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tv   Early Today  NBC  February 5, 2016 4:00am-4:30am EST

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see you next time, folks. a winter storm that will like lie turn your commute into a mess. we're on the roads with you. >> plus, shot in the line of duty. two nypd officers are in the hospital and a suspect is dead. what police tell us happened. and direct hit. what we know this morning about the drone that crashed into the empire state building. "today in new york" starts now. good morning everyone. it's friday morning. it is february 5th. i'm darlene rodriguez. i'm michael gargiulo. we're on the air early to help you prepare for today's nasty weather.
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we want to get to chris cimino with the forecast. >> happy friday, right, guys? we had that front that stalled. we were worried about a storm forming on it and it's pushing moisture transitioning from rain to snow. we're starting to see it in the city. you can see the areas of white indicating where the green has gone over to snow. the wider banding of snow indicating where it's falling. we'll see this as we go through the morning. the roadbeds are pretty warm after seeing temperatures in the 50s for a couple of days. through the early half of the commute, mainly wet roads. nonetheless, a winter weather advisory in effect in the city. northern new jersey, hudson valley, all of new jersey really. in suffolk county, it is a winter storm warning. that's where we think the heaviest snow will fall and accumulate. temperatures so far in our favor, they keep dropping. places like chelsea 35. dyker heights, 38. west and northwest, sussex 37. newburgh 37. this will keep the snow that's falling, basically melting on
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once the snow ramps up, it will accumulate. that's what we expect to happen during the latter half of the morning commute and up until noon. temperatures keep on dropping, low to mid-30s. snow tapers by noon. a few inches, especially on grassy areas and colder surfaces. we'll take a closer look in a bit. first look at the commute. no big issues. i know it's wet but it's early. >> it's wet and early. we have accidents on the roads. we'll start with a disabled vehicle. we're not. we'll start with the accidents on the southern state parkway. two accidents. one by eagle avenue. they block two lanes. slippery ride already. >> this blocks the right lane on the kew gardens interchange. more weather and traffic ahead on the 4s. the winter storm is in effect for suffolk county. >> katherine creag is in huntingdon. what's it like? looks white behind you already, kat already.
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i arrived here a little after 3:30. rain and slushy snow. it started to accumulate within minutes. we're at the long island railroad station. taxicabs over there. we want to swing by. this really shows you how much snow has fallen. this is a parking lot by the lirr station. you can see all of that snow right there. the drive here slick. we want to show you video that we shot a little while ago. this was, i believe, we were still in nassau county. you saw a lot of the signs saying slippery road conditions, to be careful. that's what drivers need to remember. we have video around here. the lirr station where we are. just a little after 3:30, that's when the big flakes of snow started falling. it turned from slushy snow to big flakes. as you can see right here, it's a couple lagt.
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ago, there were a couple of guys here. what the mta usually does is put salt and treat the platforms, the stairs so people don't slip and slide as they're trying to catch their train. from we can tell, darlene and meikle a, the lirr out here toward new york is on time. the getting here is treacherous because the roads are pretty slippery. we'll try to interview the taxi drivers. it's not going to be a great day for them. >> not at all. kat, thank you so much. the storm is arrivings just as the rush begins. >> we're out on the roads and monitoring the conditions. "today in new york's" erica gross is in the passenger seat on the garden state parkway. erica, how does it look? >> reporter: thanks, mike and darlene. we're out here live on the garden state parkway headed southbound. plenty of the wet, heavy snowflakes are falling. we got out on the road initially
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it was already snowing in ft. lee new jersey at our starting point. but, hey, here's the good news. the roads are still just wet, even here in new jersey. not white. each though it's been snowing for a couple hours already. we have seen plenty of d.o.t. crews getting the salt down, making sure the roads are in good shape. as chris mentioned earlier, with temperatures in the 50s in the last couple of days, the roads have the residual warmth. everything is melting on contact, even with the snow falling at a pretty good clip. looking at the side streets and overpasses, the on and off ramps along the garden state parkway, roadways. as of now, we're in good shape. if the snow continues to fall at this clip, we might see a little light coating. we'll keep an eye on it for you. as of now, everything is in good shape on the roads. definitely recommend adding
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especially lauren mentioned that there were already accidents out there. right now, just a little bit of reduced visibility because of these chunky snowflakes falling on the garden state parkway. that's it for now from new jersey. i'm meteorologist erica grow, back to you. >> erica, thank you very much. there is particular concern in connecticut this morning. there's higher snow totals expected there. d.o.t. is saying that the roads were too wet to be treated ahead of the storm. they put it down, it wouldn't be effective. that's something to think of, right? the temperature wasn't cooperating in terms of what we needed. although it was comfortable, chris. >> it is good news, actually, that the road beds are warmer while the treatments are not as effective obviously, would dissolve in the water initially. it's a good thing that the warm ground is receiving this wet snow now and melting it very quickly. what we're getting is if it's raining. that will last for the next few hours before the storm picks up in intensity.
