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tv   News 4 New York at 5  NBC  February 1, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm EST

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here despite the fact that later we saw many students doing exactly what the 12-year-old had done. >> we usually don't cross in the cross walk because the gate is not at the cross walk. >> reporter: at the end of the school day, school officials and nassau police directed students freom that path. >> part of it is our fault. we should cross under the light. but i alsongeel there should be a crossing guard. >> reporter: the speed limit is 30 miles per hour. after our interview, phillip told police he's certain this faster. >> in my opinion he was going at least 60. >> reporter: the suv involved in the case has been impounded and continuing.
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ew at 5:00 a car careened out of control in stanford and hit a house. that car's front end wound up inside the home. no word on any injuries or charges against the driver. bergen county detectives are investigating the murder of a teenager in edgewater, new jersey. sources tell news 4 the teen was stabbed in the street outside a row of businesses nearby. so far there's no word of any arrests in the case. new jersey reporter brian thompson is working the story. a new york city police ow lieutenant is recovering tonight from a stab wound inflicted by a
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she called the nypd. that's when the lieutenant arrived. seen here recovering at king's county hospital. the 15-year veteran had been trying to safely take the woman into custody. police say she reached for a kitchen knife and stabbed the lieutenant in the arm. community advocate tony herbert saw him in the hospital. >> i just happened to see him in the emergency room. he was sitting up. he was strong. thank good it's not another funeral we have to go to. i think he's been discharged. >> reporter: for neighbors on the quiet block where the officer got stabbed the incident took on extra meaning after a series of seemingly random
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primarily in the subway system. >> i'm scared because i saw it on the news with the train slashings and stuff. to know that it's happening on my block is scary. >> the mentally ill need more help. they need to not let them out if they're sick. get them more help. it's happening too much. >> reporter: police caution rather than countrying ing continuing an parent trend, the stabbing is what police face. now, the lieutenant was after getting stitches released from the hospital. mayor de blasio called him from iowa. the mayor congratulated the lieutenant on his bravery. the lieutenant told the mayor he was jus trying to prevent other people from getting hurt.
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the the trial of peter liang. jury number ten went to the hospital for a swollen knee. tomorrow we're supposed to hear from gurley's girlfriend. we're told the prosecution should rest its day this week and jury deliberations could begin as soon as next monday. after months of polls and speculation, the first votes for pres ident are timely full-time finally being cast tonight. hillary clinton and daughter chelsea brought coffee and donuts to their field offices in des moines. and donald trump spoke to his offices at the rally in waterloo. >> reporter: good evening, chuck. in just three hours iowa voters willspeak, literally, because speaking is what iowa voters do when they go to caucus. they speak. they dete. we're told sometimes they yell and scream at each other.
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they avhad the caucuses all together because of it. for others, it's a treasured part of the democratic process. on this clear winter day in winterset, iowa, robert is hard at work fixing pickup trucks. >> i like the small town, being idable to help people that i know. >> reporter: but he's picking up the speed today so he can leave on time and caucus for donald trump. >> i like that he kind of has the no bs. i wis i could say a better way to put it. >> reporter: a way that we could use on television? >> yeah. >> reporter: his candidate is holding onto a slight lead over ted cruz and urging new caucusers to get out and vote. hillary clinton and bernie sanders are making frantic last minute pitches. clinton hoping to avoid a repeat of her damaging loss here in 2008.
