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tv   News 4 New York at 6  WNBC  February 1, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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restaurant here, evidence bags being brought out of that apartment. at one point i saw an investigator go in with heavy metal cutters. we're first on the scene t is morning. a murder on the street in front of a p ular italian restaurant. >> i was just told that there was a murder there. thand it's shocking, absolutely shock ing shocking. >> in edgewater this is yopd beyond strange. >> this is a beautiful, beautiful area. hurt here. and that is frightening that it's coming so close to where we live and where we walk. >> reporter: throughout the morning and into the afternoon, police were tight lipped on exactly what happened here, worrisome for parents of children getting off a school bus blocked by the investigation
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daycare center a few yards away. this woman has her child reregistered to start soon. >> she did not start yet actually but it's scary. >> reporter: the scene has wrapped up or is wrapping up here. we expect a statement from the bergen county prosecutor in the near future this evening. but we have been able to confirm that youths f m rockland county came down here and had an encounter with somebody who lived in the apartments above it. we're not sure exactly why, but we're hearing that it possibly was a drug deal. but there will be more coming out on that tonight. live in edgewater, i'm brian ompson. tonight we're hearing from the sis r of the 12-year-old girl struck and killed by an suv in elmont today. she was crossing busy elmont road outside a crosswalk and against the traffic light when she was struck. witnesses said she was thrown into the air in front of her
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>> we're devastated. lost my little brother in 2002 from a drunk driver. and now gabby's gone. >> the driver is not facing criminal charges. wheren school ended today, police and school officials escorted students across thoustreet. >> the presidential candidates swarmed across iowa today in a fren frenzied final night. tdonald trump could pull off a victory over the republican nominees. and on the democratic side, hillary clinton and bernie sanders are basically neck and neck. melissa russo is following our local candidates for us in iowa. got to be exciting. >> reporter: it's getting there, sibila. two out of the three candidates from our area are in a tough
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in just a few hours iowa voters will have spoken and we'll have actual hard results instead of speculation about this unpredictable, quirky caucus. thinking maybe a sugar rush might power up her volunteers, hillary clinton brought donuts to her des moines campaign office. >> i captain n't stay long because ve got to get back to work. but i thought i'd bring some unhealthy -- >> reporter: iowa polls show clinton has slipped to a slight lead here. >> i'm going with hillary tonight. i just think that she's the most sane of the whole bunch. >> reporter: after eight years of plotting how not to lose iowa again, she faces tha prospect of a surging sanders who's trying to replicate barack obama's grass roots victory path. >> we will win tonight if the voter yoturnout is high. >> reporter: this time clinton has tried to build and maintain
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caucus goers. less is known about donald di ump's reound game and whether he'll crush e caucus. >> i like that he kind of has the no bs. >> reporter: or lose to cruz who's reportedly built a formidable get out the vote operation. a rare sight today, empty chairs at a trump rally. he's not used to seeing that and posted a mot ational video on facebook today. >> i want you to get out and vote. >> i guess trump is the one that impresses ne me the most. >> reporter: not all trump's supporters will caucus tonight. some are intimidated by the in your face caucus process. >> the darn thing rings offer x or seven times every evening. >> reporter: governor chris christie is in sixth place in the most recent poll. iowa voters are entertained by him. >> listening to him this evening.
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>> reporter: he's hoping for a surprise tonight and a better showing in new hampshire next week. >> being a leader at this time in our nation's history is an extraordinary challenge because we've been failed by leaders before. >> reporter: as the saying goes here, there are only three tickets out of iowa, meaning if a candidate doesn't come in first second or third here, their candidacy is likely toast. one notable exception was senator john mccain who came in fourth here in iowa in 2008 but then went onto win the republican nomination. surely chris christie hoping for a similar exception here in iowa and going forward. >> and you can count n news 4 and nbc news to bring you the latest on the race. we'll have the caucus results as they come in. back here in new york you can sta
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coverage of the iowa caucus by lester holt. a new poll shows that most vo aters say it's time for the state's legislators in new york be full-time. not only do voters want full-time lawmakers who are banned from earning any outside income. an overwhelming majority, 89% think corruption is a serious problem in albany. reform advocates support curbing outside income as one way of addressing corruption and conflicts of interest. it is a radical plan to combat crime in the subwaysa banning career criminals who prey on strap hangers from using the subways. ist it enforceable? >> reporter: with transit crime
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exploring an idea, keeping repeat offenders, those who commit crimes on the rails, on this side of the turnstiles. cutting off career criminals from riding the rails, new york city politician commission erbil bratton ex -- commissioner bill bratton exploring the idea of a ban. >> we are having discussions with the mta. it may require some legislation up in alisbany. >> reporter: the commissioner speaking on the radio today about keeping repeat subway criminals from using the subway. >> career criminals who use the subways to prey on victims, that we find some way f excluding them. as to the legalities that's what we seek to explore with the mta and potentially the legislature as we go forward. >> what will it look like?