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when i she you the accumulations in a little bit, put it in perspective. it's on grassy areas and colder surfaces. i don't think you'll see it on the roadways or the walkways. the snow is starting to fill in. the storm is getting offshore now. there's a lot of fuel and energy with it. this is period where things will be fairly wet for the next hour or two. once you're past 7:00 or 8:00, that's when the best chance takes place. the way it stands now, 1 to 3 inches on avrrerage. central new jersey on -- the snow could last a little longer in this area. mainly grassy areas and colder surfaces. i don't think you'll have to shovel 3 to 5 inches in brooklyn and queens. there will be a slushy accumulation. the this is a heavy, wet snow. particularly out east, in suffolk county 5 to 8 inches is possible. there could be power outages. the main concern is out east.
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34 degrees. we drop to below freezing at 8:00 a.m. by noon, just a couple much leftover snow showers in the city. but still snowing across eastern long island. should shut down around 3:00 and back above freezing. so we'll melt some of the snow by the end of the day. let's find out about the commute. it's an early one. any issues yet? >> not too many issues on mass transit. the b 24 and bx 32 and a couple of bus routes. overnight track work on the 1, alternate side of the street parking rules are suspended today. you don't need to move your car. you need to pay the meters. two nypd officers are in the hospital shot while on routine patrol in the bronx. the man police say shot them killed himself. "today in new york's" tracie strahan is in lincoln hospital where the officers are tracie?
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those officers are listed in stable condition at this hour. the female police officer underwent surgery overnight for a gunshot wound to the abdomen. the male officer treated for a graze wound to the face from a bullet by a man who reportedly yelled i just shot a cop, i can't go back to jail before taking his own life. want to show you the scene at the melrose houses around 8:00 last night on east 156th street. three police officers from the nypd were on patrol when they came face to face with two men in a stairwell. one of the men identified as malik chavis. he ran inside of an apartment on the floor above. >> responding officers gained access to the apartment where they discovered several individuals, as well as the suspect, who was found dead of an apparent self-inflicted gunshot wound. >> reporter: over the phone, police told me that a second person who was inside of the
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shooter is being questioned at this hour in connection to that shootout. so far he's not been charged. a semiautomatic weapon as well as a shotgun were both recovered from the apartment. darlene, both of the police officers now inside of lincoln hospital have been on the force for two years and they're expected to make a full recovery. back to you. >> all right. tracie strahan. thank you. it is 4:10 right now. a new jersey man expected in court today. he flew the drone that slammed into the empire state building. officers say it crashed into the 40th floor of the building, then it fell down to the 35th floor landing last night. this man was arrested at the scene. he's expected to face criminal charges. he was flying that drone in an attempt to take pictures and lost control of it. mayor de blasio laid out his future in the annual state of the city address last night. it included many topics already known previously.
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illegal firearms and a streetcar to connect queens and brooklyn. he announced improvements to three underserved neighborhoods in the bronx, far rockaway queens and browns ril brooklyn. >> i'm proud to announce the city of new york is investing $91 million to transform downtown far rockaway. the kind of investment this neighborhood has not seen in years. >> also a new wi-fi program called link nyc. it will begin on third avenue. but the website shows it's up and running. the nypd officer accused of fatally shooting a man is expected to testify on monday. before resting yesterday, the prosecution presented the bullet fired from officer liang's gun. the defense began by putting officers who responded to that shooting on the stand. they told the court that liang was distraught and crying after he fired that shot that killed akai gurley two years ago. new york city council
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substantial pay raise. council members earn a little over $112,000 a year. if today's vote passes, that he would get a 32% bump in pay. that means they'd make more than $138,000. the bill would also restrict limits on outside income. city council members have not had a raise since 2006. a canine dog sniffed out k-2 drugs at riker's island. the dog found it hidden on a correction officer. he tried to sneak over 60 grams of synthetic marijuana in his socks. drug sniffing dog picked up the scent at the gate of the jail. they found more at the man's house. they took the money they allege to deliver the drugs. just ahead, the candidate who became emotional on the campaign trail. a parking problem. we'll tell you who could be left without a spot. storm team 4 tracking a
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welcome back. 4:14. headlines. you're looking out the window, it's changing over to wet snow. rain in the areas. the heaviest from 7:00 this morning up until noon. it will taper down and end from west to east.
