely. we're back into business with sunshine returning for today. we may melt a little bit. the snow that's in the sun will melt, but the actual air temperature barely gets above the freezing mark at 34. everything that melts will refreeze tonight with a low temperature of 23 in the city and teens in the suburbs. we'll be back with the rest of the forecast in a few minutes. >> thank you, chris. our live team coverage continues now. we've got live crews all over the tri-state area as communities dig out and crawl out from under all of this snow. >> we'll start with andrew si if, f with a look at the travel bans. >> reporter: first of all, let's talk about subways. they have been a critical
6:57 am
night long, all through the storm. the underground lines allowing people with critical jobs. we're talking about folks who have to get to hospitals, grocery stores, et cetera. they've been able to get to work because of the underground lines. just a moment or two from now, buses are going to resume service. that is because buses got stuck in the middle of the snowstorm yesterday. we want to show you some of what it looked like at around the time the governor ordered bus service to be stopped at noon yesterday. after that, buses were stuck. buses couldn't get through the heavy, intense snow that was coming down. that's always a risk. super important because so many people who take the trains have to take buses to connect to those trains. now, also, mta workers have been furiously removing snow from the tracks as we await word any minute now on the status of the elevated train lines. the elevated trains have been out of service. only the underground lines have been running. we spoke to a man who lives in red hook a while ago, talking
6:58 am
restore service. >> it's sunday, so it's perfect. i don't have to work or anything, but pretty much i have to walk everywhere. and ride on the bus if possible to. >> reporter: i've been showing you here out in front of the barclays center this giant snow pile, which had to be removed not only from the center but from the entrance to the subway here. we're going to get up on top of it, if i can do it without stumbling, and tell you that one of the bus stops that will be back in service, right over there on flatbush avenue. we expect to see buses rolling soon. we also expect to hear an update from governor cuomo's office sometime within the next hour about the status of commuter rail. long island railroad and metro north, both still down. sources are telling me that metro north is much more likely to be back first. long island railroad faces a much more mountainous challenge in terms of removing snow from the tracks. we will of course keep you posted. that's the latest. reporting live from downtown brooklyn, andrew siff, news 4 new york.
6:59 am
morning. we appreciate it. now to the roads. marc santia is driving around new jersey. >> he was on the turnpike earlier, said the roads were fairly clear. let's get to mr. santia and see how he's making out. marc? >> reporter: right now we're in carney. we're here because we got an e-mail from a news 4 viewer, cliff, who said the streets are pretty rough. main streets, what we've seen -- we cut through newark. main streets in newark and throughout carney look pretty good. they're in decent shape. it's the side streets. we're now here won we're on halstead street. touched here. plows are still out. they've not made it to some of the side streets. with the drifts, we're looking at three, four feet of snow. so there are some issues. newark, we reached out, talked to the mayor's office. they're extending their travel ban, except for rescue vehicles and the media allowed on the roads.
7:00 am
because newark set a record yesterday at 28 inches of snow. on the jersey turnpike, a very different story. the main roads and highways are looking good. that's because of some plows are out. they're trying to get some rest, hitting the highways now. this is what they had to say. >> it was chilly, cold. we're out more than 24 hours. >> tired, but we had to clean it up. >> reporter: i want to show you there are some issues here in the travel bans. some of the travel bans, it's because of, obviously, plows. you want to get the plows through. the other problem, gus and pat, it's because when the streets are plowed, the drifts -- i don't know if you can see me right now, but the drifts that have formed on the sidewalks are
7:01 am
what we're seeing is a lot of people are walking in the middle of the streets because, as you can see, the streets have been plowed, at least this one has been cleared. we're seeing a lot of folks walking in the middle of the streets. you can't walk on the sidewalks. so if you're driving today, you got to give yourself time and be careful. with the sun coming up, it's much easier to spot people in the middle of the road. we saw it in the city, we're seeing it here in jersey. people using the streets to sort of walk around, get around. if you're driving, give yourself some extra time. you want to look for folks who are walking to work, who are walking to church this morning. give yourself some extra time on the roads. gus and pat, back to you. >> absolutely, marc. sharing the roads takes on a whole new meaning in times like this. marc, thank you. >> still easy to get stuck on the roads today. certainly if you get stuck on
7:02 am
just about 24 hours ago, ray villeda and his crew swamped by snow. stuck on the side of the road in belmar. >> yeah, they did get some help though. let's check in with ray now and see how he's doing some 24 hours later. good morning, ray. >> reporter: and we got help thanks to the dpw here in belmar and belmar police who helped us not once but twice. we got stuck twice after we saw you yesterday morning. the second time being when we were trying to get to our little inn here in belmar. officers helped push our big news van as dpw cleared the way in front. what a difference 24 hours makes. look how beautiful it is behind me. all eyes are on these sand dunes, which were put up on thursday, i believe. you can see the water just past it. this prevented coastal flooding yesterday. it appears it will do that again here in belmar. another issue they had yesterday was power outages. a third of the town was without power for much of the day. when they were able to get the
7:03 am
got knocked out. this time a sailboat got loose and knocked out power wires, cutting power for folks. behind me, you can see lights on. we've seen about four people come to try and open the door and get morning coffee. they were disappointed. folk some folks are start to be ing to wake up up. they said their main reason was to shovel. >> pretty much sweeping it off the top. we have a system going. >> why did you decide to do this now instead of wait a few hours? >> just wake up. we're early birds. just get it done with. >> reporter: and you can see the trucks behind me here. our two news vehicles. they are out in the clear. i want to give a shoutout to the department of public works in belmar here.
7:04 am
along with officers who helped push these big cars. i'm talking about that van specifically. they helped that van push out of the snow. those dpw crews are out again making sure these roads are clear. live in belmar, new jersey, this morning. i'm ray villeda, "today in new york." >> thanks, ray. appreciate that update. well, we knew this was going to be a dangerous weather system. certainly turned out that the way on long island. two storm-related deaths on long island. >> that's where we find "today in new york's" pei-sze cheng. she continues our team coverage in smithtown. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, pat and gus. now that the sun is up, we can see more of the surroundings around us. we noticed there were a lot more cars buried in this parking lot. you can see right here this is a car underneath this mound of snow. it may have been one of the workers that worked in the shopping center, decided they had to leave later on in the afternoon and couldn't because there was so much snow.