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>> reporter: she wants to hear more about the commissioner's plan. >> victim experiences matter. it should snot be not be the reality for riders to experience groping on their ride to school or work. >> reporter: commuters wonder how a ban would be implemented. >> i think it's very difficult to monitor. how are you going to make sure that people aren't riding the subway. >> reporter: and with six subway slashings in january, r ders welcome the strategy. >> i think it's an excellent idea, especially late at night. >>n reporter: this again is in the idea phase. we did hear back from the mta. they tell us, quote, the mta is always wor ng to ensure rider safety. there are many legal and policy issues in this. we'll have to see more details about what exactly is being proposed. live tonight in long island city, news 4 new york.
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investigating a fatal shooting at an apamtment in hoboken on grand street. police found a 51-year-old plan mah,n dead at the scene with a single gunshot wound to the chest. the resident lived with his wife in the building. >> they're fairly quiet. i don't think they talked to anyone. >> it's really uncharacteristic for the city or the neighborhood. >> it's not clear if the man's gunshot wound was self-inflicted or if he was the victim of a homicide. coming up, why a mural that honors the victims of the massacre at sandy hook elementary schools is being covered up. and why is a proposed new bike lane pittirg neighbor against neighbor on the upper west side? it doesn't feel like feribruary. it's more like april. will these mild temperatures continue this week? and what about the rain that's
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we have a commuter alert for you tonight. metro north is experiencing hour long delays on the harlem and new haven lines as a result of police activity near the botanical gardens in the br x. this is what things look like at grand central terminal around 5:30, giving you an idea of the impact of these delays. again, one hour delays on the metro north harlem and new haven lines. new york city's public advocate has filed another lawsuit against the department of education. the suit claims the d.o.e. fails to provide children with disabilities a free and
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james claims that the data system is not properly tracking students with disabilities. this is the second suit that james has filed against the department regarding students with disabilities. a mural that paid tribute to the shooting massacre at sandy hook elementary is now covered up. despite its good intentions that mural was upsetting some of the students. the new town superintendent town superintendent wrote a note saying he felt he had to act. that flat cab fare to jfk isn't quite a flat as it used to be.