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maybe we should emphasize that. an ugly morning unfortunately. winter weather advisory. all of the state of new jersey the exception of warren and sussex county. out across suffolk county, serious with the snow condition. a winter storm warning in effect. moderate to heavy snow warning. poor road conditions anticipated through the morning. accumulations up to 5 to 8 inches a possibility. the transition is under way. area of green is rain. area of white is snow. snow is pretty much taking over all of the state of new jersey and the five boroughs and a good portion of long island where the wider banding of snow is where you're seeing heavier snow falling. that's giving us a little bit of a signature of what's going to happen. we think the heavier bands will fall basically from the eastern end of nassau county up into connecticut. west of there, while the snow will occasionally be moderate,
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still above freezing. same thing in muttontown and white plains. at 35. most areas above freezing. that's working in our favor to keep the roads wet. they will get slushy, especially secondary roads, overpasses. they'll be the first to go. here you see on future tracker, the snow through the morning hours. picks up in intensity. the darker shading indicating the heavier bands of snow. the line starts to work its way east. by 1:00, it's shut down in the city. still snowing in suffolk county. suffolk county. the skies will gradually clear. in terms of accumulation. 1 to 3 eastern new jersey. probably never see 3 inches on the ground at any one time, other than car tops, grassy surfaces. you'll have to shovel away slush probably. 3 to 5 in nassau county and eastern sections of queens.
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5 to 8 or more in the extreme east end where it could linger longer. forecast after today. especially this morning it gets better. the bright spot is the weekend. 43 saturday, 47 sunday, sunshine and another storm monday night to tuesday. we'll have to watch out for potential of more snow. it stays chilly through the rest of next week. we'll talk about the road conditions in terms of the impact in a little bit. lauren scala. >> thanks everyone. we've had a couple of accidents already. the roads are slippery. the one left is on the southern state parkway by central avenue. that blocks the right lane. one eastbound by eagle avenue. that has since cleared. we'll show you the conditions outside. here's the long island expressway by the grand central parkway. i was driving on this last night. there were signs all along saying that we had a winter weather advisory this morning, to be careful. use mass transit. you can't see how slick the roads are. heading over to the george washington bridge, we have roadwork out there.
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for a little longer until 5:00 a.m. you can see things moving nicely into the tolls at the upper 4re68 lincoln tunnel and the holland tunnel are -- more weather and traffic on the 4s. lauren, thank you very much. now to decision 2016 and the head to head showdown between the two remaining democratic candidates. nbc's steve handelsman has the highlights from the msnbc debate. >> two democrats, two strategies. >> senator sanders and i share some big progressive goals. >> hillary clinton emphasized her similarities to bernie sanders. who is outpolling by 20 points in new hampshire. >> millions of americans are giving up on the political process. >> sanders is pushing huge changes. >> and create an economy that works for all. >> and the influence of big money. and get universal health care, he says. clinton said, sanders knows he
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>> i'm fighting for people who cannot wait for those changes, and i'm not making promises that i cannot keep. >> it got nasty fast. >> i am very proud to be the only candidate up here who does not have a super pac who is not raising new -- >> unlike clinton, sanders said. >> being part of the establishment is, in the last quarter having a super pac that raised $15 million from wall street. >> if you've got something to say, say it directly. but you will not find that i ever changed a view or a vote because of any donation that i ever received. >> clinton complained only bernie sanders would say that a woman running for president exemplifies the establishment. i'm steve handelsman for "today in new york." meanwhile, it was an emotional look at the republican jeb bush out on the campaign trail. he rallied supporters yesterday with his mother.
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that was in dairy, new hampshire. bush seemed to get choked up talking about her and his family. >> the discipline of learning right and wrong was her doing. my dad was this perfect idyllic man who, to this day is the greatest man alive. >> barbara bush heaped lots of praise on her son. he summed it up saying i'm proud to be a bush. today, governor chris christie will pick up key support that he hopes helps him in new hampshire. governor next door in massachusetts charlie baker is expected to endorse christy. the boston globe reports they will campaign together tomorrow morning. it was a bomb that likely blew a hole in the side of an airplane shortly after taking off from the capital of somalia. the head of the airlines says the explosive residue was found and high ranking diplomat says
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meanwhile, they've found the body of the person killed after they were sucked out of that plane. they do not believe that person, though, was the person responsible for putting the bomb on board. poland reopened an investigation into the 2010 plane crash in russia that killed 96 people, including the polish president at the time. poland's defense minister says that crash may have been caused by an explosion. three prior investigations blame it on dense fog, poorly trained pilots and error as well by the russian air traffic controllers. thieves left clues behind during a break-in in brooklyn. they left their shoes. they broke into a home in bushwick a week ago. a 50-year-old woman said they tried to attack her while she slept. the men a got away. it's not clear why they left their shoes behind. there is a very unlucky
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deadline to claim a ticket has come and gone. the lottery officials say they do not have a verified winner. that's despite the one man who claims he won but then he was rejected by officials. they say the ticket was too damaged to be reconstructed. since there was no official winner, the money goes to california schools. symptoms or no symptoms. they're offering free -- new york is the first state to offer free testing to women who do not snow symptoms despite concerns that hospital labs cannot handle the increase in blood testing. zika is linked to birth defects. there are 11 reported cases in new york so far. mosquitoes spreading zika in preparation for the rio olympics that are 100 days away, country trying to kill as many mosquitoes as possible before millions arrive for carnivale. this is the test run for the olympics before august. summer here, winter in brazil.