7:05 am
digging out later today. here they got nearly two feet of snow. that's one of the things we saw around suffolk county. take a look at some of this video captured earlier today. my photographer jeff richardson was on his way into work. this was the l.i.e. early this morning. this was before the travel ban was lifted. you can see there's a layer of snow on the l.i.e. although it looked pretty good. that's probably because of the travel ban and because people weren't allowed to take their cars on to the road so that the plows could do their jobs. surprisingly, there were plenty of people out and about this morning. we spoke to a few of them. here's what one of them said. >> they did a pretty good job in front of our house. they cleaned it up. we were plowed in probably this high with packed snow, but we were attacking it all night long. up until about 10:00. then this morning we did one quick pass and we got out. >> with the snow blower? >> yeah.
7:06 am
>> no, we wouldn't want to shovel it by ourselves. >> until it broke. >> reporter: well, i guess that's as good a time as any for the snow blower to break down. ironically, this father and son duo were heading north where they got even less snow to try to hit the slopes. too bad there are no hills here for them. or no mountains for them to do their skiing. that's the latest from smithtown. i'm pei-sze cheng, "today in new york." >> thank you very much. we've been talking about the roads today. that's going to be a big part of our coverage. an update on how they're doing in new jersey, we're joined by kevin israel with the department of transportation. >> good morning, guys. luckily the storm ended overnight, and our crews had a lot of free time and a lot of free road to clear and do what they were doing. we made a lot of progress. roads are mostly passable through the state. we're going to continue to work through the day.
7:07 am
so there wasn't a lot of traffic on the roads to begin with. we appreciate the public heeding our request to stay off the road. >> any stranded vehicles still along any of the major arteries there? we saw a lot of folks digging out along the garden state parkway. the turnpike seemed to be better. what are your challenges this morning, kevin? >> the challenges this morning are going to be we're clearing out the ramps to mach more room for traffic. there's still some wind,nehich visibility issues. that. we're continuing to plow and salt the roads. we just ask drivers to be accordingly and know road conditions can change in an instant. >> kind of following up there, a lot of people might be a little stir crazy, hit the roads even if they don't have to.
7:08 am
>> just be careful, take your time. there's going to be traffic. people are going to be driving cautiously. it's sunday. if you can stay home, do so, but the roads are passable. just plan your trips accordingly and be patient with earn veryone on the road. >> the main roads passable at any point. we know a lot of the secondary roads are the last to get plowed. you still want to leave room for those crews to do their work and continue to salt and plow. kevin israel, thank you so much for joining us this morning. we'll talk to you in a little bit. >> you're watching "today in new york."
7:09 am
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a live look there at the george washington bridge on a sunday morning. not a whole lot of traffic out, and that's probably a good thing. let the sun come out. i don't know if we'll see much melting with 22-degree temperatures. at least folks will have an easier time getting around. we were talking earlier about the type of snow that fell yesterday. we did see some power outages, particularly on long island and the southern part of new jersey. they were anticipating a lot more because we thought we were going to be under this heavy, wet snow. >> right. we were concerned about coastal mixing as well. that did not happen. most of the snow was just sort of average, in between wet and dry. not too fluffy, not too wet. the way we figure it out, we melt it all down, we figure out how much liquid fell yesterday.
7:12 am
it was about 10 to 1. the lower it gets, say if it were 8 to 1, that's a wet snow. that's a heavy, water-logged snow. if you get into 15 to 1, 20 to 1, that's the fluffy snow. to 10 to 1 is kind of our average. a typical new york snow. not too wet, not too fluffy. and there's a look outside right now. 22 degrees. it's going to stick around for quite some time with these temperatures well below freezing this morning. still digging out in times square and around the rest of the city. we have a nice quiet sunday to do so. thank goodness this was on a weekend after all. again, we've been saying this was the second greatest snowstorm on record in central park. you may remember, you probably do, the last one. that was back in 2006 p 26.9. we missed it by a tenth of an inch. i was just looking back at the maps from that storm. a very different storm. i'm going to try to explain more later on. that was nothing like what we saw yesterday in terms of how many people saw over 12, 18
7:13 am
back. 1947, can't speak to that. that was 25.8 inches of snow. back in 1888, there was a 21-inch snowstorm in march. nassau county, you saw some of the highest numbers we saw yesterday. hicksvilles, close to 30 inches of snow on the ground. bethpage, 23. we haven't forgotten about you in the hudson valley. there just wasn't a lot of snow. lake caramel, 12 inches. just under a foot in putnam valley. highland mills also under a foot of snow. stormville, you saw 5 inches. the hudson valley, as we expected, was spared the greatest snow amounts. there goes our storm pulling away. lots of sunshine this morning. a beautiful start to the day. a nice scene out there with all that fresh snow. temperatures are frigid. it's 6 in sussex. 19 in long branch. we're in the teens in the hudson valley. 20s across long island.
