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tv   Today in New York  NBC  February 1, 2016 4:30am-5:00am EST

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a very active scene in hoboken right now. police are there and so are we. plus, the gunman who started shooting in front of a surveillance camera. how what he's wearing could help police catch him. uber, what could leave some stranded? good morning everyone. monday morning, february 1st. i'm darlene rodriguez. i'm michael gargiulo. raphael miranda is here for chris this morning with the forecast. raphael, do my eyes deceive me? does it say 50 degrees? >> yes, it's 50 degrees. happy february everyone. it is february 1st, right? got silence there. i was like oops. 40s and 30s, a wide range of temperatures. it's 28 in morristown. 48 in newburgh. 29 in danbury. depending where you are, it's very mild or just on the chilly side. no major cold spots this
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staying mild throughout the day. 50 right now. 54 for a high today. a few showers in the forecast for this afternoon. we'll talk about needing the umbrella later. lauren is here with a look at the commute. >> heading north at route 202, shuts down two lanes. we have roadwork out there. the goethals bridge is closed with the traffic closed in both directions until 5:00 a.m. head over to the outer bridge crossing instead. more weather and traffic coming up on the 4s. breaking news in new jersey. police had an active scene in hoboken. officers are investigang an incident at an apartment building on grand street and 7th. tracie strahan is there now. what's happening, tracie? >> reporter: we see a lot of law enforcement officials outside of the 700 block on grand street. both hoboken police and the hudson county prosecutor's
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tight-lipped about the investigation. let's show you what we saw when we first arrived. we were called here after hearing reports of a person possibly shot and killed inside of 706 grand street, all of this happening early this morning. that is something that's not been confirmed. but there's been a large presence of police going in and out of the three-story building since we arrived on the scene. police have also blocked off both ends of the street, not letting anyone pass as they continue to sift out the investigation. let's bring you back live again. you can see over my shoulder, police have things roped off with yellow tape. we'll continue to bring you up to date on exactly what's happening here, darlene, as they become available. >> tracie strahan, thank you. the man accused of fatally shooting a police officer in east harlem is due back in court. tyrone howard has pleaded not guilty to last october's murder of officer ran ll -- near the fdr drive. at the time of the shooting,
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program to allow him to avoid prison. he's been sentenced to 12 years behind bars for that drug charge. happening now, police are trying to figure out who gunned down a young mother in her home, just feet away from her three children. there's a growing memorial outside the building where ashley jones and jerome marshall were shot and killed saturday night. inside her apartment. it's boarded up right now. jones lived in fear of an old boyfriend and she was a victim of domestic violence. >> she was saying she got a restraining order. i heard her voice in the hallway. so we both came to the door. she wanted to use my phone to call the police. >> the three children, ages 1, 3 and 4 are now in the care of relatives and the department of child protection. happening today, students head back to school at ps 58 in staten island. workers spent the weekend
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crews sanitized all the surfaces. the toilets, sinks and water fountains. 12 students got sick from spengted norovirus on friday. some parents are questioning the school's response saying they found out about the illnesses on facebook before they heard it from school officials. 4:33. almost 4:34. time for weather and traffic on the 4s. good morning, raphi. >> mild weather coming our way this week. also rain even today. take a look at storm tracker. it is quiet r ht now dealing with clouds and clear skies as well. here comes a cold front moving through pennsylvania. you can see the rain associated with that as well. it arrives here just probably after lunchtime. you can see temperatures are mild enough so we're not worried about any snow this time. this is going to be an all-rain event. it's 50 in chelsea. temperatures in the 50s around the city. colder spots to the west of town. 20s in morristown. in the hudson valley, it's cooler.
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today for your evening commute. you want the umbrellas handy. but look at that high. 54 degrees. well above average as we start this month of february. let's look at the commute so far. lauren scala has a look at that. >> we have more than average track work. ten different lines affected this morning. a lot of delays and service changes out there. keep an eye out for that. otherwise, major commuter lines look good. the b 2, 31 -- alternate side of the street parking rules are back in effect today. make sure you move your car. we do not want you to get a ticket. more weather and traffic on the 4s. police are searching for the kbun man who opened fire in front of a security camera. the suspect in the video here fought with a man in front of a building on east burnside avenue on saturday night. he then pulled out a gun and opened fire, shooting the victim in the leg. he was wearing a distinctive black jacket and black pants
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anyone with information is asked to call crimestoppers. police are hunting for a suspect wanted in the mugging of an elderly man. this is the man they're trying to identify. this happened after the the bowery subway station. the man was hit from behind and knocked to the ground. that's when the suspect took his cash and metro card. >> you have to be careful. [ inaudible ] >> the victim had cuts and bruises on his face, was treated at a nearby hospital. anyone who can identify the suspect is asked to call police. happening told, uber drivers will protest a fare cut that's robbing them of their hard earned money and what to do to get their point across could leave you stranded. lori bordonaro has more. >> reporter: darlene, we saw a lot of uber drivers out here on friday when they announced the fare cuts and a lot more expected today.