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have had too much to drink. new york state police will step up their dui patrols. if you're on the roads this weekend, don't be surprised to see extra patrols and sobriety checkpoints. coming up on 4:24. time for a check of weather. chris, we're looking at snowflakes on the ground depending where you are, right? >> by the time they hit the ground, they're done. little drops. they will get heavier. the snowflakes. we anticipate some issues on some of the roadways. long island, connecticut impact. this is how it looks. moderate start time. that mix from snow and rain. more snow than anything. it should end by 3:00 around long island. slushy roadways a possibility, especially in the late morning hours as the temperatures start drop as well. city, jersey shore, moderate impact right now. a mix of rain and snow. most of the roads, main roads will stay wet, maybe slushy at the heaviest push of snow. but the worst time will be through the morning hours.
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at times through the morning. tapers off by midday. partial clearing late. upper 30s. a few inches out east. the city could see 3 to 35. more on grassy areas than anything else. most of the paved areas stay wet to slushy. tonight, icy spots. a refreeze with temperatures in the 20s. upper 20s in the city. the weekend still looks good. >> okay. >> you want to sleep through your fridayt will likely never happen. >> i have done that before. >> lauren, all attention on the roads. we have erica grow driving around as well. >> she's in new jersey talking about the conditions. we don't have any accidents in new jersey right now. long island, we're seeing them east of the city. this one just came in on the long island expressway westbound out by exit 44. just before the seaford oyster bay expressway. the accident is blocking the hov lane. based on what we can see, looks like several lanes are blocked. l.i.e. by exit 44.
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downtown 4 trains terminating at bowling green. this is all because of mechanical problems. something else you might have to change at bowling green this time. >> lauren, thank you. it's 4:25. city sanitation crews are watching the snowstorm as they're getting caught up from last month's blizzard. they tell us sidewalks are nearly clear of tons of trash. 40 tons piled up near curbs while trucks were plowing the streets. just yesterday, 311 operators logged 43 complaints about garbage that has not been collected. you may remember that trader joe's where the roof collapsed nearly collapsed during the blizzard, today demolition begins. this was the scene when 2 feet of heavy snow caused that roof to buckle. today the area around that elm street store will be sealed off and around 8:00 a.m., the wrecking ball moves in. mt. vernon asking residents to go on pothole patrol.
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with the hash tag pothole mv. mt. vernon. they want to find the ones that need to urgently get fixed. they posted messages on the mayor's page with the location of some potholes. so far, no one has put up any pictures. that could change. jersey city will begin testing drinking water soon. it is an extra precaution in the wake of what's going on with the water in flint, michigan. flint's water supply tested positive for high levels of lead. now jersey city is planning to hire a third-party consultant to cross check water testing results with the city's results. so far, city officials have not found any contamination. a health alert in one new jersey town. the pit bull that bit three people in aberdeen had not been vaccinated and tested positive for rabies. a fourth western was exposed to that dog. that pit bull has since died. the monmouth county department much health is asking anyone who may have been bitten by that dog contact them
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one victim said she'll need hbies shots for several weeks. a new jersey boy attacked by a rabid raccoon and the man who saved him are reunited at a special ceremony. 6-year-old and danny walls were honored yesterday by the elmwood park city council. cute little boy. the boy was attacked by a raccoon walking to school last week. wall jumped into action and he used a pole to kill the raccoon. >> that's the way i live my life. this is something that i usually do. i really appreciate the support and the honor. >> little arian suffered lacerations to his face including a deep cut under his right eye. he's okay. 4:28 now. long island railroad riders, you could be banned from commuter parking lots on the island. residents say they've missed trains trying to find parking spots and that's why hempstead officials want to ban nonresidents from parking in most spaces at five hempstead train lots.
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dozens of complaints from people who said there simply isn't enough parking. >> it's frustrating to come down and be stressed out that i'm not going to make my train because i can't find somewhere to park. >> 4 investigates found that the railroad has 107 parking lots but nearly half are either full or at 90% capacity every day. the mta says they're addressing the parking problem and building more garages in communities. an historic ship falling apart on the docks of philadelphia may one day be transformed to its former glory. crystal cruises wants to give the s.s. united states a $700 million makeover. that will only come after a nine-month feasibility study to determine if it can be salvaged. they're paying $60,000 a month needed to keep the ship afloat. we'll see what happens. right now it is 4:30. if you're heading out the door, take us with you. >> keep watching "today in new york" by downloading the news for new york app on your mobile device.
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