7:14 am
nothing like what we had yesterday with those winds between 40 and 50. even higher than that. now we're in the 20-mile-per-hour range in westhampton. a wind gust of 23. when you factor it all together, as you're shoveling, you may want to wait a few more hours until we warm this up. right now we have windchills below zero in the hudson valley. there's about a foot of more in white plains, and it feels like 3 degrees as you're heading out the door. storm team 4's chris cimino is here to talk about the rest of your forecast. >> let the sun do some of the work. give it a l tle time this morning. it'll warm things up. just marginal melting going on today. at least the sun does return. the winds, as you pointed out, will continue to diminish as we go through the day. we'll still get gusts every now and then. coastal flooding concerns. bit. right along the jersey shore, we still have a coastal flood warning for minor, potentially moderate flooding. i think we'll see mainly moderate flooding at times of 8:30. looks like after that, that will
7:15 am
creating any issues. we have a coastal flood advisory on the south-facing shorelines. future tracker looking pretty good. right now. a few patchy clouds to the north and west. not much going on through tonight into tomorrow, other than we have to deal with a few clouds coming on in from time to time. actually, the cloud cover tonight will keep the temperatures up a little bit. i think the clouds act as a little bit of an atmospheric blanket. during the day tomorrow, just some high clouds later in the you can see these patchy clouds keep coming through. them. a little patch of mixed precipitation later tuesday. that could swing through with maybe a couple rain and/or wet 34 the expected high today. still breezy at times. at least the sun is back out. it mixes with a few clouds at times. partly cloudy tonight, 23 in the city. we'll see teens in the suburbs.
7:16 am
it's pretty quiet. horizon. maybe a chance of a couple rain or wet snow showers later tuesday. temperatures in the 40s for a couple days. the problem will be the melting and refreezing. each morning, probably some black ice issues. cold but dry for the end of the week. new york app. see the latest forecast, interactive radar, and how to submit your own weather video. the news 4 new york app is now. pat and gus? >> and right now we want to get you caught up on some breaking news here. a couple major transit updates to tell you about. >> in this case, they're good news. governor cuomo's travel ban has officially been lifted. that ban he imposed yesterday. most of the outdoor subways that were taken off rail are back in operation. they will be by 9:00 a.m. also, metro north will be back at noon with limited operations and full power by 3:00 this afternoon.
7:17 am
andrew siff has been monitoring that situation. he'll keep us updated. >> a little more snow to clear. everything coming back to life here. coming up on "today in new york," we continue to bring you live team coverage on the road as well, checking conditions
7:18 am
[car starting] [engine revving] [crashing]
7:19 am
back right now with breaking news. we're learning of a 7.1-magnitude earthquake in alaska.
7:20 am
the quake was centered southwest of anchorage. this is video just into us of shaking inside a house. there are reports of damage. still very much a developing story. we'll continue to follow it. threat. always a concern with a magnitude 7.1 quake in alaska this morning. that, of course. coming up next at 7:30, the latest on our top stories, including this. >> reporter: the sun is out, but the snow, lots of it, is on the ground here in belmar, new jersey. i'm ray villeda. i'll show you how this jersey shoretown fared in yesterday's blizzard. and snow has ended, but coastal flooding concerns remain on this sunday morning.
7:21 am
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storm team 4 coverage of the blizzard of 2016 continues this sunday morning. the storm clouds have moved out, but this is still very much an active and developing story. the roads there, going to be a big part of it. welcome back to "today in new york" on this sunday morning. i'm gus rosendale. >> i'm pat battle. we want to give you the headlines as a lot of you are waking up to the record snowfalls. here's what's happening right now. the downstate travel ban for new yorkers was just lifted, but please be careful if you are heading out. >> most outdoor subway lines will resume service starting at 9:00 a.m. however, there are a few lines that will remain closed because they require intensive snow
7:23 am
service begins at noon with hopes that full service will be back by 3:00 p.m. >> and new jersey transit service also remains suspended at this hour, has been since 2:00 in the morning yesterday. our team coverage begins. we want to get to the weather center and raphael miranda. >> good morning. we're tracking high tide one more time. we have one more cycle to get through with that minor to occasionally moderate coastal flooding. let's take a look at your specific locations and times. seaside heights, new jersey, 7:14 this morning. that's hamming right now. rockaway inlet, 7:43. sandy hook, 7:44. and freeport, 8:21. the window between 7:00 and 9:00 this morning. we could see another round of flooding. not as bad as yesterday. that's the good news. look at the snow you're digging out from. all around the city, jfk, that's our highest total in the five boroughs, 30.1 inches of snow. bronx zoo, 27.6.
7:24 am
second biggest snowstorm on redicord, 26.8 inches. that's the whole season's worth and a little more in one storm. we're done. we've gotten enough. grant city, 26 inches of snow on the ground. this is one storm we're going to be talking about for years to come. still talking about it, though, chris cimino from storm team 4. >> let's try to move forward and get out of this eventually. much nicer weather heading our way. it is cold out there this morning. down to the low 20s in the city. windchills in the low teens. it's down to 6 in sussex. another very cold start to the day. it doesn't warm up all that much this afternoon. you have to go out there and start getting rid of that snow. take breaks and dress in layers. meantime, you can see the storm moving away. the last of the snow dying off to the south and east of us. for today, it's better news, a brighter day. we'll mix in clouds during the afternoon hours. a little bit of melting, not a lot. still breezy at times. a high temperature of 34 degrees. we'll have the complete seven-day forecast coming up.
7:25 am
>> thank you, chris. thank you, raphael. our live team coverage of the storm continues now. we have crews who are fanned out across the tri-state area as we all do our best to get back to our new normal, at least for the next couple days. >> let's get started with "today in new york's" andrew siff with more on the lifted travel ban. where do we stand now? >> reporter: where i'm standing right now is on atlantic avenue. traffic extremely light, but it is now legal to drive around again, as this pretty historic travel ban just ended a little while ago. we want to show you what it looked like on flatbush avenue. normally a very, very busy street. just a few cars this morning shortly after the ban was lifted. mta bus service was supposed to be back in effect, but we have yet to see a bus. more on that in a moment. we want to show you some of the nypd check points throughout the snowstorm and throughout the night. they were enforcing that travel ban, which for the most part was complied with.
7:26 am
and as a result of the fact there were no buses, we did have the opportunity just a little while ago to interview some folks who got stuck at work. >> i was at work since yesterday. >> because you couldn't take the train? >> right, to the bus, yes. >> the buses are a big deal when they stop running. apparently the problem -- i mean, you saw how hard it was snowing and everything. how important is it for you to get the buses back? >> very important because i need to get home. when i get off the train, i hope the bus is there. >> reporter: now, again, bus service was said to resume at 7:00 a.m. the reality check is -- i see one behind us over there. that's the first one we've seen. that's further down atlantic avenue. the reality, i was about to say, is it takes a little while for the buses to make their way down the route, but they are indeed running. some major transit news to tell you about. elevated subway lines, which were stopped in the middle of the snowstorm, most of them will be resuming service at 9:00 this morning.
