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tv   Early Today  NBC  February 2, 2016 4:00am-4:30am EST

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it's tuesday, february second and coming up on "early today, after spending hours in a dead heat with bernie sanders, hillary clinlt ton is named the parent winner in the iowa caucus caucuses. "early today" starts right now. and good orng everyone. thanks for being with us. i'm shannon mulaire. iowa voteers have spoken, ted cruz is the winner of the iowa caucus, while nbc news has named hillary clinton the winner of
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in a race so close that at three caucus sites, clinton won by an actual coin toss. after the results were at a smalemate they flipped a coin to decide who to support. very interesting. on the republican side, donald trump finished second behind cruz followed clos y by marco rubio and then a massive drop off for the rest of the field. of the 30 gop iowa delegates, carson three, rand paul, jeb bush and mike huckabee each won one. and tracie potts joins us live with the latest. >> reporter: let's talk about these results starting with the democrats because it's not clear if anyone really knew it would
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hillary clinton and bernie sanders, both sort of declaring victory before all of the votes were even counted. it was just about 20 minutes ago that we got word that nbc called it after the democratic party here in iowa declared this a historically close race. in fact, singing fight song there, clinton's camp eclared her the winner earlier in the evening, before the networks did, before she even came out and spoke and a lot of people were questioning that but she came out and said thank you, iowa. we also heard from bernie sanders who called it a tie at that point. now, the big story for the republicans is ted cruz and the fact that he sailed to victory over donald trump who had been favored in the latest pole and the other big story with the republicans is marco rubio. he was the first major candidate ofal the evening to come out and
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a third place finish but extremely close. for a while we thought he might get second place but just behind donald trump. but what does all of this mean going into new hampshire? first all of, it means donald trump, who's doing much better in m new hampshire than iowa, could see a split between iowa and new hampshire. we could see at least three candidates on the republican side moving on from there. bernie sanders, who has been doamg very well in new hampshire moves forward into t m state with a lot of momentum because frankly, a lot of people didn't think it would be quite this close here in iowa. >> it was a night that did not disappoint, that's for sure. tracie, thank you. anigd of course, the a ouncement of clinton's parent win happened moments ago. it was a dead heat throughout most of the night.
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giving a victory speech even without the final numbers i tonight. >> so, as i stand here tonight, breathing a big sigh of relief, thank you, iowa. [ applause ] i want you to know i will keep doing what i have done my entire life. i will keep standing up for you, i will keep fighting for you. i will always work to achieve the america that i believe in ere the promise of that dream that we hold out to our children and grandchildren never fads. >> and called the sanders campaign the little engine that could. the vermont senator stunned by having hillary clinton feel the burn00ntil the very last minute. >> the no president can do what has to be done alone.
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whyhat iowa has begun tonight is a politic revolution. [ applause ] a political revolution that says when millions ofypeoplrycome ntointher, including hose who, have given up on the political process, they're so dismayed and so frustrated with what goes on in washington with young people who before had never been involved in the political proces when young people and working people d seniors begin to stand up and say loudly and clearly, enough is enough. >> all right. so, how did kroousz cruz pull ff the victory? he drew strong support from
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copservative and got 32% from evangelical supporters and from those who say their values supported cruz's. anm d he thanked curaged conservatives for their support. >> tonight is victory for the grass roots. night is akvictory for curages conservatives across iowa and all across this great nation. when the washington lobbyisv settled on other candidates in this race, when the media in one voice said a conservative cannot win, nation wide, over 800,000 contributions poured in to ted as curages conservatives said yes, we can. >> the precaucus polls show donald trump in the lead.