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mean to the field going forward. and we'll walk you through exactly how a caucus works when we see you back here it went for nbc nightly news. the city's bike lane system is poised for another expansion. it would take riders along a new lane on congested streets. 4 investigates when to find out how a similar design already in place affected people. >> one man organizing a petition to stop this project tells me he isn't against bike lanes in the
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not equipped to handling the traffic squeeze. >> patricia is nanny is on one side of the debate. >> not a good idea. >> it's totally missing a bike lane here. >> the city's move to add a bike lane along amsterdam avenue is the talk of this eighborhood. he's organizing a petition to stop the project scheduled for this spring. >> they're going toarrow four lanes of commercial traffic down to three. >> check out the before and after. 4 investigates tracked down the design that shows how a bike lane would go on the west side of the street next to a barrier and parking lane. the department of transportation admits the design will reduce at least 25% of parking spots in the area. but the d.o.t. maintains bike lanes cut down speeding. if you want a better idea of
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like all you have to do is round the corner to columbus avenue where a southbound version of that bike lane format was installed a couple of years ago. traffic appears to be moving smoothly. however, these awning installers needed to park their rig in an unofficial spot. the community board has repeatedly approved plans for that bike lane installation. a final vote could come tomorrow night despite those concerns you ard from some of the neighbors there. evening rush hour cab from the c y to kennedy airport ow costs more. the new 4:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. surcharge goes into affect today. $4.50 will be tacked onto the fare. the recent blizzard has new jersey expanding its push to get families out of flood prone
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down township in couple ber land umberland county -- there's enough funding secured to purchase 800 properties. homes in high risk flood zones are demolished and the land preserved as open state. >> i would like to sell it because it is too muchouor me now to come here and maintain. >> so far the program has made 724 offers of which more than 540 have been accepted. the state says that homes are purchased from willing sellers only at their value before sandy. we've got some heavier showers south of the city right now. all of this should be moving out by 9:00 this evening. there's a lot more rain coming. we're not done. we've got clouds over the city,
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if you're going out this evening take an umbrella along if you're going to be out for the next three to four hours. it should be over by then. 52 d rees in the city. the average daytime high is 39. the rain's been on the light side across the area. in and around the city at central park, only a hundredth of an inch. heavier rain is coming up on wednesday. for now, though, these light owers continue until about 8:00 or 9:00 and then they move out. tomorrow, sunshine for groundhog day. heavy rain for wednesday. thunderstorm and some of that heavy rain and those warm temperatures near 60 on wednesday will cause rapid sno melt. that could fill in some of the rivers and streams around the area and cause a little bit of flooding.
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it was 64 in islip and 62 in bridgeport. 40 in oughkeepsie and sussex. on live radar we see some heavier showers near long branch and neptune, down towards brick township. that heavy rain will be moving offshore maybe in at an hour or so. but north f the city it's been pretty dry. this area here back over the rockies that's going to bring the blizzard to nebraska and iowa and minnessta, that's what's also going to bring thunderstorms and heavy rain to our area by wednesday. in the meantime these showers start to wind down by 9:0o in most areas. it will be chillier tonight, eventually in the mid to upper 30s. tomorrow slightly cooter but it's a sunny day. and it's still about ten degrees above average for us tomorrow. in the meantime, wednesday is when we're going to see the
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inches. on60 degree temperatures that will military melt all the snow we have, so some areas may see of flooding. it clears out on thursday but we still see above average temperatures through monday of next week. and will the groundhog see its shadre? if it's anywhere close to here shs , it will tomorrow. six more weeks of winter? what's up next? sibila, all good things come to an end. that's what justin tuck is saying today. the former giants standout is calling it quits after over a decade in the nfl and most importantly two super bowl rings. and the knicks try to regroup after last night's disappointing result against the defending world champions. it's all just ahead on news 4
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number 91 picked ar interesting week to announce his retirement. >> yes, he did. super bowl week is upon us. a super bowl hero from giants past decided to hang it up. justin tuck calling it a career after 11 magnificent seasons. he spent the first nine years of his career with big blue, registering 60.5 sacks and spurearheading a pass rush that helped p >>pel the giant to two super bowl titles. he spent the last two years in silver and black with the raiders, but will someday soon find himself in the giants ring of honor. spring training is just over two weeks away.
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suffered a set back. first baseman greg burr has a torn lay brum. he burst onto the season last year and belted 11 homers. he's viewed as one of the organizations untouchable prospects and the first base men man of the future. for the knicks it was there for the taking last night against the warriors but the home team couldn't capitalize. it was back to the drawing board today in greenberg. although they're on the outside of the playoff picture looking in, hope is not lost. >> i mean, we have 32 games left. we've got some home stretches. we've just got to take care of business to be honest. you know, we're not that far removed from being anywhere between 4 and 11. with that in mind we should put
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>> what do you need from your ball club to make a good run? >> to focus on the process, you know, and not get caught up in trying to chase then standings. >> meanwhile, just a stone's throw from the knicks' practice court, the rangers hit the ice, following a lengthy all star break. rick nash remains sidelines with a bad bone bruise. the devils tomorrow night in newark. and they know every game is crucial in a tightly best of your knowledged -- bunched metropolitan division. >> we don't have a whole lot of room to take it easy. we've got to make sure we're at a high level right from game one after break. >> if we push ourself to the limits here and get it done. >> second half of the season for
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confluence of sports right now
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