7:27 am
of people, even on a sundays. but the a, q, n, and the l. those elevated sections, particularly in brooklyn, still not returning because of a huge amount of snow removal that is yet to be effect. metro north resumes on a limited basis at noon and full power, full service at grand central at 3:00 p.m. not the case with long island railroad. we're trying to figure out some kind of time estimate there. we've been told they have so much to remove in terms of snow at the train yards, ronkonkoma, and other places, that there is no timetable yet on when long island railroad will resume service. that's the latest reporting from downtown brooklyn, where the travel ban has been lifted. andrew siff, news 4 new york. >> andrew, thank you. they've got to get the trains out first and get the tracks clear as well. the sun is up now. residents getting a look at just
7:28 am
>> ray villeda joining us from belmar, new jersey, where an awful lot of snow fell there. >> reporter: the sun is out, and it feels like a completely different place 24 hours after the blizzard hit here in belmar. you can see now that the sun is out just how much snow is on the ground. what a great job dpw crews have done cleaning up these roads. we're on ocean avenue near 9th avenue. the roads are pretty clear. in some spots you can see the black top. we're also starting to see folks coming out to shovel all that snow. the nearest it snowfall total we've gotten, the official snowfall total we've gotten for this area is about two feet. you should see video now of some of the folks we have seen shoveling that snow. actually, i can see someone shoveling the snow off their patio right how it. i can tell you what it was like yesterday. 30% of the town lost power yesterday. they worked much of the day to get it back on.
7:29 am
sailboat brought down some wires. the power was brought back on. today it is back on, which is good news. dpw crews worked tirelessly to get these streets plowed and get them clear for folks to be driving around. we spoke to folks this morning who had to do some work themselves. they said the main reason they woke up was to shovel. >> it's heavy. just walking in it is so hard. but got to get it done, get out there. it's just heavy. >> reporter: and i talked about the dpw crews. you may remember yesterday our news crew was stuck in the snow. not once, but we were stuck twice. the folks at dpw, the belmar police officers pushed that van as dpw crews cleared the way for us. we have to give them a shoutout. today, crews cleaning up these roads, making sure they're passable for all those folks waking up. i'm ray villeda, "today in new york."
7:30 am
crews working hard across the tri-state area. want to check in long island, where residents are waking up to a beautiful scene. also a snow-covered scene. >> reporter: "today in new york's" harry cicma continues our coverage this morning. hello, harry. >> good morning, pat. good morning, gus. things beginning to come alive here on long island. you see to my left these gentlemen with their snow blowers trying to clean the way at the long island railroad spot. meanwhile, the good news is the travel ban has been lifted. you're seeing the buses here in long beach. also the cars starting to drive. however, it is still very slick. a few of the main roads are okay. the sidewalks just starting to get worked on. it's also still pretty cold out. you may want to stay inside if you have that opportunity. meanwhile, i spoke with a few folks here on long island about the treacherous conditions as a result of the blizzard.
7:31 am
it's just pretty slippery. >> it's bad to walk in. you see it's closed with snow. >> reporter: indeed it is slippery out here. meanwhile, more than 100 people here on long island lost power. it definitely was a tough situation. people just trying to pick up the pieces after this very difficult and cold blizzard. we're live on long island. i'm harry cicma, "today in new york." >> okay, harry. thank you very much. and we will be right back. still ahead on this sunday morning, storm team 4's raphael miranda will be back with a check of the forecast.
7:32 am
welcome back on a sunday morning. we've been getting updates on the situation here in new york. let's talk to governor chris christie now over in new jersey, find out the situation there. good morning, governor. >> good morning, pat. how are you today? >> made it through another one. how about yourself? >> yeah, we're doing just fine. >> all right. >> new jersey came through it quite well. >> it seems like we did. let's start with the transit situation. my understand nj transit is still not determined when they're going to get buses back on the road. we're seeing the same situation here in the city. can you give us an update? >> yeah, pat. i think we should have buses back up and running in almost all the routes by noon today. we also should have light rail
7:33 am
and we should have regular rail up, we're shooting for noon as well. but in any event, for the regular rail, for those folks who are concerned about their commute tomorrow morning, we will be ready to go on a regular schedule tomorrow morning. >> well, that's the good news. >> governor, what are you hearing about the potential for flooding maybe later on with high tide? >> we're not hearing much of that, gus, at all. last night's high tide down at cape may and atlantic counties produced just minor to moderate flooding. we're now going to have another high tide starting about 20 minutes ago in those same areas. again, what the gauges are telling us is most of it will be moderate flooding. we've been in constant contact with the mayors down there. they all felt like it was a normal nor'easter from a flooding perspective. we only had to shelter across the entire state 113 people. so we came through this very well.
7:34 am
problems this morning. once we get past this morning east high tide, we should be past any point of concern. >> despite all the snow that got dumped on the garden state, i guess we fared fairly well, particularly with regard to power outages. no major troubles to deal with on that end as well. >> no, only about 22,000 outages remain as of this morning across the entire state. 18,000 of those are concentrated in cape may and atlantic counties. atlantic city electric has given us a promise that 90% of those 18,000 will be restored by end of day today. and the jcp&l with about 4,000 in the central part of our state say that should be resolved by this afternoon. so fortunate in that regard. by the way, the streets and roadways across the state, everything is clear.