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that their state s known for just two things, cornfields and its role in narrowing presidential fields. the iowa caucus isn't necessarily the best priblgt edictor of who will win the white house. the odds re better at predicting party nominees, especially with democrats. while iowans take pride that their state speaks first, most here don't caucus. >> i guess trump is the one that impresses me the most. >> reporter: he says debait ting his political picks in public feels too personal. around the corner at madison rezyalty, jennifer stover is unimpressed with the real estate
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shaye's pumped for a good caucus fight tonight. >> i don't know how it is in new york, but it's just wild. >> reporter: wild and long. it can take up to two hours to complete the voting process. those are some of the reasons candidates are working extra hard tonight to motivate their supporters to get out and caucus. >> let's talk a little more about it. what exactly is a caucus. a caucus is a system of gatherings where voters decide which candidate they want to nominate. it's handled differently by democrats and republicans. with republicans there is no shuffling from one corner of the caucus site to the other. they select their candidate via a simple secret ballot vote. coming up next, the new hampshire primary, voters go to the polls there a week from
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you can count on news 4 and nbc news to bring you the latest on the race on air and online. you will have the caucus results tonight as they come in. concern about the zika virus is growing as it continues to take a toll on victims. >> this is just the latest development in a disease that really wasn't even on the public's radar last year. now the world health organization says the spread is explosive, detected in 23 countries and territories. a global emergency, the world health organization saying the americas could see up to 4 million cases this year of the mosquito borne zika virus. >> i am now declares that the
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constitutes a public health emergency of international concern. >> the centers for disease control and prevention say no locally transmitted cases of zika have been reported. there have been cases identified in new york, though, nine of them. massachusetts, illinois and texas too. there have been no reported cases in either connecticut or new jersey. zika is transmitted through ed ed ed ed mosquitos. the who says it strongly suspects a link between the zika virus and birth defects. in brazil its first zika case was reported last year and so far no cure. >> we do not have vaccine's for zika yet.
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commissioner held a web seminary earlier today. basically it comes down to the basics of reducing mott e ing mosquito exposure. wear mosquito repellant, wear long pants, long shirts. use netting if you can especially if you're in an area that doesn't have air-conditioning. also ones who have traveled to the area where is the zika virus is ongoing can find out a lot mo about that on nbc new the truck driver driving in the crashithat critically injured comedian traorcy morgan and killed his friend pleaded not guilty in court today. officials say he was sleep deprived when he slammed into morgan's limo more than two years ago.
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rejected the appeal of a convicted schoolya rd killer in newark. he tried to argue that his 195 year sentence for the triple murder was excessi and some of the evidenc e used against him should have been excluded from the trial. prosecutors say those killings were part of a street gang initiation. still ahead as we continue on news 4 new york at 5:00, new information on the deadly amtrak crash in philadelphia. we learn tonight what investigators have ruled out. >> and bill co sby about to face his first day in criminal court for sexual assault. why a former prosecutor may be called to testify. it's february, but it sure esn't feel like it. temperatures in the 50s again today. and some rain headed towards ocean county. i'll have the details on that reng up next. and something you h en't seen on your flight for a while
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in new york state, we believe tomorrow starts today. all across the state the economy is growing, with creative new business incentives, th lowest taxes in dec es, and university partnerships, attracting the talent and companies of tomorrow. like in utica, where a new kind of workforce is being trained. and in albany, the nanotechnology capital of f t world. let us help grow your company's tomorrow, today
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police hope security camera video will help them catch a gunman who shot a sec
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in the bronx. you can see the muzzle flash as the gunman shoots the victim once in the leg before running off. the two men allegedly got into a fight just moments before tachis vihedeo. the victim is expected to recover. a former philadelphia prosecutor who promised he would not prosecute bill cosby on charges of sexual assault will find himself in the witness chair tomorrow. >> reporter: once bill cosby's adversary. >> all of the public shaming he's getting, he totally deserves all that. >> reporter: tomorrow he will be the star witness for the cosby defense. >> it doesn't get any better than having the district attorney at the time say i made this deal and it should be honored. that's as powerful as it gets. >> reporter: on tuesday he will be the one under oath and argue