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service for 24 hours. if you're trying to get an uber today, you may have trouble. many uber drivers are upset over the decision. they cut fares by 15%. this went into effect on friday. this made them less expensive than a taxi. drivers told us they were worried they wouldn't make as much money. for instance, a trip from midtown to laguardia that used to be $43 is now about $37. but uber's general manager, michael and darlene, told us the new prices mean more rides and less waiting time for a driver. a lot of the uber drivers disagree and they plan to come out here at noon today to protest. back to you. >> lori bordonaro, thank you. subway slashing has commuters fearing for their safety. the latest attack happened in harlem at the 2 and 3 train station. that's 110th street central park north. it's the sixth attack in the
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a woman started arguing with a 27-year-old man. she told her friend about it and then her friend slashed him. then the suspect ran off. they're searching for the attackers. >> it's scary. it's getting worse actually. i've been living here for ten years, it's not better. we don't have enough police patrolling the area. >> the nypd is assigning 2800 more officers underground. 1300 others are being trapd to join them. happening today in new york city, they begin using traffic cameras to keep them out of a bus lane. anyone caught driving or standing in the bus lane could face a $115 fine. the city's department much transportation said it's been using the cameras to issue warnings to drivers for the past 60 days. we're hours away from tonight's iowa political caucuses. donald trump leading the latest polls.
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m going to win. >> prepare for victory sf. >> i pray that god's will be done. >> this has to be about winning the future. i know that we will. >> it's time to elect the leader of the free world. >> that's from the gop. not only for donald trump and ted cruz, every other candidate hoping for that third ticket out of iowa. a third place finish to be a viable alternative. on the democrats side, laser-thin race between hillary clinton and bernie sanders. >> i hope you will fight for me and i promise you this, i will stand up and fight for you. >> we can make history. i urge you all to come out to caucus. sanders trying to motivate young voters to come out. hillary clinton appeared on stage with her husband bill and daughter chelsea as well. mayor de blasio stumping for hillary clinton in iowa. >> going door to door, talking
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to volunteers to get them energized. >> de blasio may not be a household name in iowa, but he did run her bid to become successful in new york. in new hampshire, he defended her use of a private e-mail server while she was secretary of state. he called all of the outcry over that issue a gigantic smear. you can count on news 4 and nns news to bring you the latest on the caucuses. we'll have the results as they come in. >> it's very exciting after all this anticipation. >> for sure. 4:40 now. from outbreak to epidemic now. the emergency meeting taking place today to try and find a way to stop the zika virus. you've heard about the toxic water in clinton, michigan. dozens of plumbers are skipping the red tape and taking matters
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>> weather and traffic on the 4s as we look at the george washington bridge there. you're watching "today in new york." follow us on twitter and facebook. michael
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back now on this monday morning. four things to know this morning. first, the breaking news in hoboken. police are at grand and 7th. they're investigating an incident there. we're there as well. we'll update you throughout this newscast. the iowa caucuses take place today. experts fear bad weather may hurt the crucial turnout. we'll bring you the results on air tonight as they come in. a victim was slashed on the subway last night.
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washington heights off west 155th street. the victim is expected to be okay. your reprieve is over. alternate side of the street parking resumes today. it's been suspended because of the blizzard but today you have to move your car. good morning everyone. it is a mild morning out there as we start off the month of february. temperatures into the 50s already. but we are tracking some rain on the way. you can see afternoon showers in your weather headlines. turning cooler tomorrow. after today, we spent a day in the 50s. then we're tracking a chance for heavy rain for wednesday much that's an umbrella day. that's a soaker, unlike the lighter showers today. temperatures in the hudson valley are not cold. 45 in rhinebeck. had 3 in lagrange. lots of melting going to on, especially around the city and long island. jersey, we have a lot of snow on the ground. the cold spots, morristown and bridgewater. we're in the 30s in white plains. 46 as you starts your day in islip. look at the first forecast.