7:35 am
speed limit on the turnpike and the parkway just because there's still some wet and icy spots. we want people to use real care on those roadways. if you get pictures of those, they're very clear. we moved a heck of a lot of snow last night all across the state. so that's where we stand from a roadway perspective. after your breakfast this morning, if you want to get on the roads, it should be just fine to do so. >> governor, it seems disruptions both in new jersey and new york were kept at something of a minimum, relatively speaking, compared to blizzards in the past. what do you attribute that to? are we just getting better at dealing with these situations? >> i would say from the new york and new jersey perspective, i have to attribute a lot of it to the great coordination that our office had with governor cuomo's office. governor cuomo and i were on the phone half a dozen times yesterday pointing out potential trouble spots to each other, coordinating both the closure of the hudson river crossings, then the reopening of them this morning. i just think, you know, our working relationship has always been very good, and in storms
7:36 am
really shows for the people of the region. governor cuomo and i get along well. we work well together. i think it helped to avoid any of the confusion that can then lead to those real problems. >> yeah, for sure. i guess the biggest problem right now still is the airports. still lots of flights delayed or canceled altogether. >> pat, that's going to continue to be a problem because of equipment. getting equipment in here to move people around, especially for us in newark. united being a hub in newark -- or newark being a hub for united, rather, so much of their system throughout the country is dependent upon what happens here in newark. so it's going to take a little time for that, but the port authority is working hard to make sure the facility is clear and available. that's going to be up to united and newark to be able to get their equipment there to get people moved around the country again. >> i guess maybe safe to say you'll be driving back to new
7:37 am
>> we're still working on our mode of transportation, pat. we'll be having a press conference this morning at 10:00 to review all this information and hopefully i'll be able to rejoin my wife up in new hampshire later today. >> mary pat holding it down. >> she is. >> governor chris christie, thank you so much for joining us. safe travels. >> pat and gus, thank you. >> thank you, sir. joining us now is raphael miranda, who also doesn't look worse for wear. putting in some long hours. where do we stand now? temperatures will take a plunge, get that frost. we might catch a bit of a break. >> we're not seeing that. that's a good thing. temperatures rising day by day. we have temperatures in the 20s and teens right now. icy spots may happen. even though it's not melting per se, it still melts from traffic and stepping on it. slick spots will be a concern
7:38 am
especially later on once the sun goes down overnight. you can see there's a live look, a quiet newark airport. lots of snow on the ground still. obviously we're digging out. 22 degrees. we have wind out of the north around 9, 10 miles per hour. some of the heaviest totals were just west of the city. almost three feet of snow in morris plains. that's 33 inches. that's our highest total there. roselle park, 27.5 inches. madison, 29.1. this was our bull's eye in new jersey. howell also coming in with 26.5 inches of snow. this is where the band set up just to the west of town. it snowed heavy, steady, basically all afternoon. we've got that 24 to 30-inch-plus band from western new jersey right through new york city, nassau, and most of suffolk county as well. in the white-shaded areas, 18 to 24 inches down the jersey shore.
7:39 am
westchester, putnam, and the rest of the hudson valley, generally from 18 to a foot and near nothing in sullivan county. lots of viewers tweeting me this morning saying they didn't get anything in northern hudson valley. most of them actually are okay with that. you can see on storm tracker, satellite picture is a quiet one. temperatures are frigid in some spots. 19 degrees this hour in newark. we have a high surf advisory still in effect there this evening for nassau and suffolk counties. beach erosion, high waves a possibility there. that's in effect until 6:00 tonight. other parts of what we're expecting from now until midnight -- no, i'm going to skip over that. this is from yesterday. this is what it feels like outside right now. 9 in yonkers. even though the winds aren't as steady as they were yesterday, still taking those windchills down. 2 below in monticello. feels like 3 degrees at this hour in white plains. let's look at the seven-day forecast. we're looking at 34 later on today.
7:40 am
it will be breezy. layer it up as you head outside. overnight tonight, down to 23. those icy patches may form again into monday morning. give yourself extra time, especially if you have to dig out your car. plan on a couple hours of that. 37 for your high tomorrow. we get warmer day by day. back to the mid-40s on tuesday. a chance of light rain, not snow, tuesday night into wednesday. you want to stay up to date with the news 4 new york app. tap the news 4 logo in the corner, scroll down, and select the weather tab. you can see the latest forecast, use our interactive radar, and learn how to submit your own weather video. the news 4 new york app for iphone is available in the app store right now. coming up on "today in new york," we're continuing to monitor road conditions. we are live on the road. we'll tell you some of the more dangerous spots, where they've shoveled out, where they have not.
7:41 am
this is our neighborhood. does it look a little like yours? some plowed streets but a lot of piles of snow. that's going to be the order of day. of course, we all watched the piles of snow accumulate throughout saturday. >> but how long will it take to clear it all up? "today in new york's" kerry barrett has an update for us. >> sometimes it kind of depends on where you are when those plows get to you. everyone getting back to work tomorrow, so getting the streets cleared is a crucial step.
7:42 am
investigates took a look at 311 snow complaints. we found that the highest number of snow calls came from park slope, from forest hills, and three neighborhoods on staten island with this zip code in particular, 10314, logging the most complaints with a total of 302. we have a look right now at plow nyc's latest map. you can see that the same zip code right there on the map shows it's been plowed in the last one to three hours. it's pretty cool. you can actually look through, and the streets are color coded as to how long ago they were plowed. the city says it's actually phasing out the system of prioritizing primary, secondary, and tertiary roads. it is instead implementing something called sector plowing. so they plow sector by sector. it allows them to clean the critical roads and all of the other roads in that particular area at the same time. sector plowing is going on right now in queens and in two neighborhoods in the bronx and brooklyn, in addition to staten
7:43 am
if you do have a snowplowing issue, and we hope you don't, but we know there will be some of them because there's a lot of snow to get to, call 311 and let them know about it. that's how you need to handle it. in the meantime, you can check out that map, is the place to go. >> okay, kerry. thank you very much. more storm team 4 coverage after
7:44 am
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7:45 am
a live look at the long island railroad station over on long beach on long island. mass transit slowly coming back to life across the tri-state area. the big question mark remains for the lirr because of the enormous snow clearing job that remains ahead. all part of our continuing coverage of the blizzard of 20 sf. >> that's up next at 8:00. we'll of course have a check of the forecast and our top stories. much more ahead when we come back. >> reporter: after the snowstorm comes the cleanup. i'm ray villeda in the jersey shore town of belmar. i'll show you how they're cleaning up as part of our team
7:46 am
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now on "today in new york," that's a live look at smithtown, long island. but it could be anywhere, usa. at least here in the northeast. all the snow piled up that all of us will be out there removing today. we want you to do it safely as we rejoin you here on a sunday morning. i'm pat battle. >> and i'm gus rosendale. it was a record breaker. we want to get you caught up with a lot of moving pieces. most outdoor subway lines will resume service starting at 9:00 a.m. a few other lines will remain closed because they require intensive snow clearing. >> limited metro north service will start up again at noon, hoping that full service will be back by 3:00 p.m.