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to prosecutor bill cosby in exchange for cosby's testimony in a deposition. it was that deposition when cosby admitted he gave pills to andrea constand prior to sexual contact with her. it was information that helped her get a civil settlement. >> i created the scenario where he would have to answer obviously they got the information that they needed. and she was compensated monotarially. >> reporter: at issue now, why wasn't a promise not to prosecute cosby ever legally bound, put in writing by a judge or a court order? constand's attorney says they have no knowledge of any deal. defense attorney doesn't anticipate cosby will take the stand tomorrow. he said this was never a traditional immunity agreement. >> the fact that they have the former district attorney on their witness list who appears readily, willing and able to say, when i was the chief law
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county, i promised mr. cosby i wouldn't prosecute. a former new york city health commissioner has been tapped to fill the same role in philadelphia. thomas farley is best known for smoking bans at beaches and public parks and reducing sodium levels in food. the 59-year-old served as the health commissioner during the bloomberg administration. let's talk about her weather now. do you think pungs hil will see his shadow? >> that's probably going to mean more mild weather for us because that's what our winter has been like. across south central new jersey you may get a little bit more,
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the showers are a little bit avier down there. otherwise it's really light stuff throughout right now. these temperatures are what we're really talking about, 59 in central park. the average is 39. we were 20 degrees above average. a lot of areas were up around 60 or in the 06s. 60s. we've got more coming on wednesday with thunderstorms. it will be even warmer in some spots. like at the 50s. 52 in the city, 52 in danbury. in some cases as much as 10 to 15 degrees warmer than the past 24 hours. a little cooler. winds are generally out of the north to northwest. we're in a mild air mass that's sitting over us right now. so the temperatures were way up there even though we had clouds lling in this afternoon.
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right now down around philadelphia. they're moving eastward towards toms river and howell and stafford. and then this are of snow that's developing around denver and omaha and rapid city, that's the big storm they're expecting to hit iowa tonight and tomorrow. it's the beginnings of our weather maker for wednesday where we're going to get all that heavy rain and storms. the area of heavy rain woll dissipate and move out later on tonight. . as we start the day, temperatures will be chilly in the 20s and 30s. but by tomorrow afternoon we're still above avfrage, in the 40s to near 50. not quite as warm as what we saw today, but still much warmer than average. it stays dry through wednesday morning. itit's wednesday afternoon when we're going to see all that heavy rain coming through and 60 degrees plus temperatures in the area, maybe even some thunderstorms.
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on the backside of that system thursday into friday. but it is still above average. we still don't go below that. there's no arctic air coming our way. there's the possibility of some flooding. a little bit later we're going to talk about the flood watch in effect for wednesday for parts of the area in anticipation of heavy rain, mild temperatures and rapid snow melt for some of the rivers and streams in the area. >> we do want to make a correction right now. we told you we were going to have the democratic debate on msnbc on sunday. it's actually happening on thursday. also, starting today travelers flying on united airlines are getting a little something for nothing. free snacks are back. early morn tralers will be treated to a caramel filled
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later a zesty snack mix will be served. this was designed by children's book author ashley brian. and the mta chose the poster as part of its arts and design program. the posters shows that the spirit of the voice harmonizes the city. word that a heroin over dose antidote may soon be available at your neighborhood drugstore. and the explosion of the
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today marks 13 years since
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exploded on reentry. nasa grounded its fleet of shuttles for more than two years after the explosion. investigates found that insulating foam that hit the shuttle's left wing shortly after takeoff caused the damage that led to the explosion. the white house wants to spent a billion dollar on a so-called moon shot to fight cancer. the president first announced the plan last month during his state of the union address, giving vice president joe biden the lead. biden lost his son to brain cancer last year. duane read and walgreens are offering a life saving antidote without a prescription. it blocks the effects of heroin and other powerful painkillers. we're told that drug is now available in more than 1,000 pharmacies across the state of
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in new jersey tonight jackson township officials are expected to vote on a proposed solar farm. they say it would require the park to cut down thousands of trees and they want that solar farm put over a parking lot instead. a surfer off the coast of hawaii tried to catch a huge wave, but instead took a massive wipeout. that is tom doslin. the wave dazed him and broke his board. he also said his neck was stiff afterwards. but he was back out on the water the very next day. david is here now with a look at what is coming up at 5:30. we've got new details in last year's deadly amtrak derailment as the federal government releases more than a thousand pages of documents. up next, what the train's
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york, deadly derailment.
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