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incredibly mild. we keep that mild thing going all day long today. you can see at lunchtime, up to 52. lots of clouds throughout the morning, then we're tracking a chance for showers after lunch. best chance for rain at 3:00, 4:00, even 5:00 in the city and showers are tapering down by 6:00. in the upper 4s to low 50s. you can see on storm tracker, no rain just yet. but off to the west we're track thg cold front moving through pennsylvania to see the showers associated with it here. all this sliding off to the east in the next six hours or so. still dry. clouds and sunshine. by 1:00 p.m., mostly cloudy but it is still d . not until 2:00, 3:00 p.m. we start to see the showers mainly from new york city, long island into central new jersey. north and west of town you may not see much rain at all. the best chance for rain in and around the city, northeast new jersey, this is 5:00. that's your evening commute. it could be a little soggy.
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mainly light tx moderate showers. by 6:00, 7:00, we're drawing out in the city. showers going to linger longer. also in the jersey shore. they're gone overnight. tomorrifow morning, starts out nice and dry on tuesday with a sunny sky. look at these highs. 54 in the city. up to the 50s in ramsey, 53 in -- 52 bethpage. that wind is mild out of southwest at 5 to 10 miles per hour. into the 50s from the hudson valley right down the jersey shore. this is not the mildest day of the week. take a look at the seven-day forecast. cooler tomorrow but still well above average. near 50 for groundhog day. wednesday is wet. but it's also very mild. a high of 60 degrees. we may even have some thunderstorms, very spring-like on wednesday. let's see how that commute is going. right now, lauren scala has a check of that. hey, lauren. >> it's not as exciting as that seven-day. i'll tell you that much. a couple of things going on in new jersey. just after exit 22, route 202,
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lanes there. then heading over to the goethals bridge, that's shut down in both directions until 5:00 a.m. for roadwork. head to the outer bridge crossing in the meantime. the brooklyn bridge, things are moving along fine. manhattan bound side of the span is open. we'll say it again and again today. because we don't want you to get a ticket. alternate side of the street parking rules are back in effect today, as well as meter rules. the next weather and traffic s update on the 4s. lauren, thanks very much. 4:47. keep an eye out for a pair of subway thieves in the bronx. police say one of the suspects snachs the iphone. they've targeted three women this month so far. all were at the east 143rd street, st. mary's stop in mont haven. hackers hack the largest police organization in new jersey. the fraternal order of police is notifying members about a complete data breach.
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using their f.o.p. password. they should monitor their account. the fbi has been called in to investigate this data breach. today the world health organization will look at the explosive outbreak of the zika virus. they could declare a world health emergency requiring countries to act aggressively to contain the dangerous virus. senator chuck schumer wants the federal government to join in the worldwide battle. nine new yorkers have tested positive for zika and that worries schumer. the zika virus and a mosquito that bites you and then it bites someone else and it can spread quickly. >> the health commissioner will talk to medical professionals through a webcast and discuss ways to fight the zika virus and better inform the public about pregnant women. health officials plan to tell the epa how they're going to track all the lead in flint's water system.
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to replace faucets in many homes. they also installed filters. but the latest tests show the levels are too high in some areas to be eliminated with home filters. meanwhile, many parents fear for their children's health. happening today, we will learn new details about what caused a deadly amtrak crash and derailment last may. the ntsb is set to release 2,000 pages of what they call the facts including black box data, interviews and other evidence on why the new york train tried to take a sharp curve at double the y speed limit. eight people died in that crash. a disturbing story. two virginia students being held in the abduction and murder of a 13-year-old girl. david eisenhauer charged with kidnapping and first degree murder. natalie keepers is charged with helping him get rid of the body. nicole lovell was found dead near a highway.