7:48 am
so far, though, we have no word on when the long island railroad will resume service. >> and just a short time ago, governor christie told us live that new jersey transit service will likely resume at noon. >> airports, show, remain a mess. our team coverage begins in the weather center. let's get to raphael miranda. morning. >> good morning, guys. taking a look at these blockbuster numbers from the snow yesterday. breaking records all over the place. jfk picked up 30 inches of snow yesterday. bronx zoo, 27.6. central park with 26.8 inches. that made it our second biggest snowstorm on record in central park, but it was worse in other ways. williamsburg, 29 inches. so many millions of us digging out from over two feet of snow on the ground. thankfully you saw that blue sky. it's a nice high-pressure day. low pressure pulling away. sunshine all the way from the hudson valley, where you saw very little snow, by the way.
7:49 am
we have a coastal flood warning ino effect for minor to moderate flooding during high tide, which is happening now. it's ending soon. not as bad as yesterday, but still one more concern of this storm lingering into your sunday morning. now storm team 4's chris cimino has the latest on other aspects. >> we're stepping out of this slowly. things will gradually improve over the next couple days. it's a trend, but it's going to take a while. we're down to 20 degrees right now in central park. 18 in newark. 17 in wayne. 15 in tea neck. very cold out there if you're planning on heading out to shovel. just be careful, give yourself breaks, warm up from time to time. we have a nice wedge of sunshine in here. that's the way this day will play out. lots of sun early, clouds building in later this afternoon. temperatures get above the freezing mark. minor melting today. nothing too significant. tonight we refreeze things as temperatures slip back to the lower 20s. we'll have the rest of the forecast coming up.
7:50 am
we continue our live team coverage of the aftermath now of the blizzard of 2016. are we safely in the aftermath? i think so. we have live crews fanned out across the tri-state area as everybody struggles to get out from under this snow. >> we start with andrew siff in downtown brooklyn with mass transit information. >> reporter: things are coming back. first we'll talk about driving. i'm standing on atlantic avenue. we're about one hour past the lifting of the travel ban. people are legally behind the wheel once again, getting to and from work, getting back home. some people were stuck at work because there was no way to travel through the night. one of the things we want to talk about is the restoration of subway service. underground subways have been running all night and through this storm on a limited and local basis. elevated trains are coming back at 9:00 this morning.
7:51 am
removing snow from so many stations, but it's the elevated lines like the 7 train that so many people rely on like the 1 in parts of the bronx and upper manhattan. elevated trains are coming back at 9:00 a.m. with the exception of the brooklyn sections of the a, n, q, and the l. now, buses came back at 7:00 a.m., but some people got to their bus stops and wondered why isn't my bus here. that's because buses started rolling from their terminal points at 7:00 in the morning. it takes a while for those buses to get where they're going, but they're back in service. you can see video from some of the storm when buses were stuck at the height of the blizzard. here are your major headlines at this hour. buses back at 7:00. most elevated train service, subway service at 9:00 a.m. metro north returns on a limited basis at noon. then full service at 3:00 in the afternoon as grand central is at full power.
7:52 am
island railroad. we're told there's so much snow removal to be done there, including at ronkonkoma yard and some of the train yards, so much digging out, that they don't even have a time estimate of when long island railroad will return to service. definitely the goal there is to return it to as much service as possible by the monday morning commute. we expect to have an update for you, of course, later on throughout the day about the status there. the bottom line is that mass transit is returning pretty quickly given how much of it was shut down during the height of the storm. that's the latest reporting live from downtown brooklyn. andrew siff, news 4 new york. >> all right, andrew. absolutely. imagine the trouble you'll have digging your own car out. and you have to dig out buses, subway cars, et cetera. governor christie hoping nj transit is back up and running by noon. the roadways the biggest concerns the day after the blizzard.
7:53 am
how are things there? >> reporter: gus, it's touch and go here in newark, actually. we're on hawthorne street just off bergen avenue. you can see a car right there is stuck. as we move through, there's a lot of developments happening here in jersey. i want to bring you up to speed real quick. let's talk first about hoboken. the travel ban was lifted. travel ban lifted in hoboken at 7:00 a.m. this morning. although, parking is still prohibited on the snow routes. that's until further notice. back here in newark, we're expecting a 10:00 press conference with the mayor. mayor seems a bit disappointed. he's going to discuss the extended travel ban here in noouk and the problems that emergency vehicles and snowplow operators are facing due to disregard of the ban. i can tell you, gus and pat, here in newark, a record was set. they saw 28 inches of snow fall yesterday. a lot of those drifts we're seeing as we drive around newark, we're seeing is drifts three, four feet high. so there are some difficulties
7:54 am
we're expecting the mayor to address those. again, the travel ban has been extended. that means if you're not an emergency worker, the media is included with that, if you're not in those categories, you should not be on the road. that allows road crews and the plows to get in, especially to the side streets here in newark, where we're seeing heavy snow, to help them move along. we're going to be at the 10:00 press conference. i don't know if you can see some of these side streets, pat and gus. you can't walk down these side streets. this gentleman is up to his waist over here. the snow is heavy. we're going to make sure at 10:00 we bring you up to speed. the travel ban continues here in newark. pat, gus, back to you. >> all right, marc. thank you. that's a reminder that the story is far from over. a lot of people are stuck. first responders have to make their calls.