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trump campaign insiders say both trump and rubio had better round games and trump is a loser in iowa. he gave easily his shortest speech and appeared humbled. >> so, on june 16th, when we asstarted this journey, there were 17 candidates, i was told by everybody, do not go to iowa, you could never finish even in the top 10. and i said but i have friends in iowa iowa, i have a lot of people in iowa, let's give it a shot and they said don't do it and i said i ihave to do it. d we finished second and i'm just honored. i'm really honored and i want to congratulate ted and all of the incredible candidates. >> althou, even without taking
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confident as ever. >> we will go onto get the republican nomination and we will go on to easily beat hinllary or bernie or wloorv hoever they throw up there. >>li not everyone is as posative. check out the cover of the new york daily news. even though he came in third, marco rubio is on a positive trajectory. the nbc news entrance poll show s some ultimately suppoed rubio. an wsyoaking last night, rubio exuded confidence. >> so, this is the moment they said would never happen. i am our nominee and i will be our nominee thanks to what you have done here in this great state
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are going to unify this party and unify the conservative movement. weir are r are going to win iowa and iselection for this country. >> meanwhile, there were some campaign casualties after pour showings. martin o'malley and mike huckabee both suspended their campaigns. perhaps it all wrapped just in time. bill, it soundike they're abget t to get weather in that area? the blizzard is beginning an yd we saw blizzard warnings north of the omaha area. d winter storm warnings continue from denver and eventuallyilater er later today, all across the state of wisconsin. it's on mt. wichita, kansas and now we're really seeing it exploding and watch the blue
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and heading into nebraska and that will move to omaha and then rochester and lacrosse. rochester minnesota could get up to a foot, omaha has a chanceel for 6 to 10 inches. and you're looking for somewhere around a half a foot of snow, and green bay, you could easily get a half a foot of snow and des moines, look like my have a chance for six inches and later today, we're worried about en mhanced risk of severe storms to central kentucky and tennessee. now a closer look at the day ahead. the map pretty much tells the story. in someareas, it will be a heavy wet snow across iowa and southern nebraska. and ivan ech even a chance of is ated tornado tornados. >>
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or the ultimate all-in-one... the choice is yours. choose love a revolution in mascara. vlon. love is on. welcome back. the teacher who allegedly helped th.ree inmates escape has been releasthated. they deemed there wasn't sufficient evidence to charge niher withaa crime p. . they took a cab driver hostage and fought over whoigate to kill him. the world health organization has declared the zika epidemic a global emergency. a vaccine could be ready for clinical trials by the end of the year. seattle police arrested
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connection with a shooting death at a homeless encampment last week. they say it was over drugs and money. irrones may have met their match. check this out. guard from above trains eagles to take down drones just as they would their natural pray. dutch police are considering using the program. apparently not fond of drones. and in florida, one driver took the police to task when she pulled over a speeding patrol car. >> you were pushing 90 iles per hour. yes. and i just wanted to knowhat's the emergency? >> gutsy. miami dade police department said it will investigate the inctlydent time to get down to business. google's parent company, alphabet is over $550 billion,
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oi nl differ from megared krill oil. unlike fish oil, megared is easily absorbed by your body. megared. e, th je difference is easy to absorb. this morning on "today," who came out on top in the iowa caucusds, full political coverage, plus a one on oneld interview with gop winner, ted cruz. the carolina panthers and denver broncos met with media last night ahead of super bowl and received a rock star introduction introduction. but despite ledfiing fle 17-1 panthers, cam newton is poised to uphold the monl ru, keep pounding by bringing a super bowl title to charlotte.
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my father always taught me the proper p's of success. and that's the words i live by, especially in big moments. >> no word on if he was still wearing those cool pants. as the bronco took their turn, his will be peyton nning's last game. following the victory over the new england patriots, manning s over heard telling bill belichick this may be his quote last rodeo. >> one thing i've done well, this team has done well this season is stay n the moment, rsfocussed on the task t hand, take it one week at a time and i'm going to focus on that and al with all the o her stuff afterwards. thursday night football is coming to nbc. they announced that nbc and cbs
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enbrel, the number one rheumatologist-prescribed biologic. all right, now for some entertainment news this mornin kanye west is returning to snl. the rapper who just tropped his new album will return february 13th. and get excited, the production king signed o o to stay with nbc through 2020. cindy crawford announced she is retiring from modeling. he will have her phod taken but no longer as a model. the hottest supe wrmodel of the '9an0s turns 50 this month. you've been gone too long, alice.
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be neglected. >> that is the unmistakable voice of the late allen rickman. he revised his role in the b e cater pillar. the sequel is in the final screen performance and hits theaters this may. pope francis is making his acting debut. why not? he'll play himself in a religious film based on the gondspel. he'll be the first pope to appear in a feature film. is itepta first and then -- >> first pet and then street name. >> so, mine would be big boy fourth street. >> yes, that would be george clooney's stripper name, although channing tatum things his name is just perfect for another magic mike. it hasn't been announced but that hasn't stopped him from bringing clooney on board. we can hope.
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leading the news in a chicago sun times, street cops say aclu effect drives speak up gun olence. auo thorities say cops are afraid toy do their jobs because of increased scrutiny following the sheoting of michael brown in ferguson, missouri. since last month, officers have been required to fill out two page forms documenting every stop of a citizen.
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w puerto rico power provided free power to all the municipalities, as well as some for prauf lt business ofit business. and if you're just waking up, let's get you caught up on all things iowa. democratic clinton has been named the apparent winner after ing in a dead heat with bernie sanders and ted cruz led donald trump behind by four points. and don't discount marco rubio trailing donald trump by just one point. and governor martin o'malley and former governor mike huckabee acefully bowed out. that leaves two democratic candidates and 10 republican candidates still in the running.
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over 15,000 tourists gathered to see if he will see his shadow. so, will we get six more weeks of winterusr an early spring? we will have to wait and see. i heard he's lost a little wait. >> on the groundhog tread mill all winter long. pp . >> it's dark a cold. >> he has his own way -- >> does this hold true? >> it's very accurate. >> really? >> oh, extremely. now a look ahead, bill cosby is his attorneys are trying get a criminal sex assault caseo against him thrown out. heea's been charge would three felony counts of aggravated assault for allegedly drugging and sexually assaulting a woman in his home. and they've accused him going back to the 60s. cosby and his attorneys have
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shakira turns 29, and cosby stills gnash and young turns 74. and christie brinkley. thanks for


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