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disappeared from her home in virginia. eisen haur and the girl knew eave other. >> he abducted then killed her. keepers helped eisenhauer helped dispose of nicole's body. >> the virginia tech students are being held without bond as police continue to investigate what a possible motive could have been. tomorrow, bill cosby heads back to court in pennsylvania to try to have criminal assault charges thrown out. cosby's lawyer will argue the comedian is protected under an agreement with a past district attorney. he's charged with drugging and assaulting a woman in his home. she's among more than 50 women who o accused him of sexual misconduct. kevin roper was indicted in december for m nslaughter and vehicular homicide for the death of james mcnair killed in an
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morgan suffered brain trauma, broken en ribs and a leg. roper had not slept for 28 hours before the crash. rarely are funerals remembered for their jokes. but that's how they recall abe vigoda. it was held yesterday at riverside chapel on the upper west side. gill gert gottfried got laughs when he said this is the 20th time they were burying abe vigoda whose death was reported several times he died last week. he was 94 years old. >> he was a really good man. down o earth. like you wouldn't know that he was a star. he was just down to earth. >> very special person. he was a great man. he's an icon. he'll be remembered forever, i'm sure. >> as you see the scene there, the service ends with the theme from the godfather. tessio in the godfather. >> what a perfect way to end the
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4:51 right now. one close call, two boaters minutes away from hitting the water until mother nature changed their mind. here's a tip. if you're doing something illegal, don't advertise it on craigslist. >> really? >> there you go. the connecticut man who learned that lesson the hard way.
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a view there of the statue of liberty. verrazano bridge behind it. only in new york. a game of kick ball played by awe group of adults in the snow. it was on hudson street in the west village. some people wore t-shirts enjoying the balmy weather.
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causing snow to melt fast. that's a soggy ball. once it plops into the snow and you pick it up and try to throw it, it's got the snow all over it. fun. >> but fun. not much snow left in some spots. down to 6 inches as of yesterday morning in central park. after the day we had yesterday, i'm sure probably down to 4. i'll check and confirm that. the snow is fading away fast. glad to see it go. it was fun while it lasted. here's a look at radar. >> rain washing away a little bit of snow this afternoon so. temperatures back to the mid-50s. already in the low 50s. today's high 54 degrees. that's significant melting. a couple of showers after lunch. probably around 3:00, 4:00, 5:00, the best chance of rain. bring your umbrellas to be on the safe side. it does get chilly again. don't get used to this mild morning. tomorrow morning is cooler. low of 37 and the clouds are breaking up. then tomorrow we have lots of sunshine and temperatures. a little bit cooler.
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seven-day forecast in a few minutes. >> thanks, raphi. hey lauren. good morning. no major problems on the roads. we'll take a look outside. the inbound side of the lincoln tunnel, things are moving nicely we'll see in a moment. there you go. heading into the tolls there, all good news from your hudson river crossings. then heading over to the long island expressway, this is by exit 43. southwestern bay road. also smooth sailing over long island in great shape as you head out the door. >> thank you so much. 4:56. two australian men thinking about the dangers of taking ditheir boat out in a storm. what they call a shocking experience. [ screaming ] >> oh, my god. a lightning strike flashed in front of them on sydney's oyster bay. one man thought about getting hit by lightning well before it happened. the storms that pummeled california with rain and powerful winds.
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killed after a massive oak tree came crashing across the street. in los angeles, heavy wind and rain fwraut brought down power lines. it could cause flooding and mud storms in areas hit by wildfires. those living on on the waterfront will get relief from the constant buzz. sunday flights will end by april 1st. all the helicopters will not be a -- also we should say the helicopters will not be allowed to fly over governor's island. the people there complained of flights leaving every few minutes from manhattan's battery. if you live in the new york city area, your gas and electric bill could be on rise. con edison is proposing a rate hike for residential electric and gas to go into effect next january. the proposal would increase the electric bill by 5%. gas and heating bills by more than 7%. if approved, this would be the
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an anti-overdose medication will be available without prescription starting tomorrow at more pharmacies. the drug known as naloxone blocks the effects of oxycontin and other painkillers. duane read and walgreens will start -- others have announced plans to offer it without a doctor's signature. some students may be taking a different kind of test after school. students attending basketball games or high school dances in nyack could be required to take alcoho isl tests. it is a controversial plan the board has been debating for months. it would apply to school sponsored events. not everyone would have to take the test. just those suspected of drinking. it will be brought up at the school board meeting. allegedly selling marijuana through craigslist. 21-year-old daniel did he melius
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anxiety and depression relief. his words. he claimed the remedies could be smoked and from were of the highest quality. he was arrested after selling the marijuana to undercover officers. we're less than a week away from the super bowl. over the weekend both the panthers and the broncos made their way to california. the internet lit up over cam newton's pants. check them out there. a little snug. golden zebra stripe pants. everyone else, including the qb, peyton manning opted for the more traditional suit and tie. sfran is hoping to score with fans. they're hosting super bowl city. the fan village opened this last weekend near san francisco's market street. fans can play interactive games, enjoy family friendly activities. it's meant to showcase the best of the bay ware i can't.
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kick off at levi's stadium in santa clara.
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