7:55 am
this is still a tough situation. >> case in point, baby delivered in hoboken yesterday, at home. they could not get her out of there. people are finally getting out and about this morning. they're shoveling, maybe surveying what is left over after the storm. >> "today in new york's" ray villeda continuing our team coverage in belmar today. >> reporter: as you said, people are getting out from underneath two feet of snow. that's what we're seeing is here right behind me. i want you to look at the neighborhood here. you can see people are shoveling right now, right at this hour, shoveling out. they've got their snow blowers out, and they're getting out from underneath the snow. you can see they have their snow blowers. those guys you're looking at right now are the same guys that have been out for the last two hours. there is some commitment. i have to tell you about what it was like here yesterday. 30% of the town was without power as a result of the storm. something that only happens here in the jersey shore towns, after they were able to put that
7:56 am
sailboat brought some wires down. power was out again for folks in this town. crews worked throughout the afternoon to get that power back on. the other folks that were working very hard, dpw. they were out there cleaning the roads and telling me they continue to clean the roads up this morning. so along with them, the folks you see out shoveling say that's the main reason they got up this morning, to clean up. >> pretty much we're sweeping it off the tops to make it easier. we have a little system going. it's not too bad. >> why did you decide to do this now instead of wait a few hours? >> just wake up -- we're early birds. we like to get it done with. >> and right across the street from the folks you just heard from is that sir right over there cleaning out. he started cleaning up the patio then walked down those steps to clean up his, what i believe is his sidewalk under all that snow.
7:57 am
we're live in belmar this morning, i'm ray villeda, "today in new york." >> ray, thank you very much. you do have to be careful out there. we did know this blizzard was deadly across the seaboard there and also here at home, in particular on long island, where at least two storm-related deaths have been reported. >> "today in new york's" pei-sze cheng continues our team coverage. she's live this morning near smithtown. pei-sze pei-sze? >> reporter: pat and gus, it's a terribly sad story. police say that a 94-year-old man was found here on derby place. we don't know which house it is yet, but it was on this street. he was found unresponsive next to his snow blower. police say that it was his neighbor who was trying to administer cpr to him before the police got there. but to no avail. he was rushed to the hospital, where he did pass away. now, here on derby place in smithtown, they got hit with nearly two feet of snow. you can see over here the mailbox. it gives you an idea of how much snow fell.
7:58 am
that was cleared by the plow, sure. but take a look over here. this is the mouth of a driveway of a house. you can see they've got at least two feet of snow here. their vehicles, i think there's three of them over there, completely buried. for the most part, we really haven't seen too many people out and about. we did see someone come out to plow their driveway. there's a guy here -- you can go if you want. we have a couple of cars driving back and forth, people trying to get out and about and start their day. things -- although, i have to say the road conditions have been pretty good here, considering all the snow that fell. that's probably because of the travel ban that encouraged people some stay indoors, off the roads, so that the snowplows could do their job. so over here there's still a small layer of snow. that's going to be a problem if it gets any colder. the sun is coming up. it's a beautiful day. hopefully that'll give crews plenty of time to clear the streets. live from smithtown, pei-sze
7:59 am
a reminder the streets may be clear, but the sidewalks are not. people are going to be going out there, shoveling. there's always that health danger. take it easy out there. pace yourself. this is going to be a big job. >> this is the time where you may want to let some kids do the work for you. let those young people earn some money. as that gentleman said earlier, learn the value of some hard work as well. coming up after the break, here's a live look at the streets that we have been patrolling this morning, trying to keep you advises of what's happening. we'll continue to do so when we
8:00 am
8:15. you can see crews out and about by the long island railroad station in long beach. big question, when the lirr is going to come back on. we know some other transit services are resuming this morning. no word on the lirr. they just have so much snow they're contending with. the second we get a time, we'll certainly pass it along. >> that looks like it's going to be one of the last ones to come back online. >> big task. absolutely. >> we know new jersey transit is kicking up around 12:00 today. the travel ban has been lifted, but still a lot of difficulty getting around. out on long beach, the streets still covered in snow. >> "today in new york's" harry cicma joins us from nassau county. how is it by you? >> reporter: well, good morning, gus. good morning, pat. i'm here on the street right now. this is the look on some of the side streets. still plenty of snow to deal with. meanwhile, yesterday i couldn't even make a snowball because the
8:01 am
it's rock solid now. you have to watch out for that as well. good news is the sidewalks are starting to get plowed and shoveled. also, they just laid some salt down here at the long island railroad station. things are looking better. the travel ban has been lifted. however, more than 100 people still without power here on long island. trying to rebound from this very difficult storm. i must say, it's a much better situation than it was about 12 hours ago. this is the scene here on long island. a little bit better. hopefully that continues throughout the afternoon. i'm harry cicma for "today in new york." >> harry, i think everybody hoping for that. hoping more sidewalks look like the one you're standing on. that would be -- that's an a-plus sidewalk. >> yes, indeed it is. rav jail phael is here to tell us what kind of temperatures will be working in. our layer index. we haven't talked about it. >> today it's about five, six. the winds are not nearly as
8:02 am
it's cold, but it's plain old january cold today. >> so six layers. >> it's a little breezy and temperatures are in the teens in some spots. even single digits. depends on where you are. we have that fresh coating of snow on the ground, but the sun is out. we will be above freezing by the end of the day today. not right now. we're down to 20. winds are out of the northwest 8 miles per hour. talking about how we just missed the biggest snowstorm on record in central park. let's take a look at that again. that was back in 2006. yesterday, 26.8 inches. it was a tenth of an inch off of our greatest snowfall ever. but this was a different storm. i want to show you. this is going back. this is a rough showing of what we got in terms of accumulations during that storm in 2010. 18 inches plus from new york city north and east. the heaviest snows were in westchester county, the lower hudson valley, fairfield county. very little snow, 8 inches and less for new jersey. as you head north and west out of town. there was a narrow band of 8 to 18.
8:03 am
pink. now i'm going to show you what happened yesterday. it's a completely different story. so many more people got that 89 to 30-inch swath. look how many were in the foot and a half to 30-inch range. almost all of new york city into northern new jersey and 8 inches well north and west of new york city. so that is your different scenario there. yesterday should be number one in many other aspect, even though we missed it by a tenth of an inch. lots of sunshine out there right now. high pressure building back in. our storm is pulling away. temperatures, we're down 20 in the city. some teens north and west of town. these are your windchills. many layers needed in oakland. feels like 3. feels like 8 degrees at this hour in muttontown. chris cimino has been tracking other changes coming our way. chris? >> indeed. sun is out today. when you have such a large snow pack and deep snow pack, the sun reflects quickly off of that. you don't get the quick warmup.
8:04 am
to be over the next couple days. in fact, what we'll get eventually is a little bit of melting and refreezing at night for the midweek period. the sun returns today. that's the brighter news. temperatures may briefly nudge above the freezing mark. winds diminishing as well. we will see some gusts occasionally, especially across long island at 20, 25 miles an hour. the last round of coastal flooding going on through. doesn't look like it's going to be too bad along the jersey shore. pretty much winding down now. again, we're clearing out nicely. we'll build in a few clouds through time this afternoon. this is 1:00. pretty much on the sunny side. you see a few clouds over northwest new jersey. a few more clouds come on in for tonight. during the day tomorrow, we start out with sunshine, mix in a few clouds once again in the afternoon. none of these clouds producing any more snow for us. another batch of clouds into tuesday. later tuesday afternoon, we may see a rain shower around here. maybe mixed with a couple wet snowflakes snowflakes.
8:05 am
still breezy at times with sunshine. a few clouds mixing in. winds subside. 23 in the city, teens in the suburbs. seven-day forecast. none of them contain any stormy weather. again, just that slight chance of a rain or wet snow shower mixed on tuesday. 43, though, so even more melting. 41 wednesday. gets cold but seasonably cold for the end of the week and into the start of next weekend. right now it looks like it's going to stay on the quiet side. stay up to date with the news 4 new york app. select the weather tab. see the latest forecast, interactive radar, an how to submit your own weather video. it's available in the app store right now. gus and pat? >> chris, thank you very much. thanks to raph as well. as we go to break, another live look at the broeds. checking out the situation in newark. this is still a story. that's unfolding.
8:06 am
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8:07 am
well, as you well know, the blizzard hit all along the eastern seaboard. some areas around washington, d.c. and our nation's capital got more than two feet of snow. >> some interstates around there were shut down. more on that from nbc washington's david culver. >> reporter: it's pretty rare we can bring you a report from the middle of the interstate, but that's exactly where we are. we're on i-270 here in montgomery county in maryland, just outside of washington, d.c. the big issue this morning, the hazardous driving conditions.
8:08 am
the governor here in maryland making that order. the reason being, they've had several issues, especially with tractor trailers losing control, going off the road, or jackknifing. so they've essentially decided to close the entire interstate. this entire highway so that they can plow, remove as much snow as possible. look at the issue here. as we're riding, you can't even get down to the pavement. take a look over here. this is what's built up on some of the lanes. mountains and mountains of snow. it's not just about plowing. it's about getting this snow out of here. that's the latest from montgomery county, maryland. i'm daichld vid culver. >> takes a lot to sheet down the beltway. we can relate to that too. another round of monstrous high tides is rolling into the jersey shore. >> that has a lot of people worried in ocean county. last night the dunes were holding up, but barely. they took a lot of damage.
8:09 am
that means those dunes and the beach are going to have to be replenished within days. >> they'll reconstruct the dune the way it was. >> all the way up? >> yeah, it's going to cost a lot of money, again. >> when you live down the shore, you want to have a beach. >> and news 4 got an exclusive look at the flooding in barnegut. we're also told water came ashore during last night's high tide in sea bright. and new this morning, we're getting unbelievable video from the jersey shore. >> this is coming from some volunteer firefighters. they're in eachhaven in ocean county. they were supposed to be out helping people who were facing flood threats. instead, the ocean came to them. it came rolling into their fire house. the water mixed with chunks of snow and ice floating ice. big chunks there. they posted the images on their facebook page and said this wasn't even high tide yet.
8:10 am
flooding, some coastal flooding on the highways in the southern part of new jersey. we did talk to governor christie earlier. he said it doesn't seem like this situation is going to get much worse. remarkable though given the full moon yesterday and all the high tides. >> and the high winds. >> i think high tide is pretty much ending now. there's a case where we dodged a bullet. still a lot more doing. >> and we're not alone dealing with this blizzard. as bad as things are here, there are storm stories all up and down the coast here. at least 19 people have died in this blizzard. a lot of car accidents and several people lost their lives shoveling snow. heavy snow. >> we heard from david culver, who was talking about what was going on in washington. another update from the nation's capital. subfreezing temperatures making for very difficult digout this morning. maryland's governor shut down a major highway as well. doing that so crews can clear the roads. officials say it is unlikely that flights will resume at reagan and dulles airports today, just like here in the tri-state. not a problem for some folks who took to skis to get around. probably the best way to do that
8:11 am
meantime, in kentucky, we told you about this yesterday. an update now. things getting back to normal on i-75 where drivers were stuck for almost 24 hours. several crashes completely shut down a 20-mile stretch of that highway friday afternoon. that delay stretched into last night. slowly officials moved one vehicle out of the way at a time. in some cases, what was happening is people were stuck in these cars, running the engines to stay warm, and what happens? you run out of gas. made the situation even more troublesome. >> exactly. all right. well, as we leave you with these pictures, this is on the pennsylvania turnpike, where the national guard was helping rescue stranded drivers. we will be coming back in just a moment with more on this historic storm of 2016.
8:12 am
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